Meurtres à... (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Meurtres à l'Île d'Yeu - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

- Hello ! I wake you up ?

- Where are you ? On
your mother's boat ?

- My mother came to pick me up
at the pier with her trimaran.

It's not too much ?
- Unbelievable !

- I reacted the same. It's sick!

She wants us to spend
the holidays together. Cool, right?

- She's going to do it, do you think?
- I present it to you.

- If you're in such a hurry to see
your girlfriend, come help me!

- Her name is Anaïs.

- Hello, Anaïs.

Nice to meet you
- She too.

28 knots, please!

*-May day relay,

*Mayday relay. Signalons

* have received a distress signal.
- Noah!

Come take the helm.

* -From the Esperance ship
in 46 degrees position.

- You're staying at 440.
- Yeah.

It works.

- Go on !

* -16 point W, W, West.

* Vessel located
in the southeast

* from the Pointe des Corbeaux,

* on the island of Yeu.

- CROSS Etel, CROSS Etel.

Here, Race for Water.

We are 4 miles from the position,
we can get there.

* - We're going to channel 72.
- OK!

I pass on channel 72.

Isabelle Bonnefoy,
Race for Water, I'm listening.

* -Can you make it

* on area?

- OK, I'm going to the area. Ended.
* -I resume


* with you on this channel.

- Noah! Cap to 200,
the Pointe des Corbeaux!

Hope, Hope

for Race for Water.

Hope, Hope

for Race for Water.

It does not respond.
- Hope is the boat

of Cyril, the Beaulieu son.
He must have eaten a rock.

Do you see something, Noah?

- What a dalle!

The ! Mom, here!

The tribord!

The tribord!

Hey! Slow down, mom, slow down.


Stop, mom!
- Noah, don't do that.

- Mom, the buoy!
- Yes I'm coming !

- Sir !


- The buoy!


Are you okay, Noah?

You didn't have to dive in.

Answer me.

- Leave me !

- We leave the body to SNCM,
and we go home.

Noah, look at me.

Look at me.
Chase that image, eh?

Chase her away.
- How can I do ?

He no longer had a head.

- Bullshit !
His head was cut off.

- No hasty conclusion.

The investigation will tell us.

- We'll meet at Grandma's.

- Noah, wait!

- Madam, madam,

please !
You are on a perimeter.…

- Mme Beaulieu, no, not here!
- I want to know if he's my son.

She moans.


- With Mme Beaulieu who identified
her son Cyril as the victim.

Scars, birthmark.
She was escorted home.

- Can you take us there?
- Affirmative.

Is Isabelle Bonnefoy still on the island?

- Yes, her and her son.
- OK, OK.

You will tell us all about it.

Audio commentary.

* -Faster and faster, it
was really ...

* -What a great victory
for this ...

* -Winning the Vendée Globe was
unexpected. I dedicate this race

*to my father.

- That's great.

You did well.

Haven't you received the photos?

- Yes, but it's better in real life,
and you knew how to keep the soul of the place.

- I just added
my personal touch.

- Go on !
- (I was well helped.)

- Quoi, Lefloch?
- Hmm.

- On your return !

- Come on, to all of you!

To my sister and her Marin Calf.
- Do you know what I was thinking?

At the Gargourite.

- Stop drinking.
- Who is it ?

This name means something to me.

- A witch who prowled on the island
and cut off the heads of the young people.

She came out of her hole.

- Is there a cave named after him?
- Yes.

Not very far from the accident.

- It's a legend.
Didn't we tell you?

- No. Dad neither.

- The traditions

if lost.

- You go-y!

Don't beg you.

- At the end of the 17th century,
there was the plague.

We locked up all the sick
in a village, we set fire to it.

Only the Gargourite survived.

Since then, it is said that she would cut off
the heads of the young people of the island

which venture
along the coasts.

Her own way of avenging the death
of her children

that she could not save.

Here is !

- Before finding the body,
we saw

a strange old woman.
- What was I telling you ?

* -Dear islets,

* they charge me…
- Caro, the sound!

* -On order of Commander Lemeur
of the sea research brigade,

* shuttle traffic
will be reduced

* and anyone
wishing to travel to the continent

* will have to prove his identity.

- It's going to jostle!
I have to go.

- Lemeur, is it Nicolas?

Did you know he was a gendarme?

- Yes, I found out.

- Did you meet again?

- We spoke by radio

when it capsized
in the Vendée Globe.

It was 10 years ago.

- There, you will not be able
to avoid yourself,

unless you leave right away.

- It's from the past.
For him too, surely.

I'm off to find Noah at mom's house.

He was disturbed
by what he saw.

We were offered to go
to the hospital,

but he went straight to Anaïs.
- It's better than a shrink.

She is adorable, this kid.
He fell well.

When he leaves the boarding school,
she waits for him.

They stick together all
weekend, a real little couple.

Noah is not going to show it to you,

but he was happy when you
announced you were moving here.

He says he spent more time
with you on Skype than in real life.

- Is that Hope?
- Yes.

An eccentric who lives on the island
had burned us, 2 years ago.

- Her name ?

- Lionel Cotignon.

During the trial
he threatened my son

to take revenge because he had dared

testify against him.

- We'll give you all that back.
- If it can help you

to find out who did that.

- I recommend that you
do not stay alone.

Do you have someone
who can keep you company?

- A colleague friend
has already volunteered.

IT has to happen.

- A little discretion every 2.
You seem close to me.

- Sorry, Commander.

- It will not happen again.
- I can talk to you ?

Cotignon took 6 months firm.

He came back to take care
of the nautical center.

He had words
with Cyril Beaulieu.

- That is to say ?

- There was an exchange of blows.

You're all alone ?
- Grandma is in the garden.

- How are you feeling ?

- Okay.

- If we left the Island for a few
days to forget all that?

- Don't you want to know
what happened?

- And you, is it important?

- You want some ?
- Yeah, thank you.

- Your plan to take care
of the nautical center,

was that pipe?
Are you not going to stay?

- Yes, of course it is!
I made this decision for you.

But first I have to

participate in the double-handed Transat.
I got involved.

- What's the matter?

I was sure of it ! I was sure of it.

You can't keep your word!
- This will be my last race.

I signed up both of us.

I want to do it with you.

We can enjoy your vacation…
- Land!

- I know, I wasn't
a good mother.

- It's not difficult, you've never
been there because you're elsewhere,

like for grandpa's funeral.

Do you find that normal?

- It's not fair.
I couldn't help it.

You know it very well.
Now I am here.

- Physically,
but not in your head.

I never needed to cut
the cord, never has.

- We could go
back and forth to Lisbon to train.

For the Transat, you'll see later.

You can ask Anaïs to come.

Sabine told me that
you are inseparable.

Where are you going ?
- Chez Anaïs.

- It's strange to see you
in this house.

- I know, it's been so long.

- I prepared your room for you.

Isabelle !

- Mom !


- Yes ?

Hold the line.

The gendarmerie for you.

- Yes hello ?

OK fine. I am coming.

They arrested Cotignon.
I go.

I'm coming back, mom!


Hello Nicolas.

- Hello, Isabelle.

I congratulate you

for your career.
- Thank you.

The uniform looks good on you.

- It's nice,
but you don't have to.

I made you come for the investigation,
nothing more, and for Cotignon.

- You couldn't get a word out of him.

- You know him well. You can
help me save time.

- He taught me everything before you did.

Lionel ?

- Oh, oh!


kid! I am getting old.
I saw your nutshell

in the port: not bad!
Is it yours?

- I still have to do the
double- handed Transat , that's The deal.

Afterwards, it will be used
at the nautical center.

- Don't worry, we'll wait.

And with Noah….
- Am I bothering you ?

Sit down, please.

Do you agree to answer
my questions now?

- Go on ! The faster you speak,
the faster you will be outside.

- If you can keep it short ...

- We saw you last night
on the port

from La Rochelle. Hope,
which you know well,

stopped over there.
- I ran into him

when leaving the port.

I was dropped off here at night.
Check if you want.

- I didn't like the kid,

but I would not sink
a jewel like Esperance.

Have you found it?
- He must have been wrecked.

We should locate the wreckage.
- It wasn't

a boat for this con! He
used it to convey his cocaine

on the island.
- Carry cocaine.

These are serious accusations.
- And refourgour

the cam to its
Parisian clientele , in the summer.

It's no secret but

the family has relationships.

Ask Monceau.

- I will be back.

- My father always said:

"If you want to seduce a woman,
avoid looking at her too much."

It seems valid
to me for the fairer sex.

- What are you getting at ?
- You haven't looked at him.

- And him ?

- I was sure of it !

You still have a crush on him.

- Stop, you're annoying, Lionel
- Are you sorry?

- Seeing him again doesn't help.

I fucked up, period.

- I'm coming. You have no choice.
It's me or Cotignon!

You're gonna need us
for the research.

If you want everything to go well
with the SNCM guys,

I had better be There.

- Meet me at the port
in half an hour.

In any case,

no more forgetting like that.
- Yes.

- Go check
Cotignon's alibi.

- I'm taking care of it.

- Anything new, Gilles?

- Yes. The fadette of
Cyril Beaulieu, the victim.

He called his mother well, Evening.
He also sent SMS

to Guillou and Talamon.
- You know them ?

- Yes. One is the son

by Loïc Guillou, a fisherman.

He is part
of the SNCM team.

The other is the son of
Ghislaine Talamon, nurse.

Friends of Cyril.

Your father ?

- Yes.

He died on this boat.

He was a volunteer like Lefloch.
- We were towing a large tonnage.

A rope cut him down.
Something that never happens.

It suddenly gave up.

- I am sorry.

- He had just retired,

just after the ban
on fishing

porbeagle shark.

- I couldn't even attend
his funeral.

I was in the race.

My sister Sabine came back to live
on the island to be near mom.

She opened the Veau Marin

in homage to dad.

It is the first time
that I return to the island.

I couldn't do it.

- And your son ?

- He's an intern at Nantes.

I see it on the mainland.

- Here we are.

- Take ! Check the bottles.

- Give me some equipment,
I'll dive.

- No, it's my
unit's job. It might not be pretty.

There is maybe

other corpses and you can fall
on the kid's head.

- It's not worse

than to see yours again.

- Come on, go up!

You will drive the Zodiac.

- Excuse me.

Okay, we can cast off


- Well, Garret, you notice!

There was a tear
on the hull.

Esperance sank
in less than 20 minutes.

It doesn't look like an accident.
- When did it sink?

I arrived at 8:10 am. Weird
that no one has seen him before.

- The pressure blew up

the door. The beacon must
have been triggered after the sinking.

- It was during the night that
Esperance struck the rock.

- I was going to say it, and it's normal
for a drug delivery,

- Oh, there! Click there.

- The ?
- Yeah.

Here is !

"Marie Isabelle, merchant ship
beached in 1682 ..."

Latitude and longitude correspond
to those of Esperance.

- The date of the shipwreck coincides with
that of the episode of The Plague.

Listen to this !

"By wanting to save the crew,
after the sinking of a ship,

"The Îlets brought back the plague.

"A village has been severely affected
by the epidemic. To avoid

"the spread of disease,
the lord ordered to constitute

"a cordon sanitaire. We were
transported to the village

"around which a wall had
been erected. It was set on fire."

- It can't be a coincidence.

- The shipwreck, the severed head,

this wreck.
- And there ... it is

one of the rare books which speaks
of the legend: "La Gargourite

"miraculously escaped
the flames.

"She had a reputation
for being a healer,

"but in the fire,
her 4 children perished."

- How did she escape
the fire? Isn't that told?

- No, I've already looked.

Why did you never tell us about

- You won't believe that!

You swore to me that Rum
was your last race.

- We're going for a walk.

I will be back.

Where's daddy's grave?
- The low.

He waited for you.

- I know.

I miss him too, Mom.

- Me, I held a grudge against you
for not being here.

During the absence,
the reproaches grow.

But love too.


- Your father made me live the anguish
of not seeing him return.

You took the same path.
He understood you.

But he is no longer there
to reassure me. Isabelle,

I don't want to live with this fear anymore.
- I have one last contract to honor.

I have to do this Transat.
- Your word given to sponsors

worth more than
what you give to your family.

- You mix everything up.
It is more complicated than that.

- No. When will you stop wanting
to prove something to yourself?

- I do not know.

There is always something to
prove. Otherwise, nothing makes sense.

- In that case, let Noah
prove his things to him.

He told me that you wanted to make Him
participate in this Transat.

I refuse that
you put his life in danger.

Your father allowed you
to go with Lemeur.

There, I will not let it happen.

- I am his mother.

- Then act like a mother.


- Yes hello ?

- Yes, it's Nicolas.
I have your son in the brigade.

*I am waiting for you.

- OK, j'arrive.

Are you okay, big boy?
- It's okay, it's good.

- It's not good, there!

- What is he doing there?

- He was with Alex Guillou.

- He's one of his friends.

- But he's also a suspect.
Noah, we found that lighter

with these initials
in the wreck of the Esperance.

- It's his lighter.

I had brought him back from New York.
He must have been stung.

- The other suspect
is called Jules Talamon.

He had stashed his Jet-Ski,
Sabias beach. According to Cotignon,

he had taken it
to the nautical center the day before.

- Did he talk to you this time?

- The day before the murder,
Cyril exchanged text messages with the 2.

They were supposed to
receive the drugs.

Tell me what you know.

- Alex couldn't do that.

- What were you doing ?
- I was looking for him.

- By entering through the window?
- Stop!

Noah recovered the corpse.

Isn't that enough as a test?
- I do my job !

You spoke to each other

since your return?
- No, he is not answering the phone,

so I went to his place.

- And Jules Talamon?

- I do not like it.

He is a coward
who followed Beaulieu out of interest.

- Alright, you can go, thank you.

- Noah, where are you going?

Go home to your grandmother.


- He cares about you, your kid.
Is it difficult with him?

- Ca a l'air simple ?

- Nothing is easy with you,
except maybe the breakups.

- That's classy!

- Where are you going ? You have nothing to do here.
- Let go of me !

You stop Cotignon, you
question my son's word,

what do you have in mind? Then !

Alex Guillou and Jules Talamon
go to l'Esperance in Jet-Ski.

They kill Beaulieu with an ax
and leave with cocaine,

after sinking the boat.

2 kids who have never done anything
turn into crazy killers!

- I didn't say ...

- I finish !

We sink the boats,
we decapitate at all costs!

The Golden Triangle, Sicily…
kindergartens near here.

The island of Yeu, a new
hub for drug trafficking.

Do you think it holds?

- Do you have another theory?
La Gargourite maybe?

- That's no more absurd.

- As if by chance, you would have seen it
before discovering the remains.

- But I didn't make it up.

Do not despise legends.
There is an element of truth.

- According to the civil status record,
Beaulieu was born on the island of Yeu.

Ditto for Talamon and Guillou.
- According to the legend,

the Gargourite attacks
children born on the island.

"She swore revenge
and eliminate

"all the children born
on the island, starting

"by those of the Lord."

The Beaulieu are the lords
of the island today.

- I was waiting for you.
- Are you making me look bad anymore?

- What did he tell you ?

- He especially listened to me.

I think your friends Alex and Jules
are in danger.

Are you sure you don't know anything?
- No.

Alex didn't tell me his stories
with Cyril. You trust me ?

- Yes of course.

- What's going on
with this Lemeur?

- Nothing, why ?

- Mom.

- OK !

He did not always wear
the uniform.

Before, he was like me.

- Impossible !

- And !

At your age, he crossed
the Atlantic on a small keelboat.

He had built it
in a friend's garage.

5 years later, he won
La Vendéenne, here on Île d'Yeu.

I was 18,
he was my first love.

And later, he convinced me
to take off.

Your grandmother would have killed him!

- Why did you never tell me about it?

- We started racing
together, all over the place.

We were ferrying sailboats
to the Caribbean.

We've been around the world.

- And ?

- One evening, he asked me
to marry him.

- You refused?

- Say…

I couldn't say yes to him.
- Well, why ?

- Because I cheated on him

with your father.
- In Jamaica?

- Hmm.

I got pregnant while
Nicolas was ferrying a sailboat

in New Zealand. When he
got back, I didn't dare tell him.

I thought
he would never forgive me for it.

So I ran away,
the day after his request.

- Of course he would have realized
that he wasn't the father.

- Yes !

- Is it because of him that you
never had a serious relationship?

You still love him.

- Are you sure you're my son?
- He always likes you,

It's certain.
- Me, I love you, you. Noah.

Let's leave the island for a bit, while
Nicolas finds the killer.

You want ? Noah?

- Hello, Josiane. How are you ?
- Hello, Noah!

- How do you find ?

- It looks good.

- T'as l'air bizarre.

Shall I do this to you?

- No, it's my mother.

- You're stupid!
Did you fight?

- Not that one.

I stopped by Alex's, he was
n't there, the cops questioned me.

They suspect Alex and Jules.
My mother thinks that on the contrary,

They are in danger.

It's weird that Alex does not answer.

- He might have gone into hiding.
- May be.

Or he had his head cut off.

- It's not funny !

- All because of Beaulieu.
- What do you want to do ?

- You remember when you told me
that I had to burst the abscess

with my mother ?

- My mother used to tell me that
for my father.

- Are you essayé?

- Ca a marché?
- You are with!

- And Cotignon?
- I released him.

His alibi has been confirmed.

- You go-y, descends

instead of making the stake.

You know that if Cotignon had
n't told me about you at the time,

we would never have met.
- It deserves a conviction.

It's Schmidt. He transports
the body for the autopsy.

We managed to glean clues
for the Scientist.

They will send me the
analysis results from the base in Lorient.

- Go ahead, take a look.

- It's strange to find myself
on a sailboat with you.

I imagined everything, you know.

Even your disappearance.

You do not say anything ?

- Stop it, Nico.

Don't waste what's left.

- One evening, I proposed to you
in marriage,

and the next day, no one else.
I didn't even have the right

to an explanation.

- You saw it, the explanation.

She is 1.80 m

and she is 17 years old.

She's right behind you.

- It's super big.
- It's huge. Go on, get off!

Watch out, your feet!

Mom ! Anaïs.

Anaïs, mom.

- Hello.
- Nice to meet you, Anaïs.

- And Commander Lemeur.
- Hello.

- You can go visit, sweetheart.
- Hmm.

You changed your mind.

- It's thanks to Anaïs.

The double-handed Transat
is not really my thing, but….

I have nothing against a trip to 3.

She is good at veiling,

after Cotignon.

- It's bigger outside
than inside, but that's fine with me.

- Well !

We announce the wind but
if we don't want to be too shaken up,

we will have to leave at dawn.

You will sleep there.

- Hi !
- Have a good evening.

- See you later !

I'm happy
to take them away a bit.

You'll solve this faster without me.

- Once again, you slip away.

- Think what you want.

- Shall we hurry? I'm scared of
the Gargourite.

- Oh no ! I think I know
who is behind it all.

- Tell me, otherwise I'm not going.
- OK !

I will tell you but in The boat.


It's Alex! Come.


- Where do you sleep ? In the hotel ?
- No, in the barracks.

It's spartan.


- Excuse me.

- Good news ?

He preferred a cozy nest.

Yes, I got married.

Another shipwreck. Let's move on.

- Everything is fine ?

Shall I give this to you?
- Thank you.

You know, your son?
- What ?

- Maybe I would have accepted it
at the time. I was pretty crazy.

- You don't mean what you're saying.
You were too jealous at the time.

- And you, too free.

- You should never have agreed
to ferry this sailboat without me.

You left me almost 3 months.

Nico, what are you doing?

I fled at the time.

- And you regret?

- What makes you believe that?
- You said it yourself

and you said you fucked up

that seeing me again didn't help.

- Did you listen?

- But no.
- You listened.

- Don't, don't.

- You left
the tape recorder running

in the interrogation room.
- Calm down.

- It's not true !

You haven't changed!


* -You are on
Noah's answering machine . Leave a message

* and I'll call you back.

- Noah, it's mom.

What are you doing ?

I'm waiting for you.

Have you changed your mind?

Alright, call me, huh?

- I've never seen you nervous
like that.

Call him.
- It's already done, Mom.

He does not reply.

- Call Josiane, Anaïs mother.
She lets them sleep together.

His number is near the phone.

- He was to join me at 6 am
with Anaïs on the boat.

- Mr. Guillou,

so ?

- I found it in one of
my lockers, in front of the castle.

By picking up

the pieces with
all your scientific means,

you're going to find out
who did that, right?

- What is that ?

- It's the Gargourite.

- It's horrible !

- Mr. Guillou,

did your son know
where your lockers were?

- You did not find anything

his home. My son
is not a drug addict.

He's a good, honest guy.
I wouldn't say the same for Beaulieu.

And then all your clues,

if they had really done that,

I would have been stupid to put
a head in a locker?

- Calm down.

- I'll have a drink. When
you find it in the morning,

it's a shock. I will also
try to forget the questions

that you ask

since yesterday.
There, I am really pissed off!

Because of you,
my wife didn't sleep.

- I launched a wanted poster
for your son and his boyfriend.

- So do
what you have to do.

- It doesn't look like him,

because usually she calls.

- Yeah.
- Corn…

- I present to you Anaïs' mother.
- Hello.

Have the children slept in your house?
- No.

Yesterday, I helped Anaïs prepare
her bag and they left.

They had to sleep on L
- Yes.

- She's not answering her cell phone.
- Noah either.

Okay, I'm coming back!

- Alex's line was activated
last night,

at 9:19 p.m., on the island.
So there is still.

It was to text
Noah. I will have the text tomorrow.

What time was it when Noah
texted you last night?

- A quarter of an hour later.

Explain to me.
- They made an appointment

somewhere. I cannot rule out
any hypothesis.

- What do you mean?
- Nothing.

I look for. They are friends,
maybe they asked him for help.

- You suspect him of complicity!
- You're crossing the line.

You mix everything up,
I'm on your side.

The important thing is to find them.

- Yes, because for me,
they are in danger.

Alex, Jules,

and now Noé and Anaïs.

- I'm sticking to the facts,
not the witch stories.

According to the narcotics, Cyril rubbed shoulders
with big traffickers.

- For you, the kids are
snorting Coke!

- Guillou invited the population
to undertake research.

Far West FM relayed the call.
- Did you know?

- Something else.

In the past hour, we have received
10 calls from witnesses who claim

to have seen the Gargourite. I have
the names available to you.

- Collective hysteria,

now ! Where you go ?

- Talk to the people here.

- And There you go ! Hello.
- Hello.

- Anaïs is still on messaging.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- It's good that you came.

You have nothing to do here.

- I am Josiane, the mother of Anaïs.

- Ghislaine Talamon,

Jules' mother.

- What about you, Alex's mother?

- Commander, we know
our children.

You are wrong on their account.

- I'm here to help.…

and to listen.

You're welcome.

- We are here to find
what can link our children

on Cyril's death.
- They've already been wrongfully accused.

- Odile?
- Yeah.

She is a 17-year-old girl.

Last summer
there was a problem.

- Is she from the island?
- Yes.

Her mother is gone

but his father is there.

He lives alone,
- He is a customs officer,

on sick leave.

- What is the problem ?

- Alex was dating her,
but he decided to stop.

The police station
will send me the complaint.

- The STIC files of Beaulieu,
Guillou, Talamon have been consulted.

Noé and Anaïs are not listed.
- Hopefully it stays the case.

Who carried out this research?
- I made a request.

It comes from here.
- What ? From the gendarmerie?

But who ?
- I'm voting Mallard.

He was sometimes passed to check
the identities of boaters.

He may have wanted to learn
about his daughter's rapists.

- Beaulieu's autopsy!

He used cocaine.

- Does that surprise you?

- No, but yes: we found
belladonna in his liver,

ingested several hours
before death.

That means he was poisoned
before he was beheaded.

- It is a poison used
by witches.

- It's not the most important.

We worked on the hypothesis that
Beaulieu was expected on the island.

We know that the killer
was on board the Esperance,

certainly from La Rochelle.
- That innocent Guillou and Talamon

who were fine on the island.
- They can be accomplices.

- I don't move from here.

Last night like the others.

I don't sleep anymore, The pills
don't have any effect on me anymore.

I watched a series, but
I don't know which one anymore. We have the box,

there must be a memory in

My wife had taken
the subscription then ...

she left to become the actress,
her dream.

She was
in charge of the theater workshop.

She found herself an
amateur troupe and left.

- M. Mallard,

tell me
about your daughter's complaint .

- Ah, that's it ...

In fact…

Odile slept with
all the boys on the island,

especially during the evenings
organized by the Beaulieu son.

She filed a complaint
against all these idiots for

piss them off.
- Was there nothing real?

- Beaulieu filmed it
during the evenings.

He came to show us the movies,
to my wife and to me when he saw

that she had lodged a complaint.

shabby, pseudo-erotic,

macabres where she went
from leprechaun to the devil ...

and she was consenting,

or else she didn't know
what she was doing.

She has the eyes

from his mother.

It was my wife who convinced her
to withdraw her complaint

and who forced her
to see a psychiatrist.

He interned her.

- You kept those films?

- No, I never had them.

They are with the Beaulieu
if they have not destroyed them.

- One more thing.

Why did you consult
Talamon's STIC files,

Guillou and Beaulieu?

- That has nothing to do with that.

It was a colleague
who tipped me off.

Beaulieu and Talamon
were in high spirits

with Spanish traffickers,
so I did some research.

But with all that, I didn't have
the courage to continue.

- Mr. Mallard, I ask you
to stay on the island.

- I'm not moving.

I have nowhere to go.

- I have nothing against Mallard,
this guy is depressed.

His daughter, the famous Odile.
And look at these pictures,

I just received them. They
come out of Cyril's computer.

We see little Odile there.



- Cyril Beaulieu, the
one who organizes everything.

Behind, Jules Talamon.



- Pilar, is that a Spanish name?

- It is the name given to the old
resistant to the ungrateful physique.

We saw the movie together,

Ingrid Bergman had
short hair but you looked prettier.

There is a second.



- Isa.

You should be relieved.

We see neither Noah nor Anaïs.

Their disappearance certainly has
nothing to do with it.

- But these disguises, that to me….

Reminds me of
the woman on the cliff.

The murderer
may have seen these videos.

- Or he participated.

- Are you sure about Mallard?
He lives not far from the cliffs.

- My commander, Madame Beaulieu
is in my office.

- OK !

Thank you for coming, your
help can be invaluable to us.

Here is Isabelle Bonnefoy.
- My condolences for Cyril.

- Thank you.

I heard that your son
may have disappeared. Excavation

on the island have given nothing?
- Mrs Beaulieu,

do you know the history
of Gargourite?

- You are serious ?

Is that all
you got?

Cyril's death
linked to this legend?

- What does the name Pilar
mean to you?

- There was one on the island.

Pilar de Rojas, a
kind of rebounder.

She claimed to cure arthritis

fishermen. Jokingly, my husband

nicknamed her the Gargourite.

He wanted to prevent Cyril
from approaching

from his farm.
- Where is she now?

- She perished burned
in her fold,

10 years ago.

A fire that she would have caused
by mixing her mixtures.

Your mother knew her well.
He would sometimes appeal

to her.
- What ?

- If you want

find out more, ask him.

- Mrs Beaulieu,

do you recognize these images?
They are drawn

movies shot by your son.

Do you know

that a rape complaint was
filed against him last summer?

- He never told me about it.

- Something in these photos
catches your eye?

A detail.…

- There is a painting of this kind
in one of the villas we rent.

You will be able

to verify. The duplicate
keys are at the gendarmerie.

- Well !

Excavations on the island
have given nothing,

but we haven't visited yet

all villas. Thank you.

I'll take you home
. Mrs.

No, don't ask me
to come with me.

Instead, go see your mother to
clarify this Pilar story.

This legend of Gargourite is
starting to knock me out.

- Hey !
- No I.

- OK.

* -You are on
Noah's answering machine . Leave a message

* and I'll call you back. Bye.


- A metaphor for the plague.

Someone may have wanted to prevent

the spread of evil on the island.

- Guillou and Talamon would have been
murdered because they were involved in the traffic?

It holds.
- According to the stiffness

corpses, they died
in the morning.

- Anaïs and Noé?

- Find me Alex's phone.

He texted Noah yesterday,
we'll know what they said to each other.

- Very well.

Are you putting this under seal?
It goes to the gendarmerie.

- All right, I'm going.
- Thank you.

- Motherfucker Mallard!


- Mom !

They never touched
your daughter.

- I don't know. I know Anaïs,
she was at school with Odile.

The little one, I hardly know him.
I do not know where he is.

- Come on, take him to the brigade.

- It's not me.
- Come !

- I'm not moving from here.

- If he plays The Comedy,
he's good.

- With all the pills he takes,
he can believe what he says.

- Why leave clues?
- It's too obvious.

They want to manipulate us.

- Pilar de Rojas arrived
on the island to flee

the war in Spain. She had
healing gifts,

above all, she was a midwife.
During the Occupation,

she saved unfortunate women.

- If I had known…

Looks like it comes
from the Beaulieu property!


- Madame Beaulieu, can you hear me?

Shake my hand
if you can hear me. Mrs. Beaulieu?

- 3rd degree burn,
maybe she'll get away with it.

The fire is criminal
and it's not Mallard,

he is in police custody.
- Enrique came back.

- Pilar had a grandson,

Enrique. He must be
25 years old today.

- I need more to understand.
- According to mom,

the Beaulieu have robbed him
of his inheritance,

after the death of his grandmother.
- In a fire too?

- Yes, he survived the fire.

No one has ever seen him again.
- Has he come back for revenge?

- That's a lot of coincidences.

- Let him go after
the Beaulieu, OK,

but why the 2 murders?

- He pretends
to be the Gargourite.

HE follows the legend to the letter.

Go after children born here.
- Isa, it's only halfway.

There is another explanation.
Noah and Anaïs were not born here.

- As a child, Noah played with Enrique.
They took care of the sheep.

Noah might have recognized it.
- Looks like

Enrique ?

- He was a kid.


Let's go home. I haven't told you everything
about Pilar.

- If it concerns the investigation, go ahead.

- No, it concerns you.


I wish it was
your father telling you all about this.

He left before.

- Mom, please.

- Without Pilar, you wouldn't be here.

- What ?

- My younger sister and I got
pregnant at the same time.

She was barely 17 years old.

She hid her pregnancy
while waiting for the man to return

she loved,
but he was a bastard.

I was in the maternity ward
on the mainland,

she started to have
pain. She was in the 8th month.

Dr. Beaulieu examined her.
He was a young obstetrician

who had just bought
a house in St-Sauveur.

He told her there were
simple contractions

and that she would not give birth
before term.

That same evening,
she lost her waters.

Your father sent for Pilar.

She just tasted the waters.

She said there was
an infection,

that it had to be transported
to the continent.

They made the crossing
on your father's boat,

in a weather like this evening.
Pure madness.

Angelique gave birth
during the crossing.

Pilar helped her bring you
into the world. You were born at sea.

On the boat,
she had hemorrhaged.

In the maternity ward,
they were unable to revive her.

It was a miracle
that you were alive.

- What about dad?

- I gave birth the next day.

He convinced the doctor
to state that I had had

- Nobody suspected anything?

- Those who knew your mother
believe that she lives in Canada.

It was only the Beaulieu who
knew she was pregnant.

- Why didn't they say anything?
- The doctor didn't want to

that we learn our mistake

of diagnostics.

- I'm an orphan, actually.

- But you've always been
our daughter.

* -You are on
Noah's answering machine . Leave a message

* and I'll call you back.

- It's mom.

Call me back, please.

Call me back.

It's mom.


- Something happened ?


I don't understand why
your parents lied to you.

They would have had your custody,

- They didn't want my
biological father to get me back.

Sorry for everything.

Nico, please,
find my son.

Find him.

- I dug the
Enrique de Rojas track .

- Yes ?

- After the farm fire,

the mayor at the time issued
an expropriation order of 90%

from the lands of Pilar. He could
do it because she had never paid

his taxes. Enrique was a minor
and hospitalized for his burns.

In fact, it was a scheme
to resell the land

aux Beaulieu and a consortium
of doctors who had a project

clinic with maternity.

The project collapsed for
lack of resources.

The Beaulieu had
villas built on the plots,

by realizing a nice added value.

- You think the Beaulieu
are responsible

of the fire in the sheepfold?

- It will be difficult to prove,

but maybe Nicole Beaulieu
will tell us something.

- Enrique de Rojas.

No, Gilles ... you put yourself in
his case

and you send me whatever
you can collect.

What he became the night of
the fire, where he is now.

No, still nothing on the kids.


- Stop looking at yourself
like that.

I have always loved you
as my twins.

- It's a shock
to learn that we're cousins.

You can understand, right?

- I think mom
can understand.

- What I want
is my grandson,


Someone knocked.

- Hello, Antoinette.

I can ?

- Cyril Beaulieu had threatened them
if they talked about the fire.

later revealed the truth to me.

He had quarreled with Cyril.

I never told anyone.

I was afraid our children would
be accused

but it's all my fault.

Now they are dead.
Enrique took revenge.

- Do not !

- Pardon.

- No one ever wanted to know
what happened to Enrique?

- I'll find this Enrique.

- It's a geological map
of the island. Late 19th century.

There are 2 underground sources.

- I have nothing either.

- Do you have any network?
- Nothing.

- What is this mess ?
* - Lieutenant Monceau?

- Monceau, am I listening?

* -The island power cable
has been cut.

- Can you be more specific?
* -It would be underwater.

- Everyone takes a talkie,
we communicate on channel 9.

- Yes !

- Where is he, Garret?

- I do not know.

- From Rojas!


In 10 years, he has changed.

If we look closely,
there is a resemblance.

It took 50 cm
and it has grown considerably.

Whore !

How did we manage
to miss it?

He was in front of our eyes
and we saw nothing.

We'll have to tell us
what you know.

- He has scars on his back,
they look like burns.

He wasn't in the barracks
that night.

HE used me
and I saw nothing either!

- I need Garret's CV.

Throw me everything you got.
* -You hit the nail on the head.

“When he left Nantes University Hospital,
he was placed with a family.

"Family name: Garret.

* "He was adopted before he was 18
and took their name.

“He joined the gendarmerie after
having followed the course of the center

"instruction of the
maritime gendarmerie of Toulon."

- Send me reinforcements.

- It will be long. Helicopters

* are all in service.
Good luck.


- I wasn't expecting you.

- Enrique.

It's Enrique,

that's it ?

Noah, Anaïs!

- How did you find me?

- I am a mother

who wants to save his child.

- Go get your boat
and wait for us on the beach.

- Otherwise ?

- I won't hesitate.

- No ! Enrique, you are lying!

He saved your life.

- HE got it, I have no choice.
- Enrique.

Read the text of Noah,

was that you?
- We're not going to do it

a story !

Go and get it !

- Your grandmother

saved my life.

I am ready

to help you,
but free the children.

Release the children!

Release them.
- The boat first.

I am accountable
to no one.

The advantage of being an orphan.

You understand ?

So go get your boat.


your boat!

- I go.

I come back soon !

- Go on !
- I will be back.

- Remember:
if you betray me,

you will pay!

- The shipwreck of Hope,

the head, the evidence
accusing Alex and Jules,

those accusing Mallard.
The key to the canoe was him.

He knew about the drug

The fire, always him.

For the bodies hidden
in the villa, easy.

He had the keys here
at the barracks.

He spoke of the Gargourite
to sow panic.

Finally, I stop there.

Now that we know the identity
of the murderer,

we just have to stop it.
- Nicolas!

Isabelle has not returned from the well
and her trimaran is no longer docked.

- We calm down and resume.

What well?

- At the end of the sheepfold. It leads
to the Gargourite cave.

- We intervene!

A group on the
SNCM boat , another on the pits.

We rush to the cave.

De Rojas is armed and dangerous,

no zeal. He probably holds

Noé and Anaïs.
- Let's go !

* -My commander, he
blew up the well entrances.

- OK well received.

- We are almost there.

- Noah!

- Get up !

- Anaïs, come! Come quickly.


It'll be OK.

Free the children.

- Everyone gets on board!

- Keep me and set them free.
- On board !

- Free them!

- You ride.

On board !

- All units!

- Go on ! Go on !

- Henri!

Stop or I shoot!

- Do not !

The kids !

- No, stop, Nicolas!

Stopped !

- Move!

Come on, come on!

*-Commanding officer ! We're approaching.
- Very well. Get me Lefloch.

- I'm listening, over to you!

- Can we stop him
from picking up speed?

- There is only one way:
you have to stamp it.

- Go ahead, then.

Go for it.


- Oh !

Get out!

Get out!

Go away.

Ici, Enrique de Rojas.

I want the commander

Lemeur m'understands.

- I put myself on the same frequency.
We're listening to you.

- That's it, turn off the gas

or I kill a hostage.

- Do not.


Free the hostages.

* It is not negotiable.

- You wanted to.

You don't move.

- Do not !

Stay there, you don't touch her!

- You don't move,

you stay seated.

Are you the one who wants that?
Looked !

- Ah!
- Looked !

- Do not !

- You threw it away!

The next,

it is your son. Stay the course.

He's laughing.


- Do not !




- One?





- Are you alright, the kitties?
- Great !

- You changed the ending?
- Yes, we had to.

- Hi !
- Hi.

Caro? A coffee for the terrace!
- Okay, I'll do it.

- Antoinette !

I have something for you.

- What is that ?

- The grimoire of Pilar de Rojas
with its witch secrets.

Enrique had saved him from the flames.