Mech-X4 (2016–2018): Season 2, Episode 20 - Versus The End - full transcript

A super-charged Mech-X4 races around the world to defeat Traeger's beasts, and Ryan must make one of his toughest decisions yet: save his friend or save the world?

Previously on Mech-X4...

I'll have enough red bloom

to infect and control
every human on the planet.

So much information
from all over the world.

The techno booster's working!

You're being super saturated by the
Thirty's power without it hurting you.

Something's happening in London.

Grey's there in her monster form, she's
spreading the bloom all over the city.

Ryan, please don't!

It's me, your best friend!



Easy there, honey.
It's just me.

I was just thinking.

Mom, have you ever had to

hurt somebody
you really care about?

Oh. Yeah, I've had to make
some tough choices,

but nothing like
what you're dealing with.

Honey, sometimes...

sometimes you have
to hurt people

that you care about
for their own good.

Like separating you
from Mr. Wooby.

You cried for a week.

This problem's a little
bigger than Wooby.

Tell that to your four-year-old self.

I wish I could just lift
all this off your shoulders,

but I can't, can I?

Harris is my best friend.

I know.

And I also know this.

Whatever you choose to do...

will be the right thing.

Robot's ready.
We gotta get to London.

You should be safe here.

Well, be careful,
both of you.

Be careful, all of you!

Whoa, easy there, Top Gun.

You're red-lining the engines.

Slow it down.

What? Oh, yeah, that's right.

I'm still getting used
to my power-up.

But you're used to the girdle.
Good for you.

It's not a girdle.

- Hmm.
- No, Ryan's right.

It... it's more like a corset.

What... is... a... corset?

How do you spell that?


Look, London.

Can the, uh, robot
locate Emma Watson?

Spyder, you can be
rejected by wizards

after we take out Grey.

- Veracity!
- Scanning.

Looks like the red bloom is stored
inside the monster's big claws.


It's going for your head again!


Yeah? Spyder, plasma axe!

Check this out.

Dang, son.

She's making a run for it!


- Yo, nerd high-five!
- Yeah!

I'd high-five, but...

I'm up here.

Grey is gone.

I can no longer feel
her connection to the ooze.


Whoa, easy big guy.

We can always
get more flunkies.

The Far East. Go now!

You need a hug?

- No.
- Sure?

- Still no.
- Okay.

What is going on?

Looks like the ooze
is migrating underground.

Almost like it's... like it's
being pulled somewhere.

It's Traegar. Gotta be.

He must need the ooze back
to make more of the bloom.

It's enough
to infect another city.

Aw, man, this is weird.

She has been purged
of ooze completely,

but I'm barely
reading any vitals.

So, she's not made
of ooze like Traegar.

Ha! No.

She's clearly made
of bad life decisions.

Is, um...

is that what we're
gonna do to Harris?

If it's the only way
to save the world...

we'll do whatever we have to.


Uh, I'm not sure

what those things
on Grey's neck are, but...

her body's okay.

There's just
no brain activity.

It's like a catatonic
state or something.

Nobody's home.

Oh! Well, in that case.

- I call dibs on her knifey things.
- I think, uh...

Dude, maybe you should
just put that down.



Guys, come on.
I'm the weapons guy.

You don't think I can handle...

Oh! Ooh!

So, it's in your foot.

Yeah. Yeah.

She's got another one
if you want a matching pair.

Come on, dingus,
I'll patch you up.

It's strange.

Seems like these
marks on Grey's neck

could maybe be ooze tendrils
connected to her brain.

- Ow! My foot!
- I'm sorry.

I thought Grey and Harris
transformed into the monsters

like the Hulk, and...

All I can think of
is the Hulk.

What... what if she created
the monster around her body?

Like maybe, she has
those ooze tendrils

connecting to her brain,

so she could pilot the monster.

Like how I pilot the robot.

Or how Harper
piloted his beast.

So, you're saying Harris,

like human Harris,

is inside that shark thing?

But if we free him,

the monster dies,

and we can end the fight without...

Turning him into that.

See if you can figure out
a way to get him out.

According to the news feeds,

Harris is spreading the bloom
over Shanghai.

Dude, we're flying.
Shouldn't you be on the control pad

or looking out the visor
to make sure we don't hit anything?

I'm powerful enough to fly
this thing from anywhere.

Uh, so, we may have figured out
how to kill two birds with one stone.

Have you ever actually
tried to do that?

It's totally hard.

Birds do not get the concept
of standing in a line.

I mean, Veracity might
have figured out

how to stop the monster
and save Harris.

Harris is, essentially,
the monster's heart.

So if we can get in there,
rescue him.

No more heart,
no more monster.

We can get Harris back.

This is the most powerful
tranquilizer that I can make.

Just one dose will knock
him out for a few minutes.

Hopefully without any
permanent damage.

Don't love "hopefully."

And one of us is supposed
to go inside the monster

to get Harris out.

That's crazy.

And I wanna do it.


I'll do it.

I'm the reason he's in there.

It's up to me to get him out.

I just... I just need
a minute to gear up.



Didn't you hear Veracity?

Just one of these
is really strong. Three?

- It'll take out Harris for good.
- I know.

- Ryan...
- I blew it in Brazil.

If I had taken Harris down,

we would've destroyed the blooms.

But I wanted my friend back.

I put what I wanted
above everything else.

- You were trying to help your friend.
- I was selfish!

And the world
is paying the price!

I can't let that happen again.

If something goes wrong,

and you can't
get Harris out...

you gotta do it.

I can't.


You kept your
Harris plan from me,

because you thought
I couldn't make the tough calls.

Well, here I am making one.


Ooh! Can the robot
locate Jackie Chan?

I... I wanna know the
best way to fall off a roof.

The best way
to fall off a roof

would be to
not fall off a roof.

Where is he?


Let's see if this robot fist
is as good as Harper thinks.

- Mark, you good to go?
- Ready.

All systems online.

Welcome to the Harp fist.

Are you ready to abandon the team
in the middle of a fight?

You know he built this as his
personal escape pod, right?


But I got a better use for it.

Mark, you okay in there?

I'm in a tiny cockpit,
in a giant robot hand,

you shot into a monster.

Pretty far from okay.

Coming here was a mistake!


Let's see some of those
super-charged powers.

Mark and Harris
are both in there!

I can't hurt
the monster too much.

Harris, I'm here to save you.

You will fail!

Dude, this isn't you.

You can't be the bad guy.

The real Harris
is kind and generous.

Know how I know?

Ryan told me what you did
after the first monster battle.

Ryan wasn't sure
if he wanted me on the team,

but you talked him into it!

I'm a hero because of you.

I got my brother back
because of you.

I... I remember.

That makes us
more than teammates.

More than friends.

We're family.

And Harris Harris Junior
would never hurt his family!

That's right.

Come back to us, Harris.

I need that sock garter-wearing,

girl-crazy mathlete
who hates Traeger.

I am not girl-crazy!

I like them a normal amount.

It's me.

But not for long!

I knew I rocked
that emotional speech.

I worked on that for, like...

- twelve...
- Not the time!

Right, right. Uh...

How do I get you
out of this mess?

The monster's not doing anything.

Come on, Mark.

Come on.
Whatever you're doing is working.

You can't just pull me out.

My body's full merged
with the monster.

Dude, there's gotta be another way.

If I can't disconnect you...

- Ryan says I gotta.
- Ryan's right.

What are you saying?

You have to take me down.

I can't do that!

You just have to.

I can't, all right?
Do you know what three will do to you?

I don't know if I'll get you back!

I'm starting to lose control again.

Guys, Mark failed!

Mark, you have to do it.

That's what happened to Grey.

Oh, no.

He was supposed
to get Harris out.

Harris is gone.

I liked that kid.

Such a waste. So much... potential.

This will require
a change in tactics.

Guys, his heart's not beating!

- I don't think he's breathing either.
- I know CPR.

- Get the pillow.
- Okay, okay.

All right.


- What did you do to him?
- What he needed to do.

Actually, what
Harris told me to do.

He said the only way
to really save him

was to trick Traegar
into thinking he was gone.

So Traegar would remove all the ooze
from his body just like Grey?


But this time,
tricking Traegar into unplugging first.

I used all the tranqs on him.

Harris said it was up to us
to bring him back

after that ooze was gone.

And if we can't?

He said it was better than being a slave.

Oh, no, no, no, no.

No, we didn't go through
all this just to lose him.

We are not losing him!


Harris, come on. Come back to us, please.
I'll do anything.

Guys, his heart's still not

Guys, I can use my power.

I can see the electricity
inside Harris' body.

Electricity in his body?

Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

The heart has nodes that conduct
electricity to make it beat.

I don't want a science lesson.
I want Harris back.

Let's go for both.

Let's go for both!

I can't believe you wasted me.

Good job!

And I can't believe you
gave me mouth-to-mouth.

I most certainly did not.

Not when I tell the story.

I'll allow it...

Welcome back, buddy.


Everybody, clear the way.

This man was a corpse
about an hour ago.

Need anything?

Ice pack, foot rub?

You're not a zombie, are you?

- No.
- No!

Back to classic Harris.

Evil me made some
questionable wardrobe choices.

A black jacket with a turtleneck?

Was I supposed to be an
evil liberal arts professor?

All right, the fist is reattached,
so we're on our way home.

Oh, and I'm tracking the ooze.

It disappeared underground,
back to Traegar, so...

we should know where he is soon.

Feels good to win again.

But we still need to beat
Traegar and Harper.

And figure out
how to cure everyone

that's already been infected.

When I was possessed,

I could hear
Traegar's voice in my head.

If we take out Traegar,
no more voice.

Everyone gets
their free will back,

and the ooze in their
bodies go dormant.

We still have, let's see,

we have 50%
of your power-up left.

Hopefully that's enough
to defeat Big Red.

Let's find Traegar

and defeat him once and for all.

- What are we doing here?
- I lost both my monsters.

My ability to spread the bloom
has been compromised.

Can't you just, you know,

Godzilla up
and spread the rest yourself?

The robot defeated both my champions.

The wisest course of action
is to continue the plan

in a place the robot cannot follow.

We're gonna reset the remote sites
to two-one-four.

- We're ready now.
- We and the remaining bloom

are taking a trip.

To outer space?