Merlí (2015–2018): Season 1, Episode 2 - Plató - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
As of today, you
Go live with your father.

It's the best thing I could
happen to me. -Bruno ...

I could be luckier:I break my
leg, dancing and singing Bingo.

Ready to discuss daily?
Merli, please.

It's a joke, woman. Of course
We will live together very well.

- They just call me. I have a job.
- You have a job.

Liar. You have no job. You're just making it up.

Welcome to the trenches.
You are the new Aristotle ...

Hm ...

- New philosophy teacher comes today, right?
- Yes.

- New philosophy teacher?
-The substitute.

Good morning people!

- It's him, my father!
-Seriously? This is your ...

Shut up, shut up!

My name is Merli ... and I want you to "get hard" with philosophy.

I like that name.

I'm Laia, English.

Yesterday, for example, they threw me out of the apartment I had rented.

I got kicked out of the apartment because I did not pay.

What cheek, right?

You and I have two things in
common, now that I think about it:

We live in Mom's house and
we don't even have € 1.

Just ask him not to be noticed.

Do you want me to come to your house tonight?

How are you?


He is your boyfriend?

How old is he?

Come on, man ...
You're attractive enough to be with someone older and more experienced.

- I like someone.

"Tell me, are you hiding something?"
- I like someone.

"Eugeni, Ivan Blasco has not come yet.

- Who's going to monitor him?
- I.

- What's wrong with this guy?
- He has agoraphobia. He doesn't want to leave the house.

He may seem a bit strange, but he is a good student.

Hello, I'm sorry, are you the mother of Ivan Blasco?
I am the reinforcement teacher.

"Shouldn't have a Eugeni come?"

Merli, I don't like your attitude.

You're only here for 2 days.
even though it is causing problems.

Plato wanted to reach true knowledge,

the essence of things.

It is said that he essentially the definite man
once:"two-legged animals without feathers",

but he had to change the definition, because
Diogenes drew feathers from a chicken.

Go ahead!

Let's see ... Do you know where he is?
comes from the phrase "platonic love"?

Let's see, who knows?
Who knows? "Platonic love"? You!

Plato. That means, an impossible impossible love.

Yes, popularly, but it's a bad thing.
interpretation of the concept of love according to Plato.

For him, love is the impulse that leads to knowledge for the idea of ​​beauty.

# Honey, you'll come to
my place tonight? #

We'll see...

One thing is the sensitive world and
quite another is the world of ideas.

You're waiting in the Principal's office.

In between.

In between.

Eugeni was about to teach Ivan Blasco in his house

But Ivan's mother told him that someone named Merli

had came the day before.

Yes. I went to help him.
What do you think I was going to do?

Sorry, but I don't believe your altruism.

Merli, please.

You are ridiculous.

Just like when you told the children that they are homeless

and have no money.

It's better than insulting them.

Enough, Merli, enough.
You have brought yourself into a very delicate topic.

Ivan has agoraphobia.

All I did was ...

No! Do you know what to do and more if you go the wrong way?
All I did was ...

No! Do you know what to do and more if you go the wrong way?

Keep your job.

This is what you should do.

Eugeni will officially start teaching Ivan this afternoon.

I hope you have this in mind.

I'll keep that in mind.

Hope so.

Merli, you must be in the service of the institute,

not the Insitute at your service.

Do me a favor and don't skip any more rules.

Thank you, Santi.

Who wants to cheat on
the literary contest?

What does "cheating" mean?

One moment, one moment! First of all,
children, first:someone to take
participate in the literary contest?

Very well. I propose writing a poem
among us. We could base it on the

I love idea according to Plato.
Obviously we won't say

no one out of this class. It will be
be signed by only one of you

who will receive the prize in the case
win. One wins, we all win.

- Cool cool! How much money is the prize?
- Not hallucinations, man:a lot of books.

"The important thing is to participate, isn't it?"
- No no no no. The important thing is to try

to do something together and abandon
this pastoral paradise life.

What is he saying? This man is crazy!

Tell me, Joan.

No, the idea is well ...

Oh well. Thank you.

But ... you don't do that against the rules?


Joan, man!


Can not you make a joke for once in your life?

Joan is right!

Come on, man, it's fun.

How old are people of your age?
done just what they are allowed to?

Very good reflection, Merli! Remember
me in addition to an extra point in your test.

Guys, seriously:let's do it! We will win. Beyond,
Vilaseca:You're really good at poetry.

A little ... Not so much ...

- Guys!
"Oh really, Marc?" Do you read poetry?

I learned a sonnet from Shakespeare
for theater classes.

Man, come on.

Recite it, man!

Let's go!

Silence, the others.

"Being your slave, what should I do but tend to
about the hours and hours of your desire?

I don't have precious time at all to spend,
nor services to do, until you need it. "

Yes sir!

Very well!


Well done, man!


- Pol! Hey, Pol! Charge your batteries or I'll change my favorite.
- Bullshit! Merli, now I'll show you that I'm his favorite:

What do you think if you write an erotic poem?


I like it!

I want proposals, verses, ideas.
Come on, go:have inspiration!

- "The pastoral life Paradisíaca" ... I can not find it, the man.
"That means we're lazy and don't strain.

That's why he wants to transform
us with the porn poem.

Buah! Merli is ... I love you. The idea of ​​cheating is ...
I want more of Merli's hours! He is incredible.

Keep Calm! Keep Calm, Geri, Keep Calm.

The girls scared when
I was reciting Shakespeare!

What are you saying, man?

- You say to a girl "I paint my age
with the beauty of his days. "
- And?

And you fuck her!

- No way!
"They'll think you're a fag, man!"


No, no! You have to offer something more girls.

- There is a lot of competition.
- Yes, like Merli:he must fuck a lot ...!

Yes, look who's talking! That one that
every night goes to hairdresser Berta de ...

Yes ... but visits to your mother
Hairdressers are more.

to have broken?

No, no. Not yet, but ... she pisses me off like this.
too expensive. Throughout the day:"Love My Sweetie Love" ...
Buff ... She's a pain in the ass, man!

Hi Laia!

- Buah! That one is so hot!
- She's a fighter! (Methaphor:too hot).

I fuck her here!

- Yes, but ... she is older ... She must be 25 or so ...
- Much better! Wake up once and for all!

Much better.


You know there's a college reunion next week?

The committee of the literary contest will have a meeting.

Oh, the contest.
Not many students join?

Not many, 20 or 30 maybe.

"Listen, here you must not talk.
- Eh?

"Albert could see us.
- We're coworkers.

"What's weird about that?"
- Please don't insist.

You have to look normal, Laia.

How do you want me to be normal?
We have betrayed him.

We will see,
For me, infidelity only exists

If there is passion, this is not the case.

You're not in love with me.
It was sex, period.

But you like me, don't you?

Do you hear yourself when you talk?

Where do you get security so blatantly?

I know what I say?

Nothing will happen between us.


I love you.

Thank you.

Let's meet today?

I have to get my grandmother.
from the center of the day care center.

My brother works, so I'll have to
do it every afternoon.

"Can not your father go?"
- Yeah ... right ... I have to.

You had not told me ...

I'm telling you now. Besides, I want
take the bike to the workshop.

If you take the bike we can meet.
My mother's hair is closed today.

If you want, we can go there.

Berta, who is already well. We'll meet here.

You are breaking up with me?

Don't be upset, we're friends, aren't we?

- Dammit! Are you going to cry now?
"It's not for that, leave me alone!"

What is wrong? Hey?

Did you want to argue with your mother again?

I want to be with you because I am
very scared and I want company ...

My period did not start ...


- Berta:what the hell do you mean by your
"Period has not started"? Explain me now!
- I don't know...

- You don't know? It's impossible!
- Maybe the condom broke! I don't know!

Damn it!

Ivan, open.
Let's go.

Don't you see this won't do.

Your mother will be angry if you don't open it.



Ivan, are you stupid or what?


You have done it very well.

I hear.
I can not teach you today because I'm not officially your support teacher.
I understand?

It would be unethical for me to teach you

when the teacher is still Eugeni Bosc.

If you want me to go,
You have to tell your mother.

that you just work with me.

What do you think?

No girl.
I made it up.

Wait. I did not get it.
What did you say to Pol?

Well, it scared me when I told him my period had not yet come.

And now he thinks I might be pregnant

That I'm carrying a baby inside.

It's a lie. And?
He told me he was in love with me.

I already told him that he says it for all the girls.

How have you been?

- You put a face ...

Someday, you'll have to tell her the truth.

"When I get tired, I can be patient.
"But he must be terrified."

If you tell him ...

No, I won't.
I swear.

I swear.

Do you help me with Language this afternoon?

I go shopping with my mother.

Going to the supermarket is more important than

helping a friend with work, right?

It's ok.
And you have to help me with the erotic poem.

- It's ok.
- It's ok.

But what do they teach these directors in theater school?

Now he wants to take me home a submarine.

feel it.

For what? For me, to join him.

I told him:"Get on it and you'll see Canterbury."

Oh, what a dude. Pour me out.

Did you know that your child wants
to cheat on the literary contest?

We are writing an erotic poem
and will be signed by only one.

"What a great idea!
- No! Not a great idea! It is a "merlinada".

Don't go to class.

I never skive off.

Look, I give you permission to jump
The lessons of everything Eugeni Bosch.

All teachers are bad, but
you're right? You're the coolest.

because you encourage us to cheat ...
What a carefree attitude ...

It's pathetic! You act as if you
were a teenager

I don't even know how old you are!

You don't give a damn.

You should start thinking verses,
I'll ask in the classroom tomorrow.


How are you? Did you want to talk to me?
Go to the office.

No, I have to run back to work.

I wanted to say that I'm worried about Ivan.

Yes sorry.

I apologize for the problems that the philosophy teacher made.

It was a misunderstanding.
How was Eugeni yesterday?

- They did not study.
"Did not they?" Why not?

Ivan did not open the door.

I think it was because of his illness.

Well, these psychological issues are delicate.

- When I spoke to the psychologist ...
- No, no. He doesn't want a psychologist.

He doesn't?

He wants the other teacher. Merli.


Yes. He wants it.

We'll have to convince him because

The volunteer teacher is Eugeni.

You understand I won't allow my son to study with someone

with whom he is not at ease.

I want him to be healed.

And to be happy.

I understand, Miriam.
I understand, but ...

Ivan is the only one I have in this life.

I don't know what's so special about Merli, but I want him to take care of my son.

You are very smart.

How do you convince him?

What strategy did you use to convince Ivan's mother?

What should you be going to teach your son?

"There is no strategy.
- No?

She knows full well that I have more time to devote to it.

I don't work full time, so ...

You think I'm an idiot.

but gradually, I will find out.

Apparently, Ivan only wants you.


He's the only one smart, not me.

You convinced him.

I don't know how, but you did it.

Hey, Merli,
I don't want you to manipulate it anymore.

You're going to teach Ivan.

Now, you will compensate Eugeni by doing his hours of service.

Just so you know.
This can not be done.

Can not you do it?
Do you want me to call the inspector?

I don't care.

I'll call them.

I wrote two verses ...
Something useless, I think ...

Is it just me or is my dad crazy?

I think he's funny.


Don't say "hi"!

Leave him alone, he has problems.
Not because of you.

- What happened?
- Um, nothing ...

No, come on:what? Tell me.

Nothing happens.

- Let's go!
- I can not. I can not! You did not tell
Tell me who you are passionate about.

Ohhh! I'll tell you, but you in the first place.

Pol broke off with Berta.

Oh really?

"And he's scared because he thinks she's pregnant."
"And why did she tell you that?"

Because she wanted to scare him.
because he wanted to separate.

I don't understand why you're his friend.
She makes you follow her.

like a puppy.

"You're always jealous of Berta."
- Me?

Yes. I think you're in love with me ...

"I wrote some verses for the poem too.
- Oh really?


Are you going to read it in front of your father?

Very well.

Hi, Merli.

Have you seen Eugeni?

- I haven't.
- You haven't? I have to talk to him.

He asked me for an article for his blog.

Oh, cool.
That will give you prestige.


Toni was looking for you.

Did you tell him that you and I ...?

"You think I'm crazy?"
"Oh, alright, alright.

"Hey, are you coming home this afternoon?"
- No.

I was with Albert.

"But you, who do you want to be?"
- Please, enough.

I already feel guilty.

Guilt, guilt, guilt, guilt ...
Forget Jude-Christian guilt.

Did you have fun?

Yes or no?

- Yes.
- Me too.

You want to stay?

In your home.

- Leave me alone! You are hurting me!

Like this?

My period has not yet begun.

How can you be so calm?
I did not sleep all night!

I'm trying to think of other things. Does
Do you think I like it? I'm nervous too!

Do the test!

I can not wait any longer, Berta. I'm freaking out! We'll go
now to the hospital or wherever you want, but now!

I'm scared.

Scared? The sooner you know, the better!


"Who brings material for the poem?"
- I!

All right. Let's go. Silence, the others.

Okay, just two lines:"Like a wild horse,
I gallop looking for your image ".

- What? Why are you laughing? Do it yourself!
- It's very good.

No no no no. I really like the horse idea.
It is a powerful animal. We could use the
Trojan horse history, you know what?

Yes! We studied this in Literature.

Warriors hid inside a wood
horse to cross the wall.

Well, we can use this story to make an allegory:
the horse is a man; the walled city, a woman.

Of course, the horse, I mean, the man
want to ... penetrate the woman.

Penetrate, eh?

What is it, Vilaseca?
Can not girls talk about penetration?

- Of course!
- Continue, continue.

The wall is what the horse has to cross,
the challenge that the lover aspires to.

Come on:more ideas.


We can use the horse, but the horse
is in front of the center of ... represents the
woman. No matter, I was confused.

No no no no. That's right. You mean that
must mention horse and city
to introduce characters from the poem, right?


That's nice. That could be like:

"Like a wild horse ..."
"At the gates of the city."

Well done, Tania. "At the gates of the city".

- "I seek your image ..."
- Buah! I'm getting horny!

Let's see:a word that rhymes with "city" (city)?

Malicious (putead).

I think it's cooler "I'm a wild horse" instead
of "like a wild horse". Sounds better.

"I am a wild horse ...".

Let's think about everything:
a word that rhymes with "city".

I have that!

"A beauty" (a precious thing).

The woman is a beauty
which rhymes with "city".

Damn it, girl! You are triumphing!

- Very well:"It's a beauty."

You! But he isn't an idiot!

Hey! Joan has
a poem and he does not want to read!

- Shut up, girl!
- Let's go!

Leave him alone if he does not want to read it!

Let's go! Read it!

Let's go!

Don't make us beg! Let's go!

Come on, man! Read it!

Let's go!

Come on, Joan. Come on:don't be afraid!

I've done it fast, you won't like it.

You're a machine! You always stay Excellents!

Guys! Read it!

"But ... I don't know ... no ..."
- Come on, Joan:read it, because
if not, you'll be sorry. Let's go.

"Even though your eyes can not see me ..."

The next one who laughs will be kicked out.

"Even though your eyes can not see me,
I'm already part of you,
like the water of the Earth.

I envy the wind,
who can touch it all.


guys! Sign me an autograph!

Well done, man!


Sign me an autograph, right now!

Well done, I'll take it.

Who else has written verses at home? From Bruno!

"When you touch your cock,
means you have not fucked
since many time ago ".

No, that doesn't work. This is not erotic. It's pornography.

Bruno, you're going to sign the poem.

And if you win, you will go up to collect the prize.


- Shit! Man, my mother made ham again ...
- Dude, I don't know! Make it for yourself!

She does this, I did not ask her!

Bruno succeed with porn verse!

I freaked out!

- Sometimes he's out of tune with Santi too ...
"He's having trouble at home today. As the teacher is your father ...

Guys? What is wrong?


You broke up with Berta, did not you?

"I told you not to!" She is very hot!
- Just fucking shut up!

Marc, Marc, Marc! Leave him alone.
I know what happens.

What are you saying?

I know what happens to Berta.

"Who told you that?" Tania?

Keep Calm! We'll help you change diapers.

- What are you doing? What are you doing, dude?
"What are you doing, you bastard!"

Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop!

It was a joke, dammit!

What are you doing?

Man, what's going on?

But how old are you?

You're lucky you just got kicked out for a day.

Blood taste really bad ...

I was going to tell Pol ... I made a joke, and ...

He's hysterical.

Yes ... Now I'm not telling him.
He's a son of a bitch. I hate him ...

You don't hate him, Bruno.

"You've been friends for years.
"I was going to tell you that Berta is lying to him."

I'm an idiot:I feel sorry for a gobshite.



Why won't you tell me?
Who are you in love with?


"Your father doesn't know you're gay?"
- No way!

I suck, don't I?

No you don't suck.

A little...

In high school I always have problems. Now
It's been some time since this has not happened.

I'm like ... I don't know ... I did not control myself.

I don't know what the hell is wrong with you and Bruno.

You mysteriously silent during class;

and it dynamites me with pornographic verses.

And he says I get noticed!

And now the coup ... What happened?
Bruno never gets into fights.

- I lost control, dammit!
"Well, you must control your impulsiveness.

You're right...

I was off the line ...

You don't have to say it to me.

I'm going to talk to Bruno.

So this is the room where you
are sent when they are expelled?

Well, I just decided that I'm going to get it here.
students who have questions about the subject.

No teacher has his or her own office, and
there are more teachers on guard.

Just because he always was that way
does not mean that it always has to be this way.

"I'll see about Bruno tonight."

He's not going to be home tonight.
He has dance classes.

- Oops.
- What?

- So Bruno dances?

"Yes ... Shit, I didn't say that.

Yes, yes, he dances.

He likes to dance.

But please don't tell anyone.

He doesn't want anyone to know.
Shut you mouth idiot.

Okay, okay.

Go and ask for forgiveness.

Have you ever apologized?

Byebye, Pol.

Then the boy laughed at me.

So I got mad at him.

Those third year high school students have changed.

Yes, I know that.

They are very rude.

You already know, authority and patience.

What medicine.

- Hi.
- Hey.

Eugeni, I want to talk to you.

I have no time.

I know what I did with Ivan isn't good.

I should not have done it without your consent.



What else do you want?
I'm apologizing.

Accepted apologies.

Good luck
with the guards.

"Toni, I want to talk to you about something."
- Yes. Tell me.

syllabus of philosophy is very broad.

Students have difficulty understanding
some concepts.

I could provide a few hours

for those who want to ask me about anything.

I could use the guard room because I'm going to spend many hours there?

I understand now.

That's why you apologized Eugeni in front of me, right?

So you could ask me this privilege.

No, no, Toni. This isn't my style.

I just asked for a space for the students which is what they need.

After school.

You can find them
in the Department of Language.

But there are other teachers.

No teacher can have hours in private rooms.

Most parents can not explain these concepts.

It is a practical matter.

AMPA:The Association of Mothers and Parents of Students:Parents Association of students.
Toni, I think the AMPA with being grateful

Don't say what you do is for AMPA
AMPA:The Association of Mothers and Parents of Students:Parents Association of students.
Toni, I think the AMPA with being grateful

Don't say what you do is for AMPA

You do it for yourself.

On the first day, you already taught me the cards.

What you want is to be alone in one place.

away from other teachers.

Yes, I admit it.
I'm very independent

and I understand a thousand times better with students.

I hear. I only ask for about 6 hours

spreading throughout the week.

I can do it in conjunction with my duty to guard.

or in free time.

I think it could go well for me and for them as well.

Six hours during school hours,
if the room isn't occupied.

Very good.
You convinced me.

You see? Tell the truth.

Save yourself the manipulations for me.
Do me a favor.

One two Three.

Raise your chin, Bruno.

Five six seven.

And right foot. Start again.

One two three four,

five six seven.

We are.

And right foot.

Perfect. We stopped here.
We'll continue tomorrow.

- You kept pretty quiet about it ...

Did my father say that I was here?

He let it out.

What do you want, Pol?

It hurts?

Dude, I don't know ...!

I'm very nervous, you know why ...

If Berta is pregnant, I'm going to die ...

Aren't you in love with Berta anymore?

No, I never fall in love.

I'm like this.

What a fucking day!

See you at school, okay?

Pol! Wait!

Berta isn't pregnant.

She became over her period
because you wanted to separate.

Oh really?

Dammit! I can not believe!

What a bitch!

See you in the classroom!

From Bruno!

You dance really cool!


[How does Pol know she has a dance class?]

[Merli ????]

[Fuck Merli]

- Fucking shit!
"Don't tell me he would not be here?"

Give it to me!

"This can not be happening to me!"
"Why are you back so early to dance lessons, son?"

NO! SON, NO! I want a DNA test!

You inherited genes from your grandmother.
Work in the theater. Working in the theater, you will succeed.

Dad...! Shut up!

If Albert knows ...

you were practicing to
your erotic poem?

Do you want some fuet?

Do you realize what you did, Dad?

Dammit! What time is it? Ivan
Blasco is waiting for me at his house.

"You act like nothing's wrong ..."
"Actually, nothing happens if I'm late.
He'll be there for sure.

Dad! Laia has a boyfriend!
The Physical Education teacher!

Laia came willingly. If she
cheats that guy, it's not my problem.

- No, no! Don't dramatize!
- I did not dramatize! And take
dress, dammit! You're naked!

It's ok! Calm down!

"Fortunately, you're here!" I'm so nervous ...
"Do you know anything yet?"


I talked to my dad and I told him everything.

What did you say to him, you idiot?

So that we can have a child.


- He'll help us. Now, let's go to your house, talk to your mother ...
- No no no no! I don't want to talk to anyone!

Why not?

Because I'm not pregnant.

I already know you're not, bitch!

Bruno told me who invented it!

- I'd like to be preg ...
- No! Don't touch me, Berta!

Don't touch me!

You know the dirty trick
What did you do to me, girl?

Do you know how I felt wrong?

Deceiving me with false feelings isn't a bastard trick?
Making me believe that you loved me just to fuck?

I already know that! But don't compare, chick!

Dammit! Making me believe you're pregnant?

You're not right in the head!

Guys think you're a fucking hero, but girls think
You're an arrogant, idiot and a hypocrite!

But I love you...

I don't want to be with you anymore.

Especially after what you did to me.

You screwed me and I don't have
screwed you up. We are in peace.

[Berta:Do you know how to keep a secret?]

[Tania:Sorry. You're right. I said of Bruno.]

[Berta:You're a bitch.]

[Tania:I did not know he would tell Pol. I'm sorry.]

[Berta:Don't tell me.]


Since today is the first day of school,

We start with the most important subject.


Today, Plato.

I'll tell you a story.

The myth of the cave.

Turn off the light.

Sit down.

Hey, this room is a mess.
The next day, I want it clean.

Do you agree?

Sit down.

Look, this is a cave.

Inside the cave,

There are some men who are tied by their feet and neck

for a long time.

They can only look forward.

Behind them is a wall.

And beyond the wall, a fire.

The men who keep the fire

move some pictures
over the wall.

which is projecting on the wall of the cave.

You see?

Inmates think the shadows that are reflected

are real.

Because that's the only thing they can see.
Are you following?

One of the men ...

frees himself from the chains

and comes out of the cave.

The sun blinds the eyes,

but gradually he becomes accustomed to the light

and discover that reality ...

is what on the outside.

Not the shadows of the cave.

Ivan, look at me.

Look at me.

I'll get you out of the cave.

Santi, take the 3rd and 4th grade students to the hall.

And you, Merli, the first year.

And hang this
Next to the reception, please.


Excuse me.
Are you the janitor?

Do I have the face of a caretaker?

I don't know

What do you want?

I want to give my son these keys.

Do you want me to give them to him, Madame?

You don't have to "Madame" me.

What are those?

Look, I don't have time to waste.

When you arrive at your house there is an ice-cream
shop, you go down ... and it's like a ...

What a blow!

What a fool!

Let's go! Above!

"I'm fine, I'm not hurt. It's done. this
has been the funny bone. It's done.
- Are you alright?


Yes! Leave me alone!


Are you still mad at me?

Girl! You've been strange to me for a week!
I apologized! I did not know Bruno would tell Pol.

You should have thought of that before.

And now? Are we going to be this
way all year round?

What if we go to the canteen and invite you?

Like this?

You're right. Nor is it the plan we will be
This way, throughout the school year.

But be careful what you say!

Children! All for the meeting room! O
contest awards ceremony is starting!

Let's go! We're going to win!

Have you thought any speech in the case of winning?

No ... What do you want me to say?

You can Dance!

Very well. And now we turn to the poetry category.

We will see...

The third prize was unawarded.

Screams! What a pity!

Yes. But the second prize has a winner:

The jury decided to assign the
second prize to the poem "Erotic Troy".


This poem was signed with a pseudonym:"peripatetic".
And its author collects the prize of Bruno Bergeron.

Hi. I would like to dedicate this award to my class ...


And ... I mean, I would not do it.
would have been possible without them.

And that's it.

Wait a minute! Wait a minute, Bruno!
Wait. I'd like to say something. I want
say something with the jury's permission.

He'd better not say it is ours.

This man is crazy!

Let's see ... I just want to say that this
The poem was not written by Bruno alone.

That is, it was written by all students
class' peripatetic, who accepted my proposal.

What the fuck!

And we learned two things:

Working in group and pleasure for writing.

And I want to congratulate them because they kept it a secret.

Only 15 days and you ignored the rules again.

Toni, please.
They have learned to do something together.

- I told you before.

- You talk about how to work together, but
You don't know how to work as a team.
- I told you before.

- You talk about how to work together, but
You don't know how to work as a team.

I only think of my students.

The peripatetics.

Don't tell me how to teach.
Philosophy is my territory.

Philosophy, yes. Not poetry.

Both are based on Plato's idea of ​​love.

Just ask them and see what they know by heart.

We could give them an exam today and they would get excellent results.

Yeah, that's great.

I like that they are learning with different method.

But you are revolutionizing the chicken coop,

And that was very quiet until you arrived.

Calm down.
They just take part in the literary contest.

10 out of 300 students.
And do you know why?

Because they believe they can not write.

Because no one has the courage.

How does the whole class to participate in the contest does no harm?

You told Bruno that, right?

After having embarrassed him in front of everyone.

You could have saved him.

When you cheat, you don't have to say it.

Or else, it would not be cheating.
Did you have to tell the truth?

Listen, Merli ...

I know you know how to motivate students better than anyone,

That's why I like having you here.
But I don't want problems.

Try to make your talent more discreet, dammit.

Now get out.

There is a line of teachers who want to complain

And I have to save your ass.

Come on, Toni! Play it!

Looks like you have butterfingers, kid!


Hi Bruno. All right?

Yes ... My father spoiled everything again, as always ...

It's your style ...

I like him.

Oh really?

Let's go! Play it! He's a curious guy.

Very, very curious ...

Do you want me to tell you any of your curiosities?

Everyone is talking about you. And I feel
bad when someone talks about you.

You feel bad because you feel guilty.

You should not take it that tremendously, Laia.
This is what happens to us is fantastic!

In addition:we don't know for days.


You teach to keep secrets,
but your son did not learn.

Albert! Alva ...!

Don't touch me!


Then came the turkey.
And he told the truth that he wrote this poem together.

and that he is proud of us.

He did that? In front of everyone?

Yes Yes. Gee!

Bruno wanted to die on stage.

Poor him.

He's unbelievable.

Merli is unbelievable, really.

I think he's brilliant.

Can the teacher encourage adolescent students to write a poem?

You think poetry sucks.

Yes. Everything is in rhythm.

I have to meet Merli.

No mother.
Don't come near the institute.

If this is a good thing, I want to congratulate you.

I know.
But I don't want you to come. OK?

It's not ok.
It is childish that mothers ...

- Shit. You're going, right?
- Yes.



Sit down.

I walked into a door.

Are you hurt?

Eh? Don't.

I think I'm going to sleep.

No, wait, wait.

Open this book.

"The banquet"?

In this book,

Plato describes many ways of loving.

Outside, it is
the world of the living.

Don't forget that you too are a part of it.

How many lives do you think you have?

Just one life!

Pol Rubio, Bruno Bergeron ...

Thank you for participating.

The fucking 4.

Do you learn that impertinence at home?

The best thing you can do is study for the next exam

- That's in 3 days.
- What?

Eugeni has a grudge against me.

We talked about it, right?

He hates me because I am your son.
We talked about it, right?

He hates me because I am your son.

Well, I bring a new student.
Her name is Monica de Villamore.

- Clean the drool.
- I think I'm in love.

You admit that you wrongly failed him.

No way.
He failed, that's all.

Tell little Bergeron to study more

for the exam the day after tomorrow.

You said that if we have a question, then ...

Yes, questions philosophy, not how to flirt.

But you don't have any, I don't know, technique or something?


"Are you going to study at your house?"
- What?

He's not like you.

We're friends, right? That's it.

How old are you
when your mother died?


Dammit, so many questions, right?

Gerard has the pleasure
with their classes

and I would love to see him happy.
I appreciate it.

I'm late for work.

Goodbye, Merli.