Murdoch Mysteries (2008–…): Season 16, Episode 6 - Clean Hands - full transcript

While investigating a murder in a tight-lipped Mennonite colony, Murdoch and Ogden don plain clothing and go undercover.

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Season 16 Episode 06

Episode Title: "Clean Hands"
Aired on: October 17, 2022.

It's just so beautiful
in the country.

I can't wait to enjoy it.

I thought you were
here to teach?

Well, my classes won't
take up that much time,

- and you'll be busy.
- Oh, yes.

I can't wait to see
the long-distance transmission lines

from Niagara Falls installed.
Mayor hahn will even be there.

Well, make sure

to write everything down
in detail,

so you can read it to susannah
as a bedtime story.

Oh! Do you think she...

That was a joke.

- Very funny.
- Oh!

- Hm.
- Hm.

With Crab Tree
on his honeymoon,

Murdoch on vacation
and Watts gone,

this place is as quiet
as a church.

I wish I was paid enough
to afford a vacation.

- Eh? What was that?
- Nothing, sir.

Right. I'm off.
Higgins, you're in charge.

And I never thought
I'd hear myself say that.


Women treating women

offers great benefit,
particularly in childbirth.

However, it's important to know

when to seek medical attention
for the mother, or the child.

One possible scenario...

- Please!
- Oh, dear god!

Please! Help him!

Put him on the table!

Careful with his head.

He's bleeding badly.

You all right?

Can you hear me?

Can you tell me your name?

What happened to him?

Oh... I found her.

He's gone.

Hysteria blunt force trauma

Was hit from behind.

It's a deep laceration,
likely caused

by something heavy
and very sharp.

The edge of a rock, perhaps?

Without a full post-mortem,
I couldn't say for sure.

And what do you have there?

It's a letter addressed
to Enoch Snider.

From an Otto pfanschmidt
in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

I'm guessing
this is Enoch Snider?

You say he was brought in?

Carried in by a
young man who ran off

before I could talk to him.

That was mervin Friessen.

He and his family come
into Berlin every weekend.

And what about Enoch Snider?
Do you know him?

I've never seen him before.

Do you where we can find
Mr. Friessen?

The Friessen colony
is just up the road.


They're mennonite.


Excuse me.
I wonder if you could...

Excuse me? Could you tell me

where I could find
mervin Friessen?

A quick question?


- Oh! Hello.
- Hello.

- Oh! Is that for me?
- Yes.

- It's beautiful.
- Edna.

Go back to your mother.

Can I help you?

We're looking for
a mervin Friessen.

He's my son. Who are you?

I'm William Murdoch.
This is my wife,

Dr. Julia Ogden.

Your son brought
an injured man

into the Berlin clinic
this morning.

He ran off before I was able
to ask him what happened.

He was scared.

He said it was the Snider boy.
How is he?

I'm afraid he didn't make it.

Lord in heaven.


Can you help us?

Come with me.

Mr. Snider's death does raise
some suspicions.

How well did you know him?

Not well.
We were the same age,

but he belonged
to the other colony.

I only met him because he was
thinking of joining us.

There's another colony?

Over the way.

Why was he thinking
of leaving his colony?

Uncle Jebediah is
an old order mennonite.

His rules are more stringent
than those we live by.

Your uncle heads
the other colony?


My brother.

But that is a long story
and we are short of time.

Enoch was a fine young man.

Quiet, friendly.

We found a letter on him

from an Otto pfanschmidt
in Pennsylvania.

Does that name seem
familiar to you?

We still have family there,
but I don't know an Otto.

What did the letter say?

"I'm sorry, I know not
of whom you speak."

The last thing he said
before he died was,

"I found her."
Does that mean anything to you?

No. Not at all.

Where did you find Mr. Snider?

Uh, it was beside the road.

I was driving
our buggy into town

and I saw his hat on the ground.

I stopped to retrieve it
and I found him

lying just a few steps away.

Can you show us
where you found him?

He was laying right over here.

The ground is soft here.

His injuries couldn't
have been caused

by a fall on this terrain.

What's the matter?

Mr. Snider was struck
in the back of the head

with something hard,
perhaps a rock,

possibly with deliberate intent.

Then, it was an outsider.

Mennonites do not commit murder,
Mr. Murdoch.

It is not in our nature.

You're looking well, son.

In some ways, this has been
the best thing to happen to me.

I wouldn't go that far.
The food can't be up to much.

I've been saved.

What's that, Bobby?

I'd like to be called
Robert now.

You've been saved?
Saved from what?

I've entered
the catholic church.

Absolutely not!

It's one thing for my best
detective to be a catholic,

but no brackenreid is going
to become a bloody papist!

I'm not becoming
a catholic, father.

I am one.

You believe he was murdered?

- By whom?
- We don't yet know.

The answer may, however,
lie in his colony.

You will continue to run
into walls of silence,

worse there than here.

We mennonites are mistrustful
of outsiders.

You know people there, though.

- Your brother?
- I don't know him anymore.

There is a rift between us.

I left there, long ago,
because I wanted to marry

a woman who was not
from the community.

Jebediah shunned me.

It was like a death.

We pass one another
in Berlin like strangers.

If he can treat his own
brother like that,

the two of you have little hope.

That's what Enoch
was running away from.

There must be a way
to gain his trust.

A young man's life was cut
short far too soon.

Solving this crime may
give his family some peace.

Jebediah does
take in boarders.

Mennonites, of course.

Meaning what?

Is everything
all right up there?

Hello, Irmgard
and Cornelius Penner.

Oh! I forgot to mention:
No jewelry.



- But...
- Except for the beard.


Upon arrival same Birken falck
sent you.

Jebediah knows and trusts him.

The colony is similar to ours,

but with even fewer trappings
of the modern world.

Where do we start?

Meet them where they are,

Talk to the women there.

They will know things
the men never hear.

Mind, the men will not
communicate directly

with a woman who
is not their wife.



Shall we, Cornelius?

- Yes, Irma.
- Irmgard.


Is this the Friessen home?


We are Cornelius
and Irmgard Penner.

We are passing through on our
way to do missionary work.

We need a place to rest
our head a few days yet.

From where do you hail?


You come all this way?

We are travelers
in need of hospitality.

And why are you asking for me?

Birken falck said there
was no one more generous

and charitable
than Jebediah Friessen.

Surely the lord said
of Birken,

"well done, thou good
and faithful servant."

The lord also said, "you have
been faithful over a little.

I will make you ruler
over many things."

Marta, set two places
for our new friends.

You will join us for lunch.

I hope you don't mind,

but I need a hand
in the kitchen.

Of course.

This one slows me down

and we're busy
preparing for a funeral.

Follow me.

I'm sorry to hear
of the funeral.

As are we.

Working on a farm is rough
and sometimes dangerous work.

Though we come from dust
and to dust we shall return,

it is hard to lose
someone so young.

Yes. What was
the young man's name?

Did we say the funeral
was for a man?

Oh! Uh, hard, dangerous work
on the farm was mentioned.

I only assumed...


Of course.

How old was he?

Enoch was not yet 20

and about to start a life
with our daughter.

They were to be married.

It is as if we've lost
one of our own.

I'm very sorry for your loss.

More hands make
for shorter work, irmgard.

I hope you can help
prepare the faspa

- for the funeral service.
- Oh, yes.

I'd be happy to help
with the faspa.

- Where should I begin?
- Come. I'll get you an apron.

There is a vacant farmhouse
nearby where you can stay.

Thank you.

Marta will send your wife
over with goat's milk,

apple butter and bread
for tomorrow's breakfast.

This is very generous
in these trying times.

The lord does not give
us more than we can bear.

How much do I owe you
for these lodgings?

You will repay with
the strength of your back

and the sweat of your brow!


I know I should not say this,
but I do love having

all the women together,
working shoulder to shoulder.

You're right, marta,
you should hold your tongue.

It's almost sinful to rejoice
in funeral work.

Sinful? No.

Finding community
in the company of women,

where we can be ourselves?
It's natural.

You've been kneading
for a while now,

but your dough is hardly
holding together.

Haven't you made
biscuits before?


Oh! Oh, no. I'm so sorry.
I'm so clumsy.

- Ah, shall I find a tea towel?
- Oh, no! Not that one!

Uh, you know, irmgard,
let's get out

of this hot kitchen for a spell.

I see we don't have
any zwieback for the faspa

and that will not do.

Come, let us to the bakery.

Uh, you'll take care
of that, yes, Ruth?


Is it my fault?

Is what your fault?

Anglican, united,

I'd even be fine with Lutheran!
But Roman Catholic, Margaret?

What does it matter?

Truly? He has faith.

If I didn't know better,
I'd think the lad wanted

to send me to an early grave.

Oh! And he wants to be called
Robert now, did I mention that?

Yes, dear. A few times.

The faith I don't mind.

It's the mackerel snapper
I can live without.

Hello? Inspector brackenreid.

All right.

Yes. Thank you.

Speak of the devil.

What's wrong?

Bobby's parole hearing
has been moved up to this week.

This week?

I didn't think he was getting
a hearing for another year.

he's a model prisoner

and his good behaviour
hasn't escaped notice.

Bobby's prayers have
been answered.

- I suppose they have.
- Oh!

Thomas, he's coming home.

Our boy's coming home and we're
going to be a family again!


- Thank you.
- There.

It's good to get
the blood pumping,

especially after such
a long trip from Pennsylvania.

- Mm.
- Usually, Enoch would do it.

When you arrived, it was
as if you were heaven sent.

Must be difficult now
without him.

I imagine he was a...

A big help here on the farm.

Truthfully, he wasn't built
for hard lab our.

- Oh?
- He was a daydreamer.

And frail, like his
mother and father.

God rest their souls.

But oh,
what a sharp mind he had!

It's a good match
for my spirited Agnes.

Very tragic to lose
her betrothed,

especially so close
to the wedding.

I'd like to offer
her my condolences.

She is not with us right now.

She's visiting my cousin
and his family

in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

- Lancaster, you say?
- Yeah.

Met a man from Lancaster once.


Don't recall his given name.

He would be one of ours then.

My mother was a pfanschmidt.

Enoch didn't fit in
with the other boys his age.

But he liked to talk
to the baker,

ever since the man arrived.

- The baker's new to the colony?
- He is indeed.

Oh, good lord.

How queer.

Seems he closed shop
early today.

Must have run out.

Agnes is in Pennsylvania?

He said she was visiting
his cousin's family.

In Lancaster.

Perhaps that's who sent
the letter to Enoch?

"I know not
of whom you speak."

Do you think there's
a connection?

There has to be.

When I was in
the kitchen with marta,

she stopped me opening
a cupboard.

It seemed like she was
hiding something.

Jebediah only spoke well
of the boy.

He seemed...

...genuinely sad
that he was gone.

She described him as solitary,

said he only talked to Agnes
and was quite close

to the baker,
who's new to the colony.

- We should speak with him.
- You think he's a suspect?

I don't know what to think.

I hardly understand
these people at all, Julia.


I may have overdone it,

Oh, so, you don't want
to relocate here after all?

Surely you jest.

I don't know.
You seem to fit right in here.

They don't even have

It's bordering on criminal.

Oh, good! They're open.

- Mm.
- Morning.



We'd like to ask you some
questions about Mr. Snider.

We understand you knew him?

Indeed, I did.



What are you doing here?

Just about to proof
this sourdough,

if you don't mind.

Are you a mennonite now?

In a sense.
I've not yet been baptized

into their faith,
but these people

have become my community,
my family.

They welcomed me
when I was lost.

Last we heard,
you were in New York City.

I had to leave.

I wandered for a time
and ended up back in Canada.

I didn't want
to return to Toronto

and found myself doing odd jobs
for farmers in this area.

The mennonites were always
the kindest and most generous.

I admired their peaceful lives.

And so, I befriended them.

And moved here?

Jebediah Friessen needed
a man for physical lab our.

In exchange for the work,
he gave me a place to stay.

And you're their baker now?

To bake bread is easy.

The ingredients are simple.

When I'm doing this work...

...the world is still.

And you follow their rules
and believe in their faith?

I do.

Well, forgive our surprise,
but the Llewellyn Watts

I came to know
would have problems

- with the mennonite faith.
- Some.

But this is a place
that prizes simplicity,

honesty and hard work.

And what about love?


The world is full of cruelty
and injustice.

At least here,
I can see and believe

in the goodness of people.


Unfortunately, injustice
is why we're here.

I don't believe it.

What happened to Enoch
was an accident.

The evidence suggests

These are peaceful people.

No one here would harm anyone,
let alone one of their own.

Well, that may be true,
but we have questions

that remain unanswered.

So, you've put on these
clothes and taken false names?

Something happened
to that boy, Watts.

We have to uncover the truth.

By lying to a community
of good people.

I'm sure they're good people,
but someone knows something.

Help us, Watts.

You were close to him,
weren't you?

We struck up a friendship.

How did that come about?

Outsiders can sense
other outsiders.

So, he didn't fit in here?

You could say that.

Not all the rules of
this place fit with his life.

He was uneasy about
his upcoming marriage.

To Agnes Friessen?

It was arranged by
a matchmaker.

He wasn't in love with her.

Do you know Agnes?

She was already visiting
family when I arrived.

How long ago was that?

Four months.

Maybe five.

Watts, something is going on
with Agnes Friessen.

The family is
hiding something.

The Friessens have
been nothing but welcoming

and hospitable to me
since I arrived.

When did you last see
Enoch Snider?

The morning before he died.

How did he seem?

Well, he was arguing
with a woman, Sadie Jutzi.

Who's that?

Some, not I, would describe
her as the colony busybody.

She's a kind woman.

She couldn't have
anything to do with a murder.

She might know something.

Perhaps whatever they
were arguing about

has something to do
with why he's dead?

How would we find her?

Presumably, she'll be
preparing for the faspa

with the other women.

If you don't mind,
I have work to do.

I'll keep your secret for now,

but finish your business
here and go.

Oh, excuse me.

We don't have any
of the tiger lilies...

Excuse me. Are you Mrs. Jutzi?

I am.

I was told to ask you
where to put the platz.

Were you? Well, the food is
being brought downstairs, dear.

You're the one staying here
with your husband, are you?

Yes. We're staying with
the Friessens.

They've been so kind.

Did you know Mr. Snider well?


Do you have any sense
of what happened to him?

No one does.

I'm just saddened his last hours
were spent in strife.


He was having a row
with Jebediah that morning.

I tried to speak
to him about it,

but he was such a private boy.

I mean, it was clear
he was in distress.

- About what?
- Well, he wouldn't tell me.

All I know is
I heard Enoch saying,

"what have you done?"

Do you know what he was
referring to?

No. But if I was to guess?

It must have had something
to do with the wedding.

- To Jebediah's daughter.
- Of course.

Oh, oh, yes. That's good.

"What have you done?"

That's what Mrs. Jutzi said.

I hate to say it,

Jebediah has to be a suspect
in this murder.

Why? Because Enoch didn't
want to marry his daughter?

Or because Enoch discovered
Jebediah did something to her.

You can't think...

She hasn't been seen
in months.

Enoch's dying words were,
"I found her."

You think it could have
been Agnes he meant?

Perhaps. And perhaps
that's what got him killed.

Well, if that's the case,
we're missing

a rather large piece
of the puzzle.

We need to search
the Friessen house.

There's something behind
that cupboard door.

The entire colony will
be attending the funeral.

Our absence would be noted.

Could be our chance.

We've learned that
Enoch Snider had

a public disagreement with
Jebediah just before his death.

And what do you make of that?

We believe it has something
to do with his daughter.

We are going to search
Jebediah's home

during the service for evidence.

We need you to occupy him
should he become aware

- that we have stepped away.
- Absolutely not.

- We need your help, Watts!
- I want no part of this.

Don't you want to know
what's happened to Enoch?

Not like this.
I'm not a detective anymore.

You still know
right from wrong.

I do. And I know
the people here are good people.

I'm the last person
to judge anyone's faith,

but you said yourself
you are tired of injustice.

Someone here is lying.

There is an injustice
that is being covered up.

You can't know that.


Then why is Enoch Snider dead?

What are you saying?
That Jebediah killed him?

- I don't know.
- No, you don't.

And you don't know these people!

Watts, no community
is a monolith.

I can see why you admire them,
why you admire their faith.

But someone is lying
and someone is hiding something.

Don't you want
to expose the truth?

That's not who I am anymore.

You're still
the same person, Watts.

You can't deny who you are!

I've denied who I am
every day of my life.

It's no different here
than anywhere else.

Oh! You are hiding here,

Hiding from the truth
of who you are

and the truth of
what it is that you want.

The only way out of darkness
is to bring the truth to light.

Funeral's about to start.

Be prepared for anything
that they throw at you.

I am prepared, father.

If you tell them
what they want to hear,

you'll be out of prison
in no time.

- I will tell them the truth.
- Of course.

The result rests
in god's hands.

And the result will be
good if you tell them

what they want to hear.

I'm not going to lie
anymore, father.

Who said anything about lying?

I'm going to tell them
about Gerard Lacroix.

That it was an accident,
like you said at trial.

It wasn't an accident.

What are you saying?

We fought,
as I've said before.

But in that final moment...

...i wanted him dead.

I meant to kill him.

No, you didn't.

My heart knows the truth.

I've already confessed
in the eyes of god

and I will not lie again.

You do that, they'll never
let you out of here.

You might never get parole.

And if I lie,
I betray god's forgiveness.

If staying here is
god's will, so be it.

You'll break
your mother's heart.

Is that what you want, Robert?

This isn't about want, father.

Confession requires sacrifice.

Then sacrifice for her.
She wants you home.

bring in the prisoner.

She'll understand.

I'm sorry.

And now, it's locked.

Whatever is in there,

someone doesn't want it
being discovered.


You're not staying
for the rest of the service?

I have a pressing matter
to attend to.

I'd like a moment
of your time.

This funeral has given me
a new found sense of clarity.

Walk with me.

I'm very grateful to be
a part of this community

and very much want to stay.

We are lucky to have you.

You're one of us.

All that is left is
for you to be baptized.

What if I cannot ascribe
to all tenets of the faith?

What do you mean?

Even if I am ready
to accept god,

he may not be ready
to accept me.

You are a child of god,
made in his image.

He loves and accepts you.

And if I don't want
to take a wife?

Well, maybe not now,
but perhaps later.

I will speak
with the matchmaker.

I'm not interested
in having a wife, Jebediah.

You wish to be a bachelor?


Life without
a partner is hard.

I know.

Your relationship
with god is your own.

If you love him,
he will guide you.

And the people here?

Will they love me if
I live my life differently

from how they live theirs?

Have we not already
accepted you, my son?

This must be Agnes.

There are over two dozen
unopened letters

from Enoch to Agnes here.

They're all to Lancaster,
but none with postage.

Enoch must have been
writing and writing

to Agnes and Jebediah never
sent the letters.

He must have sent the letter
to Otto himself,

hence the reply we found on him.

"I know not
of whom you speak."

That had to be referring
to Agnes Friessen.

So, he confronts Jebediah
with the letter from Otto,

demanding to know where Agnes is
and is killed for it?

Assuming all of that
is true, where's Agnes?

Well, if she's not
where he says she is,

one must think the worst.

She's dead?

And if she is, we may
know where the body is.

Just one more question?

Good llewelyn,
you're like a puppy dog

nipping at my heels today.
What is it?

Where is Agnes?

Why would you ask me that?

Just tell me. Please.

William, hurry!
I hear footsteps!

I assure you:
Telling me to hurry

will not hasten
this process, Julia.

Get away from that door.

What are you doing?

Searching for evidence.

Is this about Enoch Snider?

He died in a tragic accident.

No, he didn't, Mr. Friessen.

He died from blunt force
trauma to the head!

You killed him
when he discovered

what you'd done
to your daughter, Agnes.

She's not in Lancaster,
Pennsylvania, is she?

What are you saying?

Is she dead?


How dare you come into my home
and... who are you people?

Open this door!

I will take no orders from you.
Now, leave my home.

- Open the door.
- I said, get out!

Open the door, Jebediah.


What's going on?

As you can see,
my daughter is alive and well.

That's pretty.

Your hands are a little swollen.

Are you experiencing
any discomfort?


Agnes, how long have you
been locked in the attic?

Locked in?

We are keeping her there
out of love, not punishment.

How is hiding her away love?

My daughter was betrothed,
but not wed.

For her condition to be known

would bring great shame
upon all of us.

So, you lied to everyone?

She may have been shunned.

Our entire family would
have been judged

for failing to raise children
who follow the word of god.

So you hid her.

We agreed that she would
deliver the child

and we would raise it
as our own.

And your wife, she isn't
really with child then.


It was the best solution
under the circumstances.

You shunned your own brother
for marrying

outside the faith 20 years ago.

And it hurt me deeply.

But it was deemed appropriate
by myself

and the other elders
at the time.

But why kill Enoch?

As god as my witness,
I did not harm that boy.

But you were seen
arguing with him

just shortly before his death.

He had discovered that Agnes
wasn't in Pennsylvania.

Yes, he received a letter
from my cousin, Otto,

that put the truth to the lie.

And confronted you with it.

I told him she was in
a good place and safe,

but couldn't make him understand
that I was helping her.

If you didn't kill him,
what happened?

I do not know.

You may not believe me,
but god knows the truth.

Get away from my daughter.

Well, I was simply ensuring
that she's healthy.

I said...

Get away from her.

He's still lying to us.

Why do you say that?

They know more about Enoch's
demise than they're saying.

Well, how can you be sure?

I assure you, Enoch did
not father Agnes' child.


Enoch and Agnes were already
supposed to get married.

What would have stopped
the family from simply

moving up the wedding date
rather than this elaborate plan

to hide her in the attic
for nine months?

Even if she had a different
suitor, what does that change?

If Enoch had no interest
in marrying Agnes,

why not allow her to
marry whomever she pleased?

It's someone the family
finds highly undesirable.

A union that would bring
even more shame

than a child out of wedlock.

- The ring!
- The what?

We need to speak to Agnes.

I'd rather not face
Jebediah right now.

Agnes, could you hold
out your hands?

What are you doing?

When's the last time
you left the house?

She hasn't been out
of the house for months.

Then, where did you
get that ring?

The grass is still fresh.



Someone's been visiting you,
haven't they?

When your parents are out?

Speak up, girl.

Someone's been
visiting me here.

I'm sorry, papa.

- Who?
- I can't say.

You may feel it shameful,
but I promise you,

there'll be no judgment from us.

It is time to tell them, dear.

- Oh, it's enough with the lies.
- We cannot.

Her suitor is Mervin Friessen.

Your brother's son?


The one you shunned
and cast out?

He can never know.
No one can ever know!

I want to marry Mervin.

We have discussed this!

Mervin Friessen is the one
that found Enoch Snider.

Yes, I lied to you.

Of that I'm guilty.

But I did not kill Enoch Snider.

Tell us exactly what happened.

I knew Agnes was being hidden
by her parents,

but I had to see her.

When her family was
at the meeting house,

I'd sneak into the attic.

- Did Enoch know about this?
- No.

But he didn't want
to marry her, anyway.

What happened the day he died?

I was leaving Agnes' place
when I found him injured

on uncle Jebediah's property.
That's why I lied.

I couldn't tell you where
I was when I saw him.

Oh, mervin.

You panicked because you
weren't supposed to be there?

But he was hurt.
I couldn't leave him.

So, I picked him up
and I brought him to you.

You lied.

To these fine people,
to your own father.

I'm sorry, father.

All right, take us to where
you really found him.

I found him lying just here.

No rocks that he could
have fallen onto.

It's still most likely that
a rock was used as the weapon.

There's a place back here
where rock pickers

leave their findings.

They dump them in the creek!

Right down there.

It's nothing but rocks.


Yes, that's definitely blood.

There's something else here.

Something left by the killer?

Possibly, but mennonites
don't wear jewelry.

Except for watches.

Actually, I feel as if I've
seen that somewhere before.

I noticed your watch chain
in this photograph earlier.

It caught my eye,
because I didn't think

mennonites wore jewelry.

Yes, it is mine.


tell them you did not
hurt the boy.

I cannot.

Why did you do it?

Enoch discovered the truth.

He threatened to tell
Abraham's colony

that he'd found Agnes
in our attic.


He wanted out
of the engagement.

I told him it wasn't possible,
that it would ruin everything!


I saw him in the field
and I begged him not to tell.

He called us false mennonites
in the eyes of god

and that we would be
excommunicated as liars

and hypocrites who shunned
Abraham for a much lesser crime!

What have you done?

Lord forgive me.

I knew not what I was doing,
but I had to stop him.

Mrs. Friessen,

you are guilty of murder.

Please forgive me, Jebediah.

Please forgive me.

It is not for me to forgive.


See you in the courtroom.

You decided not to stay?

This isn't the place for me.

Come with us.

Thank you, but no.

Where will you go?

I don't know.

Should have known my wish
for utopia was folly.

Not folly.

We all strive
for something better.

Thank you.

For what you did for Enoch.

Perhaps he'll find
justice in heaven.


Subtitling: Difuze
Sync & corrections by srjanapala