Marcella (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Episode #1.8 - full transcript

In her desperate hunt for Matthew, Marcella questions Henry at his home. Tim's investigation into the murder of Andrew Barnes increases the pressure on Jason.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
I don't love you anymore.

I didn't kill anyone.
I moved... Moved the body.

That's been affecting me.

- Dad's busy at work.
- Has he met someone else?

- No.
- So, he had enough.

Have you ever been replaced?

The victim was having an affair
with your husband.

Given someone everything,
only to find someone can do it better.

They just throw you away.


Come on, Juliet.

I moved the body. I didn't...


Why are you doing this?

I'm your friend.

Your best friend.

Whatever you've done, we can fix it.
I can help you.

Do you remember when I said
I needed to succeed at something?

I showed Sylvie Grace Tower last night.

She loved it.

- Hi.
- This a good time?

Sure. Come in.

Have you heard from Matthew?

No. I'd call you if I had.

You don't know if he's got friends
or relatives in France, do you?

This is the second time you've come
to talk about Matthew.

- Yeah. Does he know anyone in France?
- No, not that I know of.

This is my best friend.

Can you tell me
what you think is going on?

-I think he killed your sister.

- And the others.
- No.

No. Matthew? Are you...? There's no way.

What about Yann? You arrested Yann?

We found some evidence
on our latest victim.

Yann may be involved. We don't know.


Sorry, could you...?

Liz Harper.

Did Matthew ever mention a Liz Harper?

- No.
- Sinnr.

- Was Matthew on Sinnr?
- What's that?

It's an app for casual sexual encounters.

No. Matthew would never be unfaithful.

What do I know? Maybe...

I don't know him at all, do I?

Did he have relationships
with women?

No. Matthew has always been gay.

Yann, on the other hand...

Matthew said Yann suggested
they have a threesome

with some woman he found.

- But Matthew said no.
- Yann, Matthew and another woman?

It didn't happen.

Great. Thank you.

- Marcella.
- Yeah?

Do you know why he moved Grace's body?

Not yet, no.

Just find him.

Promise me you'll find him.

We will.


This is supposed to help me?
Hmm, best friend?

They weren't meant to arrest Yann.

There was a plan, Matthew.

A perfect plan where you didn't get hurt.

But you share the same fucking hairbrush,
you boys, don't you?

So, now they finally believe it's you.

They think you're in France.

But they're not going to find you.

The plan was to set me up...

be a loyal friend, visit me in jail...

not to kill me.

You can't kill me.

Not me.

- DNA under Yann.
- It could've been from Matthew's clothes.

Matthew's got connections
to all the victims apart from Liz Harper.

Only half a connection with one.
Carol Fincher was in Yann's AA group.

- He could have met her.
- I guess.

We do have a moved body.
That's not Matthew.

Are we back to thinking
they could have done this together?

Why move Grace?
Why move just one of the victims?

That's the last thing Henry Gibson asked.

Why did Matthew move Grace's body?

- He couldn't.
- Exactly.

But if they were like brothers,
as he says,

he would have known
about the back problems.

The point is, he asked why
did Matthew move the body, not how.

If he really wanted to clear him,

surely that's the first thing
he would have thought of, no?


Look, we've got all this, okay?

You've got a guy
that's saying "why" instead of "how."

No, we focus on these two only.
Is that understood?

Thank you.

- Thanks. Yeah, cheers. Bye.

- Hi.
- Hi.

You talked to Henry Gibson
the night Grace disappeared.

- Yeah, I did, yeah.
- Do you remember what he said?

- Well, I gave everything to you guys.
- I know.

Do you remember what he said?

Right. Um...

In here somewhere.

- How are you?
- I'm fine.

Good. Yeah, me, too.

Right, here it is.
He was at pub in Queen's Park.

The Four of Spades.
He was there till late.

- Landlord confirmed.
- How late?

The pub closed at 11.

Great. Thanks.

- You fancy dinner tonight?
- We'll see.

The Four of Spades closed at 11.

If Henry drove fast, he could get
to Grace's house in 20 minutes,

and the murder could have happened
at any time up until 11:30.

I need you to trace
where Henry's phone was.

Now, listen, you know I can,
but I'm not sure I should.

Rav told me not to.

I won't tell if you don't.

I'll see what I can do.

- Have you spoken to Matthew?
- No.

Are you on Sinnr?

What's that?

Did you ever suggest a threesome
to Matthew with a woman?

We're both gay. You know that, right?

Why would Matthew steal a keycard
from a Premier Lodge?

- Ask him.
- We can't. We can't find him.

You can't find him? Why?

- What has happened? Where is he?
- The keycard.

He's just saving money.

You know, when he's...

Instead of sleeping in a cheap hotel
when he's working out of town,

he sleeps in his car and then he sneaks in
to use their bathroom in the morning.


- Thank you.
- Why? What's happened?

Come on. Where is Matthew?

Mrs. Gibson.

Thank you, Jessica.

You were supposed to go
through the lawyers.

They can't help me with this. Who is that?

- I don't know.
- He was at your daughter's funeral.

- We had a photographer there.
- Yes, he was there to meet Jason.

He's an informant of some kind.

- Might work at Daughton's.
- Daughton's? What's that?

It's a company we rely on for information

about our competitors.

Entirely legally.

Daughton's. Thank you.

I see the police were here again.

Who was that man you spoke to
at the funeral?

I told you, an informant.

- And he works for Daughton's?
- Yes.

Stuart Callaghan.

He was responsible for the information
on Andrew Barnes.

If there's anything you should tell me...

do it now.

What could that be?

- Something's not right.
- What?

Something's not right.

What are you doing sitting behind me?

You said the Four of Spades shut at 11.


Henry Gibson's phone was there
till ten to 12 that night.

- Ten to 12?
- I know. It's weird.

You're welcome.

- You sure he was here?
- Yeah.

- He comes here a lot.
- What time did you close that night?

Eleven. It was the first week
of our new opening hours.

You can't have made a mistake
about the date?

I remember 'cause we had a burglary
that night. Vandals.

- When?
- A window got smashed. Nothing got stolen.

But the alarm went off...
a little before 12.

- Ten to 12?
- Yeah, about that.

Thank you.

You're saying he broke in
and got his phone?

Yes. He went to Grace's,

came back expecting the pub
to be open till its usual 1:00 a.m.,

but it was closed at 11.

Laura, he left his phone in the pub
so he'd have an alibi if we traced it.

- Can we go after him?
- This is Rav's investigation.

He doesn't wanna pursue this,

- I can't make him.
- Yes, you can.

But I won't.

It's not enough.

I need your help.

Why should I help you? We're nothing.

Because I'm still investigating the murder
of your girlfriend.

Are you free?

Sylvie wanted to see us about something.
A new development.

Grace Tower?

- Is there a Grace Tower?
- In a year or two, maybe.

It's, um...

- We're excited about it.
- We're supposed to meet in the restaurant.



You wanna see these?


- Sylvie loves it.
- Of course. She loves Grace.

Sorry, what's that supposed to mean?

Change the name of that development,
and you'll find out.

Sorry, where is Sylvie?

- I'll give her a call.
- Do.

- No answer.
- She knows where to find me.


Come on. Come on.

- You wanted to see me?
- Yes. Um...

We've been thinking
about the Andrew Barnes situation.

- Yes.
- Well, with all the police interest...

we need to distance ourselves
from you for a while.

That's like saying you think I'm guilty.

We've discussed it.
It's best for the company.

- "We"?
- Don't take this personally.

Know how I found out
about the Lambeth problems?

- Jason...
- I found him... crying.

On Grace's bed,
hugging one of her dresses.

So, I blackmailed him.

Maybe I'm not the only person
you should distance yourself from.

- Have you got a minute?
- Now is not a good time.

Well, I've got a theory.

You went to Daughton's
to get dirt on Barnes,

but you didn't get any,
so, you paid Stuart Callaghan,

ex-military, dodgy character, to kill him.

Now Callaghan's tenant, Bendek Krol,
oh, he finds out about it somehow.

He tries to squeeze you, or both of you,
with money.

But... then he dies
in an autoerotic accident,

or what seems
to be an autoerotic accident.

Are you out of your mind?

I'm telling you
which way the evidence is pointing.

No. If it was pointing anywhere,
we wouldn't be here.

This is speculation
and verging on harassment.

You remember saying
it was all about Marcella?

- If it was, it's not any longer.
- What do you mean?

I'm saying,
if there ever was a competition...

I think I won it last night.

What are you looking at?

What are you doing?

Have you got anything?

- There must have been something on there.
- Nothing you're gonna like.

I started with the diary you downloaded.

See for yourself,
if he was at all the places listed,

that pretty much rules him out.

That's not his. That's Matthew's diary.

So, Henry knew exactly
when he was out of town.

I'm telling you, he's framing him.

- Sorry, I've gotta get this.
- Yeah.

Thank you.

- Hello?
- Did you sleep with him?

- I'm sorry?
- Tim. Did you sleep with him?

What? That's none of your business.

- Fuck. You did, didn't you?
- Will you calm down?

And Henry. Why are you looking into Henry?
Don't lie.

- You know I can't tell you.
- You think it's him?

- Jason--
- Marcella, is it him?

- He killed Grace?
- Will you stop shouting?

If you think he killed Grace,
why haven't you arrested him?

Because we haven't got enough on him yet.

I'll get you enough.
I'll get you a fucking confession.


Jason, you scared the shit out of me.
What are you doing here?

- Unh!
- You killed her.

Oh, God! Jason?



It's okay. It's all right.

Jason, look at me. Look at me.
It's gonna be okay.

- Oh, God.
- It was self-defense.

Put the knife down.

- Put the knife down.
- I thought he was a burglar.

So, what you gonna do about me? Huh?


So, why don't you drop the knife?


All right. All right.

You're not good at improvising.
It's not your strong suit.

- What are you talking about?
- About May.

What are you gonna do?

Are you gonna kill me
and try to pin it on Matthew?

- Who's May?
- It was a good plan.

It was a great plan until someone
moved the body and... fucked it all up.

See, I know who did that.

I know who moved Grace's body.

It was a perfect plan.

Oh, no.

You're so screwed.

You are so screwed.


Jason? Oh.

Jason. Baby, it's okay.


It's okay. It's okay, baby.

This is Marcella Backland
requesting urgent backup and an ambulance.

...a police officer.
I was attacked in my own home.

Mr. Gibson,
we'll see you at the station.

Just calm down.

Hitting him? Handcuffs?

- Putting a plastic bag over his face?
- He's lying.

- You compromised the investigation.
- He confessed.

All you had was circumstantial,
and it still is.

- We've got nothing to charge him with.
- He stabbed Jason.

- We'll talk about this tomorrow.
- No.

Go home.

Question him about the pub.
It doesn't add up.

I know it's him.

You do realize
that they broke into my house, right?

- Both of them. This was self-defense.
- Okay, Henry, just tell us what happened.

I was in my wine cellar cleaning up.
One of the shelves had fallen down.

- Yeah, we noticed that.
- And I heard glass shatter.

- I get a knife.
- Why?

Because I was alone
and because I was scared.

You took the knife. And then what?

I go upstairs.

And... he just came at me from behind.
I turned.

And I mean, I...
I had no idea that it was Jason.

- I mean, what the fuck was he doing there?
- Alex.

So, Henry,
you stabbed him in the stomach twice.

I find it very hard to believe
that you didn't recognize him.

It was just instinct. It happened so fast.

The night your half sister was murdered,
were you at a pub?

What is happening with Marcella Backland?

We understand the seriousness
of the allegations.

- We're looking into it.
- She broke into my house.

She assaulted me in my own home.

She put a plastic bag
over my head in the same...

As I said, we're looking into it.

- The pub?
- I was at the Four of Spades.

It closed at 11, but we traced
your phone there until ten to 12.

- Why are you asking my client about this?
- No, that's okay.

The phone was in my car,
which was parked right next to the pub.

I assume maybe your tracing equipment
is not... pinpoint accurate.

Okay, so, going back to the house.

So, I'm gonna call an ambulance,
and then she comes in,

and she attacks me.

Is she...? Is she working here?

- Not on this case.
- She's still an officer.

- Yes, I am.
- Yes.

- After she tried to kill me?
- We don't know what occurred.

Jason and Marcella Backland assaulted me.

That is what happened in my house.
She's out of her bloody mind.

Would you mind telling me where you were
on these dates?

He's made sure he has alibis.

- We've gotta find new evidence.
- You're not meant to be here.

You think you can do better off
without me?

- It's not that, Marcella.
- Good.

- You are so screwed.
- I know who did that.

- It was a perfect plan.
- Jason?


- I heard about Jason. Are you...?
- I'm fine.

- And Jason?
- Fine. He'll be out of surgery soon.

Did you... Did you tell him about us?

No. No. Of course not.

He asked if we were sleeping together.

- Why would he do that?
- I don't know.

He's been jealous since that night
he saw me at your house.

- Every time we talk, he brings it up.
- Did he do that?

Oh, no. Wife beater tried
picking on someone his own size.

What do you and Jason talk about?

Take a look at this when you get a moment.

Hey, Marcella...

You had Matthew Neil's diary
on your computer.

How did you get the contents
of my client's computer?

Marcella Backland broke into my office
and stole it, actually.

Yes, I got Matthew a job at DTG.

It's useful for me to know when he's away.

Where is Matthew?

You thought France,
if I remember correctly.

Let's take a break.

Marcella, you really messed up.

- Everything's ruined. He's gonna get bail.
- What do you mean?

He stabbed Jason.

When we check the phone records,
we're gonna see you spoke to Jason

right before he got there.

There's evidence of two break-ins
at Henry's, and he's been assaulted.

- I don't believe this.
- You stole information from his office.

- It's him! He confessed!
- It doesn't matter.

He looks like the victim
of a personal vendetta.

- He's gonna get bail.
- No. Give me 24 hours.

- You're not on this case.
- Twelve. Give me 12 hours, Laura. Please.


You've got until tomorrow morning.
Then we've got to let him go.

- Coffee.
- Thanks.

Look, you were right.
All his alibis held up.

Of course they do.

Thank you.

- I wanna see your shoulder.
- Marcella?

She's not allowed in here.

Show me your fucking shoulder!

I wanna see his shoulder!

I have to insist on her removal.

- Calm down.
- Make him--

Calm down, Marcella. Calm down.

- And we will be leaving.
- You fucking know.

- Think she should be a police officer?
- No, Mr. Gibson.

- Now, hang on.
- No. Rav.

- You are kidding. This is ridiculous.
- Henry.

- What shoulder?
- Get the hell off me.

- Just show me your--
- The whole investigation--

To a madwoman.

A vicious monster.
Emma, do something, for Christ--

May bit him.

She was missing a front tooth,
and she had a crooked molar.

She bit him.

May bit you, didn't she?

Grace is the only person connected to you.

So, she was the real target.

But you had to kill seven
innocent people to conceal that fact.

Where is he? Where's Matthew?

He's on my boat in the South Dock Marina.

Is he alive?


He's my best friend.

Why him?

He's the only person
I know well enough to frame.

And you couldn't kill him, could you?

But you could kill a 6-year-old child,
couldn't you?

- You could kill a 6-year-old girl.
- I was not planning to.

I was trying to find any way
I could to avoid doing that.

But then she bit me and...

And I snapped.

I'm genuinely really very sorry
about that.

I don't believe you.

I think you killed all of them easily.

It's not easy.

The first one, Carol Fincher...

I almost couldn't do it.

It's all about crossing that line.

Well, you know.

We found Matthew.

And released Yann.

- We got him, Marcella.
- Mm.

But at what cost?

I don't know what I've become.

I was a married stay-at-home mom,
and now...

Am I ever gonna know what happened
at Henry Gibson's house?

Not at any of the houses.

This is the last time that you'll see us.

It wasn't Grace's fault, you know...

that you couldn't see anybody else.

You know why I came back?


Just wanted to be part of something.

A family, a business...


You couldn't do it, could you?

Could never let me in.

You couldn't let me in...

until I killed her.

Shut up, Henry.

We're not interested in you passing blame.

We're here to tell you that one day,

tomorrow, next week, next year...

you're going to die.

And it will happen so slowly

that you will have time to realize

that we were the ones that did it.


Did you read the material I gave you?


- I expected to hear from you.
- I thought it was a joke.

You honestly think Jason
has killed someone?

Paid to get someone killed, yeah.

And I was hoping
that you would help me prove it.

No. That's not gonna happen.

What did you expect? We nearly lost him.

You know, I read the transcripts
from Henry Gibson's interviews.

He confessed to everything, didn't he?

Except he never confessed
to moving his sister's body.

And then I remembered Laura saying
that you watched the CCTV

from outside Grace's house
before her body was found.

That's you...

leaving Grace Gibson's house
on the night of the murder.

It's nicely edited out
in the working copy,

but that's from the original.

Now, I can... erase that altogether.

Or not.

You do what you think's right.