Murdoch Mysteries (2008–…): Season 16, Episode 7 - Murdoch and the Sonic Boom - full transcript

Hours before a clandestine visit by President Taft, Murdoch is entangled by Terence Meyers in an experiment gone wrong.

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Season 16 Episode 07

Episode Title: "Murdoch and the Sonic Boom"
Aired on: October 24, 2022.

Oy, Murdoch.

Terence Meyers.

To what do we owe
the pleasure this time?

- Uh...
- Taft is coming to town today.

- The American president?
- Not an official visit.

He's simply en route to his
summer home in Quebec.

The prime minister has picked
our station to provide security.

Because of the trust
we've earned.

No. Only because your station
is closest to where taft

will be disembarking.

He's getting off
at the Don station?

- By the bloody pig packers?
- Mm.

The Americans insisted on it.

We believe it's intended
to humiliate laurier

by meeting with him in the worst
possible part of Toronto.


So, I've drafted
an itinerary, gentlemen.

Please familiarize
yourselves with it.

- You're leaving?
- Yes.

A problem has arisen
on project aardvark.

Why aardvark? Oh!

- National security.
- No, not national security.

The last one was zebra
and we're...

Well, we're back to a. So...

Thank you.

Suspicious death
at the telegraph office.

- The one on the corner?
- Hm.

The alphabet.

Very clever.
I like that.

What have we, Henry?

John Doe, sir.

Collapsed while he was talking
on the telephone here.

And what makes
this death suspicious?

the window shattered

at the very moment he collapsed.

More curious than suspicious,
I suppose.

I was here when it happened.

I... I figured he'd been shot.

Mrs. Hart?

No sign of any external wound,

but bleeding from the nose
and the ears.

Thank you.

What else could cause that?

A severe blow to the head, but
there's no indication of such.

Hm. Well, that is curious.

- I've looked everywhere, sir.
- No bricks, no rocks.

Henry, windows don't simply
shatter themselves.

If something was thrown, sir,
it's gone now.

Henry, at what time
did this man collapse?

Uh... 10:15, sir.

I'd like you to stay
a little while

until you're feeling better.
Just take a seat.

Have a seat.

Another one's just come in.

- Mrs. Dunnegan.
- Hm.

Dizziness as well as headache

and what she calls
tummy flutter.

- How many is this now?
- Five.

Well, six if you include the woman
who saw angels hovering over her.

- It's very odd.
- Nurse Sullivan is calling it

- "east end syndrome".
- East end?

That's where
most of them live.

Except for Mrs. Follows,
who lives near church.

Perhaps this is environmental.

A localized toxin.

How many are still here?

Just Mrs. Dunnegan
and Mrs. O'Conner.

Find out exactly
where they were

before and during
their symptoms.

Contact the others as well.

- I want to track this down.
- All right.

Bleeding out
his nose and ears?

Yes, sir. Presumably
caused by severe trauma.

Yet he wasn't assaulted
at the telegraph office.

Maybe before?

Witnesses also stated
that the back window

smashed at the very moment
he collapsed.

- Coincidence?
- I thought so as well,

but then I found this
in his pocket.

10-15, number eight.

The precise time and
place of his death.


I've never seen
anything like it.

His intestines have ruptured
and his lungs have collapsed.

But he had
no visible injuries.

Not just that.

He wouldn't have been
able to walk

into the telegraph office
in such a condition.

He could've neither stood,
nor breathed.

Yet he was alive and well
moments before he collapsed.

Somehow, this happened
to him there.

I have no idea how.

Mrs. Darby lives across
the river on munro street.

She left her house
at half past nine

to go to her job
at the house of Providence.

And who's left?

Uh, Mrs. Ball.

Which one was she?

Unsettling thoughts
and stomach discomfort.

Yes. She thought she had
a ghost inside her.

Where did she go?

Uh, she lives at the corner
of parliament and sydenham

and was going to visit
her friend

at Toronto general hospital,
but she went to buy flowers

on queen street at hannigan's.

That's where she started
to feel funny.

Well, there it is.

All of these people start and
end their trips at different places,

but they all pass through
this intersection right here.


- Henry?
- Uh, thank you.

Have you been able
to interview everyone?

All those
I can track down, sir.


Well, let's begin with
all of those who observed

our John Doe prior
to his collapse.

- That would be...
- William!

- What are you doing here?
- Julia.

What are you doing here?

I thought it was a clinic day.

Well, it is, but I've become

somewhat of a detective
myself this morning.

- Hm?
- I've uncovered

the most unusual syndrome,

manifesting in symptoms both
physical and psychological.

Well, spiritual actually.

- Spiritual?
- Yes!

My patients report seeing
ghosts and angels

and they all passed through this
intersection at the same time.

What time was this?

Just after ten o'clock,
but it's hard to be specific.

Did any of them
happen to come

through this telegraph
office, by chance?

I don't think so. Why?

Julia, a man died here
at 10:15 this morning.

He experienced severe
internal trauma

and... and well...
Now you've...


Of the people you interviewed,

did any of them
experience, uh...

What... what are the symptoms?

Headaches, uh, internal
discomfort and apparitions.

- What, like ghosts?
- Or angels.

No angels,
but I've got ghosts.


A clement bragg said he felt
the ghost of our John Doe

pass through him
the moment he collapsed.

But I think he'd been...

Ah. Anyone else?

Yes. Mrs. Jarvis said
she wanted to help John Doe,

but felt the hand of god
holding her down.

Oh! Well, that's curious!

Also, one of
the switchboard operators

said she saw an aardvark, but...

...She was obviously a loony.

Please take us to her.

It was nothing.

I just had one of
my episodes, is all.


They're not exactly fits.

I don't fall down
and start kicking about.

You experience
pet it mal seizures.

Just once in a while.

I can feel them coming,

I get crazy notions,
but I don't act crazy.

You say you saw an aardvark?

Just before I blacked out.

It flew off.

It flew?

Well, it's some kind of bird,
isn't it?

Thank you, miss Clark.

How fascinating.

I suspect her seizure
was triggered by the same event

that affected my patients
and your John Doe.

She doesn't know what
an aardvark looks like.

Well, I'm not entirely
sure myself.

Then how could she
have seen one?

Well, certain types
of epilepsy

can cause hallucinations,

Do you think it's possible
that she overheard someone

say the word "aardvark"?

- It's possible. Why?
- Because it's the name

of a secret government mission.

What are the odds the word "aardvark"
would come up twice in one day?

has calvert Weston arrived?

- Who?
- The American attaché?

What's he look like?

If he were here,
you'd know it.

- Can I help you, sir?
- No.

- And... he's here.
- Mr. Weston. Welcome to Toronto.

This is inspector brackenreid.

You received my telegram?

I did.

We're ready to discuss
your requests.

They're not requests.

They're requirements.


Which we are doing
our utmost to fulfill.

At bloody short notice,
by the way.

Perhaps it would be best if
I were to clarify our position.

This meeting is at the request
of your prime minister

and serves Canadian interests.

President taft agreed because
he's already in the country

for personal reasons
and views this a courtesy.

That is understood.

It has no official bearing,
and any undertaking

will be devoid of effect and,
as you know,

this is the president's first
visit outside the United States

since Mexico and we do not want
a repeat of what happened there.

Of course. Security
is our highest priority.

To that end, I am in charge
of every person seconded to me

and that includes you and
the employees of this station.

- Now, hold on!
- Understood.

This visit will be conducted
with absolute secrecy.

No press. No photographs.

The president will have no physical
contact with any other person,

save your prime minister,

who will be afforded
a single handshake

upon arrival and departure.

Any breach and this visit
will be aborted.

Is there any of this that is
not understood and accepted?

- It was understood. Yeah.
- Understood.

The president's train will
arrive in one hour and 50 minutes.

Let us proceed.

We need to talk.

Another time, Murdoch.

It has to do with
your aardvark project.

You go on ahead.

- You want me to go with him?
- Mm, yeah.

- Sorry.
- Excuse me, doctor.

What do you know?

A man is dead.

Others have been sickened.

Wasn't supposed to be lethal.


So, last fall,

several employees
at our Toronto headquarters

started experiencing periods
of acute discomfort,

which subsided
after a moment or two.

We assumed it was the Belgians.

- The Belgians?
- Yes, their consulate

is directly across the street.

- And you don't trust them.
- Pff. Does anyone?

Uh, you believe the Belgians

created some kind
of secret weapon?

- We did.
- But we were wrong.

It turned out that these attacks

were emanating from a sump pump
that had become unbolted

in the building's basement.

And the vibrations travel led
through the building?


Once the sump pump was
reattached, the problem stopped.

But it got us thinking.

What if it could be a weapon?

Of course it did.

Now, the potential for crowd
control was obvious,

but there were other
applications, as well.

Such as murder.

This will go a lot faster

if you let me do
the talking, Murdoch.


We contracted
a German scientist

by the name of Klaus meisner
to design the device.

What frequencies is he using?

Uh, between 10 and 20 cycles
per second,

13 being the default.

- So, below human hearing.
- Yeah.

It was a fortunate coincidence
that the frequency

with the greatest effect also
turned out to be undetectable.

And what is the effect?


Nausea. Headache, mostly.

Well, that would align with
the experience of my patients.

I tested it myself.

It's unpleasant, to be sure,
but certainly not deadly.

And yet, a man is dead.

In manners and circumstance

deeply connected
to this project aardvark.

So, there's something else
you should know.

These devices have been stolen.

We assume by Klaus meisner.

We also assume that he's
responsible for this murder.

Well, I wish you luck.

I need to get back
to the clinic.

Oh! Are you sure?

My mystery's solved.

Sounds like yours
is just beginning.

Shall we start
with this John Doe?



Do you know this man?

- Yes, I do.
- This is Klaus meisner.

Why did you think
Klaus meisner was behind this?

He was kicking up a fuss.

Suggested the program
be canceled,

- the emitters destroyed.
- Why?

Believe me, Murdoch,
if I knew, I would tell you.

Where did he work?

I'll take you.

- We're on the top floor?
- Yes.

The floor below is to be
cleared and locked off.

- No one is to enter.
- I'll get my men on it.

That would require me
to trust their competence.

Your men will patrol
the periphery.

Two on the roof,
another two in each stairwell.

Armed, of course.

Make it shotguns.

Less chance of missing.

You give me ten men
and I'll pick six.

We'll go with that chair.
It's more sturdy.

The president has a bad back.
Now, where's the telephone?

I'm expecting a call
from the first lady.

- Who?
- The president's wife.

- Ah.
- The call will be coming

at five o'clock.

You tell the front desk

to make sure that line is open.

What time did meisner die?

10:15. Why?


I was here at 11:00
looking for him.

Left that in the door jam.

Someone's been here.

And may still be here.


Step into view with
your hands raised!

Alexander Graham bell!

- Detective Murdoch!
- What a sur... prise!

I'm sorry.
I don't believe we've met.

Uh, Mr. Bell,
this is Terence...

He doesn't need
to know my name.

What are you doing here,
Mr. Bell?

I came at the request
of Klaus meisner.

For what purpose?

Well, he wanted to use
an instrument I'd built

to measure subsonic vibrations.

May I ask what
all this is about?

We believe a subsonic
wave emitter

built by Klaus meisner
was used to kill him.

That's still speculation,

Klaus is dead?

My god.

I... I spoke to him
just this morning.

He was supposed
to meet me here at noon.

- Is this the emitter?
- It is.

And, unfortunately, the only one
left in our possession.

Gentlemen, would you like
a demonstration?

All right.

Uh, hmm...

Stand no closer than ten feet,

or you will experience the worst
headache of your life.




Whoa. That's enough for me.

Oh! Ha!

I must confess,

I had to retain strict control
over certain muscles

I only have the excuse
to use once a day.

Common symptom.

Some agents couldn't
maintain any control,

so, as you can see,
effective crowd control,

but even at this close range,

the waves produced
are not fatal.

Yes, but Klaus meisner
is dead.

What if several machines
were aimed at him?

Well, their waves would likely
interfere with each other

and cancel each other out.

Ah, if they were to converge
at peak amplitude.

- Peak what?
- Well, if the emitters

were equidistant, huh,

and fired synchronously,

the wave peaks would converge

at a single point.

The resulting amplitude
would be the sum of each.

So, say, ten emitters
precisely arrayed

would produce an amplitude
ten times greater

at the point of convergence.

Yes, but keep in mind
that the intensity

will diminish to the square root
of the distance.

- Of course.
- Mm-hmm.

Just how many machines
are missing, Meyers?




I suppose that could
kill a man.

Is this it? One vehicle?

It was our understanding
only the president

and his driver would be leaving
from the station.

In full view
with no protection?

I want three cars:
One in the front, one following.

There will be no stopping between
the station and the dominion hotel.

These are meisner's notes
on the emitters.

It seems he had
the same idea as you, Mr. Bell.

He'd even worked out
the interference patterns.

- I would have thought as much.
- He was serious about this.


What are you two
talking about?

What the devil is
an interference pattern?

Well, when waves interact,

they either amplify
or destroy one another,

creating nodes of
high and low amplitude.

Rather beautiful geometry, hmm?

Which would explain
the effect on the people

outside the telegraph office
when Mr. Meisner collapsed.

They each occupied
a different node.

That makes sense.


Oh, it's a film.

That's Klaus meisner.

It appears he's conducting
an experiment.

Perhaps he's testing
his theories?

Who is that?

Meisner's assistant,
Rupert Lamar.

- Where is he now?
- We have yet to locate him.

Good lord.

It can make you burst!?!

I believe
the wavelength emitted

matched the resonant frequency
of the watermelon,

much like the voice of a soprano
could shatter a wine glass.

So, what would be the resonant
frequency of the human body?

Different organs
and materials would have...

Different natural frequencies,
but I suspect,

given what we've seen, that it
would be in the subsonic range.

If meisner was targeted, how?

Having separate waveforms
converge at a single point

would require absolute precision
in both location and timing.

So how could they
possibly know

he was going to position himself
in exactly the right place?

Very true.

A few feet to the side

and the effects would have
been very different.

Wait! He was at a specific
place and time.

He was on the telephone.

Of course.

Whoever triggered the devices

was possibly on the phone
with him at the time.

- How? Did he...
- Did he call them?

Or they called him?

This note was found
in Klaus meisner's pocket,

the man who died earlier.

- That's right.
- Telephone number eight at 10:15.

Yes. Now, what I need to know

is who was on the other end
of that call?

Or, at the very least, whether
it was placed, or received.

I can do you better than that.

The call came from fp 412 from
a man called Grant Taylor.

- How did you...
- Mr. Meisner was expecting

a call in booth eight
and wanted to know

who was going to be calling,
so I wrote it down.


Mr. Taylor...

How is it that a witness
to Mr. Meisner's collapse

at the very same time called him

from a telephone
three blocks away?

- I've nothing to say.
- Oh, come now, Mr. Taylor.

It was your phone call
that ensured his death.

You could be facing the noose.

I've nothing to say.

Put him in the cells.

So, we know the waveforms

converged at the telegraph
office here.

So you're saying
the emitters are located

along these concentric
lines here?

- Mm-hmm.
- How far apart are these?

87 feet, which corresponds
to 13 cycles per second.

Let's start kicking down
some doors.

Something's happening. I...

Oh, move! Both of you!

I believe we're under attack.

It's not that severe.

We must be inside
one of the nodes,

but we're not
the intended target.

The cells!

I don't understand.

If the emitters were set
along these lines

in order to converge
at the telegraph office here,

then how were they able
to converge

at our station house here
a block away?

Could they have relocated
every emitter?

No. That would be impossible
with such short notice.

- Mm.
- And Mr. Taylor was only

in our station house for,
what, 15 minutes?

Perhaps our assumptions
were wrong.

Meisner's emitters can fire at
a range of wavelengths, correct?

- Correct.
- And they're able to swivel

on their bases in any direction.

But in order to be effective,

they have to have
their peak amplitudes

converge at a single point.

So, if each emitter was made
to face a specific target

and emit a specific wavelength,

then they could target
anyone within range?

They would have to recalibrate
the... the emitters very quickly.

They must be set up to
communicate wirelessly or something.

Rupert Lamar,
meisner's assistant,

was an expert
in wireless transmission.

But... it makes no sense.

They were like father and son.

Why would he kill his mentor?

And how did they know Taylor
was in our cells?

Unless he triggered
the device himself.

Unless he was merely a dupe.

And, if so, of whom?

Detective, my recorder
is sonically activated

whenever a vibration exceeds
a certain threshold.

Is it possible
you've recorded it, then?

Gentlemen, we are in luck.

We may be able to determine
how the emitters are arrayed

based on relative amplitude
and frequency.


I'd best get to work.

I found something interesting
on Mr. Taylor's finger.

A tattoo.

It was obscured by his ring.

We've seen that before.

Indeed, we have.

Three weeks ago,
we uncovered evidence

of a group of rogue agents

calling themselves
the soldiers of Columbia.

They're led by a former agent.

You know him as Allen clegg.

Clegg? That's impossible.

Clegg is dead.
We've seen proof.

Is this the proof you've seen?

The tattoo was
identical to this.

But, surely, Allen clegg
didn't survive rabies

and a tumble over Niagara Falls.

The soldiers of Columbia
are more than one man.

You may recall we found
the same tattoo

- on the hand of agent Morris.
- It is their symbol.

In any case, they've made
their intentions clear:

They want america to invade
and annex Canada.

And what better provocation
than the assassination

of the American president
on Canadian soil

using a covert weapon developed
by the Canadian secret service?

We need to talk
to prime minister laurier.

And we're certain taft
is the target?

All we know for certain

is that the soldiers of Columbia
are involved.

This is the worst news
at the worst possible time.

- Yes, sir.
- We will have to cancel.

No, it's too late to cancel. They've
already disembarked from the train.

They'll be here
in a matter of minutes.

Well, then we will
inform them upon arrival.

Would that even help?

Didn't you just tell me
that these devices...

- Emitters.
- ...Can target anyone anywhere?

Not exactly, sir.

Each emitter has to be
individually recalibrated

for each new location.
It takes time.

Then, as long as taft
keeps moving, he'll be safe.

- Sir...
- Look, you saw how they reacted

to Mexico.

Consider the repercussions
for Canada

if this plot is ever revealed.

Remember, we need
this trade agreement

far more than the Americans do.

President taft is arriving.

This meeting is for less than
an hour, followed by cocktails.

We'll keep him moving.

- Sir, he'll want to sit down.
- Then we'll change the seats.

And at all times,
I'll keep close to him.

If he dies, I die too.

And, in the meantime,
find those damned emitters.

- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.

- All right, lads.
- Remember what we talked about.

No one gets near the president.

I'll inform the inspector.

I'll see if Mr. Bell's
had any luck.

Hmm. Let me through.

- Sorry, sir.
- Oh, for... Thomas!

Bloody hell, Evans,
let him through.

So, we have a problem.

Mind the curb, sir.

Your back hurt, sir?

My nose hurts worse.

There was a pork-packing plant
to the south.

Well, how many hogs does it
take to create a smell like that?

It must be
in the thousands, sir.

Hm. They're an industrious
people, Weston.

But lacking in presentation.

Are we really going
through with this?

Laurier doesn't want a repeat
of what happened in Mexico.

What did happen in Mexico?

A man was found ten feet away

from taft and Diaz
with a palm pistol.

Ooh! That's not good.

It was very much a non-event.

No attempt was made on his life,
but, of course,

the Americans used it very much
to their advantage.

- Any luck, Mr. Bell?
- Well, as you know,

I intended to infer the source
from the amplitude and frequencies.

- And?
- Impossible.

In fact, might I say
blooming impossible.

I was ready to call it quits
when I discovered this.

It starts exactly three minutes
before the attack.

Each pulse separated
by one second.

And each a unique wavelength.

The emitters are firing
in sequence.

I believe we're looking
at the primary wave.

And this is the secondary phase.

Of course.

They're arrayed
in straight lines.

By jove. Yes! Two lines

arrayed at right angles
to each other!


If this is
the station house, uh...

What's the longest wavelength?

Uh, 13.2, two wavelengths,
171 feet.

So, if we assume the direction
of the telegraph office...


...puts us at the intersection
of sumach and queen street.

And the shortest is 100 feet.

What's all this?

We found out that the emitters
are arrayed in two lines

at this corner here.

100 feet puts us
at the western edge

of the dominion hotel.

Where taft and laurier
are meeting.

Could the emitters be hidden
in the hotel itself?

Only the top two floors
have been secured.

The soldiers of Columbia could have
rented every room in the bottom two.


Please continue
your calculations, Mr. Bell.

Henry! Come with us!

You check the basement. I'll
start in on the first floor.

- Murdoch?
- I'll be right there.

Sit down!

Allen clegg.


Hello, detective.

I must confess I'm delighted
to see you, detective.

Oh? Why is that?

Because as long as you're
here, you're not out there.

You see, you no longer present
the threat of discovery.

You should be happy, as well,

because you now have
a front row seat

to a defining moment in history.

And what defines this moment?

Your failure?

Your arrests?

Your execution?

I had forgotten what
a charming conversationalist

you are, detective.

Yes, there will be
an execution,

president taft, of course,
but, uh, you, as well.

It's an unfortunate necessity,
I'm afraid.

But I would like you to know,
detective, that I harbour

no ill will
towards you personally.

We know about
your secret weapon.

And we also know
its limitations.

You can aim at a specific point,
but not a moving target.

Well, president taft
is rather a rotund fellow.

How is it, exactly, that you intend
on keeping him moving for a full hour?

We don't have to.

Each time he moves,

you have to adjust
every one of your emitters.

That's 78 separate measurements,

78 separate calculations

and 78 commands.

It's one measurement
repeated 78 times.

They're arrayed in straight
lines, equidistant.

The same function
applies to all.

It only takes a few minutes
to reset every emitter.

Yes. We recorded
your test transmissions.

I know the exact wavelength
of each of your emitters.

You don't know
which direction.

You don't know which wave.

I was able to find you.

And yet, here you are,
all alone.

Who else in that little
station house of yours

could possibly figure it out?

We have none other
than Alexander Graham bell

doing the calculations
as we speak.

Go down, stay down.

If anyone shows up,
slit their throats.

Mr. President, I'm sure
you'll be more comfortable

in the capacious wing back.

It's made right here in Toronto.

Are you here
to sell me a chair?

I'm here to sell you on
everything Canada has to offer.

He's changed his chair. Why?

That one's got more support.

I've got a bad back myself.


I don't like surprises.

Next time, tell me.


- Did you find the emitters?
- No.

They're not at the hotel.

Nor are they at the brewery
next door.

We even checked the barrels.

How odd!

According to my calculations,

they are in the immediate
vicinity of that corner!

Where's detective Murdoch?

What's your stake in this?

You must know what these
soldiers of Columbia want.

I support their aims.

You're Canadian.

Canada is a pasty child,

beholden to an indifferent
mother who demands obeisance,

but gives nothing in return.

I'd rather be American.

So much so you'd be willing
to kill for it?

People die in war.

It's the price of freedom.

It's not like I know
any of them personally.

You knew Klaus meisner.

Klaus is dead?

He's your first victim.

He was to be left alone!

- He was onto our plan.
- It was necessary.

We had an agreement!

And I changed that agreement.

I've had enough of this.

Sit down!

Be a man, swallow your grief
and do your job!

Are the emitters ready?

They need to be recalibrated.

- Why?
- The temperature has risen.

It affects the density of air,
which affects the wavelength.

Then you'd best get at it.

Because come five o'clock,
either taft dies, or you do.

Help me put a stop to this.

If we fail, he'll shoot me.

If we succeed,
I'll be arrested for murder.

So, either way,
my destiny's predetermined.

When did you last see him?

Uh, at the front of the hotel.

He didn't come in,
as far as I know.

Well, according
to my calculations,

the emitters are arrayed along
the perimeter of the hotel.

They're not
there! We checked!

Could they be buried

Not buried...

In the sewers!

- Another attack?
- No.

It's the pre-attack

That means another attack will
begin in exactly three minutes.

Mr. President,
I want to thank you

for your generous attention
to our concerns.

Are you asking me
to move again?

I don't want to presume to take more
of your precious time than is necessary.

You'll want to be on your way,
I'm sure.

Nonsense. My wife is due
to call here at five o'clock.

- That has been arranged.
- It has, sir.

Then I shall continue
to rest my aching back.

I'll get to taft. You two
try to disable the emitters.


Are the emitters ready?

- Just finishing now.
- Good.

I'll make the call myself.

I wish I could see
the look on his face

when he hears my voice
instead of his wife's.

- What do we do?
- Well, we turn

as many of the emitters
as we can in the 60 seconds!

Hello, operator.

Connect me to the
dominion hotel, suite 401.

- Yes?
- It's time.


Mr. President,
first lady for you.

Right on time.

No. No!



You're too late.

Hello, dear.

Goodbye, Mr. President.

Who is this?

It's that phone!

You... you.


Mr. President!

Mr. President! Mr. President,
are you all right?

My god!

What were you thinking?

I saved the president's life!

Sincere apologies, sir.

He saw I had a gun
and didn't know

I was Canadian secret service.

I've never seen this man
before in my life.

- My back!
- Did he injure you, sir?

Quite the opposite.

I believe he's cured it.

I just saved your life.

And that of the American

I'm very much aware of that,

facts that I will make clear
to the crown attorney.

But you can't possibly think

that you're going
to walk away from this.

I wonder what happened with
my wife's telephone call?

I assume we misconnected, sir.

We'll try again
when you arrive in Kingston.

Oh, well, she retires
at 9:00 pm.

And that's less than four hours.

My back thanks you,
prime minister.

I will consider your proposals.

- I'll await your reply.
- Hm.

- Oh, Mr. Weston.
- Please stay behind.

I don't have time.

I'm afraid you'll have to let
them leave without you.

What are you doing, Murdoch?

He was working with clegg.

I heard the other side
of that phone call.

It was your voice, wasn't it?

Dr. Ogden! Detective.

Miss hart,
forgive the intrusion.

When I heard the news,
I wanted to see for myself.

We've had something of a
history with agent clegg here.

He injected me with rabies.

Well, he's certainly
history now.

It appears the y-section has
already been done.

Mm. It just looks that way.

Now we get to do it for real.

Subtitling: Difuze
Sync & corrections by srjanapala