NYPD Blue (1993–2005): Season 4, Episode 1 - Moby Greg - full transcript

Medavoy decides to go on a diet and has a hard time getting started on it. Meanwhile, Sipowicz has problems with his work, his baby son's illness and Sylvia deciding to return to work at the D.A.'s office. Simone proposes marriage to Russell, but she is hesitant to give him an answer. Gina Colon, the new administrative aide for the anti-crime unit, arrives at the precinct and shows a strong interest in Sipowicz. Martinez has eyes for her too, since Lesniak has been transferred from the squad to another precinct, thus leaving the 15th for good. But none of the men are turned on by Donna's latest replacement, a frumpy lady named Gerri Turner as the PAA for the squad. A body in a trunk of a car is inadvertently moved from the nearby 13th precinct into the 15th's jurisdiction. Elsewhere, Simone inherits an apartment building from a recently deceased woman and the woman's son, Henry, is upset at the situation.

I tell ya, all of Andy's postponements--
I'm half afraid to climb on the scale.

Yeah, huh?

I‐I‐I've gained
a belt size I'm aware of
with anticipation bingeing.

Greg, can you excuse me
just for a second?
Oh, yeah, sure. Sorry.

Hey, Greg. I thought
you were startin' a diet.

Yeah. At 8:00 a. m.

my farewell doughnut.

This is Detective Simone.
I was just wondering
if that‐‐

Oh, yeah, yeah.
It did, huh? Okay.

So, I'll, uh‐‐ I'll be
around to pick it up
around lunchtime.

Uh‐huh. Right.

The balance is, uh,
twenty‐eight hundred, fifty.

Okay. Yeah. All right.
See you then.
Holy cow.

One‐‐ One second.
Fifteen Squad.
Good morning.

‐ Good morning. Can I help you?
‐ Yeah, uh‐‐
‐ [ Simone ] Lieu.

Yeah, mornin', Lieu.
Any chance you might be
the new P. A. A.?

Gina Colon.
Transferred from the borough.

Hi. James Martinez.
I'm a detective
in the squad.

Is this the Anticrime Unit?
Nah. It's upstairs.

That's where you been
assigned to?
Oh. Yeah, uh‐huh.

We're expectin' a new P.A.A.
also. I thought, you know,
maybe it was you.

Well, thanks for the directions.
One flight up. Sure.

Hey, Andy.

How's it goin'?
[ Simone ]
What's doin', Andy?

‐ Did you, uh‐‐
Did you get that thing?
‐ Pickin' it up lunchtime.

‐ Hey, Andy.
All set for the weigh‐in?
‐ No.

‐ Andy.
‐ I'm not startin'
a diet today, Medavoy.

‐ [ Fancy ] Homicide.
‐ I'm up.

Okay. D. O. A. by the bridge.
Take the squad for canvass.

This has become
a nightmare, Andy‐‐
these continual postponements.

I'm not startin' a diet today.
You wanna start it,
you start it yourself.

Andy, we both require
peer reinforcement.

We've discussed this.
Medavoy, shut up.

‐ Excuse me. Is this
the 15th Detective Squad?
‐ Yes.

Hi. I'm Geri Turner.
I'm your new P. A. A.

You'll wanna see
Lieutenant Fancy.
Thank you.

[ Chatter On Police Radio ]

So, uh, she got no inkling‐‐

I don't think so.
Where you gonna do it?

I'm takin' her over
to River Café.
I did it in a restaurant.

Scared the both of us
out of dessert.

You don't wanna start
on that diet today, huh?

We're gonna have to start
moving Greg around
on a handcart.

[ Sipowicz ]
So, what have we got?

We got a black male,
looks about 50. Shot
three times in the chest.

That's the guy
who found him‐‐
Arnold Cassell.

He didn't happen to see
who dropped it off?

[ Man On P. A., Indistinct ]
[ Simone ]
Excuse me.

I'm Detective Simone.
What can you tell us
about what happened here?

I was out with my dog,
and then he started
to urinate on the trunk,

and then suddenly
he got very agitated.

[ Dog Whining ]
He was pawing at it
and whimpering.

Look at him. Please.
He's still very agitated.
It's okay.

Sir? That's when
you looked inside‐‐

I looked inside,
and then I saw the body.

And, uh, then of course
I called 911.

‐ That trunk was moved.
‐ All right.
Thanks a lot, Mr. Cassell.

You see them drag marks?
That trunk got dumped
over here...

and moved by hand
over there.

‐ You see those humps over here?
‐ That's Bauman and Giamatti
from the 13th.

You can make book
that they're the ones
that moved it.

‐ What do you got, Andy?
‐ We got a dump job, Bauman‐‐
30 feet into our precinct.

‐ I'll start the canvass.
‐ Yeah. Lots of luck.

[ Simone ] Excuse me.
Is that a body
in that trunk, Sip?

Don't ask me what's
in the trunk again.

Some lucky break
for you guys, huh, Bauman?
[ Horn Honks ]

[ Brakes Squealing ]
It got dragged clear out
of your jurisdiction.

‐ [ Giamatti ]
We resent that inference.
‐ [ No Audible Dialogue ]

You just lost yourselves help
canvassing all these witnesses.

Oh, now that's
a laugh riot, Bauman.

You keep crackin' wise,
I'll put you in there
with the stiff.

He got no I.D.
The bottom of the trunk
is lined with the Sunday Post.

All right. How about this?
This driver saw the trunk

and he saw it loaded
onto a van on 14th Street.

[ Driver ]
Fourteenth and Avenue "C."
How likely is that‐‐

to see the thing get
picked up and dumped off
on the same bus run?

Can you tell us anything
about the people who did it?
[ Siren Wails ]

Two black guys, average height.
Looked like they were
in their 20s.

It was a beat‐up Chevy van‐‐
light brown, no plates.

I got his pedigree.
Thanks a lot for stoppin'.

‐ Yeah, it was stop
or run her over.
‐ Thanks. Appreciate it.

‐ Bobby, here's a couple photos
from the D. O. A.
‐ Yeah.

What do you say
if we actually
clear this case, huh?

You guys wanna take a ride
with us over to 14th Street?
Maybe we can make an I. D.

‐ Nah.
‐ You got it covered.

They're still workin' off
the Lord's instructions‐‐

Do nothing
till I return to earth.

You puttin' on
a little weight,

Kiss my ass, Giamatti.
Give it a big smooch.

♪ Hey ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

Andy, what's up?
What are you workin' on?

I'm concerned
with the baby.

Why, he don't feel good?

She had him taken in
for some tests. He‐‐
He got no resistance.

What, to colds?
He don't fight 'em off.

He's six months old.
He's had seven colds.

Sylvia took him in
for the tests
unbeknownst to me.

‐ When are you supposed
to find out about that?
‐ Later on.

She's got us goin' in
to see his doctor.


Hey! Gun!
Gun, Andy!

Hey! Hey, hey!
Hey! Stop!

Police! Hold it!
Police! Freeze!

Suspect's gone up
to the second floor!

‐ [ Women Screaming ]
‐ Which window?

I don't know!

[ Screaming Continues:
Distorted, Echoing ]

[ Gunshot ]

[ Echoing ]

‐ [ Gasping ]
‐ Andy!

You hit?
Are you hit?

Out the window.
[ Screaming Continues ]

[ Screaming, Sobbing ]

Be still. You're all right.
Just be still.

You all right?
Out the window.
Out the win‐‐

Andy, are you hurt?
You got shortness
of breath?

No. Now help Simone.

‐ [ Screaming, Sobbing ]
‐ [ Sipowicz ] You're all right.

[ Screaming, Sobbing
Continue ]
You're all right now.

[ No Audible Dialogue ]

‐ Can you help me
with this?
‐ No. Leave me alone.

Your partner okay?

Yeah. Thanks a lot, Sarge.
We'll put in a 6‐1
at the house.

[ Murmurs ]

This is Laila Edmonds, Bobby.
She recognized the Polaroid.

Tell him what you know,
His name was Afro.

Do you know what his last name
was, Miss Edmonds?
No. He was just "Afro."

I don't know why somebody
would want to do this
to him.

You know where
this Afro lives?
Down the street a little.

My son knows.

Miss Edmonds, were you on
the street here when this man
was running away from us?

No, I wasn't. I heard
he took a shot at you.

Arthur, somebody
killed Afro.
Is that right?

Your mom says maybe you know
where this Afro lived.

Yeah. Yeah, just
down the block.

You wanna
point it out to us?
Yeah, okay.


Bobby, when I showed this kid
the picture, he said he didn't
know the D. O. A.

I guess I didn't get
a good look before.

Yeah, that happens a lot.
Come on.

Excuse me, ma'am. Police.
I need to ask you
some questions.

Did you see what happened
on the street before?

How about this guy?
You ever seen him?
No. Sorry.


That Arthur
with the other cops‐‐
He was in on it.

On what?
What happened to Afro.

Last night,
him and two other guys
were carrying the trunk...

in the picture
that you showed
out of Afro's building.

What's your name?
It's got nothin'
to do with me.

But that Arthur‐‐
He was a part of it.

[ Sirens Wails ]

[ Woman ]
No warrant‐‐ I don't need
to let you be lookin' around.

C.S.U.'s on the way.
I know my rights.

[ Simone ]
We appreciate the cooperation.
He was in the Vietnam War.

Need help with your garbage
or the snow, he'd just
do that for you.

I got James
keepin' an eye on Arthur.

Wore that hat and pin for
Africa, but never put it in
your face like some of 'em.

‐ Did Afro use drugs?
‐ I wouldn't know about that.

This could be a handle
off the footlocker.

This looks like
the rest of the newspaper
we found on the body.

Anything in here
belongs to me.
This is my building.

You want half the Sunday Post?
Well, Afro got no relatives,
and he owed me money.

We're lookin' for evidence,
Rosalie. Now, if somebody
were to come back in...

after we seal the place up,
that'd be up to them.

Any money in here
is mine.

I don't usually hit women,
but I don't mind,

'cause when they hit back,
it don't really
amount to much.

‐ He threatened me!
‐ Calm down, Rosalie.

You guys'll wait
for C. S. U.?

Andy, we should go
talk to Arthur.

Good luck with the toss.

Get abused
for cooperation.

[ Martinez ]
That's all you can remember?
Okay, uh‐‐

Did you find
any clues up there?
We found some things.

I'm wondering if maybe
we can talk a little more at
the station house, Miss Edmonds.

I don't know how much more
we can tell you.

Actually, we probably got
all we need from you.

Maybe we can get Arthur here
to give us a little more
on Afro's background.

Well, whatever we can do
to help you catch
whoever did this.

We'll be glad to.
Good. What do you
say, Arthur?

A little more
background there
maybe you can help us with?

Take a ride with us
in to the station house?

Okay, sure.
Car's right here.

Thank you, ma'am.

[ Chattering ]

Right up here.

What do you think
happened to Andy?
I don't know.

He said he wasn't
short of breath.

You know, I shouldn't scapegoat
him on my weight gain.

Another factor's
my new apartment‐‐
havin' my own kitchen.

Yeah, availability
of snacks.

James, would you consider
sharin' a diet with me?

Just for gettin' me started.
Hey, Greg, I'm runnin'
for delegate.

I talk with the guys
all the time over doughnuts.

Yeah. Hang back,
they could take it
for uppity.

That Gina's
some cute girl, huh?

The new P. A. A. in Anticrime.
Yeah. She seems
very appealing.

Anticrime gets her,
and we get Roseanne.

Which is a reference
to what, James?
Our new P. A. A.

‐ But Roseanne in what sense?
‐ Greg, what are you
gettin' all excited about?

Because the new P.A.A.
carries some extra poundage,

she's disqualified
from the human community?

Absolutely not.
I'll tell ya, James.

It's an accumulation
of remarks over
the course of a day...

that contribute
to an atmosphere
and an attitude.

And I wish people
would realize.

Fine. I'd never say that
to her face, Greg.

You said it to my face, James.
All right. Greg.

I speak for all fat people.

‐ How's it goin'?
‐ Hi. I'm Geri Turner,
the new P. A. A.

‐ Bobby Simone.
This is Andy Sipowicz.
‐ How's it goin'?

‐ Diane Russell.
‐ Hey.

Which interview's open?
They all are.

Did I understand
that you got shot at?
Yeah. I'm all right.

Come on.
Let's talk in here.

‐ [ Phone Ringing ]
‐ [ Geri ]
Fifteenth Detective Squad.

So Andy got shot at?
Yeah. We got a tip the dump job
was loaded up on 14th Street.

We go around there
to show the picture. This guy
just books off the street.

He throws two shots at Andy
inside a building.

We chased him,
but he got away.
Who'd you bring back?

There was a woman on canvass
that made him one of the guys
who put the D. O. A. in the van.

He don't know
we like him yet.
Andy's okay?


River Café, huh?

Are you readin' stuff
off my desk here?

If you don't want it read, pal,
don't leave it written.

[ Scoffs ] Do you wanna
sit in on this with us?
Yeah, all right.

Now, Andy didn't get
chest pains or something,
did he?

No. He's okay.
No? 'Cause he didn't
go after that guy.

He's half worried about Theo.
They're runnin' some kind
of tests on him.

‐ 'Cause he gets
so many colds?
‐ Yes.

Are they concerned?
Should I call Sylvia?

I don't know.
I didn't wanna push him
with it, you know?

So Andy was probably
just halfway distracted.

[ Door Opens ]

‐ Arthur says he didn't really
know Afro that well.
‐ That's right.


I'm gonna tell you somethin'
up front, Arthur. We know
you had dealings with Afro.

Now, if you were involved
with something that had
a bad outcome there,

we're absolutely prepared
to hear what happened.

You gotta put it into the proper
light. Do not stand there
and lie to us, okay?

‐ I wasn't involved.
‐ Arthur, this case
is coming into place.

Now, we know that you
helped carry Afro's body
out of his apartment.

We know that.
Oh, man.

So that leads me to believe
either one of two things‐‐

You killed him,
or somebody else did it.

For whatever reason,
you're covering for 'em.
Oh, man! Oh, man!

And it'd better be
a good reason there,

Because with
the evidence we have here‐‐
the eyewitness testimony‐‐

right now, it's your arm
that's lookin' at that needle.

Arthur. You are not
under arrest here, okay?

Now sit down
and tell us what happened.

[ Gasping ]

My mother had nothin'
to do with it.
That‐That's first off.

‐ She didn't?
‐ Oh, she's gonna kill me
when she finds this out.

‐ [ Breathes Deeply ] Does she
have to find this out?
‐ Arthur, tell us what happened.

I didn't shoot anybody.
Afro came out to cop.

[ Sipowicz ]
Came out where?
Out to their corner.

Uh, Hector and Rodney Speck.
And he's got‐‐

He's flashin' around
all this money
off his Veteran check.

How come he's gotta flash
that money around like that?
That's just stupid.

So they took him up
to his place‐‐ this, uh,
Hector and Rodney Speck?

You went up there
with 'em?

No. 'Cause I know
what Hector's like.

And with Afro
flashin' that money‐‐

I went home,
tried to read the newspaper.

Now, what time was this?
How long were you home?

It was about, uh,
10:30 last night.

Then they came and called me
from up the street, like,
maybe 20 minutes later.

Said to come meet them
over at Afro's.

And‐‐ And that's when
I seen what they done.

Afro was already dead.
Afro was already dead.

‐ And what'd they say?
‐ Help 'em.

Put him in newspaper
and fit him in the trunk.

What'd they say
about killin' him?
I didn't wanna ask 'em.

‐ But it was Hector
who broke bad?
‐ Hector's crazy.

[ Gasps ]
And then we stood in the doorway
till the street come empty,

and then we took him
and put him in Rodney's van.

[ Exhales ]
Why did you do this, Arthur?
Why'd you help 'em?

I was afraid if I didn't.


They gave you some crack.
I got a problem over it.

‐ My mother don't know.
‐ Where'd you get the trunk?

[ Sighs ]
My brother had it
in the navy,

but I told Rodney
I'm not touchin' that.

And then Hector drops his end
and the handle breaks, so then
I had to help 'em.

That's the only reason.

So where are we gonna
find these guys at?
They go to Rodney's sister.

She got a place
over on 11th.

You're gonna show us
where she lives.

She won't be there
till tomorrow mornin'.
His sister works nights.

And, uh, she won't
give him a key.

Does my mother
have to hear about this?

We'll make it sound good
for your mom.

So when will he
talk to us?

[ Sighs ]
Okay. Yeah.

Uh, you want me
to bring you anything?

All right. I'll see you
in a little bit then.

But he does seem
more comfortable
to you, right?

Yeah. All right.
[ Handset Settles
In Cradle ]

‐ Get Arthur handed off?
‐ Yeah. The D. A. squad‐‐
They took him over to a motel.

Diane, you think we should
buff up a little bit
before we go out?

Is that what we're
callin' it today?

I'm talkin' about
changin' clothes.
[ Laughs ]

Give me a couple minutes, huh?
Mm‐hmm. Sure.

He postponed on us‐‐
the baby doctor.

Said he needs
more tests back.
Yeah, huh?

That's what he told Sylvia.

I apologize‐‐
in that building.

‐ Forget about it, Andy.
‐ Yeah.

Somebody had to stay
with those women, right?

You're buyin' trouble, Andy.
Theo's gonna be fine.

Don't spill nothin'
on your shirt
before you ask her.

[ Door Closes ]

How'd he seem?
His breathing's
a little easier.

Almost an hour
consecutive napping, right?


How was your day?

All right.

So he sounded credible,
the pediatrician‐‐
the tests not being back?

Oh, yeah.
I'm just saying,

he didn't sound like
he was withholding nothin'?

If he had given us
partial results today,

would you still be fixated
on what we didn't get?

These tests
were your idea.

These were you and him
with the seven colds
in the last six months.

I know.

They brought you
more folders today?

Yeah. Just trying
to get current.

You're still targeting
next week?

If anything's
wrong with Theo,
of course I won't go back.

But he said every reason
for optimism.

He said that goin' in.
Can we stop
worrying it, Andy?

We'll find out tomorrow.
We'll get the answers
tomorrow, right?

[ Exhales ]
Don't cry.

I know
that it's a lot of times
for a baby to be sick,

and I know that
this is hard for you.

But would you please
just not make me
more worried? Okay?

This was you
and the pediatrician‐‐
check the baby's immune system.

I know.
It was your initiative.

[ Baby Crying ]

for the dinner.


[ Sighs ]
What was the occasion?

[ Exhales ]

[ Laughs ]

I‐‐ I'm not gonna come up
with anything original.

Diane, I‐‐ I want you
to marry me.

[ Exhales ]
Oh. Bobby.

I‐‐ I don't know
what to say.

I'm just surprised.

I'm, uh‐‐

We've been so happy.
In my house, the married
people weren't like that.

Look, Diane, it's‐‐
It's taken me a while
to realize this, but life‐‐

It's not just about
losing things, you know?

I want to be able
to add on to our life.

We'd be a happy family.

When do you want kids?

Sounds like "soon"
is not the right answer.

[ Sighs ]

My mom shot my dad
seven months ago.
I know that.

I know that.

Can I think about it?

Yeah. Sure.

Can I see the ring?
[ Chuckles ]

It's beautiful.


I love you, Bobby.



Great. Thank you very much.

Detective, this attorney
called for you.

Yeah, thanks.

Did he say with regards
to what case?

No. I would have
written that down.

Good morning, Andy.


Guy we wanna talk to
about Afro's in 1.

Oh, yeah?

Took a possession collar
for crack.

Did you ask her?

Yeah. She's gonna
think about it.

Rodney Speck.

How you doin',
That wasn't my drugs.

Somebody else dropped
that bag on the curb.
So this was a wrongful arrest?

‐ Hell, I don't use no crack.
‐ That's a new approach
for you, right?

You got three collars for crack
there on your sheet, Rodney.

[ Sighs ]
I been done with that
six months.

What were you doin'
two nights ago?
Nothin'. Hangin' around.

‐ Whereabouts?
‐ Couple of places.

‐ Were you up
on 14th Street?
‐ A little while.

Where you hangin' with Hector,
Rodney, the little while
you were up there?

‐ Hangin' with Afro?
‐ Nope.

Arthur say I was?

You think about who gave you up,
Rodney, not gettin' in front
of this homicide.

We know that you were
involved with killing Afro.

Arthur can't put a gun
in anyone's hands, Rodney.

But you're gonna do this,
or either Hector is.

I didn't kill nobody!
We got eyewitnesses
that put you there, Rodney‐‐

during and after the fact.

If Hector pulled the trigger,
you gotta get that out.

Rat him out,
then do time with Hector?

Who says you're gonna be
in the same joint?

If Hector killed Afro, Rodney,
there must be some reason
that you stood by.

Maybe you were in fear
for your life.

[ Scoffs ]
Man, believe that‐‐
what I seen Hector do.

These other things
that you saw,

you didn't try to stop 'em
'cause they were just
drug dealers, right?

Hector takin' 'em off.
Here, he was takin' off
an innocent guy.

You tried to stop him,
but you were in fear
for your life.

He's crazy.

You don't know
how crazy he is.

You explain how many people
Hector killed,

where he created
a fear in you,

the D. A.'s
gonna understand that.

Like when he shot
them Lupones.

They were givin' it up,
but he did 'em anyway.
It was needless.

Anybody else?
Drug rip‐offs.

Dino Thompson‐‐
He did him.

He gets a rush off of it.

He'll shoot it out with you.
He says it all the time.

Five‐O come,
he's drawin' down.

Just tell us where we can
look for Hector, Rodney.

We'll take care of him
drawin' down.

I gotta give up
that other stuff too?

You just, uh, compose
your thoughts a little.

I gotta meet Sylvia
at the doctor's.

I can stay.
Yeah? Thanks.

Yeah. Then, uh, maybe I'll take
Greg and James‐‐ We'll go
look for this Hector.

I'll‐‐ I'll be back.
Wait for me.

Well, good luck, Andy.

How's it goin'?

‐ Uh‐‐
‐ So, um, what'd you get
from Rodney Speck?

He's gonna give up a statement,
point us to the other guy.


‐ How's this gonna work?
‐ I've got a mouth full
of marbles.

I tell you, I should just get
back in the bag for being
a no kind of detective.

‐ Yeah? They should bust you
back to cop?
‐ Yeah.

I just never figured it
to go like this, Diane.

I'm sorry I couldn't give you
an answer right away.
Don't be sorry.

I'll try to think fast.
[ Chuckles ]

♪ [ Woman Vocalizing ]

‐ It's all good news.
‐ [ Sighs ] Thank God.

‐ All the tests are back?
‐ Yeah, they're all back.

I've told Sylvia that these
are not dangerous infections
Theo was getting.

The worry was that he might
have some problem that was
lowering his resistance.

This is the immune problem?
And his immune system
is fine.

His I. G. G. is normal.
His I. G. A. is normal.

He's a normal baby
who's had a bunch of colds.

we're so grateful.

To be truthful, Detective,

with another baby,
I don't think I'd have
ordered these tests yet.

But I know, from Sylvia,
that you're very concerned
about Theo's well‐being.

Seven colds
in the last six months.

Which is very understandable
in view of your recent loss.

You a baby doctor
or a psychiatrist?

I'm a baby doctor
who's telling you
this son is healthy...

and that happy children grow up
in an atmosphere of trust.

Which includes
believing in the future...

even though we know
there are no guarantees.

I guess that makes sense.

Thank you.
Enjoy your baby.

Thanks for your interest.

Hey. Hello.

Hi, Detective.

James Martinez.
Gina, right?

Gina Colon.
Yeah, like the perfume.

So, uh, how you
settlin' in upstairs?

I think pretty good. I look
at the 61's for patterns
and also the 2‐50's.

That's good. Sure. Yeah.
So did you get
your new P. A. A.?

Oh, yeah. Her name's Geri.
Heavyset woman.

Well, take care, James.

Yeah. You take care, Gina.

[ Geri ] These are
your messages, Detective.
Yeah, thanks.

Hey, how'd it go?
Uh, good.

The immune system's good.

Uh, the colds themselves‐‐

He says he was never really
even worried about them.

God bless, huh?

‐ Ready?
‐ Yeah.

Greg, James. You wanna check
one of these possibles
on our second perp?

‐ Sure.
‐ I'll go out with you.
‐ That's good.

‐ You gonna ride with them?
‐ Yeah.

My son made it over
from storage.

Didn't know
he rented it out.

This is where Hector is?
To the left.

No second exit
because of storage.

Don't put me in trouble
with the buildin' inspectors.

Go on upstairs now.

You wanna take it?

Yeah. Let me take it.

[ Grunts ]


[ Groans ]

‐ [ Groans ]
‐ You're done! You're done!

I nearly got you too, pig.

Yeah. I'm the one you threw
the shots at, Hector.
I got the gun.

‐ You didn't hide like a bitch,
I'd have took your ass out!
‐ Shut up!

Oh, sticks and stones, Hector.
Now we'll see how your bones
hold up. Come on.

Move down right there.
I ain't goin' for nothin'.

And you better not
take off these cuffs.

Then we're gonna find out
how bad you are,
right, Hector?

Yeah. Pisses on himself again.
[ Laughing ]

This guy's beautiful.

Hide like a little bitch
when I drew my gun.

Where you gonna hide at
this time?
You better shut your mouth!

Bobby. Take his cuffs off.

What, you both gonna
pistol‐whip me?
You got guns.

Come on. Go ahead. Who gonna
hit me first? Which side?

Take this outside.

Hector and I
gotta consult.

[ Door Closes ]

[ Drawer Closes ]

[ Vehicles Passing ]

Okay, scumbag. It's me
between you and the window.
Let's see how tough you are.

Yeah, I take you,
and then they kill me.

Nobody's comin' in here.
You get through me, you're
outside on the streets.

Then they shoot me down.

I don't know, Hector.
I'm hearin' a lot of
words here, you know?

You don't even
get to your feet.

Is it like this, Hector‐‐

When you got the drop,
you throw shots,
or else you just talk?

Kiss my ass, pig.

Talk and don't even stand up
with the window
right over there.

You hid... like a little woman.
We both gonna know that.

I was afraid, Hector.
[ Laughs ]

I used to figure you went
when your time came,
and no point worrying.

Now I'm afraid to die.

Make me hide again.

Come on.

Stand up, you gutless
piece of crap.

Yo, where my lawyer at, man?
I take my lawyer now.

You want a lawyer, huh?
You don't wanna go
for the window?

I want a lawyer!

Sure, Hector.
Two eyewitnesses.

We can live without
your statement.

But you just remember this,

You got your cuffs off
like you wanted.

You folded.

And this bitch
never even touched you.

Hector wants a lawyer.

Get up.
Turn around.

[ Exhales ]

My God.
[ Sighs ]

My God, Andy.
What's goin' on?

My weight.
It can't be any more than it was
five minutes ago, Medavoy.

I just confirmed
my worst fears.

I weigh 196 pounds
at 5 foot
7 and a half inches.

That is a lot.

I gotta do something‐‐
maybe join a weight group.

[ Sighs ]
You wanna start
the competition tomorrow?

That's got no credibility,

We canceled that four times.
We'll absolutely
start tomorrow.


'Cause I'd so much
rather keep it in‐house.

Seven pounds a month
or a $200 forfeit to
the other kid's college account,

plus a 250 overall prize
to the other kid's account
at the end of the competition.

That‐That's so perfect, Andy.

That's a win‐win.
That's what we'll do.

You wanna hop on now,
get a preview?

No. 8:00 a.m.
Be here with your scale.

Okay. Good, Andy.

We gotta send a big hello
to those assholes
in the 13th.

Let 'em know
we collared up.
Oh, yeah.

[ Geri ]
Fifteenth Detective Squad.
May I help you?

She express
some hesitation‐‐

Yeah. I don't know
where it's going, Andy.

That girl loves you.
I'll tell you that
straight out.

Yeah, well, we'll see
where it goes.

Right now,
I'm not too optimistic.

Yo. Where's Detective Simone?

‐ May I say
what this is regarding?
‐ I'm Detective Simone.

‐ Hey, who are you?
‐ Didn't you just
ask to see me?

‐ Where does she get off
leaving you that building?
‐ Hey. Change your tone,

or you're gonna get thrown
back down those stairs,

What's your name?
Henry Coffield.
She left you that building.

‐ Teresa Coffield.
‐ Here, sit down.

I don't wanna sit down.
That's my mother. That
building's supposed to be mine.

My wife was Maria Cimino.
I used to clean her buildings
on the weekends.

Teresa was her aunt.

Yeah, that's real heartwarming.
That definitely lets you
jew me out of the building.

Say your name again.

Henry, put a civil tongue
in your mouth and listen
to what I'm tellin' you.

I know nothin' about this.
Did you talk to Louis D'Amico?

He's a lawyer.
He's taking care
of my mother's will.

I got a message from him.
That's what this is about.

And I'm asking you
to do the right thing. I'm
supposed to have that building.

I counted on it,
and I'm screwed up real good
if I don't get it.

I'll call him up.
Would you call him up?

Try to do the right thing,
'cause otherwise you're gonna
ruin someone's life.

[ Equipment Humming ]

[ Clears Throat ]

[ Punching Buttons ]

‐ Were you usin' this today?
‐ No, uh‐uh.

Yeah, 'cause it was workin'
this mornin'.
Well, I wasn't on it.

‐ Gonna wanna use this?
‐ [ Door Closes ]

Nah. I'm just, uh,
lookin' in.

They got this stuff from
that murdered dealer's
place, huh?

That, uh, Vasquez?
At least he died in shape.

[ Chuckles ]

‐ Abby Sullivan.
‐ Yeah. Greg Medavoy.

Just got transferred to RIP.

I‐I'm with the squad.

Hope Property
never releases this stuff.
Yeah. [ Chuckles ]

Uh, good to meet you,

‐ You're not gonna work out?
‐ Nah, uh‐uh.

Although, you know, I‐‐
I'm definitely thinkin'
of tonin' up.

Takin' off some pounds.

Yeah. I've even got a bet
goin' with a friend, you know?

Uh, weight‐loss competition.

Long trip‐‐ small steps.

Yeah. I like that.
That's, uh‐‐

That's better than
old dogs‐‐ new tricks.

[ Chuckles ]

See ya.

Okay. Okay, I guess we'll
talk about all this
in the morning.

Thank you. Yeah.

What'd the lawyer say?

She left me the building.

I guess there's a bunch
of notes against it.

Oh, and here I was thinking
you might be rich.
Yeah, huh?

Would that have
moved me up?

[ Clears Throat ]

What about, like,
an open‐ended engagement?

[ Scoffs ]

You mean, like, we're engaged
but not to be married?

My mom and Dougie still
need a lot of my attention.

I'm just gettin' started
at the bureau, plus‐‐

[ Breathes Deeply ]
You're not supposed
to make life decisions...

until you've got
some time sober.

That's for 12 months, Diane.
You already got 18.

Yeah, well, just worrying
about this, I thought about
drinkin' a few times.

Oh, well, there it is.

Th‐That's the closeout, right?
I mean, I keep up after that,
I'm a jerk.

I'm trying to be honest
about my feelings.

Diane, just say
"I don't want to."

I'm saying doing it now
doesn't feel right.
Don't tell me what to say.


[ Sighs ]

‐Look what it's already
done to us.
‐Yeah? Well, let's kick its ass.

[ Sighs ]

So, it was 'cause of me
you had him run those tests?

Andy, you lost a son.

I keep being afraid
something's gonna
happen to him,

or it'll happen to me
and I won't have been able
to keep care of you.

[ Sighs ]
I, uh,

wanna take
some weight off.

And then he gets sick,
and I'm too worried
to start the diet.

But now we know
they're just colds.

I definitely feel better‐‐
his clean bill of health.

And... today,
I went after a guy.

I been concerned
I'll be shot.

But today,
I held my end up,

and I didn't
let Bobby down.

So that's progress too.

Remember making love?

What are you suggesting?
[ Chuckles ]

I'd hate to wake him up.

Well, just don't beat your chest
and do your jungle yell.

Yeah. I guess
I could leave that out.

[ Chuckles ]