New Amsterdam (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 14 - The Forsaken - full transcript

Frome uncovers a patient's surprising past. Sharpe struggles treating an addicted mother and baby. Reynolds overcomes some bad news.

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spreading the news

I'm leaving today

I want to...


MAX: Uh, Dr. Candelario.

Max. Either you're
getting faster

or I'm getting slower.

Huh. Since you're my boss,

let's just say
I'm getting faster.

Oh, that's very kind of you.

Thank you, by the
way, for taking charge

while Bloom is on vacation.
I know it's short notice.

Bloom is on vacation? Yeah.

About time. They took
Dr. Bloom off the schedule

for two weeks.
It's not a problem.

Uh, maybe add another two weeks.

She's acquired
a lot of vacation.

In that case, I'd like to make a
couple of changes around here

to make things more efficient.

Efficient? I love efficient.
What kind of efficient?

First, I wanna switch
the nurses' scheduling

to a seniority-based
point system. Good.

It rewards loyalty. MAX: Nice.

Second, I want ED to start using
a supply chain tracking software

for instant restocking
of critical items. Smart.

And third, no more
double and triple shifts.

Personnel need
rest or people die.

Sounds like you
should be doing my job.


Jumper off a six-story building.

Landed on a parked
minivan. 160 over 90, 158.

Intubated in the field
but with continued trouble.

Oxygenating on 100%.

Jumper landed on his chest.

Obliterated the
integrity of the chest wall.

Absent breath sounds on the left

with tracheal deviation.
Grab me a blood gas kit.

I need a chest tube
set up. Thank you.

WOMAN: Punch through the
intercostal muscle and get a tube in.


Got it. Run an i-STAT ABG.

Thank you. Do we know who
this guy is? Cell phone, wallet?

WOMAN: Go ahead and
start antibiotics prophylaxis.

Another vet.

It's a Marine.

Alex Demos.

War never ends.

Battlefield rules.

Treat now, mourn later.

WOMAN: We need to know the
volume of the evacuated wound.

(SINGING) Free you act
like you want to be free

Yeah I could go
and let you be free

Do you really
really want to be free

Do you want me to make you free

Try it for myself and be free

See how it suits me

WOMAN: Billy, leave
those people alone.

We're gonna get
kicked out of here.

I hope we land
somewhere with a bed.

You were right. It's
nice to be spontaneous.

Nice enough to do it again?

Yeah, you can't
plan spontaneity.

People are staring.

Free you act like
you want to be free

Yeah, you're right.

We should probably
take this somewhere else.

Do you really,
really want to be free

(LAUGHING) Absolutely not.

(SINGING) And you'll
wipe your slate clean

Take me to your river

I wanna go home

Was I too loud?

Where have you
been hiding that voice?

(LAUGHING) In the shower.

We gotta take more
showers together.


Thank you.

Where did you come from?

Uh, Chicago.

No, I mean, like, how
did you end up in my life?

Our friend Lauren introduced us.

Our friend Lauren?


I forgot.

"I," what?


Am going to take you to
the greatest dinner tonight.

Can't wait.




Don't. What?

Don't say it.

I'm just gonna
say this one thing.

I tell Martin I love him,
like, 97 times a day.

That's it. I'm out.

Have a good one.

Dr. Kapoor.

Neuro consult's in Bay 24.

Something feels
different around here.


Dr. Bloom's on vacation.

I have a strict policy
of calm efficiency.

No hysterics, no yelling.
Just simple patient care.

Nothing makes me happier
than the words "calm efficiency."

(CHUCKLES) Good. Then you
and I are gonna make a great team.

Very good. Uh, just one thing.

I have a ten D or D policy.

You have ten minutes per
patient to diagnose or discharge.

Keeps the patients
moving through.

Ten minutes? Ten minutes.

I don't think that's
possible because...

Rumination disorder,
six and a half minutes.

Ten minutes it is. (SIGHS)


Ah, just the man
I wanted to see.

Really? I haven't
implemented any policies

that even slightly
resemble socialism today,

but it is still early.

What is that god-awful smell?

It's breakfast.
It's, uh, a bagel,

uh, cream cheese, lox, capers,

blended to perfection and about
all my throat can handle right now.

Max. Yeah.

I need you to help me. Yeah,
well, how can I, you know?

FULTON: So, Karen
Brantley is out of control.

MAX: The new chair of the board?

Yeah. She's just
another billionaire

who thinks that her
business acumen

makes her an
expert on healthcare.

Well, who better to make
decisions for a public hospital

than somebody who will
never step foot in one?

Right, but she's trying
to push the board

into restructuring New
Amsterdam into a profit center.

Ah, yeah, kinda goes against
our whole being a patient center.

Exactly. And I'm the
only one on the board

who's willing to
stand up to her.

Well, I would have your
back if I was on the board.

Max, you are on the board. I am?

You are, you just
never attend meetings.

So I need you to
talk to Karen Brantley.

I need you to give
her the full Max.

Just turn this around.

Yeah, consider it turned. Done.

Okay. Yeah.

Don't take the smoothie.


It's kinda cold out
here. (CHUCKLES)

Do you wanna come
inside the hospital?


Excuse me.

Excuse me!


Found down, unresponsive,

pinpoint pupils,
respiratory rate of five.

Looks like an opioid overdose.
I need an intranasal Narcan.

Rashes and blisters
all over. Are you on it?

Get a tube in.


Where am I?

My bag. Where's my bag? Whoa!

She's probably
looking for her stash.

What did you do with my bag?

Calm down. All right. I
have to get out of here!

Ma'am! No, I need
my bag! Please!





She can't be more
than a week old.

Neonatal Abstinence
Syndrome. How bad?

Finnegan score
is through the roof.

Good thing you found
her when you did.

She wouldn't have lasted
more than an hour out there.

Is she gonna be okay?

Go and talk to the
mother. I'll take it from here.

Wendy, your baby is suffering
from opioid withdrawal.

You're gonna be
feeling it soon, too.

Is there someone that
we can call for you?

And your baby?

Are you sure? (SCOFFS)

I didn't mean to hurt her.

I just couldn't...

I couldn't quit.

I tried.


I swear I tried.

SHARPE: What's her name?

I never gave her one.

Ah, another vet. MAX: Yeah,

Alex Demos was lucky
surviving a six-story fall.

Uh-huh, and appears to be
heavily sedated for surgical transport.

Bit of an obstacle when
it comes to talk therapy.

So, what's going on?
What am I doing here?

We need answers he can't give.

We found these on him
and this is not his first rodeo.


See, these fractures
are from today,

but these are all
healed fractures.

FROME: Oh, yeah.

He's undergone
massive, repeated trauma.

That is some rodeo.

This guy is intent
on hurting himself,

and he's gonna keep trying
unless we can help him.

Yeah, okay.

All right, let me reach out
to my contacts at the VA.

See what I can find out.


Headaches started around
the time my in-laws moved in.

Maybe it's psychosomatic.

But joint pain is not.

Hi, hon. You doing okay?

Can I get you anything?

I'm fine, Irene.

I don't think you're
supposed to be back here.

Oh, sorry.

I'm around if you need me.




One second, please.

Sorry, I need more time.

You've had ten minutes.

But Mrs. Laghari's
tests are inconclusive.

I need a more
detailed medical history.

So, ten more minutes, please?

In the spirit of
calm efficiency.

Ten more minutes. Thank you.

But not more.

Someone page me?

Yeah, jumper in trauma one.

And heads up. Night
shift rules today.

Candelario's in
charge. Where's Bloom?


Bloom is on vacation? I know.

I hope it's not a sign
of the apocalypse.

Sort of sudden.

She say where she
was going? Nope.

Nor is it any of my concern.

Neither is the color of
her favorite swimsuit,

or whether she packed
an appropriate sunscreen.

What is my concern
is my patients.

Here in the ED.

Was just curious.

All I know is that Max asked me

to take her off the schedule
for the next four weeks.

Four weeks?

"Out of the night
that covers me,

"black as the pit
from pole to pole,

"I thank whatever gods may
be." Six units of B-positive.

You mean A-positive, right?

His chart says A-positive from
the dog tags we found on him.

Then his dog tags are
barking the wrong tune.

Type and cross says B-Positive.

Hey. Hey. (PANTING)
That is not Alex Demos.

It's definitely starting
to seem that way.

Yeah, I called my
friends at the VA,

and Alex Demos is a woman.

That's not a woman.

Guess that explains why
this guy isn't A-Positive.


So then, what the hell is
he doing with her dog tags?

Karen Brantley. Max.

Thanks for meeting me.

I appreciate the
lunch invitation.

I'm not familiar with
Le Chariot du Chien.

Is it new? (CHUCKLES)

Uh, see, they use these croissants
instead of hot dog buns, so...

Nice touch. (CHUCKLES) Yeah.

You're not joining me?

Drinking mine, actually.

It's chili cheese fries and it's
a little bit of chocolate shake.

It's not bad.


So, I thought maybe
we should discuss

some of your
proposed, uh, changes

for New Amsterdam.

I'm going to assume you
already talked with Dean Fulton,

so let me save you
the trouble of delivering

the rousing speech
you no doubt prepared.

(CHUCKLES) I don't
know if I'd say rousing.

It was stirring, maybe, but...

I believe we can
turn New Amsterdam

into a profit center while
still putting patients first.

You do?

The Dean sees everything
as black or white, good or bad.

Which is why the board thinks
it's time for a different Dean.

They what?

The board's calling a vote
to terminate Fulton's contract.

Tonight's meeting.


Wow, when were you planning
on telling Dean Fulton this?


Look, Max, I like you.

You think outside the box.

Renting an apartment
for that homeless person,

reallocating obsolete resources to
service the Sheepshead Bay area,

you're actually making money.

And helping people. See?

We can do both.

You, me and a new Dean.

What do you say?


Miss Birdwell, it's...

Uh, where's Wendy
Birdwell, the baby's mother?

Nobody told you? She left.

Wait, her baby
is still in the PICU.

It's not her baby anymore.

She Safe Haven surrendered her.


How's she doing?

Well, she's deficient in
almost every category.

And she can't keep
any formula down.

Jenny says that it's the worst
case of NAS she's ever seen.

They think that she
might lapse into seizures.

We'll get her through it.


How does she get through withdrawal
and recovery without her mother?

Her mother didn't
even give her a name.

Maybe Safe Haven
surrender was a good choice.


No choice here is good.

She's just so tiny and helpless.

Baby Doe isn't
responding to treatment.

To any of it? If anything,
it's making her worse.

Jenny, what about rooming in?

It'd be worth a try, but
not without the mother.

What is that?

NAS babies are
sensitive to stimulus

and the PICU's a noisy place.

Rooming in is skin-to-skin
contact in a calm environment

to soothe the baby.

But it requires constant holding

and frequent feeding
from the baby's mother.

I'll do it.

Helen... I can't let that
baby suffer anymore.


Yes, he's right there.
Okay, thank you.

Uh, Dr. Frome? Yes?

Uh, I'm Alex Demos.

The VA told me you
found my dog tags.

Yes, we did, um...

Yeah, I have them.


Mustafa wasn't a soldier.
He was our Iraqi interpreter.

Interpreters aren't...
They're not part of the unit?

Uh, not officially, no. But
he went everywhere with us.

Took enemy fire with us.

Saved the whole
unit more than once.


I mean, that's why I gave him
my dog tags when we pulled out.

So, he'd always
know he was one of us.

Uh, Mustafa's body, um,

had seen a lot of trauma.

A lot of broken bones.

Do you know why he
would want to harm himself?

Mustafa didn't do that.

Al-Qaeda did.


After we left, they found
out he'd been working for us.

They killed his father
and then they took him.

Oh, my God. Okay, all right.

So, after he was released,
he became suicidal?


I mean, he was
different for sure.

They took something from him.

I could see he was in
pain, but he was just focused

on getting out of Iraq,
coming here, starting over.

It took five years
and all of us writing

letters of recommendation
for his visa,

but we got him here.

What was he like
once he got here?


We all went to the
airport. The whole unit.

And he seemed so
excited to start his new life.

So then, why did he jump?


How's that headache
diagnosis coming?

Dr. Kao gave me her ten minutes.


Tell me about it.

Strawberry banana. I promise.

This is quite the consolation
prize for losing my job.

Oh, it hasn't happened yet.

Doesn't matter.

Tonight is fait accompli.

You know, Max, this can't
be good for you, either.

With me gone, they could
just as easily bench you

before your cancer does.


I'll be damned.
It's not like that.

What did she offer you?

Brantley said she likes
the changes I've made

and she wants me to...

Keep making them.

Of course, she does.

The knife twists
better that way. Peter.

Okay, let me just ask you
something, just out of courtesy.

Are you gonna vote with her?

I'm gonna do what's
best for this hospital.

Hey, let me talk
to you for a second.

All right, so Bloom
is on vacation?


That's it? She just...

She just dropped everything?
What do you expect?

She's been pulling doubles.
Doubles on top of doubles.

And she wouldn't
chill it with the Adderall.

It was out of control.

My girl, she just
needed a break.

I just thank God
they finally made her.

Whoa, whoa.

Who made her?

Wait, you thought she
was actually on vacation?



(WHISPERING) She's not
crying or shaking anymore.

I'd call that progress.

She looks almost peaceful.


What's going on in there?

Oh, it's just...

I was just thinking
about this morning.

How nothing was normal.

What's ever normal around here?

My mornings usually are.

But today everything was...

It was out of whack.

I was coming back from Philly.

Totally different schedule.
Different subways.

I didn't even come into
the hospital the same way.


Well, you can't
think about that,

the "what if you
hadn't found her?"

Well, no, it's not that.

Do you ever feel like...

Like the universe is trying
to tell you something?

Only all the time.

You know how much
I want to have a baby.

And my body hasn't
exactly been cooperating.

What if the universe

brought us together? Helen.

What if Zuhrah is the baby
that I was meant to have?


(STAMMERING) I couldn't
keep calling her "Baby Doe."

She needed a name.

She did. (CHUCKLES)

I've always loved "Zuhrah".

For a girl.

If I had a girl.


I'm giving Dr. Kapoor
my ten minutes.



I've tried to be very
patient with you, Dr. Kapoor.

Ten minute consults.
It's not that complicated.

It's not enough time.

Well, it is for everyone else!

My ED, my rules.
Not Dr. Bloom's.

For someone who does not
want to run things like Dr. Bloom,

you sound exactly like her.


(DOORS OPEN) Incoming!

What the hell happened?

Janitor says the Dean just
collapsed in the hall outside your office.

Dean, we're gonna
take good care...

I got this, I got this.

Board meeting. I have to
go to the board meeting.

MAX: Don't worry about that. Let's
just worry about getting you healthy.

Give me nitro and
let's set up an IV, stat.

Okay? Thank you.



we were wondering
what was taking so long.

Peter had a heart attack
at New Amsterdam.

What? But he's
gonna be all right.

We expect him to make
a quick and full recovery.

Oh, well, that's good to hear.

MAX: Honestly, there was no
better place for him to have had it

than right here surrounded
by an amazing staff

who appreciate
him almost as much

as the esteemed
members of this board.

I mean, I know I do.

He never backs down
from a fight, does he?

Always pushes
me to do what's best

for our hospital.

I can't be the medical
director I am without him.

Anyway, uh,

he sends along his heartfelt
thanks for your ongoing support.

How's your pain?
How's your pain level?

I've learned to live with it.

Alex told me about
what happened in Iraq.

You've been through a lot.

Mustafa, what doesn't Alex know?


I can't...

She can't ever find out.
She'll think it was her fault.

She's done so much
for me. Okay, it's okay.

It's all right.

Anything you say,
it's between us.

All right? This whole thing.

I thought everything would
be better when I came here.

Some things were.

Alex, her family, they tried
to make me feel at home.

But, when I'd go out...

To the movies, the store,

to look for a job...

People just looked at
me like I was a terrorist.

Some even said it to my face.

So much for "support
our troops," huh?

What about going home?
You ever think of doing that?

I can't.

There, I'm a traitor.

Because you worked for us.

I thought maybe here in the
city I could meet other Iraqis.

Be part of a community.

But they don't...

They weren't in the war.

They don't understand.

There's no one that I can...


I don't belong anywhere.


Hey. Hi.

How is he?

You know, I'm not gonna lie.
He's got a long road back from here.

But, the good news is, I can
get him into a program here

at our clinic for
torture survivors,

and they will be able
to provide him with a lot

of the therapy he needs,
both mentally and physically.


He's gonna need
more than that, isn't he?


Well, just tell me
what I need to do.


You finished?




Well, you don't have
to be so bossy about it.



Be bossy.

You tell me what you
want, when you want it.

You tell the world, little one.

You deserve to be heard and
I promise to hear you, always.

Jenny was just in
to take her vitals.

She told me.

Treatment seems to be working.


You wouldn't believe
how much calmer she is.

She's syncing to my heartbeat.

Like I'm her mom.

(LAUGHS) Please,
don't look at me like that.

I mean, would it really be so
crazy if I wanted to adopt her?


There's someone
here to see the baby.

Wendy gave her up.

It's not Wendy.


It's the baby's father.

Do you understand that Zuhrah
was born addicted to opioids?

That her mother was doing drugs

while she was pregnant with her?

Why didn't you get her help?

I tried.

She didn't listen.

We broke up, like,
uh, eight months ago.

Moved up to Poughkeepsie.

I didn't know about the baby.

Not till three hours ago.

And, uh, why did
Wendy change her mind?

Because this morning, she didn't
want Dr. Sharpe to call anyone.

Maybe she came
down off the drugs?

Maybe she actually
realized what she'd done.

Wendy's not a...
She's not a bad person.

She just got
caught up in all this.

She had a bad fall.

Uh, doctors prescribed her Oxy.

She never got off it.

I didn't know that
she was pregnant.

Or I'd have stayed.

I'd have made her get help,

so that things could be
better for my daughter.

And I want to step up.

I wanna do, uh, the right
thing. I want to take her home.

MAX: Yeah.

It's not that easy.
You got hoops?

I'll jump through them.
Whatever it takes.

MAX: Yeah, okay.

We'll set you up with a social
worker and get things started.

Awesome. Thank you.

And thank you, Doc.

For everything that
you've done for her.

I'll be a good dad
to her. I swear.

You're all set, Ms. Laghari.

Thanks for
listening, Dr. Kapoor.


Okay, after that
marathon, I gotta know.

What was your final diagnosis?

Lyme disease.

Lyme disease?

CANDELARIO: 300,000 people get
diagnosed with Lyme disease every year.

Why did it take you all
shift to come up with that?

I let her complain
about her in-laws.

She talked about
her trips to Minnesota

to help them sell their home.

I learned of their
affinity for fly-fishing.

Near a breeding
ground for ticks.

Well done. Agreed.

You know,

when Dr. Bloom is in charge,

my methods go unnoticed.

But your ED ran
so efficiently today

that those same
methods stood out.

Was there a compliment in
there somewhere, Dr. Kapoor?

might have been.

(CHUCKLING) Oh, man.

You should have
seen their faces.

Totally bought it.

I'm sure you gave
them the full Max.

I know you thought that
the fake heart attack thing

was a little over the top,
but go big or go home, right?



I gotta tell you, I
think you're doing

amazing things at the hospital.

Staff loves you.

Patients thank God
for you every day.

And I think for me, hiring
you is the smartest thing

I've done in 50
years of medicine.

All right, you're gonna give me
a fake heart attack. (CHUCKLES)

No, but I'm just glad I got
you here before it's too late.

Too late? What are you...
She's gonna call any second

with the terms of your new contract.
I... Max. Max. She already called.

I'm out.

No, let me call her. Max.

It's done.

I'm out.

I know where Bloom is.

Floyd, we can't talk about that.

Look, I know there
are processes in place,

and I don't wanna
compromise you.

Okay, so then what
are we doing here?

Well, you're a
therapist, aren't you?

You could listen.

Okay, yeah, I can.

Come here.

(SIGHS) I am struggling
here, man. I just...

I can't help but
feel that I'm...

You know, I thought
I was her friend.

But then I don't
see this coming.

I mean, how is
that even possible?

I just keep thinking that had
I asked the right questions,

you know, or if I had said
the right thing and not...

No, Floyd, this is not on you.

Yeah, but she's my friend
and she needed my help.

And I wasn't there.

You need to trust the process.

You need to let her have the space she
needs to work through this on her own.

That's it. This is not
something that you can fix.

Do you understand?

Okay, good.



She's beautiful.

Do you want to hold her?


Hey there, little one.

I'm your dad.

(SINGING) Been traveling
these wide roads for so long

Uh, I hope you don't mind
if she keeps the name.

Kinda suits her.

What's it mean, anyway?

(SINGING) Oh I wanna come here

It means brightness.

(SINGING) Every part of me

Because that's what
she'll bring to your life.

my lips aren't clean

In my darkness I remember

Hey, you up for some visitors?

(SINGING) Surrender
to the good Lord

And he'll wipe your slate clean


(SINGING) Take me to your river

I want to go

MAN: For you, brother.

(SINGING) Oh go on

Take me to your river

I want to know

You're one of us.


(SINGING) Dip me
in your smooth waters

I go in

As a man with many crimes

Come up for air


I owe you an apology.

I wasn't honest with
you this morning.

So, you are not taking me
to the greatest dinner tonight?


But there's blood on my hands

I love you.

And I just, uh...

I just can't leave
anything unsaid anymore.

You are the person I
never thought I'd find.

The person I
want to travel with.

Build things with. (LAUGHS)

Learn things from.

What do you need to learn?

How to be a better friend.

Look, I, uh...

I can't go to dinner
with you tonight.

There's someone going
through something and...


I have to be there.

A friend?

A mutual friend.

(SINGING) Wanna know,
wanna know, wanna know

Go be a good friend.

(SINGING) Wanna know,
wanna know, wanna know

For both of us.

(SINGING) Wanna know,
wanna know, wanna know

(SINGING) Ooh oh whoa

Take me to your river

I wanna go

Are you okay? I came
as soon as I could.


SHARPE: I need to
ask you something.

And you're gonna think
I'm crazy for asking you now.

Just ask.

I know that we haven't been
seeing each other for very long

and it's way too soon to
be having this conversation

but I am getting too old not
to have this conversation.


I want to have a child.

And I need to know how
you feel about kids because...

I've been trying to find a way to
talk to you about the same thing.

You have?


PANTHAKI: I love kids.

I wanted to tell you sooner.

I just...

Had to be sure.




There's someone here to see you.