Murdoch Mysteries (2008–…): Season 16, Episode 2 - Sometimes They Come Back Part 2 - full transcript

Theme music...

(Mysterious music)


Season 16 Episode 02

Episode Title:
"Sometimes They Come Back (Part 2)"

Aired on:
September 19, 2022.

- Enjoying yourself?
- Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Good bunch of lads.
- Oh! Excuse me boys.


The little fellow on the couch
even likes footie.

Oh! Footie? Sounds intriguing.

Perhaps you could teach me.

So do you have a place to stay
while you visit our fair city?

Uh, could I have a moment?


Didn't want things to get

It wouldn't.

I don't bat for your team
and, anyway, I'm a married man.

Mm, so was I.

Man to man, I... I need to know,

am I going to be able to keep
my son, Samuel?

It will be difficult
if the police get involved.

- Difficult?
- You'll lose him.

His mother's parents
have claim.

He's my child.

They'll show you're not fit.

- I'm his father.
- I know.

But the police won't care.


I build a life in Toronto
and I lose it.

How is that just?

He was dead when I buried him.
I don't understand.

- Apparently, he wasn't!
- He was dead.

You said so yourself!

Well, it appears,
in this case,

you were not the only one wrong.

We should go to the police.

And what do you intend
to tell them?

That the man you tried to kill
is after us?

We cannot do that.

Oh, lord.

I'm sorry.

I did it for you.

I know, Arthur.

And I love you for it.

But the police will not solve
the problem of Maurice for us.

(Soft music)

(Glass shattering)





Open up. I'm not going away,

I know you're in there.

Henry, I appreciate
your concern

but I'm not in the mood
for consolation.

(Henry): I'm not here to
console you.

I have something you want
to hear,

Discovered something suspicious
about your aunt chrysanthemum.

(Intense music)

(Henry): Your aunt was charged
with two counts of fraud

in St. John's
in the last five years.

Well, that's not surprising,

None of my aunts are angels.

I know that, George.

How did you find this out?

Effie inquired with
a legal firm.

They provided the information.

Effie's involved?

What did I just say?

So, she still cares?

Surprisingly, yes.

Uh, so what shenanigans was
aunt chrysanthemum up to this time?

The charges also involved
your aunt oleander.

Do you want to know what
I think?

I sure do. You've been
coming up sixes so far.

There may be a reason,
other than your bride's demise,

why your aunt chrysanthemum
and oleander

Don't want you to marry.

And that reason may be

So, what do we do?

Well, we need to figure out
what they're up to.

And to do that,
we need some help.

(Murdoch): "those who dwelt
in the east,

and the west were, indeed,
wicked witches;

But now that you have killed
one of them,

there is but one wicked witch
in all the land of oz,

The one who lives in the west."

That's not actually true.

Witches are not real,
not in this world.

Despite what your uncle
George Crab Tree might think.

(Julia): William, no need
to stifle her imagination.

Oh, I thought you'd be pleased
I'm no longer reading to her

from the periodic table
of the elements.

(Julia): Coming to bed?

Um... Not quite yet.

It seems my current

has me tied to Mrs. Hart.

(Julia): Speaking of witches.

- (Chuckles)
- Julia!

Here we are.

Good night, susannah.



Do you want to know about
Maurice majors?

If you're truthful.

(Brackenreid): Hm.

I've drunk enough to be

For starters,
I did not kill him.

In fact, might not even
be dead.

What are you talking about?

That's not the point
right now.

An empty glass,
now that's the point.


Mr. Majors had me bang
to rights

for a crime that I committed.

It was years...

years ago,
but a crime nonetheless.

- Ooh, wine.
- Mm.

Back to you and Mr. Majors.

Majors was a known accomplice
of a man named Walter Milton.

Now, he was a piece of work.

I knew him to be responsible for
the death of two working girls,

but I couldn't prove it.

And I doubt anyone cared much
about their death.

No, they did not.

But I did.

I had a friendship with them.

And, no, not like that.

Anyway, I caught a break.

An associate of Milton's
was killed.

I found evidence that put Milton
at the scene of the murder.

So I brought him in and
charged him.

And how did this become
a problem for Mr. Majors?

Majors produced a sworn
statement that said he was...

he was with Milton at the time
of the murder.

I destroyed it.

But Milton did kill
his associate?

- No, he did not.
- Ah.

But he did kill the two women.

Majors pleaded
for Milton's innocence,

accused me of all manner
of things.

Some of them true,
but no one believed him.

No one would take the word
of a black man

over that of an honest copper.

And you were the honest

And an englishman to boot.

Fair play and all that.

I was seeking justice for
the two dead women

and all the others that were
unfortunate enough

To cross Milton's path.

You broke the law,

stopped a man from saving
his friend's life.

And more than likely
saved the lives of many others.

It wasn't noble,
but it had to be done.

What? You don't believe me?

I have a man
in this very building

afraid to go to the police
because the police here

don't follow the law
and instead

do whatever they think is right.

Should we not be held
to a higher standard

than those honest coppers?

Oh, I don't know, watts.

All I know is I took
a murderer off the street.

On my word,

I had nothing to do
with the possible demise of Maurice majors.

And you think Violet hart
is behind all this?

She could be.

And behind what, exactly?

What crime did she possibly

She authorized the shipment
of a coffin

said to contain her
father's body to New York City.

That coffin had no body in it.

And you think he's behind

these two murders at
the graveyard?

I don't know that,
but he is a suspect.

If he's still alive.

And you want me
to question her?

No, I'd like you to be there
when I question her.


(Hart): There's no reason
to believe

my father's body was not
in the coffin.

Except for the fact that
it wasn't.

Inspector brackenreid
has confirmed this himself.

He's confirmed nothing.

Someone could have easily
tampered with the body during transport.

And who would do that?

I must say I don't know.

Everything appears to be
in order.

The fact remains
that the man is not dead.

I examined him.
I declared a cause of death.

It's all right there.

Perhaps you made a mistake?
It does happen.

You were distraught.
He was your father.

Perhaps you overlooked

I was not distraught.
I didn't even care for the man.

The only thing
that has happened here

is a dead man's body has gone

I don't think that that
is all that has happened here.

Oh, no, of course.

I've pronounced my father dead

and then had him buried alive.

Is that the sort of thing
you would think me capable of?

Mrs. Hart, I don't think
we have begun to explore

the depths of what you are
capable of.

We're not accusing you
of anything nefarious here.

You may not be, doctor Ogden,
but your husband certainly is.

I would like to take
your report with me.

Of course.

My father's death is a matter
of public record.

You are welcome to it.


- She's hiding something.
- My thoughts exactly.

Impossible to prove without
a body.

I believe there is a body.

I believe it to be alive and
I intend to prove it.

I should get back to
the clinic.

Hopefully, my patient is
still there.

Oh, yes. If you need
any help...

Of course.

Although, I think you might be
the one who needs it.


I'd like you to stay
another day.

My husband needs me at home.

Yes and your body needs
to rest.

I simply stumbled and fell.

I will be fine.

Why don't you tell me
the truth?

It is the truth.

I was a coroner for
many years.

I've seen my fair share of
violent injuries.

You didn't fall down the stairs.
Someone did this to you.

That is your word
against mine.

I also examined you closely.

You were taken by force,
were you not?

I don't know what
you're talking about.


You were physically assaulted?

- I'm going home.
- To the source of the problem?

I don't know
what you're talking about.

You and I both know
what I'm talking about.

This matter is concluded.

There you are.
Let's have a look.

Oh. It certainly looks
15 years older.

Very good, Irving.
Let's get this to the printer.

I want it up all over the city
as soon as possible.

(Clears throat)

Hello, effie.


Is it all right that I'm here?

We're trying to figure out
what your aunts are up to.

You might as well be
a part of it.

I, uh... Jeez Louise!

Ah, the reluctant

I'm only joking.

Sit down.

(Crab tree): Why are you...
What... I...

I can't help but wonder what
you're doing here.

What do you think I'm doing
here? I'm here to help.

George, I must say,

You come from a strangely
fascinating family.

- (Bright): Violet.
- Miss bright.

- Is it true?
- Is what true?


Is your father alive?

Of course not!

Detective Murdoch
has clearly lost his mind.

That doesn't seem likely.

It seems more likely
that your father is alive

and could very well be the one
who broke into our salon.

That is ridiculous.

Why would you say that?

I found this behind
the cabinet

where we store the liquor.

Isn't this the watch he was
showing off?

I was going to give that
to the police.

I'll do that.

Good day, miss bright.

That was my neighbour who
was robbed, he gave me a name.

You don't think you have more
pressing matters?

Like a man trying to take
your friend's son away from him?

I understand that.

But these people are
untrustworthy of the police.

I'm going to give them
reason to reconsider that.

(Intriguing music)

Thanks for your help,

Thought I'd lost you.

Well, I'm better than
you thought.

Go home, felding.

And burn a paycheque?
I think not.

Nah, I'm going to return
this child to a decent home

and you're going to help me.

Not a chance.

You think so?

- Oh, look there.
- Mm-hmm.

See, this sure don't look

like the policeman's ball
to me, does it?

It's not as it seems.

- (Chuckles)
- I know exactly how it seems.

My question is:

How long do you remain
on the police force

if these get
into the wrong hands?

Have a lovely day, inspector!

(Dramatic music)

I still can't believe the dog
came back to the graveyard.

That she did.

Figured either she ran off
when her owner died,

or maybe the killer took her.

Any luck?

Still none, I'm afraid.

But, uh, thank you for
bringing her in.

Guess I'm keeping her now.

I don't believe
the zombie story, you know?

Oh, good.
Then you're a sensible man.

Seen it twice before in
my life, you know?

Men buried before their time.

Tried to get a fellow out once,
but I was too late.

Maybe this one got
a second chance at life.

This one was even featured
the tribune.

Your aunt oleander predicted
a mine collapse.

Yes, I remember that.

I was just a young lad.

My aunts all raced over
to the mine

and demanded the workers
all get out.

Everybody thought they were mad
and then the mine filled in.

There were accounts
for over a month of rain.

It was a coincidence!

If she didn't see it,
why would she say it?

People have premonitions
all the time, George.

Sometimes they are right
and sometimes they are wrong.

Yes, but aunt oleander
is always right.

She predicted when
my uncle Lewis died at sea.

She predicted that
when my aunt Lily had a baby,

he would be born with six toes.

Hence, six-toed-Simon.
You met Simon!

- He was lovely.
- Did you know he had six toes?

- No.
- Well, my aunt oleander did!

Even before he was born.

And I think this time
she is wrong.

So what do I do? I... I
go ahead and marry effie...

Hardly your decision alone
now, George.

And say damn the consequences?
I can't do that.

I couldn't live with myself if
it turned out my aunt was right!

All we're saying is that your
aunts might be up to something.

Yes! Trying to save your life!

Maybe George is right.
Maybe that's all it is.

We'll see.

I've been in contact with a lawyer
who represents George's family.

He was an old professor
of mine.

Somewhere in his files, he may
have an answer.

And what will compel him
to surrender those to you?

I may have told him that
I am now Mrs. George Crab Tree

And I am representing
my husband.

If there's anything

he will forward
the information to me.

Does George know
that you're doing this?

He does not, Henry.

He might not like what
you're doing.

I don't care if he likes it
or not.

George Crab Tree is not
the only wronged party here.

Henry, didn't you tell me
that George recently witnessed

one of oleander's predictions
that came true?

That I did.

Perhaps you could find out

about the circumstances
surrounding that?

(Mysterious music)

(City hubbub)

Who brought these to you?

What's the matter?
You want them or not?

They were stolen
from a friend of mine.

Uh? Ah, I wouldn't know.

If you are not forthcoming,

I will be forced to go
to the police.

Why don't you do that, huh?

It was a policeman
who brought them here.

(Indistinct muttering)

Did you see Mr. Majors
do this?

No. I believe he broke into
my establishment.

Before he disappeared,

he showed a keen interest
in it.

A keen interest?

He wanted to buy it out
from under me.

Oh and you believe
he's stealing from you now?

I think he's trying
to harass me.

Scare me.

Thing is he doesn't know me.

I don't scare.

Do you have any proof of this?

I'm sure he was in the club.

I found his pocket watch
behind the cabinet

where we store the liquor.


Do you have it?

I gave it to Mrs. Hart.

She said she would make sure
it made its way to you.


Suppose you're right.

You don't really have
a choice.

You don't have a choice
about what?

We have to leave this city.

With Samuel.

I can stall this private
detective, buy you some time.

That's the solution?
We run?

That's no answer.

You know who ransacked
Trevor's apartment?

New York City police.

What can we do about that?

If you run you can start
a new life.

Living on the run is not
a new life.

It's not even a life.


Can I help you?

Mr. Prescott,
I'm Dr. Julia Ogden.

I am familiar with the name.

I treated your wife.

I came to see how she's faring.

She is faring well.
Thank you very much.

And she thanks you for
your assistance.

Uh, could I see her
for myself?

You cannot.

I'm a physician.
She's under my care.

And I am her husband,
and she is under mine.

If you take another step,

I shall have no choice but
to call the police.

Uh, it is I who should be
calling the police on you.

Don't be preposterous.

Good day.

(Sombre music)

Mrs. Hart.


When were you planning on
giving it to me?

Excuse me?

Your father's watch.

The one he misplaced
while he was burglarizing

your partner's nightclub.

It is my nightclub, as well.

He must have lost it there
back when he was still alive.

I see.

But miss bright did want you
to give it to me, as evidence.

And I neglected to give it
to you promptly.

My mistake.

Of course.

Your report states that
your father's cause of death

was cerebral hemorrhaging.

Yes, I'm aware of that.
I wrote it.

It also notes that there were
significant traces of cocaine

in his bloodstream.

Which I speculated may have
been the cause of the embolism.

It's quite easy for you
to obtain cocaine, is it not?

Despite the law, it is easy
for any number of people

to get their hands
on cocaine.

And, as I remember,
my father was a very heavy user.

He often said it would be
the death of him.

So, I guess George crabtree's
aunt isn't the only one

with the ability
to foretell the future.


Do you need
any assistance, sir?

Not at this time, George.

I know you don't think
highly of my decision, sir,

But I couldn't risk it.

I couldn't risk
that my aunt was right.

You know my thoughts on this,

I'm very skeptical of seers
and psychics and the like.

Well, what would you do?

I'm not so sure that
I would be willing to risk

losing the chance at
being happy.

Sir, if you need any help.

If you truly want to help me,

find me a dead man.


Are you sure?

The coach that George saw
run down that man

was hired by his aunt

And you're sure
it's the same coach?

The owner claimed to have
found damages.

They arranged the accident.

So those two are playing
a game.

To what end?

- Those witches!
- What?

I've just received a wire from
my old professor.

The lawyer.

Yes, the lawyer, Henry.

And now I know
why George cannot marry.

At least not until tomorrow.

His birthday?

I think those two
deserve a good scare.

- Louise?
- Yes?

I have a favour to ask of you.

Can we come in?

Yes, of course.


Well, I haven't exactly been
at my best recently.

Well, that is about to change,

- How so?
- It's very simple, George.

You and I are going
to get married.


I'm delighted George.

Well, after the week
I've had,

I think I deserve
a birthday party.

And you've both come
all the way to Toronto to...

Save my bride's life.

I just did my duty.

And I thank you for that.

I'm sorry I had to tell you
the truth.

Yes, but in doing so,
you saved miss newsome's life.

I mean it was her you saw in
your vision, wasn't it?

She was.

So you did the right thing,
didn't you?

Well, I will begin

We will have a grand time,

Please feel free to bring
any of your friends.

Yes, I will do.

Uh, thank you and I'll see
you both at the party tomorrow.


Don't look so sour, oleander.

We are not doing
the right thing for him.

He is a good man.

He deserves to be happy.

You can't go
to the police about this.

Some of them are breaking
the law.

You'll just make this worse
for you and your kind.

My kind? What am I?
A different species?

Bloody hell, watts!
Get off your high horse

and listen to me for one minute.

I can help you
if you can help me.

Is that how one finds justice?
By making deals?

Do you want the police to stop
harassing your friends, or not?

I do.

And do you want Jack to be
able to keep Sam?

Then let me handle the police.

Right, I need you to go
to an apartment

and when you see that
private investigator leave...

The men are still out looking,

but there have been
no sightings or reports.

Mr. Majors is likely
long gone, if he has any sense.

Have the men return to their
regular duties

- but keep an eye out.
- I will.

Uh, sir, may I have
the afternoon off?

I suppose so.

George's aunts are throwing
a party. It's his birthday.

Is George up for this?

Oh, I think he is.

William, I think you should
arrest me for assault.

Oh! What have you done,

Alderman Prescott has blocked
my access

to all of the medical supply
houses in town.

How can he do that?

He told them that it was
in their best interest

to not do business with me!

I can get things from buffalo,
but it will take a long time!

Oh, Julia, I should advise you
to steer well clear of him.

Oh, oh, I will.

But he will soon be made
well aware

of just who he has taken on.

All right.

- See you at home.
- Yes.

Mrs. Hart.

Doctor Ogden.
Are you my next inquisitor?

Oh, I'm not here
about that.

And if you made a mistake,
it was an honest one.

Thank you.

I need your access to get
these supplies.

If you can have them delivered
to the morgue,

I can get them to the clinic.

Why can't you get those?

Someone in high places is
trying to punish me.

And in doing so is punishing
women throughout the city.

Perhaps I could kill him.


A joke, doctor Ogden.

Who is this someone?

- (Sighs)
- An Alderman Prescott.

- Adrian Prescott?
- Yes.

- One moment, I have something.
- Oh?

It's a ledger from a nightspot
that I'm part owner of.

Oh, yes! The star bright club.

I'm surprised
I haven't seen you there.

Well, I have had my hands full
a little lately.

Of course.

My partner has been making
payments to Mr. Prescott

to ensure the place stays open.


He's been taking bribes?

He has, indeed.

And I can give you
more information if you need.

Ha! Well,

Thank you, Mrs. Hart.

Thank you very much!

(Grady): Always a pleasure to
welcome a neighbour from the north.

How can I help you?

It's not a pleasant visit,
I'm afraid.

It's been brought to
my attention

that some of the men from
your precinct

Have been indulging
in thievery.

I've received no such reports.

They've been too scared
to come forward.

Those fears are unfounded.
I run an honest precinct.

I don't think you do.

Who were these victims?

Residents of flats
in greenwich village.

Oh-ho! The lavender lollies

have got their knickers
in a twist.

They don't deserve to be
preyed upon

by the New York police

And I don't need some

telling me how to run
my precinct!

I may reside and work in
the frozen north,

but I'm an englishman 100%,

Now, would you rather
Theodore Roosevelt told you?

What are you talking about?

The former president and one
time commissioner of this very force.

Well, I know who he is.

Well, he's a good friend
of mine and he owes me a favour.

Some of my men, canucks,
saved his life.

Now he worked very hard to
combat corruption on this force.

I don't think he'd be pleased
with your stewardship.

In fact, I would guess
you'd be in for a rough ride.

So what do you want?

I want any goods stolen

from the residents
of greenwich village

returned to their rightful

And any of your men
patrolling down there

to act like policemen and
not criminals.

And Mr. Roosevelt?

If you do what I ask,
he'll be none the wiser.

- Then you have it.
- Good.

Oh and, uh, one more thing.


What is the meaning of this?

I've done nothing,
nothing wrong.

You are conducting
an unauthorized investigation

in my precinct.
I want you out of here.

You know what this man is?

Do you know what this man
is protecting?

Not my concern.

He is allowing two known
homosexuals to corrupt a child,

a child two god-fearing people
have a legal claim to.

That is a Canadian matter.

It's not my concern.

Go home.

Hey, your career is over.

Do your worst, felding.

I'll be ready.

Yeah. We'll see, we'll see.

Your son is yours.

Thank you.

And the private investigator?

He's been sent back
to Canada.

He won't bother you again.

You hear that, Samuel?

(Brackenreid): Did you get them?

I did.
Broke into someone's home

just like a regular policeman.

- Is this all of them?
- All I could find.

What are those?

Photographs that could
ruin my career.

You risked a lot for us.

Thank you.

It was the only way, watts.

Now you two can live
the life you choose.

I told you to leave me alone.

Yes, I'm not one to listen,
Mr. Prescott.

This is detective
William Murdoch.

I know damn well who he is.
What do you want?

You're under arrest,
Mr. Prescott.

That's ridiculous.
On what charge?

Accepting bribes.
We have a number of witnesses

who've signed affidavits
to the fact.

I'm sure their word
means nothing.

That's why we're also looking
into your bank accounts.

You see, money never lies.

Please come with me.

I will not.

Then I will have no choice
but to instruct my constables

to take you by force.

That should be quite a sight
for your neighbours, I'd imagine.


What are you doing?

I told you I didn't...

This has nothing
to do with you, Mrs. Prescott.

Your husband is a criminal.

And if you choose,
you're a free woman.


I hope you have thanked
oleander for saving your life.

Oh, many times over.

And where is George?

Well, he said he would be
along shortly.

He also said that he had
a surprise for the two of you.

Oh there's no need for that.
It is his birthday.

Well, I think he's just glad
I'm not dead!

- Mm.
- As am I, of course.

(Crab tree): Ah!

- Here he is!
- The man of the hour is here!


Who's this?

Aunt chrysanthemum,
aunt oleander.

I'd like to introduce you

to my bride,
Mrs. Louise cherry.

I'll be taking his name.


(Crab tree): Yes,
married just this morning.

George and I were an item
at one time.

And I had vowed to be married
by this age.

And since effie was doomed
to die.

Well, I jumped at the chance
with Louise, here.

But she's going to die.

No, she's not.

It's miss new some I saw

You didn't see anyone


The only thing you saw perish

was her inheritance.

I don't know
what you're talking about.

I spoke to Mr. Penney.

Our lawyer.

Your aunt Astrid was a very
unusual woman, was she not?

George was to inherit
her fortune.

That is unless he remained
a bachelor too long.

Then he would be deemed
to be useless

and her inheritance would go
to you instead.

- I will just leave.
- No, you will not.

I'm so sorry, George.

I would have confessed
to the fraudulence

as soon as it were safe
to do so.

And as soon as she had
George's money.

Aunt chrys?

Aunt Lee-Ann.

George, I am
in terrible trouble.

I wouldn't have done this
unless I had to.

She's in debt to a loan shark,
a very bad man.

It was the only way I could
help her.

But now that you are wed,
the money is all yours.

Please, just let me run?

Let me run and I will never
trouble you again.

And if I marry effie,
she won't die?

I cannot promise that,

It is not foretold.

But you are already married.

We just wanted to throw you
a little scare.

You deserved that.


Trevor's coin collection
was returned with an apology.

Service with a smile.

So, is this what we do now?

Make deals instead of follow
the law?

Oh, get over yourself, watts.

I've heard you say many times
that the law is not justice,

that the law
is not always right.

So, you change the law,
you don't break it.

I saved your friend's son.

You're not going to make me
feel bad about that.

And you should know,

you're welcome back
in my station house anytime.

- Your choice.
- Thank you,

but I don't know
if that's what I want anymore.

I believe this belongs to you.


Thank you.

That'll be a shame.

The force could use more
good men like you.

Good luck, watts.

(Soft music)

Thank you, William.

It was a good thing we did

What will happen to
Mrs. Prescott?

I don't know.
But whatever it is,

it will be of her choosing.


And what of your case?

Remains unsolved, I'm afraid.

I suspect Mr. Majors has left

But you still think
he's alive?

Well, I suspect as much.


And so what now?

Well, I can prove nothing.

And I'm not quite sure of Mrs.
Hart's involvement in all this.

But my case is at a dead end.

Are you giving up?

I can't just keep chasing

But, sooner or later,

either Mr. Majors or Mrs. Hart
will reveal something.

Until then, I'm biding my time.

- (Baby crying)
- Hm.

Where's the nanny?

So, you're going to turn them
both in?

They're my aunts, effie.

They've had hard lives.

And besides trying to fool me
and nearly ruining my life,

they haven't done
anything wrong.

- No.
- What?

You're going to give her
the money, aren't you?

- She's in trouble.
- George!

After all they put you through!

Yes, of course.

Maybe we'll keep a little
something for the trip,

but we don't need the money.

You and I,
or you and Louise cherry?

- (Chuckles)
- Please.

Come on.

What do you think?

I can't promise you won't drop
dead the minute you say, "yes."

- I need to go home.
- What?

I paid a pretty penny for
that dress.

It's going to be used.

I led that private
investigator to you.

He might have found Samuel
and I anyway.

It won't stop.

Misfortune follows us.

You two will lead a more
peaceful life without me.

Are you leaving for good?

I don't know, Jack.

I'm not a happy man.

I'm not happy with myself
and until I am,

I shouldn't be here.

Where're you going to go?

That's something I don't have
the answer to yet, but...

My life won't stop
once you leave.

Nor should it.


(Soft music)

'Til the next time.


(Hart): We need to find
my father.

Detective Murdoch
will find out he's alive

and then he'll discover our role
in all of this.

(Man humming)

I best stay well hidden,
wouldn't you say?

I'd hate for something ill
to fall upon my loving daughter.

So, Violet, take a seat and
we can have a nice family dinner

and discuss
our current situation.



Your husband has found excellent

The fish could be
a little fresher, but uh,

we do with the best
we can with

what we're given in this world,
do we not?

It's jambalaya.

I learned how to make it
during my time

down in New Orleans.

That's a place where
you would prosper, Violet.

A city full of fraudsters.

It's made from as many
ingredients as you'd like.

A... a multitude
of different tastes,

some bold, some almost

You can't even tell
what you're ingesting.

Not like that speed ball
you gave me, Arthur.


That almost took me off
this earth.

Try some.

I learned some things
from a voodoo woman down there.

Oh, she was something.

She taught me how to put myself
in a trance so deep

it was hard to tell
if I was dead or alive.

But you know that now,
don't you, Violet?

You don't like it?

I don't have much of
an appetite.

I would have thought
you'd have chosen a better man.

- Now see here!
- Don't.

I'm already embarrassed
for you.

How about you, Violet?

You always had such an appetite
when you were young.

I made this special for you.

You think I'd do the same to you
that you did to me?

I would never be so
Lily-live red.


Delicious, if I do say
so myself.

You two don't know
what you're missing.


It's important that we establish
some trust while I'm here.

I can give you money?
Any... anything you want.

Just... just leave.

Oh, I'm staying for a while.

I'm interested in seeing
how much crime

a dead man could get away with.

Detective Murdoch
suspects you're still alive.

Then he best not find me,

'Cause if he does,

both you and your spineless
husband go down with me.

Bon appétit.

Eat up now.

Been losing weight lately,
I hear.

Mm-mm-mm! Yes!

Here it is, Henry.

Crabtree? You're late.

Your shift started
two hours ago.

- Sorry, sir.
- I'll be docking your pay.

Well, that sounds more
than reasonable.

I was attending
to something very important.

It couldn't wait
a moment longer.

it's been a while coming,

but I would like to introduce
you to my wife,

Mrs. Effie Crab Tree.

I'll see he makes it to work
on time in the future, inspector.

(Laughter, applause)

- Congratulations, George.
- Ah, thank you, sir. Thank you.

you little bugalugs.

(Indistinct chatter)

(Murdoch): Wonderful! Wonderful!
You must come for dinner.

(Indistinct chatter)

Oh! This must be a special

if William is drinking wine.

This will prove amusing
later on.

I would like to propose
a toast.

To my dear friend,
George Crab Tree,

and his lovely new bride,

I wish you a life of
good fortune and happiness.

To George and effie.

- Thank you, sir.
- George and Effie.

(Glasses tinkling)


- Hmm!
- Ah! Look at us, George.

Both happily married men now.

Yes and lucky ones at that,
I should say, sir.

I should give him wine
more often.

This is a special occasion

because I ventured back
into the kitchen.

(Julia): Help yourself.

(Crab tree): Look at that!

So, what are your plans?

Well... oh.

We plan to honeymoon once
we get our affairs in order here.

George has come into
some money

and we plan on spending it

Oh, how marvelous!


Good man, George.
I'm happy for you.

- Thank you, sir. As am I.
- Welcome to wedded bliss.

- (Baby crying)
- Oh! I'll get her.

So what are your plans
after that?

We haven't discussed that yet.

A... at least four children,
I should think.

Four? Is that all?

Well, yes: Two boys,
two girls.

Or, I don't know,
one boy, three girls.

I'm not fussy,

but I think a small family
should satisfy me.

Some more wine for you,

Oh, I don't think that's
a good idea.

- (Chuckles)
- Ah! Why not?

It's a special occasion,
after all.

And please, call me William.

It's certainly
after business hours.

(Julia): Oh! And when is it ever
not business hours?


(Bright music)


Subtitling: Difuze

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