Mr Selfridge (2013–2016): Season 2, Episode 8 - Episode #2.8 - full transcript

Harry returns to London with information for Summertime but is angry that Bill will not support him in the face of accusations of treachery and talks to the staff to reassure them that Edwards' newspaper story about him was a lie. Edwards is genuinely contrite and agrees to print a letter from Harry telling the truth but the editor refuses. Following the bad publicity business is poor until Delphine brings American film producer Mack Sennett and his actress lover Mabel Normand to the store. They throw a lavish party where Mabel gets young Gordon very drunk. Harry visits Henri, who is facing deportation, but manages to trace Valerie with Bill Summertime's help and she vouches for his innocence, securing his release. Having sold her jewels to pay for their accommodation Lady Mae tells Pimble that, since her husband is reluctant to grant her a divorce, she must destroy him whilst again her efforts to reconcile with the Selfridges are rebuffed. Mack Sennett asks Harry to return to the States as his business partner but Harry turns him down. Feeling now very positive he extols the virtues of Delphine to Rose, who is not sure how to take it.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Here, that looks like him!

Mr. Selfridge!

(men shouting)

Why were you in Germany,
Mr. Selfridge?

(men talking over each other)

(cameras snapping)

(men continue questioning)

Gentlemen, gentlemen,

I'll answer all of your
questions in due course.

(door slams)

Welcome back, Mr. Selfridge.

Harry, you're home.

Thank God.


What's going on out there?

What's all this about
a scandal in the press?

(knocking at the door)

Victor's downstairs,

He's come to walk you to work.

How did you sleep
last night?

Better, thank you.

Morning, Victor.


What is the matter?

It's Agnes.

She's being so brave,

but it's been a week
since that dreadful telegram

and we've heard nothing since.

When they say George
is missing…

Well, maybe they mean
something else.

It is a possibility.

But surely the Army would know
if George had been killed?

War is more chaotic
than you think.

It's hard to get

Well, if Agnes can remain
positive, then so must we.

Maybe she's right
and George is still alive.

I believe in these feelings.

Your family…

I always knew, I think,
that they were dead.

But it is only recently
that I have accepted it.

Only since I met you.

You mustn't
talk like that.

There is nothing wrong

with the way I feel about you.

Nothing at all.

Herr Selfridge…

(Speaking German)


Why didn't you tell me
you were going to Germany?

I've been so worried.

I'm sorry.

I had my reasons.

Delphine told me
about Mr. Summertime.

She made no attempt
to contact him for me.

Don't be angry with her.

She told me who Summertime is
and what he does.

I went in with open eyes.




Harry, are you all right?

I am now.

I missed you so much.

I should have told you
where I was going.

From now on,
we'll face everything together.

No secrets.

No secrets.

WOMAN: Did you see what happened
with Irene the other day?

Yes, I can't believe it!

I know, and then she
actually picked it up

and put it down
beside the counter!

A lack of customers
should not be seen

as an opportunity to indulge
in idle chitchat.

Please return to your station,
Miss Brown, immediately.

Sorry, Mr. Thackeray.


(protestors shouting)

Yank go home!

Shame on you!

It's been like this
all week,

since the newspaper
article came out.

Should we go
round the back?

I'm not sneaking
into my own store!


you traitor!


Mr. Selfridge!

Miss Hawkins,
good morning.

I just want to say that

I don't believe a word
of these rotten rumors.

Thank you,
Miss Hawkins.

If he finds out she's been
stepping out with Mr. Edwards,

she's for the high jump.

Oh, Mr. Selfridge!

We've all been
so worried about you.

Thank you.


You're back!


Oh, thank you.

What is it?

The hotel owner says
your banker's draft

has come back to him.

Your account's been closed.

How very charming
of Loxley.

Well, don't you worry,
I can sell my jewels.

They're in the bank.

You must be careful.

He'll be looking for you.

I can't hide from him forever.

No wonder the store is empty!

It's in all the newspapers.

The staff are worried.

Sales figures are down.

Then there was this rumor

you were in Germany
on business.

I was in Germany.

But Why?

I thought we were closing

all our German
suppliers down.

We have.

So if we're not still
in business with them…

It was government work.

Oh, I see.

They were supposed to keep it
quiet and they didn't.

It was handled badly--
I shouldn't have gone.

If it was for the war effort,
Chief, you should have.

And if I may say,
I'm proud of you.

Thank you, but I don't think
you should be.

This store depends
on my reputation.

I risked everything,
and for what?

So how's Harry?

Was the German trip
incredibly exciting?

I wouldn't say
exciting, exactly.

I'm sorry I couldn't
find out more for you,

but Bill was totally mum.

He wouldn't tell me

Oh, well, Harry's home now,

safe and sound.

The scandal will blow over.

People have said
worse things about me

and I'm still standing.

Yes, but you trade
in notoriety.

Harry doesn't.

He's feeling very let down.

We must think of something
to bolster him up.

Remind him
of what a wonderful

and unique person he is.

And how do you propose
to do that?

There's people in town
he might like to meet.

Conjurers, like your husband,
who make dreams come true.

What on earth are you
talking about?

I think Harry needs
a little stardust.

Delphine, this really
is not your problem.

Rose, darling,
your problems are my problems.

That's what friends are for.

Leave it with me.


Sir, there's a gentleman
to see you.

Thank you.

One of the manufacturers
you wanted me to meet with,

Herr Voss…

Ah, yes.

All of his factories
along the Rhine

have been requisitioned.

He's sore about it,
very anti-The Kaiser.

I told him
the British government

wanted him to work for them,

gathering information.


He's waiting for your fellows
to contact him.

That's good news.

He could be very useful to us.

Thank you.

That's it?

What else is there
to discuss?

We had a deal that this trip
would go unnoticed.

Yes, sorry about that.

The British press
are a canny bunch.

There also wasn't supposed
to be any trouble.

I was questioned
in my hotel room for hours.

I didn't think
I'd get out of there.

But you did.

The point is: you owe me.

There are Selfridge's men
fighting in France

with shoddy boots
on their feet

and the blame has been laid
at my door.

I want to know why.

You want me to look into
the Procurement Committee?


I can't do that.

I am sure that Lord Loxley
has something to do with this.

It's not in my remit.

I'm sorry,
Mr. Selfridge,

but this is your fight.

Not mine.

(clears throat)

(crowd murmuring)

Good evening,

I wanted to say
a few words.

Unfortunately, I was out
of the country when this…

…unpleasant article
was printed.

Is it true, Mr. Selfridge?

Of course it isn't.

It's all right for you to stand
up there and talk about it,

but it's our boys out there.

My brother, my fiancé.

The thought of them with boots
which let in the mud…

I understand
how upsetting this is,

and I'm as horrified
as you are.

But you have
to believe me.

This is a gross untruth.

Not only is it
a pack of lies,

but it was written
by a journalist

who used to be welcome
in this store.

(quietly): Did you
know Frank Edwards

was going to write that?

I swear I didn't.

If I had, I'd have
tried to stop him.

Now, I have written a letter
to the paper in question.

I, Harry Selfridge,

did not and would never
recommend poor manufacturers.

Selfridge's prides itself
on quality.

It does not let down
its customers,

as I would not let down
this country.

Questions have to be asked,

as to why the Procurement
Committee are blaming me

for their poor choice
in manufacturer.

Trust me, I will get
to the bottom of this.

There are employees from this
store out there fighting,

and I owe it to them
to clear this up.

I have another duty to them,

which is to look after the ones
that they've left behind.

We have all heard
the very sad news

that some of our Selfridge men
will not be coming home.

Their families
will not be forgotten.

Thank you.


22 men, Chief.

My God.

Next of kin
are underlined

and the addresses
are on the left.

Thank you, Mr. Grove.



Oh, Miss Towler.

Come on in.

I'm very sorry to hear
about your brother.

George is missing,
he's not dead.

Of course.

You're working late.

Yes, there's lots to do
now Mr. Leclair is not here.

Ah, Mr. Leclair.

I honestly don't know
what to make of it all.

You know they're holding him
at the American Embassy?


Maybe you could

and find out
what's happening?

Mr. Leclair isn't high on my
list of priorities right now.

He had the American

chasing after him
and he never told me.

If I could get hold
of that woman, Valerie…

Valerie Maurel?

She's in London
and he's been looking for her.

She's at the heart of this,
I know she is.

But I don't know how to begin
to find her.

I know someone who might.

And he owes me a favor.


Mr. Selfridge.

Evening Jim, I'm looking
for Mr. Summertime.

His secretary said
I could find him here.

Mr. Summertime.

A word, please.

Excuse me, ladies.

What is it,
Mr. Selfridge?

I need you to do
something for me.

Find this woman.

Frank Edwards' paper
hasn't printed my letter.

Perhaps it will be
in the evening edition?

It better be.

The Times has written
about you positively.

That's because I telephoned
the editor yesterday

to tell him my side
of the story.

He's an honorable man.

The rest of them?


Okay, that's good.

And you can bring that stuff
again to me tomorrow?

Of course.

I will personally get it
to you by the morning.

BYE bye.

Sir, can I have a word?


Harry Selfridge.

Aren't we treating him
rather poorly?

What are you
complaining about?

You got your story.

You did rather well
out of it.

But the more I think
about it,

the more the whole thing
smells wrong.

Selfridge is acting
out of character.

He's calling the Procurement
Committee liars.

And he more than anyone
was trying to pal up to them!

He wants to save his own skin.

Well, let's at least
print his letter.


It's unpatriotic.

Even if there's truth in it?

In war, truth
isn't everything.

I disagree.

Do you want to be back
where you started, Mr. Edwards?

I can take away
your column

as easily as I
gave it to you.

Remember that.


No yawning on the floor,
Miss Calthorpe.

Sorry, Miss Mardle.

It's just ever so slow,
isn't it?

Rearrange these cologne scents,
please, Miss Pertree.

Six inches between each,
no more, no less.

Yes, Miss Hawkins.

What's the matter
with you today?

It's just…

I was hoping
Mr. Selfridge's letter

would be in the paper
this morning

and I could show it
to my father.

What's your father got to do
with anything?

He wants me to leave.

Says I shouldn't work
in a shop like this.

I don't know what to do,
Miss Hawkins.

What do you…

(women gasping)

Darlings, this is the store
I've been telling you about.

This is Selfridge's!

(talking excitedly)

(cameras snapping)

Let's go shopping!

It's not!

Oh, my goodness!

Then there's this,

The list is
growing daily.

Customers who've closed
their accounts.

Mr. Selfridge!

You wouldn't believe
who's downstairs!

These are swell.

Feel them, Hattie!

So soft!

Darling, they are
totally divine!

I'd like five pairs, please,
in all your different colors.

Me too.

And can I try on
that cute little hat?

Of course!


Have you heard
who's here?

It's Mabel Normand!

Mabel who?

Do you remember we went to see
Mabel at the Wheel together?

Of course.

Get a look at this!


I've just got to have

this darling parasol!


Mabel, quit showing off.

Make me!

(crowd laughing)

I'm going to try
and get her autograph.

Don't cramp me, people,

or we'll all fall over
in a big heap!

Harry, Harry, this is somebody
I want you to meet.

Mack Sennett.

He's the producer and owner
of Keystone film studios.

So good to meet you,
Mr. Selfridge.

You've always been
an inspiration to me.

Oh, please.

When I set up the studio,
everybody said I was crazy.

A bit like you
with your store.

I love your movies.

You do?

What's more important

than making people laugh?

That's what I think!

Life can throw
bad stuff at you,

but when you walk
into a movie theater

and see one
of my pictures…

You forget it all.

Until you come out again,
of course.


Mack's over here

a full-length
feature film.

Nobody's done it
in comedy before,

so I thought,
"Why not?"

I'll be sure to catch it.

I'm actually having a party
at the club tomorrow night

and we're going to show
some of the Mabel films.

Please come, Mr. Selfridge.

I will.

(screaming and laughing)


They're going to visit
every department.

I thought it might give
the staff a lift.

It's worked already.

Thank you, Delphine.

This is just
what we all needed.


All my beautiful jewelry, sold.

Never mind, never mind.

Emeralds don't put food
on the table,

but this?

This does.

Go on, what is it?

it's Lord Loxley.

He's downstairs.

You've wasted
a journey.

I'm not coming back.

I want a divorce.

I think we can come
to a better arrangement.

One that doesn't
involve scandal.

I don't see what.

Come back and I'll
leave you alone.

You can have the house
in London.

I'm fully expecting to return
to the country soon,

live there as I used to.

On what?

Your dirty money?


Mae, you always had

Now let me be clear:

I don't want you bandying
that story about.

It's in both our interests
if you forget it.

Come back and we'll forget
this ever happened.

We're good for each other.

I knew that from the first time
I set my eyes on you.

You've always been
the woman for me.

I do appreciate that
you're being so reasonable.

I just need some time to think.

Don't leave it too long.

I can't keep the gossips
at bay forever.

What did he want?

My silence.

I need to destroy him.

Before he destroys me.

You look very smart today,

I am going
for a job interview.

For the Music
in Wartime Committee?

No, they have
enough musicians.

I am applying to do
other war work.

I must help
in any way I can.

But the violin…

I appreciate your concern,

but I am able to make
these decisions for myself.

Thank you
for breakfast.

Poor Florian.

He seemed like he was
really cheering up

and now he's sad again.

Has anything happened?

Oh, I have no idea.

Well, if you'll excuse me.

You're going in early
this morning.

I'm going to the
American Embassy.

I've written
to Mr. Leclair.

I thought he should know
that Mr. Selfridge

hasn't given up on him.

That's kind of you.

It's not a personal letter.

There's nothing
inappropriate about it.

Of course there isn't.

Mr. Leclair is your colleague.

You're worried for him.

I just don't know

how he could have got himself
into this position.

You said he was looking
for a young lady?


Maybe he allowed his emotions
to overcome him?

He followed his heart.

I don't know what it's about.

Anyway, it serves him right
if he…

Are you all right, my dear?

Of course I am.


Your letter.

Ah, Mr. Leclair.

This is Mr. Regan

of the New York District
Attorney's office.

As you know, nine months ago,
a considerable sum of money

was embezzled
from J. Walter Thompson

whilst you were employed
by the company.

I did not take this money.

Then why did you skip
the country

before we could even
question you?

I panicked.

I thought you were coming
to arrest me.

You skipped
because you're guilty.

I'm going to get you
back to America

and lock you up
for a long time.

Do you understand,
Mr. Leclair?

Your luck ran out.

I'm looking forward
to this party tonight.

Mabel Normand
is terrific.

I might cry off.

You should come.

They're a good bunch;
they'll cheer you up.

I'm just a little tired.

It's been a long week.

You can say that again.

Frank Edwards' paper

still hasn't printed
my letter.

I'll have to get
the lawyers on to it.

Although it'll take forever
to go through the courts.

And already, the damage
is done, goddammit.

Lady Loxley is here.

She's asking to speak
to Mr. Selfridge.


Harry, how are you?

I'm so sorry
about this…

What can I do for you?

I'm rather busy.

I know you must be angry,

but please believe me
when I say

I had no choice
but to vouch for Loxley.

If we can put aside
our differences,

together we may
be able to prove

that my husband
is behind this scandal.

I don't see why you'd
want to do that.

Loxley and I
are not getting on

and it would help me
to see him disgraced.

It's always the same
with you, isn't it?

You use a situation
for your own gain.

The situation, as you call it,
is very complicated.

Complicated how?

Rose and I thought
you were our friend.

I am your friend!

That's why I'm here!

You need me.

I don't see why.

Harry, the Procurement

they have questioned
your integrity.

Now, some of the most
important people in the land

sit on that committee,
whereas you…

Yes, what about me?

At the end of the day,
you run a store.

Now in their minds,

that means you're surplus
to requirement.

But I know things
about Loxley…

Please leave my house.

(gasps softly)

There's someone
staying here.

A Mr. Leclair.

Please, could you see
he gets this?

(crowd chatting)

Daisy! Charlie! With me!

Aren't they beautiful?

Not surprising--

they're Mack Sennett's
bathing beauties.

That's the first time I've
seen you smile in a long time.

Well, tonight,
I intend to enjoy myself.

Roll it!

(crowd laughing)


(crowd laughing)




(music stops)

(applause continues)

(footsteps approaching)

May I join you?

I want to explain my decision
regarding you and me.

There is nothing to explain.

But there is.

You're right.

I have been running away
from my feelings for you.

Awhile ago,

I was in a relationship
with a gentleman.

He hurt me.

I don't ever want to be hurt
like that again.

He also made me feel that
I didn't deserve to be loved.

Who is this man?

That doesn't matter.

And how could he have been
so wrong?

You of all people
deserve to be loved.

Excuse me!


Tom Collins.

Two, please.

(indistinct talking)

Would you like to be
a movie star?

Gosh, well…

I'd love that!

I mean, I'd like
to try, anyway.

I direct my own movies.

I can make it happen.

Let's drink to it!

What is it?

A Tom Collins.

Don't say you
never had one!


Go on!

It won't bite you.

(growls and laughs)

Well, I'm not going
to beat around the bush.

I'm looking to set up
another studio.

There's acres of land
out there to build on.

I need a business partner.

Well, if you're asking…

That's exactly
what I'm doing.

At least pay a visit
and see what it's like.

You know,
I just might do that.

What are you two plotting?

I'm trying to get Mr. Selfridge
over to California.

Oh, Harry doesn't need

He's got London, Mack.

Well, London doesn't much
like me right now.

But it will.

You'll come back
from this.

We need you, Harry.

You're our dream maker.

Mr. Selfridge.

Excuse me.

I've found her.

She's at this address.

I left a couple
of my people with her

to make sure she doesn't
take it into her head to leave.

She's jumpy as a rabbit.

Who knows what you'll
get out of her?

Good morning!

Good morning,
Master Selfridge!

Lovely day, isn't it?





You look awful.


Thank you.

What's in a Tom
Collins, anyway?

Something lethal.

Well, I reckon
it's worth the headache.

You splashed out
with Mabel Normand!

Do you think
you'll see her again?

Hope not.

She was fun

but totally over the top.

Better on screen than off.

So you're not about to run off
and be a film star, then?

Not on your life.

Give me the tea emporium
at Selfridge's any day.


Good morning.

Good morning, Mr. Crabb.

I've called you all together

because we need to assess
our present situation.

We are down
but by no means out.

Last week's figures are up
on the week before.

The American
spending spree helped.

But we must remain united
and loyal to Mr. Selfridge.

Well said, Mr. Crabb.

Even if he's never here?

The Chief is out
on important business.

To do with Mr. Leclair,
no doubt.

Have you seen this

in "Town Talk"?

Apparently, Mr. Leclair is
to face charges in America.

Mr. Edwards says there isn't
a word of truth in that column.

The Mr. Edwards?


I had nothing to do
with that article, though!

One of the beauty girls
might have to leave

because of the trouble
it's caused.

Mr. Edwards is ruining
people's lives.

He certainly is.

Perhaps you should have
thought about

what sort of gentleman he was
before you consorted with him.

I didn't…

I suggest we put
Miss Hawkins'

previous association
with Mr. Edwards behind us.

This is not a time
to bicker.

Mr. Crabb is right:

unity is everything.

Do you think it's true

about Mr. Leclair
going to America?

If it is, there's
not much we can do.

That man's brought you
nothing but worry.

You're worth a hundred
Henri Leclairs.

Forget about him.

You're right.

I've done
everything I can.

What are you doing here?

I'm hereto get
you out, I hope.

And I've brought an old friend
of yours with me.


Bonjour, Henri.

My husband was
Monsieur Leclair's senior

at JW Thompson.

He was jealous
of Mr. Leclair.



Well, he and I
used to be lovers.

Is that true?

I had the choice
of two men:

Henri or Morgan.

Morgan was influential,
high up in the company,

so I chose him.

It was a bad decision,
something I regret very much.

REGAN: What has this
to do with the fact

that thousands
of dollars

were taken
from clients' accounts?

I did not take the money.

I have told you this
so many times.

Then why did you skip
the country?

It's not the action
of an innocent man.

I told him to leave.

Morgan said it was
the best thing

for Henri to do.

It was only afterwards

I realized that
it made Henri look guilty.

Which was what
Morgan wanted.

It was Morgan
who took the money.

Can you prove it?

I kept copies
of our personal accounts.

You will see the amounts
of money going in

corresponds with the amounts
that went missing.

Miss Maurel, if this is true,

you have done Mr. Leclair
a great disservice.

I'm so sorry.

Ambassador, Henri Leclair
is an honorable man.

I can vouch for him 100%.

Now, if he agrees
to not leave England

until this is cleared up,
surely you can let him go?

I'll seek approval

for the extradition order
to be rescinded,

but it'll have to be approved
by a judge.

In the meantime?

You must keep us informed

of your movements,
Mr. Leclair,

and you must on no account
leave the country.

But if you agree
to these terms…

I do.

Then you're free to go.

I don't know how to thank you.

I'm so sorry I have
involved you in this.

I came to London
to find Valerie

because I suspected Morgan.

Then you offered me work
and friendship,

and it was too tempting
to resist.

It's over now.

It's not over.

You're in trouble
and it's because of me.

No, it's not just
because of you.

Listen, when my name
is cleared,

I must go to France
to fight.

But until then,
I will stay with you.

we can make Selfridge's

the most talked about store
in London again.

I needed to hear that
more than anything.


I wonder what
Mr. Selfridge wants

to talk to us
about this time.

Not more bad news,
I hope.

Thank you for supporting me
earlier, Miss Mardle.

I haven't always been the first
to stand up for people,

and I'd like to try
to change that.

I'm going to turn over
a new leaf.

Oh, well, that
will be interesting.

Good afternoon,
all of you.

We've had
a tough week or so,

and sometimes
it's hard to imagine

that things are going
to get better.

But all you need
is one thing to go right,

and it has.

Monsieur Leclair

has returned to us.


I want to say thank you
to Mr. Selfridge.

I would not be
standing here now

if it wasn't for him.

I won't forget it.

I got your letter.

It made me feel hopeful

when I was not sure
there was hope left.

I just wanted to make sure
that you knew

that Mr. Selfridge
was looking for Valerie.

Did he find her?


And she confirmed
my innocence,

so thank you.

It doesn't matter.

It matters.

I have always treated you
as an ingénue--

as my protégé, I suppose.

I was.

I mean, you taught me so much.

A little, perhaps, but really,
you taught yourself.

You have always understood
more than me

and seen more than me.

Agnes, I've been
such a fool…

Please, Henri, don't.

As a friend,
I'm glad you're all right

and your troubles
are over,

but let's not make
more of this than it is.

As soon as George comes back,
I'm marrying Mr. Colleano.

He's the right man for me.

He always has been.

(footsteps approaching)

Good to have you back,
Mr. Leclair.

Thank you.

I was just telling Mr. Leclair
about our engagement, Victor.

The ring is beautiful.


Excuse me.

To my friends,
the Selfridge family.

Cheers, my friend.

(doorbell rings)

Talking about family, Harry,
I was thinking,

why don't we get the girls
and your mother over here?

In times of trouble,
we should all be together.

I would love that
more than anything else.

So would I.

I haven't seen the girls
in ages.

That's settled then.

I'll send word
to your mother tomorrow.

Mr. Selfridge,
a visitor for you.

MACK SENNETT: We're heading back
to America at the end of the week.

Short visit, then?

Afraid so.

Have you thought any more
about my offer?

Come and be my partner.

It's very flattering,
but I can't.

I'm not a movie man.

I'm a merchant.

Delphine's right:
that's the dream I make.

Well, she's a smart
and savvy businesswoman.

You're a breath
of fresh air,

Mr. Sennett.

And if things
ever get too bad,

all I need do is buy
a ticket to the movies.


Best of luck, Mr. Selfridge.

And knock 'em dead.

I have no doubt you will.

Thanks, Mack.

Nice house.

You know, Mack's made me think:

sometimes the simplest

is the one staring you
right in the face.

What do you mean?

I need to get the store
back on track.

Remind people what
Selfridge's is all about.

Oh, yeah?

What's that?

Forgetting about
your problems.



You know, Delphine's
one hell of a woman.

She and I really see
eye to eye.

You do?


I think she might be able

to help me get the store
out of this mess.

Thank you for bringing her
into our lives.