Merlí (2015–2018): Season 1, Episode 3 - Maquiavel - full transcript

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[Previously on Merlí]

I know I shouldn't say anything.

"And I know it's none of my business."
- But there is a "mas".

But be discreet.
I don't want problems.

What are you afraid of, Toni?
What do we do in the teachers' room?

Damn it, Merlí.

Excuse. Merlí, one person
came to see him. The mother of a student.

Must be the mother.
of the new student, Monica.

No, it's Gerard Piguillem's mother.

If she's from APM, I will not.
APM's parents make me crazy.

Maybe she wants to propose
an activity Saturday morning.

Merlí, please!

I'm joking, damn it. Just kidding.
Toni, you need to have a sense of humor.

- Merlí.
- I have a visitor.

Just a moment please.

It's just that I'm very worried.
Everybody knows.

- It's normal.
"Albert does not talk to me.

After what happened, wait
May he invite you to dinner?

Of course not, but I'm worried.
thereby. What do you think?

Right. Yes, I understand.

Don't know. Do as you wish. Think
that we can continue to see us.

You think?

Listen, no.
You'd better not, Merlí.


"Are you Merlí?"
- Yes.

- The janitor.
- Yes. I'm Gina. Mother of Gerard.

I did not think so.

I don't have much time.

Gerard knows I want to talk to you,
but not that I came here.

He burns when I go to school.
Says I complain to teachers.

This is Gerard's.

It fell from the clothesline.
The neighbor leaves the stairs.

The boy does not use a preacher,
because it says it leaves mark.

As if someone were
see your underwear.

I can not see the phase time
of adolescence is over. Soon!

Excuse me. You came
complain about my classes?

No, I came to congratulate you.
Excuse me.

Hello? I'm listening.

No, I don't want to give in.

Talk to his lawyer and lie.
to get what I want.

All right, we'll talk later.

Excuse me.

Yes, you are a great teacher.

I thought it was a fucking idea.
that thing of the erotic poem.

"Mind if I say that?"
- No, no.

At home lately,
things suck.

Too many mistakes, a bad environment.

As puzzle pieces
that don't fit. What a bad metaphor.

Gerard was very ill,
and his classes encouraged him.

"Though it's just Philosophy.
- As?

I mean, it's not that important.
the other matters.

It isn't Mathematics or Literature.

It's more important
which Mathematics and Literature.

Yes! And in Music,
playing the flute is essential.

Excuse me. Got upset?

- No.
"I did not mean it.

Philosophy is important,
I would not say it isn't.

Life, death, God.

"Man is the measure
of all things. "Heraclitus.


True true. One of the small ones.
This this.

- Small?
- Yes, the children.

- Those who came before Socrates.
- Pre-Socratics.

Yes Yes.

It turns out that Protagoras
he was not one of the little ones.

He was a sophist.
But, you're not in a hurry?

I irritated him.
"No, ma'am.

Remember, I came to congratulate you.

Gerard is enjoying his classes,
and I love seeing him happy.

And thank you for that.
I hope it stays that way.

I don't know how to do it any other way.

I'm going to be late for work.
See you, Merlí.

See you.

Like the rich and powerful
Where are they?

Are they smarter? More beautiful?
No. None of that.

Machiavelli would simply say,
who are more devilish.

If you want to succeed in life,
step on others.

You will succeed.
in an undeserving way,

But this isn't a problem,
as long as you get where you want.

That is, no matter who rules,
but how do you do it.

Exact. Very well.

What do you think, Gerard?
Does the end justify the means?

Well, I think ...

I Think...
it depends on the end. Right?

Berta, do the ends justify the means?

How will I know? You think I do
this kind of questioning?

You're right. It's me who asks.
Yes, speak, Joan.

I was looking at the study plan.
and does not include that subject.

And we miss other themes.

Joan, my friend. Damn it!
It's always the same story.

We have a teacher
very good and very fun

who does what he wants.

We will follow the study plan,
Don't worry. But my way.

I like to quote other thinkers,
although they aren't included.

So, take your study plan
and as there is no paper in the bathroom,

you can use it to clean your butt.

See, look.

- Hi how are you?
- Yeah, that's fine.

In between. Good Morning.

Well, I brought a new student.

Her name is Monica de Villamore.
Did I say it right? Yes? Very well.

It will start today.
Let's go. Good luck.

Hello Monica. You can sit down.


- Clean the drool!
- Very well.

- I think I'm going to fall in love.
- In The Prince,

Machiavelli believes that power
of the state is above all else.

To the extent that,
in an extreme situation,

government can resort to cruelty
and fraud in a legitimate manner.

What do you think? Monica?

Don't know. The state is strong
above the law to defend himself.

In addition, why should
of our lives without limitations?

It is an excellent reflection.

Dude, I already fell in love!

Which is! A room for Merlí!

I start thinking
that he is the director's darling.

None of this. He volunteered
to help students

who have difficulty in Philosophy.
It will only be four hours a week.

I've been teaching here for many years.

and I never had an hour
in a private room.

What are you saying?

He's the head teacher. We split the room.
What are you complaining about?

Merlí has ​​a privilege
which I don't have.

When students have doubts,
we solve after class

or should they go to the room
department as usual.

After what he did
in the literary contest, now this?

And you did not mention the confusion
which he created between Albert and Laia.

What happened?

Laia and Merlí are together.
He stole Albert's girlfriend.

- My God.
"That's a private matter.

Toni, I know that Merlí
can be talented,

but give him a room?

Talented? Talented?
What talent are we talking about?

Someone explain to me, please.

It is talent to lead students
to walk around the school

Talent is shown in the classroom.

I like it, but it seems
that you forgive everything in it.

No. I have been firm with him.
since it arrived.

But I can not rebuke a teacher
who wants to help the students.

They should prepare
to help students who need it!

- In the same room Merlí uses.
"Toni, I'm not paid for it.

That does not seem like a bad idea.

But, in the end, I dedicate
more time to students than to my children.

Mireia, that's not a bad idea.


We will do this.

- Great.
- We'll do it.

How are classes going with Ivan?

Well, we are reviewing
a little of everything.

He has not spoken in weeks.
Does he talk to you?

He only gestures or writes.
It's something.

The same with me.

And I repeat for him to look for
a psychologist. But he does not want to.

It would not help.
You can not force it.

I work all day in a bar.
It isn't that Ivan does not leave the house,

but he is obsessed by the Internet.

He spends all day
reading newspapers, or blogs ...

- He reads newspapers?
"Yes. And I don't think it's bad.

But it's a little sick.
He wants to know about everything.

Before closing, he did it.
I have a strange son.

Yes. And in addition,
he leaves the house a mess.

If the house displeases you,
No need to come.

No. I don't care about the house.
I don't care.

And I don't care about the lessons.

But I want him to have
conditions to leave home.

I know he has a principle
of agoraphobia, but there is still time.

We'll see.

You need to trust Ivan.
And he needs to notice that.

I will pay for classes
which he has given so far.

No. I'd rather be paid.
at the end of the month. No problem.

I'll drop by before I go to the bar.
and I'll clean it up a bit.

No. Don't do that.
He must do this.

Will not make it.

Leave it to me.

Don't clean anything. Right?

You are the only one who helps me.

You like the new student, don't you?
Your father went crazy with her.

Don't worry.
You're still his favorite.

Marc Vilaseca.

A five point two!

Joan, your notes
have fallen too much lately.

- What happened?
- Don't know.

Let's go. Make an effort.
You can do better.

"A six?" What is your problem?
- Leave me alone.

Pol Rubio, Bruno Bergeron,
Thank you for participating.

Fucking four?

A three point six. That guy
catches my foot more and more.

I thought you'd get a better grade.

Is there a problem, little Bergeron?

Question two is perfect.

I wrote what is in the book.
And gave me half the note.

You took four.
There isn'thing to discuss.

What the fuck.

Learned this type
of impertinence at home?

It's better to study more
for the next race,

- that will be in three days.
- What?

As? Three days?

"Why another test in three days?"
- On the last two issues.

Anyone who is on the job,
you will not have problems.

Damn Hitler.
- Fuck you!

Pol and Bruno, want to be expeled from the class?

What is Hitler's problem?
with you? It was his target.

It's because of my father!

Two teachers take my foot,
the fat Santi and Hitler.

No. Santi does not get on his foot.

Does not grab? He gives me a low grade.
when you understand. And Eugeni, too.

He can not stand my father.
and cash in on me.

- It's envy. Merlí is much better.
- IT IS. Much better.

If we fail the test,
in the final evaluation.

What a pity.

It's too bad for me, man.

I find it hard to memorize things.
I simply can not.

"I don't remember, Bruno!" I can not!
"Why don't you study with me?"

It works for you,
study with others?

- With Tania. We study.
- Yes. And between the lessons ...

We're friends.

Well, if you're not up for it,
don't go.

No, no. Go to your house
I'ts very interesting.

- IT IS?
"I've never been to a teacher's house."

See you. A four in Catalan.

- Damn it! Congratulations!
"Eugeni is catching my foot.

Here you come with this talk.
Don't tell me about it.

He grabs my foot,
because I am your son.

He will give another proof
in three days, and I will reprove.

Damn it! I've never been disapproving.
Talk to him. Do something.

Talk to him?
But who do you think you are?

You should do two things.

Study for the next test
and accept that Eugeni is mediocre.

Give it to me! Give it here.

I think Eugeni never fucks, man.

I'm serious. If he fucks,
we would all pass.

What do you think, Gery?

- Approves.
"What proof?"

"You're interested in a girl."
- Her name is Monica, right?

He was not in love with Judith,
of the fourth year?

"Yeah, it looked like she was getting married."
- No, damn it! All right?

I want Monica de Villamore.
This is super clear.

Well, there she is.
And she has beautiful breasts.

- I already know.
- Go talk to her!

Are you crazy, man?
What am I going to say?


- Go there and introduce yourself.
- Of course. No fear, man. Attack.

Shut up, Joan.
He never introduced himself to a girl.

Dude, it's your chance.
If not now ... Come on!

Come on, come on.

- Come on, come on! Go, go.
- It's all right.

See, see.

"Hello, how are you?

Do you want to go to my house?
I want to show you something. "


Whether it's class times or ...

No need, thank you.
I got it.

It's not hot,
with that blouse? No?

I'm not well.

"Too bad, too bad.
- No, man. Champion!

How was it?

She said
We'll talk later.

"In, help him." Do you know.
- Me? I have not been very well.

Go ask for Merlí's advice, right?

Damn you, Joan, you don't talk much,
but when you talk ...

- Of course. Talk to Merlí!
"Pol, can you read between the lines?"

Say how I'm going to say
with a teacher about girls?

I don't intend to do that.

- Hello.
- Hello, Gerard. Come in.

- Look. Do you like?
- Yes I like.

"Or do you prefer it?"
- Wow! I loved it!

Why did you come here?

I have doubts about things
what are we talking about today?

And what was it?
The question that was asked ...

What's her name again?
Monica. The new student, you know?

Yes, Monica.
That was a good question.

Yes. She seems to be
very intelligent and mature.

Yes. And you fell in love with her.

What ... No, no.
I didn't fall in love. Didn't.

Let's go man.

Well, she's a charm,
but I don't care.

What can I do? I mean,
I've never had a real girlfriend.

Well, let's see. I did certain things,
but I don't know...

You said that if we had
doubts, we should come, then ...

Yes. Doubts about Philosophy.
Don't over water the cookie.

"I'm not talking about sex."
- No, no.

No, really. I fell in love
eight times. And this time it's serious.

So naive.

You don't, I don't know,
any technique? Anything?

- Technique?
- That.

Ask your parents for advice.
Don't get along with your father?

- I don't have a father. They broke up.
"Of course you have a father."

For me, he does not exist.

He betrayed my mother.
for two years.

He lied to us.
My mother had a hard time.

Calm down, she'll get over it.
I'm divorced too.

Pass on my incentive
your mother.


It's all right. I suck.

Did you dare to seek advice?
of a teacher about how to flirt.

I'll help you with Monica.

Perfect. Perfect. What do I do?
I say something or ...

"No. At the moment, shut up."
- That's right.

Need to do Monica
show interest in you,

"The way I'm going to tell you."
- Perfect. I'll listen to you.

- Shut up, damn it.
- Right.

You have to learn this by heart.

Damn it!

"Are you going to study at your house?"
- Yes. And he's very interested.

- Bruno ...
- Tanya ...

- What?
"He's not like you."

- That you know.
- We're friends, okay? Only. Friends.

But you don't like him.
just as a friend!

"You're upset that I did not invite you."
- What are you saying? Isn't it.

I just want you to be careful.

Be careful with Berta.

Right. I see you want to live
as a Malibu surfer,

but styling style.

Open potato sacks,

peel of sunflower seed,
a sandwich bitten.

As Heraclitus would say,
everything is in motion.

That orange peel,

in a few months,
will have its own ecosystem.

Let's look at this.

And this tissue?
Have you been watching porn?

I happen to like cleaning.

I hope you can accept
my eccentricities.

Outside is the world of the living.

Don't forget that you too are
part of it.

One day you'll have to come back.

Yes, boy. Yes. The world of the living.
How many lives do you think you have?

It's not a video game where,
if he is dead, they still have more lives.

You only have one life here!
Just a life!

Ivan, I know you're listening.

Today, you will not be able to enjoy my class.

Besides that,

If you look in the dining room, you will notice
that the computer isn't there.

Son of a bitch!

You have a wonderful voice, boy.
It was about time.

I'm not going to give you back the computer.
while not cleaning everything and showering.


And Angel Guimera, 1845 ...
One thousand, nine hundred ... and fourteen?

Twenty four.

Shit! I don't even remember that.

Is your father coming, or not?

I think so.

Philosophy with your father is cool.
It must be nice to have such a father.

At home, I am the stranger,
because I study. You see?

Well, I repeated it twice, but ...
But I study.

What does your father do?

He has no job.

Sometimes you get temporary employment.
to do some shit.

Assembly line, for a few exchanges.

How old were you when
Your mother died?


Creed! How many questions, no?

My grandmother is fantastic.

Spend the whole day watching
old films of the Marx Brothers.

You're the best person in the family.
I love it.

We live with her and as soon as she
in her house, it looks like it's in the 40's.

We were dumped from the rented house,
in the same way as his father.

"Don't you have a brother?"
- Yes Yes. The idiot.

We call him Oscar, too.

The family is the one that fits.
Friends, you choose.

Do you have lots of friends on Facebook?

About 500. But real friends, 70.

Just like me.
Does your father have Facebook?

Now! He has no friends.

Does he have a girlfriend? Now it's me
who is asking too many questions.

He's with Laia, the English teacher.

What? Laia?

Laia. She's an airplane.

"Who is this young man?"
- It's Pol, a friend.

- Hello lady.
- Hello.

Your house is very beautiful.

Not even the house is beautiful,
I don't even like being treated by you.

- I 'm Calduch.
- Yes I know. She's an "asshole", right?

What do they teach you at school?

I hope you return to education
General basic, please.

- Actress.
- Actress.

I saw her at the pâté commercial.
It was very good.

Beckett, Miller, Brecht. And we come in
in history for a pâté commercial.

Hello, Gerard.

- What are you doing?
- Studying.

I went to see the lawyer.

Let's sign the agreement.
with the idiot of his father very soon.

Mother, please don't call him "father."

See, I bought new clothes,
To celebrate. Take it. Is this yours.

- Damn it! Dropped down.
"Did Rufo take you for a walk?"


- Well, then, go.
- It's ok.

Ah yes. I met Merlí.

- What are you saying? What did I tell you?
- Anything. Relax.

"Only I was content.
"Well, I hope so, honestly.

A new student has arrived today.

I think she's called Monica.
Monica? Yes, Monica.

And you fell in love.

- No! No, no, no.
- Of course yes!

- Can you tell?
- I know you.

He has fallen in love many times.

And I love it.
It means you're more excited.

Yes. But I don't want you to notice,
because she does not pay attention to me.

But you're the most handsome boy.
from school.

Mom, I'm not a boy.
It's beautiful. I'm not handsome either.

You're very cat. And point!

It's ok. I'm the most beautiful guy.
of the world. Right?

The others already underestimate us a lot.
Let's do this, too?

From now on, let's think
that we are worth a lot. It's ok?

"Merlí sent you an incentive."
- What?

I had doubts in Philosophy
and went to look for him.

And during the conversation I told
about the confusion of their separation.

"But what are you saying, son?"
"I did not go into detail."

What is it? Tell a teacher
particular questions?

You tell me to be quiet,
but she is the first to speak.

He said he is also divorced,
Don't worry,

because you will overcome this.
It's ok? Come on, Rufus.

I'm glad to know
which is all so well.

Yes Yes. And thank you for calling.
I was really touched.

Yes, that's it. We need to find a chance.
to work together again. It's time.

Why, my dear. A kiss. A kiss.

Goodbye. Bye Bye.

A harpy. But it is good to keep on
because she knows the profession.

Hand me the wine.

- How is school?
- Very well.

Today, I met the mother of a student.

- And it went well, right?
- Yes.

"Why are you smiling?"
- Nothing, nothing. My stuff.

The guy.

- Hello, handsome.
- Hi.

"Your friend did not stay for dinner?"
- No.

Wow, what a face!

Eugeni, the teacher of Catalan,
gave him a four.

I've never been disapproved and, for
The teacher implies with me.

It does not fail. A four.

What do you want me to do?
I can not change your grade on the exam.

Yes. Neither can change.
his temperament. Obvious.

It is true.
The teacher does not like you.

"You could do something to help."
- For example?

Don't know. But do what it takes
for it to be approved.

- Make the teacher have an accident.
- No! No need to go that far.

But could become friend
by Eugeni.

An accident. You are an instigator of evil.
It's Lady Macbeth.

"Lady what?"
- Lady Macbeth. Shakespeare, son!

Lady Macbeth. Because I was young.

- "I've already ...
- There she goes.

and I know how ineffable it is
to love the child that my milk suckles.

But the moment he looked at me,

the breast would take him away
of the toothless mouth

and his head would break,

if I had sworn,
as you would have, in regard to this! "



Machiavelli says things
as they really are.

That strength is strength,
violence is violence,

and the lie is the lie.

And there's no reason to disguise anything.
with beautiful ideals.

What you mean
with "there is no reason to dissemble anything"?

Machiavelli definitely defends
the evil to save the state.

Tell me, Gerard.

There is something that does not fit.

Why it is important to save a state
able to harm its citizens?

Is it worth saving?

If the end justifies the means,
What justifies the end?

This is the most intelligent reflection
that I've heard from a student.

Gery! Very well. You're the greatest!



- I like what you said in class.
- Same?

Because if you don't understand
Machiavelli from the beginning,

It gets hard.

- Like to read?
- Yes, a lot.

And what do you read?

Well, The Poem of Mine Cid.

- This is mandatory in Spanish.
- Yeah. But I really like it.

Listen, do you know this book?

The Steppe Wolf.
Wow, that sounds pretty good.

It's very beautiful indeed.
If you want, I can lend it.

- Yes? Oh, great.
"And you can tell me if you like it."

It's ok.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

Merly, she liked me. Monica
spoke to me and lent me this book.

I'm glad. We will see
if you cheer up a little,

because the other day I was depressed
with his mother's bid.

Yeah, I know.

- Does she work?
- Yes. At CosmoCaixa.

- Oh yes?
- Yes.

I love science. Take care!

- Thank you!
- "Thank you"?

Thanks for what?

You do favors for others,
but nothing to me. Did you talk to Eugeni?

No, and don't insist. Eugeni provokes me
more hives than tourists.

I have to be screwed. You make enemies.
between the teachers, and they reproach me.

You see how it was not
Good idea to have you here?

How not a good idea.
have you at home!

- Bruno!
- Damn it! What a fright, Tania!

"How was it with Pol?"
- Good.

And shut your mouth, before you hear it.

Don't be mad at me.
I only want the best for you.

IT IS? Does not appear.
Between you and my father ...

Isn't true!

"Be careful with Pol. He's not like you."
"Don't imitate me.

"Don't imitate me."

It's ok.

Pol always showed
What do you like girls?

but in fact,
He is in love with you.

I am convinced that you will live
A beautiful love story.

Is that better, my friend?
Are you happier?

Can you explain to me what criteria
did you use to reprove Bruno?

He did not have the knowledge
for the test.

Yes. Listen, Eugeni, don't
reality is the question that

which teachers usually imply
with some of the students.

You and I can involve

Yes, but this should not have
nothing to do with Bruno. It's ok?

What love you are, Merlí.

I like it, because it recognizes that there is
teachers who can face it.

Some physically hit him,
others reprove your child.

So admit
who reproached him unjustly?

No. Not at all.
I don't ask Bruno.

He failed. Simple.

Tell little Bergeron

to study more for the next test
after tomorrow.

- Hello.
- Hello. Did you see Eugeni?

Just left.

Well, I'll leave the copies.
of the Catalan test here.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Don't have private lessons?

Yes. I'm leaving.

Take it.

A copy of the Catalan test
that Bruno will do the day after tomorrow.

- Saw? You could do something.
"I'm here with Bruno."

If you fail because it's my fault,
he threatens to go to his mother's house.

He's annoying and talking bullshit.
He would not.

All combined.
I just spoke to Mom.

"I'm going to Rome and maybe stay there."
- What the hell.

You can not go now!

No? Mom is already shopping.
the passage for tomorrow.

You have proof!
Besides, your father ...

No! No! Let it go, let it.
I'm tired of you.

You're stuck in a giant hormone
that does not let you think right!

"Do you want to go to Rome?"
- Yes! So, I don't see you!

Go and stop bothering me!

The janitor said that the mother of a student
the third party is waiting for you.


Don't thank me. I'm doing
a favor for the janitor, not for you.

- Albert, please.
"I would not even have come near you."

Albert, I know I made a mistake.
and I understand that you are upset,

but you don't have to treat me like shit.

- Say that in English.
- As?

You know how I look when
we are having sex

And you speak English in my ear.

Say in English.

Don't talk to me like that.
At least not here.

You would have liked me to say so.

I'm doing like Merlí.
I say things blatantly.

Without fear, without biting his tongue.
- Let's go, please. Let's talk.

Yes. You want to talk to me,
but you want to fuck him!

Laia, fuck you!

Creed. It must have taken hours.


Now you're not going to vote?

Yes, man. Yes.

Your mother told me that you spend all day
reading newspapers on the Internet.

What subjects interest you?


No. We can not talk about the real world,
if you don't talk.

Wants to know?
I'm not in the mood to teach.

You know what I would do?

Would visit a nice lady
that I met the other day,

instead of staying here
with Harpo Marx.


Yes, boy. I'll tell you.


You want me to go,
to go back to the internet.

It's a manipulator.

I like you.


Well, listen. I don't intend to go.

You just ...

You only have one life.

- Merlí?
- Gerard's mother.

"Ginny, yes. We spoke yesterday.
- Yes so? What are you doing here?

Job. I'm a coordinator
of educational activities.

- Really?
- Yes.

Oh really? Very good very good.

Strange as I've never seen it
here. I always come.

- Comes?
- Yes.

"Have you been working here long?"
- Five years.

You say you always come here?

Yes. I brought Bruno, my son.
Now he doesn't want to come.

"They don't want our company now.
- Right.

Well ... Listen, Gerard is very smart.

He is?

And shows interest in my classes.
That says a lot about him.

On the other hand, the mother finds
that Philosophy is of little importance, no?


Well, I'm sorry.
But I wish you luck. Need to go.

No, no, I have an break now.
If you want, we can have coffee.

There's a little terrace...

I'm sorry. I have an appointment.
Am sorry. No, I have to go.

We will see each other again.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

"So, Gertrude?
How is Hamlet? "


Like the sea and the wind when they enter
in conflict over who is more powerful.

- In your ... In your ... "
- "Attack of fury."

Shut up! I knew it!

"In his attack of fury, he feels ...
He feels that ... "

Listen, let's rest.
I know, but not now.

My memory would do him good,
in the Catalan test.

- I will not do it. I'm leaving.
- You should stay.

The proof of Catalan.

Her father caught her. He did not give him,
because you're obsessed with leaving.

But I think, since we have it ...

- I could scream.
- Spare me.

You force me to be smarter.
than you!

It has a high ethical notion.

Over the years, it is lost.

And you lack sense of humor.

You should have more,
now that you're in love.

- What did you say?
"You never talk about it."

But it sure has a lot to say.

It's the same with your father.

- He is in love?
- I would say yes.

- By whom?
- Don't know.

It does not matter, as long as it is.

Enjoy it, Bruno.

Use the proof and, above all,
Let love flow.

"Spread out your curtain,

oh night, loves keeper,
so that curious eyes will see nothing

and in these arms Romeu rushes,
meek and unseen. "

Grandma, frankly,

Don't you think there's too much drama?
in this house?

One is missing.
I counted three times.

Why does the caretaker make the copies?

Octavi remains ill.

No one came.

We offer you the opportunity
solve the problems.

You know how young people are.

"You're a good teacher, Mireia.
"You did not see me teaching."

I dont need. You can tell.


I have to call the nanny later.
I left the children with her.

Is your husband working?

Yes. He is a graphic designer,
but you need your free time.

Is that you?
Don't you need free time?

Listen, if you want, go make the copy.

Not now. Later.
I'll do the copy.

So I'll call now,
if you don't mind.

It's ok. I'm going.

I don't like teachers
Look at me crooked.

Especially Mireia and Eugeni.

No way.

"And Albert?" Talked to you?
"Let's not talk about him.

Are you alright?

He's very quiet. What happened?


Is it hurting?

What is?


Are you reading?

The Steppe Wolf.
But I don't understand anything.

Monica lent me.

Do you see how handsome he is, fool?
She likes you.

We're friends, that's all.

And how it was? Spoke to her,
or did she talk to you?

Merlí advised me.

Did Merlí tell you how to flirt?
Teachers don't do this.

I asked.

He is very self-confident.
You know he likes science?

- Really?
- Yes.

- I told you that you work at CosmoCaixa.
- You told him?

- Should not?
"When did you tell him that?"

- Morning. Because?
"No, nothing. Anything.

Read. Read.

Hi, Ivan.

The house is very clean.

Did you do all this yourself?

There were few people in the bar today.
Don't understand.

He was calm.
Usually, I never stop.

I'm going to wake up tomorrow
early. Must come a supplier.


Yes tell me.

A man ... in the United States,
was released from jail,

because they discovered
that he was innocent.

He was accused of murdering
a little girl.

He spent 30 years stranded.

Why do these things happen?







"Those who seek to deceive
they always find someone to let them fool. "

POL:YES! Until then

"I don't follow the philosophy curriculum
that I did not write.

Can use the curriculum
to clean the butt. "

Do we have to dissemble in the test?

An eight would be enough.

- No, man, no!
- No?

No. We have the issues.
We have to take ten.

The other day, how many copies did you make?

"Your proof?"
- Yes.

Twenty five.

When you left the copies in the room
of the teachers, was there anyone there?

Yes. Merlí was there.

Some find comfort by saying
to themselves that happiness

it's in the little things.

It's fashionable to talk
the aroma of coffee in the morning,

of birds singing. Shit.
This isn't happiness.

Merlí, are you okay?
You want me to call somebody?

Was missing a copy of the test
of Catalan. They distrust you.

As the copy is missing,
Must I take it?

Grandma gave me the proof.

You have balls.
of a Prussian officer.

"Has anyone seen you?"
- No nobody. But...

So, just deny it vehemently.

I'm going to talk to Toni.

Want to lose your child and your job?

You excite me.

How dare you? Let's pretend
That did not happen, okay?

"Did you touch me?"
- No, man.

I'm leaving.

Pol! Pol, I didn't touch you, man!