Murdoch Mysteries (2008–…): Season 4, Episode 10 - Voices - full transcript

When a convent tries to bury one of its most venerated members in the churchyard, they find another body in the plot and Murdoch is reunited with his sister.

Quite unexpected,
as you can imagine, sir.

The nuns were
about to lay Sister St Ignatius

to her final resting place
when they noticed that her spot was...

Well, it was spoken for,
you might say, sir.

Oh, watch your step there, sir.

That's a Roman collar.

A Roman collar, sir?

George, if I'm not mistaken,
this man was a priest.

Dear Lord.

Sir, Father Hoobin was to conduct
the burial service.

Father Hoobin is the convent chaplain.

- Father.
- Detective.

Reverend Mother, come quickly.

George, we'll need to dig this man out.

Sir, I'll get some men on that
straight away.

How may I be of service, gentlemen?

Reverend Mother, I'm Detective Will...




Constable, allow me
to introduce my sister.

Father Logan.

He arrived just last night,
travelling to Winnipeg.

- En route from?
- Halifax.

His train didn't leave until morning,
so we put him up.

Were you acquainted with him?

No, but it's not uncommon for
a travelling priest to stay the night.

Sir, perhaps I'll take
Father Hoobin's statement?

Yes, George, thank you.


So you're a detective now, I see.

Yes, and you a reverend mother.


Reverend Mother,
Dr Julia Ogden, our coroner.

- The Reverend Mother is...
- Your sister Susannah, yes.

The news has already spread
amongst the constables.

I'm so pleased to make
your acquaintance.

And you.

You two have work to do. Doctor.

Reverend Mother.

We'll speak later.

I thought she was
in a cloistered convent in Montreal.

As did I.

Come in, Will.

Dr Ogden found a fracture
in Father Logan's skull.

I'll know more
once the post-mortem is completed.

I must let the Archdiocese in Halifax
know of all of this.

We'll take care of that.

At any rate, I'll need all of
Father Logan's particulars from them.

How long have you been in Toronto?

Five months.

Our order in Montreal was given
special instruction

to establish a mission convent here

and I was given dispensation
to leave the cloister.

You chose not to contact me.

It's been 20 years, Will.

I knew that you would want to meet

and I was afraid
that we would be strangers.

Strangers, Susannah?

I'm your brother.

A 17-year-old

who left to a logging camp
to get his start in the world,

that's how I remember you.

I don't know
this Detective Murdoch at all.

We'll have to change that.

How may I be of assistance
with your investigation?

What did Father Logan do
once he arrived?

He offered to hear confession,

and since Father Hoobin was away,
I agreed.

After that, he attended evening prayer.


And then, so far as I'm aware,
he went to bed

around half past nine.

The grounds have been thoroughly checked
and there's no sign of an intruder.

But there must be.

No one here had
anything to do with this.

Of course not.
I just need to confirm that.

I made confession with Father Logan,
as we all did.

God rest his soul.

Carry on, Sister.

St Anthony.

Yes, yes, I know.



We had chores, of course,
although not everyone gets theirs done.

I went to Vespers and then I helped
Sister Theresa with her reading.

She's Anglican, so she needs
all the help she can get.

Sister Theresa, did you see or hear
anything out of the ordinary last night?

None of us did.

Did Father Logan seem apprehensive
or distracted in any way?


Do you think he knew
someone was after him?

When I was accepted as a novice,
I was so happy.

I knew that I'd be safe in God's house.

But how safe are we
if a priest can be murdered here?

Sister Bernadette,
did you see Father Logan

last night after confession?

Only at Vespers.

Then you retired for the night?

No, I had kitchen duty.
But I didn't hear anything outside.

Aren't chores before Vespers?

Not all the time.

A Catholic priest gets murdered
in a convent

run by the sister you haven't seen
since the Crusades?

Yes, sir.

Hell of a family reunion,
pardon the expression.

Have a seat, Murdoch.
How you holding up?

Oh, I'm fine.

We've interviewed
everyone at the convent

and no one saw or heard
anything that they're admitting to.

You think they're lying?

They're nuns, Murdoch.

They tell a fib,
they go to Limbo, don't they?

More likely Purgatory.

- Briefly...
- I don't understand these choices.

We Protestants have Heaven or Hell,
up or down. No messing around.

Yes, sir.

What about this Father Hoobin character?

He lives at a nearby rectory,
only visiting the convent

to hear confession
and conduct evening prayer.

Last night he was at the home of
a parishioner that is on his deathbed

to perform extreme unction.

- Extreme...
- Last rites, so to speak.

Sirs, telegram
from the Archdiocese in Halifax.

They have no record of a Father Logan.

Hmm. Perhaps my sister was mistaken
about his home parish.

Also, sir, Dr Ogden called for you.

Father Logan suffered
two blows to the head,

the first with something flat and broad.

- A shovel, perhaps?
- Possibly.

Though the second blow
caused the fracture.

This time
with something small and heavy.

The second blow was fatal.

It likely knocked him unconscious
but it's not what killed him.

The cause of death is asphyxiation.

There was a sizeable amount of inhaled
soil in the oesophagus and lungs.

I'm afraid he was buried alive.

So, how have you and Susannah
been getting along?

Oh, I hardly know.

I haven't seen her or spoken to her
since she was 14

and left our aunt's home
for the convent school.

Later, when she joined
the cloistered nuns in Montreal,

she wrote a final letter saying
the outside world was dead to her.


That must have been painful for you.

What do you have there?

It's Father Logan's stomach contents.
Beef stew.

Father Logan was killed on a Friday.

Catholics don't eat meat that day.

Perhaps he was not so devout?

Perhaps he was no priest.

And this one,
he invented to see in the dark.

What on earth for?
Have you no lanterns, Inspector?

Ah, Detective Murdoch.

I was just providing the Reverend Mother
with some insights into her big brother.

He built a contraption that can find
sunken boats underwater.

Is that right?

Thank you for keeping
my sister company, Inspector.

Right, well, pleasure to meet you.

And you.

So this is your world now, Will.


Well, not entirely.

Mother had hoped
you'd be a priest one day.

That wouldn't have been right for you.

Why do you say that?

You were forever asking
how things worked.

Why they worked.

A priest or someone like me tries
to comprehend God's ways,

but doesn't question.

I suppose you were always a detective,

choosing science over faith.

Judges and juries weigh facts,
not my faith.

Besides, the Jesuits taught me
mathematics, science...

Of course.

Do you know if he's still alive?



Last time I saw him, two years ago
out west, he seemed robust.

You'd think the punishment
for the grief he caused us all

would have earned him an early grave
and damnation.

Is that what you came here
to say, Susannah?


I have reason to believe
Father Logan was not a priest.

Yes, I've come to the same conclusion.
Why do you say so?

Sister Catherine told me.

Who's Sister Catherine?

Why did you not tell me
about her before now?

She never goes outside now.

In fact, she has no contact with anyone
other than myself.

Why is that?

Reverend Mother.

- This is your brother?
- It is, Sister.

He has some questions.

Very well.

Sister Catherine, how do you know
that Father Logan was not a priest?

God told me.

God told you?

Well, one of his angels, actually.

But angels are messengers of God,
are they not?

Sister Catherine has been chosen by God
to be a conduit to the divine.

It was Mary of Magdala
who told me about Father Logan.

She said he was no man of God.

She said he was the Devil.

And that took place in this room?

On my bed. The voices often come to me
when I'm at rest.

Last night I heard
the voice of the Devil himself.

The Devil speaks to you as well?

No, to Mary of Magdala.

He raged at her, but she drove him out.

She must rest.

The angel that slew him
is buried beneath him.

Mary spoke those words to me.

Sir, what is it exactly
we're looking for?

I suppose we're testing a divine theory.

I believe this is an angel, sir.

It's buried beneath him.

The stone angel was exactly where
Sister Catherine said it would be,

as instructed by Mary of Magdala.

I would think
that you would be appreciative.

And I am.

But Sister Catherine may have
witnessed the murder

- or be otherwise involved.
- Involved?

It's absurd to think
that she fractured a man's skull,

dragged him to his grave and buried him.

I haven't yet established
that there was only one assailant.

You don't understand, Will.

Sister Catherine is far too frail
to make her way to the gardens.

These past few weeks,
she's refused to eat.

- She's starving herself?
- She's proving herself to God.

Her single concern is piety

and I firmly believe that she has been
rewarded with divine communion.

Be that as it may,

I find it hard to believe
that God intervenes

in murder investigations, Susannah.

Who are we to assume God's priorities?

The fact is, William,

the angels speak to Sister Catherine.

Or have you no faith
in such things any more?

And then just as the chapter concludes,

our heroes realise they must rush back
to save the queen

from Sekmet's evil bio-cannon.

This murder mystery of yours is
starting to sound peculiar, George.

Well, thank you, sir.

Although it doesn't hold a stitch
to this scenario.

God having his angels talk
to Sister Catherine?

It must mean
that angels watch over this place.

In fact, they could be listening
to our very words right this minute.

Sir, what are you looking at?

I think we know
where our angel came from, George.

Indeed. Sir, I believe
there's some blood here.

Yes, George.

This is it.

This is the scene of the crime.

Very good, sir.


A crucifix.

A tin box.

It's empty.

You wanted
to show me something, Doctor?

It's a syphilitic lesion.

And in mind of the circumstances
of this case, I had a thought.

Which is?

Are you familiar with the Virgin Cure?

The mistaken belief that

intimate relations
with a virgin will cure disease.

What better place
to find a virgin than a convent?

The Virgin Cure?

I can't imagine anything more evil.

If our victim was attempting
to avail himself of this cure,

it could be why he was killed.

I will speak to the sisters, of course,

but I'm sure that they would have
come to me

if there had been
any attempt to molest them.

I found this in the garden, as well,

where I believe the victim was
rendered unconscious.

Do you know who it belongs to?

No. But I'll ask and see
if anyone has lost theirs.


We found blood in the garden,
no doubt the victim's,

but it's reasonable to assume
that the killer was splattered

during the attack.


I've sent some of my men to the convent
to search for any items of clothing.

You did what?

The killer is not among us, Will,
and I insist that you stop

this unseemly pursuit of yours.

I will have my men
return to the station,

once they have completed their duties.


there's been a development.

Ah, sir, there you are.

We found it in the convent laundry.

A man's undergarment.

I believe I need
to visit the rectory.

This was found in the convent.

Yes, that's mine.

I usually leave my laundry
at the convent

for the nuns to attend to.

You will note that there's blood on it.

Detective, it's my blood.

Here, I'll show you.

Self-flagellation is performed
as religious discipline

or as penance for wrongdoing.

Which is the case for you,
Father Hoobin?

That is between myself and God.


No, that is between you
and the Constabulary.

I will be needing your answer.

My answer is that I told you
I was visiting the Bishop.

Check with him.

Will, I'm so glad you're here.

We left on unpleasant terms yesterday.

Oh, don't worry about that.

The angel spoke to Sister Catherine
again this morning.


Sister Catherine.

The cross is lost.

What cross? Lost where?

The garden.

She must be referring to the crucifix
that you found there,

but no one told her.

Do you believe now?

Sister Catherine,

whose voice did you hear?

Mary of Magdala.

And no one else?


- Sister Catherine.
- My...

Cross... Help me...

Oh, dear God!


Sisters, we need help!

Sister Catherine.

You must convince her to eat.

Starvation and lack of water
will kill her.

I suppose you've reasoned

that her condition explains
her communion with God?

Susannah, she could die.
I should be taking her to a hospital.

No. We'll see to her.

Have you lost
your faith, William?

You have a responsibility,

I have a responsibility to...

I need you to keep your faith.

I don't just have
a responsibility to you,

I have a responsibility to God.

We have to see it through.

I don't have any faith left.

So figure me this, George.

These papists believe in celibacy...

Er, Catholics, Henry.
I think they prefer Catholics.

Okay, well, these Catholics believe
in abstinence for their priest

- because it brings them closer to God?
- Yes, correct.

Yes, but those practising abstinence
don't have children,

and so, by Darwin's theory
of natural selection,

won't pass on their inclination
towards taking holy orders.

Pretty soon,
no one wants to be a priest.

So are we running out
of priests, Henry? Is this a problem?

I mean, are we entering some sort
of worldwide priest shortage?

You're missing
the point, George.


Henry! Can you hear my voice?

Yes, sir. Are you trapped
underground somewhere?

No, no. Follow the sound of my voice
until you see a clay pipe.

Just follow my voice.

Sir, I think we found you.
The pipe leads out here.

Are you in the garden
where the murder took place?

Yes, sir.

I hardly think that Sister Catherine's
conduit to God was a drainage pipe.

It's part of an old plumbing system,
very efficient at conveying sound.

It must have been covered up
in the last renovation.

So all this time she was hearing
conversations in the garden?

And most likely the murder, as well,

and the killer, or killers,
speaking after the fact.

I need to talk to her again.

We're just nursing her back to health.
She's in no condition.

Susannah, these divine messages
could be the key to solving this murder.

Well, I keep a written record
of the messages.

That will have to do.


Sir, I spoke with the Bishop.

He confirms that
on the night of the murder,

he and Father Hoobin discussed

a plan to repair
the church in Millbrook.

That's Hoobin's hometown.

So if Father Hoobin was with the Bishop,
he can't be our killer.

Yes, sir, but strangely,
Father Hoobin had with him $950,

which he just gave the Bishop
to go towards the repairs.

Really? Where does a priest
get money like that?

Well, good question, sir.

The other strange thing is
the wife of the dying parishioner

that Hoobin had visited prior

said that he left their house
at 9:00 p.m.,

but the Bishop said Father Hoobin
didn't arrive until quarter of ten.

Now, that trip should have taken
20 minutes, not 45.

I can't help wondering what delayed him.

After I left the parishioner's,
I stopped here at the rectory

to pick up some documents
and then I carried on my way.

I see. If I may,
how is it you came into nearly $1,000

to give to the church in Millbrook?

It was my inheritance.
I'd been saving it for a good cause.

That's very commendable.

Detective Murdoch,
I didn't kill that man.

I wasn't at the convent.

I believe you were.

You encountered Father Logan,
realised that he was an imposter,

so he attacked you to silence you.

Invent any scenario you like.

What about the self-flagellation?

Wasn't it over the guilt you felt
for committing murder?

I do have guilt, yes,
but not for that reason.

I believe I've lost my faith.

Is your first name William?

Yes, it is.

You were in the convent garden
earlier today.

A woman asked you
if you'd lost your faith.

- Who was it?
- Sister Theresa.

No. A novice would never address
a priest by his first name.

She and I became friends.

In the most ironic of ways,

she is discovering her faith
just as I am losing mine.

You and Father Hoobin had a conversation
in the garden earlier today.


He says he found you there alone.

Were you looking for this?

That's not mine.

This is.

Sister Theresa...

Sister Bernadette?

What seems to be the trouble?

Nothing important. I'll come back.

Thank you.

Sister Bernadette?

What has you so upset?

I received a scolding
from the Reverend Mother.

Somehow she heard about us
wagering on card games.

Excuse me.

Hello, Detective.

Sister St Anthony.

Yes, we're burying
Sister St Ignatius later today.

This morning
I went to see all was ready.

Her rosary is missing from her body,
crucifix and all.

I think someone stole it.

What's this, then?
Quotes from the drainpipe?

Yes, sir.

I'm convinced the solution to this crime
is here somewhere.

I believe Sister Catherine overheard
a series of conversations,

including one with the killer.

But before her seizure,
Sister Catherine said,

"My cross. Help me find... "


In that case,
perhaps it's referring to the crucifix

that I found in the garden. And if so,

she may have overheard the killer

still at the scene of the crime
looking for it.

- And speaking to a third party?
- Exactly.

Sirs, we've had a response
to the photograph that we sent around.

It seems our victim's name
is Tommy Tasker.

He was arrested a month ago
for bank robbery,

but escaped
while being transferred to court.

- This was in Toronto?
- No, sir, Millbrook.

Father Hoobin's hometown.

Millbrook's barely a hamlet.

Tommy Tasker and Father Hoobin
must have crossed paths.

Father Hoobin,
do you recognise this man?

All I know is
he called himself Father Logan.

His real name is Tommy Tasker.

That name sound familiar?


Father, I have a telegram here
from the Millbrook Constabulary.

It pertains to an attempted robbery
nine years ago on July 17, 1889.

Could you please read
the names of the co-accused?

"Tommy Tasker and Billy Hoobin. "

We were altar boys.

But we started getting into trouble.
We ran together for a few years.

But, after I decided to become a priest,
I never saw Tommy again

until he showed up in that grave.

For the last time, I didn't kill him.

Why did you lie about knowing him?

Father William Hoobin,

you are under arrest
for the murder of Tommy Tasker.


What brings you here?

Is it true you've arrested Father Hoobin
for the murder?

Yes, I'm afraid it is.


I can't let an innocent man hang
for my sin.

Your sin?

Father Hoobin didn't kill that man.

I did.

It was dark.

After Vespers, I went
for a walk before retiring.

Sister St Ignatius was
very much on my mind.

She was like a mother to me.

Reverend Mother,
please, the circumstances.

I was in the garden when Father Logan,

or Tommy Tasker, as you say,

rushed up behind me and threw me down.


Did he interfere with you?

He tried.

I managed to push him off briefly.

I grabbed a shovel and hit him with it.

He fell and then he got back up again.

And the next thing I knew,

I had a stone angel in my hand
and he was on the ground.


you acted in self-defence.

Why not simply tell me this
from the beginning?

I killed a priest, Will.

Or at least I thought he was one.

Who would believe that a priest
could commit a sexual assault?

Not the Archdiocese or the Holy See,
and, most certainly, not the police.

So the voices
Sister Catherine heard were...

Mine and Tasker's.

And, in all this,
your crucifix got torn off?

Yes, I looked everywhere for it, but...

So I took Sister St Ignatius's
as a replacement, I'm ashamed to say.

So when you were searching
for the crucifix in the garden,

who was it you said "help me find it"
to, if it wasn't Tasker?

There was no one else there but me.

So no one helped you carry Tasker's body
to the grave and dump it in?



I believe Sister Catherine heard a voice

calling out to a third party for help,

saying, "My cross, help me find it. "

There was someone else there with you.

Sister Catherine was delirious.
You said so yourself.

It was just me.

I killed a man, Will. I was frantic.

I checked for a pulse,
but it was too late.

I didn't know what else to do.

Tasker wasn't dead when he was buried.

If you checked for a pulse,
you would have found one.

Well, if he was near dead,
then his pulse would have been weak.

Reverend Mother, you're lying.

Listen, Murdoch,

if your sister won't tell us
who the accomplice is,

we're just gonna have to
figure this out for ourselves.

Could be this third party's the killer

and that Susannah was only
involved after the fact.

That distinction is
less than comforting, sir,

but I agree Susannah appears to be
protecting someone.

Tasker knew that Father Hoobin was
chaplain to a convent.

If Tasker was really after
the Virgin Cure,

it would make sense
that he would go there.

He stole some of Father Hoobin's
vestments from the rectory

while Hoobin was
at the parishioner's house.

That makes sense.

So what's your problem?

- Sir.
- What?

The cross.

Sir, a Catholic nun loses her crucifix
in the middle of a garden.

Why does she call it a cross?

Doesn't make sense.

No, it doesn't.

Unless that nun was raised
as an Anglican.

"For my salvation is near to come,

"and my righteousness to be revealed.

"Blessed is the... "


Sister Theresa,

may I see your rosary?


Of course.


This has years of wear.

It belonged
to Sister Ignatius, didn't it?

Sister Bernadette.

I was working in the kitchen
when I heard a noise outside.

I went out and found Theresa
and the father in a struggle.

He was on top of her, so...

I hit him with the shovel.

Then what?

He still wouldn't stop.

- So I picked up the stone angel...
- Bernadette, please.

I was the one
who hit him with the angel.

He tried to rape me.

I thought he was going to
go after me again.

And you both decided to bury him.

The father
would have simply disappeared,

to catch his train to Winnipeg
for all anyone would know.

But when we saw his hand sticking out
of the dirt the next day, we realised...

We thought he was dead
when we buried him.

Detective Murdoch,

you must believe that.

We're not monsters.

Why let the Reverend Mother
take the blame

for what you had done
and surely go to the gallows?

She insisted.

That time you saw me crying,
I had just told her the truth.

I pleaded with her
not to confess to our sins,

but she wouldn't hear it.

She said it was better this way.

This way, please.

Susannah, I don't understand.

Father Hoobin was entirely innocent
of any crime, Will.

Sisters Bernadette and Theresa were
faced with an agonising choice

for survival's sake.

In each instance, my duty was clear.

We must sacrifice our own interests
to protect the innocent.

What are you hiding from me?

I must go now.
They'll be needing lawyers.

Glad to see this case wrapped up,

and with your sister no part
in the murder and so on and so forth.

But the thought of two nuns
swinging from a rope, well...

The case is wrapped up, Murdoch, right?

I suppose so, sir.

But it troubles me that once Tasker was
knocked to the ground,

they didn't simply run or call for help.

Sister Theresa did not need
to finish him off.

Well, maybe not,
but with something like that...

Sirs, excuse me.

From the Millbrook Constabulary,
Tommy Tasker's complete file.

I've perused it and it is enlightening,
to say the least.

Especially this part.

Tommy Tasker was arrested for seduction
five years ago in Millbrook.

Seduction, ah.

Promised marriage to a girl to win
her favours and then backed out, did he?

Yes, sir. And the man who brought
the charges against Tommy Tasker

was Billy Hoobin.

What's going on?

Sir, the young woman
that Tasker attacked

was a Mary Albert from Bethany, Ontario.

Mary of Bethany.

What's Bethany got to do with anything?

Sister Catherine said that
one of the voices she heard

was that of Mary Magdala.

The biblical Mary Magdala was
from Bethany.

Mary Magdala is Mary of Bethany.

And our Mary from Bethany
is Mary Albert.

So who's Mary Albert?

The young woman
Father Hoobin lied to protect.

Have a seat.

Why is Sister Theresa here?

Oh, I think you know, Father.

Five years ago, Tommy Tasker was
arrested for seduction.

The complainant was one Billy Hoobin

and the alleged victim was Mary Albert.

Sister Theresa,

that was the religious name you were
given when you became a novice, yes?


Father Hoobin,

the crime of seduction carries with it
a prison sentence.

Alerting the authorities
to an occurrence of seduction would be

an ideal way of ridding oneself
of a rival for a woman's affections,

wouldn't it?

So what happened, then?

Missy here was free and clear of Tasker.

I reckon you offered
a shoulder to cry on.

But she didn't want you.

Still pining for Tasker, was she?

Alas, after a short stint
in prison, Tasker reunited with Mary.

Right about the time you left Millbrook
to study for the priesthood.

No one likes being rejected, Father,

but that seems a bit drastic to me.

So as the years went on,
Tasker moved his way up

from petty theft to bank robbery.

With his lovely Mary
by his side the whole time.

Most recently, Tasker stole nearly
$1,000 from a Millbrook bank.

Strangely, the authorities were
tipped off by an anonymous letter.

Tasker went to jail,
Mary Albert vanished

and so did the money.

Why don't you two take it from here?

Tommy was a brute.

Not at first, but then it started.

I realised I should have been
with Billy all along.

So you took the money and ran?

I needed to hide from Tommy
and I knew that Billy would take me in.

When Mary showed up at my door
two months ago,

I realised nothing had changed.

My love for her never died.

I wrote to the Holy Father
to be released from my vows.

We were planning to marry.

But then Tasker showed up.

On the other side of the confessional.

He wanted the money

and I was going to give it to him
just to make him go away.

It was gone.

I'd hidden it in a tin box
in the garden.

And when I took Tommy there,
he saw that it was empty and...

He thought I'd lied to him.
He attacked me.

I'm sure if Bernadette hadn't
come along, he would have killed me.

So you killed him first
while you had the chance?

It was him or me.

And fabricated the story
of the attempted rape?

I needed Bernadette's help
to hide the body.

She never would have if she'd known
that I'd killed a man on purpose.

And she wouldn't have had to do it
had I not

taken the money.

You took it?

Why? That was our nest egg, Billy.
Why did you do that?

To absolve me of my sins, I hoped,

and ease the guilt
of leaving the Church.

I wanted Mary and I to have
a fresh start, yes,

but with a clean break from the past.

If you hadn't done that,
none of this would have happened!

All Tommy wanted was the money!

Father Hoobin will be required
to testify against Sister Theresa.

And Sister Bernadette?

We'll petition the courts for leniency.

I doubt any judge will want
to punish her too severely.

But there will be punishment
of some duration.

This terrible business has
quite crushed our spirit here.

My heart is heavy
knowing the full truth.

It's not how I imagined our reunion.

I've spoken harshly to you at times
these last few days, Will.

I regret that.

You were in a difficult position.

Thank you.

It's my hope that we can
find time for each other now.

I know that there must be
many demands on you...


I will be returning
to the cloister in Montreal.

But we've only just found each other.

I know.

I feel the same way.

Then why leave?

My reasons for confessing to the murder
were not based solely on protecting

those that I assumed to be innocent.

The truth is

God has called me home.

Called you home?

I've been unwell for some time

and I haven't long.

You wondered why I hadn't told you
that I was in Toronto.

I didn't think that God would
give me the strength...


To tell my brother,
whom I love so deeply...

I hope that you will forgive me
for wanting to spend my final days

in prayer and contemplation.

Can you forgive me?

Of course.


Pray with me.