Maltese - Il Romanzo del Commissario (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Episode #1.3 - full transcript

Maltese discovers that the man who sent the photo to the local paper has a long criminal record and is linked to one of the last cases Inspector Peralta handled: the disappearance of a female student.

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I'll take this ball for myself.

What do you say?
- Give it back!

There you go.

Morning everyone.
- Excuse me, Chief...

Maybe we got something.
We found there's a mechanic near the Mito bar.

The owner looks clean
but there's another garage 3 miles away.

The owner is Gaspare Renda, well known to us.
Here's everything about it.

So... Gaspare Renda, born in Trapani
on 3/15/1936.

Son of Santina Renda, boss of Borgovecchio,
disappeared in 1973 along with La Manna.

Quite a long record.
- He got out 2 years ago.

He's been quiet ever since
but you never know...

We put a man on him 24/7,
I wanna know everything he does.

I'll check if his name
is in Gianni's files.

What's up, Gasparino?
They tell me you've been in church all night.

That you've been babbling about hell and heaven.

Have you forgot the promise you made
to your father?

If you go against the cause
you become nothing!

If I don't let you go
is just out of respect for your father!

You keep your mouth shut!

You're gonna behave like a man
and carry the weight of your sins!

Come in.
- Chief, I looked into this Gaspare Renda guy.

He's too small of a fish
to be behind such a big operation.

If he gave Peralta's photo to the papers,
he was following orders.

I found a note from Gianni
about Gaspare Renda.

It's about a girl gone missing in Paceco,
Natalina Retondo. What do you know about that?

Peralta did mention that to me.

He had me collect info about the family
but I found nothing out of the ordinary.

Poor folks, far from criminal activities.

To be honest... I thought it was the classic elopement.

So you already spoke with the family.

No, I did not...
- What you mean?

I just thought the girl would turn up
by herself... maybe pregnant.

Let's go then.

I knew this school thing wasn't right.

Natalina was a good, hard working girl,
this was her life!

She worked like a mule.

Then all those books got into her head...
and she just ran.

To do whatever she wanted to... it's a disgrace!

In your opinion... she left alone
or maybe with someone else... like a boy...

I don't know and I don't wanna know!

She's dead to me!

You have another daughter, don't you?
- She's not home.

Perhaps you didn't see her coming back
because I saw her at the window.

Concetta is a proper girl, she has nothing to say.

Let me be the judge of that.

Tell him what you know about Natalina.
- Nothing.


Why don't we talk outside?
Let's have a little walk.

When Natalina disappeared,
dad got me off of school.

He said us female don't need to study...

...and all the evil comes from school and work.

You've been repeating the same thing
for half an hour.

I'm losing my patience
so, please, answer my question:

with whom did your sister ran away?

Dad says she changed
after she started working outside...

...and that she was good when she was still home.

I don't wanna hear what your father says!

Otherwise I'll lock you up until you're 90,
are we clear?


Natalina wasn't working in the nunnery's laundry anymore,
she had a boyfriend.

Who is he?
- A boxer, his name is carmine.

What did she tell you about him?

A few things... not of your concern.
- I decide what concerns me... go on.

She couldn't tell dad about him,
he would have never approved, because Carmine...

...was a cop, like yourself.
- A cop?


What kind of cop?
A beat cop, finance cop...

She only said "cop".

Chief... Natalina is kind and gentle
and she was truly in love...

...but I know she didn't run away,
otherwise she would have told me.

You gotta find her, Chief...
find her instead of trying to scare me with prison.

One last thing, have you ever seen this Carmine?

- Where?

One time in Marsala Road,
outside his gym.

I knew a guy named Carmine,
he used to come here everyday.

How long since he last came?
- About one month.

He said he met a girl,
he was tired of Sicily and planned to move to the Tropics.

I'm still waiting for my postcard though.

Vincenzo, do you know what happened to Carmine
by any chance?

Let me tell you this...

...many can say it's beef
when instead it's donkey.

Can't you remember Carmine's last name?
- I don't recall...

You don't recall...

I believe one needs some documents to sign up here.
- Of course.

Then show us his papers already!
- This way.

Gentlemen... we're looking for Carmine Crociata,
policeman and former boxer.

It's about the disappearance of Natalina Retondo.

Check for any active utilities:
phone, gas, electricity.

Let's hear from every department,
DMV and passport office.

Carmine what...?
- Carmine Crociata!

Get on with it!
- I can't write this fast...


Right away.
Chief, it's for you.

Who is it?
- Licata.

- It's me, Mauro Licata.

Good evening, Licata.

We'd love to have you over for a drink tonight,
Elisa said you might like to.

Er... tonight...?
Alright, I'd love to, thank you.

Great, we'll meet you in Delfini Street 22,
9 o'clock.

Alright, see you later.

Why didn't you tell him it's a party?
- He never would have come.

How many do you smoke a day?
- I wanna die of cigarettes before being murdered.

When you got here,
I knew I had little time left.

Where have you been?

What you're doing home this early?
- I wanted to talk to you.

You never talk to me,
what's so important so suddenly?

All these streets look the same to me.

I think Crociata's parents live there.

Carmine moved to Trapani a while back.

He rented a place near the boxing gym.

This is the statement I made
after going to my son's house.

He wasn't there and the house was empty.

My husband didn't let me see the house.

He didn't want me to get scared,
seeing the abandoned apartment.

A mother knows when something bad happened.

The truth is we haven't seen our son in a long time.

Will you explain what happened
from the start?

Carmine is a dreamer...
Yes, he dreamed after taking that shit!

Don't say it!
It was just a brief period anyway.

He loved to travel,
he had big ideas.

He even took an exam to join the police.
- They'll never take someone like him!

Listen to yourself!
That's why he left!

Show them the pictures.

Do you know any of these people?

This is Gaspare Renda,
he and my son were buddies... drug buddies.

They were together all the time,
playing football in the streets...

...then the bad apple spoiled the good one too!

What about the girl?
- This was Carmine's girlfriend.

Natalina Retondo.

Anything odd about the last time you saw your son?
- Tell him.

We actually had a fight,
he told me he was gonna do something special.

He said he was gonna be a sort of cop.
- What you mean "a sort of cop"?

I have no idea... he said:
"You'll be proud of me!"

I didn't believe him though,
I told him it was bullshit.

He said it was a secret.
Then he got up, slammed the door and just left.

He didn't even say goodbye...
that was the last time I saw my son.

We need to arrange an inspection
of your son's apartment.

Give 'em the keys.
I won't be coming though.

Thanks, ma'am.

What do you think?
- The kid sounds like a mythomaniac rather than a cop.

One thing for sure,
he was never enlisted in any police force.

He's friend with Renda though...

...and Renda is on Gianni's files,
in connection with the disappearance of Natalina Retondo.

And now, Carmine is missing as well.

Basically, we know nothing,
except they're connected to one another.

Perhaps Gianni needed an informer
inside the drug business...

...and he thought he could use Carmine.

Of course, we can't rule out the possibility
that Gianni was after the drug business.

Look, Chief... the new king of Trapani, Scirè.

He's gonna rule this town,
not Consalvo or Menendez, they're in the past.

He comes from the bottom, like us...
except we are gonna stay on the bottom.

A dog used to be here.


Smells like someone died in here.


He sure left in a hurry.

This food has been here for a month.

And here's the dog.

Who are you?
- Police, and you?

Giovanni Calvaruso,
Carmine's neighbor.

I didn't know him that well,
he was here short and he had strange hours.

However, I saw Loccu everyday.
He was always behind the door, waiting for his owner.

Then, one night, Carmine went out with a friend
and the next day I heard the dog crying.

I didn't steal the dog,
I was just feeding him until the owner was out.

By any chance, was this the man
you saw with Carmine that night?

I couldn't say... it was dark
and he was too far.

I just heard the car horn and I saw Carmine go out
and hug him, like friends do.

They left by car then.
- And what a car! All 3 drove away.

You said "3"?
- The girl went out too.

This girl?
- Yes, his girlfriend.

What kind of car was it?
- Giulia coupe, the latest model, blue as the sky.

Have you seen the plates?
- No, I'm sorry... it was night.

Thanks, goodbye.
- Bye.

We'll go to Paris, have you been there?
- No, I haven't. I heard it's beautiful.

I also have a surprise for you.
- A surprise? What is it?

If I tell you, it's not a surprise.
- Yes, that's right.

How is Trapani?
- Terrific... better than Paris.

We'll see about that.
- We'll see? What you mean?

Nothing... I have to go now, I'll call you.

Bye, love. Have a nice trip.
- Bye.

Excuse me, I'm looking for No. 22.
- It's right here.

Right here?
- Yes.

- Hi, I'm glad you came!

Come in.
- You have guests...

Come on in, you only live once!

You're very kind, but...
- One drink and you're on your way.

Just one drink then.

Before I introduce you to everyone,
will you help me in the kitchen?

We need to show our "Callahan" a good time
or he's gonna wither in his lonely apartment.

Let me just finish here.

Pardon me, dear.

Guess I'll have to introduce myself: Sonia.
- Dario Maltese.

Let me help you with all those beers.
- Thank you.

So polite... where you been hiding this one?

He's a serious person... no teasing.
- These hippies make fun of me because I love the military.

Especially in uniform...
you have one, haven't you?

I have it... I just no longer wear it.

Too bad... and the gun?
Are you carrying one?

Enough, Sonia!
- What's the fuss? We need order after all.

Right, Dario?
- You gotta forgive Sonia.

She's a nurse and calls me
whenever someone gets shot...

...and she just loves uniforms.

Let's go, Dario.

Sonia... I'm watching you...
I'll be right out.

...this kind of colorful news
doesn't really interests me...

Everything fine?
- Yes, thanks.

I hope you didn't mind our little lie.
- No.

It's a friendly dinner,
you tell one and next thing you know, 20 show up.

You know how it goes.

Elisa, what was that bass player
from Weather Report?

Pastorius... Jaco Pastorius.
- Wow! You know Weather Report?

- How come?

Well, because... even cops have ears, eyes,
a heart... those kind of things.

If you can also play, I'll throw myself in the water now.
- I think it might be a bit chilly.

Wait a second.

No... no...
- You said it, now prove it.

I was just showing off... I can't play...


What would you like me to play?

- Drupi...? You like Drupi?

"Sereno è".
- "Sereno è", by Drupi... one second...

Bravo, Dario!
- Bravo!

It's better if you play it.
My wine...

A toast... to songs and to the moon bites
we all took on this beach.

And to life... which passes us by.


And to Dario coming back to Trapani.
- Thank you.

- Cheers.

Ok... time to keep my word.
- Seriously?

Of course!
Mauro, come with me.

"For better or for worse"...

The Historic Compromise was made then.

One for the road.
- I take the wine but I didn't get the joke.

You and the Commissioner...

I've never seen you so...

..."inclusive" with a cop.

It's not what you think...
he's a modern kind of person...

One of us...

He just does a different job.
- I see you're very informed about him.

The subject excites you.
- I observe.

It was more than observing...
you couldn't get your eyes off him.

Jealousy is a typically bourgeois feeling.

Perhaps I'm more of a bourgeois
than you know.

Come in.

Chief... Gaspare Renda has more money
than he looks like.

The Giulia coupe we were told about
belongs to him.

Good, keep you eyes on him.

Rabbit, you stay on him and never lose him.
- Why me? With all the men we got here...

Because I say so.
Everyone is busy elsewhere.

I'll take care of that, come on.

Call the Chief and tell him where we are.

Then go inside and pretend you're a customer.
- Anything else?

Yes, bring me a cold beer... come on!

He's sitting with a woman,
tall, pretty, dressed in red.

They act like they know each other.

Hi, Chief.

That's him.

He's out... I'm going in to have a chat
with this woman in red.

You stay on him.

Good evening.
- Evening, officer.

Am I that transparent?
- I'd say so.

Duty or pleasure?
- Duty.

Odd... cops are usually here for pleasure.

Instead I need info on Gaspare Renda.

I don't ask customers for their names.

How do you know he's a customer then?
- If you wanna chat, the counter is back there.


Either you start talking
or I'll charge you for prostitution.

What's going on?

Nothing... this gentleman asked for a bottle of Spumante,
the good one.

The most expensive we got.

So... did Gaspare ever talk
about some Carmine Crociata?

What happened to this guy Carmine?
- He disappeared.

No... I don't know any Carmine Crociata.

What can you tell me of Gaspare Renda then?

He's not been himself lately.
- What you mean?

He became violent,
he can't sleep anymore...

He's always praying God, asking for forgiveness
and muttering that name... Carmine.

That's really all I know.


Alright... thanks.


...why don't you come over sometime,
when you feel lonely.

- He's inside. Be careful, Chief.

Mr. Renda... I need you to come with me, please.

Listen, Gaspare... you were praying for your soul...

You say people are in danger
and God will punish us.

Yes, I... I believe that.

But can't we, Gaspare...

...can't we repent of our sins?

I don't wanna lose my soul for eternity.

What can I do?

You wanna pray with me?

- Yes.

Alright, let us pray.
- Say with me:

"While I repent of my sins with all my heart..."

What are they doing in there?

They're praying.
- Praying...?

If we keep on like this,
soon we'll all have to pray.

My father used to say
we were devoted to the Family.

That the Family came before fathers, mothers,
brothers, friends...

We had to be ready
to give our life for the Family.

We came from the country near Custonaci,
I used to tend to the horses.

There was one...

A beautiful horse, with shiny hair...

I really looked after that horse,
I wanted to race him.

One day my father came and said:
"Shoot him"...

...and he put a gun in my hand.

I told him I didn't want to...
I told him: "Why, dad?"

Ho took my hand and point it to the horse...
"because you gotta become a man", he said.

Then he fired.

That's the Family.

Life screwed me over, since I was a kid...
isn't that right?

I knew a kid from Pizzolungo,
we played football together as kids.

Then we grew up and I got in jail,
while he took a different road.

When I got out, 2 years ago,
we started hanging out again.

He trusted me...
even knowing who I was, he trusted me.

He said that being friends
was more important than anything else.

What happened then?

I betrayed him... like Judas did to Christ.

Stand still!

Gaspare, do something!
Help him!

I don't know anything.

Gaspare, do something!
Help him!

You take care of the girl.

Terranova, have the whole place secured.

I don't even know how many corpses
I've photographed since I'm in Sicily.

Yet I still get the same feeling every time.

A feeling about what could have been
but never will be.

La Torre...