NYPD Blue (1993–2005): Season 4, Episode 2 - Thick Stu - full transcript

Medavoy starts a bet with Sipowicz to see who can lose the most weight in a single month. Afterwards, Sipowicz and Simone help out Detective Stuart Morrissey on his investigation in the ...

196 and a half.
[ Sighs ]


‐ I'm three inches taller,
‐ [ Pounding ]

[ Man ]
Come on, what's going on?
I gotta piss.

‐ Who's that? Morrissey?
‐ Yeah, can't get a break
on his case.

What the hell
are you doin' in here?
Weighin' ourselves.

We're starting
a competitive diet.
Yeah, real interesting.

Anybody ask
if you were interested?

Yeah, that's a point.
Hate to butt in
with real police work.

Hey, let me loan you some
of my kids' Mister Rogers tapes,

Give you a different approach
to your begin‐the‐day attitude.

Ah, save it.

He's got no weight problem,
so‐so he don't think
it's important.

You're 196 and a half.

I'm 221.
Next weigh‐in's Friday.

[ Sighs ]
Any impulse to dine together,

Buttress our commitments?

See, this way we're reminded.
It's a friendly competition.

Okay, then.
Then everybody's on his own.

And I'll tell you something,
Andy. I did not relieve myself
before the weigh‐in.

So I got that advantage.

Number one or two.

‐ Hey, Andy.
‐ How's it going, Martinez?

Andy, I, uh, know you and
Vince Gotelli go back a ways,

but I'm hoping
you'll give me a serious look
when you cast your ballot...

for delegate tomorrow.

"Honest, hardworking
and interested."

That's my campaign slogan.
I already got a mug.

This can be a backup in case
something happens to that one.

Seven years‐‐
this cup's still
in one piece.

In other words,
you're going for Gotelli?

It's a secret ballot, Martinez.
That's what all them wars
were for.

Hey, Stu, you want
a campaign mug?
Yeah, thanks.

Uh, Andy,
you got a second?

Good morning.
your messages.

Talk to you and Bobby
for a minute?

No law says
you couldn't have two mugs.

‐ What's up?
‐ Sorry I broke bad before.

‐ I'm over it.
‐ Anything on that missing kid?

Nah. I'm goin' at
the father again.

I'm on no sleep,
guys from Missing Persons
are empty suits.

I gotta look at the father.
He was supposed to be
taking care of the kid,

but God's honest truth,
I don't know if I should
like him or not.

Well, could we sit in?
Take a listen to the guy?

I'll tell you,
I'd really appreciate that.

How bad you gonna
piss off these guys
from Missing Persons?

‐ Hey, I give a rat's ass,
all the help they've been.
‐ Where you got him?


Could we get a minute?
Yeah, sure.

Thanks. I want Mr. Garza to talk
to a couple guys from my squad.

[ Clears Throat ]
Ricardo, this is, uh,
Detective Simone and Sipowicz.

Good to meet you.
[ Sipowicz ]
Sorry about the situation.

Yeah, well,
what would be better is...

if more police kept looking
for my baby girl, you know,

‐ instead of askin' me
what happened 10 times.
‐ We got other detectives...

the whole area, Ricardo‐‐
that's continuous.

Yeah, they got guys out
from all over the borough.

Someone saw
your girl get taken,
we're gonna find 'em.

Can I get you to tell us
what happened again?

‐ As hard as that is for you.
‐ I'm hoping they'll have
different questions for you,

bring out other details
that could be helpful.

We're all looking to find
your baby here, Mr. Garza,

in this room, okay?
[ Sighs ]

Okay, 8:00 last night,
I go out to get some dinner,

I take her in her stroller
so she's not home alone,
you know?

‐ Your wife's at work?
‐ She works three nights a week
with a cleaning service.

While I'm waiting for my order,
I call my mother,

'cause the phone at my place
is temporarily disconnected,
I use the pizzeria phone.

‐ Which is inside?
‐ Yeah, it's in the corner
where the seats are.

Phone booth
with a hinged door.

I get off the phone.
Crystal's not in her stroller.

She's gone.
I start going off.
Where is she?

How far from the stroller were
you when you were in the booth?

I was 15 feet away,
no further than that.

But my back's halfway turned,
you know, I'm trying to listen
to what my mother's saying.

That's how
they must've grabbed her up.

Grabbed her like
snatched her up,
as opposed to someone you knew?

I guess, yeah.

Well, I‐I mean, if it was a
stranger you would've think
she would've cried, right?

I asked Ricardo that‐‐
anyone from the neighborhood
that might have done it.

Stu, let him tell it.

I already told them.
I couldn't think of anybody,
all right?

I‐I don't know
how this happened.
I don't know who took her.

If I knew,
I would have said.
Believe me.

People saw the stroller,
but nobody saw the baby inside.

So what are you saying, huh?

Say what
you're trying to say.
Easy, Mr. Garza. Come on.

Look, the baby
was in the stroller,

my back was halfway
turned talking to my mother,

and somebody picked her up.

And if I find out
who in hell stole my daughter
before you guys do,

then you're gonna have me
in here for murder!

And I'll cop to it!

What do you think?
You got to look hard at him.

‐ What's the wife say?
‐ Backs him up strong‐‐
good father, good provider.

Gets his load on payday,
but he don't get mean.

‐ Thank you, Mr. Garza.
‐ Okay, thanks.

‐ She said he don't get mean,
or you brought it out?
‐ No, I brought it out.

She volunteers,
you'd wonder
if she's coverin'.

‐ Nothin' about he's abusive?
‐ Nothin' at all.

I went for it
four different ways.

Where'd he get
muscled‐up like that?
Never been in the joint, Andy.

Lifts weights at home.
You wanna talk to the wife?

No, Stu. Nobody's tryin'
to elbow in on your case.

I came to you. I don't want
Fancy bringin' seven squads in.

‐ I'll get the wife down here.
‐ When did you sleep last, Stu?

Yeah, I should.

I'll get her in.

Out on his feet.
[ Scoffs ]
Maybe over his head.

I gotta go talk
to that half‐wacko
from the building.

Your real estate

How'd it go with the lawyer?
[ Sighs ] He don't think
it's got much equity.

She refinanced the note
when all the real estate
was high.

You're not gonna get
stuck on this?

Wi‐‐ Will the rentals
finance the note?

Past the taxes and the note,
the lawyer figures,
like, 500 a month income.

Well, that's not bad.
As long as there's no
big maintenance problems.


Now, don't start.
[ Laughs ]

She adjusted my collar.
She reached right in there.

She messed around with my tie
with no permission whatsoever.

[ Sniffs ]
I got to get out of here.

Lawyer say what
this kid's problem was?

Why she didn't leave
the house to him?
Yeah, she left me a letter.

It says the kid's
got no willpower.
Which shows itself how?

Could he damage
the physical plan?

Yeah, the letter
didn't go into it.

Don't hold off on
the interview if Morrissey
brings in the mother.

Bobby, was the baby
in that stroller?

How come no one saw it?

Hey. Oh, Greg.
I got the mugs.

Check it out.

Ah, you got the mugs.


That's right.
What this says is, I'm serious.
I'm going that extra step.

Like I'll go the extra step
as your delegate.
Yeah, good approach.

I'm thinkin' of havin'
a pastry fragment.

You know, if‐if‐if‐‐
if you starve yourself,

you may overcompensate
and wind up on a binge.

Figure it'd put
a little on your stomach, huh?

Well, anyways, uh,

this one's for you,
all right?
Yeah. Yeah. Good, James.

You got my vote.

All right.
[ Sighs ]

No, sir.

How's it going?

Oh, I'm Bobby Simone.
Mrs. Cimino
left me the building.

Sara Carelli, 2‐D.
This is Buster.

Hey, Buster.

Mrs. Cimino was always
really nice about pets.

‐ Yeah, huh?
‐ Were you related in some way?

My wife was Mrs. Cimino's niece.

Oh, she was sweet.
She taught me
to needlepoint.

Do you know,
uh, Henry, her son?

‐ Uh‐huh.
‐ Would you mind if I ask you
what you thought about him?

I'd just as soon not
get in the middle of that.

If he would've taken
the building, you think he
would've let you keep the dog?

Mrs. Cimino was always
really sweet about pets.

I used to help her here
on weekends, Sara.
She didn't allow any pets.

‐ I got mugged three weeks ago.
‐ I don't have any problem
with the dog.

I don't like Henry much.
Let me give you an example.

After I got mugged,
I rang his buzzer,
'cause I didn't have keys.

I'm callin' the cops,
he's sittin' yelling
at the ballplayers on TV.

They, uh, catch the guy?

There's somebody I used
to work with in this precinct.
I can give him a call.

You on the job?
Yeah, I'm a detective
over in Manhattan.

It'd be great to have a cop
involved with the building.

Yeah, well,
it looks like I'm involved.

Henry stood you up?
good to meet you, Sara.

Good to meet you.
Say thanks, Buster.

Yeah, you got a talking dog
there, huh?

[ Chuckles ]

Detective Simone.

I'm hoping you'll have your
daughter back real soon.
Thank you.

Uh, Mrs. Garza, just got here.
She met Andy‐‐

Detective Sipowicz.

Do‐Do you have news
about Crystal?
[ Sipowicz Clears Throat ]

I know this is hard on you,
but we'd like to ask
more questions.

I don't know
where to look for her.
I don't know who took her.

This is to give us more
background, Mrs. Garza.

Maybe think of
more avenues to pursue.

You work three nights a week?
cleaning office buildings.

And your husband
takes care of your daughter
at those times?

‐ Yeah, he's good with her.
‐ We got a six‐month‐old.

I know they can
try your patience.

But he's good with her,
your husband,
don't lose his temper?

Oh, no, not at all.

Does Ricardo
ever take any sort of drugs?

Take any sort of drugs?

Well, I‐I noticed
when we talked to him before,
he's, uh, built up.

I was just wondering
if maybe he takes steroids,
anything of that sort?

Why are you
asking about him?

didn't take the baby.

‐ Nobody said he did, ma'am.
‐ Then what are
these questions about?

‐ He loves his daughter,
all right?
‐ Th‐These questions might...

lead us to other acquaintances,
Mrs. Garza,

people you or Ricardo
might not suspect.

He asked about people
in the neighborhood that
might want to take Crystal,

and I couldn't think
of anyone like that.

How long
have you been married?
A year.

We're together
off and on since 1990.

I know him inside and out.
Believe me,
he's a good, good guy.

‐ Does Ricardo ever hit you?
‐ [ Scoffing Laugh ]

‐ Because he's muscular,
that makes him violent?
‐ Does he ever hit you?

No, he doesn't hit me.
And, no, he doesn't take drugs.

Oh, my God!

Isn't it enough
our baby's missing?
[ Sobs ]

Why are you doing this?
You're supposed to be
helping us.

You're supposed to be helping.

Believe me, Mrs. Garza,
how much we want to find
the baby.

This is the type case we wanna
solve. We're gonna run this for
our boss, get his impression.

We very much
want to solve this.

[ Sobbing Continues ]

Hey‐ho, everybody!
Chef Gotelli's
homemade cannolis!

Just a little, uh, early
for night watch, huh, Vince?

What can I say, Medavoy?
The thought
of my fellow detectives...

breaking their balls
to make this city
a place you wanna live in‐‐

I just had to do
something nice for you guys.

I love cannoli.
Suck the goo right out of 'em.

Hey, Bobby, cannoli?
Gotta see the boss, Vince.

Stu? Andy?
All right, later.

There's no connection between
the cannoli and the delegate's
campaign, right, Vince?

I bring in my homemade cannoli
frequently Medavoy,
campaign or not.

You see the, uh, nice mugs
James Martinez gave out?

Oh, yeah? Those edible?

I know you were looking
for an update, boss.

I was lookin' for it
five hours ago.

I asked Sipowicz and Bobby to
form an impression on this guy.

And was the wife protecting him?
We had to bring her in.

Nobody saw the baby
in the pizzeria.

You gotta like the guy,
but there's nothing
to go at him with.

Wife's a hundred percent

‐ Credible?
‐ You'd have to know more.

And we're sure there's nothing
with Child Welfare?

They got no file, Lieu.
And the neighbors all say
they're good people.

‐ How long
they in the building?
‐ Eight months.

‐ How about the neighbors
where they lived before?
‐ I didn't look at that.

Well, look at it, Stu.
I definitely will.

Baker's in at 4:00.
We'll go out.

I definitely wouldn't turn it
over to Missing Persons.
We're covering the bases.

We'll keep it
how it is for now.

So, uh, I go lie down 40 minutes
upstairs, have a full tank
when Baker gets in?

‐ Sounds like a plan.
‐ [ Mutters ]
Well, thanks.

Keep up with it.

Sure, but it's‐‐
it's Stu's case.

Stu's a big boy.
And it's the squad's case,

‐ and I want you to keep up.
‐ Okay, boss.

Hey, Andy, Bobby,
I left the cannolis in here.

Yeah, great, Vince.
I'm an idiot
for supporting that guy.

How's it goin'?

[ Simone ]
How's it goin'?

We on for dinner tonight?

You know, that jerk
stood me up before.

I rode all the way
out to Brooklyn.
That guy in your building?

Yeah, that Henry.
I gotta go back
and shake him up.

‐ Okay.
‐ [ Martinez ]

How's it going, James?
Ah, you know,
I'm a little nervous.

‐ All be over tomorrow, James.
‐ Yeah. I heard Vince
brought up some cannoli, huh?

‐ [ Russell ] Mm‐hmm.
‐ Evidently that's his
whole reelection platform.

[ Huffs ]
Don't resort to negative
campaigning, Martinez.

Yeah, you're right.
Point taken.

Good night, guys.
[ Simone ]
Good night.

Good night.
Goin' over
to your mom's, huh?


‐ Night, Diane.
‐ Night, Andy.

Yeah, good night.

How 'bout we reach out
to where that Garza works?

See what they
say about him there.

But in the morning, huh?

You can't worry too much
with Morrissey's feelings.

Oh, I know that.

How 'bout that,
uh, Vince Gotelli?

He's like a dealer
with free snorts.

to a person's weaknesses.



Henry, it's Bobby Simone.
Open the door,

or I'm gonna use
this damn passkey!
[ Locks Rattling ]

Do not stiff out
on our appointments.
I left a message at your work.

No, you didn't.
I left a message‐‐

No, you didn't!
It's not conveyed,
that's on them.

[ Sighs ]

‐ Henry,
I talked to the lawyer today.
‐ Yeah, I talked to him too.

You're welcome to this place,
it's not worth 10 cents anyhow.

That's why you didn't show up?
I can only take
one screwin' a day.

The lawyer tell you that
you could live here rent‐free
as long as you like?

my heart leapt up.

Your mom, she was
real specific on that.

And‐And it's true,
you know, at present,

doesn't look like there's
much equity in this place,
but that could change.

I'm not lookin'
to get over on you.
What are you bothering me for?

Hey, you little piss pot!

I'm tryin' to tell you
you're gonna get a fair shake.

What? Five years? Ten years?
Wait'll the market turns around?

I'm afraid
to walk down the street.

Go to my door,
I'm afraid I'm gonna get shot
through the peephole!

Henry, if you've got a problem,
I might be able to help you.

Who's jamming you up?
I'm jammed up by you.
You're my problem.

Yeah, it's me that's gonna
shoot you through the peephole?

My mother's my problem‐‐ running
bait‐and‐switch my whole life.

Come back with her dyin',
nursin' her...

with smells
you can't believe.

And then she does this to me?
Do I have to pay my utilities?

I'll pay for your utilities.

What, do you gamble?
Is that what you're into?
You use drugs?

I'll jump in
when you're veering off.

Well, who do you owe?
you gonna pay 'em?

I might be able
to get you some time.
Who should I talk to?

‐ Look, it's my problem.
‐ You're not the type who keeps
problems to himself.

No, you wanna make a big mess,
plus keep screwing up,

which I got an idea's
how your moms ran up
her mortgage.

I'm done talking to you.
Get the hell out of here.

You must get hit
a lot, right?

Go ahead and hit me.
I'll sue the city.
Get straight.

Beat it!

[ Grunts, Exhales ]

[ Whirring ]
[ Grunting ]

[ Whirring Continues ]

Oh, hi. How's it going?

‐ How you doin' with that?
‐ Uh, I, uh‐‐

I evidently
don't got the hang of it.
I keep sinking to the bottom.

‐ You gotta pump faster.
‐ I'm getting shin splints
as it is.

[ Machine Beeping ]

Try now.
[ Whirring Resumes ]

Ah, that's better.
Yeah, that's much better, Abby.

There you go.

So, uh, I‐I‐I‐‐
I was actually making it
harder on myself,

uh, for‐for‐for‐‐
for just starting out.

‐ That's right.
‐ Yeah.

So‐‐ So there's hope
for me yet, huh?

‐ Absolutely.
‐ [ Chuckles ]

[ Chattering ]

What's going on?

I got a situation, Andy.
I mean,
I think I screwed up bad.

this woman walks
into the squad,

says she saw Morrissey's
kidnap go down.

‐ The Garza baby?
‐ Yeah, she's across the street
from that pizzeria,

she sees a Puerto Rican kid
run out with a baby
under his arm.

So she's backing up
the father's story.

She gives up
the Puerto Rican by name,
which I run through B. C. I.,

and this guy was collared
for selling dope in '94.

‐ Where we gonna reach out
for this guy?
‐ I picked him up.

I've been leaning on him
for four hours.
Whoa, whoa. Hey, Vince.

Where's Morrissey?
He went home
at 11:00 last night.

‐ You didn't call him at home
when this woman came in?
‐ He needed sleep, Andy.

‐ He was dead on his feet.
‐ Plus, maybe,
you get to be a hero?

Andy, the point is, I beat
the balls off of this guy. He
says he was at the Knicks game.

Occur to you that he might
not have done it, Vince?
Maybe this woman...

‐was runnin' something
with the baby's father.
‐She seems like a decent person.

Sh‐She said she saw it go down.

And‐And the guy she gives up
is a known scumbag.

I beat
this guy's balls off!
Where is he?

He's in Number 2
Here. Here's his pedigree.

‐ Vince. Call Morrissey.
‐ All right.

How do you say
this guy's name?

He should be collared
just for that.

How's it goin', Nene?
I'm Detective Simone.
This is Detective Sipowicz.

I don't belong here.
I swear on my mother.

We got an eyeball witness
tellin' us you snatched up
that baby.

No way.
That don't even make sense.

[ Scoffs ]
Given your criminal history,
what don't make sense?

Like I told the other guy,

if I sell dope or not,
how the hell does that
make me a kidnapper?

Maybe you call it
settling a drug debt.

[ Laughs ]
What am I gonna do
with a baby, huh?

Think about that.
It makes no sense.

‐ You know Ricardo Garza?
‐ No, I don't.

Except what I saw on TV
like everybody else‐‐

him and his wife
talking about what happened.

Garza, he don't buy dope
from you, nothing like that?

All right.
Listen up, Nene.

If no harm's come to this baby,
we still have a little bit
of flexibility here.

Every minute that goes by
that she stays missing,

it's gonna get harder
for you to come out
from under this.

It couldn't have been me,
all right?
The night before last...

I was at the Garden
watching the Knicks/Magic.

I was with Bobby Rock
and Joe Vasquez.
Call 'em. They'll tell you.

We're gonna call your boys,
they're gonna clear this up,

I probably got the ticket stub
in my pants pocket at home, man.

Come on!
Our witness is a decent citizen.

‐ Who would you believe?
‐ All right. All right.

So, you guys wanna start
swinging on me too, huh?

If you wanna kick my ass
for being a dealer,
I'll take that.

I can take a ass‐whippin'.

But it's not gonna change
what I say about that kidnap.

So, come on. Come on.

‐ You think I messed up?
‐ I think you wasted
a good beating, Vince.

Oh, damn it!

That's the witness,
Mrs. Valentin.

‐ You bring her in?
‐ No, she's in on her own.

She wants to know
if we, uh, picked this Nene up.

You know, she could be
a straight‐out nut job too.

Don't have to be hooked up
with Garza, you mean?

I beat the balls off
of this guy. Does it
sound like he's gonna sue?

Geri, uh, you heard
from the lieutenant?
He's got root canal.

He's not gonna tell
Fancy, is he?

Shut up, Vince.

Let's, uh, see what
this woman's about.

Hi, I'm Detective Simone.

I'm a day shift detective
working with Det. Gotelli.
This is Detective Sipowicz.

How's it goin'?

We understand you have
some information regarding
the Garza kidnapping.

I saw Nene Lopez
take that baby.
Take the baby from where?

The pizza place.
I was standing right outside.

Did he confess?
Uh, he said you brought him in.

You say it was Nene Lopez.
I guess you must have
known him by name already.

No, he's known
all over the neighborhood.

Do you want me
to pick him out of a lineup?

I mean,
I'm willing to do that.

I'll tell you, Mrs. Valentin,
we're not really sure
this is really Nene Lopez.

I'm wonderin' if you could
take a look at him
in our interview room?

Not picking him out
if he did or didn't
take the Garza child‐‐

Just for checking his identity,
so there's no confusion.

I want you
to have the right person.

Right this way, ma'am.

You beat him.


Did they beat you, uh?
You bastard!

‐ Good. I hope you burn in hell!
‐ You got strong feelings
on him, huh?

That's the animal
got my sister
hooked on drugs.

I hope they beat you some more!
How could you do this?

She was an angel!
No, no. No‐‐

Nene didn't kidnap
that kid, did he?

My sister is an angel.

But on this missing baby here,
Mrs. Valentin,

Nene's not involved?


Come on,
I'll get you a ride home.

Maybe you should drive her,
Vince. Bone up
for a try at a livery career.

[ Scoffs ]

What the hell
are we gonna do
with this guy now?

Stay here.

Oh, man,
who leaves the furnace on
in October in here, huh?

What the hell is going on here?
It's hotter than hell
inside here!

Who was screaming before?
Don't you worry about
who was screaming before, Nene.

You got plenty else
to worry about.

This is wrong, man.
I've done some foul things,
but not this thing.

Shut up.

Come here. Come on.

Come here.
Sit down.

You sit down here, huh?

I'm gonna see,
can you stand up to all your
big talk before, Nene, huh?

See, that detective that
tuned you up during the night,

he was out of practice.
Why don't you think
about that baby, man?

The time you're wasting
on me, the kidnapper's
out doing his thing.

So, if you don't go
for the kidnapping,
you're still going to jail...

for 10 years, Nene,
behind selling dope.

We got four undercovers
bought into you. Yeah.

Oh, God.

And I'm gonna get
a statement on it.
I'm gonna beat your balls off.

This son‐of‐a‐bitching furnace!

Come on!
Turn this heat down, will ya?


Is he goin'?

Come on!

[ Gotelli ]
Go for it!

It's a 12‐foot drop.
It's nothing!

There! He went!
[ Sighs ]

Oh, Andy,
you're the best.

All right, Vince.

What's the matter with you,

You interview a suspect on
my case, and you don't call me?
Take it easy, Stu.

I gotta hear
from the desk sergeant?
It's all taken care of.

The hell it is!
You guys knew about this?
We walked into it, Morrissey.

And when are you gonna have
enough steam to ask is the guy
right for the kidnap?

‐ Is he?
‐ No, smack dealer, Stu.

The woman wanted to hurt him
for hookin' her sister.
We took care of it.

We gotta talk
to the mother again.
[ Sipowicz ] On what?

Child Welfare found another
kid under her maiden name
living with a grandmother.

‐ With the grandmother?
‐ Gonna find out
what that's about.

I gotta go home, fellas.
Stu, I'm sorry
it went down this way.

Just don't ever try to pull
a case out from under me.
I understand.

This affects your ballot,
I'll understand that also.
Yeah, right.

Did you happen to,
uh, vote yet, or‐‐
I voted already... for Martinez.

No hard feelings.
Get some rest, Vince.

That's how I got
into this jackpot,
trying to spare Stu.

I mean, everybody
said he was exhausted.

Why do you think
she don't admit
to the other kid?

It's welfare thing‐‐
I‐I‐‐ I don't know.
Hey, Lieu.

You had a root canal, huh?

I, uh,

took a call downstairs
at the switchboard
from Brooklyn Homicide.

They got a motorist
who saw a pedestrian
on the Brooklyn Bridge...

dump a black satchel
in the river,
Monday night around 7:00.

Motorist says
he saw Ricardo Garza's picture
in the paper yesterday.

He thinks Garza's
who dumped the satchel.

Let's bring the driver in
to have a look at him.
You get Garza.

Brooklyn's bringing
the motorist to the bridge,
so he can point out the spot.

Scuba team's been notified?
stay with the divers...

till you see
what they come up with.

Then bring
the motorist over here.
[ Simone ] Yeah, okay.

‐So we're looking at a dead kid.
‐Just get Garza, all right, Stu?

We'll find out
what we're looking at.

Yeah. Good.

I'm gonna lock up in here.

Hey, Gina.

Did you get lost?
I was looking for you.

Did you leave this
on my desk?

Oh, yeah.
I was upstairs. I, uh‐‐

I had an extra mug on me.
It's great.
I'll use it for my tea.

That's good.
I didn't realize you were
involved in an election.

Yeah, for union delegate.
Postmark deadline's tomorrow...

on all the ballots so‐‐
I hope you're gonna win.

My opponent's
got a lot of seniority‐‐
But he can't be as good a guy.

Well, that's nice of you
to say that. Thanks.

Anyways, uh,
good night, Gina.
Good night, Detective.

I'm gonna toast you
with my tea mug.

‐ Your election.
‐ Ah, deal. Yeah.

Can you put the weight
with the baby's father?

‐ The guy's a bodybuilder.
‐ How are you gonna go at 'em?

‐ He's seen dumping the body.
We know he's involved.
‐ So, go at her first?

I got her
in the coffee room.

[ Simone ]
See where she's at, Stu.

You are gonna
go at her first, right?

Yeah, I got
the husband in 2.


I give up we know
the baby's dead, all right?

I really wouldn't, Stu.

If she's innocent,
you want to move her
from protecting her husband,

you give her the kid
to hold to.

‐ Why don't we go in with you.
‐ We can all come at her
from different directions.

Yeah. Good.

Did you find something out?

[ Sighs ]

We found out Bureau of Child
Welfare says your daughter's
not your only child.

They say you have a son,
John, under your maiden name,

‐ opened an abuse file in 1993,
when he was four years old.
‐ Where's your son now?

Um, living with my grandmother.

‐ So you won't beat him no more?
‐ I never beat him.

Your son was four in 1993,

and you told us you started
living with Ricardo in 1990.

So Ricardo's
not your son's father?

‐ If you didn't beat your son,
who beat him?
‐ Did Ricardo beat your son?

You're the two adults
in the residence.

This has nothing to do
with Crystal.

‐ Where's your son living
now, Mrs. Garza?
‐ My grandmother.

So Ricardo
don't beat him no more?

Where's my baby?
Where's my baby?

I‐I sent Johnny
to my grandmother so he'd
be out of the house.

And you didn't need to know
that, because it's nothing
to do with Crystal.

‐ Ricardo would never hurt her.
‐ He'd hurt the one
but not the other.

Johnny is not his natural son.
Crystal is his.

And he promised
he would never raise his hand.

And I know in my heart...

Ricardo did not hurt her.

But now you're gonna
think that he did,

and that's gonna‐‐
that's gonna stop you...

from getting
the real kidnapper
and finding my baby...

and bringing
her back to me.

[ Mrs. Garza Sobbing ]

Uh, I want to apologize
for not telling you this before,
Mrs. Garza,

but we had to make sure
that you weren't involved.

We recovered Crystal's body
a few hours ago.

[ Sobs, Whimpers ]

It wasn't Ricardo.
It‐‐ It wasn't him.

Mrs. Garza.

Mrs. Garza, Ricardo was seen
disposing of Crystal's body.

Oh, God! Oh, God!

Co‐Could I have saved her?

Co‐Could I have saved her
if I said to suspect him?

She was probably already dead
before she was reported missing.

‐ We're gonna find all that out.
‐ Tell us what we need
to go at him with.

You hold together enough
to do that?

[ Groans ]
Can you do that for Crystal?

[ Panting ]

[ Whimpering ]


[ Door Opens ]

You use that weight at home,
right? Building yourself up?
Isn't that right?

It's like that, yeah.
Not like that.

‐ That weight.
‐ What, did you take it
from my place?

‐ No.
‐ Don't look at him.
Look at me.

We found her body
in the river, Ricardo,
in a satchel...

with that 10‐pound
plate in it to weigh it down.

You were seen throwing it in...

with that gift God
gave you inside.

‐ Throwin' her in the river.
‐ Ricardo,
Elise says sometimes...

you're upset about her
paying Crystal attention.

Did some aspect of that go on,
and you lost your temper later?

‐ No.
‐ How did your daughter die?

Because a cold's coming on,
okay, and she's crying.

And I know what's
gonna happen, all right?

With my wife up with her
all night, or between us
in the bed,

with an accident,
where she's crying and crying,
and I ask her,

and one time,
to be quiet‐‐

I raised a hand,
and that's all that happened,
all right?

I don't know what happened,
she hit her head
or what accident‐‐

It was accidental.

So you made it up
about the pizzeria?

And buried her like that...
to spare my wife,

or she would
always look at me with hate.

Now she's gonna hate me.

He gave it up.

He wants a cup of coffee,
then he'll give a statement.

Mother still in there?
sitting with her.

This asshole
wants to talk to her.

Not till
he gives his statement.
And she gets a no.

I tell her
he gave it up, right?

Tell her now?

Son of a bitch.

He wasn't getting
enough attention.

‐ [ Elise Screaming ]
‐ [ Sipowicz Groans ]

Give Stu a chance,
[ Weeping ]

[ Morrissey Whispering,
Indistinct ]

[ Weeping Continues ]
He's doing okay.

[ Yawns ]

All done?

[ Snaps Fingers,
Claps Hands ]

I could go for you
just for your cooking.

The rest
is just a bonus, huh?


That's why I'm ready to
keep walking on eggshells...

till you decide to treat me
like a human again.

Whoa, Diane.
You don't want to get married.

You don't think that's
supposed to make a difference?

The difference would be
if we did get married.
I wanna be like we were.

Well, you may like pretending,
I'm not with that.

I'm sorry if that's what
you think I've been doing.

That's what I think
you've been doing.
You had a lot of practice.

‐ You talking about my family?
‐ You're the one that's
always putting 'em between us.

'Cause that's
a lousy thing to say.
[ Beeping ]

Come on, Diane.
The last thing that I want...

is for us to be going off
on each other, all right?
[ Chuckles ]

Shows you what a dope I am.
I thought tonight might be
about us getting back together.

Well, I think what we need to do
is work on how we're gonna be.

Maybe we should just back off.

More than we already have?

[ Laughs ]
So who's leaving the country?

[ Beeper Clattering ]
What do you got?

Brooklyn Homicide.

‐ [ Simone ]
‐ Hey.

Your building, huh?
How'd this happen?

Looks like an execution.
Nothing's taken.

She got shot through
the peephole in her door.

[ Dog Whimpering ]
Hey, Buster.

It's all right.

Where are you with him?
He found her.

Just another one
of your tenants, right?

Can I talk to him
for a second?

What went on here, Henry?
What do you mean,
what went on here?

She got murdered.
And who did it?

What're you asking me for?

I'm asking you, 'cause
you're in it to your hips,
you little twit.

Everything all right?

Got a little coincidence here.

Yesterday, this one tells me
somebody's gonna shoot him
through the door.

I got nothing to do with this!
My God, I found her.

I called it in.
Shut up!

Um, let me ask you

[ Police Radio Chatter ]

You wanna cool
your jets a little?
He's in the middle of this.

You know, I prefer it
if you'd have told me
the door stuff in private,

and anything else
you might know, and then
I go at him how I see fit.

I was out on the street
yesterday talking
with this girl, man.

And today,
I got a murder
to solve, okay?

Yeah. Okay.

[ Sighs ]

Hey, I'll take care
of that dog if you want.

She let me walk that dog.
You are gonna be busy,

Yeah, Mr. Coffield.
I've got some questions for you.