Mr Selfridge (2013–2016): Season 2, Episode 1 - Episode #2.1 - full transcript

Five years have elapsed since the store opened. Harry's son Gordon is at boarding school but obtains his father's permission to leave and work in the store whilst all his female relatives ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
(customers chatting)

Not long now, Miss Hawkins,
you will be needed upstairs.

This one goes here,
that one there.

No, no, no,
over there, please.

I'm just on my way.

Jolly good.

Mr. Selfridge,
this is a proud day.

It's five years
to the day

since the store first
opened its doors.

How does it feel to run
the biggest attraction in town?

We're not the biggest
attraction in town.

We're the third biggest.

Behind Buckingham Palace
and the Tower of London.



Chin up. Up!

SELF RIDGE: A store is
nothing without its staff,

like a home is nothing
without its family.

But your family
aren't here

to celebrate with you.

How do you feel about that,
Mr. Selfridge?

My daughters are finishing
their education

back in the States,

and my wife and mother
need to be with them.

I don't have any more time,
I'm so sorry.

I have a very busy day.

I'm sure you understand.

Of course.

Mr. Selfridge!

What are you doing
for your fifth anniversary?

(reporters shouting)

Mr. Selfridge,
on this special occasion

how do you feel?

Mr. Selfridge,
can we get a comment?

He's here!

He's early.

Look to it, everyone.

Good morning,
Mr. Selfridge.

Good morning,
Mr. Grove.


Have you seen the banner,
Mr. Selfridge?

It looks great.

I wanted your approval
on the house perfume display,

Mr. Selfridge.

Beautifully arranged,
Miss Hawkins.

And, um…

Good morning, Miss Mardle.

Congratulations on five
wonderful years,

Mr. Selfridge.

We're all so very proud
to be part of it.

Proud of you,
Miss Mardle.

Telegram for you.

Thank you.

Franco, come on.

Help Mr. Towler.

Yes, Victor.

How many times, Franco?

Not "Victor,"
not in here.

Thanks, boys.

Good morning,
Mr. Selfridge.

Palm Court,
fourth floor.

Now, your 12:45 looks
particularly interesting.

The publicity
surrounding the anniversary

has been splendid.

Not bad considering
five years ago

they all said we'd flop.

Miss Plunkett?

Yes, Mr. Selfridge?

Why are we going
to the Palm Court?

That's it, that's it…

Come on, come on, ladies.

Oh no!

Go back, go back!

Mr. Selfridge.

Mr. Crabb.

Miss Plunkett tells me
you need to speak to me?

Oh, it's not me that needs
to speak to you, Mr. Selfridge,

it's Mr. Thackeray.


Good morning,
Mr. Selfridge,

and what a marvelous
morning it is.

Well, what is it?

The mannequins.

Shoddy work, you see.

I want to buy in
a whole new batch.

When I worked
with Paul Poiret,

we had an exquisite
mannequin maker.


Rumored to be the former
mistress of the Tsar.

SELFRIDGE: If we need
them, let's buy them.

Now I must move on.

CRABB: Mr. Colleano needs
two minutes of your time.

Doesn't anyone understand

I have a very busy
day ahead of me?


(staff shushing each other)


Mr. Selfridge,
on behalf of all the staff,

I congratulate you

on this fifth anniversary
of our store.

I think we would all agree

that we couldn't have wished
for a finer leader.

It has been an inspiration
to serve under you.

And in token of our gratitude
and our affection,

we would like you
to accept this.

For once, I find myself
without words to thank you

for this great honor.

But I thank you all.

These last five years,

you have shared my vision
and we've worked together

to make Selfridge's into
a truly great house of business.

Who knows what the next
five years hold?

These are uncertain times.

So it's more important than ever
to pull together

and look to the loyalty
and love of those around us.

I thank you for this.

I thank you.

And for everything!


My goodness!

Miss Towler!

Hello, Mr. Grove.

How well you look.

Paris must have
agreed with you.

How are you?

Very well, thank you.

And Miss Mardle?

Is she…

Isn't she here?


No, she doesn't
appear to be.

Please excuse me.

Is she the one
you let go?


She's the one
who left.

AGNES: How about
you, are you well?

I'm Head of Cosmetics now.

Mr. Selfridge has created
a whole new department for me.

Gosh, congratulations.

Well, let's hope he hasn't
forgotten you.

Two years is a long time.

I'm to be
the Head of Displays

across all
the departments.


If you'll excuse me.


Is it really you?

It's really me!

(knock at door)

Ah, Pimble, have Hooper
bring the car round.

I'm going out.

If you please, my lady…


Lord Loxley's


He's brought luggage,
my lady.



You should have said
you were coming.

I'd have had your bedroom aired
if I'd known.

I have business
in London.

Times are changing.

New opportunities
are opening up.

Where are you going?


I've just had a bill
from that place,

along with every other shop
in London.

One has to keep up

Damn appearances.

I'm coming with you.

I want to meet
this Selfridge chap.

Pimble, have someone
take up my bags.

I need to get out of these
traveling clothes.

It was sculpted
by Sir Thomas Brock.

Every member of staff

It's a wonderful surprise.

Not the only surprise
of the day.



I had no idea!

Do you think I'd miss
a day like this?

Miss Plunkett,
clear my diary for this morning.

I'm going to catch up
with my wife.

When did you arrive?

(birds flapping wings)




The girls send their love,
and so does Mother.

They'll be here mid-August
as usual.

It means the world to me
that you came back early.

It's so good
to see you, Rose.

Yeah, it's good
to see you too, Harry.

Can't you stay
a little longer?

Ma could take the girls
back to the States.

Congratulations on the store's
anniversary, Mr. Selfridge!

Thank you so much.

Mrs. Selfridge.

Thank you.

Enjoy your day-

All this going backwards
and forwards,

it's unbearable.

Do we have to talk about this
the moment that I get here?

It's just I never get
to see you, honey.


Harry, I am very happy

to come and be
Mrs. Selfridge for you,

perform all public duties
required, but you…

Might I just say bravo,
Mr. Selfridge,

on five wonderful years.

Thank you so much.

You know what we agreed on,
and it will remain so.

It's for the best.

It's not for the best.


Mr. and Mrs. Selfridge.


It's so lovely
to see you.

I hope you don't mind my
interrupting you, darling.

No, not at all.

I was just walking down
Oxford Street

and I was curious
to see the store.

Harry, this is a woman
you simply have to meet.

My dear friend
Delphine Day.

We met on the boat
coming over.

And now we're

I've heard so much about you,
I feel as if I already know you.

And I've heard of you.

Don't you run that club

You make it sound
very wicked.

Well, it does have
a certain reputation.

I should jolly well
hope so.

It gets people
through my doors.

Harry, Delphine has written
the most marvelous book.

Oh, my publisher's
just confirmed it.

It's being released
at the end of the week.


Why don't we launch it here,
do a book reading?

What do you think, Harry?

It would be good
for the store

and it would help
my friend Delphine.

Would you like it, Rose?

I'll arrange it.

I would.

I'd like it very much.

So Miss Day,
what's the book about?

It's about me!

It's an autobiography:
The Summer House.

You should try writing one.

They're rather fun.

Of course it helps
if you've lived a little,

but then I hear you've lived
rather a lot,

Mr. Selfridge.

Now, do you mind if I steal
your wife away?


Shopping on your own
is no fun.

Well, we've only
just sat down, so…

What do you want
to buy?

Well, I need a new hat.

The hats are
wonderful here.

It's lovely
to meet you, Harry.

I'll see you later
at the house.


Your husband's divine.

He was sweet
about the reading.

Wasn't he?

I wish I had a man like that
in my pocket.

He's hardly in my pocket,
believe me.

No, you don't understand.

I want that pattern,
but made up in the blue chiffon

and delivered
by the end of the day.

Can you do it or not?

You'd better say yes
if you know what's good for you!

That should be possible,
Miss Spender.

Charged to Mr. Selfridge's
account as usual?

As usual.

Make sure it's
delivered by 6:00.

You see?

Nothing changes.

Good morning, Lady Loxley!

The Yardley facial cream
you requested has come in.

Shall I box it up for you?

We're not taking it.

Good morning,
Lady Loxley.

The new Lucille
handbags are in.

She's designed
each one differently

so that no lady
will have the same one.


Well, I'm not shopping today,
but thank you.

Seems you're
well known here, Mae.

I lead fashion.

What do you expect?

Lady Mae!

Lovely to see you.


We were just coming
to visit you.

I presume you're here
for the anniversary lunch.

Something else
she has to pay for?

Excuse me?

May I introduce my husband,

Lord Loxley.

What a pleasure to meet you,
Lord Loxley.


This is Selfridge's.

Thought I'd come and see

where my wife spends
all her time.

And money.

Why don't you both join us
for lunch?

I'm here for business,
not pleasure.

You better know I'm closing
her account here.

With immediate effect.

(flustered sigh)

Can't we discuss this
in Mr. Selfridge's office?

There's nothing
to discuss.

The man heard me.

As you wish, sir.

I'll have Mr. Crabb
send you a note

with the outstanding sum.

You won't get another penny
from me, Selfridge.

Is that clear?

Come along, Mae.

I said, come on.

Don't talk to her
like that.

I'm her husband.

I'll speak to her
any way I please.

No gentleman treats a lady
like that in my store.

Are you suggesting
I'm not a gentleman?

Enough, enough.


(door closes)

Well, that little scene
may have amused you,

but it was foolish.

Mr. Selfridge is
a friend of mine.

A lover?

Don't be ridiculous.

Don't push me, Mae.

Tidying up?

I've been using
outside display artists,

so no one's been in here.

Let's have a proper
look at you.


Very Parisian.

You were so kind to send me
to Paris, Mr. Selfridge.

I just hope that you're going
to think it was all worth it.

Oh, I know I will.

I've seen your portfolio.

It's good.

Well, I'm glad to be back.

What you said about
success meaning nothing

without loyalty and love…

I know what you mean.

I missed my brother
and everyone here.

And in Paris, there's, um…

there's an awful lot of talk
of war.

It's very troubling,
isn't it?

I just wanted to be home.

Does the store
feel like home to you?


Then I've done something right
in the past five years.


Head of Display.

Are you ready
for the challenge?

I can't wait to get started,
Mr. Selfridge.

I'm organizing
this reading

because Delphine Day
is a friend of my wife.

The Delphine Day?

The one who's
in all the magazines?

Her reputation's
crossed the Channel?

Men all over Europe will be
shivering in their shoes.

You sure have grown up,
haven't you?

Miss Ravillious left us
last year to travel abroad,

so we have a new
Fashion buyer.

Mr. Thackeray,
I'd like you to meet

our new Head of Display,
Agnes Towler.

Goodness me,

the senior staff
get younger every day.

Well, Miss Towler just finished
a two-year secondment

at Galeries Lafayette.


Might I ask where you trained
previously, Miss Towler?

Oh, just here,
under Henri Leclair.

I meant which art college
did you attend?

Oh, I didn't attend college.

I learned on the job.


How refreshing.

Well, I'll let you two
get on with it.

Get on with what,
Mr. Selfridge?

Book reading, here,
Delphine Day.

Here? In Fashion?

What about
the Book Department?

Well, she's such
a stylish woman,

it felt only right
to do it here.

We'll dress her
in our clothes.

Give the reading
a proper design motif.


And you'll oversee
the design.

Help her
on the Fashion side.

I must get going.

Mr. Selfridge,
what's the book called?

The Summer House.

Sounds exciting.

This sort of thing wouldn't
have happened at Harrod's.

I always created
my own departmental displays.

Well, Mr. Selfridge likes
for the Heads of Departments

to collaborate, so…

Well, I'll come up
with a design idea

by the end of the day,

and then we can talk.

There's nothing
to talk about.

If that's how
you like to work.

Nice to meet you,
Mr. Thackeray.

FRANCO: They're about to
serve the first course.

We need the white wine.

Excuse me, sorry…

Is Victor Colleano about?

He's overseeing the lunch.

You're Agnes Towler,
aren't you?

I'm Victor's cousin, Franco.


Victor talked about you
all the time.

I saw those postcards
you sent him from Paris.

Oh, um…

I wasn't sure he got them.

He's Manager
of the Palm Court now.

Sounds like he's got
an awful lot on his plate.

Tell you what.

We're having
a party tonight.

Uncle Gio's birthday.

Come along.

The old man would
love to see you.

That's very kind.

And I'm sure
Victor would too.

Come on, more the merrier!

I'll think about it.

Mr. Edwards.


We haven't seen you
in along while.

I haven't been here
in along while.

Everything's changed.

This is a whole new counter.

Beauty products are developing
faster than any other.

They're the future.

Some women need them,
others don't.

Wish me luck.

I'm in to see Mr. S.
on his big day.

Better smarten you up, then.


May I have a moment,
Mr. Grove?


Yes, of course,
do come in.

I was surprised
not to see you

at the presentation
this morning.

Is anything wrong?

I'm going to have to take
some time off.

I thought you should be
the first to know,

as Chief of Staff.

I'm sorry.

Do sit down.

Oh, gosh…

Are you quite well?

Oh, you know,
family life,

three children
under the age of five,

a full night's sleep
a distant memory.

May I know the reason
for your requested leave?

My brother is dying
in Geneva.

I need to be with him.

I'm so sorry.

I know you were
very fond of him.

I shall talk to the Chief,

but I'm sure
it won't be a problem.

You should make arrangements
to leave as soon as you need to.

Thank you, Mr. Grove.

Another journalist to see you,
Mr. Selfridge.

From the News Chronicle.

I've done enough interviews
for the day.

Tell the man no.



Frank Edwards!

Thank you, Miss Plunkett.

My paymasters insisted,

as I did the very first
interview five years ago.

But look,
if it's a problem…

The play and all that.

No, no, no.

I set myself up for that one.

I was fair game.

But I'm not going to give you
the opportunity like that again.

The soul of discretion, eh?

Something like that.

It's good to see you.

Good to see you too.

So I heard you went to America
to write a novel.

I wrote it and nobody read it,
so now I'm back here,

for the broadsheets.


Well, let's talk.

You've got five minutes.

What's the matter,

I can't get used to you,
that's all.

You look like a proper lady.

George, I'm still
the same old Agnes.

So you're coming
to this party, then?

Franco said he'd asked you.

I don't know.

I haven't seen Victor
and his family in so long.

He's more your friend
than mine these days.

Don't be silly, Agnes.

He'd love to see you.

Come on.

All right, then.

Just for a bit.


Here you are!

Steady on.

Good to see you, son.


What do they feed you
at that school?

Every time I see you,
you've grown inches!

Next time, he'll be taller
than you, Harry.

There won't be
a next time, I hope.

I'm not going back
next term.

Oh, Gordon…

I've had enough.

I'm not the academic type.

But you would be
if you tried.

GORDON: I want to start
work at the store.

No, no, absolutely not.

Hear him out,

He's got a point.

The store's going
to be his one day,

and he might as well start
working sooner than later.

Harry, he's too young.

He's 15, Rose.

I was bookkeeping
by the time I was his age.

But he's not you, Harry.

He has to find
his own way.

That's what I'm
trying to do.


Rose, look, he doesn't want
to go back to school.

I'm not going to waste
time and money on this.

You've already talked
about this, haven't you?

You weren't here…

Haven't you?

And you've agreed to it.

You weren't here, and he feels
very strongly about this.

Well, so do I.

It's a bad decision.


George, my boy,
YOU came!

And you brought
a beautiful girl with you.

It's Agnes, Uncle Gio.

Agnes Towler.



I didn't recognize you!

How are you?

Me? I'm dying.

Any day now, I will be gone.

You want to stop saying that,
Uncle Gio, it might come true.

Let's go and join the party.

(lively Italian music playing)

GIO: Things have changed
since you left.

But he picked himself up.

He's a good boy.

He works hard,
he and Gabriella.

They run the restaurant for me.

He isn't afraid
of good, hard work.


GIO: She is the daughter
of my oldest friend.

She has come
to live with us.

She is good for Victor.

Don't they make
a lovely couple?

It's good to see you,
Uncle Gio.

Happy birthday.


Come on, come and join us,
have some food.

You okay, Agnes?


I think I'm going
to slip away, George.

But we've only
just got here!

Oh, I've just got
a busy day tomorrow.

Mr. Selfridge
is counting on me.

You stay, though.

Enjoy yourself.

You sure?



Leaving already?

Hello, Victor.

Yes, I was just a bit tired,
that's all.

So how was Paris?


I learned a lot.

And now you've got
what you always wanted.

Head of Display.

I couldn't have turned
Paris down, Victor.

No, of course you couldn't.

It was the right decision to go.

But it was a hard decision.

Don't think
that it wasn't.

I'm not criticizing you.

You got what you wanted.

Head of Palm Court.

I know that.

Things have worked out
for the best.

I couldn't be happier.

Nor could I.

Good night.


DRIVER: First day at
work, Master Selfridge?

That's it.

DRIVER: Is he a chip off
the old block, sir?

That remains to be seen.

Will I have a desk
in your office?

No, you won't have
a desk at all.

You'll be starting
in the loading bay.

The loading bay?


It'll give you a chance
to see all the departments.

Morning, George.

Morning, Mr. Selfridge.

This is Mr. Towler,

our Internal
Distribution Manager.

He'll show you the ropes.

Give him that overall, George.

I'll leave him
in your hands.

You won't be needing that,
Master Selfridge.


Best pop this on you.

Don't want to ruin
that lovely suit, now do we?

Come on.

Right, first things first:
I'll take you to meet everyone.

May I ask how long you intend
to stay in town?

Quite a while.

Couldn't you be
a little more precise?


I'm going out now.

Where to?

House of Lords.

You haven't been there
for years.

Trouble's brewing.

All this talk of war.

Time I did my bit.

(door opens and closes)



(faint piano playing)


So this is Delphine's.

It's all so wonderfully

That's entirely
the point.

Oh, look at this.

Is it what you expected?

I didn't know
what to expect.

Come through to my office
and we'll have a drink.

I was just making one
when you arrived.

It's a bit early.

That depends on where
you imagine yourself to be.

The sun is over the yardarm
in Singapore,

so let's have
a Singapore Sling!

Beneath all that charm

there is a shrewd
businesswoman, I suspect.

Well, don't tell anyone.

If it gets out,
I am finished.

So how did you start
this place?

It was after husband
number three.

The Spanish Count?

Darling, that was
husband number two.

I'm sorry,
I do get mixed up.

No, husband number three

was the thoroughly
respectable financier

who suddenly
dropped down dead,

leaving me nothing.

How extremely
inconvenient of him.

Except for the lease
on this property.

You know, I used to run
a business enterprise in Chicago

before I married Harry.


We built villas

and we sold them
to artists' families.

At a low price,
knowing you.

Well, that was
kind of the point,

but gosh, it was fun.

And do you have fun now?


Maybe not enough.

Let's drink
to more fun, then.



What is that?

I don't know, sir,

but we received instructions
to put it up.

What instructions?

They haven't come from me.

Miss Towler.

Some monstrosity
has been erected

in my fashion department.

It has your name to it,
but I presume it's a mistake.

Oh, it's arrived!



How lovely to see you.

I don't want to disturb.

You're not disturbing at all.

Tell me,
how are the girls?

Enjoying a very busy
social life in Chicago.


I long to see them
when they come back.

Did Harry tell you
about yesterday?


No, I don't think so.

Why? What happened?

Oh no, nothing
of any account.

A silly

Well, he did say Lord Loxley
was back in town.

Was that a surprise?

Actually, yes.

It must be difficult

My marriage is an exercise
in management,

which is acceptable
because I don't love my husband.

It must be so much more
complicated if you do.

Miss Towler's put the cat
amongst the pigeons.

She must have agreed to
with Mr. Selfridge.

Does anyone know
what it is?

I promise you,
once the screens are down

and it's properly dressed,
it will look wonderful.

THACKERAY: I don't care if
it looks like the Taj Mahal.

You did this
without consulting me.

You made it quite clear that
you didn't want to get involved,


The reading is tomorrow

and I don't have time
to consult everyone.

SELFRIDGE: Come to the
reading with us, Mae.

That's kind,

but listening to Delphine Day
drone on about her lovers

isn't my idea
of a jolly morning.

I disapprove of this fad
for indiscretion.

Miss Day is a new friend
of Rose's.



We met on the boat
coming over.

She's a lot of fun.


Well, all I can say is
be careful.

Well, I'm enjoying her company.

I don't see
anything wrong with that.

I'm sure you two

have something
you need to talk about

so if you'll excuse me,
Lady Mae.

Oh dear.

Now I've put my foot in it.

It's not you, it's me.

We had an argument
about Gordon

and I don't think
she's forgiven me.


Harry, I wanted to apologize
for Loxley's behavior.

He isn't quite
so unreasonable, usually.

Please, don't worry.

I was just more
concerned about you.

Oh, I can look
after myself.

But thank you anyway.

If you need my help,
you know where I am.

Thank you.


(glass shattering)

(exasperated sigh)

Are you all right?

Do you want a hand?


I can do it.

Suit yourself.

The clothes
for Miss Day.

Thank you.

They're, uh…

They're perfect.

WOMAN: It says here she's had
affairs with hundreds of men.


lots of them.

Let's have a look.

Miss Calthorpe,
back to your station.

(reporters shouting)

Miss Day, what are you hoping
to achieve with your new book?

I want people
to enjoy it.

That's the important thing.

(camera flashes snapping)

Good morning, Miss Day.

Good morning.

Are you looking
for something particular?

No, I'm just browsing.

Can I suggest you try
this new scent?

It's Guerlain,
"L'Heure Bleu."

I'd love that.

If you'll allow me…

I love it.


What's in it?

It's a floral bouquet:
bergamot, aniseed

and a velvety base
of vanilla and Tonka bean.

I'll get it boxed up
for you.

We missed yesterday's
late edition, Chief,

because we had
so little notice.

I hope people
are going to come.

We'll see.

(crowd talking excitedly)

Where did they all
come from?


Mr. Selfridge.

Miss Towler, you've done
a terrific job.

It looks wonderful.

I couldn't be
more proud of you.

It's completely overdone.

The girl has no idea
what she's doing.

No, you're wrong.

It's brilliant.

Thank you again.

Thank you, Mr. Selfridge

Well done.

You put on a grand show.

Thank you, Victor.

shall we get started?

Good luck.

(clearing throat)

"I heard the door
to the summer house slam.

"I lay exhausted
on the tiger rug.

"He'd had his way with me,

"but I too had received
my pleasure from him.

"Later that afternoon,
when I awoke alone

"from a very deep
and pleasurable sleep,

"the evening sunlight
was penetrating the jasmine,

"its golden shafts
highlighting the flowers

with millions of sparkles…"

(whispering): Do you think
they're actually…

enjoying it?

Goodness knows.

Has the reading started?


Better hurry.

Knowing Delphine Day,

she'll be making it up
as she goes along.

Well, I think
she's wonderful.

I'd love to go
to that club of hers.

Would you, now?

Then why don't I take you?

DAY: "Draping a silk throw
around my naked shoulders,

"I dashed to the lakeside,
discarded the robe

"and immersed myself into
the cool, glittering waters.

I felt refreshed
and somehow more powerful."

What have I missed?

So far, two husbands
and umpteen lovers.

DAY: "I poured myself
a glass of champagne

"and felt its perfect bubbles
tickle my soul.

"The following morning,
I stood at the train station,

"my suitcase by my side.

"I was alone, but free.

"In that moment,

"I decided I would never
tie myself to a man again.

"My life may be hard,

"it may be lonely,
but I would follow my star.

I would be a woman,
true to myself."


(crowd talking excitedly)

Harry, that was wonderful.

Thank you.

I… I was thinking that

we could go to the cinema
tonight, Rose.

What do you say?

Um, Delphine's
having a party

and I already said
I'd go.


Another time, then.


LORD LOXLEY: I want to do
my bit for the country.

The Military Procurement
Committee looks interesting.

You can't just swan back
and demand a plum role.

Look, I'd like to help,
but it's not possible.

LORD LOXLEY: You haven't
changed, have you, Bunty?

I don't follow.

Do I have
to spell it out?

I have a signed
statement here.

Young man by the name
of Phineas.

Handsome, if you like
that sort of thing.

He's prepared
to testify in court

that you took advantage
of his innocence.

I'll see what I can do.

If you think getting
a place on a committee

will solve your financial
bother, you're wrong.

I'm not in
financial bother.

Power has shifted
to the captains of commerce.

People like Harry Selfridge,

whom you apparently insulted
in front of his entire staff.

Good to see you again,

Look forward
to working with you.

How was your day?



Grab your coat,
I'm taking you out.

Is Ma coming?

No, she has plans this evening
with Miss Day.

I wish she could come.

I miss her… and the girls.

I'm going to tell you something

that your mother
doesn't even know yet:

lam going to do my darndest

to get this family
back together.

Come on.

Wonderful book,
I couldn't put it down.


Thank you, darling.

They've read my book
and they like it.

Of course they do,
you're brilliant.

To The Summer House!

And to you
for organizing it.

(lively music playing)

(music stops)

You are an excellent dancer,
Miss Hawkins.

Call me Kitty.

I reckon everyone's
on first name terms in here.


And you must
call me Frank.


Another drink?



You've certainly changed
since I saw you last.

Well, I should hope so!

And the Beauty Department
at Selfridge's

is just the beginning.

My dream is to work
for Coty.

He's so clever.

He sells at all
different price points.

His headquarters
outside Paris

are called
"The City of Perfumes."

You're a clever one,
aren't you?

I like ambition in a girl.

But let's talk
about the present.

What are your plans
for tonight?


Just because I'm a shop girl,

you think you can
take advantage of me?

No, no, I just…

I thought you understood.

Understood what,

I'm sorry,
I've got this all wrong.

It's been a lovely evening,
Mr. Edwards,

but I need to get home.

Good night.


Miss Hawkins!


I was thinking…

Why don't I
come in with you?

Come in with me?

At the club!

You said on the boat

you were looking
for a partner.

No, darling, that would be
far too risky.

And anyway, your husband
wouldn't approve.

I have my own money,
so he doesn't have to.

Anyway, I don't need
his approval.

That's an irresistible


What did you say?

I just… I thought I saw
someone I used to know.

Good movie, huh, son?

I'll say.

Thank you
for taking me, Pa.

This is Delphine
Day's club.

Wait here.

I'll see if your mother
wants to come with us.



ROSE: It's true, though,
it's really true!

NEWSPAPERMAN: Archduke Franz
Ferdinand assassinated!

Is she coming?

She said
don't wait for her.

shot dead!

Let's get ourselves home.

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