New Amsterdam (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Anthropocene - full transcript

The pressure is on as Max takes on his first annual fundraising gala at the hospital and emotions are high as some of the doctor's families join them for the event. Iggy struggles to break difficult news to his daughter and Bloom and Reynolds continue to deal with the fallout of their argument. Meanwhile, Kapoor and Dr. Sharpe work together to find out what is making a father and son duo so sick.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
GEORGIA: Is that normal?

Okay, what does that
mean? What does what mean?

You're sure, Doctor?


Thank you, Suzanne.
What did she say?

A lot of things.

Okay, like?

The placenta previa resolved.

It resolved? It
corrected itself.

It corrected itself?

I can have a natural childbirth.

You don't have
to repeat that part.

This is amazing.

Oh, my goodness, the baby.

Sorry, I just... We're
gonna have a birth right now.

There's more. There's more?

I am no longer chained
to that hateful bed.

Hate that bed. I think
we should celebrate.

I think we should rent
a boat on the Hudson.

I think we should
go skiing in the Alps.

I think we should
just hike a mountain.

Or we could just go for dinner.


Well, would you maybe...

join me for dinner tonight?

Are you asking me on
a date, Max Goodwin?

Yes, I am, Georgia Goodwin.

No, um...

(CHUCKLES) Crap, I can't.

I have the fund-raiser
for the hospital.


Your favorite.

This weekend?


This weekend.


You're in a good mood.
It's a good news kind of day.

(CHUCKLES) Let me guess.

Getting ready for
tonight's schmooze fest.

Georgia's off bed rest.
The baby is healthy.

We are gonna start dating again.

I know the order of
that's a little weird,

but, uh, I'm excited.

You... You still
haven't told her.

(SIGHS) You know, it just...

It wasn't the right moment.

There's never a right moment

to tell someone you have cancer.

Just tell them.

Can't she just have one day
without worrying about someone?

About me, about the baby?

Just one day.

You swore that
you would tell her

once she was out of the woods.

She's out.

I can't tell her today.

You know why?

'Cause it's "a good
news kind of day."

Took the words
right out of my mouth.

Yeah, my parents...
They're not even coming

to see me or the kids.

They just happen to be in
town for their annual binge

of Broadway musicals that
I will never be able to afford.

Waitress, right orchestra.

But you invited them
for the fund-raiser.

I did, yeah.

Yeah, I mean, my... my
oldest, Sameera, has no idea

there's any tension,
as it should be,

and she just, like, loves
my parents, you know?

And I guess...

I want them to love her,
too, and her brothers.

You know, when we
first brought them back

from Bangladesh,
they just happened

to be in town
again for Hamilton,

center orchestra.

Thank you very much, Pop.

But I've gotten
over that. Clearly.

You know, then we rode the
paddleboats in Central Park.

The ones shaped like swans?

Yeah, exactly those ones.

And now Sameera is
obsessed with swans.

She even learned how to make

those little swan
napkins for them.

Hey, she can make you
one tonight, if you ask her.


Uh, not this year, my friend.

Really? Why? Last year you
said you wished you'd gone.

I'm not ready.

Okay, I understand.

In that case, you should
really consider giving

those tickets to somebody,
'cause some of your residents

would just kill to
be at that thing.

That's not a bad idea.
I know, thank you.

Okay, that's it.

I'll send you my bill.

Whoa, whoa, Nelly!

I mean, uh, I prefer coffee.

It's hMG.


So you're, uh... Trying, yes.

Have you already
picked out a donor?

Follow-up question,
is he ripped?

(SCOFFS) Hardly.

I'm just trying to
trick my stupid body

into producing eggs.


I'm really proud of you,

you know,

for trying.

Can you believe I'm
considered geriatric?

You want a hand with that?

I mean, 'cause
you're so old and all.

Thank you.



Bonjour from Pan de Vie.

Au revoir.

Bonjour from Pain de Vie.


It's a new thing
they're making us say.

It's so dorky.

Uh, you want your usual?

Yeah. Okay. (CHUCKLES)

Ella. Oui?

The hospital fund-raiser
is this evening,

and I have two tickets.

Oh, wow...

I thought if you wished to go...

Yeah, that would be really nice.

Thank you. No, no.

I'll meet you in the
lobby when I get off.

Bonjour from Pain de Vie.

Two tall cappuccinos.


Thanks. You can swipe.

I can't believe
you're actually going

to this thing tonight.

All it's gonna be
is stuffy donors

acting stuffy and boring.

Did I mention the full bar?
(SCOFFS) Oh, I'm so jealous.

CHRISTOPHER: I don't think
you fully grasp what just happened.

BLOOM: What'd you bring
us? HARVELL: Car crash.

Dan Marken, 66-year-old male.

Stable vitals with
an arm laceration.

Christopher Marken, VSS.

42 years old with
single-leg crush injury.

Okay, put them to
bay 29 and bay 30.

DAN: I was trying
to save our lives.

That car made a crazy
left. You made a crazy right.

There's no such
thing as a crazy right.

You're not
crossing traffic lines.

It's not my fault no one
uses their blinkers anymore.

CHRISTOPHER: No, it's your
fault... Looks like you're gonna have

as much fun as I am
tonight. I hate you.


(SIGHS) Damn it.

Slow down. I'm on the Code Team.

Rules are rules.
Empty your pockets.

Phones, pagers...
Someone is dying in there.

He's over here.

Guy just dropped
like a sack of potatoes.

Status, Hedera?
HEDERA: Manny Harris.

Shallow to no
breathing. No pulse.

Chest compression
for three minutes.


Charge to 200. Charged.


Going again.


He's back.

It's faint, but he's back.

Did he complain about
anything before he collapsed?


Hey, Jeffers, did he
say anything to you?

No, nothing.


Across, under, and through.

Always been more of a
scrubs and sneakers kind of guy.

Well, listen, Max, I need
to talk to you about tonight.

I think I have all
the salient details.

Schmooze donors, get money,
uh, hospital keeps running.

So this whole
evening is about you.

You're the face of
this hospital now,

and the donors are
gonna look to you

to see that you have plans
for fiscal responsibility.

So you need to assure them

that this hospital is
a good investment.

The fiscal thing is
really not my strong suit.

I prefer to talk
about the patients.

And does that work?

Not really, no.

How in God's name did you
ever raise money in Chinatown?

I had a secret weapon.


Well, dust it off, kid, because
you're gonna need it tonight.

(CHUCKLES) I'll do my best.

Let me put this to you

a different way, Max.

Our last medical director raised

$3.4 million on
his first fund-raiser.

Big shoes.

And we fired him.

Hey. Did you, uh, get
that blood work I sent over

for Manny Harris in
the Corrections Ward?

Oh, I saw it, all right.

Well, I was hoping to get
your professional opinion.

My professional opinion? Yeah.

Well, my professional opinion

is that anybody in this hospital

could have read those labs,
and you only sent it to me

in a pathetic and
poorly veiled attempt

to make amends for insulting
my abilities as a doctor.

You're right.

I know I'm right. (SIGHS)

Just didn't think that
you knew I was right.

All right, look,
I'm sorry, all right?

I am. (SCOFFS)

You're an exceptional
doctor, all right?

One of the best I've
ever worked with.

In fact, I'll never question
your judgment again.

Look, I owe you
a bottle of scotch

just for putting
up with me, okay?

All right, now this is
where you forgive me.

Fine, whatever.

As for your prisoner's
labs, the only thing of note

was that he tested
positive for Special K.

Ketamine. Wow.

He OD'd, huh? Yep.

But when I admitted
him a week ago,

he was clean as a whistle, so...

He got the K in here.

Looks like someone's
smuggling drugs

into our Corrections Ward.

Hey, you and the kids got this?

I need to get all
dolled up. Yeah, yeah.

Get out of here.
Drive safe, boys.

Hey, genius, what do you
got planned for us next year?

What, are we gonna get
our appendix removed?

I don't think we should go
on these trips anymore, Dad.

Clearly you're getting too old.

Says the man in the wheelchair.

CASEY: What... What's
wrong? (PANTING)

Bloom, get back here!

What happened? He
just started seizing.

Move that wheelchair!
I need Ativan, now!


MALE DOCTOR: I got his
head. MALE NURSE: I got him!

Bloom. What?

MALE DOCTOR: Grab his legs.





Hey. Hey.

You ready to raise some money?

Absolutely. You know, I was

just about to chat up this man.

Looks like he has
about 14 yachts.

That's the caterer.

I meant, uh, the
guy next to him.

FULTON: Andrew Nomura. Yeah.

Hedge fund. Mmm-hmm.

$1.2 billion. Ooh. Is that all?

Max, when you
go up... I got this.

I do.



You must be the
new medical director.

It's nice to meet you.
Thank you for coming.

Um, I need to tell
you about a patient.



But, um, sorry.

I need to... Excuse me.

I thought I'd surprise you.

You look amazing.

I'm celebrating. Hmm.

With you.


Just like old times. Mmm-hmm.

Except tonight, we won't be
having sex in the coat room.

Says you.

What are the odds
of both men seizing

within minutes of
each other? Quite low.

I bet a seizure is why
the dad lost control

of the car. CTs?

Well, they look
normal, but the CSF

and the lumbar puncture showed
white and red cells for both.

I thought a hematologist
should take a closer look.

It could be infection.
Or exposure.

Which is why I paged you both.

And I believe in my heart
of hearts that you guys

are gonna figure
it out. "You guys"?

I am late for a
fund-raiser, Doctor.

Oh, that.

Guess who apologized.

No. Mmm.

It was a sincere
one, too, really gushy.

How'd you feel about that?

I don't know.

It was definitely
easier getting over him

when he was being
a dick. (CHUCKLES)

Hey, you gonna come
tonight? Um, I don't know.

We'll see. Come.

Well, you deserve
to have some fun.


Because of your
unusual symptoms,

it would be helpful to know
exactly where have you been

and whom you have
come in contact with.

Well, like I said, we've
been outside the country.

Begged to go to Hawaii,

but my son insisted
on northern Canada.

We take a father-son adventure

every year since my mom died.

Every year he complains.

Have you ever tried moose jerky?

wanted to see the glaciers.

Yeah, what's left of them.
The snow was so wet,

it was like trudging
through a Slurpee.

They don't appear to
understand the severity

of their current situation.

Good, let's keep it that way.

I believe this is Naegleriasis.

But there was no warm
water for swimming up there.

An arbovirus is more likely

if there were mosquitoes around.

Perhaps we should
test them for rabies.

If they slept in a
room with a bat...

If they'd slept in
a room with a bat,

I'm confident we'd
have heard about it.

So we do a full panel? Yeah.

REYNOLDS: Hey, wake up.

You could have
died today, Manny.

Yeah? Yeah.

I know it's rough in here,

but you using like
this, it could kill you.

What are you talking about?

Come on. The
Special K you're using.

"Special K"?

No, man. I don't do that stuff.

Well, your blood work
says otherwise, my friend.

I said I don't do that.

I'm just trying to do my bid
and get my ass up out of here.

Explain this.

Come on, man, that's
a new injection site,

from shooting up.

I ain't do nothing wrong.

I ain't even start it.

What do you mean? Start what?

The fight.

Guy came at me.

Things popped off...

Then she stepped in.

She did this to you?

Yeah, so?

She can't do that.

Why didn't you say anything?

To who?

Who cares about
what happens to us?

Mom, I'm not gonna sit here
and pretend that this is okay.

Well, I'm sorry
you feel that way.


Yeah, bye.

(SIGHS) Boo!

Oh, my gosh! Hi.

Hi, my little meerkat.

How you doing? Hi. Come here.

MclNTYRE: She remembered
every hallway, every turn.

I couldn't keep up.
FROME: Wow, amazing.

You look nice. You
look nice yourself.

Thank you.

So is everybody sad they have
to stay at home with Jessie?

They're watching a movie.

They're missing out.
Come on, let's go.

What if Grandpa and
Grandma are already there?

She couldn't stop talking
about them the whole way here.

Yeah, about that... About what?

Hey, relax.

Tonight's gonna
be great. You'll see.

(SIGHS) Yeah, okay.

I have made myself
perfectly clear.

The tickets were for her.

I honestly don't see
how you could have

accidentally asked this
poor girl out on a date.

But she accepted.
Of course she did.

She was trapped behind
a croissant counter.

So what do I do?


You can't do
anything. It's a disaster.

Avoid her until you die.
Dr. Kapoor, Dr. Sharpe.

The Markens have
been moved into isolation,

and here are their test results.

Could you get us hard
copies? Printers are down.

Get IT on those printers and
find us another tablet, please.


It's not Naegleriasis
or botulism.

It's not anything.

All their tests are clean.

But something's wrong with them.

There's one possibility
we have not yet considered.


Good evening.

Uh, I'm Dr. Max Goodwin,

Medical Director
of New Amsterdam,

and I need to fill this

weird thermometer
thing behind me

with, uh, your money.


I need to tell you about a
patient... (SIGHS HEAVILY)

And... And why she matters to us

and why she should
matter to, um...


To you.


You can look forward to that

and, and much, much more.

Just a few minutes,

just, um, please enjoy the free


I'm not busy or anything.

We have two
patients in isolation

who are exhibiting
identical symptoms.

They recently returned from
hiking the Canadian Rockies.

On melting permafrost.

We have tested them
for every known disease,

but nothing has
come back positive.

What's more, their condition
is only getting worse.

Their BPs are falling,
and their fevers are spiking.

As more and more ice thaws,

pathogens are waking up.

Are you telling me there
may be some ancient disease

floating around our hospital?

Yes, we are. Yeah,
that's about right.

MAX: Look, I'm not saying it
isn't some ancient pathogen

that we've never
heard of, can't test for,

and couldn't possibly treat.

I am simply suggesting
that we should focus

on other diseases that we
could actually, you know, cure.

We've been through
it, Max. Vasculitis?

Their kidney function's
fine. Carbon monoxide.

Wouldn't account
for the seizures.

Marantic endocarditis.

We'd have seen thrombotic
vegetations in the CTs.



Mercury poisoning?

I read the Arctic permafrost
has something like

20 swimming pools
of pure mercury.

The more the ice
melts, the more mercury

is released into the ecosystem.

Our patients hike
through, absorb it...

It would indeed
fit the symptoms.

We'll work up a treatment
of dimercaprol right away.

Great, and while you two
are here heroically saving lives,

I will be charming rich
people out of their money.


I was left there in the dark

Blinded by your glowing light

That is quite the dress.

Oh, thank you.

Uh, it is my response to wearing
formal scrubs for eight weeks straight.

How are you, Evie? Hi.

Oh, crap. I owe
you a call, don't I?

Oh, we were supposed to
grab lunch six months ago.

I'm so sorry.

Well, how are things
upstairs? It's good.

Just trying to keep
you troublemakers

out of trouble with
my bright legal mind.

Yeah, and how's Robert?

(SCOFFS) That man
couldn't handle anything real.

He couldn't handle a strong,

intelligent woman,
so he's black history.


I'm so happy I ran into you.
The legal department is...

Okay, I'm gonna stop
you there. Count me in.

But I need to cram at least
two drinks into my system,

so I can't get called back to
work, and you're gonna join me.


And he wanted you
to know that he's sorry.

He's just...

curing an ancient disease.

And, yes, I do know
how that sounds.

Hello there.

Hi. Nice to see you.

PLAYING) Bring the beat in

Excuse me. Were you with
The Elizabeth Mills Company?

That's right, I was. I am.

I saw you perform at BAM.

That was extraordinary,
and you were wonderful.

Thank you.

I, uh, can't wait to get back.

Forgive me, I was just
gonna borrow this young lady

for a quick boogie.

PLAYING) I'm knowing no pain


Do you know who that
was? Andrew Nomura?

Worth only $1.2 billion?


If you want this
night to be a success,

you should really be dancing
with him right now. Mmm.

You know what? I'll ask
him to do the Funky Chicken

right after I'm
through with you.

Can I cut in?

PLAYING) Fight through my tears

This had better be good.

GLORIA: So you're saying my
guards are tranquilizing prisoners?

MAX: Not all of them, Gloria.

Just the newest
recruit. Codie Jeffers.

I believe she used
ketamine to sedate a guy

she felt was acting up.

Now, in an untrained
hand, that's potentially lethal.

That's a serious
accusation, Max.

We wouldn't be bringing it
to you otherwise, Warden.

Our floor isn't a cake-walk

but all of my guards
are thoroughly vetted.

I'm sure, but that doesn't
mean that a bad apple

won't slip through
from time to time.

You can't expect me to go
on the hearsay of one prisoner.

Is there proof?

Look, no, but this patient
was telling the truth.

I'm sorry, but Rikers is filled

with incredibly good liars.

Look, he's not
lying. Okay, okay.

The only way that we're
gonna solve this problem

is if we work together,
because the hospital and Rikers

are in a symbiotic relationship.

So we just want to support
you in correcting this.

"Support me"?

I'll run my prison.
You run your hospital.

MAX: Thank you, Warden.

DAN: I don't understand. Do you
think we have mercury poisoning?

SHARPE: Confirmatory
tests would take weeks.

Weeks you don't have.

We're acting now to give you
the best chance for survival.

We want to treat you
with an agent called BAL.

It binds to the mercury
and strips it out of your body.

What if we don't have
mercury poisoning?

SHARPE: Then it bonds
to the proteins in your blood

and strips them instead.

Which is why we'd like to start
by treating only one of you...

To see how you respond.

I'll go.

I'll go.

You do me. Dad, wait...


I'm older. I'm your father.

And if something
were to go wrong...

Unfortunately, we're gonna need

to start with Christopher.

He's younger.

His system can better
handle the harsh side effects.

It's okay, Dad.

I got this.

SPEAKERS) No one can tell you

Are they stuck
in traffic or what?

FROME: Yeah,
that's probably it, hon.

That one looks really
good, by the way.

Nuh-uh. It has to be perfect.

Can I get some more
napkins? Sure, honey.

FROME: Careful.

PLAYING) Take off your armor

Iggy, what's going on?

They bailed. (SIGHS) No.


Yeah, last-minute
plans with old friends.

Decided it would be best
not to give us the wrong idea.

Direct quote. Unbelievable.

Why didn't you just tell her?



I don't even know what to say.

The truth would be a good start.

"The truth"?

That two gay dads
and their Muslim kids

aren't worthy of love?

She's already had one
family taken away from her.



DAN: Chris? Christopher!

What's happened to my boy?


KAPOOR: BP's bottoming out.
SHARPE: Heart rate's climbing.

There's blood in the urine.
His kidneys are failing.

DAN: What's happening to my boy?

BAL is tearing through his body.

Pass me the Ambu bag.

It should have been me.

It's not mercury.

It should have
been me! I told you!

You should have tested it on me!

DAN: Is he gonna be all right?

KAPOOR: We are in uncharted
waters here, Mr. Marken.

But... But you have to be
able to do something, right?

Your son's reaction to
the BAL has provided us

with invaluable information.

Information we will
use to seek out...

Another diagnosis.

So you really have no idea
what we have or how to cure it.



Every year, um, we...

Take these adventures
together, and, uh...

And I complain, and...

Chris complains that I complain.

But the truth is, is that...

look forward to these trips

more than anything in the world.


Now that he's grown, I...

That's all...

That's the only time
that I have with him.

We don't get enough time.

We just don't get
enough time with our kids.

How do you want to handle this?

Well, if she gets away with
it once, she'll do it again.

We can't just wait around
until somebody dies.

But the Corrections
Ward is Salazar's domain.

Yeah, and we're the ones

that have to take
care of the patients.

Right, so if you piss off the
guards, what's gonna happen?

We lose our protection.

I don't know about you,
but I doubt our staff's

gonna want to go
in there without them,

which means the
patients would suffer,

so, if we're gonna fix
this we're gonna do it right.


Another code. Corrections Ward.

I got to do something, Max.

SPEAKERS) Let me take you there...

NOMURA: This new director's
so radical, he's not even here.

If he wants us to pony up,

he should at least
make an appearance.

You're not giving this year?

Where are the
touching patient stories?

Where are the flashy speeches

about cutting-edge achievements?

'Cause I didn't
come for the food.

Don't knock it till you try it.

I'm sorry, I, um...

I've been on bed
rest, so, to me, this is...

It's like New Year's in Paris.

There are a few
things you should know

about the new medical director.

Uh, one, he is radical.

So radical that he turned
a failing clinic in Chinatown

into one of the most efficient
medical units in the city.

Two, he won awards

for his radical treatment
of women with Zika

in Guatemala.


There's north of $100
million in this room

ripe for the picking.

And you know where
Dr. Goodwin is?

With his patients.

A medical director
who's more interested

in helping the sick
than raising money?

I'd pony up for that.

I mean, of course I'm
glad he was so sincere,

but I shouldn't be so easily
swayed by an apology.

There's just this
spark between us,

and it tricks my stupid heart

into thinking that it could
work out, but it can't.

I mean, he said it can't, so...

I can't put myself
through that again. I can't.

Can I?

Are you sure I'm
the right guy to ask?

Because I'm five drinks in
and you're my boss' boss?

No, because I've been
married four times,

and after each divorce, I
swore I'd never do it again.

Yes, but you did.

Yeah, I did.


Because ignoring my feelings
didn't make them go away.

So I decided to ignore my fears.

Katy and I have been together
for nine years. (CHUCKLES)

So I say run towards
love. You'll never regret it.

PLAYING) I'll take you there

Ooh, I know a place

SECURITY: Hey! Arrest me.

No pulse. Chest
compressions for five minutes.

Push one milligram of epi.

Hand me the paddles.



Still no pulse.

Charge to 300. NURSE: Charged.





He's back.

We got him.



NURSE 1: Patient coming
through. Hemodynamically stable.

Let's get him to bay 10.
Sinus rhythm's steady.

REYNOLDS: As the drug wears
off, I want him monitored 24/7

in case he displays
any signs of tachycardia.

You coming? I'll be right there.


I've got this.

So, what, you were
punishing him for talking to me?

I didn't do anything.

Do you know you
could have killed him?

Sorry, Doc, I don't know
what you're talking about.

I know you're dosing
them with ketamine.

Why do you even care
what goes on up here?

These are my patients.

You think they're like
your compliant invalids

from downstairs.

These scum scream,

bite, spit.

Hey, you need more
help you ask the warden,

but you leave the
medicine to us, is that clear?

You do your job,
and I'll do mine.

And I'm gonna do what it takes
to keep these bastards in line.

Finally, it's working.


For God's sake.

Useless technology.

You were right.
What do you mean?

You were right
from the very start.

The technology got it wrong.
Our test results got it wrong.

Think about it. This whole
time we've been testing

for today's pathogens,

but today's pathogens
are all mutated,

evolved variants of
much older strains.

What those men were
exposed to up there

was a much older strain...

of a very common infection.

So, even if it were a 99% match,

our equipment will still
read it as a negative result.


Their initial symptoms
were telling you

they were suffering
from Naegleriasis.

Our collective wisdom and
experience were telling us

they were suffering
from Naegleriasis.

And our equipment
could not see it.

This may be an ancient strain,

but it's essentially
the same old amoeba.

Which means today's
treatment should still be effective.

mine, and I'm gonna do what it takes

to keep these bastards in line.

You asked for proof.


Codie Jeffers is going to
be fired effective immediately.

Thank you, Dr. Reynolds.

This practice ends with her.

SPEAKERS) He had his father's eyes

And his mother's point of view

Grandpa and
Grandma are really late.

They're gonna
miss the whole party.

He can see through

They're not coming.

Sometimes the little things...

Not tonight, not tomorrow.

But they have to come.

It's been forever
since we've seen them.

I'm the only one who
even remembers them.

You know, sweetheart,
Grandma and Grandpa...

They don't really
understand our family.

Is something wrong
with our family?

No, no. God, no.

There's not a thing
wrong with our family.

Then why don't
they want to see us?

You know, most families,

they just wind up
together... Right?

They don't... They don't
have to think about it

or ever even stop and ask why.

They just are.

But you know what is
so super-duper special

about our family?


FROME: We chose each other.

I chose you.

your brothers and your sister.

And I just wouldn't
want it any other way.

Me either.

So I'm... I'm gonna stop
feeling sorry for myself

I'm gonna stop feeling
sad for me and you,

and I'm gonna feel sad
for Grandma and Grandpa,

because they are choosing
to miss out on all of us.

All right?

Come here, come here.


I love you, kiddo.

I love you. I love you, too.


You don't need money

You don't need to try

We just need to make

A soul connection

We need to find

A soul connection

To find out

Find out

That what we have is real


You don't need love


You don't need to be

Come with me.

We just need to make

A soul connection

We need to find

A soul connection

Lauren, I thought you left.

Hey, uh, I want to
introduce you to someone.

This is Dr. Floyd Reynolds,
Chief of Cardiac Surgery.

He can definitely handle a
strong, intelligent woman,

and he is ready
for something real.

Uh, this is Evie Garrison,

Associate Director
of our legal team.

I think you two are
really gonna hit it off.

Well, that was...

very Lauren, wasn't

It's nice to meet you, Floyd.

It's very nice to meet you, too.

Baby, it's burning

Looks like we made...


The treatment's working.

Looks like this won't
be your last adventure.

Next year, Dad...


I promise.

Assuming by the outfit
that we're not all going

to die of an ancient virus?

At least not today.

It will happen in our lifetime,

and we are not ready.


If you'll please excuse me.

I am so sorry for
keeping you waiting.

Oh, no, you were
curing a disease,

and I was eating,
like, 500 shrimp,

so we're even.


never meant to ask you out.

In fact, I was, uh...

I was attempting to
offer you both my tickets,

but I did not know
how to clear it up

without feeling as foolish as I am
feeling right now. (CLEARS THROAT)

So we're having the same
nervous breakdown all night,

because I was worried
that you thought...

No, no, no. I was worried
that you thought that...


Wait, so you didn't want
to come here at all tonight?

Why not? (SIGHS)

Every year, I used to attend
this event with my late wife.

And being here, uh,

made me miss her all the more.


I am so sorry I have
been unavailable all night,

but I am here now, and
I am ready to charm you.

Don't bother.

Certainly saves me some time.


Every year, the medical
director corners me,

charms me, says
whatever they can to get me

to open up my wallet.

But you...

You actually put
your patients first...

above all this.

I haven't seen that before.

Big shoes filled... (SNICKERS)

and then some. (MUSIC

All we ever do

Is all we ever knew

All we ever do


It's time to wake up from this

La la la la la la

La la la la la la


Excuse me, um...

Would you like to dance?


Now, you didn't happen
to say something to, uh...

Andrew Nomura?

Worth less than
$1.2 billion now...

Huh. Thanks to you.

You're my secret weapon.


Hey. Mmm.

I've been thinking
about something all night.

Coat room. No.

Our living situation. Yep.

Well, with baby out of danger,

I, um... I don't really need

a doctor living with me anymore.

Right, well, you know,

I thought maybe
after a few dates...

I don't need a few dates, Max.

I just need you.


Move back in with me.

What's wrong?

I can't... I can't.

Why not?

I need to tell you...

about a patient.

The fund-raiser's over.

Hold on to me.

What is it?

And hold on tight.

Oh, God...

Oh, God. (SOBBING)