Murdoch Mysteries (2008–…): Season 4, Episode 9 - The Black Hand - full transcript

While investigating a lethal gunshot on a trolley that no one seems to have heard, Murdoch finds that a disappearance may be linked to his old girlfriend, Anna Fulford.

Right this way, sir.

Come on in, please mind your feet.

Move towards the back, please.

Constable Higgins, what have you?

Well, the streetcar made it a stop down
the line before the incident was noted.

And as for the victim, it's...
It's a real puzzle, sir.


Doctor, I hear we have something
out of the ordinary.

Well, a single gunshot wound the torso.

- I suspect it hit the heart.
- Hmm.

Brazen, but hardly odd.

According to Constable Higgins,
no one heard the shot.

- Ah.
- Ah, indeed.

Perhaps, he was shot elsewhere.

Given the severity of the wound,

he would have left an
impressive blood trail and there's none.


So if he was shot where he sits,

and no one heard...

A stray bullet,
some boys shooting at bottles...

Or some unrelated dispute?

- Return ticket from New York City.
- Wow.

Wow. We've given him quite the welcome.

Something to write home about.

If you find anything else out, Doctor...

As usual.

Henry, impound this streetcar please.

Yes, sir.

According to his business card our
victim is a Wilbur Delory Esquire.

539 Gilmore Street, New York.

Have George enquire with the
New York City Police, please.

Yes, sir. Oh, uh and, sir,

a few riders saw a man in a boater hat
board the car with Mr Delory, sir.

They were having a friendly
conversation, by all accounts.

- And where is this man?
- He got off the car

before it left the station, sir.

I'm afraid no one saw his face clearly.

Perhaps he was just seeing
Mr Delory on his way?

Interesting turn of phrase, Henry.

Henry, get this man's description,
such as it is, out on the wire.

And have the men canvass the area
for any reports of gunfire.

Straight away, sir.

Uh, sir!

As per your request, I have
wired New York City Police

about Mr Delory's information.

Very good, George.

Sir, there is a rather fetching lady
waiting for you in your office.

Oh, I am not expecting anyone.
Who is she?

Oh, from the little we spoke,
I gathered that you two are acquainted.

- Who is she?
- Sir, I haven't the foggiest.

Thank you.

Anna Fulford! My goodness.

Hello, William.

What brings you to Toronto?

I'm on my way to Niagara Falls
with my fianc?.

Your fianc?? Ah.


William, he's vanished.


I'm at my wit's end.

I think something terrible
must have happened.

Ladies and gentlemen.

Yes, listen... Absolutely...
I appreciate your concern.

- I understand...
- What now?

I think we need to deal with this
in an orderly fashion.

Crabtree, get here.

Sir, it seems there has been a rash
of petty crimes in their neighbourhood.

Pick pocketing, laundry stolen
off clothes lines, missing chickens...


I have a theory, sir.

- Make it quick.
- A gypsy caravan

has just set up camp down by the river.

Gypsies. Bloody thieves.

Well, sir, the gypsy concept of
ownership is different from ours.

- Well, sort it out.
- Sir, I will.

- Where will you be?
- My office.

My campaign manager's stopping by.


It'll be quieter in here.

I'm sorry to bother you, William.

I couldn't think what else to do.

It's quite all right, I would have been
upset if you hadn't come to me, Anna.

Now, please tell me what happened?

Well, Joe left our hotel
at about seven o'clock last night

to look for a tobacconist.

We were supposed to meet for dinner
in the hotel restaurant

at half past and he never arrived.

He literally went out for tobacco
and never came back.

Forgive me for asking, Anna,
but were you and he having troubles?


We were on our way to Niagara Falls
to get married.

I'm sorry, William,
I didn't mean to snap.

It's quite all right.

And Joe's last name?


A few months after you and I had our
adventure in Bristol,

I finally plucked up
the courage to sail to New York.

Joe was the best thing about that place.

It's loud and filthy.
And people are horrible.

I take it Joe is the exception.

He is.

Strong and forthright. Kind.

There aren't many like that.

Anyway, a short while after, he proposed

and I thought all my dreams
had come true.

We'll find him, Anna.

Look at me, I haven't even asked
how you've been.

Oh, I'm well.

And Julia, you and she still...

Uh, we're still very close, yes.

Julia is engaged to another.

Oh, William, I'm sorry.

That's quite all right. I'm fine.

Now, I'll need a description of Joe.

Yes, he's um, he's about your build,

dark complexion, I suppose you'd say,

a moustache and black hair.

What is it, William?

This new look of yours is going
over very well with the voters

and the press, Tommy.

So I hear. Now what's this all about,

Well, it seems that you are
in a tighter horse race

with your opponent
than we had hoped for.

But, just days ago, you said that
Ellis Cornwall was dead in the water.

- What's happened?
- Things change quickly in politics.

Cornwall's anti-immigrant stand
has become increasingly popular,

as a result
he has gained significant support

for his opposition
to the subway project as well.

Cornwall says no to any new idea.

Bloody Luddite is what he is.

Because he understands people
are afraid of change.

- Now he is savvy.
- He's a numbskull.

- People will see through that.
- Don't be simple, Tommy.

Trust the people's judgement
and you're doomed.

And the immigrant issue beside,
without you on city council,

we don't have sufficient numbers to pass

the subway project vote next month.

Now, Edwin Drury and the rest of your
backers at the land consortium

are getting nervous.

- So what do we do?
- We beat Cornwall at his own game.

And an opportunity to do just that

has landed on our door step.

- It has?
- The gypsy crime spree.

Crime spree? A few minor thefts.

There is nothing minor about it, Tommy.
In fact, you have just released

a statement saying that you are
shocked at these brazen gypsies,

that you intend to lock up the guilty
and run the rest out of town.

When did I release
this statement exactly?

It'll be in all the afternoon papers.

But we've barely had time to look
into these crimes.

A statement's premature.

Ah, not if you want to convince
the voters that, as alderman,

you will be their champion
of law and order.

That you intend to right the ship.

To see your dream of
"Toronto the good" come true.

Now you've promised that
in all your speeches.

Don't you want to show them
that was more than just words?

Of course, I do.

That's my boy, Tommy.
It's time to draw a line in the sand.

Now go right that ship and show those
gypsies who they're really dealing with.

Is this Joe?

Anna, I know how difficult
this must be for you.

It's not Joe.

Thank God, he's still alive.

Right then.

I believe what would be best now
is for you to get some rest.

I'll let you know
as soon as there is news.

Constable Morris,
please escort Miss Fulford to her hotel,

and stay there with her
until I can join you.

Thank you, William.

She's lovely.

Poor thing, I can't imagine
how I'd feel in her situation.

Well then, it would appear that
Mr Delory is, in fact, himself.

Has your post-mortem
revealed anything, Doctor?


I recovered this slug.

.32 calibre. Given the powder burns,
Mr Delory was shot point blank.

Mr Delory was shot point blank.
Ruling out a stray bullet.

I don't understand, Julia.

The passengers
would have heard a gunshot.

I know, I've no explanation either.

And I found this.

Metal filings.

They were embedded in the wound
and the victim's jacket.

As if they were also fired from the gun?

If so, you're dealing
with a most unusual weapon.

I believe I need to return
to the scene of the crime.

Metal filings, sir?

Yes, like those recovered
from the victim's body.

Henry, I'll need you to gather
a few items for me.

Certainly, sir.

From where?

The millwright.

Right then, who's in charge here?

When I ask a question,
I expect an answer.

You've got till the count of three
before we take action.

One, two...

Put those damn sticks away.

What are you then? Their queen?

He thinks I'm a gypsy queen.

Well, you must be the police king.

I'm Inspector Thomas Brackenreid.
Just who the hell are you?

- I am a phuri dae.
- The fairy what?

It means wise woman. I am the one who
will speak with you, only me. Come.

And no weapons.

Uh, sir, I should come with you
just to make sure that your safety is...

Just keep your eye on this lot,

Yes, sir.

So, Miss whatever your name is,

there's been a crime spree in this
neighbourhood since you lot turned up.

Really? Well, I will tell my clan to be
on guard for those criminals.

Don't play coy with me.

Your clan needs to pack up and move on.

Inspector Brackenreid, gypsies are used
to persecution, we aren't intimidated.

Please show me the evidence against us.

You're trespassing on city property.

You've got until noon tomorrow
to be gone.

Otherwise, I can't answer
for what might happen.

Neither can I.


Ah, sir, how did it go with the gypsies?

Bunch of goat herders.

That well.

They'll be gone by tomorrow,
if they know what's good for them.

What are you working on?

That's a speculative notion
at the moment.

To do with this impossible shooting
of yours?

- Yes sir.
- How is that going?

Well, we've confirmed that the victim
was a Wilbur Delory from New York City,

in town on business
according to his family.

Two incidents both involving
New York City residents.

Delory and Miss Fulford's
missing fianc?.

Yes, sir. Perhaps there's a connection.

The fianc? knew this other bloke,
had a row with him, killed him and ran.

Could be as simple as that.

The thought had crossed my mind.

Keep an eye out, Murdoch.

Miss Fulford's runaway groom could be
a bit of a dangerous character.


Constable Morris just telephoned
from the Imperial Hotel.

Miss Fulford took a message at the front
desk from her fianc?.


Have Morris stay put with Miss Fulford
until I can get there.

Sir, Morris just found this out now.

He thought Miss Fulford was in her room.

I don't understand, George.
Where is Miss Fulford now?

- She is on her way to meet her fianc?.
- What?

Do we have any idea where she was going?

The man at the front desk who took
the message

said the Gerard Street Bridge, sir.



William! I finally...

What the hell are you doing?

Joe would never harm anyone,
let alone try and kill me.

But he contacted you with instructions
that led you into an ambush.

Anna, just how well
did you know him really?

Just what does that mean?

Well, you've had a whirlwind romance.

And you barged into my pub with
a bullet through your arm a year ago,

begging me to believe
you weren't a murderer.

So don't you dare question
my judgement.

Isn't it possible that your love for Joe
has blinded you to the truth about him?

If I am to help you find Joe I'll need
to know everything you know about him.

Where do I start?

Was he well off?

Where did he work?

He has his own business,
shipping cargo forth and back to Europe.

What sort of cargo?

I'm not sure.

That's all right,
we can find all of that out,

if you just tell me
the name of the company.

I don't actually know.

You weren't far off
when you said whirlwind.

Oh, this is embarrassing.

Did Joe ever mention a Wilbur Delory?

I don't think so. Who is he?

He's the unfortunate gentleman
I showed you in the morgue.

And he had a bullet in him.

You seriously suggesting that
the man I love

is going about Toronto shooting people
and probably trying to kill me?

I don't know anything at the moment,

but I do know that I don't wish
to see you harmed.

Joe would never harm me.
I know he wouldn't.

Is that it?

Virtually no noise.

I got the idea after reading
about Hiram Maxim's attempts

to muffle the sound of
internal combustion motors.

So this is a muffler, so to speak?

Yes, George.

Which would explain why no one
on the street car heard the gunshot.

Insidious is what it is.

I agree.

The key to this muffler,
as you call it, George,

is the sound dampening properties
of metal filings,

stuffed into a series of conical baffles
along the length...

Silencer, that has a better ring to it.

I am sorry, sir.

Along the length of the cylinder.

Baffler. That's the ticket.

So those metal filings are like the ones
found in the victim's wound?

Correct, sir. They'd have been blown out
of the gun with the force of the shot.

Murdoch, a man travels all the way
from New York City to commit murder,

and uses a highly-specialised device

that ensures he can slip away
into thin air.

What does that sound like to you?

I believe we are dealing with
an assassin.

- Tommy, we have a problem.
- We do?

Mr Drury, good to see you again.

I took care of our problem, gentlemen.

The gypsies will be gone by tomorrow,
one way or another.

You should have run them out of
town on sight, Inspector.

A number of my neighbours
on Jarvis Street,

many of whom I convinced to contribute
to your campaign,

were burglarised last night
by those low lives.

What makes you think
it was the gypsies?

My son Edward Junior and his friends
saw the gypsy men themselves.

From our drawing room.

The thieves were breaking into
number 28.

First, a minor crime wave,

now these major thefts

by these immigrant peasants.

Ellis Cornwall will rake you
over the coals with this

unless you react with an iron hand.

But we can still turn this
to your advantage,

but we need arrests and we need
the caravan out of town

before the evening papers
hit the streets.

I can see your point, gentlemen.

But, that's not how I left it with them.
We should give the gypsies a chance...

Brackenreid? You've...

We've got a potential disaster
on our hands.

Just get back to that camp
and get them the hell out of there.

And I'm sending the press,
so I don't want any mistakes.

Everything Mr Drury's consortium has
worked for depends upon this, Tommy.

Everything you've worked for.

You wanted to see me, Doctor?

Yes, I've received a request from
Mr Delory's family

to have his remains
returned to New York.

Yes, I see no reason why not.


I'll release the body to the mortician
the family made arrangements with.

He's to ship the body
to a funeral parlour in New York City.

Very good.

Is there something else?


I suppose I was wondering how you'll
keep Miss Fulford safe,

now there's been an attempt made
on her life.

Well, I have asked her
to remain at the station house,

until I can arrange protective custody.

- And once the killer's caught...
- Why can't she stay with me?

- With you?
- Yes.

The killer would never think to
look for her in my home,

and she'd be more at ease.

Yes, but...

Consider what
Anna's going through, William.

If the gunman is her fianc?,
then she has been horribly betrayed

and she's lost the love of her life.

It's heartbreaking.


I'll arrange it.

Right, you lot, there's no need
for trouble

but if that's
what you want, I'm happy to oblige.

Thomas... Tommy Brackenreid
is fair but tough.

You getting all this down, Glynn?

Every golden word.

- Good lad.
- Inspector!

You will stop this immediately.

Ma'am, I'll ask you to stay back
for your own safety.

It's all right, Crabtree.
What you've got to understand

is that there is no point crying over
this, the decision has been taken.

By who?

Oh, I see. So you are
following someone else's orders.

You are a messenger boy.

You've got nothing to complain about.

If it wasn't for me, we'd be
rounding everybody up, not just the men.

You gave us until tomorrow.

You were going nowhere and you know it.

So I am the liar. Well, in that case,
you leave me no choice.

What you seek, you shall never gain.

What's that supposed to mean?

She is remarkable. Who is she?

Never you mind, get on with your job.

Sir, I just think she put a gypsy curse
on you.

- Curse, was it?
- Thank you. She did no such thing.

Right, you lot, come on. Chop-chop.

I don't know how to thank you
for your kindness, Doctor.

Call me Julia.

May I ask you a personal question,

Of course.

Well, the way William spoke of you
in Bristol,

I got the feeling that you and him
were destined for each other.

But, now you're engaged
to someone else, so...

I was wondering...

What happened?

I didn't mean to pry. It's just...

Well, it's important to me
that William's happy.

It's good of you to care for him.

I still do, very much.

But, it became obvious
that our futures were

just not compatible.

Must be true what they say,

"Love isn't always enough. "

Sir, your signature is needed.

The customs form regarding
Mr Delory's body.

Yes, of course.

What is it, George?

Well, sir, with respect
to the Jarvis Street break-ins,

the inspector, he hasn't even asked
to interview any of the residents.

He's just taking it on Edwin Drury's
word that it was the gypsies.

There's a saying, George,
"It's just politics. "

- Yes, but, sir...
- Don't worry.

I'll make sure that the thefts
are thoroughly investigated very soon.

In the mean time,
the inspector needs our support.

And discretion.

Yes, sir.

That's odd.

The funeral home that Mr Delory's
body is meant to be shipped to.

It's different than the one
his family requested.

No one should disturb the dead,
not even the police.

Mr Palmer.

We contacted Mr Delory's family
in New York City

and they had no idea arrangements
for Mr Delory's body had been changed.

But they contacted me directly.

Someone contacted you,

but it wasn't Mr Delory's family.

And whoever it was, has been going to
great lengths to obtain his body.

I want to know why.

Sir, that body is sitting
awfully high up.

Mr Delory seems anxious to escape
this shipping coffin, Mr Palmer.

Can you explain why?

I cannot.

It's a false bottom, sir.

If you please, George.

One, two...

Oh, my.

Well, George, it appears we found
Miss Fulford's fianc?.

I'm sorry, Anna.

I need some air.

- I'll come with you.
- William.

She needs time to herself.

Of course.

I have preliminary results.

Joe Bell died of a single gunshot wound
to the abdomen.

.32 calibre.
The same as the other victim.

And I found metal filings in the wound.

Time of death?

Roughly 24 hours ago.

He was killed before Mr Delory?

Why are these two men dead?

And why on earth would someone
want Anna dead as well?

And why would the killer ship Joe
Bell's body back to New York in secret?

It's a conundrum to be sure, sir.

Whatever his reason, the killer comes
up with this double coffin deception.

But he needs a second corpse,
to put on top of Joe Bell's body.

So, he must have known
Delory was from New York.

The streetcar witnesses claim two men
were chatting moments before the murder.

So, the murderer killed Delory
simply because he needed a corpse?

Sir, the disregard for human life...

Indeed, George.

This assassin is well suited
to his calling.

I don't believe we've seen
his like before.

Bloody hell, Glynn.
What were you thinking, eh?

You're supposed
to write about the arrests.

Not this curse bollocks.

But a gypsy curse.
How could I ignore a thing like that?

I thought we had a deal.

I give you scoops
over all the other broadsheets

in exchange for good press

on my station house!

On your station house, yes,
not your political aspirations.

Is it possible you've confused the two?

If your reporting costs me
this election,

I guarantee I'll find a way
to make you sorry.

Is that a quote, Inspector?

- Sir.
- What do you want, Crabtree?

Sir, the gypsy women have begun
a sort of vigil outside...

Outside? Are you serious?

Yes, sir. That wise woman of theirs

says that they won't leave
until their men are released.

Shall I have the lads
try to move them off?

What, with Glynn out there lurking,
ready to make a fool out of me again?

Sir, if I were an objective observer,
which I believe I am,

I might observe that...

Sir, I believe that your policing
methods have suffered of late.

Did I hear you correctly, Crabtree?

Yes, sir.


Oh, Mr Drury. So sorry.

Yes, sir. I'll be right there.

Where are those Jarvis Street
break-in reports?

I'll fetch them, sir.

I never saw the man, Detective.

I received a telephone call.

And this caller, what did he offer you?

The continued use of my legs.

I see.

Mr Palmer, how did the second body
get into the coffin

without you seeing who put it there?

The caller asked me to prepare the
Delory corpse and then go for a stroll.

I was to leave the door open
and come back in an hour.

That's all I know.

Detective, who are these people
that threaten such ghastly violence?

Sir, the break-in reports.


The men have been showing photos
of Joe Bell around town

and discovered he made a visit to Union
Station not long before he was killed.

- He was alone?
- Yes, sir.

Why return to Union Station?

Well, apparently, he stored
several items while in transit.

He requested access to a piece
of luggage and then left the station.

Beyond that, I'm afraid the trail
goes cold, sir.

Whatever he was doing, it was certainly
without Miss Fulford's knowledge.

We need to find out
what he put into storage, Henry.


How do you do it, Murdoch?

Joe loved this watch.

Kept terrible time.

These are the rest of his effects.

Thank you.

What will you do, when all this is over?

Start again, I suppose.

Though it's hard to imagine how.

I suppose we become so accustomed
to the shape of our lives,

we're convinced that no other
is possible.

And, yet, of course it is.

You know, I've fallen for two men
in the space of a year,

and I've lost them both.

There's always the nunnery.

Two men?

One was Joe.

The other walked into my pub in Bristol.

And his heart belonged to another.


My chaperone is growing impatient.

- I'd return to the safety of your home.
- Of course.

Thank you.

I have to say I'm surprised at you,

Very surprised.

I asked a simple thing
and you made a mess of it.

The round-up went exactly to plan,
Mr Drury.

So, Paddy Glynn's the problem.

- Don't look to side step the blame.
- I beg your pardon?

Who was it who sent him down there?

Inspector, I will not accept failure.

You need to counter attack
after this fiasco.

I'm open to ideas.

Well, there is something
that might right the ship, sir.

I'm listening.

Perhaps your family would care to attend
the theatre this evening.

I could teach Joe Bell a thing or two.

When I travel, I pack one valise
and a shoe box.

Henry, a one-hour carriage ride to your
mother's house isn't travelling.

- Where would you like this monstrosity?
- Right here on the work table, George.

Right, then.

Let's see what brought Joe Bell
to Union Station.

I'm betting it's another body, sir.
It often is.

"It often is," Henry?

And we have...

Tin cans.

No doubt full of body parts, Higgins?

Inside, is...

- Oil.
- Sir.

Olive oil, to be precise.

Who would go carting around gallons
of olive oil while they're on vacation?

There's something in here.

What on earth...

American $20 bills.

Sir, if the other tins are filled with
the same, there's a fortune here.

Sir, who was this Joe Bell?
How did he come by all this money?

I have no idea, George. But it's a fair
bet that this is why he was murdered.

The paper itself is low grade.

High in linen, lacking in cotton.

And if you look at Alexander Hamilton's
buttons, there are two.

There should be three.

So, this Joe Bell was a counterfeiter
who couldn't count.

No, in fact,

according to the US Secret Service,
this counterfeiter is a forger,

who lives in Sicily.

Sicily? How did this fake money
end up in New York?

Miss Fulford said that her fianc?
Joe Bell had a shipping company.

Various cargo.

Some of which was Sicilian olive oil?

Yes. Now, the question is
whether or not Mr Bell

was part of this counterfeiting ring or
if he simply happened upon the money.

Well, either way, he helps himself
to a few tins and he makes a run for it.

Yes and the rightful owners sent
an assassin to track him down.

And the rightful owners are?

The New York City Police
have no knowledge of this Joe Bell.

But they did recognise
the double coffin ruse.

It's a technique used by an organised
crime group called The Black Hand.

It allows them to transport
victims they don't want discovered.

Pragmatic cutthroats.

Apparently this Black Hand
has its roots in Sicily,

but has been moving into
New York City's Italian community.

First a band of gypsies,
now something called organised crime.

"Toronto the good" indeed.

So, do you have a plan to put
a stop to this business?

- I might.
- Brilliant.

'Cause I have a crime wave
of my own to deal with.

Oh, yes, I've heard.
And you hope for a speedy conclusion?

I do.

With the actual thieves behind bars,
if you're wondering.

- I was not.
- Good.

Now, you have some
unpleasant business to attend to.


Joe would never associate with this
Black Hand.

He was a good soul.

No doubt.

But he did steal from The Black Hand.

And it cost him his life.

And put yours in jeopardy.

I swear, I had no idea
what Joe was doing.

And I believe you.

But the attempt on your life would
suggest The Black Hand feels otherwise.

And it's this mistaken belief

that's the basis for my idea.

- To catch his killer?
- Yes.

Now, it stands to reason that
The Black Hand wants the money back.

And I intend to give it to them.

Why would you want
to give those murderers anything?

To draw out the assassin.

I'll send them a telegram,
pretending to be you

and that you know
what they've done.

Anna will offer the money
in exchange for her life.

And when the killer presents himself,

he'll be apprehended.

And how will you contact them?

There is a funeral parlour
in New York City

I believe The Black Hand
uses as a cover.

I'll wire them the specifics of where
and when the exchange is to take place.

Well, I want to be there with you.

It's far too dangerous.

But the killer will expect to see me.
If he doesn't, he might slink away

and you'll never catch him.

Anna, I will not use you as bait.

William, if our roles were reversed,

if you were after the killer
of the woman you loved,

you would not want to be denied a role.

No, I would not.


So, what can I do to help?

Have you come to beg me
to lift the curse?


Something even more difficult than that.

I'm here to admit that I was wrong.


I know your men
didn't commit those break-ins.

But apologies aren't going to get them
out of the situation they're in.

So, your words are empty.


I do have a plan.

But I need your help.

Release my men first.

I can't.

For this to work,
they must remain in jail one more night.

May I?

The public has to believe
the men are free.

I need your women to cancel their vigil
outside my station house.

And suppose your big plan doesn't work?

Well, for one thing,
you won't have to curse me again.

I'll have the whole city doing that.

And the Police King will fall?

He will.

Well, well, well, what do we have here?

They're friends of my son, Edwin Junior.

Yes, the ones so eager to give
statements blaming the gypsies.

It was Edwin Junior's idea.

- That's rubbish.
- It's true, I swear.

What was Edwin Junior's idea?


To rob each other's house
when our families were out.

These boys are just trying
to get my son in trouble.

No. I don't think so.

You see, Mr Drury,
I went back over your boy's statement.

Before I came back up here
this afternoon,

I stopped off in front of number 28.

There's no line of sight between there
and that drawing room window.

Which means that your boy and these two
were lying when they said

they saw the gypsies
breaking into the place.

It was a set-up.

And I'm afraid your son
instigated it all.

Well, thank you, Inspector.

You can rest assured
that my son will be dealt with severely.

Actually, there'll be no backroom deals.

I'll have my men arrest
Edwin Junior at the theatre.

I'd think twice about that.

You will humiliate my family and theirs.


This may not be the smart move.

What are you saying, Lowe?

Well, politics is all about
the compromise

the give and the take,
so you give a little on this and then

you take a little on that.

Are you attempting to bribe
an officer of the law?

Of course not.

You told me to make this city,
"Toronto the good. "

And I'm doing just that.

Let's not mince words here, Tommy.

You're making a mistake that will go
far beyond throwing your campaign away.

Bribes, threats.

Now, I may not know much about politics,

but I do know about the law.

And you two are that close
to breaking it.

Boys, outside.

- Tommy, Tommy.
- The name is Inspector Brackenreid.

And I say to hell with politics.

You two can dig that subway
your bloody selves.

I'm sorry, sir, you'll have to take
the next car.

But this is the last one.

- We have an extra one running tonight.
- I don't see why I can't take this one.

- We're on a very tight schedule.
- Tight schedule?

These cars never run on time.

Sir, I'm sorry. I'm going to have
to ask you to step aside.

I have to make my shift.

If I'm late, I'll be sacked.

Sir, I understand.

- What is the issue?
- Look, sir.

Drop your weapon.


What on earth?

He murdered Joe.

Come on.

Joe Bell was a member of The Black Hand.

He handled shipping of the counterfeit
money into New York City.

All of that was going smoothly, until he
met and fell in love with Anna Fulford.

And then he wanted out.

So he took the money
to start their new life together.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

So The Black Hand sent you
to kill Joe Bell.

And in bringing his body back
to New York City,

it would send out a very clear message,

"Steal from The Black Hand,
it will find you and kill you. "

Anna Fulford is innocent.
She played no part in this.

No, we don't see it that way.

- No harm will come to her.
- You don't understand.

Someone will replace me.

If they fail, they will be replaced.

The woman will die.

The Black Hand does not forget.

It will come for her.

And for this city.

So you're off?

It's better this way.

They say Peterborough
is a nice little town.

So I've heard. Lots of chickens.

I never would have thought this
a couple of days ago,

but I think I'll miss you.

Your clan, I mean.

Thank you, Inspector. You'll forgive us
if we don't send postcards.


And I'm glad that you're here,
because I have to lift the curse.

Don't bother.

It wasn't actually a curse,
as it turned out.

I must be losing my touch.

Take care of yourself, Inspector,
you're one of the good ones.

I never did get your name.



So, these people will hunt me down
and kill me simply to save face?

I'm afraid so.

- I'm not sure if I can resign myself to that.
- You don't have to.

But you just said...

Anna, I can't protect you.

But I can help you hide.

I don't want to run and hide, William,
I want to stay here.

You can't.

Bristol, then. I could go home.

We've had these documents
made up for you.

They're your new identity.
A new name, a new past...

Everything you'll need.

But where will I go?

What am I gonna do?

Anna, what's important is surviving
to be able to make those decisions.

I'm so sorry,
but it's the best I can do.

How did this happen? Both of us
losing the futures we counted on?

Perhaps, when enough time has passed,
you could come to me.


No. You must never tell anyone
what's become of Anna Fulford.

Not even me.

To do so would place us both
in great danger.

So this really is goodbye?

I'll miss you, William.

Thank you.

Good luck, Anna.