Murdoch Mysteries (2008–…): Season 16, Episode 11 - D.O.A. - full transcript

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Season 16 Episode 11

Episode Title: "D.O.A."
Aired on: November 21, 2022.

(Indistinct chatter)


Watch yourself!

Oh, dear.
Are you all right?

Where are you going?


Mind where you're walking!

- Oh! - Did you see that?
- Yes!

Watch it here!

- You all right?
- Oh, excuse me.

(Dramatic music)

(Muffled panting)

(Eerie muffled soundscape)

What do you want?

What have you done to me?
I didn't do anything.

You liar!
You did this to me!

(Woman groaning)

(Man): Let go of her!

(Panting and coughing)

Are you all right?

Bloody hell, man!
What do you think you're doing?


I have to go.

There's no more time.

Dear god, he's getting worse.

(Baby babbling)

You ready for today?

I am, indeed.

This is a rare treat.

A gift from Mrs. Hart.

And one deserving of the day.

Frank Rhodes is finally
going to trial.


And I'm the one who gets
to put him away.

Not just you.
There's an eyewitness.

Yes, but I'll be delivering
the coup de grâce.

They're still warm!

William, every Monday
morning you buy those scones

And every Monday morning
I refuse them.

You know I loathe those things.

It's her loss.

(clears throat)

We will celebrate tonight.

You don't usually relish
in an execution.

This time I'm willing
to make an exception.


Let's continue:
Politics in Canada.

Ah, Murdoch!

I'm off to the court in an hour.

I'm just going through
the final details with Mr. Bent.

Hello, Nigel bent.


- You're worried.
- No.


- (Groaning)
- You all right?

Perhaps a bit jittery.

It's not every day you have
to face Frank Rhodes.

All you have to do is tell
the truth about what you saw.

And that was?

I saw Frank Rhodes choke
the life out of Wallace Franklin,

The prison guard.

And I will support
your testimony.

I will give an account of my
associations with Frank Rhodes.

I will tell of his misdeeds;

His kidnapping of my wife,
my daughter,

- And together we will ensure that he...
- No!

Get away!
Le-le-le-leave me alone.

- What is it, Mr. Bent?
- No, no, no!

G-get away from me!

Mr. Bent, please!


(Deep exhale)

(Dramatic music)

Bloody hell.

What just happened, Murdoch?

I have no idea.

- Delayed?
- Just 24 hours.

They allowed Rhodes
that Liberty?

I requested it.

You? Why?

Because my key witness
is now in the morgue.

Mr. Bent's testimony was the linchpin
in our case against Frank Rhodes.

Now we need time to strategize

Now that the late Mr. Bent
is no longer part of it.

You have Murdoch.

Yes, and his testimony
might be enough,

But I would rather do due
diligence to ensure conviction.

Would you not agree?

The man threatened
my wife and child.

Do what you have to
to secure a conviction.

One more day shouldn't make
a difference.


(Indistinct chatter)

Anything I say now
would be speculation.

Well, then speculate.

From outward appearance
he appears to be in good health.

He's dead.

So I'd say, in this case,

Outward appearances
are most certainly deceiving.

I understand that and I will be
performing a thorough examination

Once you gentlemen
leave me in peace.

Blood tests?

I collected samples.

We'll try to figure out
what caused such a seizure.

How was he acting
before he died?


I also believe he was
experiencing hallucinations.

I see.

And how long had that
been going on for?

He had been acting funny.

Funny how?

He lost his balance
a few times,

Started saying
he was seeing things.

Was your husband
a drinking man?

My husband was teetotal,

Believed drink to be
the devil's brew.

When did these symptoms
begin occurring?

Just yesterday morning.

At first he thought
it was nothing.

So just recently then?

Just over 24 hours ago.

I told him to say nothing
about this

And you people forced him to.

We asked him to do his duty.

And see where that got him.


We have to entertain the possibility
that someone did Mr. Bent harm.

Oh, I'm already
of that opinion.

Well, at least it couldn't
have been Rhodes.

Sir, I wouldn't necessarily
think that.

We have to consider
Frank Rhodes.

His reach extends
far beyond his prison cell.

- Here you are, sir.
- What have you got there?

Uh, names and addresses of
Rhodes' most recent associates.

Uh, only a couple in Toronto.

We have to consider Rhodes,
sir, behind bars or not.

Bring them in.

Ah, we've only found one
so far, sir.

Anderson and McNabb
are looking for the others.

Learning to delegate,
are you, Higgins?

Just laziness, sir.


(Clears throat)

- Here you are, sir.
- Ah!

Sorry, sir.


Trial is delayed?

Just until tomorrow.
Or the next day at the latest.

How did the man die?

I'm hoping Mrs. Hart
can provide those answers.

And what do you think?

He may have ingested
a foreign substance.

- Poisoning?
- Perhaps.

Well, it's a good thing we
still have you to put him away.

It's reassuring to know I'm not
the only one interested in vengeance.

He threatened susannah,

That alone has exhausted
my capacity for mercy.

(Man sighs)

Nigel bent.

Can't say I met the fella.

Who is he?

a possible murder victim.

Mm. Well, I don't know
anything about tha'.

And why would I have an issue
with someone I don't even know?



Which one of those?

Uh, could be any one,
I suppose.

If I knew the man.

But you do know Frank Rhodes.

Frank Rhodes...

- Frank Rhodes. No.
- Don't act stupid!

You two were arrested together
years ago.

Ah, him!

I haven't talked to Frank
in years.

Not since he went screwy.

What does that mean?

Ain't been the same since the
black hand turned her back on him.

And, let me tell you, if Frank's
on the bad side of the black hand,

I don't want to have
anything to do with him.

Dead man walking.

So you had nothing to do
with Nigel bent?

Already said as much.


You all right?

Yes, fine.

There's a good chance that Frank
Rhodes could walk away from this,

Seeing that we have lost
our eyewitness.

I'll get him.

I have more than enough
information on the many crimes

That make up Frank Rhodes' life.

None as good as Nigel bent.

But enough.

I'll see to it he ends up
where he belongs.

What are you doing here?

I called her.


You dropped a file.

You almost fell to the ground
in the interview room.

I thought the good doctor
should take a look at you.

That's ridiculous.
I'm fine!

William, it will only
take a moment.

I don't have a moment.

I need to find all of the files on Frank
Rhodes' crimes and misdemeanors.

Well, you can lead
a horse to water.

- (Sighs)
- Keep an eye on him.

If you notice anything else,
let me know.

Men and doctors.

Any progress?


No traces of any known agents
so far.

So an unknown compound?

Or one that's yet
to be identified.

Must be lethal if the man's wife
is to be believed.

From first symptom to death
in just over 24 hours.

So you have reason
to not believe her?

Excuse me?

Well, so you think
she's lying?

Uh, it was just
a figure of speech.

I apologize.

Uh, no, I'm...
I didn't mean to be short.


There's just something about
this that's making me feel uneasy.

William may be
experiencing symptoms.

I see.

Well, we should get
to the bottom of it then.

How can I help?


(Eerie piano music)

(Man): You're not going
to get me.

I'm invincible.

No, you're not.

I'm going to see you hang.

(Voice echoing): You'll be
well dead before that happens.

No, I won't.

You're going to pay, Rhodes.

Not as much as you will.

- What have you done to me?!
- (Rhodes laughs)

What have you...



- Sir!
- What is it, Higgins?

Uh, look at the detective.

(Murdoch groaning,
glass breaking)

- Fetch Dr. Ogden.
- Sir.

- It's nothing.
- That's what you said last time.

I saw you.
You were talking to the fairies.

Your temperature is very high!

And your heart rate is elevated.

How long have you been
feeling this way?

I'm not feeling like anything.

William, will you stop
lying to me?!

This could be
a very serious situation.

And if it is,
I know the source of it.

Stand down, Murdoch.

You can try and stop me.

I have to go to the morgue.

I have to find out
what's happening to him.


- Is detective Murdoch all right?
- He's fine.

Didn't look fine to me.

If I want your opinion,
I'll ask for it.

Now get me a list of all Frank
Rhodes' recent associates.

- I already did, sir.
- Well, find more!


Today's not the day
for laziness.

Murdoch just might be
in real trouble here.

(Horn tooting)

Watch where you're going!

(Woman): Are you all right?

Did you see that?

What do you think you're doing?

What is happening to me?


We've almost exhausted
all of the natural toxins.

- So man-made?
- Good possibility.


Don't worry. We will get
to the bottom of this.

Well, undoubtedly.

But what is in doubt is whether
we find out what killed this man

Soon enough to help William.


(Metal door rattling)

(Man): Hey! Look who's here!

(Man): You're the one who put me
in here, damn you!

(Indistinct shouting)

(Man): Don't leave me here!

We meet again.

Mr. Rhodes.

Come to say goodbye?

Well, perhaps that won't happen.

I, uh...

I heard your key witness
has met

With unfortunate circumstances.

You heard about that, did you?

Things like that get around.

I must say you're looking
a little worse for wear.

Little one keeping you up?

Never a good idea to have
a child at your advanced age.


Well, it's certainly
not nothing.

Something killed Mr. Bent!

Perhaps it was a stroke,
or a brain hemorrhage?

I think it's time
to get the saw.

Well, I certainly have no
insight into what is troubling you.

But I do hope it passes.

By any chance,
are you a travelling man?

What does that have to do
with anything?

Ah, this modern world.

People travelling
hither and yon.

Pick up all sorts
of nasty ailments.

This is more than just
a nasty ailment.

That's too bad.

What did you do to me, Rhodes?

I really must
haunt your dreams.


What could I possibly do?

I've been in here six months with
nothing but my conscience for a companion.

Your conscience?

I do have one, you know.

If it wasn't you...

It was one of your friends.

I got no friends.

Not one single visitor
since I've been in here.


Tell you, now that
I'm facing the end,

It has really made me consider some
of the decisions I've made in my life.

I don't care
about your decisions, Rhodes!

What did you do to me?!

And I told you:

I've done nothing.

As I said, look where I am.

And this is the only place
I've been for months.

Perhaps what is affecting your
body is also affecting your judgement?

There's nothing wrong
with my judgement.

That so?

Well, then, perhaps it was
something you ate. Nah, you know,

Sometimes we try something
unfamiliar and the body acts up.

You ready for today?

I am, indeed.

This is a rare treat.

A gift from Mrs. Hart.

I touch a nerve?

If you harmed my wife...

As I said,

I have harmed nobody.

I'm going to watch you hang.

Such parting words.

Nice talking to you.

You don't know how much
I appreciate having a visitor.

I'll see you in court.


God willing.

(Epic music)


You don't have long, do you?

Who are you?

Must be strange for you now
that the shoe is on the other foot.

What are you talking about?

You sent so many
to their grave.

All deserving.

In your eyes.

I'm not sure
they see it that way.

But I suppose
you'll find out soon enough.

Who are you?

I speak for those
who want you dead.


I asked you a question.

Excuse me, sir?

- You were speaking to me.
- I were not.

- I never said a word.
- I heard you!

I didn't say a thing.
Please, sir, let me go.

I'm sorry.

There appears to be no damage
to the cerebellum.

But his motor skills
were affected.

So we can rule that out
as the cause.

And there's no damage
to the medial frontal cortex.

So not the reason
for the delusions.

- (Scoffs)
- Well, it seems Mr. Bent is

The owner of a perfectly
healthy brain.

Well, something killed him. We
just don't know what it was. (Julia sighs)

I'm sorry to say
that appears to be the case.

- Where are you going?
- I have to find William.

If we can find nothing of the
agent that killed Mr. Bent,

Then perhaps William is
my better bet.

I have to examine him.

- Good luck.
- Thank you.


(Clears throat)


Those two there.

I know at one time Rhodes was
associated with the woman, Betsy Warren.

- She used to be his sweetheart.
- Who's the big fella?

- I don't know.
- Hm.

Ah, sir, do you need me?

Just keep beating the bushes,

Oh, and get McNabb and Anderson
to check out Mr. Bent's past.

There's a chance that Murdoch's
barking up the wrong tree on this one.

You think that possible, sir?

Just do what you're told,

Mind if I join you?

Did we say yes?

What would it matter
if you did or you didn't?

What do you want?

A couple of answers
about Frank Rhodes.

Don't know
who you're talking about.


You were his piece of fluff
once upon a time, weren't you?

And what business
is that of yours?

I'm the one asking
the questions.

- I knew Frank for a time, yes.
- And?

Let's just say I'm happy
to know he's behind bars.

- She's with me now.
- Ah! Lucky fella.

- Watch it.
- Or what?

I'll tell you what.

Why don't you step outside for
five minutes and play with the traffic?

I need a private word
with the lady.

It's all right, Callum.

(She sighs.)

So what do you want to know
about Frank?

Do you ever visit him in jail?

Of course not.
Haven't seen Frank in years.

Although I am looking forward
to his trial.

I hope he hangs.

A woman scorned.

More like a woman
who dodged a bullet.

I know what happens to people
who get on Frank's bad side.

So you don't do
his bidding anymore?

- (Sighs)
- Certainly not.

How did you meet Frank?

Years ago. He did a job
for a man I worked for.

And this man...
Do you have a name?

Benedict Evers.
He's a chemist.

Ran an apothecary
near church street.

I did his books.

And what kind of job
did Frank do for him?

I learned well enough never
to ask Frank what he was up to.

But I will tell you,

When I first started working for
Mr. Evers, he was a married man.

And when I finished,
he was a widower.

And none too bothered
about that.

(Indistinct chatter)

(William panting)


(Voices echoing)

(Distorted soundscape)

What do you want?

What have you done to me?

I didn't do anything.

You liar!
You did this to me!

- What're you doing?
- Let go of her!


- Are you all right?
- Bloody hell, man! What do you think you're doing?

I have to go.

There's no more time.

Dear god, he's getting worse.

Are you sure you're all right?

I'm fine. He thinks I had
something to do with this.

William isn't in his right mind
at the moment.

What did I do?

I believe he thinks
you poisoned his orange juice.

- That's ridiculous.
- Is it?

Don't insult me, inspector.

The detective has long suspected
me of crimes I did not commit.

- This appears to be the latest.
- Where did you purchase it?

Arthur has an exotic fruit
supplier and I acquired some.

It was meant to be a gift,
not a murder weapon.

I'll send a constable to retrieve what's
left of the orange juice from your home.

That is ridiculous.
I had nothing to do with this.

I didn't say that.

It may have been tampered with
without your knowledge.

Actually, it couldn't
have been the orange juice.

I likely drank more of it
than William did.

Apologies, Mrs. Hart.

I may have something.

What is it?

Rhodes was friendly with a woman
who used to work for a chemist.

- Does this chemist have a name?
- Benedict Evers.

Now if the woman I talked
to is to be believed,

He hired Frank Rhodes
to kill his wife.

I see. So he could be
involved somehow?

Hm. I'll do my best
to find this Mr. Evers.

(Dramatic music)

(Panting, clock dinging)

(Dramatic music)

(loud ring)

(Passerby laughing)


Hello, I need you
to connect me to a number!

(Jazz music)

you don't look well.

I need to talk to you.

That's why I'm here.

Beat it.

So what is so important
that you called me?

What can you tell me
about Frank Rhodes?

I know he betrayed
the black hand.

So as far as we're concerned,
he's dead to us.

He will be soon enough.

We would have been happy
to have done that for you.

How many people
has he killed for you?


Has he ever used poison?

I wouldn't know.

But poison?

That don't seem like
Frank's style. No, too clean.

Wait a minute: You telling me
that's what's happening to you?

- Jesus. Poor sap.
- I didn't say that.

You don't have to.
I can see it in your eyes.

If Rhodes did this,

He would have needed help.

Nah. I told you, detective,

No one in our organization has
anything to do with Rhodes anymore.

And we have no disagreement
with you.

Then, please,
if you know anything,

Who on the outside
could be helping him?

You said it...
You think it was poison?

There is one man.

(Jazz music stops)

What are you doing?
It's the middle of the night.

I need to talk to the owner.

He hasn't been here in weeks.
I think he shut the place down.

And he's left
all his worldly goods there?

Appears so.

Bright boy.

- What did you say?
- Nothing.

Get yourself down here
right now!


- What else do you want?
- Where's Evers now?

How would I know?

Well, you know when
he cleared out,

so it stands to reason that
you know where he went.

I didn't care to be close
to him.

Why not?

He became a bit of a nutter
after his wife died.

- What does that mean?
- Just wasn't the same man.

I'd see him out carousing...
Store hardly ever open.

- He lost his wife.
- Yeah.

I suppose, but there was
a cloud over him.

Oh, uh...

...You ever seen this fellow
around here?

Matter of fact I have,
once or twice.

Did he do business with Evers?

I don't know what he did with
Evers, but I did see him around.

Is that one of your men?

Hm. Look, I'm done
with you for now.

What the devil are you doing
here, Murdoch?

Sir, the owner of this establishment
is an associate of Frank Rhodes.

That may be,
but he's long gone.

I have to get...

You need you go home, Murdoch.
That's an order!

Come on. Let me point you
in the right direction.

It's on my way.



(Baby crying)

I just wanted some time
with her.


Oh, just a few more moments.

Julia, I want you to know...

...That no matter what happens,

I'll die a happy man.

Well, I have no intention of living as
an unhappy woman, so you stay here.

Oh, please.
Stay with me?


I'm going to do what I can
to keep you alive.


Are going to grow up
to be strong

And brilliant,
just like your mother.


After him, boys!

(All panting)


You're too late.

Your detective's already
a dead man.

Please stop.

I'll stop
when I get an answer.


- Doctor, perhaps you sho...
- I'm fine.

Let the inspector do
what he needs to do.

(Shouting in pain)


(Baby babbling)



(Woman): It won't be long now,

Are you ready?


No one ever is.

But death waits for no one.

(Baby crying)

Come. Come on.

(Man groaning)

What did he say?

He worked at a bakery.
He poisoned Murdoch's scone.

- With what?
- He doesn't know.

And who ordered him
to do that?


Doctor ogden?

See if you can find out what this is
contaminated with and, please, hurry.

I'll do my best.

You'll do better than that, Mrs. Hart.
You'll find out what's in there.

My husband's life lies
in the balance.

What are you doing?

Hopefully persuading someone
to tell the truth.

The man you are looking
for is Benedict Evers, who,

Until recently, operated
a pharmacy on church street.

He's familiar with this man who
worked in a bakery on queen street.

I also need you to find
this man and find him quickly.

Do whatever it takes
to make this happen.


Thank you, gentlemen.

- Mm-hm.
- Oh!

- Oh, look who just came in!
- Ah! - Hey, gorgeous!

- Come here!
- Oh, come closer, love.

Come closer!

- You're gorgeous!
- Yeah. (Inmates whistling)

Oh, oh!
Where you going, sweetheart?

Ah, the good doctor.

I've been expecting your visit.

I'm sure you have.

So, now that you're here...

What can I do for you?

I don't want my husband
to die.

Well, then you are not like
most wives I've met.

But I-I'm not sure that
I can help you with that.

Mr. Rhodes, I'm desperate.

How desperate?

I'll do whatever you want.

What did you give him?


Look at me.
Look at where I am. Hm?

Please, Mr. Rhodes,
I don't want him to die.


We, uh, we all die, doctor.

You should know that
better than most.

Is it not true?

Death has surrounded you
most of your life.

What do you want?


Like your husband,
I don't believe I'm ready for the end.

What did you give him?

- Does that matter?
- Of course it does!

What if I were to tell you

I have the cure?

What do you want for it?


I can give you that.


What have you done?

You have less than
half an hour. But this?

This will save you.

Oh, you wouldn't
commit a murder.

To save my husband,
I would do anything.

I'm not sure, sir.
We're still looking.

I know.

What else can we do?

I don't know.

You're a doctor.
You wouldn't let me die.

Isn't there some kind of oath?

I'll make an exception.


You don't have it in you.

I am a wife and a mother.

And let me tell you, Mr. Rhodes,

You wouldn't be the first man
I killed.

I'm not sure that
I believe you on that.

Mr. Rhodes, tell me, are you starting
to feel constriction in your chest?

You should be about now.
(he groans.)



There is no one here
but you and me.

Understand me, Mr. Rhodes:

If you face a judge, there's a
chance you could escape with your life.

But that is not an option
you have with me.



I can...

I could give you an address

For the man
who supplied the poison.

- I'm to believe there's an antidote?
- There is.

- I've used it before.
- Give it to me.

Elmwood Arms.
Room 104.

There you'll find
Benedict Evers.


Hey! Hey!

We had...

We... We had a deal.

Mr. Rhodes,

I am true to my oath.

I gave you a mild paralytic.

You should be fine in
a few hours. (Chuckles)


When we're in position,
wait for my signal.

You don't need to be here,

Stop me.
(he sighs.)

(Knocking on door)

That you, Williams?

You have the rest of my money?

No, it's not Williams!
You, get over there!

Young lady, get out!
Go! Go on!

- What's this about?
- Where's the antidote?

Antidote? I don't know
what you're talking about.

I don't have time for this.

The antidote: Now!

Or you're a dead man.
(clicks gun)

Goodbye, Susannah.
(baby babbling)

You'll live in a much better
world than mine.

And your mother's going to raise
you to be, whoever you want.

It's time, William.

Can I have just
one more moment?

I'm sorry.

You lived a good life,

Better than most.

I did.

But all things come to an end.

It's not time.

(Soft music)


William, it's all right.

Everything's going to be
all right.

Thank you, detective Murdoch.

I'm, uh, sure this was
very trying.

Yeah, I'm feeling better
by the hour.

You have
a most resourceful wife.

- (Chuckles)
- What about the chemist?

He's currently facing
two charges,

Although he is complaining
about brutality.

You put a very dangerous man
away, detective.

We are all very much
in your debt.

It's not my debt
you're in, it's Julia's.

Frank Rhodes has issued
a complaint against her.

Well, has he now?

Well, I'm more than prepared...

Well, nothing will be required
of you, doctor ogden.

The matter is quite closed.

Frank Rhodes' execution
is scheduled for today.

That was fast.

I don't believe Frank Rhodes deserves
another day above the soil, do you?

With your permission, sir, I'd like
to spend the next day or two at home.

Of course.
You've both earned it.

Get some rest.

(Dramatic music)

Hello, Frank.


It is finally time.

(Epic music)

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