Murdoch Mysteries (2008–…): Season 15, Episode 6 - I Know What You Did Last Autumn - full transcript

[♪ ♪]

Season 15 Episode 06

Episode Title:
"I Know What You Did Last Autumn"

Aired on:
October 25, 2021.

[phone rings]


♪ [music box sounds] ♪


Is someone there?

Who is it?

No one.
It's just music.

What do you mean,

♪ [music box sounds] ♪

Someone is
fooling with you.

Why don't you come join me
back on the chesterfield?

Your mind is always
on one thing.

Whatever else
would it be on?

Now, where were we?

I can't stop thinking
about that telephone call.

Who cares about that?

What matters is that
you and I are together.

That and the fact that
your parents are away.

It was just strange,
that's all.

I'll go make
us some tea.

I'd like some milk
in mine, Perry.

There's a little
in the ice box.


[doorbell rings]

[doorbell rings]


Did you want

If you're here
for a trick or treat,

Halloween is tomorrow.

What are you doing?

[grunting efforts]


What have you, George?

Sir, Irene Robbins,
seventeen years of age.

The family's
away for the week.

That's a considerable
amount of blood.


Crabtree: Yes, sir.
The photographer's on his way.

She died of
multiple stab wounds

to the sternum and abdomen.

By the looks of it, several
of them would have been fatal.

Suggesting she was
killed in anger.

And based on the angle
of the wounds,

he was likely left-handed.

Well, very good, Mrs. Hart.

Any sign of
the murder weapon?

Sir, there's a knife
right over here.

She was home alone?

Ah, no, sir.

Her sweetheart is here:
Perry balfour.

He was attacked, also,

but his injuries
are relatively minor.

Mr. Balfour, is it?

I'm detective Murdoch
of the Toronto constabulary.

It's him.

The clown, he's back.

There were rumours
about a clown

wo would terrorize
the students after school.

- What school?
- Jarvis collegiate.

Did he attack them?

Not that I heard.

He would follow them home,
appear in the night, scare them.

But not kill them.

I don't know.

I only started at
Jarvis in the spring.

Back then people would
tell stories about him,

but no one had seen him
since last Halloween.

So, you've never actually
seen him yourself?

No. Not until tonight.

Tell me what happened exactly.

I was in
the water closet.

I heard Irene scream.

I ran out and...

she was...

he had a knife. I...

There was blood

What did you do?

I stopped him.

I got the knife away from him,
but it was too late.

So, he stabbed at you
when you confronted him?


So, there was no sign of
an intruder inside the house

before you heard
Irene scream?

But there was a phone call.

Telephone call?


It was just music,
carnival music.

Mr. Balfour, where exactly
did your altercation

with the killer
take place?

Right over there.

Right by
where Irene is.

So, you wrested the knife
from the killer there?

He was about to stab me,

so I grabbed his hand.

He twisted me around

and tried to bring
the knife to my throat.

I was able to hold him off,
but he sliced my arm.

So, he was behind you, then?

And he would have
used his right hand?


So, what's all this then, watts?

It's Halloween, inspector.

I've decided to
partake in a festivity.

So, we're celebrating
pagans now, are we?

I've always
liked the pagans.

They're less pious
than the christians.

Ah, watts.

Are you carving
a Jack-o-lantern?

I am.

And it is coming
quite naturally to me.

They're two for a nickel
at the stand 'round the corner,

if you'd like
to try your hand.

I believe some of the lads
intend to join in.

We'll make
a contest of it.

What's the prize?

Art is its own reward.

Sounds like a waste
of a good pumpkin to me.

Save the guts.

Margaret likes
to roast the seeds.

To roast them, sir?
What for?

To eat, crabtree!

To eat? Seeds?

The survivor,
Perry balfour,

Claims he fought
with the attacker.

He tells a story of
a right-handed assailant,

but we believe the killer
to be left-handed.

- He's lying?
- He may be.

Meaning what?

Well, sir, taking all
things into consideration,

We have to entertain
the possibility

that he may be
the killer.

He's the one dressing
up as a clown?

Well, aside from his account,

We have no reason to
believe there is a clown.

He did claim there was a clown
lurking around last year.

At Jarvis,
before he started there.

We're looking into it.

What makes no sense
to my mind is why.

Why would anybody
think clowns are funny?

- Eh?
- Oh, sir!

The hideous makeup,
the bizarre clothing,

a sense of humour that,
quite frankly, sirs,

Is probably
warping the minds

Of an entire
generation of children.


I attempted to locate
the source of the phone call,

as you requested.

We found this
at a phone bank in a hotel

A block away from the murder.

♪ [music box sounds] ♪

The music from the phone call.

- The phone bank, you say?
- Yes.

With the receiver
off the hook.

How far away
from the house?

Two minutes.
Maybe less.

That fits balfour's account
of the call and the murder.

Did anyone see
who left it?

No, sir. The attendant
didn't see a thing.

What kind of idiot
doesn't remember a clown

waltzing into
a phone bank?

Well, sir,
it is Halloween.

That's why I despise
this holiday, Higgins.

Lunatics walking
the streets.

It seems bizarre
to me, sir.

When you're done
with an apple,

you wouldn't roast
the seeds and eat them.

Detective, constable,
what can you tell me

about last
night's murder?

How did you
hear of it?

An anonymous tip.

The investigation
is ongoing.

We can tell you nothing
beyond that, miss Cherry.

That's a shame.

If you're looking
for the clown,

You might want to avail
yourself of my help.

You know about
the clown?

Last Halloween
I wrote an article

about a mysterious clown
stalking teeners

At Jarvis collegiate.


Slang for youth
in their teenage years.

That's a silly word.

It should be...


So, there was, in fact,
a clown terrorizing teena...


last Halloween?

According to the members
at the lit, yes.

The lit?

Slang for the literary
and debating club at Jarvis.

They're the ones
the clown was stalking.


What does this have
to do with the clown?

He took the photos.

Stalking teeners engaging
in promiscuous behaviour,

Taking their photos
and distributing them.

In order to what?
Shame the students?


You think this is
appropriate behaviour?

What, they're
nearly adults.

They should be able
to do as they please

Without having their goings-on
exposed to the world.

Anyone engaging
in disgraceful liaisons

runs the risk
of people finding out.

I can assure you that
nothing like this

ever happened when
I was in school.

The teeners
have gone wild!

Who are the students
in this photograph?

I don't know who the boy is,
but that's Heather Iverson.

Why does that
sound familiar?

She took her own
life shortly after

The flyers were

Oh, that's right,
terribly tragic.

Shot herself with her
father's gun, I believe?

So, the clown drove this
girl to take her own life?

And has now
turned to murder.

Miss Cherry, do you not
feel at all guilty

for contributing to a poor
young girl's suicide?

I wrote the truth that my
readers demanded of me,

As I always do.

Thank you for your help,
miss Cherry.

Wait! I gave you that
as a quid pro quo.

Tit for tat.

Tit for tat!

The wounds don't
match the knife.

The knife that was
recovered at the crime scene?

- Correct.
- Are you quite sure?

The victim suffered
eight distinct stab wounds.

The weapon was a knife,
two-inches widest point

By eight inches long.

This knife couldn't
have made those wounds.

So, Mr. Balfour
is lying.

Yes, I lied.

I'm so sorry.

Tell me what actually
happened, Mr. Balfour.

I was in the water closet,
that part was true.

I heard Irene scream.

When I came out,
I saw them.

He was stabbing her
and she was fighting him.

She was still alive?


What did you do?


I couldn't move.

I swear I wanted to.
I couldn't move.

Murdoch: You watched
as she was being murdered

and you did nothing?

You then cut your own arm
with an ordinary kitchen knife

to bolster your fabricated
story of heroics.


I'm a coward.

I'm nothing
but a coward.

Did the attacker see you?


He looked right at me.

I thought I was going
to die, but then...

He left.

Murdoch: The boy seems to
be telling the truth now.

But why would
the killer let him live?

Ogden: Perhaps so he could
tell of what happened?

To perpetuate
the legend of the clown?

What are you doing back there?
Why can't I come in?

It's a surprise!

Whoever this clown is,
he seems to be motivated

by puritanical beliefs.

The flyer
and the photograph

were meant to instill
fear and shame.

Perhaps the motive
for the murder is the same?

Ogden: Well, strong
religious convictions

can motivate extreme acts.

Perhaps he believes

He's saving these
students from damnation?

But to kill?

To commit such an act
of evil himself.

It seems irrational to us, yes,

But perhaps not to him.

I'm only glad he wasn't
around when I was at school.

So, what do you think?

You're wearing that
to the party tonight?

Well, yes, I'll wear whatever
I please to the party tonight.

Well, yeah.
It's-it's just that, uh...

Aren't costumes meant
to be frightening?

Yes, but frightening
costumes are so unattractive.

I just, I thought I'd
try something more fun.

You're a witch.

A seductive witch.

Now it's time
for your costume.

Don't be afraid!
It's not as tight as it looks.



where have you gotten to?

[phone rings]

Leigh: Donovan,
can you answer it, please?

[phone rings]

Iverson residence.
Donovan Kent speaking.

♪ [music box sounds] ♪

Hello? Hello?

What in the world?

Leigh! Where are you?

I'll be right there!


I eagerly
await your return.

I look good tonight.

You, too, rarely
tell me how good I look.

What is this?

What do you want?

Who are you?

It's you.

Toronto constabulary...

- Miss Cherry.
- Hello, gentlemen.

We received a call
about a disturbance.

Miss Cherry, might I ask
what you're doing here?

Cherry: Don't worry.
I didn't touch a thing.

After you refused to give me any
information about the murder,

I decided to revisit
my old sources

from last year's
clown incidents.

This young man
was one of your sources?

Cherry: No. I believe
this is Donovan Kent.

He was the sweetheart
of the poor girl

who killed herself
last year.

This is her house.

She and her sister
were two of my sources.

So, he doesn't
live here?

I don't know why he's here.

Is there anyone
else in the house?

I don't believe so.

Two Brandy glasses.

George, have a look around.

See if anyone left
in any sort of hurry.


Miss Cherry, how did
you come to be inside?

I noticed from the road
that the door was ajar.

Then I heard someone,
a man's voice,

say, "it's you."

As if he recognized
the killer?

Then I heard a scream
and by the time I was inside,

The clown was fleeing
through the back door.

My guess is it's
a fellow student,

perhaps another
member of the lit.

Whoever it was seems
to have lost a... shoe.



Is there
somebody in there?

[both scream]


Don't hurt me.

Toronto constabulary!

Don't move.

What are you
doing in there?

- Hiding!
- Why?

Why do you think?

This is my house.

I heard a scream.

I came in from
the kitchen and I saw...

The clown...

The knife,
the blood.

I think Donovan
was already dead.

And what did you do?

I ran and I hid
in the closet.

Were your parents
not at home?

They're visiting my aunt
in St. Catharines.

I'm sorry to bring this up,
miss Iverson, but, uh...

Is this your sister?

Heather. Yes.

She took her own life?

Last year.

I'm so sorry.

What happened?

That happened.

She committed suicide
because of the shame

That was brought
upon her?

Who is the boy
in the photo?


The same young man
who was killed in your home?

Well, yes, but...

It had nothing to
do with Heather.

And Donovan was so
distraught after she...

It was our grief
that brought us together.

You were sweethearts?

Could one of your classmates
be responsible for this?

For killing him?


You haven't noticed anyone
acting strangely at school?

I hadn't noticed
anything, but...

But the costume,

I think I've seen
the costume before.


I believe it was
in a school play.

Something the matter,

Yes. Look at these.

The Jack-o-lanterns?

They look quite nice.


Every melon-fisted constable
in the stationhouse

has a defter
touch than I.

I'm afraid it is time for me
to bow out of my own contest.

- A contest?
- Indeed.

Care to participate?

Perhaps I'll try my hand.

I'm rather good
with a knife.


The shoe we found at the scene
of the second murder

is a match for the bloody
footprint we found

at the scene of the first.

Isn't it obvious?
It's a killer clown, Murdoch.

What have you
got there, sir?

Pumpkin seeds.
I've told you, crabtree.

Margaret's been
roasting them.

The only good thing to come out
of this all hallow's nonsense.

Now, then,
my next question is:

Why were these children all home
alone without chaperones?

Teeners, sir.


They are not children,
not yet adults.

They're teeners.

The parents in both of
the instances were out of town.

We're working on
contacting them now.

Any thoughts on as to why
they were being targeted?

- They're a bit fibrous.
- Eh?

The pumpkin seeds, sir.
They're a bit fibrous.

They could use
some flavour.

They're salted.
That's flavour enough.

Right, Murdoch?

The killer seems to be acting on
the same puritanical motive

that drove him to
stalk and photograph

this same group
of students last year.

And now he's
graduated to murder.

Indeed. Although
I have no explanation

as to why he only killed
one of the victims

in each of the attacks.

One boy and one girl.

And nothing that links them
to the two that were killed?

Not as yet.

And all the students were
members of the same club?

The lit, sir.
An academic society.

Well, let's get a list
of the membership.

And we'll station
a constable at the house

of anyone we think was up
to a bit of how's your father?

Sir, what's on these ones?

That's the ruined batch.

Margaret was making
a pumpkin pie.

She spilled spices
all over that lot.

Ooh. Nutmeg!

Sir, I think
they're fantastic.

They're bloody awful
is what they are, crabtree.

Now, how do we catch
this clown, Murdoch?

Well, I do have one idea.

Miss Iverson gave me
the name of a young lady

Who is the president of
the drama club at the school.

Perhaps she knows something
about this costume?

Thank you, miss Porter.

Head of the drama club, are you?

- Yes.
- Very good.

Miss Porter,
did any of your shows

Employ the use
of a clown costume?

Ah, yes. We did pagliacci
about two years ago.

Where might we find those?

I'm not sure.

Uh, but the costumes
from each show

should be organized together
and every hanger's labelled.

Did you know the deceased?
Mr. Kent and miss Robbins?

A little.
We were all in the lit together.

So, you know what happened
last fall, at Halloween.

Did you see the clown?

No. I'm not that kind of girl.

What kind of girl?

The kind of girl the clown would
need to be taking pictures of.

Meaning you don't
spend time with boys?

Perhaps with a chaperone,
not like those other girls.

Do you agree with
what the clown did?

Taking those photos
and showing them round?

Sure. We all did.

Somebody had
to do something.

Heather Iverson,
the girl who killed herself.

She was running around
with boys like some jezebel.

It's no small wonder
she lost all her friends.

And what of the boy
in the photo, Mr. Kent?

Did he receive
the same treatment?

Well, there were
rumours it was him,

But nobody cares
what boys do.

I'm not so sure that's
true, miss Porter.

'course it is, Murdoch.

When I was a young man,
I got away with bloody murder.

of course.

Well, that may be so,
sir, but, in this case,

Someone cared enough about what
Mr. Kent was up to to kill him.

Ah, here we are, Murdoch.



Miss Porter, who else
has access to this room?

The drama teacher,
Mr. Douglas.

He's the faculty member
who presides over the lit.

Sir! Mr. Douglas
is nowhere to be found.

He may be on the run.

We don't know
that yet, George.

Well, sir, we found these.

Murdoch: That's
the picture from the flyer.

And there's more, sir.

He has a set up in there,
much like you do in your office

With the one red light,
but otherwise the room is dark.

- A...
- Darkroom.

Uh, that's it.

It's him, George.
He's the clown.

We have to notify
the public.

I'll get a description out
to the inspector and the lads.

It seems we'll be working
late tonight, George.

I'll have to notify Julia

That I won't be able to attend

The neighbours' fancy
costume party.

You hardly seem
disappointed, sir.

I am not.

Stay home?

Sir, isn't the clown
killing people in their homes?

Only when the parents
are out gallivanting.

Yes, well, I think your
directive may have been

Issued too late,


We just received a report
of a group of youngsters

Causing a disturbance
down on queen street.

Halloween gets
worse every year.

Get to work on checking
those fingermarks, crabtree.

When we find Douglas,
I want him to swing for this.


Well, good night, George.

Night, Henry.
Happy Halloween.

Any plans?

I think ruthie
wants to take Jordan

To ask for tricks and treats.


Uh, I'm going to match
fingermarks on this shoe

To those of Mr. Douglas
we obtained in his home.

- Festive.
- Indeed.

Ah, try not to be murdered
by a killer clown.

[phone rings]

Will somebody
answer that?

[phone rings]

Am I the only one here?

[phone rings]

Station house four.

♪ [music box sounds] ♪


I know you found
that music box.

If this is you, I'll...

♪ [music box sounds] ♪


Yes, operator?
This is station house four.

I have a call on
my other telephone.

I need you to tell me
where it's coming from.

I beg your pardon?

I need to know who's
making the other call

To the station house.

You would have
just connected it.

Yes, but what do you mean?

Is this some kind of joke?

I assure you, ma'am,
this is no joke.

It's a matter
of police urgency.

I must know where that
call is coming from.

Constable, the call is coming

From inside
the station house.

Who are you?

Ah, no!


It's not broken.

It's just
a little bruised.

Thank you, doctor.

I'm sure I'm more
shaken than hurt.

I only hope I never see
another clown as long as I live.

I can't imagine why the killer
would target you, George.

Until now, he's been focused
on a small group of students.

Sir, I haven't
the faintest.

He still went
through the trouble

Of making the phone call.

Just like the
other victims.

How did you manage to
fight him off, George?

Well, it was strange.

There was a moment he
had me flat on my back.

I swear he could have
killed me and then...

He hesitated.

He let you live.

I think so, sir.

It was just for a moment,
but I took advantage of it.

I put a boot into him
and he ran off.

Well, if he didn't
want to kill you...


There you are.

Oh. Thank you, doctor.

I'm sorry all this
has interfered

With your fancy dress party.

- Oh.
- George.

The shoe. It's gone.

Oh, no.

That was the only
piece of evidence

that would tie the killer
to the murders.

Sir, I found fingermarks
on the shoe,

But I'd not yet compared
them to Mr. Douglas.

He knew you had
the evidence to hang him.

He came back
to steal it.

We have to stop him
before he strikes again.

All right, then, you lot!

Clear off all you
bloody crackpots.

Let the dogs
see the rabbit.

Ah, inspector!

Are you all right?

Is this some kind
of trick-or-treat prank?

No, it's not a damn prank!

We're with the police.
We're here to help.

What happened?

- I was kidnapped.
- By whom?

Someone dressed
as a clown.

What's your name, sir?

Roger Douglas.

Is that right?

We've been looking
for you, Mr. Douglas.

It happened
two nights ago.

I was home alone
and suddenly I felt

Like someone
was watching me.

I heard a sound in the next
room so I went to look,

But no one
was there.

I turned 'round and...

- Someone hit you?
- Knocked me right out.

- Did you see who it was?
- I saw the costume.

- Pagliacci.
- The clown.

Next thing I knew, I was waking
up in a room with no windows.

Tied up.

Were you alone?

He came to check on me
a couple of times,

Fed me
some bread and milk.

And you managed to escape.

I worked my feet
free from the ropes.

I was able to get close enough
to the door to kick it open.

From there I went
up a few stairs

and... stumbled out
into the street.

That's when you found me.

Convenient this clown didn't
know much about tying ropes.

What do you mean?

Well, my men
found the place

That you said you
were being held

and there was
nothing there.

No evidence of another party.

Another party?

The clown, Douglas.
No sign of him.

What are you...

You think
I kidnapped myself?

We know that you are
the clown, Mr. Douglas.

We found these
in your home.

Along with more photos
of other students.

Yes, I took these.
Last year.

You dressed up
and terrorized the kids?


I was warning them.

You wouldn't believe
the things they do.

One of them had to leave
school because she was...

She had it
taken care of.

What do you think
will happen to her soul?

I am doing the work
of the lord.

To keep them
from a life of sin,

You decided they should
have no life at all.


Irene Robbins
and Donovan Kent.

What about them?

They're dead,
Mr. Douglas.

You donned your clown costume
and stabbed them to death.

No. No!

No, I had nothing
to do with this.

I swear!

Don't you see?

It's whoever
kidnapped me.

Everything I did, I did
out of love for my students.

Someone else
has the costume.

Someone else
is doing this.

A second clown?

Excuse us if we
remain skeptical.

I swear to you, I...

I have no idea
what is going on.

I did not kill anyone.


Is detective Murdoch
still in?

No, miss Cherry.

He's very busy with
the drama teacher fellow

And all that nasty
killer-clown business.

Would you
like some pie?

The drama teacher.

From Jarvis collegiate?


He's the one that
oversees the lit.

Yes, yes.
No, no, no!

I was not supposed
to tell you that.

Don't worry about it.

But you won't print it.

'course I'll print it.

Tiring day, detective?

Something like that.

Perhaps this will
raise your spirits.

My, my.

Look at the detail.

Ah, you sort of

- Uh! Is that?
- A self-portrait. Yes.

Well, let's leave
it with the others

And I'm sure you'll be awarded
first prize in the morning.

Mrs. Hart.


- Do you believe him?
- Of course not.

He knew we were after him,
so he came up with

This kidnapping stunt
to give himself an alibi.

Right after he
stole the shoe.

The one piece of evidence
that could have tied him

To at least one
of the murders.

Sir, I was moments away
from confirming the fingermarks

On the shoe were his.

Too bloody convenient.

So, it's your theory
against his word.

An all-too-familiar

Miss Porter.
What brings you here?

Oh, I saw the papers
and I got scared.

My parents went to visit
some friends in newmarket

For a few days and...

You've been
left home alone?

I'm awfully scared.

I can only imagine.

You'll be happy to know we
have a suspect in custody.

Are you sure?

How do you know?

How do you know who's
behind that mask?

If it will make
you feel better,

You could always stay here,
in the cells.


It's the safest place
in the city.

If you're alone tonight,

You're welcome
to stay at our house.

Thank you. Yes.
I-I think that would help.

Ogden: Good.


I have half a mind
to cook you for dinner.


Who are you?
Show yourself, you coward!

Miss Cherry?

Miss Cherry,
are you all right?

I heard screams!

Yes. Yes.

Thank you.
I'm all right.

Was that him?

I thought they
caught the murderer?

They have the wrong man.

Is miss Cherry all right?

Mrs. Hart happened along
and the clown ran off.

So, this means that Douglas
is not the killer.

So, he really
was kidnapped?

Presumably to frame him
for the murders.

So, who is it then?

And why did they want
to kill Miss Cherry?

Well, sir, we assumed
that the motive

Was to stop the students from
engaging in carnal activity,

but that
no longer holds.

Sirs, what
if the motivation

Wasn't about
the carnal activity,

But the response to it?

The shaming.

Andrea Porter did state
that Heather Iverson

Didn't kill herself only because
of the clown's photograph.

Also because of how her fellow
students shamed her for it.

Right. And two of our victims
are amongst those students,

The ones who
did the shaming.

And perhaps Perry balfour was left
alive Because he was new to the school.

Whereas miss Cherry went off
and published an article

That wasn't so much
about the clown,

But about the promiscuity
of the teeners.

Not you, as well, crabtree!

Sir, I'm just trying to
keep up with the times.

That could be why
miss Cherry was targeted.

Perhaps the anonymous tip
that she received

about the first murder came
from the killer himself

In order to draw her in.

But why would he want to
kill you two bugalugs?

But, sir, he didn't.
He didn't come for me.

He came for the shoe.

We assume that Mr. Douglas
stole the evidence

in order to keep us
from discovering

That he was the killer,
when in fact

it was the killer
who stole the evidence

In order to keep us
from discovering

That Mr. Douglas
was not the killer.

All right.

So someone's killing everyone
who shamed that poor girl.

Who is it?

And who's he going
to go for next?

I can't believe
this is happening.

Why can't those girls just
stop fooling around with boys?

You can't blame
your classmates

for what's happened,
miss Porter.

They're the victims!

Well, if they acted like ladies,
none of this would be happening.

You get what you
deserve in this life.

[phone rings]


♪ [music box sounds] ♪

Dr. Ogden?


[impact grunts]

[impact grunts]

[impact grunts]

Leigh Iverson?

You know
why I did it.

It's obvious, isn't it?



Murdoch: For what happened
to your sister.

What they did
to my sister.

It's an unbearable pain
to lose someone you love.

I didn't do it
because of my pain.

I did it for her.

Her friends
turned on her,

Acted like they
never even knew her,

like she was worthless.

I watched
her heart break.

And the worst part is,

Deep down,
she thought they were right.

And Donovan Kent?

No one cared
what he'd done.

Even though he was the one
pressuring Heather to...

He was as cruel
as the rest.

That's why
I pretended to like him.

So you could kill him.

So I could
watch him die.

I suppose now we know
why her shoe fell off;

Little lady like that couldn't
possibly fit her costume.


seems to add up.

Ooh. Pumpkin spice seed.

They're in my tea!
Ruined a good cup.

I am so glad this day's over.

Good evening,


Sir, I have to say I'm looking
forward to getting home myself.

It's nearly three
o'clock in the morning.

I've had to make coffee
to stay up this late.

George, I wonder if you
could do me a favour?

Could you please escort
Mr. Douglas home?

His name has made it
into the paper

And the news of his exoneration
won't be out until morning.

Sir, I'll see that
he gets home safe.

Thank you.

in... coffee.


Miss Cherry,
thank you for coming.

I admit, a call from you was
quite unexpected, detective.

Especially this
late at night.

At any rate, since you yourself
nearly became a victim,

I thought it only fitting
that you break the news.

Roger Douglas
is innocent.

But you found
the photos.

Last year's clown
and not a killer.

It was Leigh Iverson.

Leigh Iverson?

Yes, she's confessed.

It seems the murders were
revenge for the shaming

Endured by her late sister,

Which is probably why
she sought to kill you.

But constable crabtree
found her inside the house.

The Iverson house.

Yes, she was hiding
in the closet.

You saw her run out
the back door.

She then returned back
through the same door

After hiding
the clown costume.

A ruse to present
herself as a victim.

Detective, I was by
the door the entire time.

No one came inside.

Are you quite sure?

There was a murderous
clown on the loose.

If someone had come in
or out of that house,

I would have noticed.

All I know is that the clown
ran out the back door

and Leigh Iverson was
in the house the whole time.

Now, Mr. Douglas,
you can't leave the city.

Charges may be

I didn't kill anyone.

No and we apologize for
the delay in confirming as much.

What I did was right.

You took photographs of young
couples in intimate embrace.

I did it for them.

Good night,
Mr. Douglas.

[distant gasp]

Mr. Douglas?

Mr. Douglas!

It can't be.

Who are you?
What have you done?

Heather Iverson.

But you killed yourself.

God wouldn't take me.

Murdoch: So, you both did
the killing together.

Of course.

How did you convince
everyone you were dead?

My parents were as
ashamed as everyone else.

When that picture
started going around,

They took me
out of school.

After I ended up
like this, well...

Their shame only grew.

Suppose they thought
it would be easier

If everyone thought
that I didn't exist.

We told everyone
she was dead.

And took her to an asylum
where she could rot away

for the rest
of her life.

They said they never wanted
to look at her again.

They aren't away
in St. Catharines

At your aunt's, are they?

They planned to.

But they didn't make it
out of the house.

Tell me where we can
find their bodies.

We'll tell you.
But we have one request.

Hang us quickly.

We'd like to
visit them in hell.

Well, Mrs. Hart, I think
there is little question

As to which is
the finest Jack-o-lantern.

Thank you, detective.
What is my prize?

Oh! The best prize of all.

The honour and respect...

[baby babbling]

Oh, now, hang on a minute!
What is this?

Ruthie made Jordan
a Halloween costume.

Well, she had one made.

Well, I'm sorry,
Mrs. Hart,

But I think we have
a new winner.

What is going on?

Happy Halloween,

Halloween is over.

Yes, but I arranged
these lovely costumes for us

And we never got
to wear them.

So, Halloween should last one
day longer just for you?

That's right.
Do you object?

I suppose I don't.


Then stop being such
a stick in the mud

and try on the costume
that I had made for you.


Oh. But, doctor,

I'm already wearing
that costume.


[♪ ♪]