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Mezzo Forte (2000–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

It's the last inning,
and in the batters box... Gochiro, the top
batter for the Yorikiri Monsters!

With a batting average of 300...

...and 85 home runs...

He's just like a monster.

Facing him is Tagami, the
pitcher for the Peach Twisters.

Who will hold the winning ball?


That's Gochiro's
famous Missile Home Run!

It's a game winning home run!

He's great!


Tonight's defeat means the
Peach Twisters have been the...

...lowest ranked team for three years.

Your team is B-class again, Papa.
...lowest ranked team for three years.

Why don't you quit baseball?

Hiroka, my team is too weak.

You want to trade Tagami?

I don't know if any team
would take him, though.

We don't need to do that.


The point of baseball is to
hit the pitcher's ball, right?


So, a pitcher who
never gets strikeouts... worth less than sand.

This pitcher's balls...

...maybe I can hit them.

Even I could...

Waiting long?

Oh, it was no bother, Boss.

What can I... for you?

My stomach is getting worse...

Would you like to try my medicine?

The stuff works really well.

Thank you for your kindness...

But doctors and medicines can't fix it...

You pitch...

...where the batter wants!

You're supposed to be a professional!

You cost me five million!

The game is over...

No extra innings...

Pops, you have no taste!

You're still saying that?

It looks real good on you!

The expression on
your face gives you away.

We don't want to tip them off.

Be patient.

This outfit makes me
look more suspicious.

Did you bring it?

Yes, I did.

Can I come in?

You're awfully careful.

You guys may be
accompanied by police.

Don't be silly!

Our work is illegal, too.

We're the same as you.

What are you touching?


I didn't mean to.


I can't skip this,
even though you're a girl.

I don't wanna get busted.

Okay, turn around.

Mikura, be patient...

That's enough.

Mess with me, and I'll kill you.

No way.

You'll die first.


Watch yourself, I'm a bad ass!


There's no time.

Let's get moving.

Come on, Mikura!

Your impatience will kill you.

What are you doing here?

Not your business.

How about you?

I'm investigating.

Two days ago, a murder in
the parking lot of the stadium...

...over there.


Too busy writing to read the newspaper?

You always did chatter on like a bitch.

Well, good luck finding the suspect.

Would you like my help?


I read your book.

You figured out that I wrote it?

Then I didn't need to use a pen name.

Wake up and say hello.



She looks just like a real human being.

How do you do?

We can earn a lot.

She can probably handle
thirty or forty customers!

Please inspect her twice a week.

And, this is for discharging
sperm automatically.

User friendly, right?

Now then, there is the
bill and the shipping charges...

Pay up, please.

You exposed our procedures
in your book out of spite.

Secrets and conservatism
are bad for the citizens.

They have a right to know.

We're no saints...

But, neither were you!

Of course...

Actually, I'm not as cool as I'm acting.

It was for revenge,
because only I was fired.

I lost my pension...

People were looking
at me with angry eyes.

I was in a hopeless situation.

Son of a bitch...

so you guys...

Be prepared for a
second volume, okay?

I see.

This again?

Don't trust people so easily, fool!

I never trusted you.

You fat bastard!






Mr. Kurokawa, are you listening?

What are you doing?


Because of you, the
chief is an insomniac.

Let go, dumb-ass!



Are you on the line?

What is this?

Who is he?

Just a civil servant.

Don't worry.

Sorry Pops, for calling you Baldy.

Even though it was an emergency,
you should watch your mouth.

Just take care of your part.

We've already risked our lives.

Hey, they're putting holes in my car!

You guys lied!

Damn you!

Please don't shoot!

I hate stubborn men!


Wait, Mikura!

This is terrible.

My car is full of holes!

My foot, my foot, my foot, my foot!


They made fools of us...

Please come again.

Good, so good.

Mikura, dinner, dinner.

What's the flavor?

Miso flavor.

It's Haccho Miso.

It's so damn good!

This is my apology to you guys.

I'm very sorry about
what happened today.


If you really feel sorry, feed
us better food like Shabu-shabu.

I'm ready for danger,
because that's our job.

Besides, my stomach is
always full because of you.

You make me cry.

I'm so happy we found you.

I like you...

No, I love you!

Friendship is beautiful, but what
are we going to do about the car?

We didn't even get
any money for the robot.

Royalties from Mr. Kuro...

You still have more, right?

It's a best-seller!

We can live for two or three years.

My lovely car will be fixed soon, too.

Oh, good!

This taro is so good!

I wish it was that way...

...but actually, it's not.

You're kidding, right Baldy?

What, Baldy again?

What's the truth, Baldy?

Harada, you too?

Just kidding!

I scared you guys!

Who is this?

I am...

...Emoto, who called yesterday.

Climb on up.

You'll see a hatch on the top.

Excuse me, don't move a moment.


What's up?

He is not an invited customer?

No, it's okay.

He is safe.

Come in.

Ms. Momomi.

Your herbal doctor is here.

Let him wait.

I'll finish reading soon.

Who are they?

The head coach and
pitching coach of Twisters.

They tried to sell me
to the gossip magazines.

I summoned them and they
played innocent, so I got angry.

The Owner will be
mad when he finds out.

He'll change the
administration anyway.

You knew that we weren't
planning to kill either of them, right?

My dad does the
same thing all the time.

The Owner is an adult.

What's your point?

Then alcohol, cigarettes, and murder
are reserved for those over twenty?

Anyway, we have to dispose of these
bodies before the Owner comes back.

Is he at his woman's place?

He's crazy about someone else's wife.

He has about seventeen women, right?

Maybe an illegitimate child, too.

If he does, the child
should be just like you.


She should be smart, beautiful,
and have a nice body like me.

Maybe, a boy.

His legal adviser...

He may know something.

What's wrong?

You're pale.

Well, you're the most
pale person in Japan.

By the way...

When is it?

My deciding match with Dad.



You can't surpass me yet.

Experience isn't everything, Papa.

I'm a gifted person.

Watch me.

Did you hear that, Hirooka?

Miracle ball, second toss...


Gutter ball...

Don't underestimate her.

Momomi rocks!

You are good.

Aren't I?

Peach special...


Momokichi rocks!

We're ready, Pops.

Please, guys...

If you pull this off...

...I'll feed you king crab
Nabe Udon until you can't move.

I feel like I've seen his face before.

Where did I see him?

Oh, I can't remember!



Did they realize?


They're just having fun.

They'll never know.

We have to get it in
before he finishes drinking.

Uh, Mikura...


What's going on in your head?

If we finish this job, let's...

Mikura, he's too young for you.

The ladybug!

Stupid, you
shouldn't have looked away.

I'll take a chance...


A miracle...

Third ball...


Open, open up!

Oh, no, no, no.

Oh, it's coming...



Come on!

If you don't get out of
there, I'll flush your brain!


I-I-I'm sorry.

W-Who are you?


Do you know who I am?

I don't care if you're the Prime
Minister, I'm just doing my job.

Will you kill me?

Don't worry.

Good night...

This guy...

He's been in my dreams
since I was a kid.

I feel weird.

That bothers me.

Your dreams always predict bad things.


Pops, get ready.

Carry him carefully.

Keep a firm grip.

Why should I do such heavy labor?

I'll make Pops do it.

Mr. Kuro doesn't have any strength.

It's not like he's
eighty or ninety years old!

He just bitches about his old injuries.

Oh, but he's just the sweetest old man!

What's up?

Something fell on my head.

Is that it?

T-This is...


This is not good!

Tell Mr. Hirooka!

Where did the Owner go...

Hold on...

Much better...

We don't have time to take a break.

My arms don't work.

Let me take a little break.

No, we don't have much time.

They'll find out soon.

Let's hurry.

I already found out.

Give me back the Owner, slowly.

He has a gun...

Now what?

Give him back.

There's no other way.



If you want to live until
dinner time, don't move.

No worries, with this
quick acting sleeping drug...

Good night, macho man.



He's strong.

The macho bastard...

The medicine is working...

It's up to you.


I can't carry him by myself.

Wake up, dammit!

I'll kill you now.

If you could snatch the Owner
from me though, I'd be impressed.

Let me impress you.

I'll take the old guy.

Ms. Momomi, the Owner is...

Is he still taking a crap?

I don't care if he smells, bring him back.

Well, he is...

He should change his team's name.

How about the Peach Shitters?

She really shot me.

Don't fall!



Why was the ceiling so weak?


Pops, I screwed up.



Oh, no...


...if you want to be
able to eat dinner later...

Did you guys do that?

Who are you?

If you want know, come over here.

Old television heroes
always said their names...

Well, I obviously don't have to...

...Orange Girl.

You are...

You are...

Shit bullets can't hit me!

You hit me!

Damn bitch!

Shit, she's always moving.


Mr. Kuro, it's not going so well...



Hands off, Hirooka!

The Owner's safety is more important.

Please calm down!

Harada, are you awake?

T-This is a nightmare...


We don't have enough bullets.

Let's get out of here.

No, I don't want to escape!

This situation is...

...over our heads.

Pops, what are you doing?

Are you listening to me?

Dammit, Baldy!


L-it happened again, after all!

I'm here.

You are late.

Mr. Kuro, take this guy...

Mikura, take this and get a strike!


Where were you throwing?

That way, you idiot!


Have you ever bowled?

Hirooka, do something right now!

Shoot the tires.

Let's go!

Hold on!

Are you guys all right?


Don't call me Baldy anymore, okay?

Where am I?

I'm sorry.

I always get you into
dangerous situations.



Let me tell you, now...

I love you.

I love you...

I really, really... you.

That's not like you, silly...

But, I'm so happy you said that...

I need to have sex with you right now.

Wait, Pops...


It's too soon...

Isn't it great?

It's going to burst...


Will it fit inside me?

Yeah, and it'll feel...

...really good.

It'll tear my stomach.

There, there...

It's inside, inside!


I'll stir and knead your womb,
until you scream for me to stop.

It's hot.

It's hot and tight.


Push it in more...

Push it deeper.

I won't be gentle, Mikura.

How is it?

I'm coming.

Should I come, too?

No, don't come inside me!

Don't worry about it.

Just take... love!

So good!

I'm refreshed.

Next, please go ahead.

Can I come inside, too?

Whatever you want...

Pops, why?

No, hands off...


Slop it!

No, stop!

You guys...

...are beasts!

It was a nightmare.

Is this dream a prediction too?

It was a good dream
for the first part, anyway.

Why didn't you tell us?

We almost died back there!

I thought your agency
specializes in dangerous jobs.

But, we'd rather avoid any violence.

Your information could mean
life or death for us.

Who is this guy?

Let me see him first.

It's him.

You're lucky you hired us.

So, give us an answer.

He's the owner of the Peach Twisters.

Momoi Momokichi.


You know him?

I can't pay the rest of the money.

Hey, dick!

What do you mean?

Momoi is dead...