New Amsterdam (2018–…): Season 4, Episode 8 - Paid in Full - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

She's coming for us.
Why does it feel so personal?

Because it is.

Do you guys know that
Veronica is forcing me

to see patients again?


And she knows that
you were threatened

and attacked
by a patient, right?

Yeah, made that pretty
abundantly clear and yet--

You know, she's been
pitting me against

Baptiste playing us
off each other.

A real "there can
only be one" vibe.

Well, she's extorting me.

I'm sorry, what?

For--for actual money?

Donations for the hospital's
endowment fund.

She expects you to fund
this whole hospital?

That's ludicrous.
What is she thinking?

I don't know.

Maybe she heard my family
has money or something.


You--you guys know
what's happening, right?

She's trying to push us out.

she sees us as a threat.

We're Max's people.

Yeah, well, in two weeks
Max is jumping ship

the rest of us here to sink.

Whoa, whoa, hold up, no,
back that up.

That's not happening.
We've known Max

for three years.
Has he ever let you down?

Not me, all right?
He is going to handle Veronica.

And I'll bet you money
right now

he is ten steps ahead of her.

Oh, God, I--I am so behind.
You think?

I mean, here I am
with multiple graduate degrees,

and I'm struggling to pack

a container full
of other bloody containers.

Luna's grandparents
are never allowed to buy her

another stuffed animal again.

"We've got acres of time
to pack," he said.

"We'll start packing tomorrow,"
he said.

Yeah, well, what happened
to all that highly organized

Bristol fashion
I kept hearing about?

It booked passage
on the "Titanic"

the minute I fell in with you.

What do you say
we just burn it all down?

Wait? Even the Tupperware?
Especially the Tupperware.

We're really leaving,
aren't we?

I feel like

I'm abandoning our hospital
after all it gave me.

Don't you feel pangs of guilt?

Yeah, I did,
but then I packed it up

with the rest
of the bathroom stuff.

We're not abandoning anybody.
We're just choosing ourselves.

That's okay.

It's gonna be okay.

Say it with me.

It's gonna be okay.

Yeah, but say it again
like you actually believe it.

both: It's gonna be okay.

Yeah, you can
do better than that.

both: It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.

It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.

It's gonna be okay.

This is not okay.

I think you're actually
allergic to a balanced budget.

That's not balanced.
That's upside down

and you're gonna leave
this place unrecognizable.

Do you know what else
is unrecognizable?

This hospital's operating
expenses during COVID.

There wasn't enough room on
the form for a number that big.

So desperate times,
desperate measures.

You are calling
for the firing of three dozen

of this hospital's top doctors,

Dr. Reynolds, Dr. Bloom, Dr.
Frome, Hartman, Flores--

Laying them off, yes.

Those top doctors have
departments that are top-heavy.

Look at the numbers, Max.

This isn't personal. It's math.

Yeah, well,
here's some math for you.

You need two signatures
for this,

and you're never getting mine.
If I don't co-sign

this piece of garbage,
then it is dead on arrival.

Who's got the leverage now?
If you'll excuse me,

I've got some very important
emails to attend to.

Hey, here's one on compassion
and empathy in the workplace.

Maybe I'll just forward
that one to you.

I'll let you know
when I get it.

I understand, Dr. Sharpe,

I just wish
it was gonna be you.

Oh, so do I, Gillian,

but believe me,
I'm leaving you in good hands.

Is now a good time?

Speaking of,
I would like to introduce you

to the wonderfully talented
Dr. Agnes Kao.

She's the acting interim chair
of our neurology department.

Actually, I've been the full
chair for quite some time now.

For several months, yeah.

Ms. Sorel, it's a pleasure
to meet you

and equally important,

you have to talk to me
about this cool bag.

It's my daughter
Trini's favorite.

And in true fourth-grade
fashion, she forgot it at home.

So after today's treatment,
I'll be running it over.

Yes, we should talk
about today's treatment.

I know your expressions
at this point, Dr. Sharpe.

Just say it.

Your lymphoma didn't respond

to the last
round of chemo as we hoped.

But there is a new option
available for central nervous

system lymphomas like yours.

Instead of the normal
chemo infusion,

we would like to inject

methotrexate directly
into your cerebrospinal fluid.

It requires we bore
a small hole in your skull

just to access the area.

Hang on, guys;
you want to inject chemo

directly into my brain
through a hole in my skull?

Despite how it sounds,
it's an outpatient procedure.

Very safe.

With Dr. Kao and I,
you are in great hands.

You'll be dropping off
that amazing bag to Trini

in no time at all, okay?


I am so sorry, Agnes,

I had no idea that
you'd been made full chair.

It's fine.
No, it's not.

It's unconscionable.

You've been so focused
on your big move to London.

No reason to keep tabs
on the rest of us.

Agnes, you have received
a position of power

at one of the top medical
institutions in the country.

As a woman of color,

do you realize
the rarefied air you are in?

I'm guessing pretty rarefied.

Yes, It's stratospheric.

And it's happening
right at a time

when Veronica is taking over.
There's no way

I can leave you to face life
under her regime unequipped.

I definitely don't want
to be unequipped.

Look, starting from today
and for the rest of the time

I'm here, we are gonna meet,

and I'm gonna tell you
everything I know.

I'm gonna help you strategize,

I'm gonna tell you
where the bodies are buried.

Like a mentor?

Yeah, exactly like a mentor.

We are gonna get you

Okay, great.
So until next week, all right?

Thank you.
Tough session?

Oh, my God.
I should not be in there.

That's not true.
Yes, it is, Gladys.

I--I used to at least know
what to say, you know.

I used to be able to help
a patient contextualize

a breakthrough or navigate them
through the weeds.

Now it's, like, nothing.

I'm like a question mark
in there.

You're still getting
your sea legs back.

No, I'm not.

You know, when therapy is going
well it feels like music.

It's like,
I can--I can hear music

in my heart and in my mind like
there's a rhythm.

It's a dance.
I know when to push.

I know when to listen.

I know how to help.
Now I'm just...

I--I don't hear it.
I'm not hearing a single note.

Oh, Iggy.

All right,
I'm just--I need some air.

I'll be back.

Veronica stopped me again.

Said she found a way to

"take some pressure
off my department."

Well, she all but begged me
to sell your ass

down the river.

Divide and conquer.

till the best man wins.

I don't want to have to
fight you

to keep this job, Floyd,

but I'm not gonna lay down.

Who says we have to
play her game?

What are you up to?

I don't know.

If you ask me,

the woman don't know
who she messing with.

All right, folks,
today we will be performing

a robotic-assisted
coronary artery

bypass graft
using this baby right here.

Now, three-dimensional images
of the heart

will be displayed
on these monitors.

I'll be running point
operating the arm over here,

and watching my back today
and every day is

our very own chair of surgery,
Dr. Claude Baptiste.

Let's dance.

Chester Larkin, returning.
I'll take it over there.

Chester, hey,
thanks for calling us back.

Yeah, I got a voice mail

saying I had to get
my pacemaker interrogated.

It's not a good cop,
bad cop kind of thing.

Just a simple procedure.

Oh, well,
that's good to hear,

but the only thing is,
I can't have a surgery today.

I'm on a shift.

Oh, well, we don't even
need you to come in.

We run the diagnostics remotely
through your cardiac pacer

just to make sure
it's doing its job.

Does it hurt?

You ready to find out?
I guess so.

All right, so open the app
on your phone.

Okay, now what?

And it has started.
Easy peasy.

I got to be the only bionic
handsome cabdriver

in all of New York.

Wonders of the internet,

Schedule is still not done?

My system was set up for four
residents, and now we got five.

Just takes longer.

Who knew I'd
ever need long division again?

Well, wrap it up, Einstein;
we need you out there.

My point exactly.

We're so short on nurses,
but we have extra residents.

It's weird.
Don't you think it's weird?

You know what, Casey?

Who cares
how many residents we have?

Four? Five?
I mean, they're all talented.

Would it kill you
to do a little math? God.

Okay, Gladys, I am back.

I had a moment there.
I apologize.

And what the heck
are you doing to that mouse?

All our patient files
are missing.

That's impossible.

No, I looked everywhere.
They're just gone.

Okay, did you click
on the little house?

The little house is gone.

The little house
can't be gone.

Oh. What the hell?

So there's no room
for negotiation?

Always be extremely firm
in your position with Veronica.

Never back down, or she'll
steamroll right over you.

Hang on. That can't be right.

What's the matter?

The chemo reservoir.
It's empty.

But isn't all dosing
networked through the pharmacy?

Yeah, they're supposed
to control

everything that gets delivered
down to the microgram.

Wait, but if the
reservoir's empty--

They just pushed five times

the chemo directly
into Gillian's brain.

But that would be fatal.

Agnes, our patient is
gonna code within ten minutes.

We need to get to the ED now.

Dissecting the LAD.

Isolating a graft
insertion site.

The margin on the left is
looking a little narrow, Floyd.

I'd inch over a bit
to accommodate.

Thank you very much.

I mean, I would move over
just a touch.

I'm trying to.

Is there lag time
in the command?


wh--what are you doing?

It's not me.

Floyd, Floyd, BP's dropping.

Stop the robotic surgery
before more damage is done.

It's not responding.

Doctor, we're not
controlling the arm.


Then who the hell is?


The hack's a work of a group
known to us as Disco Bunny.

Doesn't sound very scary.

Disco Bunny is a former GRU

cyber cell
who have attacked 253 hospitals

and healthcare clinics
around the world.

Maybe a little scary.

Yeah, they're ruthless,
cruel, greedy,

and when you opened that email,
Dr. Goodwin,

you gave them the keys
to your kingdom.

What are our options?

Limited I'm afraid.

The Treasury
Department's Office of Foreign

Assets Control is quite clear.
Those who pay a cyber-ransom

may face civil
and criminal penalties.

What? Are you serious?

Yes, it only encourages
further attacks, and this year

has already seen
an increased targeting

of hospital
and healthcare providers.

So what are we
supposed to do?

our cybersecurity experts

can help restore
New Amsterdam's

compromised network
department by department.

What's the timeline on that? months.

Listen, we're not a tech
company or some oil pipeline.

We're a hospital with patients
who depend on us every day.

We have to pay that ransom.

Well, in situations like this
you can request a certification

of OFAC compliance
to avoid the penalties.

Great, that's what
we're gonna do.

Uh, uh, no, hang on.
This is a public hospital.

We do not have $10 million
just lying around.

Yeah, but HCC does.

The fact that I am here
right now is living proof

they do not
trust you with money.

They are not giving you
a dime, Max, and you know it.

But HCC might give it to me.

Of course,
we have to prove to them

that we are serious about
our fiscal responsibility.

Sign the budget, Max.

Get them out of our network.

We're gonna weather the storm.

Lauren, you need to put the ED
on diversion now.

Why? What's going on?
This might sound

like something out of
a James Bond movie,

but a Russian-backed cyber cell
has hacked the hospital

and are currently worming their
way through every department.

Holy hell.


Walsh, order
a Special Services Diversion.

Ship 'em all to Baptiste.

You got it.
Turan, treat and transfer.

This is really happening?

Yeah, the FBI is here,
and every minute that goes by

these hackers gain more

and every piece of equipment
networked to our system

could be compromised.


Chester Larkin.
I was running an interrogation

on his cardiac pacer.
Can you give him a call?

Computer is jacked.
They're locking us out.

Walsh, try yours.

That's not good.
He's not answering, Lauren.

You've gotta find him.
In all of Manhattan? How?

He's a horse carriage driver
in Central Park.


No patient files.
No SOAP notes.

No session schedules.
I mean, Iggy,

all of our patients'
prescriptions, they vanished.

Hi, yeah, this is Dr. Frome
from Behavioral Health.

We're having a bit of an
IT problem that--

yeah, yes, I'll hold.

We have a floor full
of inpatients with no record

of what they take
or when they're taking it.

We don't even know
when they got their last dose.

I'm sorry.
I don't understand.

What does a rabbit have to do
with extortion-ware?

Oh, my God.

Maybe I can just...

No, no, no, no, no, don't,

Okay, and there's the rabbit.

Okay, we've been hacked.

The entire hospital
has been compromised.

For how long?

I don't know.
She said weeks maybe.

Iggy, how are we gonna figure
out what medications

our psych patients need

before they all start
going through withdrawal?

I...I don't know.

Thorax filled with blood.

Where's it coming from?

I found Chester.

He's tachycardic.
BP 185 or 115.

Chester, can you hear me?

What's happening to me?

Your pacemaker defibrillator
is misfiring.

It's shocking your heart.
Why? Why?

It's been triggering every
few seconds the whole way here.

Okay, let's get him
to Trauma One. Let's go.

Chemo overdose.

Okay, find me a donut magnet.

What the hell?

Cranial infusion

She got a massive dose
of methotrexate.

Fever, tachypneic.

I mean, it must have been
a truckload of chemotherapy.

Turan, let's set 'em up
in the procedure room.

Let's go.
Got it. Come on.

What's her mental state?

Her blood pressure
was down 80 over 40.

The chemo
is flooding her brain.

It's destroying her cells.

We need to start
leucovorin now.

We can't; her blood pressure
is way too low.

Well, then we need to fix it.

Okay, come on; we got you.

I'm gonna lower the bed.

Hooking up your IV.

Come on, Gillian.

My daughter.
Come on.

BP's up to 100 over 60.

Now we can start leucovorin.

Hang in there, Gillian.

Shut it down.

Yes, I'm serious.
Transfer the ICU to Uni now.

We're falling apart here.

Yeah, I just came from ortho.

Their whole department
is in chaos.

We gotta do something.

Well, we are doing something.

We're listening to
the FBI's guidance.

Do not pay, and do not
embolden the criminals.

We can't weather this, okay?
I was wrong.

Someone is gonna get hurt.

Do you want me to use
my back channels

to pressure HCC
to find the money?

Would you do that?

Max, this is a political job.

If I'm cashing in
a chip that big,

I'm gonna need
something in return.

Your signature.

These are good people,
the ones you'd be firing.

We are both trying
to save this hospital.

You might not see it right now,
but we're on the same team.


Okay, 5 mils morning,
10 mils night.

You are a lifesaver.
Thank you very much.

Yeah, talk soon.

Okay, so I was able
to reach out

to ten of our patient's
previous doctors

and confirm our regimen.

11 of our patients
had family members

who were able
to reconstruct their doses.

Okay, and nine of our patients

are currently on drug washout,
so they don't take any meds.

So what do we do
about the last five?

Purple circles.

No, used to be circles,
now triangles.

Sodium Valproate.

80 milligrams of Prozac
every day since 1991.

Thank you; that's great.
Why do you think

I'm so damn peppy
all the damn time?

Oh, gosh,
there's so many of them.

It takes like two glasses
of water to swallow 'em all.

Of course, I can't remember
what they're called now.

So sorry,
I'm totally ruining your day.

No, no, no, you're not.
It's okay.

They're for anxiety.

Aripiprafy, two pills.

I usually get
my midday dose about now.

That's great, Angelo.
Thank you so much.

No clue what you give me,
but I used to feel like...


And now I feel like...


Okay, thank you.

Hey, you okay?
How can I help?

Oh, hey, I've got
a question for you.

Have you ever called
a dozen parents to see

if they might know
their kids' medications?

Sorry about all this.

FYI, blaming all of this
on Russian cyber pirates

really just raises
more questions than answers.

This is--

this is horrible, Max.

There's gotta be
a better solution.

Well, there is a solution,

but the cure
is worse than the disease.

What--whatever it is,
pull the trigger.

If you knew what it was,
you wouldn't be saying that.

If it helps the patients,
do it, all right?


He's gonna flatline
if we don't find that bleeder.

What if it's not down,
it's up?

What do you mean?
We've been searching

the bottom of the
surgical field, not the top.

There, internal mammary
artery along the chest wall.

Aw, yeah, good eye,
but damn tricky location.

Can you reach it?

Yeah, just need you
to retract the heart.

I got you, brother.


Got it?

Okay, hold.



Get in there.

That looks good.
Looks good.

Come on.
You got it. You got it.

Come on. Come on. Hold

You got it. You got it.

Ohh, let's go.

There you go. Nice job.


I know, buddy, I know, okay?
Hang in there.

We're gonna try and suspend
these shocks, okay?

Your ICD
has a magnet-sensitive switch.

This should reset it.



Maybe not.
Try another angle.


Come on.
Come on.

Please make it stop.

Lauren, I don't understand.
This should have worked.

They're in the network.

Okay, push 100 milligrams
of Atenolol.

We're going with plan B.

What the hell is plan B?

I'm gonna have to take that
pacemaker out of his chest.

What's happening?
What happened?

I don't know.

His pulse is racing;
his tongue's swollen.

I need an EpiPen now.
He's anaphylactic. All right.

He's so warm.
Hurry, hurry, hurry.

Thank you.
Okay, stay with me, Angelo.

Stay with me, buddy.
Stay with me. Breath.

There he is.
There you are. There you are.

Hey, hey, look at me.
Look at me.

You're okay. You're okay.
Take a deep breath.

Keep breathing. Keep breathing.


It just happened so fast.

Yeah, because we gave him
the wrong meds.

Hey, you got a sec?
Oh, Max, please tell me

there's a plan to solve this.
I've got patients--

Veronica's using
the hack against me.

What do you mean?

In order to get the money
to save this hospital

I had to sign this budget.

People we know and love
are about to be hurt.


Max, this is bad.

Wa--was there any other way?

No, I mean, unless you got
$10 million lying around.

I keep telling myself

that we're not abandoning
our friends,

that we're not turning our
backs on this hospital, but...

I don't know what to do.

The only thing you can do.

You have to tell them yourself

before they find out
from someone else.

Max, look at me.

It's gonna be okay.

Say it.

It's gonna be okay.

It's gonna be okay.

It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.

It's gonna be okay.

It's gonna be okay.


Hey, is he stable?
He's stable.

This is my fault.

The other patients we asked
described pill shapes, colors,

feelings that they had.

Angelo specifically
asked for Aripiprafy,

specifically for two pills.

He knew he was allergic?

Why--why would he want to
hurt himself?

Good question.
Talk to him and find out.

What happened?
She's bleeding from her gums.

BP's down, heart rate's up.

She's going into
hemorrhagic shock.

I've already hung
2 units of blood.

I'm gonna die, aren't I?

We are not giving up
on you, Gillian.

Look at me. Don't go there.
Reverse your thinking, okay?

You still have to drop off

that cool backpack
with your daughter, right?


don't give up, not yet.

For Trini.

Reverse your thinking.

We somehow need
to reverse the chemo.

What does that mean?

It is a--it's a intravenous
dose of Uridine Triacetate.

Has it ever been done before?

I've only read case
reports of it ever working,

but I don't see
a better way, do you?

Almost got it.

Oh, got it.

Oh, his heart's crapping out.

No pulse. Run a pacing wire.

Wait. Isn't it connected
to the same network?

Oh, damn it. Move, move.

At least we know
this way works.

One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven...

Come on, you can't keep
that up forever.

Eight, nine, ten...

I'm--I'm gonna
get Lucas in here.

No, we don't need Lucas.
Casey, I don't want Lucas.

Two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.

Come on, Chester, come on,
come on, stay with me.

Lucas coming in hot.
Five, six, seven.

One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

it wasn't a bad idea.

Chester, meet Lucas.
Lucas, meet Chester.

What's the longest
you've ever used him?

I'm pretty sure
it's gonna be today.

Two, three...

So I'm guessing you knew

you were highly allergic
to Aripiprafy.

All right.

Why don't you
tell me why you're here

in New Amsterdam
and just start there?


Angelo, I am going
to shoot you straight.

It's that kind of day.

The way you treat
a suicide attempt varies

based on the patient's
medical history.

And today we--

we lost every shred of data
we have on you,

and you clearly
don't want to talk,

and I would rather
let you not talk,

but it would be
criminally irresponsible

and negligent of me
to not get your basic info.

So why don't you give me
the quickest, shortest version

of why you're here, and I
will get out of your hair?


So we can help you.

I'm here because I had
an Adderall overdose.

I--I went days without sleep,
brought on a psychosis,

now I have brain damage.

My brain works at 1/2
the speed it used to.

I used to be smart,
and now I'm dumb.

Can you help with that?

Not with the
processing speed, no.

That--that will
probably never come back.

Not probably; it's gone.


You don't know
what it's like to...


Christ, I can't even
find words anymore.

It's like I'm...

Like you're not you.


I mean, you know,

everyone sees the same you
on the outside,


on the inside it's, like,
that's different.

Something is missing.

But no,
it's worse than missing.

It's--it's gone.

You don't recognize yourself.

I look in the mirror,
and it's my face,

but I'm not in there.

Even the positive feelings
feel like foreign.

Like they're someone else's.

I don't feel happy the way
I feel happy.

I don't feel sad
the way I feel sad.

Everything's wrong,
and I'm just--


You feel like you're less.

You know, the old version
of you is gone.

That's true.

It's okay to mourn him.

He deserves it.

But I am not talking to him.

I'm talking to you right now.

You are here,

and you can't send
this new you packing

because you're not
who you wish you were.

You can't even make that choice
until you find out

who you are now.

So what do you think?

You want to find out together?


Coronary artery is isolated.

First vein graft is ready.

Vascular clamp.

Do you mind if I...

Yeah, I'll connect
the anastomosis.

Take a break. I got your back.


News on the cyber-attack?

Still waiting on a page.

Listen, I gotta talk to you
about something.

All right, you okay?
Not really.

This is harder than I thought.

Floyd, I--
look, you're a good friend,

so I wanted you
to hear it from me first...

Floyd, V-fib.

Intra-thoracic paddles.

And...wait stop.

The monitor,
look at the charge.

Can't isolate
a specific current.

It's connected
to the network.

You use those paddles
you'll fry his heart.

It doesn't leave us
a hell of a lot of options.

Hey, I got your page.
Tell me it's good news.

I asked HCC
for the $10 million ransom,

and they are considering it.

No, no. Considering it?

What can I say?
It's out of my hands.

No, no. We had a deal, okay?

You promised if I played ball
you would take care of this.

I did what you wanted,

and you promise me that
you would take care of this.

I said that I would ask them,

and that is exactly what I did.

But there is
some good news here.

HCC is very appreciative
of the balanced budget

that we both signed.

Couldn't have done it
without you, Max.


Floyd, his heart needs
a spark

or this man is gonna die.

What about thermal cautery?
Great for a vasectomy.

Yeah, but the Bovie is the
only thing that has electricity

not connected to the network.

Yeah, but it has
to be grounded.

Wait, wait, but isn't it A.C.?

Damn it.

change it to unipolar.


You got it?


Come on.

Here we go.
All right.

All right.
Here we go.

It's just like starting
a car battery.



Come on. Come on.

Come on.
Come on.

We got a heartbeat.

Wow. That's a new one.

All right,
let get him stabilized.


You were right, you know.

About what?


She doesn't know
who she's messing with.

I never would've thought
to reverse the chemo.

That was incredible.

Well, I--I have many,
many tricks to share,

you know,
as your unofficial mentor.

Yeah, about that,

I can't tell you
how honored I am.


But I've been thinking
about it all day,

and it would be so comfortable,

so familiar, like my little
talks with Dr. Kapoor.

Then he left, and it completely
knocked me off my game,

and you'll be leaving too.

So maybe I need to learn how
to embrace the uncomfortable.

I'm the chair of neurology now,
and I need to figure out

how to be that,
and I need to do it on my own.

Come here.

I guess maybe
I should be listening to you.

Thank you.


Hey, how did
it go with Angelo?

Good. You know, I think
we've been really focusing

on the drugs and the PTSD,
but there's

a whole identity layer
there that we can dig into.

So I'm thinking art therapy,
drama obviously,

maybe help him
try on some new guises,

expand his sense
of himself, and--

Wait. Do you hear that?

No, do I hear what?

Sounds like somebody
found their music.


Well, Lucas may not
exactly be subtle,

but he gets the job done.

Schedule's done.

Hey, let's hear it

for the power of
your third-grade long division.

A banner day.

How does your girlfriend
have a residency slot here?

A fifth slot that
we never had before?

I wrote her a letter
of recommendation.

That's all, and I don't
actually appreciate--

Please don't lie to me.
I'm not.

Fine, whatever.

Mr. and Mrs. O'Brien
to Admitting.

Mr. and Mrs. O'Brien
to Admitting.

I made a donation, okay?

To the Dean's
discretion refund.

There's nothing
illegal about it.

It was all completely
above board.

Which is why you've been
hiding it from everyone?

Does Leyla know?

No, but she doesn't need to.

Leyla is the best resident
we've ever had here.

I mean, why should it
even matter how she got here?

Because it matters.

It's immoral.

It is self-serving,
and you have completely

undermined everything that
she's earned for herself.

You're right.
You're right, okay?

Okay, but you get why
I had to do it. I had to.

Please, please don't--
please don't say anything.

You know,
when the staff finds out,

and they will find out,

you're gonna lose
all their respect.

Hell, you already lost mine.


Great, now what?

Ah, the wire transfer just
went through,

and we got a certification
of a compliance from OFAC.

No fines?
No, and no penalties.

Disco Bunny may look like
a deranged Russian Fraggle,

but those bastards kept their
word, and we are back online.

Most people would consider
this a win, Max.

You know,
for years I've been asking HCC

for money to improve things,

to make things better
for our patients,

for so many things, and now
we finally get that money,

and we have to hand it over
to hackers

who are leveraging human life.

Well, Agent Maldonado
seems to believe

that they can recover
some of the funds.

That's great. What about us?
What do we recover?

I know how difficult it was
for you to sign that budget.

No, you don't.

These people are not
your friends, Max.

They're your employees,
and today sacrifices

were made for the greater good.

Believe it or not,

you did what
was best for this hospital.

You wanted to see us?

I--I had to make
a tough decision today.

I got backed into a corner,

and I had
to let some people go...

People who make this hospital
everything that it is.

And you were all in that list.

But I found another way.


Is this some kind of joke?

I wish it was.

How many?
How many were laid off?


Oh, my God.

Today I protected you
from Veronica.

But I can't protect you