My So-Called Life (1994–1995): Season 1, Episode 1 - Pilot - full transcript

Angela Chase begins a friendship with Rayanne Graff and Rickie Vasquez. At home there is tension between her and her mother.

Go, now! Go!

Excuse me...

Could you spare some
change, for a phone call?

It's an emergency.

See, okay, see, this guy, like...

robbed our bus tickets and
you know my sister and I ...

We're, we're twins--

No, we're not the kind
of twins who look alike.

We just finish
each other's sentences.

That was cool.
How'd we do that?

Hi, could you spare some change?

She's upset, you see...

you look a little like
her mother who's in a coma.

Excuse her, she's hypoglycemic...

I've got to get her some chocolate.

So I started hanging
out with Rayanne Graff,

Just for fun, Just cause
It seemed like If I didn't,

I would die or something,

Things were getting to me,
Just how people are,

How they always expect you to be a
certain way, even your best friend,

So then she admits that she only
joined the yearbook to be near Scott...

which is like so low.

I mean, it's just, I know, if she
doesn't want to be in yearbook...

she should, like, quit...

Like with boys,
how they have it so easy,

How you have to pretend...

you don't notice them...

noticing you,

Like cheerleaders,
can't people just cheer...

on their own, like, to themselves,

... so typical, of the way she is...

I mean, she always
does stuff like that.

I mean, it's not like too
embarrassing for me to know this...

you know?

Who are you looking for?


School is a battlefield,
for your heart,

So when Rayanne Graff told me
my hair was holding me back...

I had to listen,

Because she wasn't just
talking about my hair,

She was talking about my life,

So it is you.

I had my hair dyed.

Oh, you had it dyed. I thought
it had died of natural causes.

Angela, come on, I'm star--


You're Angela's mom?

Yes. I am. That's true.

- I like your house.
- Thank you. Who are you?

This is Rayanne, and Rickie.

You dyed your hair. Okay.
Well here is some cheese...

- and there are drinks in the...
- ... fridge?

Thank you. So.

Okay, I'm leaving now.
Well not the house, the room.

- She's nice.
- Not really.

- She took your hair real calm.
- Just because you two are here.

Good cheese.

I cannot bring myself to eat...

a well-balanced meal
in front of my mother,

It just means too much to her,

I mean, If you stop
to think about, like...

chewing, what it really is?

how people just
do it, like, in public,

Wait, don't tell me,
there's something different.

I would never dye my hair red.

It's not red, it's crimson glow.

I can see it now...

social world,
wild parties, Axl Rose.

My dad thinks every person in the
world is having more fun than him,

Which could be true,

- What am I supposed to say?
- Nothing.

- I mean it's her hair.
- Exactly.

And we'll always be able
to spot you in a crowd.

Lately I can't even look
at my mother...

without wanting
to stab her repeatedly.

Hey! Who left all those
lights on down there?

I just, okay...

Danielle's still afraid of the dark.
She leaves the lights on.

I don't leave the lights on.

Well, good, okay. I just...

I don't leave the lights on!

- Okay!
- And I'm not afraid of the dark,

My dad and I used to
be pretty tight...

How's school?

- I'm starting to like ''Anne Frank. ''
- Is she a sophomore too?

- No, she's dead.
- Oh, right, yeah.

Anne Frank, Dad !

Oh ! Right, right, I mean...

Okay. Don't stay up too late.

The sad truth is, my breasts
have come between us,

Tell her not to walk
around in a towel, okay?

- You can tell her.
- No, I can't.

If I could tell her,
I would tell her. You tell her.

Or get her a bigger towel.

God, Chelsea Clinton.
Will you look at this?

No freedom, no privacy, constant
surveillance, Secret Service men.

That's what we need.

Patty, it could be a lot worse.

I know.

I mean, she could be
cutting class, doing drugs.

Having sex. Like we did.

I never cut class, and you
never had sex in high school.

You know, I know why she did it.
She did it to get me to react.

Maybe she just did it to do it.

- No, she did it to get a reaction.
- Well then don't react!

I'm not. I won't.

It's just, so hard to look at her.
She looks like a stranger.

I'm in love,
His name Is Jordan Catalano,

He was left back, twice,

Once I almost touched his shoulder
in the middle of a pop quiz,

He's always closing his eyes...

like it hurts to look at things,

Angela, get in here a sec.

- You want to have sex with him.
- Who?

Who. Jordan. Catalano.

Come on, I'm not going to tell
anyone, just admit it.

I just like how he's always
leaning. Against stuff.

He leans great.

Either sex or a conversation.
Ideally both.

Well, you have to come to
Tino's tomorrow night.

Angela, Jordan Catala--

Jordan Catalano
is going to be there.

Rayanne always knows
who's going to be there,

I can't believe you did that to
your hair, without telling me.

Okay. Take your seats
please, come on, come on.

Please just--

Look people if we can't get
through this the yearbook...

won't have a theme.

I don't really care.
It's your yearbook. It's not mine.

Now, I'm going to read the themes
now raise your hands to vote.

We have Graduation,
Final Frontier...

My parents keep asking
how school was,

I'ts like saying
"How was that Drive-By shooting?"

You don't care how it was,
you're lucky to get out alive,

Apple Fruit of Knowledge.

Year 2000.

Who didn't vote?


Where are you going?

I don't want to be on yearbook. Sorry.

Do you mind telling us why not?


I mean, yeah.
I mean I don't know why.

- Angela, Sharon is here,
- Don't they feed you?

There's somethIng
wrong with my waffle,

Nothing is wrong,

Sharon, no, don't eat crust,
honey, here take this...

- Hey, I was eating that.
- There's all these little bumps on it.

I left my Anne Frank here.

If I find money, can I keep it?

This room is a disaster.

You know you could have
told me you were quitting.

What? What are you quitting?

- We're going to be late.
- I thought you liked yearbook.

I found it!

Well don't thank me or anything.

Get out of my room.

And when were you
planning on telling me?

Listen to me.
' I thought you liked yearbook. '

'Your room is a disaster. '

Do you think I ever dreamed
that I would sound like this?

Angela, I am not cleaning this up!

So, Rickie, Angela's in
love with Jordan Catalano.

- We have to help her.
- Rayanne!

Oh come on, I can tell Rickie.
You got to come to Tino's tonight.

- He'll be there.
- He doesn't even know me.

- Am I making a fool of myself?
- I don't know.

Rickie, give us the male perspective.

Don't you love how he leans?

See, I don't get obsessed with him,
so I don't have these problems.

Oh God, that's the second bell.

I mean, I may as well go to Bio.

Since I'm not all that busy.

And, what is the purpose of plasma?

The purpose of plasma is to... what?

Why do we need plasma?


Because the league of nations failed.

And why did the league
of nations fail?


Because it's written
in the first person.

Exactly, thank you.

Does she say:
'She was forced to go into hiding'?

Somebody else besides Brian.

- Brian?
- No.

No, she says, ' I',
' I was forced to go into hiding. '

It's called the first person, okay?
This will be on the quiz.

So how would you
describe Anne Frank?


Is that supposed
to be funny, Angela?

How on earth could you make
a statement like that?

Anne Frank perished
in a concentration camp.

Anne Frank is a tragic figure.
How could Anne Frank be lucky?

I don't know.

Because she was
trapped in an attic...

for three years with
this guy she really liked?

Excuse my eating,
but with all these cutbacks...

I don't really get a
lunch break on Thursdays.

Sit down, Angela.

Seeing a teacher's actual
lunch is, like, so depressIng,

Not to mentIon her bra strap,

So, you quit yearbook?
No explanation.

Your appearance has altered.

I'm really concerned you're
getting off on the wrong foot.

Is there a problem at home?

It just seems like...

you agree to have a certain
personality or something.

For no reason. Just to make
things easier for everyone.

But when you think about it,
how do you know if it's even you?

And, I mean, this whole thing
with yearbook. It's like...

everybody is in this
big hurry to make this book...

to supposedly remember
what happened but...

it's not even what really happened,
it's what everyone thinks...

was supposed to happen.

Because if you made a book
of what really happened...

it'd be a really upsetting book.

You know, in my humble opinion.

My dad sells printing,

It was in my mom's famIly,

My dad was just supposed
to do it for a while...

then he was supposed to go
chef school, but he never did,

I'm not sure why,

You should see what they call
''chili con carne'' at school.

- First of all, it's just beans.
- That's not ''chili con carne. ''

- I know.
- ''Con carne. '' With meat.

I know.

I think it's the lack of meat
is destroying America.

My mom took over the business,

She's kind of my dad's boss now...

which I guess he tries
not to think about,

Mom won't be home until late.

You know, I think you give her...

too hard a time, sometimes.

She just wants you to be happy.
She wants everyone to be happy.

No, that's you.

My point... I mean.

Think of all the things
that she does, for you.

Out of nowhere,
she'll get in this mood.

And her lips will get all tight.

It's just so obvious that she's
looking for someone to blame.


But you know
that's not the real her.

Just try to be nicer to her.

Once in a while.

As an experiment.


Dad, there's this thing tonight...

at a friend of Rayanne's house.

Like, this rehearsal?

For this play that we might
all do as extra credit.

And I know mom says
no going out on school nights...

but this is like part of school...

and I won't be home late,
and I just really want to go.

This doesn't seem like a Friday.

It's Thursday.

Are you sure?

Yesterday was Wednesday, so...

Oh... right.

So, that's how I know.

Jordan, this bites.
Let's go over to Grunden's.

- The point is--
- No, I know what the point is.

The point is... I can't believe
we're having this conversation.

- I know.
- I can't believe it.

- We need a new conversation.
- I shouldn't have allowed her to--

Why do I always have
to be the mean one?

Why can't you be the mean
one every once in a while?

- I can be!
- But you never are. Look...

I'm calm, okay?

But you can't keep letting...

I mean you know she
loves you more anyway...

She doesn't love me more!

She does. Come on.
She loves you more.

I accept that. But,
that's not enough for you.

You have to--

I don't want to fight. Actually...

I'm not even that upset.

Where the hell have you been?
Oh my God, what happened to you?

Are you alright? What happened?

Did you explain it to her?

- Excuse me, you explain it to her.
- Alright. Maybe it isn't her fault!

Graham, of course it's
her fault, she snowed you !

- I told you she said--
- Shut up!

- What did I do?
- I'm sorry, sweetheart.

Could we just find out what
happened? Could we just find out--

How do you expect her to
have any respect for me?

I respect you, God !

Nothing happened.
I fell in some mud. I'm alright.

I think we should all go to bed.

What really happened?

So there's this rave tonight,
okay, at that club, Let's Bolt.

Tino can get us in. Guaranteed,
Jordan Catalano will be there.

What? It's perfect, and you don't
have to think of anything to say...

to him because no one
can hear anybody.

I think lard is my
favorite food group.

The cafeteria is the embarrassment
capital of the world,

It's like a prison movie,

So, where do you want to sit?

I don't have anything to
wear to a place like that.

I'll lend you something.

You have to look tough. Somebody
once set fire to my hair at Let's Bolt.

Wait, so what's fat-free?

When something's, like, free. Of fat.

What's the difference between
fat-free, and like, nonfat?

Good question.

I'd have to think of a lie.

Simple. You're staying
over at my place.

And it's a perfect lie,
because you can stay over.

My mom won't even be there.

I've got to go find Tino.

Think about it.

Is there any soap in there?

There's never soap.


So I ... I just think you should know
what people are saying about you.


That you think
you're so above everyone.

And that Rayanne Graff
is like God to you now...

and you just do whatever she says.

And by the way, she's just using
you like she did with Jody Barsh.

I just thought you should know.

What'd she do to Jody Barsh?

Oh please. That's like so known.

So tell me what I did, Angela.

I mean, I would
really like to know.

Nothing. It's not
something that you--

So you just drop your oldest
friend for no reason?

I mean, just tell me what I did.

I can't.

It's not like one thing,
it's not like that.

Okay, great. So, just,
never speak to me again.

Real mature Angela.

No, I want to speak to you.
I never wanted--

No, forget it!

God, you and your hair.

Did Patty, like, hemorrhage
first time she saw it?

In a sense.

Well, I have to say...

I hate it.

Hey! You know what I think? I think
that we should all go ice skating.

I mean it. All of us.
Ice skating. Hot chocolate.

Sprained ankles. I'm in the mood.

So, there's this movie on
tonight, I really want to watch.

It's about this girl. She gets
these obscene phone calls.

- It's like her job.
- Really?

I told Neil that I'd shoot
pool with him tonight.

You're seeing your
brother twice in one week?

Well he broke up with her
again. I feel sorry for him.

And then somebody, like, tries to
kill her, like, over the phone.

Well, I guess it's just us
girls tonight, which--

So I'm grounded, just
because of last night?

I never said that you were
grounded. What I said--

So, Mom, I'm allowed to right?

Because, Rayanne invited me
to sleep over at her house tonight.

I am allowed to watch that, right?

That girl from the other day?
That rude girl?

She wasn't rude.

She finished my cheese.

I had this new brick of cheese.
She devoured it.

- I'm allowed to. Right?
- You know...

I have met this
Rayanne exactly once.

I do not know her. I do
not know her parents.

What? You never spent a
night at a friend's house?

My parents knew my friends.

- Mom, right?
- Yes, you may watch the movie.

Mom, you offered the cheese.

They knew all 900
of your friends personally?

Okay, we've all heard this before.

My parents went
to the same high school...

but they never
knew each other, then,

Did you know that they had to change
the date of the prom because...

your mother was getting
her appendix out?

I never asked them
to change the date.

Meanwhile, I couldn't
get a girl to look at me.

You don't even
have to drive me...

because Rickie's cousin
said he would.

Rickie's cousin !
Why didn't you say so?

That eases my mind.

- Angela!
- Patty.

- Patty.
- You haven't met this Rickie.

- Stop calling him 'this Rickie. '
- I did parallel bars today.

Ms. Siten said
my dismount was perfect.

I find Rickie a little confusing.

Okay, so maybe he's bi. Who cares?
His cousin can still drive.

What? He's what? Do you hear
these terms she's throwing around?

'' Bi?''

- It means bisexual.
- He's bisexual?

How can he be bi-anything? He's a
child, he's obviously very confused.

- No, he's not confused.
- He wears eyeliner.

He wears eyeliner?

- I thought you were on my side.
- I'm not on anyone's side.

- Graham. Grow up. Choose a side.
- Is her mother going to be there?

No. No, Rayanne lives by
her wits. In an alley.

Yes, obviously.
I mean, she's a mother.

They live in the same place.

Obviously her mother
is going to be there.

Dad ! Do you want to see
my headstand?

Fine, go. Spend the night at
some total stranger's house.

- I don't care.
- Like you really mean that.

No, go. And you, go shoot
pool with your brother...

or wherever the hell you're going.

Oh sure, so you can have it as
a grudge and never forgive me.

Dad, are you looking?

Dad, are you looking?

Hey Chase.

Get out of here, Krakow.

You're breaking like
14 different laws.

You looked better before.

- Like I'm devastated.
- Like I am.

Oh, look at me, I'm way cool.

I'm off with my way cool
friends to sniff floor wax.

- That's right, cover that zit.
- Want me to do yours?

That hurt.

Who you waiting for? Catalano?
Maybe you're not going anywhere.

- I mean, maybe you're just a...
- I'm going to Let's Bolt.

an exhibitionist.

Like they're really going
to let you into Let's Bolt.

Quit it!

You're not stupid, don't act
like it. It's a stupid act.

Everybody is an act. Including you.

So have a really amazing night,
okay? I'm going to throw up now.

Have a wonderful time.

My clueless neighbor.

You look so tough, this is
going to be one amazing night.

Where is Tino?

He'll be here, okay?
Haven't you ever waiting for anything?

Yeah, for my life to start.

I mean, Tino's coming. It's way early.

Look around, nobody is here yet.

Look how thin yours are.

Tino, where are you?

But yours are really little.

But they're fat, they're like fatter.

Rickie loves cuter feet!


Let's trade shoes.

If you were about to do it, okay...

what would you want the other
person to say, like, right before?

- 'This won't take long. '
- No, seriously.

- ' Don't I know you?'
- No, for real, like romantic.

'You're so beautiful,
it hurts to look at you. '

' It hurts to look at you?'

How'd you think of that?

Where would it hurt?

I really like that.

Well I'm going to tell Jordan.


Jordan ! I'm going to tell Jordan.

Could you get us in?

Our friend's in there,
he's got my keys.

It's an emergency.

So what,
they wouldn't let you in?

How old are you?

You guys want to go somewhere?

- Do you?
- I don't know.

They are really young, isn't that
like kidnapping or something?

Don't you?

No, wait a minute, no.
Not three. Just you, and you.

I'm not leaving Rickie here.

- Rickie don't mind.
- I don't mind.


Come here, I want to
ask you something.

Ask me from there.

- I want to ask you over here.
- Come on, too young.

I don't take orders,
and I'm not stupid.

But you came when
I called, didn't you?

Something was actually happening,
but it was too actual,

- So where are we going?
- Come on, that's enough.

Come on !

Quit it! Let go of her!

- What's your problem?
- Come on man. Let's go.

Hey, I take care of myself! Okay?

Oh man, you're dead !

Forget it! Forget it!

Come on, forget it.

She won't remember this tomorrow,
she blacks out when she drinks.

- Hey!
- Let's just go.

I got to go.

You know these girls?

Mr. Policeman. Perfect!
Because we need a ride.

Relax. I'm not arresting you.

Could you do the siren?
Please, please, please.

Oh my God, Angela!

Oh my God. Oh my--

Hey, I know that girl.

Oh my God !


I knew what I was doing
back there, you know.


I'll always watch out for you.

Okay. I'll always
be there for you, so...

don't worry, okay?

I won't.

And, you know, with
your hair like that?

It hurts to look at you.

Come on.

At Rayanne's house,
no one was home,

Well, I never read the book.

Oh, the book is really--
See, it's this diary of her life.

See, these Nazis
were going to kill her, so...

whatever she'd been like
with her friends or her teachers...

that was just over.
She was hiding.

But in this other way she wasn't.

She, like, stopped hiding.
She was free.

Don't do this again. You got that?

Could you please not come to my door?

Hey, you.

- Are you a friend of hers?
- Yeah.

Then act like it.

Watch out for her.

So, what happened?

Right, you're not going to
tell me what happened. Chase?

These guys started hitting on us.

What? Like, sexual harassment?

Like guys.

So they picked a theme, for yearbook.

- Who told you I liked Jordan Catalano?
- Nobody.

So do you?


These aren't my shoes.

It's the Year 2000. That's the
theme. Just, what it'll be like.


I got to go.


That's a pathetic theme.

I know.

Hi. What happened to
spending the night?

Well did you at least have fun?

Sort of.

How did you get home?

Rayanne's mom.

My mother's adopted, For a while,
she was looking for her real parents,

I guess that's what
everyone's looking for,

I'm really sorry.

About my hair and everything.

It's not important, it'll grow out.

It actually looks not that bad...

in my humble opinion.

I fell asleep right there,
I must've been really tired,

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Out on bail?
- Yeah.

So how was your weekend?

It sucked.

I got to go.

Rayanne, you are so full of it!

Oh, please!
Ask Rickie, it was wicked. It was--

- Oh, hey girlfriend !
- Hey Angela!

Ask Angela, she was there.
Angela, tell her--

We hung out and these guys
tried to pick them up.

- It was totally wicked, am I right?
- And the cops came.

I am telling you,
we had a time. Didn't we?

Didn't we have a time?

We did. We had a time.