Marcella (2016–…): Season 2, Episode 6 - Episode #2.6 - full transcript

Nigel Stafford identifies Whitman as having visited the murder house and he is arrested but tells Marcella of Maya's affair with Tim .A plot to frame him is foiled and he is released but it...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
- He's good though. How old is he?
- 14.

I wanted you to see
this place one last time.

And to give you one more...

Jo-Jo won't be happy till she's
a mother and I want her to be.

Leave the folder on the desk.
I'll get your money today.

Did kids get hurt in the house?


There was a red car parked
there from time to time.

You really don't need
more bad publicity.

What's it worth? For these
not to reach the police.

I sneaked into Dr Lewis's office and
it says he was in a car accident.

No accident?

This way.

You're going to see nine men. I
want you to say if one of them

is the man that you
saw with the red car.


You can see them but they can't see you.

Take your time.

It's number seven.

You're certain?

I think so.

Thinking so is not the
same as being certain.

No, it's him.

Number seven, I am certain.

The guy who sent you these pictures,

he tried to blackmail me.

I want to report him for extortion.

Shouldn't you be more
concerned about what's in them

than who took them?

Where's Karim? Is he alive?

I gave him a lift, I dropped
him off and I drove home.

It's as simple as that.

Like you did with Billy?
And now he's dead.

Last time we talked, you said
you didn't drive Karim home.

I know. I lied.

Why, if all you did was drive him home?

It was a reflex. I didn't think.

- I didn't want to get involved.
- Where are you holding Karim?

I protest at your tone. There
is no evidence Mr Whitman...

We have a witness picking
him out at a line-up,

placing him in a house where
multiple murders were committed.

Mr Whitman's face has been on every TV

and front page for the past week.

95% of the population would
probably have picked him out.

Maybe you can explain this as well?

What about it?

We found it in this box
at the crime scene.

We traced it back to the importer

and he said it was
sent to Red Cow Gifts.

Last time we checked,
it was your company.

Red Cow Gifts receives
thousands of parcels.

It employs hundreds of people.

Anyone could have taken it --
if it made it to the warehouse.

- Where's Karim?
- Yanis, end this.

No, it's all right, I'm
gonna end it for you.

Vince Whitman, you're under
arrest on suspicion of murdering

Leo Priestly, Billy
Johnson and Luke Howell.

We'll be holding you
in custody for 48 hours.

Mr Whitman has expressed some disquiet.

About what?

That he's not being dealt
with entirely impartially.

Why wouldn't he be?

Because your boss is
sleeping with my wife.

- Rav?
- No, the other one.

Tom... Tim. Her chairman.

We thought it best if someone
working on the case knew,

in order to ensure it's
handled professionally.

♪ The rise and fall of your god ♪

♪ Will tell me the
story of your cities ♪

♪ The rise and fall of your faith ♪

♪ Will show you the things
that I've been missing ♪

♪ Let this war begin ♪

He was the last person to see
Billy and, as far as we know,

- the last one to see Karim.
- And he fits the profile.

Fitting the profile isn't
gonna convict him, though.

He knew the other two boys.

We need links to the other victims.

Finding Karim is top priority
cos he could still be alive.

So he's lost the safe house.
Does he have other properties?

We're searching everything
connected to him.

I'm looking into his
finances, to connect him

to any purchases of medical
equipment, Polaroid film,

sedatives -- anything
we found in that house.

Carry on.

Where are we at with
that PostFeed24 video?

The fact it's on a server in the
Ukraine makes it very difficult.

So he's connected to
two victims, the toys,

and we've got an
eyewitness but we need more.

- Guys, I need you to get on it.
- Just one thing.

Don't make it public that
we're investigating Vince

until we can prove that he's involved.

Really? Cos when it leaked we
were investigating Phil Dawkins,

you told me there was no
harm in the press finding out

because it showed we were working.

Phil Dawkins was a convicted paedophile.

And you didn't know his wife.

Whitman told me you've
been sleeping with his.

Haven't we all had suspects
hurl accusations at us?

But we don't listen to
talk like that, do we?

Go after Whitman with everything
but keep it to yourselves, OK?

Marcella, are you OK?

What's happened?

- You want me to go and get someone?
- No.

Is this about Tim?

Jason, my kids, my health, Tim.

Not a word of this to anyone.

Alan Summers is waiting
for you in the canteen.

All right, make it quick, I'm busy.

I think something might
have happened to Reg.


Yesterday I went to
the office for a bit.

When I got home he wasn't there.

Found this in his bedroom this morning.

- What is it?
- It's a letter.

A uh... confession... about the girl.

- Debbie Canavan?
- Yeah.

So she did go to his
house after the concert?


And he's never mentioned this to you?

No. Never.

Why now?

He hasn't got long. Cancer.

And I guess finding the boy in the wall,

well, must have sparked something off.

Says that he buried her in the garden.

We've dug it up twice. There's nothing.


But you do know that it was a
much bigger garden in the '80s?

No, how?

The council bought a lump of it
to build a cycle path out back

about ten, 12 years ago.

We've been looking in the wrong place.

So, Reg did kill her?

Well, he found her on the
sofa when he woke up.

It was probably an overdose.

And then decided to bury
her body in the garden.


Did he have sex with her?

No, all the letter says is
that they drank and took drugs.

It's bad enough she was only 14.

So, we've got Debbie Canavan
buried in the garden in 1986

and then over 30 years
later, Leo Priestly in a wall.

They could be connected.

Right, we're arresting Reg
Reynolds for manslaughter.

He's gone missing, so he may
have tried to harm himself.

I need people to check
hospitals and emergency rooms.

We don't think he killed
Leo and the others?

Surely he would have confessed?

But can two bodies in one
house be a coincidence?

I need you guys to still
concentrate on Whitman, right?

OK, does Whitman know Reg?

You know, does he hold a
grudge against him or something?

He could have known Debbie Canavan.

She was a year younger than him.

They both lived in Bermondsey
at the same time. It's possible.

All right. Well, get on it.

But it's 1986. It's not like I
can check their social media.

What about parents, siblings or friends?

Parents are both dead.

She had a sister.

Come in.

Dr Lewis. Excuse me.

Um... It's about Joel.

I know what you said but I
think you should see this.

He's actually spelled something out.

- "No accident."
- Yeah.

And he had an accident
when he was younger.

- In Norway.
- How do you know about that?

Someone must have told me when
I first started here, I guess.

So, you continue to see him,
despite my clear instructions?

Please. My brother and I...

He's just been fired from his job.

He would be really, really
mad at me if I lost this.


OK. Send them in.

I may have misjudged this situation,

so I'll take no further action for now.

But let's just keep this to ourselves

until I've decided the
best way for us to proceed.

- Thank you.
- I'll keep this.


Are you certain it's her?

We haven't been able to
formally identify the body.

This is her. It is your sister.

I never thought I'd actually
find out what happened to her.

- How did she die?
- We're not sure.

Did your sister know a Vince Whitman?

What, the Vince Whitman, the
businessman from the papers?

Yes. Did she know him?

I don't think so, no. I
mean, not that I know of.

Were you close?

We were 15 months apart.

So, you knew all the
people she hung around with?

Most of them.

But we can't rule out that
she might have known Vince?

I suppose not, no.

Can we talk about what happened
between you and Tim today?

- Depends what you want to say.
- Well, two things.

If he's sleeping with Maya
Whitman, you should report it.

If he is, I will. What's
the second thing?

Well, you and Tim.

I think it's inappropriate
and unprofessional.

OK, two things. First, I don't care,

and second, that is none
of your fucking business.

He said he can help,
but it's gonna cost you.

- Help, how?
- He wouldn't say.

It's his fucking fault I'm in here!

How much?

- Here you are.
- Sweet.


You all right?

Did he pay up?

- Told you it'd be worth it.
- Did you bring any grub?

Nah. Ain't Chutney got food?

They're all vegan.

Treat yourself to
something on the way home.

Can't believe it was that easy.

Worth eating a few
vegetables for, eh?



The clinic have just
texted me to confirm

that we cancelled our appointment.


I just talked to Maya.
Vince has been arrested.

What's that got to do with this?

Not for fraud, for murder.

Those children.

We can't do this now. We just can't.

Yes. Yes, we can.

The police will go through everything.

They'll find out what
I did to frame Vince.

I thought that was the whole point.

Not to link it back to me.

This is a murder investigation.
We can't be involved in that.

'We can't touch that money.'

I've already given it back to Maya.

No! No, no, no, please
don't do this to me.

Look, if there was any other way...

I can't wait any longer!

How did you get on with the sister?

There's no connection
between Whitman and Debbie.

You know it was Leo
Priestly's funeral today?

I do.

You could have taken time
off if you wanted to.

- I didn't want to.
- OK.


Right, listen up, everyone. We
are releasing Vince Whitman.

What the fuck? Really?

Karim is back with his parents.

- What happened, where was he?
- Vince drove him home.

His dad was drunk, not
for the first time,

so he cleared off, slept rough.

We can still keep hold of Whitman.

Have you identified another link
to the victims or a crime scene?

We've got an eyewitness, for God's sake!

And Vince's DNA doesn't match
any of the traces at the house.

The searches on his properties
didn't give us anything.

- Yet!
- If it does, bring him in again.

But what about the toys we
traced back to his company?

His fingerprints aren't on the box.

We can't prove that it
reached his warehouse.

Even if it did, hundreds
of people had access to it.

You sound like his solicitor!

I'm sorry, Karim is what
we had, and Karim is back.

I don't think you are sorry.

- Excuse me?
- I don't think you are sorry.

It seems like you're more
concerned that there's no smear

on Maya and your foundation

than you are about
catching a serial killer.

- It's not my foundation.
- You could have fooled me.

Can you come with me, please?

OK, this whole Maya
thing has got to stop.

Being the chairman of her
foundation's bad enough,

but if you're sleeping with her too,

then it's inappropriate for
you to run this inquiry.

Don't try and make this about work.

I'm not sleeping with her, Marcella.

- Show me her texts.
- No, I'm not gonna do that.

Well, then, don't.



This is ridiculous.
You know that, right?


Look, I know that Jason
was a cheating bastard

and that he hurt you.

I'm not Jason.

The text, the night you
were drinking at my house...

.. you've deleted that as well.

No, you're right.

You're not like Jason cos he's a
much better liar than you are.


The film from the house...

- .. how long is it?
- Er, hello.

Um... we're posting a minute
every day for a fortnight.

So, 14 minutes.

I need the other 12 minutes ASAP.


Um... I think we've had this
conversation, haven't we?

We have. So I've brought
something to trade. There it is.

Vince Whitman.

What is it?

- They questioned me, let me go.
- I know.

You're looking at me
like you don't know me.

I don't.


Wait, what?

Where are you calling from?

No, I don't.

No, and don't call me again.

They know. The press know.


- Samantha, is your mum in?
- Yeah.


Marcella. What can I do for you?

Is this you...

next to Debbie Canavan?

There isn't much to tell.

We both went home after the concert

and some time during that
night, Deb disappeared.

- You don't know where she went?
- No.

You didn't talk on the way
home about what you could do,

- where you might go?
- No. I told the police this.

You went backstage,
didn't you, afterwards?

- They invite you anywhere?
- We were 14.

That hasn't stopped them in the past.

This was over 30 years ago. Why
are you asking about Deb now?

We found her body today.


The drummer's back garden.

You still don't remember anything?


Excuse me, I...

I need to help Samantha
with her homework.

I'll wait.


- Where's Taylor?
- Asleep. I just checked her.

She's been with Carla most
of the day. I had stuff to do.

- Is that steak?
- Yeah.

What did you do?

Solved a problem for
someone and charged for it.

No-one got hurt. Won't go to prison.


You know how you were
worried I might lose my job?

Well, I spoke to Dr Lewis today.

She thinks I'm onto something with Joel.

- Really?
- Mm-hm.


You know he's in there
cos he was in an accident?

And the first thing he spelled
out was "no accident". Weird.

Yeah, I suppose.

Maybe he knew something that
he wasn't supposed to tell.

- Like what?
- I don't know, like a secret.

Like a spy thing.

Gail, don't take this too far.

Come on, let's eat.


Eric! Eric!

No, please!

Would you like a glass of wine?

No, thanks.

Were you and Debbie close?

Best friends.

My daughter Emma's 15.

She tells her best friend everything,

more so than she does me or her dad.

What happened that night?

- Did they kill her?
- They?

Debbie and I snuck out
that night to go there.

- To Reg's?
- Mm.

We thought they were amazing.

They were these huge
stars. It was so exciting.

There was uh... just Reg,
John, the lead singer.

There was another man there.

I don't know who he was.
He wasn't in the band.

We drank, um... Debbie tried
some other stuff, I think.

I got drunk and had sex with John.

He took my virginity.

Afterwards, I just wanted to go home

but Debbie wanted to stay on, so...

.. I left her.

Was the other man there then?


John came with me to the bus stop.

When the police turned up the next day,

I couldn't say anything.

My parents would have killed me.

Well, it was 32 years ago.

Once you start lying, it's...

Do you know what it's
like to have a secret

and not be able to tell anyone?

In the end, you just tell yourself

the story you made up is
the truth, to survive.

Could I have saved her if I'd stayed?


No, no. No kissing. No kissing.

- Why not answer your phone?
- Shit.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

What? Didn't you think
you did enough damage

the last time you leaked to the press?

I have no idea what
you're talking about.

I'll have you fired for this.

- Can't prove it was me.
- I don't have to.

I know other things about you.

I tell the Chief you've been
sleeping with Maya Whitman,

you're off the investigation.

No investigation, no promotion.

Ambition can be a bitch, can't it?

Can I have my key?

No wonder everybody leaves you.

Where did you find him?

Regent's Canal.

The night Debbie Canavan
went to Reg's place...


She was with another
girl who said that John,

your lead singer, was there,

but there was another man
she didn't recognise.

I... I wasn't there.

I'll check.

John, our lead singer,
he died eight years ago.

You toured in 2014.

John left the band in '91.

We've had three lead singers since then.

Do you have a sample
of Reg's handwriting?

Not here, no. Why?

The letter that you gave to me.

I want to check it was written by him.

What are you implying?

I think that Reg wanted
to confess before he died.

And you thought you might be implicated.

So you killed him.

I think you should leave now.

We'll be investigating his suicide.

This isn't over.

I did love him, you know?

This is bad, Vince.

They're writing about the
boys that you've sponsored,

how much time you've spent
with them at the boxing gym.

Bastards. I'll sue 'em!

They're not lying.

They're just leaving it to
the reader's imagination.

I uh...

I booked a room at the Bulgari.

You might as well send
out a press release

saying you think I'm guilty.

You were questioned over child murders.

What do you want me to do?

I want you to fight these
arseholes, together with me.

I can't.

I can't stand by you any more.

I've got to save what I can.

Any more?

I told the Bulgari I'd
be there by midnight.


We can still fix this.

You and I.

Whatever it is.

Don't walk out on me.

You'll regret it!

- Maya!
- Maya!


Are you leaving him? Are
you leaving him, Maya?

Sure you want to go through with this?



I lied.

We did walk home together.

Only, then we had a row.

What happened?

I... I pushed him and he fell.

He hit his head.

He started bleeding and
he didn't answer me.

Then this car turned
up and I got scared.

What did you do?

I hid. I left him there.

And when I went back, he was gone.

It's OK.

It's all right.

Shall I take the afternoon
off? You can come home with me.

Do you know who killed him, Mum?

- No, not yet.
- I want you to get them.

So we got the complete film
from PostFeed24 last night.

- Yeah, I know.
- Thought you might.

Mark's going through
it now, frame by frame.

I'll go take a look.

Guys, Liam, this is
freaky. I think this is

the most haunted house
we've been in so far, man.

And Liam and Felix have
brought it to you again...

Seen this morning's updated profile?

No, what's it say?

The murderer intends to
keep them children at heart.

The films on the TV, stuffed
toys around the bodies --

all there to preserve their innocence.

And protect them from evil.

Photos on the wall are
to remember them by.

Everything indicates a person
who actually cares about them.

Until he sticks an ice
pick through their brains.

- Exactly. Found anything?
- Yeah, this.

There once was a man called
Patrick Hannigan, ha-ha!

There was nothing on that
wall when we found the house.

What is that? Is it a map?

Yeah, looks like it.

- Can you go in closer?
- Mm-hm.

Can't you make it any clearer?

I can make it brighter. I
can't do much about the focus.

Something's been circled.

Right, well, there's...

That's the Edgware Road, the flyover.

That's the A40 with that...

Well, then, that's... us.

That's here. That's the police station.

Can you get into those photos?


Working vehicles.

- Zoom in on that van logo.
- Why?

Do you know it?

That's the company that
services our lifts.

There's nothing here.

So, they impersonated a lift engineer to
get him here. That's what we're saying.

How is this even possible?
This is a police station.

They could have stolen uniforms,
key cards, stayed behind.

I don't know. There's not CCTV
footage that goes back that far.

Nothing's impregnable.

Why bury it here?

There's easier ways to get rid of bodies

than putting them in walls and
burying them in police stations.

Think there's a connection
between Reg's place and here?

Let's get an ID on her first

and maybe we can better understand it.

Where they put them
means something to them.

What they do to the children
means something to them.

So... who they choose
must be important to them.

They're not chosen randomly.

We're missing something.


Hi. I'm Rebecca Marani.
I spoke to Dr Lewis.

Are you the one that's trying
to communicate with Joel?

Well, we're not trying.
He is talking to me.

Well, writing with me.

Yeah, of course.

Do you have a moment?

Yeah, sure.

So... tell me, what exactly
has he said to you?

Well, so far...



What you doing?

Let me see.

What is this?

I looked into that box the police found.

The one with the toys.


It did arrive at Red Cow
Gifts but we passed it on.

To where?

To Maya.

Katya, it's me.

Gail with you?

All right.

I will, bye.


All right.

OK. Shh-shh.

I've crossed-referenced
the forensic photos

with the film from the house.

What's on the shelf?

Uh... tampons.

So what? Hannigan had a wife
and two teenage daughters.

The family were murdered
in 2009 and that packaging

didn't come out until two years ago.

- OK.
- Right, then there's this.

Er... track marks, what, suggesting

the victims were too
heavy for him to carry?

What are you saying?

What do you think I'm saying?

All right, I might not be able
to carry a sedated teenager

from a car to a house,
but I could abduct one,

keep them prisoner and
I could bury a body.

I know I could do that.

We've always referred
to the killer as a he.

I think we're looking for a woman.

♪ The rise and fall of your god ♪

♪ Will tell me the story ♪

♪ Of your cities ♪

♪ The rise and fall ♪

♪ Of your faith ♪

♪ Will show you the things ♪

♪ That I've been missing ♪

♪ Let this war begin ♪