Mech-X4 (2016–2018): Season 2, Episode 18 - Versus Harris - full transcript

Ryan and what's left of his team take on Traeger and a traitor in Brazil.

Previously, on Mech-X4...

Get away from her!

Great idea.

Looks like he bought it.
Thanks, Mom.

That's right, little Harris.
Go back to your master.

You've experienced
the effects of the red bloom.

An improvement on the brain bug
you used on Grace, yes?

Is this your way
of carrying out my plan?


You've got Grey out there
looking for a place

to grow a lot
of these babies, right?

Pack your sunblock, boys.
We're going to Brazil.

You told me you'd make sure
that Harris didn't escape.

And then you helped him do it!
You're off the team.

Come on. Come on.

Ryan, your tutor's here.

- Oh, great.
- What?

I don't know. I was sort of hoping

maybe my tutor would be a cute girl.

Yeah. And your mom
was sort of hoping

you wouldn't be held back.

Hey, I'm Ryan.

You're, uh...

A kid that's lived
on your block for 10 years.

Right! Harris, I...

Sorry, but I didn't recognize you
outside the library.

The library has T3 speed Internet.

Plus, Josie Martin works there
after school every day.

Mm, Josie Martin.

So, what subject are you lame at?


Where are your books?

What is this, two years ago?

Everything's on my HarpPad.

Let's get this math party started.

Yeah, let me just get this wheel off.

Put that screwdriver right here,

brace it against this part,
then just give the end a tap.

Ah. How'd you do that?

Leverage. The slope of the board

and the distance to the wheel
are covariants.


It means they stick together
no matter what.

So, you just gotta solve
for the angle X, and boom, no more wheel.

- Simple math.
- Okay.

Let's do this.

You boys finished
cleaning up in here?

You haven't even started.

Everything okay?

- Yeah.
- Yep.

You're sure?

Nothing wrong at school?

In the robot?

It's all good, Mom. We're good.

Okay. But I want all this put away.

Ryan, I think I've found
a possible location

in the data core
you found at Harper's.

Veracity found Harris.

- So?
- So, what?

- You're not gonna say it?
- Say what?

That you made a mistake
about Harris.

That you're sorry
for doing something so idiotic.

You're being idiotic!
I made the right decision,

and I'd do it again.

- You could've gotten Harris hurt or worse.
- And you wouldn't take that chance?

- Even if it meant saving the world?
- No! Never.

That's too bad...
because a leader would.

You know what? Fine.
I'm gonna go to South America,

stop Traeger and save Harris,
without you.

Fine. And you're welcome.

- For?
- If it weren't for me,

you'd have no idea
where they went.

I'll mention that to Harris.

If he's still alive.

So, where are they?

Well, according to the data
that I pulled off this bad boy,

Harper was secretly building
greenhouses all over the world.

Also, he was thinking
of proposing to your mom.

- Ew!
- Over my dead body!

I'm sorry.

Why greenhouses?

After his monster apocalypse,

he was gonna need
a steady supply of food.

This one... is in Brazil.

That makes sense.
They could use the greenhouse

to make the red bloom.

All right. Plot a course.

Don't you think leaving
Mark behind is a bad idea?

You not having a napkin,
that's a bad idea.

Us leaving Mark behind's
a great idea.

He lied to us.

We're supposed to be a team.

Come on, V, back me up.

Yeah, I'm sort of
Team Ryan on this one.

Mark lied to us,
and he lost Harris.

And you do need a napkin.

See, Spyder, we can do this.

I have total faith in both of you.

I have total faith in one of you.

I still think we might need Mark.

Not this Mark.

He's back to being the arrogant jerk he
was before we found Mech-X4.

So, if you subtract that...

and, uh, you move the two

to the other side of the equation...

I like it, I like it.

...then, X equals seven.

You just solved a polynomial, son.

You get excited
about the weirdest things.

That's 'cause...

I need to find a word
that rhymes with tutoring.


We had a dog.

Seriously, Harris...
thanks for the help.

Is something wrong?

No one's ever
fist-bumped me before.


Either of you dweebs
see my HarpPod?

Okay, boys, I'll be working late tonight,
so, dinner's in the fridge.

Okay, Mom.

- You gotta go.
- What?

Mom's working late,
I'm gonna throw a big party,

and I don't want you lame-os around.

How do you know I'm a lame-o?

- Your tie, your hair, your face...
- I rescind my request.

Ah. Why don't you guys
just go... see a movie?

Go to Hocus Pocus Pizza,
whatever nine-year-olds do.

- Uh...
- I'm 12.

And if you wanna make it
to 13, I'd better not see your face.

We can go to my house.

I can show you my sister's diary...

No! Did she mention me? No!

Just because he's older,
does not mean he gets to do this.

It's my house, too, I'm staying.

And so are you.

Oh, man.

I'm going to my first
high school par-tay.

Good thing I'm always
dressed for a night out.

I can see the diary
another time, right?

- Yeah, of course.
- Oh, cool, cool, cool.

I've planted the red bloom,

and I've created this for Traeger to use
his power to mass produce it.

We could be done by tonight!

Thanks for helping.

Yeah, I'm really more
of a supervisor type.

These are thinking man's hands.

Well done, Harris.

Sparing you seems to have been
a wise decision.

Ew, creepy.

But awesome.

By tonight, I'll have
enough red bloom

to infect and control
every human on the planet.

What about Mech-X4?
What about Ryan?

Don't worry about him.

If he shows up...

he's mine.

Hey! Jet gets FM radio.
Does anybody know what that is?

Camo-mode's up.
Veracity, what are we looking at?

Uh, let's see, growing pods,
refrigeration area...

Ah, bingo. Traeger, Harper,
Morris, Grey, and Harris.

So, four and a half baddies.

- Four and a half?
- Come on. Harris is tiny.

What is that?

The red bloom. These greenhouses
can make a ton of 'em.

What do you say we bring the robot in,

do a little cha-cha-cha
on the greenhouses?

First, we cure Harris,
then we destroy the greenhouses.

- But once we save him...
- Then, we dance.

You got the new antidote?

Uh, I upgraded it
with procatalytic enzyme,

but I can't be sure
it's gonna work without testing it.

We don't have time.
Harris is gonna have to be the test.

Wait for us!

Let's get our little
Hair-bear back.

You know, he really doesn't
like it when you make fun of his size.

Yeah. I know.

What are you babbling about?

Lucy and I were arguing
over everything.

So I said to her,
I can't live like this anymore.

And that's when I saw
the ad for a janitor with fighting skills.

I'm 14. Why are you telling me
your old man problems?

What do you want us...

Hey! Henchman number two.

Yeah, Vin Doofus, we're talking to you!

Come here!

Hey, buddy!




Harris, come on, we're best friends.

No, not anymore.

Is Ryan Peanut Walker gonna cry?

Are you a sad peanut?

Is this supposed to hurt?

I wasn't trying to hurt
Mommy's precious cargo.

Hey! Spyder said he wasn't
gonna tell anyone about that.

- Ryan?
- Harris! Hey, Harris!

Harris! Hey! You okay?

- Ryan...
- Yeah?

- Ryan?
- Yeah?

Ryan, wait up.

Okay, let's do this!

- You sure?
- There's a party in my house.

I'm not not going
to a party in my house.

That's a double negative.

And yep... yep, son!

Come on!

Huh? Why is this fun?

I don't know. But it is!

Dude, are those freshmen?

No, that's my little brother
and somebody, but... chill.

I'm already on it.

I call it...

the pain-a-pult.


Okay. All this being cool
is making me thirsty.

- You want anything?
- No, I'm... I'm good.

- Okay.
- Woo!

Hey! This is an expensive
piece of hardware!

Varsity punks.

Awesome. Dude, that's
straight-up sadistic. I'm so proud of you.

As soon as Ryan opens this cabinet...

He'll have egg on his face!

...he'll have egg on his face!


Wait until you see my designs
for "The Hurt Locker."

It's a locker that hurts.

He's coming. He's coming.

Nice jumping, bro.

We're out of chips.
Can you grab me some from there?


Ry... Ryan! It's a trap! No...


- Aw!
- Dude, we totally got that dweeb!

- Ryan...
- Harris.

You really shouldn't
have come here.

Your antidote didn't work.

Traeger has given me
more power than you can imagine.

Harris, I'm on your side!

I don't wanna hurt you.

- We're friends.
- I have new friends now.

- Hope you're ready to meet them.
- Harris, please!

Okay, we've harvested
the first batch.

It's packed and ready to go.

By the way, I did most
of the heavy lifting.

I need you to remain here

until the rest of the bloom
has reached full maturity.

I can, but you know
Ryan's here, right?

All he's gotta do is have the robot
stomp on this place,

and we are goners.

I mean, we're kind of
defenseless here.

Not in the least.

- You guys took out Morris?
- Who can't?

- Hey, I'm right here.
- Yeah, we know.

- Harris?
- The cure didn't work.

They've already
filled this container with red bloom.

Here comes some more.
Guys, we need the bot.

Bye-bye, red bloom.

How you feeling?

It hurts like crazy
when I sneeze, but...

- I'll be okay.
- Sorry about Mark.

He was just trying to impress
his varsity friends,

and he doesn't think
about who might get hurt.

You took that bullet for me, man.

You were in trouble.

I tried to help.

That's what tutors do.

No, that's...
that's what friends do.

And if you're ever in trouble,

no matter what's going on,
I'll have your back.

From now on, we stick together.

So we'll be... covariants?

Weirdly put, but yeah, I guess so.

- Yo, Spyder.
- Hey, Spyder.

Oh, what up?

You know that kid?

Jinx! Jinx again!

I can't do it.

It's Harris, I just... I just can't.

I knew you were too weak.

Okay, no more short jokes.

He can turn into a monster now?

Veracity, we need the anti-ooze
X-weapon, but dial it down.

- We don't wanna kill him.
- On it, give me a few.

Where'd he go?
V, can you track him?

Yeah, I am working
on the X-weapon.

I can't be in two places at once.

- Spyder, you see him?
- Yeah! Yeah, got him!

Uh... no.

That is, uh, just frozen yogurt.

He just took out the X-weapon.

It's the only weapon we have to take down
a monster of red ooze!

I can't... breathe.

- The shields!
- Hang on! Switching to shields!

Everybody okay?

We gotta get back out there.

I can't move the robot.

We've got damage icons
all over the place.

It's gonna take me
a few hours to get us moving again.

You know, Mark could've...

not finished this sentence.

Good call.

Not picking up
any life signs.

- Nobody's home.
- What about the red bloom?

Gone, man.

All of it.

We need to figure out
where they took the bloom and Harris.

Ryan? They didn't take Harris.

He went with them.

He's one of them now.

What are you saying?

The next time
that we battle the bad guys,

you have to choose
between saving Harris...

and saving the world.

Man, it's a long way from the ferry.
I miss Mark's car.

- You gotta let it go, dude...
- No, no, I'm not...

Wait. What's that?

The red bloom, they're spreading them
over the whole city.

Spyder, bounce belt. Now!

Find Ryan Walker.

Eliminate him.

Destroy Mech-X4!

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