Murdoch Mysteries (2008–…): Season 15, Episode 8 - Murdoch Knows Best - full transcript

Season 15 Episode 08

Episode Title: "Murdoch Knows Besto"
Aired on: November 08, 2021.

Woof, woof!


Woof, woof!


Gentlemen, thank you so much
for coming.

It's simply terrible.

You are the lady of the house?

Yes, Deborah Anderson. Uh, I
was the one who telephoned.

We were having a party
for my husband when one of the guests -

Our neighbour -
walked in here and...

- Well, saw this.
- Afternoon, gentlemen.

It was my wife who found him.
Isn't that right, sue?


What did you see, Mrs...?

Ah, Billingsley.

He was... dead.

Just lying there.
Just like that.

You didn't see what happened?

Did anyone see what happened?

We didn't see a thing.

I didn't even arrive
until after it happened.

Ah! An army man.

Yes, sir.

Your undershirt's showing.
Very sloppy!

A soldier is only
as fine as his uniform.

- Keep an eye on that, son.
- Mm-hm.

Who was the deceased?
A guest?

Yes. Mr. Albert waxworthy.

A bachelor, so he came alone,
of course.

He works for my husband,
Lyle Anderson.

Of Anderson insurance?

And where is your husband?

Oh! Honey? Here he is.

- Tere...
- Terrible!

Terrible business.
I know.

Gentlemen, thank you so much
for coming.

I'm Lyle Anderson.

And you are?

Why did it have to be you two?

What the bloody hell's
going on, Meyers?

Who is Lyle Anderson?

I am Lyle Anderson.

Terence Meyers is
my spy name.

You've unfortunately
stumbled into my civilian life.

Who is the dead man?


He worked for me.

As a spy?

As an insurance salesman.

You actually own
an insurance company?

Yes, I do.

- Anderson insurance.
- Ah...

I think Margaret bought
an annuity from you.

And that is a fine investment,


So, that's really your wife?

And-And those are your children?

Yes, they are.

Who killed waxworthy then?

I have no idea.

- Well, must have been a spy.
- Certainly not.

I am exceedingly cautious.

Nobody that knows Terence Meyers
knows about Lyle Anderson.

And nobody that knows Anderson
knows about Meyers.

Mrs. Hart is on her way
here now.

No. Call her off.

Someone needs to examine
the body.

Your wife, then.
She can be trusted.

If no one in this house
knows you're a spy,

Then why is there a man
lying on your living room floor

With a knife stuck
in his back?

People kill for all kinds
of reasons, Tom.

But this most certainly

Is not a matter
of national security.

Oh! Uh, I know it's not
an appropriate time for cake,

But we have to eat something
and, uh,

I'm hardly able to cook.

Leave it on the table for me,
will you please, dear?


What'd I tell you about touching
my train set?

I didn't even do anything.

You're such a stick in the mud,
you know that?

You're getting that hair cut,
young man!

Yes, sir.

Right, then.

We need to know
where everyone was

The moment that Mr. Waxworthy's
body was found.

Ah, well we were all over
the place, weren't we dear?

I'm afraid so.
We were playing cats and dogs.

Cats and dogs?

It's a parlour game, Murdoch.

Margaret loves to play it
all the time.

You hide playing cards
all around the house.

One team searches for
red cards, the other for black.

Two cards per player.

My husband and I were team
captains, so we hid the cards.

You search all over
and when you find one,

You bark or meow, depending
on what team you're on.

The last time I saw
Mr. Waxworthy was in the back garden.

You were searching for cards
in the back garden?

You're permitted to hide
them anywhere.

I was in the kitchen and could
hear them through the window.

I overheard them talking
about birds.

Mm-hm. We spotted some
lovely warblers.

I was in the garden,
as well.

Waxworthy went inside,
but Deborah and I remained.

That was only a minute
or two before I

Came in here and saw him.

We need to track
all of the guests' movements.

We should interview them

Right. Do you want the cats
or the dogs?

Hello, youths. You wanted
to speak with a detective?

We'd like to report a missing
person: Coach keen.

What did he coach?

Basketball. We're the Carlton
street stallions.

And when did you see him last?

Two hours ago.

He was meant to be back
in 30 minutes.

We found this in the alley.

It's his hat.

- Looks like blood.
- Ah.

Where was he off to?

He was just going down
the street to buy uniforms.

We all chipped in and
gave him seven dollars.

You paid for them yourselves?

Yeah. We have money.

- You can't prove we stole it.
- Oh.

Right. So, this coach keen
went off to buy uniforms

And then
never came back?

Is there anything
you can tell us about him?

- He's short.
- Hm.

- And dirty.
- And he has a mustache.

An ugly one.

How long have you lads known
this chap?

Since yesterday.

You need an adult to sign up for
the basketball league,

So we saw one and
we asked him.

Right, well, we'll...

We'll see what we can do,



Ah, Julia!

Thank you for coming.

Well, it was a treat to get out
of the house.

But why did you need me here
instead of miss...

It's a bit of a delicate
situation, actually.

Dr. Julia Ogden, allow me
to introduce you to

Lyle Anderson.

Lyle Anderson?

You're Lyle Anderson,
are you?

Yes, I am.


Of course, you are.

I believe what Julia
is trying to say is that

She recognizes your name
from purchasing

Your insurance products.

- Oh!
- I see. Yes.

Oh, yes!

that's right.

Anderson insurance.

Well, why don't I get down
to work?


Strange people.

Right, then.

Mrs. Anderson stated
that the murder weapon

Came from the kitchen.

Did anyone report being
in there?

I was there earlier in
the afternoon.

And your wife, after that.

Everyone was in there
at some point.

Well, whoever it was,

The circumstances
of this suggest that it was premeditated.

Did anyone you spoke with
suggest a reason why

Someone would want to kill
Mr. Waxworthy?

- No one.
- Everyone loved the old fella.

Same with everyone I spoke to.

Something isn't right.

Oh, it's just a bloody sketch.
Here we go.

Your daughter was in
the cloakroom.

Bud kitterman had not
yet arrived.

Junior was upstairs.

Mrs. Anderson was in the garden
with Mr. Billingsley.

I was here,

Coming out of
the water closet.

Mrs. Billingsley discovered
Mr. Waxworthy's body in the living room.

Now, if we assume that
Mr. Waxworthy was killed

moments before his body
was discovered,

The only person
who could have slipped

Into the living room unseen
was your daughter.

Lorraine Anderson.

I was in the kitchen when
I heard Mrs. Billingsley scream.

Where were you right
before that?

Um, I was in the cloakroom
searching for playing cards.

I'd been there, maybe,
a few minutes.

So, a few minutes before
the body was found,

You'd also been in
the living room.

- Was anyone there?
- No one.

Mr. Waxworthy had not yet
entered the room.

So, while you were in
the cloakroom

Did you hear anything
happening in the living room?

I heard someone whistling.


Waxworthy was discussing
warblers in the garden.

Then the whistling stopped
and there was a sound.

What sound, honey?

Ah, it was a sort of clunk.

A clunk?

Can you elaborate?

I don't know how to describe it.
It was a clunk.

A minute or so later
I came out of the cloakroom.

Waxworthy must have been there.

No. No.
The living room was empty.

It was dark because the drapes
were drawn,

But I'm sure Mr. Waxworthy
was not there.

The drapes were drawn?



Come on now, detective.

Cats and dogs is
all the more fun in the dark.

It is, actually.

The coach never made it to pick
up the uniforms.

Are you sure?

Somewhere between that alley
and here is where he...

Well, where something happened.

Well, maybe there was
an accident...

He saved somebody's life?

I mean, that would explain
the bloo...

Or maybe he fell into
the sewer

And was sucked into the deep
by the creatures

That dwell therein.

Hm? Yes.

- Yes, what?
- I agree with you.

Agree with what?


What's that?


The envelope the money
was in, perhaps.

There's blood on it.


Well, he was stabbed, clearly.

Large kitchen knife buried
five inches into his back.

It's been wiped clean.

I doubt very much I'll be able
to obtain fingermarks.

Also, it seems the body
was moved.

Ah, the bunched-up sweater.

Yes. He seems to have been
dragged by his feet.

If he was dragged
in a straight line,

Then he may have been killed
by this bookcase, but...

No sign of anything.

Perhaps he was dragged in
from another room?

Or the killer began dragging
the body but was interrupted.

We've been unable
to determine motive

For anyone wanting
to kill Mr. Waxworthy.

Perhaps this is
a case of mistaken identity?

And who was he mistaken for?

Similar sweater.

Same build, same hair.

I find it far more likely
that someone would want to kill

A secret agent over
an insurance salesman.

Oh, I don't know about that,

They're all smarmy buggers.

Mr. Anderson!
Do not eat that!

What? Why?


Discoloration where it was
touching the cake,


If it's aluminum...

Then it could be reacting
to lye.

Mr. Anderson,

I believe someone may be
trying to kill you.

I hate to say it,

But if someone is trying
to kill you...

Murdoch, I can assure you

This is not a matter of
national security.

Nobody in this house

Knows of the existence
of Terence Meyers.

Maybe one of your friends
isn't such a friend after all?

I've known my wife for
18 years.

I've watched both
of my children being born.

The Billingsleys have been our
neighbours for over a decade.

None of them, I assure you,
none of them suspect a thing.

What of your daughter's...


Bud kitterman.
I don't like him.

I don't trust him.
He's no good.

But I have scrutinized
his parents, his grandparents

And every single one of
his relatives living and dead.

Murdoch, I've been in his
bedroom when he's asleep at night.

He's a sorry excuse for a man,
but he's no spy.

So, you think someone is trying
to kill Lyle Anderson,

Not Terence Meyers?

So it would seem.

Why would anyone want
to do that?

I haven't the foggiest.

You moved the body?

To the spare bedroom.
Quite the heavy chap.

What have you learned?

The rest of the cake
isn't reacting to aluminum

And no one got sick. I believe
Mr. Anderson's piece of cake

Was the only one

And the lye?

Mrs. Anderson keeps some
under the sink.

His piece of cake was left out on
the table for at least 15 minutes.

Meaning anyone could have
accessed the lye in the kitchen

And sprinkled some
on his piece of cake.


But his wife's the one who
served it to him.

You think I tried to
kill my own husband?

You were the one who served him
a poisoned slice of cake.

Well, why would I do such
an awful thing?

I couldn't wish
for a better husband.

Lyle is truly a good and
honest man.

Well, that doesn't mean
you didn't want to kill him.

Wives kill their husbands for
all kinds of reasons:

Infidelity, bankruptcy,

Drunkenness, slovenliness.

A cold demeanour.

What of the other guests?

Do you know of any reason
why any of them

would wish your husband harm?


Mrs. Anderson,
someone has tried to kill him

And may try to do so again.

Please, if you know something,
tell us.

He wouldn't have done anything,
not really.

- Who?
- Just tell them, mom.

Lorraine, shh.

Tell us what?

Don't mind her.
She gets ideas in her head.

In my head?
He's the one with the ideas.

- Lorraine!
- Mrs. Anderson, please.

What are these?

Proof. Junior's been wanting
to kill dad for years.

I didn't do it.

These drawings of yours
certainly suggest you wanted to kill him.

Those are just for fun.

Your father's
being ripped apart by lions.

That's fun?


You're being accused
of murder, son.

You stated that
you went upstairs to your room

shortly after
dogs and cats began.

I found a couple of cards
and quit.

I hate that stupid game.

And you didn't come out
of your room until you heard

Mrs. Billingsley scream?

I was up there the whole time.

We'll ask everyone if
they saw you.

Are you sure?

Why would I kill him,
anyways, hm?

Why would I stab
a man in the living room of a crowded party

When I could just as easily
go upstairs while he's asleep,

Smother him with a pillow.

Grab the bag that I packed
in advance,

Walk 15 minutes
to the train station,

Take the midnight express
to Pennsylvania before dawn?


I'll ask the other guests, but
I tend to believe him.

Aren't you going to ask me
who did it?

Did what?

Tried to kill my father.

It's obvious, isn't it?

Bud came from out of town
to visit dad.

He wanted to ask Lorraine
to marry him.

Dad said no.

Mr. Kitterman had not yet

I wouldn't be so sure,

I think he had.

My guess would be whoever
bloodied the hat

Stole the money.

Perhaps someone saw

You there!

Have you been here long?

All afternoon.

We're looking for a chap
by the name of Keen,

A basketball coach.

Oh, yeah.
I know him.


Sure, I play basketballs
every Saturday.

You do?

Well, when I'm not mountain

Ah! Very funny.

Look, we think this chap may
have been injured

in the vicinity over
the last couple of hours.

He's described as...

Short, dirty, mustached

and in possession of
seven dollars.

Describes half
the drunks in this town,

Except for
the seven dollars part.


Oh, no.

When did you
arrive at the party

This afternoon, kitterman?

Just after the murder.

I heard miss Billingsley scream
as I came up the front walk.

Are you sure about that, son?

Yes. Of course.

You're looking very smart.

I am an army man, sir.

When we arrived,

Your undershirt was showing
and your collar was unbuttoned.

I fixed it for you.

There was something on
your undershirt.

Pull your shirt up.

What is that?

Is that blood?



You were wearing lipstick?

There is only one
explanation, Mr. Kitterman,

You lied to us.
You were here.

You were kissing Miss Anderson
in the cloakroom

just before the murder.

It's true.

It's all true.

I lied about when I arrived
at the party,

But I didn't kill anyone.

What time did you get here?

Around 2:30.

It was probably 15 minutes
before the scream.

What happened
when you came inside?

It was dark.

The only person in the living
room was Lorraine.

She said that she wanted
to show me something and,

Well, we went into
the cloakroom.

So, no one else
saw you come inside?

No. That's why we thought we
could have some time alone to...

To what son, hm?

What were you doing with
my daughter?


And when did you come out
of the cloakroom?

A few minutes later.


We heard him whistling,
but he wasn't there.

- No dead body?
- No!

I swear.
Everything was normal.

I went back out the front door

So I could pretend to
arrive so...

Mr. Anderson wouldn't know that
I'd been alone with Lorraine.

You little snake.

You were there. Hm?

You killed waxworthy
because you thought you were killing me!

Mr. Anderson,
should we get some fresh air?

Well, that boy's life is worth
next to nothing.

He seems like a thoroughly
decent chap.

Not good enough for
my daughter.

Well, regardless of
his character,

The sequence of events
doesn't make sense.

He would have to have gone
straight from kissing young Miss...

Anderson to locating
Mr. Waxworthy,

Stabbing him,
then dragging his body

to the middle of the living room
for no apparent reason...

Then going about his day as if
nothing had happened.

Yeah. You're right.

Boy doesn't have a backbone
to murder anybody.

He is an army man.

He enlisted last week.


Sir, perhaps we ought to speak with
the person who discovered the body?

Mrs. Billingsley,

Before you found Mr. Waxworthy
in the living room,

are you sure you saw no one
else there?


And Mr. Waxworthy was dead?

Yes, of course.

Where did you enter from?

The back door there.

I went through the kitchen and
into the living room.

And did you see anyone else
along the way?

No. Yes!

Lorraine was coming past me
out to the garden.

Then where was bloody

Two people said
the living room was empty

And less than a minute later
you found him dead.

Now that doesn't really add up,
does it?

Easy, now.
My wife did nothing wrong.

How can you be so sure?

You were sitting out here
the whole time.

My wife is not a murderer, sir.
How dare you?

I dare because she's the only
one who could have done it.

Isn't that right, Murdoch?


The wall.

There's something not quite
right about it.

Another round!

Uh, I'm afraid not, barkeep.

Mr. Keen here has just run out
of money.

What in tarnation?

What are you doing in here?

Those kids are waiting on
their uniforms.

What kids?

What uniforms?

The uniforms this money
was meant to buy.

They trusted you.

They just wanted
to play basketball.

They're street rats.

Another round.

We thought you'd been

I was.

Me and him been at it since
we was kids.

All right! Stop it.

I've got half a mind
to arrest you.

Now, where's the rest of
the seven dollars?

You're holding it.

Hm. He's not worth
the hot meal.

With me, constable.

The study ends at this wall.

The kitchen only extends
to that one.

The exterior of the house
is continuous.

What are you saying?

There is something behind
this bookcase.

You think there's something
hidden there?

Darling, would you please
go look in on the children?

I'd like to have a word
with the detective alone.

Whatever for?

Oh, I shouldn't want
to worry you with it, dear.

Of course, sweetheart.

Time to come clean, "Lyle".

You may never speak a word
of this.


For what?

The birds of America.

You have a secret,
hidden lair in your home?


I use it to become
Terence Meyers.

I can sneak in here without
my family noticing.

What in the world?

Why did you not tell us
about this?

Because there was no need to.

It has nothing to do with
the murder.

Mr. Waxworthy's body was dragged
to the middle of the living room,

Likely from the direction of
this very bookcase.

It's highly probable that he was
murdered here and then dragged...

it's not even remotely

Nobody - but nobody - knows of
the existence of this room.

How can you be so sure?

Because my entire career,
my entire life, depends on no...

Mr. Meyers?


What is it?

No, it can't be.

What is that?

This is a paradox machine.

I use it to send
and receive coded messages.

Well, whatever it is,
what's the problem?


Every afternoon I come in here
to check for unread messages.

This afternoon, I've not yet
done so because of the murder.

So what?

This machine was recently
outfitted with a new device.

It's a clock,

Which stops every time a new
message is read.

The clock cannot be
restarted without this key.


And this message was read
at 1:34.

That would be after the guests
had arrived for the party.

What did the message say?

Well, it doesn't matter.

Don't you see what's going
on here?

It means some foreign agent
of unknown allegiance

knows of my identity, broke
in here and read this message.

This machine, and by extension
the government of Canada,

has been compromised.

I can't believe a man would do
something like that!

And to children, no less.

Man is defined by nothing
if not his failings.

What will we do?

Half of those children
probably live on the street.

They just want to play a game.

Well, we find them
a new coach.

And another seven dollars
for uniforms.

Ah, well, six.

But, yes, you're right.

That's what we'll do.

In fact...

What are you doing?

Articulate your thoughts, man.



Mr. Meyers,

You said this machine was
recently outfitted

with the clock mechanism?


Well, then it's entirely
possible that whoever read

this message has been

all of your messages for
some time.


- Dear god.
- So, this time,

The spy saw
the clock contraption

and knew that the moment
you came here and saw it,

He'd be found out.

Hm. He'd have to kill me before
I discovered it.

What was waxworthy doing here?
Maybe he's the spy.

The spy is not one of
the guests.

The culprit likely
came from the outside.

How is that possible?

I have a secret passageway
that allows me to enter and exit

the building without
being detected.

You have a secret passageway
that would allow someone

from the outside to enter
and exit this home undetected

and you did not tell us
about it?


Now, if you'd like
to follow me.

This whole area
is extremely private

and I only enter and exit under
the cover of night,

So it's very improbable
that any friend, family,

Or neighbour would discover
this passageway.

What's your theory, then?

Clearly, this security breach
is the result

of an extensive
surveillance operation

conducted by an enemy state.

Watching your privet?

Monitoring the entrance
to a top-secret

Government facility,

Hidden behind your bookcase.

I wonder who could have pulled
it off?

The resources and ingenuity
would be extraordinary.

could be
chernyshevsky, the Russians.

There's something about this
whole thing

that reeks of the Germans.


Or perhaps even
mademoiselle rivière...

Mr. Meyers, I don't
care who did it.

The fact that
you've hidden this lair

and secret passageway
from us has rendered

The entire investigation to
this point useless!

You've been lying
to us! Maybe you were the one

That waxworthy saw walking
through the bookcase?

You killed him to protect
your secret.

And you've brought us in here to
play out a little charade

For the benefit of
your wife and children.

I admit your theory is
quite plausible.

But I can assure you I'm far too
good of a spy

to make that mistake.

Have you used this passageway
since the murder?

No. Why?

Oh! Interesting.

Why is that interesting?

Because Mr. Waxworthy
was a dog.

A what?

Mr. Waxworthy was a dog.

And this very red
playing card

was dropped inside
the secret passageway.

The spy is a cat.

Mr. Meyers, one of your
own guests has found you out.

Can't believe that.

It's the only plausible

One of your guests or family
members is a secret agent.

Working against you.
And you didn't even know it.

Who could it be?

I believe this card will
lead us to the guilty party.

Wait, Murdoch.

You can't question
anybody about that card.

Why not? Whoever dropped it
is the killer.

And the killer is an espionage
agent who must be found

and delivered
to prime minister laurier.

But everyone else out
there knows nothing about the passageway,

nothing about the spy and
nothing about Terence Meyers.

And it's imperative that
it be kept that way.

I'm rounding up the cats
and dogs.

Thank you, constable.

Ah, enough of this "constable"

Call me coach.

All right, lads,
let's get down to the gymnasium!

We've got a game to play.

let's go! Come on!

Coach, are you quite sure
this was a good idea?

Well, they seem like decent
lads. I think it could be fun.

I meant the money stolen from
the station house.

Well, the inspector
has enough scotch for now.

I'm sure he won't mind missing
a few dollars from the kitty.

Well, if he was there I'd have
asked him.

Ladies and

There has been a development
in the case.

This card was found in
an unusual place.

- Murdoch...
- I will not tell you where it was found,

but four cats in this room

claim to have found
two red playing cards each.

How you answer
the following question

will determine
the identity of the killer,

So please answer

Lorraine, where did you find
your two red playing cards?

Um, I found one in a coat pocket
in the cloakroom

and the other was beneath
the cushion on that chair.

Your two cards?

Under a mat
at the front door

and on a table
by the cloakroom.

Mr. Anderson,
the same question.

Behind that painting
and on the bottom shelf of the bookcase.

Mrs. Billingsley?

On the stove in the kitchen
and under this lampshade here.

Thank you all very much.

Our investigation has come
to an end.

The killer
has revealed themselves.

This card was the one hidden
under that lampshade

and later discovered under
the dead body of Mr. Waxworthy.

That's impossible.

Inspector, please arrest
Mrs. Billingsley

for the murder
of Albert waxworthy.

No! It can't be.
I didn't...

Julia, please take
the two young Andersons outside

to be certain
that they are all right.

Of course.

Please come
with me, ma'am.

I'll call a carriage, Murdoch.

Where are you taking her?

Station house four.

Best if you come along, as well,
Mr. Billingsley.


This is ridiculous.

That was quite impressive,

How did you know
that was the exact card found

under that lampshade?

I didn't.

Just a hunch?


It simply isn't true.

Accusing Mrs. Billingsley
gave me the opportunity

to interrogate
the real killer.

If any of the four cats
were guilty,

They would have lied about where
they found their playing cards.

But all of their accounts
matched what Mrs. Anderson told us earlier.

So, the only person who could
have dropped this card...

The same person
who broke into your lair

And read your secret message

off of your communication

Dropping this card
in her haste to escape.

It is true.

I am a spy.

You tripped the clock
on the communication device.

You dropped the card on
your way out.

But how did waxworthy
end up dead?

I wanted to go back into
the lair to try again to fix it.

But he saw me stepping
into the privet.

Once he knew,
he had to be eliminated.

You have the authority to murder

I have the authority
to do what needs to be done.

I distracted him with
talk of songbirds,

pretended to misidentify one

And suggested he look at
the birds of america.

There's nothing men like more
than proving themselves right.

You'd already
reset the train.

Then took the knife from
the kitchen...

and went back into the lair

through the secret passage
to lie in wait.

Once the bookcase turned,
I was ready.

I threw the knife into
his back.

He was dead before
he even knew what had happened.

Why drag him
into the living room

where anyone could find him?

If waxworthy simply

I knew that Lyle would
check his office.

My only hope was that
the police would not find out

The truth before I was able
to fix everything.

Fix what?

Eliminate the target.

Who are you?


Who do you work for?
When did they get to you?

My name is Laura söllner.

I was born in Vienna.

I've been an agent of
the austro-Hungarian empire

since I was 14 years old.

Oh, dear god.

I was sent to Canada

to infiltrate your
intelligence operations.

Great Britain's security
was deemed too sophisticated.

But Canada?

Canada shares in
British intelligence.

And Canada is weak.

I compromised
the entire British empire

because I was blinded
by love.

It is true.

I was sent here to exploit you.


But, in time,
I came to love you.

You have been lying
to me every day for 18 years.

And you to me!

- It's not the same!
- How is it not the same?

I love you.

I love you!

Why should I believe you?


You shouldn't.

And you're sure you've got
the right one this time?

To be honest, sir, something
isn't sitting right.

So it was Mrs. Billingsley
after all?

No! No, no, no.

It was Meyers' wife
who breached his lair.

But something about
her account doesn't add up.

She led waxworthy in,
threw her knife in his back,

Then dragged him out
to the middle of the living room

To be found. But if that truly
was her intent,

why not save the time and effort
and simply kill him out here?

She threw the knife?

That's impossible.

The knife was buried
far too deeply into his back

to have been thrown.

You're quite sure?


She's lying.

She led him to
the bookcase.

Made sure he went inside.

Someone else was waiting for
him inside the lair.

A second spy?

She's lying to protect
the identity of her accomplice.

But who?

Mr. Billingsley!

I always keep a weapon
close at hand.

You've killed him!

Check his pocket.

It's a gun.

So, Billingsley
was her accomplice.

She didn't make a single mistake
in 18 years.

What are the chances she would
have exposed herself to waxworthy?

He didn't catch you going into
that privet, did he?


Of course not.

I was the one that was going to
find that clock stopped.

I was the target.

But she sent waxworthy in?

To spare my life.

Billingsley was the one
lying in wait.

And she knew he'd be ready to kill
whoever came through that bookcase,

Assuming it would be me.

And how did you figure
that out?

Any spy under deep cover for
that long would have a handler,

Likely someone close to her.

the Billingsleys invited us to
Christmas dinner in 1904;

Served soup.


So, he was about
to shoot you?


He was about to shoot her.

She had been compromised

and he couldn't let
the Canadians find out what she knew.

You saved her life,
just as she saved yours.

I love you, Lyle Anderson.

The name's Meyers.

Terence Meyers.

If you cooperate,
they'll spare your life.


Become a double agent.

Work with me instead of
against me.

Would you do the same?

Betray the country that
you love?


Goodbye, my love.

Goodbye, Terence Meyers.

Auf wiedersehen.

Sir, I have a confession
to make.

I helped myself to a loan.


From your kitty.

You've stolen
from the petty cash?

Well, sir, just temporarily.

I've decided to coach
a youth basketball team:

The Carlton street

Ah, but I promise
I'll have them raise the funds

And pay it all back.

What's the money for?


I'll tell you what,

You can keep the money
on one condition,

That they change their name.


Station four stallions.

Oh, I like the ring of that.

Managed by coach crabtree.

Oh, I love the ring of that.

Make sure I get an invite
to the first game.

Sir, will do.

Thank you, my good fellow.

Seems we can't manage to avoid
one another.

It does seem that way,

Perhaps it is a sign
from above.

Um, can't say I'm a believer
in such things.

No, nor am I.
Then again,

I have nothing to do for
the remainder of the afternoon.

Oh! Would you care
for a pretzel, Mr. Strange?

Yes, I think I would.


Will you see your wife again?


Although our man,

was captured in salzburg.

If he survives the torture,
there could be a trade.

That would be nice.

Thank you, Murdoch.

You're welcome, Mr. Meyers.

The name's Anderson.


What happened?

Children, I'm afraid I have
some very bad news to give you.

Your mother has run off with
Mr. Billingsley.




It was the two of them that
killed Mr. Waxworthy

in order to try to keep their
clandestine love affair

from getting out and...

Our men are pursuing
them now.


I fear they may be headed
for the border.

Which case, we'll likely never
see either of them again.

We'll never see mom again?

No, son.

I'm sorry.

So, we're stuck with you?!

Dad, bud and I have
an announcement.

We're getting married!




So, when is your new book
coming out?

Beg your pardon?

50 reasons to
kill your husband,

By Dr. Julia Ogden.

Oh, hush.

Oh, you clearly have been giving
it a great deal of thought.

Even if you were a dastardly
Russian spy,

I wouldn't kill you,

Although you could stand
to be more complimentary

of my cooking.

Talk about motive for murder.

Subtitling: Difuze