Maltese - Il Romanzo del Commissario (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript

Prosecutor, good morning.
- Good morning.

I was coming to see you,
have you read my report?

Yes, I did... very suggestive.

I understand this case is closed,
the mayor has complimented everyone already.

Nicolò Miceli confessed the murder of Peralta,
everything points to him anyway.

Excuse me, but... Miceli didn't commit the crime,
what are we gonna do?

It's a decoy, sir... he's covering for someone else
because he was threatened.

The reason Peralta was murdered
is the investigation he was carrying on within the Mafia.

Except we have no trace of that investigation.

I don't know why but he was investigating
by himself, outside procedure.

Also, the murders of Carmine and Natalina
are part of the same context.

I call this "fantasizing", Maltese.

- Yes.

We have a key witness!
Perhaps you still didn't have...

Gaspare Renda is leading us straight
to whoever commissioned all these murders.

You know how I see it, Maltese?

Gaspare Renda, your key witness,
is a junkie with a criminal record.

He killed his buddy, Carmine Crociata,
and then the girl as well... steal the money they collected
for their love runaway.

Then he just went crazy with remorse.
Don't lose any more of my time, please.

Excuse me but I have to insist.

How do you explain the fact that Gaspare Renda
gave to the papers Peralta's picture with the woman.

Money, Maltese...
the journal sure paid him good money.

You're saying that a jailbird like Renda
suddenly decided to become a paparazzo?

Clearly, that picture had no gossip value...

It was published after Peralta was killed!

Listen, Maltese...
I know your story very well.

Sure it wasn't easy coming back here
after what your father did...

...but you'll never clean your family name
by pursuing a non-case!

Not on my watch,
let this be clear.


Chief... the Prosecutor had Renda transferred
to the mental hospital.


Tell Montano I'm in a meeting
out of town.

This is the authorization for an interview.

The Prosecutor didn't tell me anything.
- I'm telling you now as Substitute Prosecutor.

Do you have a problem with that?


This is Vice Prosecutor Montano,
she's helping us.

So... what happened?

What have they done to you?

I wanna get you out of here
but you need to speak to me.

We gotta do something.

Nurse, we're done.

What did you say?
I didn't understand.

Carmine knew he was bringing the poison.

What is "poison"?
Is it drugs?

No, no... poison is...
whoever betrays the Family.

At the cave, Alessio told to Carmine...
he told him: "Talk if you wanna save the girl".

But Carmine...

...Carmine did not...

Who is Alessio?

Alessio could fill a cemetery
with all the people he killed.

Will you tell me who he is?

He's one of the new ones... of those who came from the mud
and now wanna be on top.

Those who know how to make good money
selling the white stuff to people.

This Alessio...

What did he want from Carmine?
What did he wanna know?

Who was betraying the Family.

Someone was betraying the Family?

What did Carmine know about that?
- Carmine was working for the Chief.

Carmine was working for Chief Peralta?

He wanted to know who was making money
with drugs and Carmine was helping him.

But Alessio knew everything.

He knew everything
except the name of the woman.

What woman?
- The one who betrayed the cause, who helped chief Peralta.

This woman was Santina Spatuzza?

It was Wanda who passed information to Santina Spatuzza.

It was Wanda who betrayed the cause
but I don't know who she is.

Don't you know who Wanda is?
- I don't know...

If I knew... but I don't...

You're a very brave man, Gaspare.

I've been a coward all my life
and now...

We'll get you out of here.

Let's go to my office,
I gotta find a way to get him out of here.

If Santina Spatuzza was really a conduit
between Peralta and his informer...

...then she must know a lot.
- Right.

Maybe too much not to be in danger.

Santina Spatuzza is gone, disappeared.

She didn't say anything to anyone,
she just disappeared since last Friday.

Come with me.
- I'll meet you at the station.

Good morning, Miceli.

Any news?


How's your staying?

Do they treat you good?
Are you happy here?

You're considering staying a bit longer?

So... while you were here,
they managed to put Gaspare in the nuthouse.

Santina Spatuzza probably ended up
in some concrete... guess who's next?

If you tell me the truth about Peralta's murder...

...I'm gonna put you in protective custody.

Think about it.

Think about what?

I have a mother... brothers and grandkids...

Will you protect all of them?

What do you want?!
I didn't betray!

- I'm D.D.A. Montano.

Yes, what is it?
- Renda's transfer from the mental hospital has been blocked.

No... it's unbelievable...

The son of a bitch is playing for them.
- I'm very sorry but there's nothing I can do.

This can't be happening...

We can't do shit...

I'm looking for Mauro Licata.
- Pass the archive on the right.

First room?
- Second.

So this Wanda was the source
for Peralta's investigation.

Have you checked the name?

Two Wandas in Trapani and surroundings,
an old farmer and a young girl.

So Wanda is a code name.
- Code name, nickname... whatever.

Why are you willing to make it public?

Between you and me,
I won't beat around the bush.

There's a huge discord between myself and the Prosecutor.

He's trying to bury this case
in a way that's completely inexplicable.

So, the only move I have left
is to let everyone know what's happening.

Ok, give me a moment to put this together.
- I'll have a smoke outside.

You don't look like you've been away 20 years... look like you never left.

Well... in a way it's true.


"Suddenly, all the key figures in the Peralta case
either got murdered or disappeared."

"Nobody wants to hear that chief Peralta was killed
because of the revelations of a mysterious witness."

I'm willing to go on,
even against the Prosecutor.

With all due respect,
this will light a fire under the prosecutor's ass.

I'm sure he'll back you up
after this article.

Peralta was using Santina Spatuzza
as a liaison to someone called "Wanda".

This Wanda wouldn't obviously
want to come forward.

So that's why Gianni was meeting
Santina Spatuzza at the hotel.

So much for "crime of passion".

Gaspare Renda suggested that Gianni's murderer
is some guy named Alessio...

...from a new breed of Mafia
that's replacing the old one.

He's controlling the drug trade.

Gaspare Renda is all we have right now,
we gotta get him out of there.

They're shocking his brains stupid.
If he stays there, it's over.

I'll do what I can.
- Please... even what you can't.

In the meantime, I'll follow this drug lead.

About that, I just received something from Rome.

A list of chemists from Marseille,
they taught our dealers how to refine heroin.

As you know, the US has shut down
all drugs routes to their country.

So they opened Sicilian routes.
- That's right.

In the list there's also a man from Trapani.

Loris Misilmeri.

If Gianni was after the drug lead,
we'll follow it as well, let's see where it takes.

- Hello, I'm Giulia Melendez.

I'm calling about the orchids article.

Yes, of course... when can we meet?

Right now would be perfect.
- I'll be there in one hour.

Orchids have been here
for 65 million years.

They adapted to any climate change.

It's a very strong flower.
- I actually thought it was most fragile.

Many think that but they're all wrong.

It's like us women.

We couldn't have survived in a man's world
if we weren't stronger than them.

There's so many different species of them.

As many as the attempts
to make their color purer.

I wanna show you something.

I've been focusing on a particular variety
from Asia Minor.

One could go insane chasing absolute perfection.

But when you find it,
your normal life becomes unbearable.

See this shade of blue?
- It's beautiful.

I've been looking for this for so long,
I even doubted it existed.

In fact, it's not as strong as the others...
it won't survive for 65 million years.

It's sick... it'll die soon.

There won't be another like this.

It's unique...
that's why I want you to take a picture.

Before it's gone forever.

They told me Loris is here.
- Why you're looking for him?

They told me he's got good music.
- Who told you?

- Inside, he's playing.

I don't think the Chief will be happy.
- About what?

About you using a civilian to buy heroin
from the man we're supposed to tail.

Look at those legs...
she's driving me crazy!

- The civilian!

Just take those pictures and
let's get out of here as soon as possible!

Stop whining already!

By the way, weren't you about to get married?
- That's right,"about to"... not until I'm in church.

Yes, the church is the problem...
just take those pictures.

The bastard is slipping the heroin
into her pocket... piece of shit!

He's getting out.

Nail, he's driving away.

Here... this is the place.

He's been selling from the bar all day,
like it's his office.

Then he made a couple of deliveries
and went home.

Alright, same thing tomorrow.

"Same thing tomorrow"...
we're gonna end up shot eventually!

The salt from the other time it's still burning.
- Poor kid... still in pain...

Cut it out!
- Listen... why have you become a cop?

Because I thought I'd be safe in my office
with my desk and uniform.

What's the problem?
I'll talk to the Chief myself... you pain in the...

Excuse me,
I'm looking for commissioner Maltese.

Hello... Rabbit, get the Commissioner.

Can I get you a coffee?
- No, thanks.

Sure? A glass of water?
- No, I'm fine.

- Can I buy you a beer? I got something important to tell you.

I've been to Giulia Melendez house
for an article about her orchids.

This is her favorite specimen,
she devoted her life to this.

You know what's this orchid called?
- No.

Wanda... Wanda Cerulea.

She is Wanda! She practically told me,
in her own Sicilian way.

I'm sure she wanted me to know.

I believe she's trying to find a way
to cooperate.

Sounds incredible.
- I know but I got a distinct feeling.

She looked fragile, angry and hurt.

If this is true... means Gianni Peralta had truly gotten
to the top of the ladder.

Obviously, this must remain between us.

No need to say it,
we're playing the same game.

Good, let's see if my debt to you
will keep getting bigger.

Debts are with banks, not with friends.
- In this case, thanks for the friendship.

Can I tell you something?
- Shoot.

The truth is... when Giulia showed me that orchid...

...I thought it was a chance to come and see you.

An excuse to meet you again.

Although I think I would have come just the same.


I didn't mean to embarrass you.
- You did not.

I like to chat with you.
- I enjoy it as well.

I also like spending time with you.

Good night.
- Good night.

We'll keep in touch then... alright.
- Bye.

What is that?
- A present for your lady.

What the hell does this mean?
- Calm down, Luciano.

I get back a family jewel,
which belonged to our mother,

a jewel your wife sold for heroin
and this is how you thank me?

It's you and your friends who brought heroin!
- And you're making a pile of cash out of it!

Why don't we all calm down?!

Nothing happened.

You brought my collar back.

I keep being publicly humiliated
because of you.

And that's not even the worst part.

What really kills me is that soon
I will no longer be able to protect you.

That's one of the chemists from the list.

Here he is,
Marcel Basquis.

From Marseille, about 40...

..."be informed that he's a very dangerous man."

The Frenchman is leaving on the Meari,
Loris on the van.

It must be a hand-off.

Norman, are you ready?
- I was born ready.

Where the hell is he going?

I'm coming.

- Hi.

- Come here.

What are you making up for?
- The fact I never gave you flowers.

How did it go?
- He was scared, obviously.

Eventually he agreed to the interview,
although his name must not come out.

I got work for you.

They're not as good as yours, nevertheless...
- I'll develop these right now.

No, no, no... not now.
- Why not?

I'm taking you out to lunch.
- Don't you have an article to write?

When the music's right,
you got to dance.

Is everything ok?


I'll go get some water
for these beautiful flowers.

I'm ready. We can go.


The usual wine?
- Do you have champagne?

Are you celebrating something?
- Yes.

Great, I'll go check what we have.
- Thanks.

What is we're celebrating?

Things that fall apart
and things that hang on.

What is it that fell apart?

My old confidence that our life was perfect.

I love you, Elisa...
in a way that makes me love the entire world.

Then what about our life
you no longer like?

That it's made of just 2 people...
I'd like it to be made of 3, 4... even 5.

I know what I always say,
I didn't change my mind about a new world.

I could stay home with the kids
if necessary.

We'd never be a classic, stay-home family.

We'll be a family open to the world,
living the world.

Also, how can there be a new world
if we don't raise and teach new people?

I... don't know what to say...

Say nothing then.

Close your eyes and jump...
as I said, if the music's right, you dance.

I'm not sure I want children, Mauro.

Just one question...

You don't want children
or you don't want them with me?

Are you in love with him?

You're a bad liar.

Let's wait for them on the state road.

What now?

He's carrying heroin,
what if he plans to leave?

Let's see what he does.

Who the hell are those?

Why are 3 peasant women from Trapani
flying to New York?

Definitely not to see the Statue of Liberty.

This is the old refinery in Sale di Nubia,
the Frenchman got there and still is.

Norman is on him.

I found out who are those women.

Carmela, 68... Costanza, 65... Filomena, 78.
All Luca Giacona's sisters.

He was tried in Bari in '69.
- That was a mockery of a trial.

They were all blatantly guilty and
all got acquitted for lack of evidence.

They didn't apply the "offense of belonging"
to a criminal organization.

Of course, Mafia doesn't exist.
- All women got their passports over a year ago...

...and since then, they flew in and out of New York
22 times, over once a month.


Our airport was enlarged two years ago,
to receive intercontinental flight.


I'll be right there.

Where are you going...
- Police, move over.

Ok, but... ma'am...
- We have permission.

I believe you, but... don't make me mad...

Leave us alone!
- Ma'am, please...

Please, stop... you can't...
- Get your hands off me!

Kills himself after relationship with a minor.


MALTESE CASE. Suspected of a relationship
with a minor, friend of his son.


I came to the station,
they told me you were here.

How are you?

Not the best day.


Why were you looking for me?
Did something happen?



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