Meurtres à... (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 18 - Meurtres en Martinique - full transcript

A young woman's corpse is found on top of Mount Pelée - Martinique. The identification requires a Parisian forensic police specialist. Captain Léna Valrose, an attractive colored young woman has everything going for her to replace the man intended for the task. However, although she's of Martiniquan descent it's the first time she sets foot on the island. Quite a shock for this young cop who grew up in Clermont-Ferrand and can't bear the heat nor spicy food. Captain Paul Ventura with whom she's to carry out the investigation is quite the opposite. After arriving from France twenty years ago he became more Martiniquan than the locals, speaks Martiniquan Creole and has taken to Ti-punch instead of Pastis. Both cops refer to police chief Brédas, a woman in her fifties toughened by thirty years in the criminal police. Her Achilles' heel is her son who's constantly flirting with delinquency. The trio's investigation constantly leads them back to the mysterious slopes of Mount Pelée, a central feature of this story. They have to confront beliefs and demons from the past, which arose after the terrible eruption that caused 30,000 casualties and destroyed Saint-Pierre, a town nicknamed 'Little Paris' on May 8th, 1902. The shadow and doom of Cyparis - the only survivor of the eruption locked up in his cell - loom over the case. The cops finally nail the young woman's murderer - she had been the runner-up of the Miss Saint-Pierre beauty pageant just before her death. He turns out to be a citizen above suspicion - When the investigation comes to an end Léna will not only have exposed the truth about the Mount Pelée murder but also have completed her personal quest to find her biological father. She never had met him as her mother had always denied his existence. Although the search proves rough it will lead her to become closer to Paul, her fellow inspector.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -


I can not stand it anymore.


-Yes ?

* -It's Brédas.
-I'm arriving at the airport.

* -We have a corpse at the top
of Mount Pelée. Malidor is

* in Fort-de-France. The
forensic trainer replaces him.

-It's looking at the gendarmerie.
* -I obey the prosecutor.

* Go back to the police station afterwards.
-I get your trainer.

-It's me.

- Monsieur Perreau?

-Yes. No. I am Léna Valrose
from the scientific police.

There has been a change.

You haven't been warned?

Paul Ventura.
30 years of Martinique.

20 years of PJ.

Words in Creole.

- I don't speak Creole.

I have never been here.
- You remind me of someone.

You are not from the West Indies?
-No. Finally Yes.

Is it the reception for me?
You should not have.

-We are going to celebrate the commemoration
of the anniversary of the eruption.

-What rash?
-The eruption of Mount Pelée

in 1902. We go
straight to the volcano.

-Already ?
-Yeah. Welcome to Martinique.


-Thank you.

-On the other hand ...
-What is it?

-The shoes. It won't do.

-Ah ...
-Well yes!


-Good-morning Paul.

-It's the driver

of the excavator
that discovered the body.

-Difficult to identify.
-We will make the DNA speak.

- Lieutenant Didier Chan alias
China. Lieutenant Fleur Grosbois.

Captain Léna Valrose.
You begin ?

- It was her at the airport.

- From her?
-From the body.

-We raked all around
but we found nothing.

The body has been there for a long time.

It would be a woman.

-It's strange. Looks like
she's been buried.

Good ! Captain! It's your turn.

-Yes. Very well. Go on !
We put on the gloves.

We take pictures

at each step.
We do not contaminate anything.

Is there a concern?
-The legend.

-What legend?

-The Lovers Rock.

A singer died there

with her lover during the eruption.

Ciparis cast
a spell on them. The corner is cursed.

-We invest with facts,
not with legends.

Forget the rock and the lovers.

Go for it.

-Do not get mad. Legends
are important in Martinique.

-Who is Ciparis?
-The only survivor

of the volcano's eruption
on May 8, 1902.

-Was there only one survivor?
-Yes. A convict.

We let you work.
-Thank you.

-That's what I thought.

A 20-year-old woman.
It's been several months

that the body is there.

-No jewelry. No papers.
Only sports clothes.

What do you think ?

-It's strange. The body
is unusually dry.

However, the humidity
of the earth is very high.

-What's this ?

-I've no idea.

We have to send this to the lab.

-Fabien! Dash to the airport
and give that to the flight attendants.

It has to happen quickly in Paris.

-Hold. For the rest



A woman sings in the distance.


-You hear ?
-What ?

-A woman
singing "Ave Maria" ...

-Ah yes ... Yes ...
It's Josépha, the singer.

-It is very funny...

-It's the wind.

We call it
"the music of the Pelée".


-Who is he ?

-Get the hell out of here !

-It's Theo, an enlightened one.


I need to talk to you.
Théo speaks in Creole.


-It's Lena,
not Josépha. She's a cop.

Haven't you seen anything


-That's it...

-What is he saying ?
-That the mountain is angry

and she is angry with you. Yes.
And he called you Josépha.

-Like the singer
the technician was talking about?




Paul Ventura knocks on the door.
-Yes ?

-Captain Valrose.

It is she who replaces Perreau.
-I know. Commissioner Brédas.

Welcome to the service.
-Thank you.

-It was with the trainees?

-So this corpse?

-A 20-year-old woman.

-An accident ?

The samples
are sent to Paris.

-The prefect has already called me.
It's bad for tourism.

Do you need to recover?
-No. I am in good shape.

I will even go swimming.

- We'll get
your car back to you. See you tomorrow, 10 a.m.

-See you tomorrow.

-She insisted

to replace Perreau.
He's a good field cop.

-Oh there ... I forgot
his luggage in the car.

I want you to juice.

See you tomorrow.
-See you tomorrow.

-Watch your head.

Do you fancy a swim in the sea?

-I have a shed in a cove.
It is very close. If you want...

-Why not ?
-You follow me ?


-That's nice.
-It's the Diamond Rock.

"Diamond Rock". The English
nicknamed him like that.

-Oh yes !
-My little piece of paradise.

-Is that your boat?

- Do you fish?

-Yes, it happens to me.

-Good ... I came
to bathe.

-The sea is yours.

I'll make two planters for us.


Cheers !

-Its good. What's inside ?
-Pineapple, orange, guava juice,

cane syrup,
cinnamon, nutmeg, rum.

-Mainly rum.

-This is a normal dose.

-I'm not used to drinking.
I might end up tipsy.

-Not with a drink.

-I go. Tomorrow, I welcome
my training group.

-How long do you stay ?
-I do not know.

It depends.

I also want to find my father.

-That's why

that you took
Perreau's place.

Don't you know your father?

-My mother left the island
when she was pregnant with me.

I was brought up by a man
whom I took for my real father.

When he died,
I learned the truth.

-What do you know about him?


To find it, I have
my mother's maiden name.

Henri. Marie-Flore Henri.

I also have a photo of her
before she leaves Martinique.

It makes no sense.

I have known you for 2 minutes
and I tell you my life story.

-It's the planter.

-I drank too much.
-I won't leave you.

- I'll bring you back.

-I'll take a shower.
It will wake me up.

-The shower is there.

-That's it ?
-Yes. There is soap and water.

-It's ...
-Be careful.

There are monkeys in it.

Is ...

I'm waiting for you.


-Carole !



-Thank you.

Welcome to Martinique. Stop
by the bar. We offer you a planter.


-Go to the end
and show your number!

-Too much space between them.
-Too much space between you!

Laura! Cross your steps!
You walk like a duck.

-Make an effort !
Want to win this contest?

-The time is right.

Here is ! Very well.


Noise in the distance.


-Stop! Stop!


-Are you already there?
You start at 10 a.m.

You left the other night.
-We will meet again.

So minimum union.

- What did I do to you?
-Do not brag about your exploits

in the service.
-What exploits?

-I will whistle at you

if I need a thermometer.

-Hello, commissioner.

-12 people had to come

for my training.
-A building caught fire

The technicians are on site.

Paul! We have a hard time

in Pointe-à-Pitre.
-I know.

-I warn my service in Paris.
- Useless.

Resume the investigation with Paul.

Paris agrees.

-It's impossible.
-Why ?

-I'm sorry.

-Why didn't you tell me?

Are you coming home after your mission?
-No. I'll find him first.

Very well. I'm staying.
- Go to Paul's office.

-A lioness, that girl.
-It's an investigation,

not a safari. The lioness,

you leave her alone.

-Then ?

- Yesterday evening, I was disoriented,
I was exhausted, I was hot.

Your planters got me drunk.

I never mix
the professional and the private.

-Neither do I.
-We can talk about corpses,

testimonials, everything
related to the investigation.

I don't want to know anything about you.
I am staying to find my father.

It's understood ?
-No. But I'm going to pretend.

-Things are getting hot. I would opt

for quicklime.
I'm pretty sure of it.

-We use it to cover

the corpses of animals.
-This one is special.

There are crystals

of potassium chlorate.

-The coroner says it's
death by strangulation.

Most disturbing,

it is this casting under which
the body was buried.

Go see Lefort, the vulcanologist.
Am I counting on you, Captain?



-Next week
for the outing, you equip yourself.

And come up with
questions. Go for it.

Hello, Commander.
-Professor. Captain Valrose.

- Can we talk to you?

-Yes. Shall we go to my office?

Are you coming from the mainland?
-Since yesterday. It shows ?

-I did not mean that.
-I have trouble with the heat.

-It does not end with
this damn climate change.

What brings you ?
-A dead body.

A worker discovered
the body. He was buried.

-It's a lahar. It is
a characteristic phenomenon

of some volcanoes.
-A landslide?

-Yes, it is.

This is due to precipitation. This
leads to sections of the cliff

du Piton Marcel
in the Prêcheur river.

Torrents of mud.

Your victim must have been surprised
by the violence of the phenomenon.

-No. She was murdered.
The body was abandoned and then

covered by the lahar.
-It's ugly.

- Can we plan a lahar?

-No. Is random.
- Do you list them?

-Yes. It was
at the Rocher aux Amants.

There was a lahar on May 8
last year. None since.

-It's the anniversary date

of the rash.

-You know things.
- I was briefed.

-It's Céline Rosier.
Date of disappearance coincides

with that of the casting
which covered

the body.
- I have better as proof.

The DNA report from Paris.
-Already ?

I'm going to question your son.

But officially, this time.
-I know.


Hello, Jocelyn? It's mom.
We need to talk to each other.

-What do we have on Céline Rosier?
-She was elected Miss Saint-Pierre

April 27 of last year.
She disappeared on May 7 afternoon.

The lahar took place on the 8th.

The Rosier house is

at the end of the street.
-I follow you.

-Let's talk to each other.
-If you insist.

Entrance bell.

-Hello, Mr. Rosier.
Léna Valrose, my colleague from Paris.

Can we talk to you?
-Come in.

-It's her ? Is that Celine?
Is that our daughter?

Madame Rosier is crying.


-What happened ?

-She used
to go up alone on the Pelée?

-Darcheville sent him
running up there. He said

that it was good for the legs.
With him, it was go or die.

He put them on a diet.
A real torturer.

-He misbehaves

with the girls.

-Who is it ?
-The manager of the Misses.

We questioned him.

But he has an alibi.

-This bastard is the culprit!

-We don't live anymore. Can we

to recover the body?

-The coroner hasn't finished yet.
-He had better do it quickly.

-Yes. Make it quick.

Nothing has changed since.
-Yes. Now it's about

of intentional homicide.
- You haven't found her.

And now
you are going to find the murderer?

-A passionate
about ecology, it seems.

-Being Miss just for the glory,
it didn't matter to her.

She wanted to become
an ambassador of the Caribbean

to show
the world our culture.

- Did she have a boyfriend?

- Nothing very serious.

Just a moment.

-You're wasting your time.
We have already searched.

-She was in the shed
at the back of the garden.

My husband doesn't know.

-That's made a lot of money.

Why didn't you say anything?
- Go find out where it comes from!

It was complicated with his father.
-Thank you.

5,000 euros. Parents
earn 3,000 a month.

- It spoils the image of the Miss.
And the accusation of the father

against Darcheville?
-Darcheville tempering

in matters of morals.
- Do you like it?

-Not really.
-It's not true !

It's this crazy mountain guy.

-Who are you talking about ?
-Theo. He threw one

on my balcony yesterday.
-It was him ?

-I had sobered up.

"Fucked ...". What does it mean ?

- "Get out of the way, bird of misfortune,
or you will end up like Josépha".

What color
was the mask yesterday?


-It is the symbol of Mardi Gras,
the day of the red devil.

-And black?
-Ash Wednesday,

death anniversary

by Vaval.

- Let's go see Theo.


A woman sings in the distance.

-You hear ?
-You are not going to start ...

Nice motorbike.
Father Theo won the lottery?

Theo! Best Ventura!

-He is not there.

We don't have a rogatory commission.
-Why do you want a CR?

Huh ?

* A woman sings.


-You know where
your "Ave Maria" comes from.

-Have you ever been here ?

When Theo was dealing drugs.
There wasn't all that mess.

What is this madness ?

- "And Yahweh made it rain
on Sodom and Gomorrah

"brimstone and fire.
Lot's wife looked back.

"and she became

"pillar of salt." For Théo,

the disaster of Saint-Pierre,

it's like Sodom and Gomorrah.
-These Miss must have reminded him

the brothels in Saint-Pierre.

Did you find something?


It is the singer who
died in the eruption.

-You remembered me


-What the
hell are you doing with me?

-Theo. We come to talk.

-You are like these sinners,
these women of the devil,

these devils.
You don't deserve to live!


-Let it go.

- Calm down, Theo.

What happened on May 7th
afternoon of last year?

-It's too far.

-I advise you to remember.

If not, I'll keep you safe for
complicity in intentional homicide

on a
judicial police officer . You understand ?

What happened on May 7th?
-The souls

30,000 dead
had just woken up.

Like every year on the same date.
They had to be taken care of.

-She too, it was

a lost soul?
Why did you kill her?

- You
slashed these photos with the cutter.

-All these girls,
it's just lust.

They annoy the mountain.

You are all going to die.
-You think

impress me
with these charms?

-Masks are sacred!

- Calm down, Theo!

Its good.

Don't provoke it.

He is barge but he has
beliefs and values.

-He doesn't like these girls
because they are frivolous.

Like Josépha.


-Always running in shorts

on your mountain.
You did not support it.

You kill one

and you cover it with lime.
-She breaks my ears!

- Leave us. Thank you.

Calm down, Theo.

It's between you and me. OK ?

Huh ?

What happened there?

- I squeezed it tight.

Very strong.

She had to die.


-On and it goes, Daniel.


-How did that happen ?
Did the dog sniff some dope?

-No. No trace of lime.

For the motorcycle, no invoice.
-Thank you, Fleur.

Did you find something?

What is this book?

-Nothing. What do we do with him?
-Theo? We let him go.

-It's not okay ! He threatens me.
He points me with his rifle.

He walks us around.
He knows more than he says.

-Its good. We get out.

-Hold on.
Maybe this bracelet belongs to Theo?

-OK. It's a bracelet.
It looks like Celine's.

What does that prove?
Are we extending custody for that?

Good ! We extend.

Some ?

We fold.

-We are extending your custody.

-Whore !

-Hi ? Yes it's me.

-Paul! Theo packed himself.

-You're kidding ?
-I would like.

-Whore ! Launch
wanted notices . Warn the teams.

OK ?

-Yes ?

- I have to go to the cemetery.


-So you are my ancestor ...


The accursed singer.


-Does not insist.
You won't be able to.

-Why do you say that ?

-The Henri flame
is extinguished forever.

It will not come back on again.

-You know my family?

Wait ! Wait !


-Warning ! You are in love ?
-You, be careful. Without helmet!

- Fuck you!
-Little asshole!


-Your shoulders!
-Show the pool!

Mess ! Luxury.
Of the dream. Glam.

What is that ? We set up.

-We are resuming, Mathieu.

-Do you shoot or what?
You smile!

Mouse !


What do you want from me?
-I missed you.

-Is that your colleague?

She is hot.
-Captain Léna Valrose.

-Fais vite, Ventura.

The election of Miss Saint-Pierre is
in 8 days. I do not have much time.

-Where were you on May 7th?

-You already asked me.

I was scouting
for a shoot.

- This is
intentional homicide.

Céline Rosier is dead.

-I know. So what ?

- She was one of your proteges.
-Why would I have killed her?

-You are steeped
in mores.

-They were willing.
-Céline Rosier was not?

- Who do you take me for? I have
nothing to do with this case.

Come back with an arrest warrant.
- Don't worry, we'll come back.

Put on your hat. Don't take

a stroke of heat.
-What humor !

-That's my charm.

We take back !


-Céline Rosier was found
murdered on the Pelée.

Did you know her?

-If you remember,

you know where to find me.

Commandant Ventura.


We resume the meeting.
We're waking up !

To smile.

Very well.

Here is !


-We are going to taste
a local specialty.

-Now ?
-Yes. Why ?

How is my pretty Guislaine?

- Are you okay, darling?

-Hello. How are you ?
A little hidden love?

-A what ?
-A specialty.

-It's very good. I take


I do not need love.

Good day.
- Here, your love.

- Some guys are shooting in the air ...
- We weren't done talking.

Aren't you wearing a helmet?

-She is stressed. Farts once.
-Jocelyn! You calm down.

Did you talk to your mother?
-No. I was studying with Kevin.

-You studied on a scooter?

It's serious. You will be questioned.
-I don't give a damn!


- Do you know this little jerk?

It is Jocelyn, the son of Brédas.

-The commissioner's son
was Celine's boyfriend.

When were you planning to tell me?
-He is not mean. He just

bad company.
We questioned him.

-Not officially.
I haven't seen the PV.

-Brédas came back here
with him 4 years ago

to get him out
of his shitty environment in Paris.

-It's rather missed.
-Yeah. It just got worse.

He makes him pay
for having returned to the country.

-We are not shrinks.

We have a murderer to stop.
-Jocelyn is not a murderer.

-Theo either. What
is the point of continuing the investigation?

-I like it when you are angry.

-You piss me off!

- Hey!

Excuse me, Lena.


-What happened the other night?

-We shouldn't talk about that anymore.
-I would prefer to know.

-Ben ... Are you sure?

-Yes ?


-You asked me for a second drink.

I told you:
"The planter is a traitor."

You had just arrived.
You were on your little cloud.

I served you the second glass. You
drank it. You didn't feel good.

You wanted to take a shower. After
20mn, you weren't coming back.

I went to see. And then ...
And then there, I found you ...

sitting on the floor ... quite naked.

With the water flowing
over your face, over your body.

You were so beautiful.

I do not know what happend to me.

-You ...

I took you ...

in my arms. Then
I put you on my bed

and you slept. Here is.
Nothing happened.

-You promise ?
-Yeah. I am not a rapist.

-You did not say anything.
-What ?

-We hadn't slept together.
-It's better ?


-Good evening.
-I am late.

- Sit down.
-Thank you.

-A champagne flute ?
-Why not ?

-Two cuts.

I was unable to receive you
earlier. I'm overwhelmed.

-It does not matter.
It's nice to be here.

Thanks for the invitation.

-Tell me everything.

-I studied
Celine's report cards.

She attended your classes.

You had to know her.
-Yes. We have a lot of students.

But Celine had
a quick, synthetic mind.

She would have done

an excellent scientist.

-You must have talked to him

when his grades dropped.
Was she worried?

-These beauty contests
bothered him.

But Celine wasn't just doing
this for the pageantry.


for her, it was deeper.

Good !

Let's drink to your stay
on the island of ghosts.

When you come once
in Martinique, you come back.

-Apart from the express ascent
of Pelée, I saw nothing.

You who know
the area well. Is...

do you have any idea
where this photo was taken?

-I see a house.
Does not ring a bell.

Who is the young woman?
-It's my mother.

-She is pretty.

You have nothing to envy him.


-You are already there ?
- I couldn't sleep.

Any news from Théo?

-And Jocelyn?
- Still not returned home.

* -Céline Rosier, Miss Saint-Pierre.
A new life begins.

*-That's a really big word.
But thanks to this title ...


This girl was uncomfortable
when we were at Darcheville's.

You know her ?
-Yes. Melissa Lafleur.

A lost girl.
Modest family.

She does odd jobs.

Hostess, modeling, the Misses.
The opposite of Céline Rosier.

-How was it between them?

-Melissa thought
the contest had been rigged

and that she should have won.
-She was angry with him?

-No. She said Darcheville
had influenced the jury.

-An alibi ?
-Yes. At a friend's house during the day

of disappearance.
Just a 2 hour hole

where she says

have taken a tour.
- I want to question him.

-We already questioned her.
-This will be a second interrogation.

-We're waking up ! We smile.

Here is !

Pose Miss. Right leg.

Pointed foot.
Knee inward.

We smile.

Stage exit.

-It sucks, Chloe.

Don't do this to me anymore.

What are you doing here ?

- I watch you work. You
mistreat them and fuck them?

-The next time,

I call you and you will see.

-What do you want from him?
-We can talk ?

-I have nothing to say.
-In the election, you came 2nd.

You were angry with Céline Rosier.

-I did not do anything.

I was at Nadège, a friend.
-Except between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.

- Leave him alone!

- You didn't say everything.
What were you doing between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.

You stop your cinema!

-I lied.

I ran
with Celine that day.

But I was too tired.

She continued alone.

I was afraid that I would be accused.
I panicked. So I lied.

You should question Jocelyn.
-The commissioner's son?

-And why ?

Speak ! There is nothing to be afraid of.

-It was one night before the competition.
We had finished rehearsing.

I was alone in the dressing room with
Céline. He tumbled down. He wanted

that I go out.
-What happened ?

-I stayed in the hallway.
I heard them arguing.

Through the window,
I saw that he ditched her

violently against the wall.
-Why were they arguing?

-I just heard Jocelyn

call her a whore.
Then he went out.

He saw me. He threatened me.
-Why didn't you say anything before?

-Jocelyn, he's sick.

-It's getting hot
for the boss's son.

There, it becomes serious.
-And where does the money come from?

-5,000 euros. She was hitting.
-She couldn't have had any otherwise?

Your judgment is sexist.

-No. He is logical.
-Well done...

-What did it give for Melissa?
-I released her.

-Where is Paul ?
-In search of Jocelyn.

-My son is innocent.

-Perhaps, but we have to check.
I'm sorry, commissioner.

-I want to talk to Ventura!

-What about ?

-And Celine's body?

-I understand you. I'll
speed things up.

Chan! Raccompagne M. Rosier.

-Follow me.

-What are you doing here ?
- I was bored at the hotel.

Is this where your wife died?

-How do you know that ?

-It was on the front page
of "France-Antilles".

June 19, 2010.

-I thought you didn't want
to know anything about me.

-I saw his grave in the cemetery.

You don't have to tell me about it.

-It was night. She
used to go to the pontoon

to watch the stars.

I slept in the shed.

I was awakened by the sound of the
engine of a boat docking.

I immediately thought

to a
cam delivery . I came out

with my gun.
A stupid cop reflex.

And then after...

Carole! Save yourself !

Exchange of shots.


Carole! Carole!


My love ... my love ...




-Yes ?

And shit!

-Hello, Didier.
-Good evening.

-What happened ?
-We assaulted her around 9 p.m.

-How is she ?
-The Samu brought her unconscious.

- Could she have said something?
-No nothing at all.


-We found that next to her.
-Thank you.

-This girl was afraid to speak.

-It has been sent

after we saw her.
- Do you know where your son is?

-I can not reach him.

I do not know where he is.
-China is looking for him.

-Find it and do
what you have to do. OK ?

- I don't know where he is.

-He's your mate.
-When did you leave him yesterday?

-I do not know.

-Stop playing tough, Kevin!

Your buddy must have beaten up Melissa.

You understand ?
-It is not possible.

I know him. Melissa too.

Your story does not hold water.
We parted at the beach. OK ?

I did not see him again.

- You mens, Kevin.

-Did Melissa get away with it?

-You can see her.
She is at the hospital.

It looks like Theo's motorcycle.

-It's Theo's motorcycle.

Go back inside.
I'm going over there.


Did you see a guy
with a turban?

-Thank you.

Then ?

-It's not true !

I dream !

*-When are you coming back ?
-I do not know.

I'm on a PJ investigation.

I went to the grave
of your family, the Henri.

* -Why stir all this up?

-My great-great-grandmother
died on the volcano on May 8, 1902

with her lover.

On May 8, 1955, a
great-great-aunt and her husband

dead in a distillery.

On May 8, 1972, it's your father.

* -We lived happily

* with your adoptive father.
May 8 is approaching.

* It's a cursed date.
It's time for you to come home.

* Misfortune touches
our family at random.

* Come back, my daughter.
-You stop?

There must be an explanation.
*-Yes. It's a curse.

-If you want me to come home,
tell me who my father is.

* -It would be plunging back
into this curse.

*I want you to come back.

-We found
Jocelyn's scooter.

-Thank you.

I go.

-What is it?
-There are tire marks

on the road.

-Someone walked past him.

He fell into the ditch.

-There is blood on the handlebars.

What happened ?
- A mess with his gang.

- His cell phone is cut off.
-I launched a geolocation.

We will find him. Do not worry.

* -On May 8, we will commemorate
the eruption of Mount Pelée ...

*Soccer. Fort-de-France ...

-Shit ! Bug !

What do you want from me?

-May 8 is approaching.
It's a cursed date.

It's time for you to come home.

-Hello, commissioner.

-No news from Jocelyn?

You look exhausted.

Are you going to hold on?

- This investigation is tough for you.
-It has nothing to do with the investigation.

-What is it then ?
-These things since I've been here.

I am having a bad dream.
-Which things ?

- Honestly?

I feel like I'm another.

Rather than someone
else is in me.

It's like reliving

a story already lived.
-Don't fight.

And Martinique,

nothing happens by chance.
Your Creole part wakes up

and helps you understand the country.
- If you say so.

-And the research
on your father?

-How do you know that?

-The island is small.

-I'm not moving.

And I no longer believe it.
-We need to believe.

Things are written.
We have a Creole proverb that says ...

- I don't understand Creole.

- "What is yours,
the river does not win."



-Yes, Paul?
* -Darcheville lied. I'm coming.

-I am coming.

-Start again, Mathieu.

Smile. Go on !

Show it, you.

-He's over there. See you later.

-That's not bad. Show me.

Venture! You profites de la vue?

- Speaking of sight,
I know one that you will like.

You look like him, don't you?

May 7, at Le Marin.

You had spotting.
-I went to this inauguration

between two locations.

Did you come just for this?

-Your alibi falls.

-Do you know Arnaud Lacoste?
-He finances the competitions.

He's almost my boss.

He uses the girls from my agency
to advertise his boats.

So if I'm with him

in this photo, it is normal.

-Where is this Lacoste?
-He moves a lot.

-Don't leave the island.

-I'm preparing a competition.

And you are invited.

-That's right ...

Yes ?

OK, China. We arrive. They
located Jocelyn's cell phone.

-The signal is coming from there.

-Who does this hangar belong to?
- To Céline Rosier's father.


Pop the padlock.

-It's over there.


-Jocelyn !

It will ?

You're hurt ?

I was afraid.


Why did Rosier do this?
-His dead daughter, he's gone mad.

He saw Jocelyn's name
on the suspect list here.

He thought
we were protecting your son.

-You haven't done anything
to the girl who is in the hospital?

-You are serious ?

No. But I hated her.

-When Melissa was assaulted,

you were in the hangar.


It does not exonerate you
for the murder

by Céline. We're going to question him.
-Go for it.

-Go ahead. Tell us about the last
time you saw Celine.

-What is your delirium?

-Stop talking to me.
Why you argued with her

le 7 mai?

-She farted since
she was Miss Saint-Pierre.

- It was not his type.
-This ambassador story

from Martinique, Lacoste
and Darcheville urged him there.

- Did she know Lacoste?
-Yes. She posed on her boats.

These guys didn't give a damn about his fine
speeches. They wanted his ass.

-You didn't like it.
You hit her.

- Struck? No.
-She was beautiful and ambitious.

She was going to leave you.

-She spoke badly about me.

- You killed her.
-Stop saying bullshit!

Paul. Say something.

-We found that at her place.

that money that Lacoste has spent on him?

It's not my fault. Shit !


-You go-y.


-Hello. We would like to
speak to Mr. Lacoste.

-Follow me.

-And that.

-Sir !
-Yes ?

-Thank you.

-What can I do for you ?

-Commandant Ventura.
Captain Léna Valrose.

We would like to ask you
about the murder of Céline Rosier.

-I heard about this.
And for the little one ...

-That's it. Melissa.

It's horrible.
Be quick. I have to go.

These girls are a little

like my family.

I support the Miss Saint-Pierre.

-And Celine worked for you?
-Yes. It made him

some money.

She was always available.

I esteemed him. I hope
you find the killer.

-Do you pay the girls in cash?
There was 5,000 euros at home.

- I didn't take care of that.

-And his relationship with Darcheville?
-He was betting a lot on her.

But it was not
always easy.

-They were in conflict?

-We can go, sir.

-You know, Darcheville is
a decent guy. He manages well

his competition. But the competition
between the girls is tough.

Even violent.

-Thank you.

Did you see how he was looking at you?
-He must take me for Josépha.

Shit ! Stop !

-What ?

-The House.
-What was there at home?

-The Windows.
They are the same ?

-Yes. It's him ?

- Wait for me there.

-Mrs !
-Two seconds.


*-Why are you doing this to me ?
-Because I don't know anything about you.

You were Miss Saint-Pierre.
*-What's the difference ?

-It would have saved me time.

Tell me about Lacoste.
*-You saw it ?

-Yes. He doesn't know
who I am yet.

It's him ?

This is my father ?
* Telephone tone.



-How do you feel with all this?
-Ben ...

I do not know where I am.

The same day, I learn
that my mother was Miss Saint-Pierre

and that I was born
from his union with this Lacoste

I'm investigating.

-It's good if you found it.

-I do not know.
-And you could have fallen worse.

Lacoste is important here.
-He sells boats

and he fucks
girls. We do better.

-You exaggerate.

-When my mother turned 20,

he got her pregnant

and he threw it away. Maybe he
slept with Celine too?

-Go on...

-Stopped !

-Its good.

-I like you. But you and me,
it's not safe.

-It's not safe.

I have feedback from the Paris lab
concerning the white marbles

around the body.
-Quicklime ?

-Yes. There was a compound

difficult to identify.

A conch of queen conch, a shell
from Martinique. We crush it

with coral.
We heat in the earth.

Handcrafted lime.

An ancestral process
that escaped our lab in Paris.

- Are we still making?
-Yes. California, Lamentin.

I call immediately.
-Wait, Paul.

-What ? I understood well.
-Hold on...

- Never at work.

-Is it wrong?

Can I ask you a question ?
-Go for it.

-Paul has always been like that?

-How like that?
-He doesn't take anything seriously.

-Take what seriously? You ?

-He's been like that
since his wife died.

You know it ?

-He only spoke
to you and me.

Without me, he would have ... Finally.
He is a really good person.

He's an old-fashioned cop.

-Like you.

-Edouard sold
a bag of lime to Théo

after Celine's disappearance.

-But where is Theo?

* A woman sings.


-Where are we going ?

-Au cachot of Ciparis.

It's here.

What is this mess ?



-Exit Theo.
-We will never know

if he killed Celine.
-He didn't kill her.

Remember what he said.
- "I held it tight.

"She had to die."
-He described what he saw.

We killed him for that.

-Excuse me. Yes ?

Very well. Thank you.

It was the Lacoste employee.

He came back in the night.
He's here until tonight.

-What will you do ?

-I'll go.

-Mr is near the pontoon.

-See you later.

- Hello, captain.
I didn't expect to see you again.

Is your colleague not here?
-No. It's a private matter.

My mother, Marie-Flore.

She is in Miss outfit in
one of the photos in your living room.

-She asked you to come?
-No. She never wanted

give me your name.

never told you about me?

-She scratched you from her life as
you scratched it from yours.

-The other day, when we
saw each other for the first time ...

I had a strange feeling.
-Oh yes ! The voice of blood ...

-You know, Lena. Your mother
and I were very young.

And I panicked.

We are an old family
on the island. I was scared

that my parents find out.

My father would have died

if he had known
that I had made a Miss pregnant.

Your mother didn't want to have an abortion.

Then I knew she had
left the island for the metropolis.

I haven't heard from him again.

- You didn't look for her?
Didn't you want to know me?

-She had made a choice.

The choice to keep you.
And I didn't agree.

-It has the merit of being clear.

-Why did you try
to find me?

-I wanted to know
what you looked like,

who I looked like. It's hard
to be the child of a stranger.

-It might have been better
for you if you didn't know anything.

How is your mother ?

- I'll leave you his number.
-I am going to tell you something.

I liked her very much.

But it was impossible.

You go away ?

-Goodbye, Lena.

I beg your pardon.


-What are you doing here ?
-I was there just in case.

It went well ?

-It happened.

- Are you going to see him again?

-I do not know.

-Melissa is out of a coma.
We're going to question him tomorrow.

-Tomorrow then.

-See you tomorrow.

-Shit ! Don't give a fuck
about this curse!



-What's this ?
-Hold on.

* -Here Melissa.
-It's Melissa.

There is a problem.

Shit !


- Not bad the photos,
Mathieu. And this one ?

-I have another one for you.
-Show me.

It's nice.

Ventura! Choose. It's a gift.

-Thank you.
-You're welcome.

-You don't have one disguised as a
nurse? We come back from the hospital.

Melissa was assaulted.
The medics revived her.

-So much the better.
-She spoke.

-So what ?
-You're in deep trouble. Where you go ?

You do well on the
surveillance cameras at the hospital.

-I obey the boss.
-Pass him the tongs, China.

I have been waiting for this moment
for a long time.

You can't imagine my joy.

- I will not speak

only in the presence of my lawyer.
-He's in traffic jams.

And he does not go

serve you a lot.
You're in deep trouble. Yes ?

OK. Thank you.

We won't even have
to wait for your slobbery.

Your boyfriend, Max,
next door, he confessed everything.

You had that girl killed

so that she is silent.
When she came out of the coma,

you put
a layer back on. Why ?

Why stop him from accusing you

of the murder of Céline Rosier?
- I didn't kill her.

-You didn't kill Celine
but you killed Melissa.


She said that I had favored
Celine for the last election.

Melissa wanted to be
the next Miss Saint-Pierre.

I refused. She threatened me

to accuse me
of Celine's murder and ...

-And to denounce you

as a pimp?

We made your computers talk.

It's crazy what we
found there. A manager.

The CEO of a rum factory.

-What does that prove?

- Do you recognize them?

They will testify.
You put these girls

in the paws of big vicious.

Céline denounced your schemes.
You eliminated it.

-Accuse me of what you want.
But I didn't kill Celine.

OK ?

-You know what ?

I believe you.
Your slobbery is there.

-If Darcheville did not kill
Céline Rosier, we must start over.

The solution is

at the crime scene. This
earth flow took place on the same day

than murder. Analyze the
lime balls found near the corpse.

In Martinique,
nothing ever happens by chance.

Make the Pelée talk.
She has things to tell us.

-Thank you.

-The landslide was
caused by an explosion.

I found glycerin.

-I was confirmed that there was
no lahar on May 8th.

-He gave us a good ride.

We're looking for Mr. Lefort.
-He left for Pelée.

The volcano appears to be active.

Excuse me. Hi ?

-Boss. It's me.
We're at Lefort's. I am coming.

He went to La Pelée.

Are we going there?
Are you sending a team there? OK.



Whore !

Police ! Give me your bike.

I'll bring it back to you, I promise.
It's urgent ! Thank you.


-I recorded
shaking. It's dangerous.

-It's you who are dangerous.
-What ?

-There was no lahar on May 8th.
You caused a landslide

to make
Céline Rosier's body disappear .

Why did you kill her?

-In the classroom,
I saw only her. So pretty.

So smart.
She was driving me crazy.

That day, I was on Pelee
taking readings.

I ran into her running.

We were alone.
I wanted to talk to him.

Tell her I could
make her happy.

That we could have both left

She burst out laughing.

She started running again.

She stopped a little
further to remake her lace.

I do not know what happend to me.

- You strangled her?

-I stayed
close to the body all night

while waiting for someone to arrive.

I wanted to be stopped.

I was ready to pay.

But no one came.

I came home.

I hugged my wife.

I went to kiss my daughter.

My whole life was falling apart.

I was going to lose everything.

I decided
to get rid of the body.

-But Theo saw you.

He got you quicklime
to cover his body.

When the investigation resumed
you got scared

let him denounce you.

Come on ...
-It's too late.

-Go on !

-It's too late.
-Go on !

Do not !

-Why didn't you warn me?
-Josépha ... The curse ...

I wanted to...

I wanted to keep you away.

-It's finish.

-Bravo, captain. The assassin was
in fact a respectable man.

-Sometimes the impulses
prevail over the reason.

- Are you going back to Paris?

-I can extend your mission

of a few days.
-A few days, yes.

- Can I tell you
a secret?

After the cancellation of the internship,

your management contacted me again.
They wanted you to come back

in Paris. I convinced them to
let you continue the investigation.

I didn't want
you to interrupt

researching your father. I
know what this means to you.

I am really delighted

that you have found it.
-Thank you, commissioner. Magali.

- You're welcome, Lena.

Enjoy the country.

You have a good guide.

-I must show you something.

Doesn't he remind you of

-Where did you find that?
-At Théo when we searched.

Do you believe in fate?

Brédas told me: "
Nothing ever happens by chance here."

We had to meet, right?

MFP subtitling.