NYPD Blue (1993–2005): Season 3, Episode 6 - Curt Russell - full transcript

An Indian woman is found dead in a car and Sipowicz is full of theories about who killed her and why. While Donna is away at a computer camp taking courses for the week, her temp is a ...

D.O.A. looks
like a homicide.
Her car was locked up.

We used a slim‐jim
to get E. M. S. in there.

She was strangled.
She's got bite marks
on both her hands here, man.

Her shoes are
on the passenger side.
What the hell is that about?

Her clothes‐‐ not messed up.

It doesn't look like
it was a rape.

We got lots of cash here,
no car keys.


"Neera Muck‐‐ Muckup"‐‐

You know, you'd think
when these people migrate,
they'd take pronounceable names.

Like Sipowicz?
Okay, wiseass.
Go ahead. Say that name.

"Mokapade‐‐ Mokoopadearye"‐‐
I don't know, man.

Forget robbery.
Look at this rock she's
wearing over here, man.

You didn't see no car keys
around here?

‐ No. Like I said,
we used a slim‐jim.
‐ Yeah.

Wouldn't be a carjacking
gone bad, huh?

We're never gonna know what
the hell this is about. I wish
I could get off this case.

Look at the red dot
on her forehead.
What is that for?

You just tell me.
What the hell is that?

What is the difference
between that
and people wearing earrings?

You know what this is about?
You wanna know what
this is gonna be about?

‐ What?
‐ These people worship cows.

They let 'em live
in the house.

They'd starve to death
before they'd eat 'em, okay?

Andy, what does that
have to do with this D. O. A.?

Because 200 years ago,

some bride wasn't a virgin,
and that cursed
the whole family line,

and now the moon
is in Jupiter's asshole,

and some
had to wreak vengeance.

And that's what this
is gonna be about.

So, now we got
a theory to go on.

Good morning. Morning.

Can I help you with something?
Who do you want to see?

I'm Evelyn Sekzer.
I was sent by the borough.

Oh, the temp
for Miss Abandando.

I wouldn't know about that.
They said three to five days.

Our regular P. A.'s
taking a computer course.

We were actually expecting
someone last week.

[ Sighs ]
I had a couple of setbacks.

‐ I'm Arthur Fancy,
squad lieutenant.
‐ Oh, yeah.

How you doin'?
Hi. Are these the phone lines
I have to answer?

Yeah. A number of our detectives
are out on cases,

but you'll meet 'em
as the shift goes on.

But you want me to take their
messages prior to that, right?

Well, yeah.
Just write the names
on these message slips.

‐ I'm to wear slippers indoors.
‐ [ Phone Rings ]

‐ Detective Squad.
‐ 15th Squad.

Yeah, he's standing
right here.

Yeah, Lieutenant Fancy.

‐ Morning.
‐ Morning. Excuse me.

‐ Is that the, uh, coffee room?
‐ Yeah. Uh‐huh.

I was just gonna go get some.
Can I bring you some back?

Oh, thanks. Yeah.
Cremora, two Sweet'N Low.

‐ I'm Detective Russell.
‐ Evelyn Sekzer,

civilian aide from the borough.

We got an investigate D. O. A.

You and Adrianne
wanna take it?

‐ Okay.
‐ Don't worry about the coffee
if you have to go.

No. I just have to go get
the other detective...

for our assignment,
then I'll bring it back to you
on my way out, all right?

Thanks. All right.

[ Phone Rings ]

I guess these are gonna
be going all day, huh?

‐ Yes?
‐ I'm Detective Simone.
This is Detective Sipowicz.

‐ Is Mr.‐‐
‐ No one is home.

‐ What's your name?
‐ Jatin. I'm the houseboy.

You go out anyplace today?
Anybody come in here to visit?

‐ No.
‐ What about the woman
of the house?

Where did she go?
Mrs. Mukhopadhyay.
She went to the restaurant.

‐ What restaurant is that?
‐ The House of Rajesh,
Mr. Mukhopadhyay's restaurant.

She left over an hour ago.
Where is that?

‐ Sixth Street.
‐ She drive?

‐ Yes, sir.
‐ She go alone?

‐ Yes.
‐ All right.
We'll go to the restaurant.

‐ Uh, what's your last name?
‐ Why don't you quit
while you're ahead?

‐ Bhat.
‐ B‐A‐T?

B‐H‐A‐T. The cat got out.

They're going to be angry
with me.

B‐H‐A‐T. Bhat.

Cat. C‐H‐A‐T.

I tell ya,
I wish they maintained
the streets a little better.

You could say that
about the whole infrastructure,
James, nationwide.

‐ Yeah.
‐ So, how'd it go
with that Anita last night?

Oh, good.
We had a good time.

Only thing is,
she's on me how I eat.

Hospital dietitian.
You'd figure her
being big on that.

On the other hand,
the circumstances
on how we met,

she's concerned how
my scar's healing.

Yeah? Well, that should be
a natural icebreaker, huh?

[ Dispatcher ] Report of
a 10‐30 at video store,
Third Street at Avenue "C."

White male,
black leather jacket.
15 Adam.

‐[ Man On Radio ]
Fifteen Adam responding.
‐That's right around the corner.

‐ Fifteen Charlie responding.
‐ Fifteenth Squad
also responding.

It's time to get back
on the horse, huh?

They got other units responding.
You wanna bag it?

No, let's do it.
Come on.
All right.

Yo! Right here! Right here!
What happened?

Sucker tried to pull a holdup
on me and he ran out.
Did he have a gun?

Yes! I don't know! He had his
hands in his jacket. He said...

give me the money
and he wouldn't shoot me,
and I wouldn't do it.

You can get yourself
killed that way.
I don't think he had a gun.

I said, "Show me the gun.
You want the money,
you show me the gun."

The guy ran out.
Did he have a car?

No. I didn't see one.
Can you describe him?

Yes. Tall, skinny white guy,
stringy blond hair,
leather jacket.

He was kind of repulsive.
I don't believe this!

There's the guy, right there!
He's coming out of
the Korean market!

‐ [ Shouting ]
‐ Police! Hold it! Stop!

Freeze right there!
Stop the car!

Freeze! Stop the car!

Put your hands on your head!
Out of the car!

‐ Out of the cab.
‐ What are you doing?

I don't know this guy!
I'm just a cabdriver, man!

‐Get back in the car. Sit still.
‐Got no weapons.

What are these?
Credit card receipts?

What are you doing with 'em?
You got the right
to keep silent.


Your badge is melting, man.

Very good.
Your badge is melting.

‐ Hey, go figure.
‐ Funny guy, huh?

Better living
through pharmacy. Let's go.

[ Bell Jingles ]
I am very sorry.
We are not open yet.

‐ We're detectives
with the 15th Squad.
‐ Yes? What is it?

‐ Are you the owner, Mr.‐‐
‐ Mukhopadhyay. Yes, I am.

‐ Is there some problem?
‐ Something's happened
to your wife.

Something's happened?
What do you mean?

Well, she was attacked
on the way over here.

Attacked? Is she all right?
She was very badly hurt.

Somebody strangled her.
She's dead.

‐ You mean Neera, my wife?
‐ I'm afraid so, sir.
We're very sorry.

I find this impossible
to believe.

She was coming to eat with us.
Those... are our children.

I'm afraid I can't...

comprehend this
without seeing my wife.

It could be some mistake
has been made.

Well, you can see her,
of course.

You want some water
or something?
You wanna sit down?


Either of you have
any problems where somebody
could have done this?

Any enemies?

‐ No, sir.
‐ No kind of animosity
back in your homeland?

Somebody in India's
got it in for you?

No. I need to sit down.
Yes. Why don't you do that?

May we continue
this conversation later?

[ Simone ]
Sure. Why don't you come down
to the station house?

[ Mr. Mukhopadhyay ]
Yes, but first I'd like
to talk to my children.

‐ What do you got, guys?
‐ That female D. O. A., Lieu?

That's a homicide.
Indian woman.

Manual strangulation.
Got bite marks
on both her hands.

Any sign of sexual assault?
No. Uh‐uh.

And it wasn't a robbery.
She had her money on her.
We notified the husband.

We wouldn't swear on it,
but he don't feel
like a candidate.

Any idea if
the wife had a lover?
Something the husband said.

The family was gonna eat
together at the restaurant.

But she didn't want to bring
in the kids with her
like she usually did.

She wanted the husband
to take the kids with him
when he came in earlier.

‐ The husband say
why she did that?
‐ Said she had to run errands.

We'll talk to the kids more,
see was the mother away a lot.

‐ But I don't think
there was a boyfriend.
‐ What are you basing that on?

On the fact that in India,
these women throw themselves on
their husband's funeral piles.

Anything off canvass?

‐ We gotta go back out there.
‐ Okay. Keep me posted.

How do we know her father
didn't welsh on the dowry?

Maybe she was seen eating on one
of those fast days or something.

‐ Ooh.
‐ Anybody hear a dog howling?

I don't find that
especially funny.

[ Phone Rings ]

Detective Squad.

How about that haircut, huh?

It's like Rod Steiger
in one of them Roman movies.

Yeah, yeah.
How do you spell that?

Anything on
that investigate D. O. A.?

Looks like an O. D., Lieu.
Hospital cop at Bellevue...

found him against the wall
off the side of
the emergency room entrance.

People thought it was
a homeless guy sleeping.

He might have been there
for a little while.

We found his address
off a welfare I. D. card.

Left a note for the next of kin
to contact the squad.

Okay. Write it up
and notify Missing Persons.


Let's go, Marv.
Get up. Come on.

Come on out.

Let's go.

Sit down. Sit down.
Don't wander. Sit down.

What the hell were you doing
holding up two stores across
the street from each other?

I'm just goofing.

Well, good luck with that story
when you go up in front
of a judge.

‐ What are you on, Marvin?
‐ "Marv."

And what were you doing with all
those credit card receipts?

‐ The flimsies?
‐ That's what they call 'em?

‐ What were you doing with them?
‐ You wanna know
what your trouble is?

You're in a comic book.
[ Laughing ]

Hey, Marv, you know,
you're looking at jail time.

Now, maybe you can buy
acid in there,
but I bet they're lousy trips.

You got a way to help yourself,
you oughta use it.

‐ Tell us about those
credit card flimsies, Marvin.
‐ It's just a cartoon.

All right. Try and sit
still awhile, Marv.

And try and get in
a landing pattern, okay?

‐ Hey, I got a jacket
for you, man.
‐ I don't want a jacket.

‐ I'll give it to you cheap.
‐ See this?
I don't want your jacket.

‐ Were you here this morning?
‐ No, I wasn't here.

You weren't here this morning?
No, I wasn't here.

‐ Mm‐hmm.
‐ Look, I'll give it
to you cheap, man.

Eight bucks.
I don't want your jacket.

Are we gonna have to bust you
for this grass?

Come on.
That's nothing but a memory.

All right then.
I don't wanna hear
any lies, all right?

Now, all this stuff was on
the sidewalk here this morning
when the cops were here.

I didn't see you anywhere.
You take a hike?

‐ I don't like cops.
‐ You don't like cops, huh?

I'm gonna have to
take your ass in.
What for, man? Why?

I hate this stinking town, man!
I can't do no business!

Chill out! Chill out!

Somebody left a black BMW
over there this morning.

You see who it was?
Yeah. A guy parked it.

He had something inside.
He was pulling it around.

‐ Then he took off running.
‐ What did he look like?

A young guy. Not a big guy.

He had dark skin.
He had a white shirt on,
I think.

‐ Dark skin. How dark?
A black guy?
‐ No, not like that.

‐ Like a guy from India.
‐ How old do you think he was?

‐ Twenties?
‐ You never seen him before?

‐You ever over by those Indian
restaurants over on Sixth?

‐ Some.
‐ You ever seen him over there?

Never saw him before.
What's your name?

Give me your name.
Chico, man!

Now the guy's gonna
come looking for me!

‐ Give me your name.
‐ Art Hutado.

You always around
this area here, huh?

All the time.

All right.
Here's a few bucks, Art.

[ Art ]
Hey, you gonna come back
looking for me?

To make an I.D.
if we collar the guy, yeah.

Well, it's gonna take more
than three bucks
the next time.

That's just
sticking‐around money.

There'll be more in it for you
if we bring the guy back to I. D.

All right, mi capitรกn.
You bring him around,
I'll I. D. the hell outta him!

At least we know it was
an Indian guy.

Now all's we need to figure out
is which blood cult
he belongs to.

Yeah. I got this note
left on my door.

It says I should contact
the Detective Squad here.

‐ What's your name?
‐ Crawford Green.

I'm Detective Russell.

I got this note
said I should come in.

Is something the matter?
Why don't you come with me?

Right in here. Adrianne.

This is Detective Lesniak.
Why don't you have a seat?

‐ What's going on?
‐ Are you related
to Cecil Green?

I'm staying with him.
That's my son.

Sorry to have to
tell you this, Mr. Green.
Um, your son was found dead.

‐ Cecil died?
‐ From a drug overdose.

Oh. Oh!


Did you know
your son was using heroin?

I knew he was doing something.

‐ When did you see him last?
‐ This morning
before he went out.

Somebody, uh, dumped him on
the sidewalk outside Bellevue.

Son of a bitch!

Dumped him?

‐ That son of a bitch
just dumped him?
‐ Who are we talking about?

That son of a bitch was supposed
to take him in the hospital
and get him treated.

He just left Cecil
out there to die.

Who? What's the guy's name
that did it?

Lionel McKinney.

Son of a bitch said he was gonna
take Cecil to the hospital.

Said he was gonna take him
and get him treated.

Were you there?

Lionel phoned me
and told me what happened.

He said he was taking Cecil
to the hospital.

Now, I want that son of a bitch
arrested for what he done.

That's‐‐ That's homicide.
I'm sorry, Mr. Green.

There really isn't any law
that says you have to
take somebody to a hospital.

Then get him on
all the fencing he do.

This Lionel's a fence?
Sure he's a fence.

He move all kind of
stolen jewelry, guns.

He'll sell a gun
to anybody‐‐ kids.

It don't matter to him.
He moves stuff from big jobs.

Yeah. He works
for Jimmy Tibaldi.

‐ You sure about that?
‐ That son of a bitch move
all kind of stuff for Tibaldi.

He sells out of his van.
Usually on 13th Street.

Yeah, right down there
next to First Avenue.

All right, Mr. Green.
Do you have a number
where we can reach you?

Yeah. You let me know when
you pick that son of a bitch up.

The reason I need your number
is to let you know when your
son's body will be released.

Leave that other matter to us,
all right?

Lionel McKinney!

There's nothing you do to him
that's gonna be bad enough
to suit me.

I understand.

The next of kin
on your D. O. A.?

He says his son was mixed up
with a fence.

Sells guns out of his car.

He said the fence
works for Jimmy Tibaldi.

‐ We could try
to buy into this guy.
‐ Everyone's on cases.

‐ I don't have any backup.
‐ I can get backup
from Anticrime.

Yeah. All right.
You got some kind of
outfit in your locker?

‐Mm‐hmm. I'll make it look good.
‐[ Fancy ] Okay.

Hey, Lieu, we lost both
of our stickup complaints.

‐ That video boss's clerk didn't
want her to bother with it.
‐ And the grocer won't stand up?

Eh, the grocer don't want to
give up the time.

He's writing it off
as a stunt by a loony.

‐ Yeah, that perp is weird.
‐ Marv. Yeah.
He's loaded on something.

Well, work him on that
credit card receipts
before you void his arrest.

Maybe he'll
give us somebody.

Ten minutes on those guys
from Anticrime.

For what?
We're gonna buy into a guy
who's selling guns.

‐ Who is?
‐ Me and Diane.

‐ So who's the backup
from Anticrime?
‐ Why? Are you writing a book?

‐ Stone and Simpson.
‐ No. They're the ones who just
got transferred from Housing.

‐ They're cowboys.
‐ We'll be all right.

I'm gonna go with them.
Yeah, okay.

No, it's not okay.
We'll handle it.

Adrianne says the guy's
got guns, right?

Something could happen.
And I said don't worry about it.

‐ Take care of your own case.
‐ Lieu, the backup they have
is totally lame.

Our guy hasn't come in yet
for questioning, so, uh‐‐

‐ [ Evelyn ]
Can I help you?
‐ Yes. My name is Mukhopadhyay.

‐ Good luck with me
pronouncing that.
‐ Whoa, hey.

Uh, we'll be right with you
in a minute.

Uh, you know,
we could go, boss.

An hour don't mean
nothing to this Marvin.

Look, Medavoy and Martinez
will back you.

‐ Anybody got
a problem with that?
‐ No problem.

I'll call it off at Anticrime.

‐ Should we pick up the van?
‐ It's at the borough.

‐ You all right with him?
‐ Yeah, I'm all right.

[ Clears Throat ]
We can talk in here.

Why don't you have the kids
wait here on the bench?

‐ She'll keep an eye on 'em.
‐ [ Foreign Language ]

Bobby, get out of here.
What are you getting
pissed off for?

Are you kidding me?
We back each other up
on this job.

You're not trying to back me up.
You're trying to wrap me up
'cause we're sleeping together.

‐ I'm not gonna work that way.
‐ Stop talking to me like all we
got going here is sex!

Look, if you got a problem
with me wanting to make sure...

you got some decent backup,
then somebody's gonna
have to transfer out of here.

Well, I guess we're gonna need
to have that conversation.

But right now,
I'm gonna go do my job.
Get out of here so I can change.

‐ You all right?
‐ Yes.

I'm just waiting
for that detective.

‐ Good.
‐ Lieutenant,
I found my backrest.

‐ Good.
‐ It was way under my desk.

Is that something that
bald detective would do?

Detective Sipowicz?
No, I wouldn't think so.

Because he has a smart mouth.

Well, I'm glad you found it.

[ Sipowicz ]
I'm gonna have trouble
with your name.

‐ Mukhopadhyay.
‐ Moko‐‐

‐ Mukhopadhyay.
‐ Mukhopadhyay.

Very good.

Don't get insulted
if I mess up.

And I gotta ask you
some blunt questions.

I hope you don't
take offense.
What questions?

You think your wife could've
been seeing somebody else?

I do take offense.
That is an insult
to me and my wife!

I'm just going down
the list, Mr.‐‐

I'm eliminating possibilities.

So she wasn't spending
a lot of time away
from the house?

Nothing like that?
Absolutely not.

Course of your business,
do you have any dealings
with the criminal types?

Debts with loan sharks?

Anyone shaking you down?
Shaking me down?

‐ Extortion.
‐ We have no bad debts.

We're very well funded
by Mr. Padmanabhan,
our investor in Bombay.

You got a beautiful restaurant,
beautiful waitresses too.

I do not have another woman.
I didn't say that.

Well, I'm sure
it was on your list.

So, uh, she's really after me
about the diet.

She is, huh?

Food groups, fat content.

‐ I never knew
there was so much to it.
‐ Yeah.

We're getting to the age
where we gotta
pay attention, huh?

I always thought you ate
pretty healthy, James.

Yeah, well, this person's
a professional, this Anita.

I mean, we're dating.
But that's how she
makes her living.

‐ Then I guess she'd know.
‐ Yeah.

She's coming across the street.

What's happenin'?
Anything you want, baby.

Could be anything.

What's happenin', happenin'?
What kind of thing
you lookin' for?

I don't know.
Who says I'm lookin'?

Who says I got it?
If I was looking,
should I come to you?

‐ Be worth a try.
‐ I got this nutcase
followin' me.

Know anywhere
I can get some protection?

Something I can put
in my purse?
Why you asking me?

'Cause Pepe told me maybe
you got somethin'.
I don't know no Pepe.

A short guy,
meaty‐looking face?

Let's see what
I can do for you.

I'll let you have this
for a hundred.

Oh, man! How about 50?

Uh‐uh. Hundred.
It's a clean piece, baby.

It's good.
Ain't never been used.

Yeah, all right.
You want a hundred?

That's it.
Let's go.

[ Russell ]
Yeah, yeah. Here you go.
All right!

‐ You're under arrest.
Put your hands up.
‐ Police! You're under arrest!

‐ You little bitch!
‐ Watch your mouth.

Come on. Let's go.
Don't move.

[ Lesniak ]
You all right?

Let's check the van.

Do you wanna talk to me now?
Yeah, I do. Just a second.

Thanks for talking
to me, huh? Okay.

You know, maybe we could get him
a soft drink or something...

while he waits for
his sister and dad.

Where should I tell him to go?

Narain, would you like
something to drink?

Okay. Come on, Asha.
Right down there.

You can have a seat
right there.

‐ I know this is a real
sad day for you.
‐ Mm‐hmm.

I, uh, have to ask you...

some questions, Asha,
so that we can, you know,

try to figure out what happened
to your mother.

But I want you to know that I'm
really sorry for your loss.

What do you have to ask me?

Well, if you could
go through...

everything that happened
at home today,

Asha, before you left
with your father.

Just try and say
everything that happened.
Nothing happened.

Nothing unusual?


Well, did you usually go with
your father when the family ate
at the restaurant?

No. With my mother.

That was different then, right?

Your dad told me
that your mom said that
she had something to do,

but he didn't know
what that was.

I don't know either.
Were you and your mom close?

Not so close.

Not close recently, or‐‐

It's, uh, sad enough
to lose your mom,

but then to know that you
can't ever straighten out
the things between you‐‐

I don't know.

What do you think your mother
had to do, Asha?

Why do you think
she had to be alone?

I think she wanted
to talk to Jatin.

Jatin, the houseboy?

She was very angry with him.

She was looking
in his belongings.

I don't think she
should've done that.

What did she find
that made her angry?

I don't know.

Was it this morning that she was
looking through his things?

Last night.

She found my picture.

Mmm. And how'd he
get your picture?

He asked me for it.

‐ Is Jatin your boyfriend?
‐ I don't know.

You like him a lot?

Does he feel the same way
about you?

Does Jatin ever drive
your mother around?

No. He can't drive.

Does he have
his own house key?

My mother didn't want him
coming and going.

She wanted him at the house.

‐ Does Jatin have a bad temper?
‐ No.

If he ever lost his temper,
you think he could've done
something to hurt your mother?

I don't know.
I hope not.

My mother wanted me
to marry Mr. Padmanabhan.

He's the investor
in our restaurant.

He's 35 years old.

All right, Asha.
Just have a seat.

Thanks for talking
to me, all right?
Your dad'll be here in a minute.

You tricked me into
selling you that piece.

It wasn't even for sale.
I had it for my own protection.

[ Russell ]
What about the other four guns?
They for protection too?

That was an illegal search,
and you know it.

‐ We oughta get back in
with our stickup guy.
‐ Thanks for your help.

[ Lesniak ] Thanks, James.
[ Martinez ] Yeah, anytime.

You know Cecil Green?

Why? What about Cecil?

‐ Oh, that's what this is about?
‐ So you guys collared up, huh?

Come on, Lionel.
We're gonna go process
the guy now.

‐ You think we can handle that?
‐ Let me up, Diane.

Look, if I overreacted,
it was because I was worried
about what could happen.

You were disrespectful to me
in front of the squad.

You made us look
like jerks to the boss,

which we're doing
more of now.

I'll talk to you later.
All right.

[ Sipowicz ]
Thanks for coming down,
Mr. Mukhopadhyay.

So Wendy says you might
like the houseboy?

Yeah. Yeah, we're gonna
pick him up.

Find me before you go home.

Okay, Lieu.

Oh, that's a jackpot.
Over you and Russell?

Yeah, I should've just
kept my mouth shut
about this backup deal.

I tried to teach you tact.
I just can't get through.

You ready, Marv?

I'm back. I'm better.

You're better?
Get your mind set on
what's happening here.

You're looking at time.
The D. A.'s coming down
on these credit card rip‐offs.

I'm just a gofer,
and I mean that literally.

‐ Well, who do you gofer for?
‐ This, uh, Russian guy.

Um, Sergei something or other.

Uh, he's hanging
his dream life on plastic,
you know?

And me,
I just run a few errands.

‐ You buy the flimsies?
‐ Yeah.

Yeah, that's all I do.
Uh, I get around.

I'm easy.
I'm good with people.

I've got waitresses,

They sell me good numbers,
and then I turn 'em
over to Sergei.

‐ What's he do with them?
‐ He's got cards that
he's bought from a fence.

Stolen, see?
And they're no good,

because they've already
been reported.

He transfers numbers...

from the flimsies I give him...

onto the cards... because
my numbers are still good.

‐ How does he make the transfer?
‐ He takes the cards and puts
them in a microwave...

and zaps them with big amps.

The cards get soft,
and the numbers go flat.

And then he's got
this gizmo thing,
and he puts cards in,

and he cranks the handle,
and bingo.

So he gets the numbers
off your flimsies?

And then my man Sergei
hops a plane,

checks himself into
a four‐star hotel
and hits the good stores.

‐ So, Sergei,
he really exists?
‐ Well, yeah.

We're gonna need
his address.
That's not such a good idea,

because, you know,
the cat's paranoid.

He'll probably burn up the cards
before you get in.

You know,
he's got his lighter fluid
and the little pots ready.

See, that would come
under the category of
"our problem," Marv.

If you can give up an address
and it's good for Sergei,

then, um, you can walk
out of here or fly...

or whatever's your chosen
means of, uh, transport.

Sounds like a plan.


Hey! What's the‐‐
Police! Police! Hey!

‐ What the hell?
‐ Hey, Jesus!
Stop! Get over here!

Whatever it is,
I got nothing to do with it.

I got him.
You live here?

No, I don't live here.
I just came up for 10 minutes.
I don't now him from Adam.

‐ Put your pants on.
‐ [ Sergei ] I've done nothing.

‐ [ Woman ] Hey, can I go?
‐ Get outta here.

You persecute me because
I'm a Russian, right?

Hey, one of my grandmothers
was Russian, pal.

We persecute you
for stealing credit cards.

‐ I have done nothing,
I told you.
‐ Nothing, huh? What's this?

What does this look like?
Come on.

How long you been with
the Mukhopadhyay family?

I came with them to this country
three years ago.

Before that, I worked for them
three years in Bombay.

How old are you?

You've been working with them
since you were 12?

‐ They treat you all right?
‐ Yes.

Mr. Mukhopadhyay
has been very good to me.

How about his wife?
Yes. She also.

‐ You have an argument
with her this morning?
‐ No.

Look, we already know
about you having Asha's picture.

Her mother was real mad at you
about that, wasn't she?

‐ I agreed to return it.
‐ You sort of in love with Asha?

No. She's like my little sister.

‐ Then why didn't her mother
want you to have her picture?
‐ Because I'm a servant.

‐ She thought it
was presumptuous.
‐ That piss you off, Jatin?

I don't understand.
It means you got mad
and you killed her.

You understand that?

I am very upset.
I prefer to be silent.

Look, we are gonna have
the dentist that works
with the police department...

come over here and make
a cast of your teeth.

I don't agree to that.
It's not up to you.

We'll get a court order.
And if he has to,
he'll give you an anesthetic.

Mrs. Mukhopadhyay had bite marks
on both of her hands.

We gotta make a cast
of your teeth, Jatin,

so we can check it
against those marks.

We also have a witness
that saw you running from
the car where we found the body.

We're gonna have that witness
come in and take a look at you.

‐ Can't someone help me?
‐ We're it. We're the help
you're gonna get.

How'd you learn how to drive?
You do know how to drive
a little, don't you?

A friend showed me
how to operate his car.

One time, he let me drive
a little way.

We were coming back
from the movies.

What did Mrs. Mukhopadhyay
say to you this morning?

To pack my things.
She was going to send me
back to India.

She can do that?

My visa is to stay
only if I work
for the Mukhopadhyays.

I would go back to India
in disgrace.

I would never see
the family again‐‐

any of the family members.

I felt it was most unfair
and heartless
what she was doing to me.

I was very hurt.
I have nothing but the family.

How could she take away
everything from me
just for a photo?

She wished
to send me away before
Mr. Mukhopadhyay found out.

She was going to call
for the plane ticket.

I begged her not to.

She was screaming at me
and slapping me.

I bit her hands
to try and stop her.

I lost control.

I took hold of her neck.
I choked her.

I didn't realize
for how long I did that.

I don't understand it.

I've always been afraid
of Mrs. Mukhopadhyay.

You know how
to drive well enough
to put that body in the car...

and then drive away
from the house, right?

I wanted it to appear...

that someone got in the car
maybe to steal something.

I put her purse in,
and shoes too.

I only got about three blocks
before I stalled.

If you were trying to make it
look like a robbery though,

why didn't you take
the money out of her purse?

I couldn't steal
from the family.

And then you took the keys
to get back in the house.

I have no house key.

Why did you lock the car,

I don't know.
A precaution.

Otherwise someone could get in,
perhaps steal something.

First day in the piggy bank.
Yeah. Good night, Evelyn.

Don't let me find out
it was you.

I think we understand
each other.

Houseboy gave it up, Lieu.
He's writing up a statement.

Sounded like the kid
just snapped.

He was in love with
the daughter, so the mother
was trying to break 'em up.

Yeah? Ever work one of
those before, Andy?

Yeah. I guess it wasn't a strong
element of the supernatural.

Let me call Mr., uh,
[ Clears Throat ]



‐ You know what this is about.
‐ Yep.

Lesniak and Russell
had adequate backup.

Besides Anticrime,
I notified the sector cars.

I didn't know that,
but I was out
of line though.

Meaning I don't have to make
the general point, which is,

you don't get
to second‐guess assignments.

If she's doing her job,
she's gonna be at risk.

If it upsets you to see that,
then make
a different arrangement.

There's a lot of precincts
in this city.

I hear you.

Are my fives okay?

It's hard, huh?

I mean, I'm no authority
for successful relationships
on the job.

‐ Is anybody?
‐ You and me work
another shift together,

people'll say we're an item.

‐ Yeah. I got no time
for what people say.
‐ Mmm.

You know, um, I had Greg
tell James I was gay.

Yeah. Yeah,
I heard something about that.

You know,
I'll tell you the truth.

I thought I said it
so he'd stop asking me out.

And now I started wondering.

I've never been successful
in a relationship.

‐ Are you attracted
to other women?
‐ [ Sighs ]

Um, I don't know.

Not consciously.
I don't come from
that kind of background...

where people talk about
that kind of stuff.

My background,
we don't talk about anything.

Yeah. Upstairs John says...

maybe I should go to one of
those gay officer meetings.

How do you feel about that?
Would you go if it were you?

Yeah. Yeah, I think I would.

I mean, I'd try to find
the glove that fit, you know?

[ Footsteps ]

There's our guy.

Thanks for coming back in.
Did you find Lionel?

Yeah. He's under arrest.

He didn't work
for Jimmy Tibaldi though.

He's a street hustler.
He had five cheap guns.

The son of a bitch deserved jail
for what he done to Cecil.

Lionel told us all three of you
were in that apartment.

‐ You were there too
when Cecil got in trouble.
‐ He said that?

Mm‐hmm. His story kind of
made sense, Mr. Green.

Well, I checked
with the Veterans...

and got his papers in order.

His remains will be released
tomorrow morning.

I went to that hospital
a couple of weeks ago,
and I took something.

That's why I couldn't go.

‐ You were a patient?
‐ No, I had an O. D. thing.

‐ It wasn't nothing too bad.
‐ What'd you steal?

There was this cart
with some pills on it
the nurses come around with.

And, uh, I was released.

And when she wasn't looking,
I took three of them
bottles of pills.

And I knew that they'd
find them bottles missing
and figure I did it.

I carried him to the car,

but then it was on Lionel.

That son of a bitch
just let him down.

How long were you and your son
shooting up?

Ten, 15 years.

It was Cecil turned me on.

Something we had in common.

[ Footsteps ]

Well, it's time now you got
some treatment, Mr. Green.


Only it's too late for it
to do any good now.

No, it can do you some good.
You still got yourself
to look after.

Yeah, but that's all I got.

Are‐‐ Are you gonna
arrest me on somethin'?

No. You can go on home.


[ Chuckles ]

I'll go home.

‐ I don't want you
to transfer out.
‐ I don't want to.

So we have another beef.
Where you putting in for?

Look, it just took me
by surprise. That's all.

It's‐‐ You were about ready
to go out on the street.

This was no badass.
Anticrime would've done fine.

I mean, if I would've had
a chance to think about it,
it would've been all right.

Don't you think
that's a little strange?

You needing time to prepare
for my assignments?

[ Chuckles ]

I'm flesh and blood, Diane.
[ Chuckles ]

‐ Bad things can happen.
‐ I know they can.

Somebody comes home one night,
and they say, "I'm sick."

Out of nowhere, she's sick,

and she's never
gonna get better.

I can't walk on eggs
because your wife got sick.

But I'm not‐‐ I'm not gonna
be taking any stupid chances.

Because I've got such
a strong feeling for you, I‐‐

I hope we'll have
a long time together.

Let's take the night off.


I'll see you tomorrow.