Mr Selfridge (2013–2016): Season 2, Episode 9 - Episode #2.9 - full transcript

Business is still suffering after the newspaper story so Henri brings in the formidable journalist Winifred Bonfils Black. At the same time a contrite Frank Edwards resigns from the paper ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -


it's already light.

We must have
fallen asleep.


Before the rest
of the house wakes up.

I've got a meeting
with my lawyers this morning.

Maybe they can persuade
the press to see reason.

I can't believe
they still won't print

your side of the story.

Well, why would they
be interested in the truth

when their lies
sell more papers?

It's my female customers who are
deserting me because of it.

I need to find some way
of bringing them back.

You know I've asked Delphine

to come in and discuss strategy
at the store today.

I'd love for you
to be there too.

Are you sure you
can't join us, Rose?

I'm sorry, Harry.

I'd really love to help,

but I have an appointment
this morning.

Then I suppose I will just have
to struggle on alone.

But if you want my advice,
I'd just keep things simple.

In times of trouble,

people need something
they can depend on.

Well, I'll be…

What is it?

Here in "Town Talk."

They're saying Mae
has left Loxley.


Morning, Miss.

Good morning.

All for you,
as usual.

There may still yet
be word from George.

Missing does not mean he's…

It's been less than
three weeks, my dear.

We mustn't give up hope.


Still dripping.

But now at least
I think I know why.

It's so nice to have
a gentleman around the house.

HARRY: I still have my
reservations about seeing Mae.

She's just walked out
on Loxley, Harry.

Doesn't that strike you
as strange?

Why should I trust her again
after what she did?

But what if there's
more to it?

I felt as betrayed as you,

but what she did
seemed out of character.

She's been such a loyal friend
to us in the past.


I'll see her, but you know
how I feel about this.

Just hear what she
has to say, please?

MISS MARDLE: I still think
that working in a factory

is a waste of your talents.

If it helps the war effort,
I'm happy to do it.

Music can wait.

Well, if you're going
to sweat and strain all day,

then you must at least eat
a decent lunch.

They pay me
a fair wage, Josie.

I have money.


Please take it.

Thank you.



Well, I'm not giving this
to Mr. Grove.

I don't want to resign,
Miss Hawkins.

I love it here.

But my father's

Says he won't have me
working here no more.

That Mr. Selfridge
is a friend of the Kaiser!

Stuff and nonsense!

If there's a bigger patriot
in this store, I'll eat my hat.

But what with the papers
and all…

You don't want to believe
everything you read.

And neither does
your father.

But what should I do?

Tell him you've given
the letter to me

and that you've
got to work

a week's notice.

Then what?

You leave that to me.

The scandal
is still hurting us.

Only this week,

seven more influential
female customers

have closed
their accounts.

We must act now.

We need to make this store
the talk of the town again,

but for all
the right reasons.

Delphine's is on the up

because we offer people
an escape.

Let's entertain
them, Harry!

Just like you've always done.

What exactly
did you have in mind?

We bring the spirit
of Delphine's to Selfridge's.

We recreate the club
in the Palm Court.

Give me 24 hours
and I will

fill the place to the rafters.

If you get
the right people in,

then the rest will follow.

Let us hope so.

Although Selfridge's is

a rather different beast
to a… nightclub.

Well, I think it's a great idea.

Thank you.

HENRI: I have another
proposal which may aid us.

I've heard Winifred Bonfils
Black is in London.

The journalist?

I met her a few times
in New York.

Her articles are
syndicated everywhere.

She'd be the perfect person to
write about our new promotion.

Winifred's. ..
she's a one-off.

DELPHINE: If by that you
mean she's trouble,

then I'd be
forced to agree.

We would have a tiger
by the tail.

But when she speaks,
women listen.

Which is exactly why
it is such a risk.

SELFRIDGE: Well, but
one we have to take.

I have faith in my store.

Henri, invite her to lunch.

If you can't charm her,
no one can.

Thank you all
very much.


I was surprised
to get your call.

Have you read this?

"Rumors of a separation

between Lord and Lady
Loxley continue."

What of it?

Well, why would she leave him?

We've all met the man.

Yes, but why now?

Just as this scandal
breaks out?

Maybe she's telling the world

that Loxley is to blame
for all of this.

(whispering): Or maybe
it's just a coincidence.

Well, I hope you're going
to investigate it.

Miss Pertree handed in
her notice today.

Her father read
your article

and insisted she leave
the store immediately.

I'm sorry to hear that.

It's a matter
of integrity.

If Loxley is behind this,
then you need to prove it.

Put the truth out there
in black and white

so that everyone can see it.

It's not that simple, Kitty.

You owe it to Mr. Selfridge
to put this right.

FRANK: Come on, Jameson,
think about it!

Loxley rang me
with the story.

What if he planned all this

to divert attention
from himself?

If he's manipulating
both of us,

we have an obligation
to investigate.

Taking on Harry Selfridge
is one thing.

Attacking the government?

I may be mad, Frank,
but I'm not crazy.

You know, I thought
you'd say that.

Which is why I brought you this.

I'm resigning from my column.

If I can't write the truth,
I won't write at all.

I'll see if he is available.

One moment, please.

I'm sorry, Mr. Selfridge.

Frank Edwards is
on the telephone.

I have nothing
to say to him.

Please tell him
not to call again.

Very good, Mr. Selfridge.

We'll start with the larger
pieces over here

framing the space.

I thought you should know
what was being planned.

Well, it's different,
I'll say that.

This your idea?

Direct from Mr. Selfridge.

And Miss Day, of course.

Bringing the spirit of
Delphine's to the Palm Court.

An Arabian theme,
I understand.

As long as they don't expect
Franco to do a belly dance.


No word from your George?

Not yet.

I should get back.

There's a new window
to finish for tomorrow.

Monsieur Leclair said
he would give me some advice.

And how long have you had
these symptoms?

I'd say three,
four months.

Perhaps more.

And the difficulty
in breathing?

The same.

I'm sure I'm wasting
your valuable time, doctor.

It's just the last few weeks,
I've had so little energy.

I thought some kind of tonic
would help.

Perhaps so.

But first, I should like
to examine you,

if you have no objections.

Of course.



You wanted to see me?

Please sit down.


What I witnessed
this morning

was unbecoming of an employee
of Selfridge's

and frankly

This affair
has gone too far.

I have done my utmost
to persuade you to end it

in a dignified fashion,

but you seem determined
to ignore me.

As a result,
you have been humiliated.

I had hoped you would come
to realize that financial gain

is the likely motive for this
boy's apparent infatuation.

That is a despicable

And yet this morning,

I saw him receiving money
from you with my own eyes.

Could it be
any clearer?

You are being taken
for a fool, Miss Mardle.

An old fool!

If you're quite finished,
then I will reply.

My life is my own,
Mr. Grove.

How I choose to live it
is my business.

And I would ask you in future

to keep both your opinions
and your insults

to yourself.


One Manhattan, madame.

And I should charge this to…?

Harry Selfridge,
of course!

Winifred Black.

Thank you so much
for coming to see me.

The pleasure is all yours.


And Monsieur Leclair.

It's been too long.

Miss Black.

I got your message practically
insisting I pay you a visit,

which made me think you want
something from me.

Am I that transparent?

Oh, I find that men usually are.

It's one of life's
constant disappointments.

I see that my
Fleet Street colleagues

have been giving you
a rough ride.

Damn lies.

But mud sticks.

We need some good publicity.

An article by you would be
a fantastic start.

I don't do puff pieces.

My readers rely on me
for the unvarnished truth.

Which is what
we want you to write.

You have integrity
and so do I

and I am confident that my store
will speak for itself.

Monsieur Leclair will give you
all the access you need.

Here's how it works.

You give me carte blanche
to look around

and talk to your staff.

If I find a story
that inspires me,

maybe I'll write it.

It's a deal.

Let's hope you don't live
to regret it.


It was brave of you
to leave him.

I couldn't live with him
a moment longer.

Anyway, I'm very glad
that you called, Mr. Edwards.

I presume this is
about Harry Selfridge?

I want to get to the bottom
of this wretched business,

but Harry won't
take my calls.

I suppose.

And there's no point in a direct
approach to the Committee.

They'll only close ranks.

Well, then, perhaps we should
find the weakest link.

Lord Edgerton and Loxley,
they were at school together.

Now, Miles had certain
peccadilloes even then,

and let's just say he's
never grown out of them.

What are you saying?

I overheard Loxley
blackmail Edgerton

for a seat on the
Procurement Committee.

This was all planned,
Mr. Edwards,

right from the very start.

And now Harry's
taking the rap for it.


And if he won't help himself,
then we must do it for him.

And this is
our fashion department.


And indeed our
head of fashion,

Mr. Thackeray.

Mr. Thackeray,

may I introduce
Winifred Black?

She's a journalist.

Bien sur.

Your reputation
precedes you.

Mrs. Black is writing
about the store.

You know I'm one
of your greatest admirers?

As I'm sure Mr. Leclair
has told you,

female fashion is at
the very heart of this store.

I flatter myself that
where our department leads,

the others follow.

I could show you
around personally?

Very kind,

but I like to find
my own way.

It's the only way to get
under the skin of a place.

Of course.

You have your
particular methods.

But if you need anything,
you simply have to ask.


Thank you.

And it's Thackeray

With an "A-Y."

A common error,

Well, there's a man
who'd sell his own grandmother

for a quarter and a smile.

So you know him already?

Am I wrong?



I didn't expect to see you
at the store today.

I just need to talk
to Harry about something.

Oh, I think he's left.

I saw him walk out
a few minutes ago.


Well, I'm sure I'll
catch him at home tonight.

I should probably…

No, don't go.

I feel like we haven't
talked in a long time.

My ladies want a story
they can identify with.

Something inspirational.

Then perhaps you should meet
Miss Towler.

(spritzing and
sniffing perfume)

DELPHINE: If I didn't know any better,
I'd say you were avoiding me.

I was hoping to see you
at our film night.

It's really nothing personal.

I've just been
a little tired, that's all.

You do look rather pale, Rose.

Are you sure
you're quite well?

Oh, it's nothing.

My doctor just diagnosed me
with a little…

congestion on my chest.

I'm sure it's all down
to the city smog.

Oh, dear.

Does Harry know?

Not yet, no.

It didn't seem fair to burden
him with my troubles too.

You're probably right.

He doesn't need anything else
to worry about.

You should have seen him
this morning.

He looked like he had

the weight of the world
on his shoulders.

What you need, Rose,

is a break.

You need to take some time
in the country

and get your
strength back.

So the stories are true?

You left Loxley?

Something I should have done
a long time ago.

Rats desert
sinking ships.

I should not have vouched
for Loxley.

And I should have spoken up
when I first suspected.

But you chose not to.

Choice has very little
to do with it.

When I married Loxley,
I knew he had few scruples,

but I thought I could
control him.

Being married to such
a powerful man,

that was intoxicating.

But I was just…

I was a naive young girl.

Why did you vouch for him?

Loxley is…

a violent man.

Why didn't you say something?

Because I was ashamed.

I am ashamed.

And scared.

We have to stop him.

I believe
he means you harm,

and you don't know
what else he's capable of.

I'm beginning to understand.

It's not safe for you here.

You're to come home
with me.

And stay as long
as you need to.

These are exquisite.

How long have you worked here?

Since the first day
that we opened.

I, um, had to leave
my previous post.

There was a misunderstanding.

Actually, I suppose it was
Mr. Selfridge's fault,

so I went to his house
and asked for a job.


You just marched
right in there?

I can't believe
I actually did it.

You are clearly a young woman
who makes her own fortune.

I work hard,
but it was Monsieur Leclair

who taught me
everything I know.


A protégé?

With the help
of Mr. Selfridge, of course.

He was the one who sent
Miss Towler to Paris.

I expect that little trip
opened your eyes?

Oh, it did.

The Moulin Rouge.

Quite shocking!

But I wouldn't have missed it
for the world.

Miss Towler always had
a natural talent.

It just needed to blossom.

I imagine you two
make quite a team?

What is your
article about?

Oh, I have no earthly idea
what it's about.

But I find that if you look
hard enough at something,

a story usually appears.

You're getting married?

Oh, um, to Victor.

He manages
the Palm Court.

Harry Selfridge:
employer and matchmaker.


Your parents must be
very proud.

Well, it's just me
and my brother George.

It's always just been
the two of us, really.

Is he fighting?

He's missing in action.


But I'm sure he'll be back.

(footsteps approaching)

Excuse me.

Mr. Colleano?

I wanted to talk to you
about Miss Towler.

There is still no word
from her brother?


After three weeks.

I'm concerned that
she's convincing herself

he's still alive.

Maybe that's her way
of dealing with it.

Her way of getting
through it.

You know her best.

If you've got something
to say, Mr. Leclair,

say it to my face.

I'm not going to fight you.

Now, you listen to me.

I've been there for Agnes
right through this,

day and night.

I'm offering her more
than you ever have.

A family, a future,
something real.

Something she can
hold on to.

You wanted to see me,
Mr. Selfridge?

Ah, Miss Plunkett.

You should know
that my family

will be arriving
from the States soon.

I'm afraid it's going to require
a little more work on your part.

My girls can be…
rather demanding.

I see.

I hope that won't
be a problem.

My previous secretary
Miss Blenkinsop

always managed
to wrangle them somehow.

I'm sure I'll be able to cope,
Mr. Selfridge.

Miss Plunkett,
meet Miss Blenkinsop,

my former secretary
and your new colleague.

Miss Blenkinsop had to leave
for personal reasons,

but she's now going
to be rejoining…

Am I being replaced?

Not replaced--

Miss Blenkinsop will be
my new social secretary.

And you'll deal
with all store business.

I'm sure we can find a way
to work together.

Oh, Mae, do you know,

I sensed something
was wrong weeks ago.

You weren't yourself,
but I was so distracted

with everything
that was going on…

No, no, no.

I thought I could deal
with Loxley alone.

I was Wrong.

Well, you're here now,
you and Pimble,

safe and sound.

I only wish I was going
to be able

to spend more time with you.

Are you leaving?

Once the girls
are settled, yes.

I'm planning on spending
a few weeks on the coast.

Is everything all right?


I went to see
the doctor today.

Just mild congestion
of the lungs.

But Delphine suggested

that it would do me
the world of good

to get out of the city
for a while.

Are you sure about this, Rose?

You'd be leaving Harry at a time
when he needs your support

more than ever.

I really don't want to be
a burden to Harry.

No, I think
Delphine's right.

It just wouldn't be fair.

You've done a great job.

Well, we're a fantastic
team, Harry.

And you are
a fascinating man.

People might think
you do this for the money,

but I don't think
that's what it is at all.

And what is my motivation?

You just love to give people
what they want,

even if they don't
know it themselves.

We're the same,

you and I,

which is why all this
doesn't have to stop now.

With all due respect
to Monsieur Leclair,

I believe what you need
is a female vision

across the whole store,

not just
for a couple of days.

I find my wife
does that very well.

But perhaps you have
someone in mind?

Trust me, Harry.

We should work together,
you and I, side by side.

You won't regret it.

(playfully): What
are you doing here?

I didn't know
you were back already!

Oh, uh…



For a moment,
I really thought it was him.

I thought it was George.

And then he turned…


What will I do, Victor?

What will I do
if he's gone?

Now, you listen to me.

Whatever the truth,
whatever happens,

we're going to face it
together, you and me.

Side by side,
man and wife.

Come here.

You need your family around you
at times like this.

It's late.

You need to eat.

I'll cook us
an Uncle Gio special.


Come on, let's go.

I can't.

I've got my window
to finish.

All right.

But if you're not back
at Miss Mardle's

in the next
couple of hours,

I'll drag you
out of here myself.

FRANK". Lord Edgerton, I
have it on good authority

that you were blackmailed
by Loxley.

Me? Blackmailed?

That is an outrageous

My information comes
from an impeccable source.

What do you want from me,
Mr. Edwards?

Your cooperation.

Give me the evidence I need
to bring Loxley down.

I want him behind bars,
where he belongs.

If Edgerton admits
to being blackmailed,

Loxley will be
thoroughly discredited

and Harry will be
in the clear.

The truth must come out.

And it's down to you,
Miss Hawkins.

Well, I'm glad to be
of service, I'm sure.

What about Miss Pertree?

No, I just need
a few more days.

Which she doesn't have!

So as usual, I'll just have
to deal with it myself.

Oh, goodness!

You startled me.

I'm impressed.

It's everything
you said it would be.

It's not even
nearly finished.

Art is never finished,

merely abandoned.

On which subject,
I'm hereto say goodbye.

You're leaving?

I've written my story.

There's nothing like a deadline
to sharpen the mind.

Speaking of which,

when is your wedding?

We haven't set a date yet.

I must say I'm surprised
you would give this all up

after you've worked
so hard for it.

If you met Victor,
you might think differently.

I've been down the aisle twice.

Both times, it was
my dream come true.

Victor is offering me a home
and a family,

which is all I've ever wanted.

And yet here you are,
alone and hard at work.

Do you think it's wrong
to choose love over a career?


My dear, it doesn't matter
a jot what I think.

I've finished my story,
and it's a good one.

The shop girl who shines
like the stars.

Thank you, ladies,
I'll see you tomorrow.

Thank you, Miss Day.

Well, I always thought
the cuckoo

didn't need to build
its own nest.

If that's meant
to be cutting,

you'll have to do better.

I was simply helping Harry
with some store promotion.

I know what you said
to Rose Selfridge today.

Rose is a dear friend.

I was simply trying to give her
some… good advice.

To leave town so that
you can steal her husband?

What an utterly ludicrous

Is it?

Oh, Delphine,

I've met so many women
like you before:

the ones who'll do anything
for the lead role or the solo

while all the time pretending
to be your best friend.

It might fool Rose,

but it certainly
doesn't fool me.

Please don't compare me
to your music hall trollops.

Who the hell are you
to lecture me?

I've read the papers, Mae.

What are you
without Loxley's money?

You're just some
disgraced divorcée

without two pennies
to your name.

Oh, you might have
Selfridge's ear today,

but how long do you think
they're going to stand by you

when Loxley starts
dragging your name

through the dirt?

I'll take my chance.

Because unlike you,
I know who my real friends are.

And we disgraced divorcées,

you know,
we do have one advantage:

absolutely nothing to lose.

So here's your choice:

leave town,

or I'll tell Rose
exactly what you're up to.

This isn't quite
what I was expecting.

It's what I promised:

2,000 words,
no puff pieces.

"With her combination of gritty
determination and cool elegance,

Miss Agnes Towler is
Selfridge's new rising star."

You found her, you trained her.

But I thought
Delphine's promotion

would be of more interest
to you.

By making your staff
part of the store,

you've transformed
their lives.

You want to appeal
to real women?

Let them read this

and see what
you stand for.

You don't need
to dazzle them, Harry.

Just hold up a mirror
and let them see themselves.

The tap is fixed.


Thank you, Florian.

Is something wrong?

No, no, nothing.

I have a slight headache.

I fact, I think
I should go to bed.

Good night, Agnes.

Good night.

Good night.


See, Aggie?

I always keep my promises.

I thought I'd lost you!

Bullet took me
in the shoulder.

Doctor said
another few inches,

I would have been
six feet under.

The hospital
sounds awful.


Not too pretty.


I can't leave you
for a minute!

Our own little restaurant,
me and Victor.

If we're to be married,
we've got to look to the future.


I thought you had yours
all figured out.

Well, I fell in love, George.

You can't plan for that.

True enough.

As long as Mr. Colleano

promises to keep you in the
style you've become accustomed.


that went down quickly!

Another egg, George?

You've twisted my arm.

Have you seen this article
on Miss Towler?

Say what you will
about Winifred,

but she knows how to tug
at the heartstrings.

(door slams)

I must insist, sir!

Where is she?

You can't come in here
like that!

I demand to see my wife!

I'm so sorry,
Mr. Selfridge!

What on earth is
going on here?

It's none of your
business, Selfridge.

I'm here for Mae.

I've had enough
of this nonsense.

You're coming home
with me now.

Mae is our guest,

and she will remain here
until she chooses to leave.

Do you think Frank Edwards
scares me?

Miles Edgerton knows

which side his bread
is buttered on.

Who do you think
he came running to

the minute Edwards
accosted him?

Old school tie, Mae.

Never underestimate it.

Now, come on!

Stop there, Loxley.

Step aside, Selfridge.

This has nothing
to do with you.

What are you going
to do about it?

Hit me the way you hit her?

If you want to take me on,
we can do it right here.

And believe me,

there is nothing
in the world I want more

than to smash
your smug little face

into the middle
of next week!

So what's it going to be?

I will drag you
through the courts.

I will make sure my lawyers
rake through the details

of every half-remembered
adulterous afternoon.

Believe me, Mae, by the time
I've finished with you,

you will wish you were
dead and buried.

Can you believe it?

That bit there…


How are we
this morning, ladies?

Look, Miss Hawkins!

The article is all
about Miss Towler!

"The Star of Selfridge's."

Well, I never.

Quick, Jessie,
come with me!

There's a certain person
who needs to see this.

Who is it?

Just wait and see.

Thank you, Harry.

But he won't be
satisfied now

until he's completely
destroyed both of us.

I can help you.

And so can
Frank Edwards.

Please, we have to stop him

Frank's been trying
to contact me.

I'll call him
and we'll set up a meeting.

Now I have to get
to the store.

Oh, of course.

Harry, um…

You've done so much for me,

and I really want
to return the favor.

I know you've been working
with Delphine Day.

She's been acting
as an advisor.


Please don't trust her.

She's out to destroy

that you and Rose have.

Not one single mention
of fashion.

It's a disgrace.

But the article itself,
Mr. Thackeray!

A tour de force!

One could hardly have asked
for better publicity.

Good morning,

I'm sure you've read
Mrs. Black's article.

Please join me in a round of
applause for Miss Agnes Towler.


And I'm sure you all have heard

that George Towler
has returned home safe.

Our prayers have been answered:
a family reunited.

And on that note,

I believe that Mr. Grove
has some news for us.

Come on up here, Mr. Grove.

Thank you, Chief.

I, um…

Well, Doris…

Uh, Mrs. Grove and I

have had our
fourth baby,

a healthy baby boy.

I have a son.

Congratulations, Roger.

(all offering congratulations)

Merci, Henri.

Oh, I Say!

Told him straight,
she did.

Showed my dad the paper

and said what a wonderful
opportunity I'd be passing up.


with delight)

$0 you'll stay!

Thank you very much.

Thank you very much.

Miss Mardle.

You have my congratulations,
Mr. Grove.

I know you always dreamed
of having a son.

Thank you.

Please pass on my best wishes
to Mrs. Grove.

"The girl who rose from humble
and difficult beginnings

"to mastermind and create

"the most wondrous
visual displays

in the most prestigious
department store in the world."

I feel like I should be asking
for your autograph,

not your hand in marriage.

Stop it!

It's just an article.

She could have
chosen anyone.

But she chose you.

Can't say I blame her.

You deserve it.

I'm proud of you.

How's your George
shaping up?

Like he's never been away!

He's eating Miss Mardle
out of house and home.

I've been thinking.

If George really
has to go back,

maybe we should use him
while we still have him.

I mean, I am going
to need a best man.


Uh, get married now?

Why not?

We can organize it
in a few days.

The family are all here
with George here.

There's nothing
to stop us.


What do you say?

In a fortnight's time,
you could be Mrs. Colleano.

Nothing to fear.

I'm sure Delphine

will have the Palm Court
crammed by now.

MR. CRABB: I wish I shared your
confidence, Mr. Selfridge.

I do find rampant innovation
a little trying.

Remember The Summer
House, Mr. Crabb?

She proved
you wrong then.

Indeed, and I'm sure
she will again.





I can make the Spirit
of Delphine's work.

I just need you to give me
a little bit more time.

Perhaps if we put our heads
together on this?

We make such a good team.

No, my instinct is
we need a new strategy.

Rose said as much.

I should have
listened to her.

What do you mean?

Her instincts are

that in these times,
we need to keep it simple.

I think what you need
right now is me.

Why is that?

Because I understand you, Harry.

I know what drives you.

Which is why I think
in your heart of hearts…

you know
we belong together.

I don't have feelings
for you, Delphine.

I love my wife.

I've made mistakes
in the past.

I've failed her many times.

If you really want to know
what drives me,

it's Rose.

Everything I've ever done--
this store,

every brick,
every counter--

it's all been for her.

One day, I hope
you find someone

who feels the same about you.

But I'm not that man.

Goodbye, Delphine.

I doubt our paths
will cross again.

(door closes)

You look tired.

I've had quite a day.

Kiss me.

Any particular reason?

Because I'm
in love with you.

Is that good enough?

I can't think
of a better one.

(young women giggling)


I'm afraid so.


There they are!

Come here!

Good to see you!

Come here, Bea!


Come here, family.

(all laughing)