Murdoch Mysteries (2008–…): Season 16, Episode 12 - Porcelain Maiden - full transcript

- Ah! What the hell?!

- Where is it, rankins?
- Where's what?

- The parcel! Where is it?

- I don't know what
you're talking about!

- Give us the parcel, rankins.

- You've got the wrong
guy! I am not rankins.

- Should I cut him, johnny?

- What are you telling
him my name for?

- Oh, I'm not.

I'm gonna cut him.
- No, don't cut me!

Then give us the parcel.

- I don't have the parcel!

- Should I cut
him? I'll cut him.

Get us the
parcel by noon tomorrow.

Else otherwise.

- Fine! Fine. Yes. Good.

- Tomorrow noon. The alley
behind the old gopnik shipyard.

If we don't get the parcel,

We will spend every
moment of every day

For the rest of our lives

Hunting you down
until you're dead.

Let's go.

You should've let me cut him!

Why do you
always want to cut people?

- What?


- Henry?

Who is it?

- What are you doing here?

- I need your help.

I've done a very bad thing.

perfect. - William?

What're you doing?
- Ah, julia!

I believe I've
solved our problem.

- Oh, what problem?

- Yesterday at the park I
turned my back on susannah

For the briefest of moments.

She crawled away

And was nearly struck
by a boy on a tricycle!

In the blink of an eye
anything could happen.

So, I have invented

The all-purpose baby tether.

- It's a leash.

- It's a tether for her safety.

You see, even here at
home it could keep her

From reaching the stove, or...
Or something in my workshop.

- William, it's a leash.

- We need to allow her
to practise her crawling

Without putting
herself in harm's way.

Hence, the tether.

- Leash.

- I'm off to work.

I'll see you at dinnertime.

- For heaven's sake!

Come here. Oh!

I have an idea.

Let's do something dangerous.

- Where is everyone, murdoch?

- Well, george is still
on his honeymoon.

Henry called in sick

And evans and langston are
taking care of a traffic block.

A horse has sat
on an automobile.

- Oh. Well, let's hope
something doesn't fall in your lap

Or you'll be stuck with me.

- Detective murdoch.

- I take it we'll be
spending the day together.

- Yes, yes, of course.

I'll be right there.

- A few months ago I
started using my auto

To deliver packages.

- You're a courier?

- Yes. But...

My telephone number ended
up in the hands of some...

Unsavoury people.

They offered to pay
me double my fee.

The implication was that I
wouldn't ask any questions.

- So, these people
were likely criminals

And the packages likely
contained illicit goods.

- What's the difference?

So I didn't look
inside their packages.

I don't look inside anyone
else's packages, either.

- Plausible deniability may
help you sleep better at night,

But it is hardly a
substitute for morality.

- The point is these
are dangerous men!

And they're after me.

- So, inform the inspector.

- The inspector swore he'd
fire me if he ever caught me

Working a second job again.

- I would be more concerned
about being arrested

For criminal conspiracy.

- That's why I need
your help to get it back.

- Get what back?

- The parcel.

See, a couple of
nights ago, I got a call.

I went to pick up a delivery
from a man named rankins.

He didn't give me a name.

Just an address
on tyndall avenue.

When I got there, someone
was being arrested.

Who was it?

The man I was
delivering the parcel to.

It had to be.

And did you stop?

- I didn't want to get mixed up

In whatever was going on.

So I went back to the corner
where I picked up the parcel,

But there was
no sign of rankins.

I looked him up in the
city directory, but no luck.

So I went home.

- And where's the parcel?

- I was about to throw it out.


Well, someone was paying
me a good fee to deliver it,

So it had to be valuable.

I figured, as long as I'm
going to toss it out, anyways,

Why not take it to a pawn shop?

- Severing once and for all
your thin tether to morality.

- I didn't set out to
do anything wrong.

I just...

Did whatever seemed
all right in the moment.

- Oof.

So, these two men,
one with a knife,

Are seeking a
statuette of a horse.

- Yes.
- So take your pawn ticket

Back to the pawn shop.
- I didn't pawn it.

I sold it.

And I only got two dollars
for it, but now it's gone.

And that old pawnbroker
won't tell me who he sold it to.

I need your help, watts.

We have to find that horse.

- I left the
constabulary, henry.

I'm no longer an investigator.

- Watts! I...

Watts, if I don't
find that statuette,

They'll kill me.

Please, I need your help.

A single
gunshot wound at close range.

No identification.

But there's this.

- What's in it?

- Looks to be five
crisp $100 bills.

- Crikey.

So, this fella's walking around
with a small fortune on him,

Someone gets wind
of it and tries to rob him.

They have an altercation;
he ends up dead.

- But they didn't
take the money.

- You can't exactly spend a bill
with a bullet hole through it, murdoch.

- Unlucky shot.

- For the both of them.

- Sign says back
in five minutes.

- Stop that.

- Stop what?

- That whistling. It's annoying.

- I didn't realize I was.

That melody's been
stuck in my ear all week.

There he is.

- Right.


What are you... What
are you going to do?

- I'll tell him I'm a
detective and the statuette

Was left behind at
the scene of a robbery.

He, ergo, is a suspect.

- That's good.

That's good.

Go ahead.

So, suspicion falls to you...

Unless you are able to
exonerate yourself by telling me

Who else may have been in
possession of said statuette.

- You know, I'll bet
you dollars to doughnuts

It was that pie-faced charlie
who was in here just this morning.

- This man purchased
the statuette?

- No, no, no. He's the
one who sold it to me.

Then he came back
later looking for it.

Real daft type.

It's gotta be him. I mean,
the woman who bought it,

She wouldn't be
involved in a crime.

- A woman?

A witness saw a woman
near the scene of the crime.

Describe her for me.

- Classy, all over.

There's a fat chance
she did anything criminal.

- Nevertheless, describe her.

Due diligence et cetera.

- Listen, pally. It ain't her.

I mean, here: She even paid
me with this fancy cheque.

She's not the criminal type.

- If I could have
a look at that.

- What'd you say your name was?

- Detective millshh...
- What?

- If I could take
just a quick look.

- Okay, pal, let
me see your badge.

- How much for this?
- What? Wh...

Hey! Wait, wait!
Come back here! Wait!

- How did it go... -
run! Run, run, run, run!

- Hey! Hey, wait! Come
back here, you miserab...

Lady, watch where you're going!

Having fun, susannah?

I told you it would
be dangerous!

This way!

- Curses!

- Oh! Good god, I'm a criminal.

I can't believe I did that.

Ah, pencil.


Give me that.

- Look! It's for $20! I
knew he ripped me off!

- That hardly matters
at this juncture.

We now know the
buyer is "b. Vermont"

And we have an
address in rosedale.

- Let's go. My auto's
just around the corner.

- A moment.
- What are you doing?

- Righting a wrong.

- Oh, for god's sake!

- Sending this back
to the pawn shop.

Thank you for seeing
us, mrs. Vermont.

- What can I do
for you, gentlemen?

- We are private investigators
with the pinkerton agency.

Our client has hired
us to locate an item,

A golden statuette of a horse.

We understand you
may have purchased it?

- Yes, that's right.

- Our client seeks its return.

He sold it accidentally.

- For a pittance.

It holds great
sentimental value.

- Well, I'm afraid it
holds the same for me.

You see, my late
husband kept racehorses.

The statuette reminded
me of his favourite maiden.

To me, it is priceless.

I shall keep it on the
mantel in benjamin's study

Until the day I die.

Now, if you'll excuse me,
I have a funeral to plan.

- Of course. Thank
you for your time.

One, pl...
- No!

She has it. Let's
go get it back.

- I recognized her husband.

The man in the oil painting.

His surname somehow eluded me,

But he's been in
the papers every day.

Here, look.

- "arrest made in
vermont murder."

It says the culprit
is nathan fine

Of tyndall avenue in parkdale.

- That's where I was
making the delivery.

This guy must have sent
those men after the horse.

- The article describes
him as a bookmaker and...

Violent criminal.

- And this violent criminal's
friends are going to kill me!

Watts, we have to
break into that mansion

And steal back that statuette.

- I will be doing no such thing.

- We've already been lying.

If we're only breaking the
law to do something good,

Namely, saving my life!

Then, isn't that kind of better?

You know, overall?

- Sometimes the greater
of two evils is inaction but,

In this instance,
my boundary is firm.

Plus, it remains unclear what
mrs. Vermont's interest is in all this.

- Then I'll do it myself.

- There's no
talking you out of it?

- No.
- Right.

I noticed the house
was not in model repair.

The gate at the end
of the hedge was ajar

And one of the windows in
the parlour has a broken latch.

- So?

- I'll draw you a diagram.

Single gunshot
wound, close range.

Any signs of a
struggle? Any other injuries?

- No.

- Nothing unusual at all, then?

- Um, just this.

His fingers.

- Discoloured.

Dark spots.

I believe I've seen this before.

This is the result of
contact with silver nitrate.

- Silver nitrate. What's that?

- It's a chemical commonly
found in darkrooms.

- Ah.

- This man was a photographer.

- Whoa!


Mr. Holly,
have you seen my eyeglasses?

I'll check the parlour.

got... Never mind.

They're on the chain
around my neck.

- Oh, I'm a dead man.

I'm a dead man!

- I question the
wisdom of you taking it.

Its absence might be noticed.

- I was hoping I could glue
the pieces back together.

- The men awaiting its
return may notice that.

They said they
would hunt me until I was dead.

I can't die.

If I die, then what?

- That is humanity's
ultimate question, is it not?

But while you ponder that, have
you noticed the man behind us?

- What man?
- Don't look.

He's been following us.

- Are you sure?
- No.

But certainty is a rare thing.

This way.

Keep moving.

We'll go to queen
and get on a streetcar

To see if he follows.

- Watts! Watts!

Look! That store window.

Come on.

It's a miracle.

- Henry, I'm not sure this
is the cure-all you think it is.

- They're identical. Those men
will never know the difference.

- If the statuette
is worth six cents,

Why did someone
pay you a healthy fee

To deliver it to
a career criminal

Under cover of darkness?

- I don't know.

- Clearly the statuette itself is
not what those men are after.

- They asked for the parcel.
I'll give them the parcel.

Problem solved.

- Where's the key, rankins?

- What key? You wanted
the parcel, this is it.

- Enough.

Cut him.
- I don't have any key!

I'm not rankins!
- Say one more thing we don't wanna hear, rankins.

Just one more.

- Should I really cut him?
- Yes.

- Then, the whole
neck, or just a little cut?

- He doesn't have it. Gut him!

- Wait! Wait! I have
it! I have the key.

- Well, then hand it over!
Or else you're a dead man.

- I'm not a dead man.

I'm rankins.

And I'm your only hope!

Do you really think mr. Fine
will be happy when you tell him

That I'm dead and
the key is lost forever?

- Who said we work for fine?

- If you want the
key, you pay double!

You meet me back here
at 6 p.M. With the money,

Or the key goes
into lake ontario.


- Are you mad? You only
gave yourself six hours?

- Well, it had to be believable.

- We don't even know
what the key is for,

To say nothing of where it is.

- Uh, we know
exactly where it is.

Mrs. Vermont
broke the statuette.

Obviously, the key was inside.

- And since mrs. Vermont
had the original figurine,

She must have the key.

Your logic is flawless, henry.

I apologise if my
tone is one of surprise,

But it reflects my feelings.

Don't look! The man is back.
- Where?

I said don't look.

I need to
know where not to look!

- Behind you. And now you
can look; he's coming right for us.

- What?

- Gentlemen, I beg your pardon.

My name is mr. Holly.

I'm here to extend
you an invitation.

- To what?

- To a meeting with my
employer, mrs. Vermont.

They're closed.

They usually open at noon.

- Ah, detective.

Sorry I'm late.

I think I have everything.

- Oh. Very well.

- Would you like to come in?

- That won't be necessary.

- Is something the matter?

- We need to know if
you recognize this man.

- Oh, heavenly jesus
and his apostles.

Uh, sorry.

Never seen a dead man before.

- Right. Sorry about that.

- That's mr. Cone.

Whatever's happened to him?

- Perhaps we'll
spare you the details.

- Yes, quite right.

- What can you
tell us about him?

- He was a regular customer.

A real enthusiast.

He always developed
his own photographs.

- Up to something illicit?
Peeping tom maybe?

- Perhaps, sir.

Can you tell us
anything else about him?

- He lived in that building
on duchess and beverley,

I believe.
- Right.

Thank you very much.

- But...

- I apologize if mr. Holly was
brusque with you gentlemen,

But it was important that I
speak to you immediately.

I'm afraid I wasn't entirely
honest with you earlier.

The statuette you inquired
about meant nothing to me.

- You only wanted
what was inside.

- You are clever.

Have you
found what you're looking for?

- You have what
we're looking for.

- I'm afraid I do not.

Shall we speak
plainly, gentlemen?

- Yes, please.

- The key was not in the maiden.

- Then where is it?

- I was hoping that
you could tell me!

You see, should you find it,

I would very much like the
opportunity to purchase it.

- Our client is highly
motivated to see its return.

- And has your client told
you what that key is for?

- No.

- As you may be aware,
my husband was murdered.

A few days ago I received
an anonymous telephone call,

A man selling evidence
that would convict his killer.

The key is to a locker
in parkdale station

Which contains that evidence.

- They already arrested
someone, a mr. Fine.

- The police are going to
release him by the end of the day.

Mr. Fine, he wants that
evidence so he can eliminate it.

He killed my benny!

And... And now nothing
is going to happen to him.

Ah, thank you.

Mr. Fine is who
hired you, is that right?

- Our client is someone
who is caught in the middle.

- Well, whoever you work for,

Please do not give that
evidence to mr. Fine.

Consider this a retainer
for your services.

Regardless, you can keep it.

But if you bring me
that key, I will see to it

That you are paid twice
what anyone else is offering.

- We're no closer to finding the
key, but this changes our aim.

We can't deliver the
key to mr. Fine's men.

- Why not?
- Because he will destroy the evidence and go free.

- So?
- That is an affront to justice.

- As soon as we find that
key I'm giving it to the people

Who will kill me if I
don't. End of story.



I've stepped in sick.

Oh! I've stepped in sick!



I find your position on the
matter of justice abhorrent.

That you are a police constable
makes it all the more troubling.

But seeing as we have
no idea where the key is,

The point is entirely academic.

- Rankins must have it.

- Oh-ho-ho!

- Think about it: If rankins is
the guy who had the evidence,

Maybe he's the one who made the
anonymous phone call to mrs. Vermont.

He's playing two customers
against one another.

Maybe he agreed
to sell it to fine,

But decided to hold
out for more money.

I'll bet you anything he never
put the key in that figurine.

- Which scarcely helps
you. Rankins is a ghost.

- Oh, we have to try.

We can go back to where
he gave me the parcel.

Maybe there'll be
some sign of him.

- You there!

How much for one shoe?

- 15 cents.

- Ah, for a pair. How
much for one shoe?

- Why do you want
one shoe shined?

- Only one shoe is dirty.

- One shoe is two shoes.

- It is not.

- Shoeshine's a
shoeshine, friend.

It's one thing.
- Can we get going?

- Fine.

Make it quick.


- Here it is. This is where
he gave me the parcel.

- I don't see
anything of interest.

- Ah, maybe he lives in
one of these apartments,

Or someone knows him, at least.

- Here we are.
Duchess and beverly.

- This must be
mr. Cone's building.

- Aha. See? That
tune sticks in your ear.

You'll be whistling it all week.

- My god, you're right.

If you catch me whistling it
again, you can smack me.

Come on.

- Wait. It's the pawnbroker.

We can't let him see us.

- Hey! You!

Ah! Stop! Stop!

Stop! Stop! Come back!

Stop! Stop, come back!

- Should we look into that?

- I'm sure it's nothing.

Come on, murdoch.

- Hey! I just want my cheque!

- Did we lose him?
- Ah, he didn't stand a chance!


Oh, I almost killed someone.

- Uh, henry.

- What?
- What's this?

- The box. From the statuette.

- Which one?

- The one rankins gave me.

I took the statuette
out before I sold it.

- Nothing.
- Are you sure?

- Curious.

- Oh my god. I'm not gonna die!

I have to give this
to those men, watts.

- If you do, a
notorious murderer,

Mr. Fine, will go free.

- If I don't, they'll kill me.

- The parcel was
entrusted to you.

The key was in the parcel.

It's yours to do
with as you see fit.

But you engaged me,

Which led to me learning
the facts of the situation.

My knowledge of these facts
demands I inform the police.

- Your knowledge
doesn't demand anything!

- It does if I wish to
lead an ethical life.

- Who cares about that?

If I don't show
up with this key,

Or if those men think that I
told the police, they'll kill me.

Watts, I have a wife
and a daughter at home.

- We open the locker ourselves.

We ascertain that the
evidence is relevant.

If it is, we photograph it.

You deliver the key to the
men who want you dead

And I deliver a facsimile
of the evidence to the police

Anonymously after enough
time has passed that the men

Will no longer suspect
your involvement.

- Fine.

- Excelsior.

- What?

- Excelsior. Fine
strands of wood

Used for packaging
delicate goods.

- I know what it is!

How on earth do you
know what it's called?

- Well, it's common...

- Lot of photographs.

It doesn't appear that
mr. Cone's a peeping tom.

- Hm. Private investigator.

- Ah! So, which one of
his cases got him killed?

Aye-aye. I know that fella.

- Oh, I think I do, as
well. The bookmaker.

- That's right. Fine.

- I heard he was arrested
for possibly murdering

The wealthy racehorse owner.

- Murdoch? Blood.

- Sir, these photographs
are numbered.



- So, there's 13 missing.

- Perhaps the photos in between

Depict mr. Fine
murdering someone?

- So, cone took the photos,
offered to sell them to fine.

He pays $500 and
keeps the photos.

- And then kills mr. Cone to ensure
no one ever finds out the truth.

- I think we've just
found our killer, murdoch.

- Stop.
- What?

- There's a man sitting to
our left reading a newspaper.

There's another
man sitting to our

Right reading a newspaper.

They're both reading
yesterday's papers.

- They must be
watching the locker.

- Or it's just a coincidence.

- What do we do?

- I have an idea.

You'll be from cincinnati;
I'll be from vienna.

- Ach! Mein gott!
- Hey.

A moment of your time, friend?

- Hey, get your hands
off of... Hey! Hey!

- Shh, easy now. Easy.

- What's going on? Oh.

- Let's go.
- Hello.


Where are we going?

I'm from cincinnati.

Get in here!

- Hey, hey!

Follow that automobile.
Do it quickly.

I already talked to you people.

You people?

- Coppers.

You don't respect
me, I don't respect you.

Luckily, I don't need you.

All you've got is some
anonymous tip with no evidence.

My lawyer's gonna get me
outta here by the end of the day.

- Mr. Fine, you are being detained
regarding the murder of benjamin vermont.

I'm here regarding
another dead man:

Milton cone.

Never heard of him.

- He was found murdered down
by river street earlier this morning.

- Mm. Well, you know what?

I'll send his widow
some flowers.

- He had $500
tucked into his jacket.

- She can buy her own flowers.

- A withdrawal was
made from your account

At the dominion bank for
$500 cash just this week.

- Hm.

What can I tell ya?

- It's quite a coincidence,
don't you think?

- Sometimes things
mean something;

Sometimes they don't.

- Mr. Fine, I believe
you killed mr. Cone

Because of something he knew
about mr. Vermont's murder.

I'm tired of this.

You want the truth
about vermont?

Find rankins.

- What do we do with him now?

- Just leave him in there.

- What now?
- We wait for the boss.

And here we are.

- This is what
was in the locker?

- That's right.

- Fetch the gasoline
and start a fire, will you?

- What about him?

- Make it a big fire!

- What?

- What is this?
There's nothing in here.

- This is the guy. That's
what was in the locker.

- Which locker?

- The locker. Shep, the key.

- 145.

It's the wrong locker!

Get back to the
railway station at once.

Let's go.

- What do we do with him?
- What do you think?

- Leave him here?

- He could go to the police.

- So, we have to do
something about him.

- Yeah.

- Um, maybe we tell him
not to go to the police?

- I'm not much for conversation.

Wh-what was that?

- There!

- Run!

Mrs. Vermont was set
on destroying the evidence

That is in that locker.

We can safely say she
is not a grieving widow

Seeking to convict her
husband's murderer.

Do you think she
killed him herself?

- Almost certainly.

Which means
mr. Fine is innocent.

- See? I should have just
given the key to his men

In the first place and
this would all be over.

- And we wouldn't have nearly
been shot dead in the alley.

- Now what do we do?

- This is a good question.

Let us entertain the
scenarios available to us.

Scenario one.

We return to the station
in an attempt to retrieve

The evidence from the locker.

Then the men with
yesterday's newspapers see us,

Recognize us, kidnap
us and take the key.

Mrs. Vermont
destroys the evidence

And goes unpunished for
the murder of her husband.

- They'll also kill us.
- Yes, I elided that part.

We will surely be killed.

You deliver the key

To mr. Fine's men.

They take it to the station where the
men with yesterday's newspapers see them.

If fine's men come out alive,

They will likely believe
you led them into this trap

And thereafter seek to kill you.

If they don't come out
alive, mr. Fine himself

Will have to think that
rankins, you, was in league

With mrs. Vermont and
led his men to their deaths.

Whatever the outcome,
you will likely be killed.

We deliver the key

To mrs. Vermont.

She goes free

And mr. Fine's men
seek you out and kill you.

Scenario four:

You mail the key
to detective murdoch

With a note explaining
its relevance.

He takes it to the station

Where the men with
yesterday's newspapers see him

And alert mrs. Vermont,
allowing her a chance to flee.

Meanwhile, mr. Fine's men
seek you out and kill you.

- None of these
scenarios sounds good.

- I know.

There remains scenario five,

In which you deliver
the key to the detective

And the inspector in person.

You explain everything.

They deploy constables
to protect you indefinitely

While they retrieve the
evidence and attempt to prosecute

Mrs. Vermont, her men and
perhaps even mr. Fine's men who did...

- Oh! What the hell?

- After all, assault you.

- The inspector
learns everything.

I could go to jail.
I'll lose my job.

- But not your life.

You don't understand.

I wasn't delivering parcels
because I wanted the money.

I needed it.

Our house was a gift
from rupert and lucinda,

But we can't afford it.

If I lose my job, we'll be
out in less than a month.

- As imperfect as it may be,

It's the only scenario that
results in anything other than you,

Or both of us, getting killed.

I can't face the inspector.

You do it.
- I'd very much rather not.

It's your predicament.

- And one I would have been
out of if your stupid morals

Hadn't have stopped me from
giving the key to those men

As soon as we found it!

- We never would have
found the key if I hadn't stolen

The cheque from the
pawnbroker, whose ire caused me

To topple arse over
tip into your automobile.

- Heads it's me.

Tails it's you.

- Mr. Fine claims he
doesn't know mr. Cone

And that the $500
is just a coincidence.

- And decker at station house
one is about to let him go.

- It seems that without
the missing photographs,

They don't have enough
evidence to convict him.

- Fine didn't give you anything?

- All he said was the answer
lies with a man named rankins.

Rankins? Who's rankins?

- I have no idea.

- What is it, higgins?



Oh! Just a sec, doctor.

It's the missus.


Thought you were off sick?

- I was, sir.

I'm feeling much better now.

- Well, get back to work then.

- Right away.

- All right. I'll see you then.

- Everything all right
on the home front?

- Oh, yes. Julia just needs
me to bring home a lens

For our slide projector.

- What for?

- Once again, I am at a loss.

- You couldn't
go through with it?

- Hear me out.

Detective murdoch
is investigating...

Detective murdoch is
investigating the death

Of a p.I. Named milton cone.

But I saw his photo,
cone is rankins.

- The man who
gave you the parcel.

- Precisely. Rankins
must be his alias.

Fine told detective murdoch
that rankins is the key to the case,

But he has no idea
that cone and rankins

Are one and the same.

- So what?
- So, it gave me an idea.

Scenario six.

The timing will
have to be perfect.

We lure all the players together
at exactly the same time.

Mrs. Vermont thinks she's
getting just what she wants

But, instead, she gets
caught red-handed.

- Murdoch, there's
a letter for you.

Look who it's from.

- Rankins? What on earth?

"go to this locker at
parkdale station and wait.

The killer will
appear at 6 p.M."

- What locker?

- In truth, mrs. Vermont,

My client was not a
disinterested party.

He presented himself to
me as a clumsy delivery boy

Who'd lost something
of great value.

In fact, he was a rat.

He pretended to
have lost the key

In order to sell it to nathan
fine at an inflated price.

When I discovered the
truth, I brought it to you.

You trust me.

- I trust you will pay
me what you promised.

Double mr. Fine's best price.

- A promise is a promise.

- Sorry I'm late. But I
have something for you.

- What's this? We don't
want our money back.

- We want the key, rankins.

- You'll get a refund
and the key will end up

Right where you want it to.

But you have to
do one last thing.

- Nothing.
- A ruse?

How dare you?

- What's all the commotion?
Toronto constabulary.

- These men have
concealed weapons.

- Is that right?
- Now what's going on?

We didn't do a thing!

- What's in your pocket?

- Uh, my handkerchief.

- Oh, yeah.

What's this then?

Search him, constables.

- Excuse me, miss.
- I'm afraid I haven't the time.

- I'm afraid you
aren't going anywhere.

I'd like to see what's
inside of this envelope

And inform you that you
are a suspect in the murder

Of benjamin vermont.

- I was having a
liaison with mr. Fine.

I met him when he approached
benny about fixing a race.

And benny refused, of course.

There's something
wrong with me, detective.

I... I crave excitement.

And mr. Fine was so exciting.

But benny began
to get suspicious.

I think he hired the
private investigator

Who took these photos.

That night,

Nathaniel and I met.

Benny was supposed to
be travelling to rochester,

But he missed the boat and...

When he found us
together, he was furious.

He was out of his mind.

Nathan fled, but it was me
that benny was angry with.

He hit me.

Again and again.

I... I had no choice
but to pull the trigger.

What are those?

- The bullets proved it
was the same gun used

To kill her husband and the p.I.

- Even if her story of killing
mr. Vermont in self-defence were true,

She still murdered mr. Cone.

- She's dead to rights.

- That just leaves the
identity and the role of rankins.

- I doubt he's important.

Higgins, where have you been?

- I was chasing a thief.

- Where is he?

- He got away.

- Bloody hell. I've
half a mind to fire you.

- What will you do with it?

- I'm considering keeping it.

- You lied to her
and got her arrested.

Doesn't seem very
moral to keep her money.

- I've been reflecting
on this, henry.

Morality is not a constant.

Principles are not immutable.

Do you know who
I learned this from?

- I don't really
know philosophy.

- "do whatever seems
all right in the moment."

Henry higgins.

A notion as profound as any.

- Hm. Well, sometimes
I just say these things.

- As of today, I intend
to start living my life

In accordance with
the teachings of higgins

And today what seems
all right is taking this money

And investing it in myself.

- Investing it how?

- Well, since
mr. Cone is no longer,

Perhaps toronto could use
a new private investigator.

All right, it's ready.

- What's this all about?

- I've been working
on a little surprise.

You see, william, you're
right that susannah

Is going to get up
to all kinds of trouble.

But there's nothing
we can do about that.

In the blink of an eye,

Something terrible
could happen, but...

Something wonderful
too, could happen.

We have no idea what the
world has in store for her.

Could you get the lights?


Julia, how did you do this?

- I had a little bit of
help from mr. Talman

At the photo shop.

- No wonder he said all
of those strange things.

Julia, these are marvelous.

- Oh, william, I just
wanted to remind you

That the possibilities
of her life are endless.

And no tether is going to
keep her from exploring them.

Subtitling: Difuze