Murdoch Mysteries (2008–…): Season 16, Episode 1 - Sometimes They Come Back Part 1 - full transcript

Crabtree bails on his marriage plans after a prophecy; Murdoch investigates the bizarre murder of two gravediggers.

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Season 16 Episode 01

Episode Title:
"Sometimes They Come Back (Part 1)"

Aired on:
September 12, 2022.

You know what, George?

I think it's time
we get married.


But he can't!

Now, come give
your father a hug.

What kind of hold does
that man have on you?

So, you expect me
to keep your secret?

- I keep yours.
- You're threatening me?

We've all got secrets, Watts.

No one likes having
them exposed.

Should anyone know
of any reason that this couple

should not be joined
in holy matrimony,

speak now or forever
hold your peace.

(Both): You?!



What do you want to do?

How long are we expected
to stay here?

(Door opening)

Effie's gone home.

I suppose it's safe now
for you to leave, as well.

You don't have anything you
want to say about any of this?

- I'm sorry.
- Hollow words.

She loved you, you know,
and she is my dearest friend.

"I'm sorry" is hardly enough.

Right then, Crab Tree.

Let's get out of here.

I had no choice.

I had no choice.

You left that poor woman
standing at the altar.

I thought you were a better
man than that, Crab Tree.

Is there something you would
like to tell us, George?

Anything at all?



(Door closing)

We didn't mean it
to be so dramatic.

Oleander and I tried
to get here earlier.

Why are you apologizing?

We just saved that
young woman's life.

And destroyed mine.

If you had married her,
she would have died.

It was foretold.

I know.

(Dog barking and panting)

Don't be disturbing
that, girl.

(Faint knocking)

Good lord. Help!

Anyone. Help!

(Dramatic music)

Just a minute more.

We'll get you out!


(Wood creaking)


(Eerie music)

No, sir. Please! No!


(Dog whining)


(Eerie music)

Have the bodies taken
to the morgue, Henry.

Of course, sir.
Although Mrs. Hart

is away until tomorrow morning.

Are you suggesting we wait?

Of course not.

Uh, what do you think
happened here, sir?

I have no idea.

Someone may be playing
a hoax on us.

- A hoax?
- Well, yes.

They've staged a scene
so to make it appear

that a dead man
committed this crime.

Let's proceed as though
no one has risen

from the dead for now, Henry.

Very good, sir.

Thankfully, both men
were without family.

I spoke to one of the other
groundskeepers, sir.

Uh, one of the dead men, lowell
vaz, worked here for six years.

The other, Ronan Trent,

took his dog for his daily walk
here every day.

Oh. Any sign of the dog?

No, sir.
Ah, three-legged

homely creature, I'm told.

Very good, Henry.

Sir. If I may?

Of course.

What do you think about
what George did?


I think George left the woman
he loves at the altar.

Yes. And?

All of the years that
I have been doing this, Henry,

I still don't know the
inner workings of man's mind,

much less George crabtree's.

I think he got cold feet.

Staged the whole thing
so he wouldn't have to marry.

Where might we find
this groundskeeper?

This way, sir.

I can't... apologize
for speaking the truth

to spare a life.

Are you sure
this was her fate?

If miss new some were
to marry you, yes!



I do not know
the answer to that.

I only know... what is to be.

Your aunt has never
been wrong, George.

You know that.

But why not tell me earlier,

when we came for a visit?

The vision had yet
to come to me!

Be thankful it came
to me when it did.

If it had not come, your bride
would be a dead woman!

And your heart would be broken.

My heart is broken.

Then go away from here
and let it heal.

Oh, you always were
a sensitive cabbage, George.

But I know you have
a spine of steel.

You will persevere.

(Door closing)

It's not even
consecrated land.

Shouldn't have been anyone
buried over there.

Well, it seems there was.

Still, no record of it.

Do you have a list of the
recent arrivals to this place?

- That I do.
- And you can provide it?

Of course.

But where those two men

were found, it wasn't no plot.

I see.

Well, it seems to have served
the same purpose.

You know what I think?

It was a hole
the devil got out of.

(Baby cooing)

I don't think
Mr. Frank Lloyd Wright

would approve of what we've done
with his home.

It's our home.

I don't know if he'd
see it that way.

What's caught your attention?

It's a list of recent arrivals
to pauper's field.

And why is that?

Well, if I'm to believe
the evidence before me,

one of them has risen from
the dead and killed two men.

I take it you don't
believe that.

I'm not George Crab Tree,

Have you spoken with him?

A little.

And why did he walk out
on his wedding?

one of his aunts warned him

that if he were to marry, his
bride would be doomed to die.

I hope you talked
sense to him?

It's George, Julia. Sometimes,
common sense doesn't work.

And what are we doing with that?

Oh. Doctor grace's gift.

It's hideous.

It is that.

Not to mention impractical.

Also that.

Can we burn it?

(Both Laughing)

(Indistinct chatter)

(Indistinct chatter)

All right, if anybody has
anything to say, say it now.

(Clearing throat)

Where's Watts?

He left.

Left for where?

He didn't say
and no one saw him go.

What are you doing?

I'm assisting the detective
with a murder investigation.

The killer came from
beyond the grave.

It's right up your alley.
- I'm sure you'll do fine.

- George!
- Oh, for Pete's sake.

What are you doing here?
- I was rather blunt earlier.

I came to apologize. Not for
my prediction, but for my manner.

Are you here
on police business?

I'm here to see my nephew.

Well, see him
on your own time.

We're working here.
- Sir!

I'm asking her to leave.

Do you have an issue
with that, Crab Tree?

Don't worry, George.

I'm leaving.

You need to get
your house in order.

Sir, she's just trying
to protect me.

I don't understand you,
Crab Tree.

You've been working
for the last 15 years

with the most logical,
intelligent man I've ever known,

yet you still believe
all this mumbo jumbo claptrap

that you get fed!

Sir, my aunt has
never been wrong!


It's all right, George.

I understand.

- You do?
- Yes!

You're a lucky man.

Lucky? How so?

You never actually wanted
to marry miss new some,

but you were too afraid
to ever say that,

so when your aunt walked in,
you had the perfect excuse.

Almost as if you planned it.

Higgins, watch what
you're saying!

George, it's all right.

There's no shame...
- I'm serious. Shut your mouth!


Pack it in, the pair o' ya.

Crabtree, get out of here.

Sir! He's trying
to insinuate...

I don't give a toss what
Higgins is trying to say.

Go home!

Not a word!

Inspector Thomas brackenreid?

Who are you?
What do you want?

Raymond felding,
private investigator.

A moment of your time?
- I'm busy.

Uh, it's a matter
that concerns the both of us.

It's about a man
named llewellyn Watts.

Follow me.

This is about Watts?

Yeah, I'm looking for him.

- You and me both.
- I see.

What's your business with him?

Ah, it's a personal matter.

Whether Watts is here or not,

he's still in the employ
of the Toronto constabulary.

So, I'll ask you again:
What's your business with him?

I am hoping he can help me
locate a Mr. Jack Walker.

How can Watts
help you with this?

I believe they are of a...
Close acquaintance.

I don't know anything
about that.

I see.

And what do you want
with Mr. Walker?

Well, he's abducted a child.

I'm trying to return this child
to his maternal grandparents.

I don't know anything
about that, either.

This child is being raised
in an obscene environment

by an immoral man.

It's your duty.

Mr. Felding, you don't
tell me what my duty is.

You know, I've been given
a substantial sum

to locate this child.

I'm not shy about offering
a share if someone can help me.

If you're finished attempting
to bribe a police officer,

I suggest you take your leave,
Mr. Felding.

Otherwise, I'll have you
escorted out.

Good day.



What have you, Henry?

I've contacted
the records office.

They're assembling files
on all recent hospital deaths.

Very good. Thank you.


Is everything all right?

Yes! Everything's
perfectly fine.

Perhaps too much so.

Ah, look who's here.

Is she reading and writing yet?

Actually, William has her
working on her maths right now.

That's a joke, right?

I wish it were.

It's important!

William, I'm thinking
of returning to the clinic.

- Uh, Julia.
- Not every day.

But Ellie is taking such
excellent care of susannah and...

Yes, well, for what
we're paying her.

Did I hear
the clinic mentioned?

Could Margaret join you?

I know she valued
her time there.

Well, yes. Of course.

If you think it's best.

- And where are you off to?
- Ah. Hospital records office.

I'm looking into
the circumstances

behind all of their
latest deaths.

Your husband is looking for
a member of the walking dead.

Ah! Perhaps he should start
at the Mason's lodge.


Do you mind if I join you?

It would be nice
to have a moment alone.

Of course.

Ah, sir, any news on Watts'
whereabouts yet?

Not as of yet.

Do you have any idea
if he plans to return?

I don't know.

He appears to have vanished
into thin air.

Carry on.

(Indistinct chatter)

Oh! Excellent!

These are much better
than the ones in Canada.

Hey, of course they are!
This is New York City.

Everything's better here.
- Mm. Would you like some?

Hello. How you doing, buddy?

- Ah. All finished for the day?
- Yes, indeed.

I'm all yours. Good lord!

How many of those are you
going to eat in a day?

I don't count.
I simply consume.

Oh! I see him
at least three times.

Oh, we'll have
to put a stop to that.

No, no, no, no!
Please don't. Please don't.

So, have you given any thought

as to what you're going to do
now that you're here?

Have you ever heard
the term "franchise"?

- I have.
- Well, I've been talking

to Abraham. Perhaps I'll get
into the bagel business.

- Yes?
- Yes.

Not serious.

Right now I'm simply
happy being here.

All right.

So there's no living person

who wished either
of the victims ill?

None that I can find.

Are you sure?

You said there was no record of
anyone being interred there.

Perhaps the disturbed
grave was... a hoax?

So, it's your theory
that a live person

staged this murder and then
assigned the blame to a Haitian zombie?

Who would believe that?

I can think of one constable
at your station that might.

Still, I don't think
it's likely.

You need to talk
to him, William.

While he still has
a chance with effie.

If George wants to discuss it
with me, he will.

Well, you need
to press him on it.

Julia, I am just
not comfortable

with those sorts
of conversations.

Well, you need
to get comfortable.

You have a daughter now!

Things that are not pleasant
or easy to talk about

are going to need to be
discussed at some point.

I know.

That's why I have you.

Well, all of the deaths
from St. Michael's

are accounted for.


I do hope susannah
has the sense

to not follow us
in our footsteps.

What would you
have her do instead?

Something exciting.

A politician, perhaps?

An aviator?

I just want her to live her
life not surrounded by death.

And you should talk to George!


Well, I read
in women's monthly

that when you've suffered

you should wear
bright colours.

That's exciting.

So we should go shopping.

Effie, I have to talk to you.

Well, she doesn't want
to talk to you.

Well, I'm not talking to you.

I have nothing to say
to you, George.

Well, I have something
to say to you:

I had to do what I did.

Well, you did it,
so good for you.

I did it to save your life.

George. Grow up.

My aunt oleander told me that
if I marry you, you would die.

I heard the same thing
you did and it's poppycock.

It's ridiculous.
- It's not.

If you didn't want
to marry her,

you could have just said so.

Millie, this is none
of your business.

It is! She's my friend.

- I love her!
- You love me?

You love me? Really?

Is that why you humiliated me

in front of my friends
and my family?

I'm sorry.

That's not good enough,

Just leave me alone, would you?

Just go back to your spooks
and your spirits.

I am too good to be
with a simpleton.

- Effie.
- Just leave me, would you?

If you had any decency,
you would just leave me alone.




Miss Cherry?

Detective Murdoch.

Is there something
I can help you with?

How is George faring?

But that's hardly a matter
for public consumption.

I wasn't going
to write about it.

I'm simply concerned.
- Oh. My apologies.

But... there is another matter
I'm concerned about.

Of course there is.

What can you tell me about
the zombie killer?


There have been reports
that a hideous creature

has arisen from the grave
and is attacking Toronto.

Can I say,
"that's ridiculous!"

I've been robbed.

Excuse me a moment,
miss Cherry.

What's happened?
- A man broke into my shop.

I was there.
- Did he hurt you?

Just scared
the daylights out of me.

He stole two guns,
some ammunition.

- And when did this happen?
- Only an hour ago.

- Well, can you describe him?
- He was a big fellow.

Anything else?

He was covered
in dirt and soil.

- I beg your pardon?
- You didn't hear me?

He was covered in earth.

Dirt. And he had a dog.

A crazy-looking thing
with three legs.

The constable will take the
remainder of your statement.

The three-legged dog
is a nice twist.


♪ Good morning
merry sunshine ♪

♪ How did you wake so soon ♪

♪ You've scared
the little birds awake ♪

♪ And shined away the moon ♪


(Door closing)


May I join you?

George, what I said
was inappropriate.

- It was incorrect.
- All right.

It was incorrect, as well.


My aunt oleander's never wrong
about these things, Henry.

I can't explain. She...
She has some sort of gift.

Even as a child, I remember
once she begged my uncle

not to go out to sea.
This is back in new found land.

And he didn't listen to her
and he never returned.

He drowned in
the Atlantic ocean, George.

It's hardly unusual.

Yes, but that's one
of many things

that she foretold
and it came true.

I can't expect you
to understand, Higgins,

but I can't risk effie's life.

Constables, I wonder
if you can help?

Uh, currently off
the clock, ma'am.

- Higgins!

What is it, miss bright?

Someone broke into
my establishment last night,

stole three bottles of whisky.

- Did you report it?
- Certainly did.

I told the officer on patrol.
He did nothing.

Well, unfortunately,
with that kind of thing,

unless we catch
somebody in the act,

there's little we can do.

Hardly a surprise.

Sorry we can't be more help.

Yes, well...

If all I heard is true,
after the last couple of days,

you deserve to have
a free drink.

On the house.

Not for you, though.

Good lord!
Does the whole world know?

George, I just want you
to think about this.

You and effie visited
your aunts, did you not?

We did.

And they said nothing
about this

while you were visiting them?

No. But they didn't know
we were to be married.

My aunt chrysanthemum
found out only days before.

So, armed with
this information,

they rushed into Toronto
to break up the wedding?

That doesn't seem
suspicious to you?

I think they were trying
to save effie's life.


But what if there was
another motive?

It's not as though your aunts

have followed the straight
and narrow path.

George wants to speak to me.

- He has questions?
- I suppose.

Hm. Then we must give him
no reason to doubt

the accuracy
of your predictions.

Thanks for coming to see me.

Again, I apologize
for the news I had to deliver.

Can I ask why you came
all the way here to do so?

I wanted to tell you
in person.

I did not think a telegram
would suffice.

How did you even know
I was to be married?

Chrysanthemum told me.

And, once I heard,
I knew I had to stop it.


So, my upcoming marriage
didn't, uh,

come to you in a vision?

No, it did not come
to me in a vision, George!

And you know better
than to mock me!

Well, maybe I wouldn't if you
hadn't stolen my happiness.

Something that is
not my intention.

See that man there?

In the grey hat.

Yes, why?

Something ill is about
to befall him.

Good lord!


But... well, he's not dead.

I didn't say he was going
to die, George.

I merely said, "something ill is
about to befall him" and it did.

It is a heavy burden
that I bear

and it pains me
to break your heart,

but, my little cabbage,
I owe you the truth

and a chance for happiness
and not misery.

The Street saw menace, George.

Ruthie nearly gets struck
by a vehicle every second week.

Higgins, I'm telling you:
My aunt said something

would befall this chap and he
was struck a moment later.

Like I said, George,
it's a coincidence.

You're wrong, Henry.

I'm living under
a cloud of doom.

How are you faring?

- I've been better, sir.
- Well, I just happen

to be working on a case
that might interest you.

Uh, with your permission,

I'm sure you and Henry
can handle it.


You've made one mistake.

There could still be time to...

If you don't mind, sir,
I have a patrol to get to.

All right.


(Indistinct chatter)

I'm certainly glad
you're here.

Thank you.

Saves on having to pay someone
to look in on him.

Ah! Very funny.

I shall see you when I return.

Well, Samuel,
what do we do today?

And nothing else was stolen?

Just three bottles
of good whisky.

We should get some
new locks for the door.

You do work with the police.

Perhaps they could come
around more often.

That may do more harm
than good.

I think we can tend
to ourselves, miss bright.

The books all appear to be
in order, except for this.


That is our tribute
to alderman Prescott.

We're paying him now?

Keeps the doors open.

I did tell you, didn't I?

Did tell me what?

That given the chance, I'd
make something of this place.

It's a good thing your father
didn't get a hold of it.

It's a good thing
my father died.

That is not what I intended
to say, Violet.

That's all right, miss bright.

I share a similar sentiment.

Good night.

(Baby cooing)


Uh, Jack's out.

Can I help you?

Did you see anyone
near my flat?

- No.
- Are you sure?

You didn't hear anything
out of the ordinary?

I did not. Why?


One moment.

- I've been robbed.
- I can see that.

What am I supposed to do?

Everything that I own
is in this room.

Let me take a look.

I have some experience
in these matters.


Let's go see what we can do.

They took my father's coins.

- Were they hidden?
- Yes.

So, the thief knew of them?

I suppose.

So, it would follow,
you know the thief,

or the thief knows you.
- I don't know who it is.

I understand that, but it does
give us a list of suspects.

Who of the people you know

would know that this coin
collection was valuable?

I suppose everyone.

I did crow about it a bit.

Hm. Trevor.

What happened?

Are... you all right?

Does it look like it?

Have the police been informed?

- No.
- Well, we should...


We don't bother the police
and they don't bother us.

That is the way it works here.

He's right, llewellyn.

I see.
So, we solve it ourselves?

What's this then?

It's a list of the deceased in
Toronto over the past two weeks.

- You're missing one.
- I am?

Maurice majors.

Violet hart's father.

Watts thinks I killed him.

That's part of the reason
why he left.

Did you?

Don't be a prat, Higgins.

You should come back
to Wexford.

Roderick still does
carry a torch.

And I hope he lights himself
on fire with it.

My life is here, Millie.


It's that witch that
destroyed your life!

- Millie.
- You!


You should be ashamed
of yourself!

Showing your face in public!

You're the maid!

The maid of hon our
at a wedding you destroyed.


I know your heart
is filled with grief.

It's more like anger.

I was only trying
to save the two of you.

Well, I think you are crazy.

And wrong. And George?

You've filled his head with...
- With the truth!

- Oh! This is ridiculous!
- Millie!

This is George crabtree's fault.

It is no one's fault! No one
except the stars and destiny.

Toronto constabulary!
Move, please!

- Let me pass.
- Why don't you curse me?

- Millie, that's enough!
- What's going on here?

Oh, it's all right, George.

We were... we were just having
a conversation.

We were just on our way
as well.



(Door closing)


I was just about to leave.

How can I help you?

I understand your father
passed away recently.

My condolences.
- Thank you.

If I may, what killed him?

He had a brain embolism.

Very unexpected.

Where was he buried?

Why do you want to know that?

Just paying proper attention
to a case I'm on.

His body was shipped
to New York.

I knew him well enough to know

that's where he wanted
his resting place to be.


Could you provide me
with the location

of his final destination?

Of course.

Very good.

Thank you.

If that is all?

It is.

For now.

Well, I'm going to head
to the star bright club.

There's been a robbery
there last night

and the police have done
very little about it.

The burden of running
a black business, I imagine.

(Door opening)

New York City?

That's what she said.

I've spoken with the railway

and they confirm they delivered
a coffin to that address.

Well, I feel a trip
is in order,

if only to eliminate him
as a suspect.

Well, sir, a telephone call
would do the same.

I believe Watts is there.

I need to talk to him.

I threatened to reveal
his secret.


It was rash.

I was angry and I need
to make it right.

And there's more:

A private detective
is looking for Jack Walker.

He wants to take
his child away from him.

I feel I need to warn them.

Thank you, Julia.

- Oh, for what?
- Uh! A most fulfilling day.

You're most welcome.

- Hm?

Now that your children
have grown...

Ah, well, one in jail,

the other one
an itinerant actor.

Are you sure you'd like me
to look after your child?

Oh. That's not
what I was suggesting.

Oh. I see.

I was thinking of starting
a nurse-in-training program

and you'd be an excellent


Why not you?

Margaret nightingale.

If you wish.


Are you all right?

I just need to lay down.

Margaret, get a bed ready.

Who did this to you?

Please, I just need
to lie down.



(Eerie music)

Anybody there?

"A cat is not the only thing
with nine lives."


Oh! There's your mother now.


How was your first day
back at the clinic?

Oh, trying.
But it's good to be back.

- You seem troubled.

A woman came into the clinic
just as we were closing.

Badly bruised.

She said she'd fallen down
a flight of stairs.


And I take it that
wasn't the case.

I've seen enough bruising
in my life

to know that she was lying.

She was assaulted.

Would you like me
to speak with her?


I'll speak with her, see if
I can get her to come through.

Aw, anyway, don't you have
a zombie to catch?

Oh, yes.

Oh, my love.

I promise that mama and papa

are going to take care of you
no matter what.

Protect you always.

- George!
- Good grief!

Why are you two here?

To make you feel better.

That's a laugh.
If you don't mind.

- No. Let us speak.
- Why should I?

Nothing good seems to come
of it when you open your mouth.

George Crab Tree, your manners!

We wish...
To throw you a party!

A party? Are you mad?

Well, it is your birthday
in three days.

We should celebrate.
- With family.

It's the least we can do.

Well, I'm sorry.
I'm not interested.

Now, if you don't mind,
I have to work tomorrow.


If you don't mind.


Excuse me.

Hello, miss new some.

Thank you for coming, Henry.

I... don't know
how I can help you.

Henry, I'm desperate.

Well, I can see that.

You called me.

How well do you know
George's family?

Only what he has told me
about them.

Didn't you meet them all?

Yes, but it was only
a quick visit last year

and they all seemed
pleasant enough.

Even the scary witch?

Well, she didn't present
herself as such at the time.

So, you know nothing about them?

I know a few of them are...
Ladies of easy virtue.

And George thinks
very highly of them.

Yes. Well, that's plain
as day, isn't it?

He left me at the altar
because of them.

Henry, can you talk
to the new found land police

and find out everything
you can about them?

You don't trust them?

George and I met most of them
when we went last year.

There was no hint of this curse,

even though it was clear
that George and I were together.

I'll do what I can.

So, we're a team, then?

For better or worse.


Good day.

Thank you, Henry.

(Door opening and closing)


You didn't open it?

I sure did not.

You want to stand back.

This is not
for the faint-hearted.

What's that supposed to mean?

It means... someone's
pulled a fast one.

Detective Murdoch.

Miss Cherry.

Anything to report on
the murderous zombie?

Other than the fact that I am
not pursuing a murderous zombie?


So, he can run free
on the streets?

Miss Cherry.

Constable Higgins.

You are... well?

What do you want?

Do you have any friends
at the tribune in St. John's?

I may.

May I impose upon you
a favour then?

As long as you remember
my golden rule: Tit for tat.

We should cancel
our subscription to this rag.

Is that so?

Look at this drivel.

Miss Louise Cherry
has clearly lost her mind.

Who would believe such rubbish?

Miss Cherry is not stupid.

You think it could be true?

I don't know.

I don't know what to think.

Look at this.

- What on earth is this?
- I don't know.

- Who left it?
- No idea.

- You can't think...
- Don't be foolish.

He's dead.

So you are going
to pursue this?

I'm just going
to ask a few questions.

Even though Trevor told you
to let the matter lie?

I won't involve him
or the police.

(Knocking on door)

Must be Timothy and the gang.

Please don't bring up
the robbery.

I need to talk to you two.

Well, it's simple.

We'll just leave.

And he's following you?

He's in New York.

He didn't follow me here.
I lost him.

But it's just
a matter of time.


What do you suggest?

Well, he seems like the kind
of man who could be bought.

So, no legal recourse?

For your kind, likely no.

That's why I told you to stay
out of this Trevor business.

But I do appreciate you taking
the time to warn us about this.

Of course.

I couldn't use
your telephone, could I?

Yes, uh, station house four.

Toronto, Ontario
and I'd like to speak

to detective
William Murdoch, please.

Let the fun begin.

I do hope Samuel is tucked in
for the evening?

Sir, are you quite sure?

The coffin was empty?

It was and the recipient
had no knowledge

of why it was delivered to him.

Did he have any knowledge
of a Maurice majors?

- No.
- So, Mrs. Hart is definitely

up to something.
- It's possible.

Well, any luck finding
Jack Walker?

I've found them both.
Watts and Walker.

Listen, Murdoch,
I'll be back in a day,

so right now I'm about to have
a drink with some lads,

so I'll talk to you later.

(Music playing)
- Good evening?

- Hello.
- You have a name?

- Thomas.
- Ah, well, Tom.

I'm Tim.

Let me grab you a drink.

(Camera shutter clicking)

(Camera shutter clicking)

(Camera shutter clicking)

(Camera shutter clicking)

(Eerie music)

You have a table?

And don't tell me there
are no dogs allowed.

I'm not an irishman, either.


You're dead.

Is that so?

News to me.

Hey, this animal and I
need sustenance.

We're mighty hungry.

You move when I say you move.

Or I snap your neck
and this girl knows

where her next meal's
coming from.

- What do you want?
- What do you think?

I want your money.

What is it they say?

Your money or your life?

I can't get you money.

Not without Violet's permission.


That's funny?

Damn, I taught
that woman well!

Well, then...

You best get her permission.

Or I'm going to choose
the second option.


(Dramatic music)

Come on, girl, take a seat.

This fella's gonna
make us a decent meal.

You were to come down for tea.

I don't like doing this.

George is a good man.

I don't like to see him suffer.

It won't be much longer.

His birthday
is fast approaching,

and then it'll be over
and he can marry her

and be as poor and happy
as he wants.


Subtitling: Difuze

Sync corrections by srjanapala