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Mezzo Forte (2000–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

There are some
lacerations to your stomatitis.


...a little soot is
stuck to your bronchus.

Please rest quietly in
bed for a couple of days...

I don't have time!


You guys couldn't
even kill the Orange Girl.

Shame on you!

Your job is to deal with
this type of thing, isn't it?

You made it easy for
them to kidnap my dad.

Are you guys really macho men?


Ms. Momomi...

Are you all right?

Can I borrow this?


What happened to Hirooka?

He went to the district police station.

He's making sure the
Owner's kidnapping doesn't get out.

Find the kidnappers and get
my dad back, as soon as possible.

Get pictures of their faces simulated
from my and Hirooka's memories.

I want their faces!

You can leave now.

But, this one's still breathing.

This is more work than I thought...


Cheer up and give us a hand here!

Let's do my plan instead.

No way!

We have to bury him and
disappear from town soon...

otherwise we'll
disappear from life instead!

You hit Momoi's daughter.

When she was seven years old...

...she decided that the color of blood...

...was a symbol of youth,
and killed dozens of people.

Damn psycho bitch!

Moreover, she is respected for her
charm and cleverness by everyone!

Also, she uses her influence over
big businesses to cover up her crimes.

What can we do to people like her?

No problem!

They haven't realized Momoi's dead... we can use that!

They can't be careless with us...

We're worse than they are!

She knows nothing of the world...

Or she is fearless...

She doesn't get it!

Then I'll quit this job.

I won't see you guys again!


Don't you think we should
bury him somewhere else?

Back off, Old Man.

Sorry, to have to do that...

...I didn't think you guys would
be willing to listen to my story.

I-I-I'll listen.

Digging this hole isn't that
important, right, Mr. Kuro?

We're we digging our own grave?

Let me listen to everything, please.

Right, Mikura?

Old Man, who are you?

Let's listen to him, Mikura.

I'm a hit man who was
hired by Momoi, a while ago.

Hit man?



But, isn't this too out in the open?

Are you sure this is the
best place to bury him?

Not even Colombo would find this.

Maybe it's the best place for Momoi.

I was fed up with
eating noodles, every day.

It's good!

I'll eat a lot because
I'm a growing child, okay?

Yes, yes.

Don't worry, just please, eat up.

Do you all remember the
Bloody Pennant Race Case?

What's that?

Four batters of pro baseball teams
were found dead, gunned down...

A serial murder case
that was never solved.

I was a green officer,
so I investigated passionately.

Back then, you must have been a
young man with a strong sense of justice!

I bet you had a lot of hair, right?

Long hair.

I hit on all the girls!

Bad news!

It was fashionable then.

At headquarters, we were sure it
was a plot by one of the other teams...

...however, we could never find
any suspects or physical evidence.

I did it.

Momoi ordered me to.

You're good, aren't you?

Half a year ago, I retired...

Momoi didn't accept it, did he?

That's not it.

He expressed his appreciation for my
efforts and gave plenty of parting gifts.

You're loaded then, huh?

The problem was Momoi's daughter.

That psycho bitch!

She has a very suspicious nature
and thought I'd betray the organization.

She tried to kill you.

Yes, yes.

That's why you asked us to kidnap him?

I wanted to use him as insurance
until I escaped overseas...

But now, he's dead.

Isn't it Heaven's judgment?

He's responsible for so many crimes.

But it's not what I asked for.

Then what do you want us to do?

Please carry out Mikura's plan.



If we don't, we'll be
killed by the psycho bitch.

However, um...

Well, Harada?

It's adding fuel to the flames.

Pops, this is a good chance to
smash in that psycho bitch's face!

Right, Harada?

We can do it.

If we don't, you'll kill us, right?

Except Mikura.


Because Mikura and I
have the same opinions.

That's true.

It's impossible for this
old man and I to do it alone.

We didn't order these.

They're from the two
customers over there.

You guys!
The fat pervert?

I didn't think we'd run into you again...

We're out of luck...

Who are you?

W-What are you doing?

Did you come to pay your bill?

I'll pay for your burial.

If I ever see your dirty faces again...

I won't go easy on you.



Look, a naked woman!

No shit!
Where is she?

Where is she?

And I didn't even have
time to eat my Sunday!


That's gotta hurt.

Those two will cover our tab.

Where did the old man go?

Mr. Kuro, what
should we do now?

We were only warming up, right...


Who is it?

What kind of idiotic daredevil...

...would try to sneak into my room?

Even if I was
sleeping with a tranquilizer...

So, what is your plan now?


Were you able to run away?

Were you hurt?

Are you okay?

I want to show you something.


You two must get along.

What are you talking about, Papa?

She is the Orange Girl
who kidnapped you.

Calm down, Momomi.

Don't you think we look alike?

Don't you think we look alike?


Ms. Momomi, please...

...come to Room G immediately.

"This is a hand made ransom note..."

"Read carefully."

"We'll exchange Momokichi's life
for 3 hundred 97 million yen."

"We'll contact you with the
place and time three days from now."

"The psycho bitch makes the deal."

"Open parenthesis, Momomi,
that means you, close parenthesis."

"You have to come by yourself..."

"Please look at the enclosed disk, too."

"Don't play petty tricks."

"From the Orange Girl and friends."

Show me the disk.


Look at the central monitor, please.


The Owner!

Momomi, don't resist them.

I've never seen such
strong and terrible people.


I can't believe it.

I can easily see his mental
and physical exhaustion.

We should accept the deal.

You think I'll pay the ransom?

Then will you leave
the Owner stranded?

We have three days
until they'll contact us.

We'll stall them.

They won't kill Papa
until they'll get the money.

But, can we recapture
him in such a short time?

We don't even know who they are.

They must have
things to hide, so access the...

...personal data of the district police
station and run their faces through it.

If they have a criminal
history, it'll be very easy.

Ms. Momomi, we
simulated their pictures.

Oh, I'm so hungry.

We still have plenty to eat.

Want Tonkotu Ramen?

Why do we only have noodles?

I'm tired of instant noodles...

I'm tired too, because
I've been up all night...

Don't complain.

Let me go shopping.

The supermarket is right there.

Mr. Kuro prohibited us from going out.

He said don't walk around
until the deal is done with them.

You worry too much.

We don't need to worry
because we have a hostage.

I'll go.

Hey, Mikura!

They're desperate, too.

If something happens to you...

Do you think they can kill me?

Make it short because
I'm expected back any second.

You made it on time.

The other two didn't find out?

If you're plotting something
bad, you won't live past dinner!

I want to give you something.

Can you come with me?

Please take care of it.

I'm sorry about last time.

Is your ear okay?

Keep the promise...

The relationship
between you and the chief...

I'll keep it only in my mind.

Promise me.

Don't write about it in the next volume!

Shut up!

I can't concentrate, stupid.

Shut it, I'm a real detective!


Where is the Owner?

How did you find us already?

We met some helpful collaborators.

Tell me where the Owner is.

Do you think I'll tell you so quickly?



I don't like pain!


Human willpower is so very fragile...

Should I pry off your nose next?

I'll tell you, I'll tell you...
I'll tell you everything.

Trash detectives who get fired shouldn't
try to increase their income so much.

That's true...

Son of a...

Screw you!

Not so bad for a trash detective, right?


If you tell me where
the Owner is, your life is...

Are you serious?

M-Mr. Kuro, is everything cool?

Don't worry, but how about over there?

So far it's fine, but not for long, right?

We should start the plan soon.

If they are planning to double
cross us, we'll get even with them.

Mr. Kuro, actually
Mikura went shopping...


Hello, what's up Harada?

What is this?

It's the rest of the money.

Please take it.

Why are you giving it to me now?

I refused to pay the rest of the
money because of Momokichi's death.

But that was childish...

And if I give it to those two,
they'll disappear before finishing the job.

Pops and Harada won't betray me.

Is that so...

But I'll put it in my
own account, anyway.

In any case, where
did you meet those two?

A jail in the police station...

We were busted
when Pops was a detective.

What did you two do?

Harada produced Androids
and sold them underground.

As for me...

Guess what I did.

Found you!

Run away!



Good job, bastard macho beard man!

Take this!

Come out, psycho bitch!

Oh, shit...

I want to slit your throat right now.

Pops, I'm sorry...

I don't look at all like this pig!

Oh my God, is it this bad?



Absurdly, unbelievably bad...


Mr. Kuro!

You scared the shit out of me,
but at least you're safe, Harada.

They didn't find the
shelter in the basement...

So Mikura is fine, too?

Well, she was...

Mikura was...

...taken away by them.

The taser knocked
out your nervous system.

You can't move on your
own for five to six hours...

Where did you hide my papa?

I don't know...

Who is Papa?

I hate torture.

It's primitive, savage and
not particularly intellectual.

I'll ask you one more time.

Where is Papa?

I-I'm hungry, let me eat something.

You're being impudent.

Ms. Momomi, a call from the kidnapper.

Come to the living room!

You're lucky, I was
going to carve up your face.

I didn't think you'd be alive.

I guess you really were a detective.

Is Mikura safe?

If you want her back,
healthy and normal...

I'll exchange Momokichi with Mikura.

Of course.

How about tonight
at the Peach stadium?


And I have one question.

Please be frank.

Who were your collaborators?

Pops, Harada...

Thank you for waiting.

I'll take you to the girl's room, now...

...think of it as a thank you.

Look, she's really worn out.


Nice to see you again.

They told me about your
conversation in the Family Restaurant.

Because of them, I didn't have
to waste time looking for a pig.

We can have the girl until
the time of the deal, right?

About eight hours.

Use it efficiently.

Where is Hirooka?

He'll be back in two hours.

I didn't know he needed to go
to the dentist like normal people.

He actually has a sweet tooth.


Where's you're usual strength?

We haven't been this
excited in a while, huh?

I won't be easily satisfied.

Looks good...

Oh, shit...

I came a little bit.

Fool, you should hold
off so you can come inside.

It was nothing.

Please, I...

I like someone...


So what?

The price of our anger is expensive.

I want to hear her scream.

No, stop it!

How is it?

I'll push it in as deep as it goes!

Don't come inside!

Let me go, I can't take any more.

Relief batter stepping up!

This is punishment for
your gun and that fork!

She's ready for some
special time together.

You really like it, huh?

No, that's too much...


Hey, hey, hey-


Look at this.

Drink everything.

I can't drink that much.

If you don't listen to me, we'll
have more special time together.


It was too good and I almost came...

I want her boyfriend to hear this.

Then, we'll make you feel much better.

More, more.

Push it deeper!

Come and get Papa Peach.

You two, come over
and get the Orange Girl, too!

Mr. Kuro.

Let's go!

Hirooka, let them get set up.

Then, I'll tell them.

Are you guys TENN?

We're ready.

All right, give my regards to the Owner.

I'm sorry, Papa.

Although I was with you,
such a bad thing happened...

Watch, I'll victimize them!

Don't do anything to them.

I don't like violence.

What are you saying?

Did you forget your Peach soul?

You're acting strange.

Two of them were so cruel to me...

I see, I'm sorry.

Harada, blow them up!


I'll come over there.

I'm waiting at the gate, hurry up!

Papa, let's run.

Run, run.

Oh, let's!

Something's not right...


Great, now when I
need it to work most!

We're in a blind alley.

Let's go outside.

It's too dangerous here.

Okay, hurry!

Harada, that's too fast.

It looks all clear to me!

They must have something in place.

I don't think they'll let us leave easily.

But we can't just stay here, anyway.

Mr. Kuro.

Let's go.


Let's go.

Let's go...

We won't let you make it to home base.

You guys again?

The bottom of the ninth...

A come-from-behind home run, right?

Well, the gang's all here...

Something like that.

Actually, three hit men are on stand-by.

They should be here, but I can't wait.

What a turn on!

I can't help it...

She is psycho...

Go ahead, start the engine.


No shit, it's...

What is it, never seen a corpse before?


This is a...

Papa, run away!


Orange Girl?

I was aiming for their heads...

I guess my body hasn't recovered yet.

You're kidding.

I just killed you, didn't I?

An Android...

I substituted it in
your little torture room.

How did you know about
the construction of our house?

An old friend of your Papa's told us.

Then we did...

That's right.

You saw how efficient she was, right?

She was an Android?


Damn pig!


That's why I said I
don't like violence, Momomi.

Even papa was...


I lost to such a trashy bitch...

We're scoundrels who have
blood and tears, understand?

I'll kill you in the next world...

She was really a psycho bitch, huh?

Mikura took that psycho
down, for better or worse.

I'm just glad she's on my side!

I agree.

But if this Papa
Momokichi worked better...

It would've saved me some trouble.

Well, the result is all good, right?

From now on, the Peach Twister's
image will be renewed.

Everything went as you expected, huh?

Show us your identity.

The pale faced man from
the bowling alley.

Yes, yes.

When did you figure it out?

When we did a laser scan in
our office, we saw your frame... was not that of an old man.

You are cunning people.

I thought this would happen.

You flatter yourself, huh?

Something wrong?

I had to use you guys
as a third party to kill them.

I'll continue their business...

...but I'll use my own strategies.

Momoi didn't know anything...

...about the baseball business.

And you guys didn't
know anything about me.

What is this?

You don't know about us, either!


What's this?

Tell me!

Too late, that's what!

It doesn't connect...

What the hell is Kurokawa doing?

The fingerprints
did come through, though...

We couldn't get the ransom...

My car will be scraped.

By the way, don't you think
they'll find Momokichi's body?

Even if they find it...

...we didn't leave any clues.

It's not game over yet.

I told you that if I saw you again,
I wouldn't take it easy on you!

You don't have a gun, huh?

Damn bitch!

Hey, it's smashed to bits.

Smashed to bits...

You should get a domestic car...

Pops, you're on fire!

Mr. Kuro, it'll cost a lot for the repairs.

It's okay, okay.

If everybody is safe, everything is cool.


When we will reopen our business?

Not for a while.

Take care of your body.

You just want to take it easy...

Pops, it's another vision!

Take this job, please.

What should we do?

Hey, our agency
specializes in dangerous jobs!