Modern Family (2009–…): Season 4, Episode 5 - Open House of Horrors - full transcript

Claire tries to scare Phil on Halloween night, Cameron tries to show off his new slimmer body at his Halloween party, and Mitchell's white lie about Lily's mother gets him in trouble.

Why are there giant lollipops
all over the front yard?

And why do they taste so bad?

Because they're made out
of cardboard,mouth-breather.

The world needs more dreamers,luke.

Never stop licking things.

I know it's lame,but after last year,

we promised the neighbors we would keep
our decorations more family-friendly.

We can't even carve a pumpkin?

The petition was very specific.

Every halloween,we have the best house.

Last year,I took things
to a whole new level,

but apparently,it was
too scary for some kids...

And one adult.


Would you like some candy?

Or would you rather have this?

Come on.You're fine.

I don't care what anyone says.

You did not give that
man a heart attack.

Thank you.

I mean,you're not even scary.

Can I grab a little bit of this
candy for my open house tonight?


It's genius.

An open house on halloween.

Millions of bored parents
just trying to keep their...

Kids out of traffic.

Now they can get away from
all that,and see a nice house.

What do you mean,i'm not even scary?

I literally almost scared
the life out of a man.

You literally scared a little
saliva and a little urine out of him.

That happens to me every time I
see a monkey wearing people clothes.

I was plenty scary.

I used professional-grade makeup.

That's the point,claire.It was overkill.

You're the kind of person who can be
twice as scary without wearing any makeup.




Family Season 04 Episode 05

You remembered to pick
up the costumes,right?

Yes,they're right over there.

Very excited.

Cam has lost a lot of

So we're throwing a halloween
party to debut the new him.

I'll be dressed as a matador.

Wh-what is it now,30?


So I've lost lily.

Where is lily?

Do you-you don't have her?

- no.Why would I have her?I don't have her in my pocket.
- Cam?

What about the tiara?

Uh,we didn't buy one.

You can just use the one from last year.

Are we poor?

No,sweetheart,but you
don't need two tiaras.

How 'bout next halloween
you try a different costume?

No.I have to be a princess.

Every year?Why?

Because my mom's a
princess,just like you told me.

Cam and I have always
known that someday,

we were gonna have to have the big
talk with lily about who her mom was.

We-we were gonna pick the
right time and do it together,

carefully following
an agreed-upon script.

Then I got tired.

"and she was the most beautiful
princess in all the land.

The end." Again.

Why is tyler's mommy so fat?

Oh,that's because she has
- She has a baby in her belly.

Okay?Good night.

Was I in my mom's belly?

Lily,no more questions,all right?

Just-just go to sleep.

Where's my mom now?


In a faraway land.


Because she's a princess.

And she's...

Very,very busy.


I thought that she'd forget
about it by the next morning.

I mean,I did.

Oh,I knew I was gonna have to tell
cam,and he was gonna be furious,

but I was hoping that
he'd see the bigger issue.

You know,I was really tired.

Hey,cam,you know this whole thing about
lily wanting to be a princess again?

Well,I-I think it might be because
I let her believe her mother was-

This is a nightmare.

It was just a mistake.

More like a disaster.

They sent the matador costume in your
size,and the bull costume in mine.

I didn't notice.

Now no one's gonna see my bod
in this bulky bull costume.

It was-it was honestly a mistake.

L- listen,um,you-you could do that
other thing that you thought of.

You could put on that gorgeous
white suit that fits you so well now,

and you could be Mr.Roarke,and
lily could be your tattoo.

No!I have to be a princess!

Oh,but,lily,you were
a princess last year.

No!You promised!I'm being a princess!

Why is she so obsessed with princesses?

Well. . .

Like we weren't at that age?I mean. . .

I'm not mad about the ticket.

It's just the first time I couldn't
charm my way out of one of these things.

The way I see it,it's not a ticket.

It's a conversation.

No offense.You don't need that siren.

You could stop traffic just
getting out of that squad car.

License and registration,please.

I,uh. ..I'm no stranger to
the police academy myself.

Seen all seven of them.

Sir,no one's seen all seven.

Is this information accurate?

Yeah.Uh,except for the weight.

I thought they wanted to
know how much I could curl.

I must be getting rusty with my moves.

Moves?What moves?

You know,flash the baby blues,hit
'em with the devilish grin.

In case of emergency,break
glass and bust out the dimple.

Hey,isn't that one from the smallpox?

'cause I'm 100.

Chicken pox.

And it doesn't matter where
it's from.It always worked.


Manny,why are you coming
back from school so late?

I got sent to the principal's office.

- I am sending him an angry e-mail,because
I don't like when - no,no,no.

It's not his fault.

What did you do wrong?


Oh,that's it.I'm calling him.

- I hate when he tries to
- Nothing on purpose.

It was between periods,right
before this big test.

I was clearing my mind by practicing
some of my gene kelly dance moves.

As one does.


And my umbrella accidentally
snagged the fire alarm.

The principal thought I did it
on purpose so we'd miss the test.

But you didn't!

That's it!

- I'm going to his house!
- Mom!

You gotta stop doing this.

I'm not sure if it's the pregnancy,which
we both know isn't your fault...

But lately you've been such a hothead.

I am not a hothead!

I am colombian.

We get excited.

My country is covered in coffee.

Just like the starbucks girl
when she got your order wrong?

wet soy latte.

How hard is that to hear?!

you don't get to be 2
- time nonconsecutive district salesman of the year

without thinking inside the box.

That's right.

I said "inside.

" You know why?

'cause while everyone's chasing
each other around outside the box,

you know what the box is?


Which brings us back to
our formal dining room.

Now any questions?

Can we have our candy now?

Just as soon as we go over what
you're gonna tell your parents.

Now what was our style?

- Pre-war
craftsman.- Good,good.

And how many square feet?


Still no

Not yet.

Well,maybe people are
going out later this year.

Well,the street's full of kids,but they're
actively detouring around our house.

Move along.

Who wants some candy?

Plenty of name-brand...

- Family-friendly candy
right here.- It's a trap!

No.I-ooh,how about you?

- You want some candy,right?

- Come on,have some candy!
- Mom!

Mommy,she's got me!

No,I don't
- I'm not trying

- My candy!
- Just leave it!

Jay,you have to get ready
for mitch and cam's party.

Gloria,does my skin look looser to you?


Maybe I should try some of
that fancy neck cream of yours.

Don't you have some with specks
of diamonds in it or something?

- Trick-or-treat.-

You guys don't even have costumes.

I'm a skeleton.

And I'm-i'm a lemon.

Aren't you too old to
be trick-or-treating?

Aren't you too old to be having a baby?

Ah,you find that funny,lemon?

Here's a better joke.

Knock,knock.What's gone?

Your candy!

What was that?

- Some rude dummies,that they think that they can
- All right,listen.

Let's just calm down.

Get ready for the party.

Calm down what?

You think I'm a hothead,like manny?


You can be emotional.


Still,that's a far cry from

You put egg on my house,i
kill what you love!


Plush utility room?

Yeah,right.I know a hall
closet when I see one.

And your dad never lies?

What medical school did the
great appliance doctor attend?




What I wouldn't give for this
umbrella to have mary poppins' powers.

Oh,I pray he didn't hear that.

Heard you pulled the fire alarm
today and got us out of that test.

Good job.


You know what?

You don't need to call me that anymore.

Anyway,we're all meeting at the playground
at 8:00 and heading out,if you want to join.

You're totally going to that.

Yeah,if you want to
ruin your reputation.

You're finally gonna be
in with the cool kids.

You need to talk at the school assembly on
monday and apologize to all the teachers.

Teachers.More like
public sector parasites.

Be strong,manny.

Be smart.




But not the kind we want.

They're all the kind we want.

- Conrad!?

take one.

I'm an egg donor.

I love your costume,too,cam.


Oh,well,thank you.It's all in fun.

I half-wanted to wear
something tighter.

You know,I've been reducing.

I can see.

Well,you say it like you can't.

No,no,no.I totally can.


Yeah.I'm-i'm gonna...


I'm hearing a rumor that
you keep flashing our guests.

Oh,well,not in a perverted way.

I just want people to see my
body under this stupid costume.

That's very close to
what actual flashers say.


Yeah,one second,honey.

I'm just tired of throwing out
compliments and not getting anything back.

I told roberto his
spray tan looked real.

Look for yourself.

It's on two of our pillows and our cat.


Lookit.It's my mommy.She came.

Oh,no,honey,that's not your mommy.

- It's not?
- No,no.

That's just one of daddy's friends.

What's going on?

Oh,nothing.She just wants
one of these cupcakes.

But I already had
- Oh,there you go,honey.

Okay,off you go.Mingle!Mingle!

Looks like some people came by.

Yeah.Oh,yeah,we had a few.

I saw that.



Hi.How's your open house?

Pretty empty,actually.

I kind of just took it
out on a harry potter.

Seriously,though,a gryffindor letting
his mom carry his quidditch broom?

How hufflepuff is that?

It's pretty lonely here,too.

We have been shunned by
the whole neighborhood.

That's ridiculous.

All over some mild
little gag you pulled?

It was not mild.

There was an investig-

Oh,I-I thought I heard someone.

I guess it was just trees
tapping against the window.

It's pretty creepy over here
in this rattly old house.

Anyway,I'll probably give it another
30 minutes,then I'll see you at home.



What are you laughing about?

Oh,it's just your poor dad,you know.

Your poor,dumb dad.

I'll fill you in at the staff meeting

after keneally's done telling
us about his morning commute.

That's hilarious!You
sound just like him.

You are so doing that at
christmas talent night.

Dude,"rich girl," "sara smile"..

Then a "maneater" encore.

It was scary how good they were.

Close your eyes,it could
have been the real band.

Yeah,he got lucky in the football pool
once,and now he wants to double the stakes.

Oh,I'm so scared!


Well,this night was a bust.

Not a single person even...

Or did I speak too soon?

Was someone in the mood
to be a bad little ghoul?

Oh,connie,I didn't mean you.

I'm-hey,that's just- That's
just the divorce talking.

Hang in there.


Well,someone decided to take a
trip to fantasy island after all.

Well,I'm tired of people
not noticing my new physique.

If this doesn't work,i'm breaking out the
diaper and top hat and going as baby new year!

- Hello.
- Oh,my god!

John-john,is that you?

You look amazing.

Thanks!That's what happens
when you lose 100 pounds.

Oh,come on.What a-

Who wants to lift me?

- me.
- Come on.

How could he have not called us?XXX

You know what?

I'm gonna go lift him and
shake him till his staples pop.


Just saying that we could
have caught those kids.

What,and chase them around all night?

I'm not a young man anymore,as
the world keeps pointing out.

What did that waiter
just call you outside?

Medieval knievel.

That is hilarious.

I love when people put some
thought into their outfit.

Illegal alien,sugar daddy.

Why do you say "illegal"?

Because antennas are alien,and you're-


Because of the color of my skin?

Why don't I dump your
baby in your gas tank?


Uh,no hard feelings,please.

Just enjoy the party,okay?

First of all,relax.We're at a party.

Secondly,you've been deported twice.

You're not allowed to be that defensive.

What is it with me lately?

Manny's right.I'm such a hothead.

It happens.

You're pregnant.

That's what it is,isn't it?

It's the baby.

It's angry in there.



You just said it yourself.

I have changed.

I have an angry baby inside
of me making me do bad things!

It's just hormones.

It's your mama bear instinct kicking in.

And that's a good thing,because that
means you're gonna be a great mom-again.

Do you really think so?

You got a lucky little kid in there.

He's got a mom who's not
gonna let anyone harm him.

Or her.

Or-or him.

- Trick-or-treat.-

Go ahead.

You better run!

Oh,my gosh,is that the most
precious thing you've ever seen?

Oh,my god.

Do you know other princesses?

Trust me.

I know lots.



Oh,no,it's not that late.

Do you know my mom?

She's a princess.

She's exhausted.

She's not making sense.

She's so tired.

Daddy,you told me!

What is she talking about,mitchell?

My real mom.

She is,right?

Okay,I think we need
to have a little talk.

Sam,do you notice how
slim cam's getting?

Nice try.

I will be back for that answer.

This isn't gonna work,claire...

'cause I know you're here.

What's the plan,anyway?

You gonna pop out at me?

It's gonna take more
than that to scare this...

- Hello?!
- hi!

Is the house still open?

Oh,yes!Yes!I'll be right down.

Claire,this is serious!I have a job!

Not that you don't.

You work 24/7 and you don't get
half the appreciation you deserve.

Can we talk about this later?

As you potential buyers can
see,this is a,uh,a beautiful home.

What's behind here?

Oh,I wouldn't go in there!

Unless you love formal dining rooms.

Honey,look at this.

I'm in the kitchen.

Oh,we should probably stay together.

Come on,sheila.

Phil,one question.

- Are these
- wait,wait.

I just love to see people's reactions when I show them
- So much storage.

What?It's crazy!

I think you guys will find that
this house is full of so many...

Delightful surprises that
you'll be happy here for

- Oh,my god!
- I don't know her!

Is this the original tub?


Yes,it is.

It is,uh,the original tub.

Um,original fixtures,beveled mirror,

just a-a huge stall shower if you
guys would,uh,want to have a party.

I'm kidding,of course.

But,um,just a house
with a real personality.

We'll be right in,sweetie.

We agreed to tell lily about her mother
together,wearing calming earth tones,

and we agreed to tell her the truth.

I know,but haven't you ever said something dumb
to lily that you wish she would just forget?

This isn't about me.

Let's just fix this.



The way you agreed so quickly makes me
wonder what sort of things you've told her.

I may have told her
her fibs kills birds.

We're coming back to that one.



Could we talk to you for a second?

Am I in trouble?


Of course not,sweetie.

Well,do you remember how we used to tell you
there was a heaven for all the flowers that die?

What do you mean,"used to"?

Sorry,I let it slip.We'll
deal with it later.

Much much are you not telling me?

Why are you talking like this?

Daddies took a little
side trip.Sorry,sweetie.

Um,so sometimes,uh,we tell you things
like that to make you feel better.

And I might have done the same thing when
I told you that your mom is a princess.

So she's not?

Well,you know what?

She might be.

She might be.

But we can't know for

Well,we don't know where she is or...

What she's doing.

B- but what-what we do know is
that she loved you very,very much...

And she knew that she
couldn't take care of you,

so she made sure that you went with
the most loving family she could find.

And that's how the three
of us became a family.

Does that make sense,sweetie?

Do you have any questions for us?

Why did you say a fib and kill a bird?

I noticed you walking in
with your wife earlier.

She's stunning.

You know my favorite
part of that compliment?

You knew she was my wife.

Half the world thinks she's my daughter.

Well,if you ask me,she's a lucky girl.

Bummer for me,though.

Handsomest man in here,and he's taken.

I'll bet you do all right with the boys.

I do.

It's the men i'm interested in.

You just put it all
right out there,don't you?

I always try to hold a
little something back.

Oh,my gosh.


Leave him.

No,but you know that's a

I know.He needs this.


It was great meeting you,jay.


Looks like somebody really likes you.

What can I say?

I still got it.

I've been meaning to ask you
- Have you lost some weight?

Because you look good.

Wow,you have no idea what that
means to hear from you,jay.

Uh,turn it that way.

I thought this might cheer you up.

Da plane!Da plane!

Baby girl!

Look you!You even taught
her the catchphrase.

Jay,have you seen my new tattoo?..

- be in touch.
- Well,thanks so much for coming.

- Yeah.Thanks.
- Okay.

gone.You can come out now.


Honey,I'm sorry I
said you weren't scary.

It's been such a long day.

Can we please just go home?

All right.

I'm leaving without ya.


This remote you know how to use.


Phil,where are you?


Where are you?

I came over to scare you,but then I heard
you showing the house to that couple,

so I got out of your way.

Are you at home?

Yeah.I got here ten minutes ago.

- so...So you're saying...

This call isn't coming
from inside the house?

What are you talking about?

Just get home.

The kids and I are hungry.

Yeah,hurry up,dad.

We miss you!

Miss you,too,buddy.


I wasn't really that scared.


Hey,you never told me if you
hit those kids with that egg.

They blended into the crowd,but
there was a slow one with them.

He couldn't run so fast,and
I nailed him pretty good.

I warned you.


Where are your cool friends now?

Not q-tipping your ear,that's for sure.


This is why I never
hang out with cool kids.

Yeah,you rejected them,shortly after you and
your mom roller danced at the talent show.

We were robbed.

Couldn't have been the song you picked.

"wing beneath my w
-" ow!



Family Season 04 Episode 05