Maltese - Il Romanzo del Commissario (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

Inspector Dario Maltese travels from Rome to the city of his birth, Trapani in Sicily, to attend his best friend's wedding. But tragedy strikes and he finds himself pulled into a murder investigation.

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Police! Freeze!

Stay down!


We didn't need a dead body right now!

I can see the titles already:
"Trigger-happy cop!"

You talk like I'm a hitman!
I'm not even that good of a shot!

I had no choice,
don't you understand?

By the way, with this operation,
we shut down the biggest lab in town!

Today, newspapers are more important than results!

Ok, got it...
next time I'll just let 'em shoot me... you won't have problems with the press.
Can I go now?

Go, go...
- Thanks.

- Hi, dad.

There she is! My love!
How are you, little one?

Fine. I'm calling while mom's out,
she says it's too expensive.

You gotta call me collect!
- I don't like it.

Why not?
- It's kinda silly, but...

...I'm afraid you won't accept the call.
- What? I would never do that!

I'm constantly waiting for you to call!

I miss you so much, you know that?
- Yes. What are you doing?

I'm about to pack my bags, I'm going to Trapani
tomorrow for Gianni's wedding.

Are you really going to Trapani?
- Yes, this time I have to.

Will you take me there when I come back?
- Yes, I'll take you wherever you want.

I have to go, mom's back.

I'll call you from Trapani.
- It's better if I call you.

You don't have the number,
I'll call and give it to you.

Bye, dad.

I know that guy, he's a cop.
I saw him when I was brought in.

Do you have a cigarette?


You're a cop then.
- In all modesty, I am.

Going to Sicily?
Where to?

- Me too!

What's a Roman cop doing in Trapani?
- I'm not from Rome.

I'm from Trapani, been away for long.
- Why the comeback then?

For a wedding.

I was in Rome to write an article
about the demonstration.

I like taking pictures of protest rallies.

Cops on one side,
kids with red flags on the other.

Your accent is not exactly Trapanese,
more like German...

I was born in Stuttgart
but I feel 100% Sicilian.

Anyway... welcome back.


How are you?
- Fine, a bit tired.


It's so good to see you again!

She's Mariangela.
- Nice to meet you.

Now I see why you're taking the big step.
- Have you forgot about Trapanese girls?

We have so much to talk about,
my parents can't wait to see you.

Let me help you.
- I'll help mom.

This son of mine gave me no notice
so I had to improvise.

I know your "improvisations",
like 4 hours at the table!

Not too much for you.
- Who says? Give it here.

For my love.
- For Mariangela.

That's enough.

Look at you,
you keep getting younger.

I got fat, with glasses and white hair.
- You're beautiful!

He's always been a handsome man.
- You look like Alain Delon!

Of course, I dress better.
- Yes, I noticed that...

Designer clothes, necktie...

As a kid, you dressed like a priest.
- I didn't know how the world goes yet.

Let's make a toast!

To the return of our Dario,
for me you've always been here, where your father is.


We gonna have a baby.
- Really??

That's why all the hurry.
- Good boy!

Finally you too,
wonderful news!

I hope for a girl, like you.

The doctor said it's probably a girl,
they can tell now. - Is that right?

A boy would be good,
but a girl would really make me happy.

That's great.

How are your girls?

What's wrong?

We went our separate ways.

Why haven't you told me?

How are you managing?

She took the kid and went to America.

We still have to figure it out.

I find you really well.

Yes, I try to look forward.

What you mean by that?

Since you left, things haven't been the same here.

It's like something broke.

Do you remember when we wanted to save Sicily?
- Of course.

I'd settle for less now.

I don't know if there's someone
who can really save this island.

If you were here,
I'd feel less alone.

Hey, lovebirds... care for some strawberry cream?
- We had enough, dear!

Let's make one more effort.

Your friend is really nice.
- Wait till you know him well!

Dario, I'll pick you up tomorrow then.

Come early, I'm up at 6 anyway.

We gonna have breakfast then.
- It's like you two are getting married.

She's jealous!
Bye, Dario.


Can you hear me?!


She's alright, don't worry.

Go to my house...

In the closet... there's files...

What's in the files?
- Go now...

Stay with me, Gianni!

Enea! Call an ambulance!

What's so funny?
- Put on some glasses or you'll get to the wrong island.

The fish!

Have a good trip, Chief.

When are you leaving?
- Today, this afternoon.

After so long,
we meet for the worst possible reason.



You gotta catch them.

You were gonna be his best man,
instead you're at his funeral.

I've been away for too long,
I wouldn't know where to start.

You left as a kid,
now you're a man.

You can't keep running away.

Stop here.

It's 500.
- We'll stay here a minute.

Aren't you getting off?
- No.

We can go now.

Is this a joke?
- No.

You wanna be transferred to Trapani?!
- That's right.

An old friend got murdered, Gianni Peralta.
- The Commissioner was your friend?

Yes, I went to se him for his wedding.

So... I just have to go.

What can I say...

I'll miss you.
- I'll miss you too, Luciano.

Good luck.
- Thanks.

Say hello to your wife.
- Thanks.

Let me help you.

You have to know
Gianni Peralta and I grew up together.

Like brothers,
always together from zero to 16.

You need to know this because I'm gonna
expect from you something more...

...than the usual efforts
of a "live and let live" kind of policeman.

I'm not saying this to offend or diminish you,
in fact I'm sure...

...that Gianni surrounded himself
with no ordinary men,

Men who won't have rest
until they catch their boss' murderers.

However, I felt the urge
to let you know why I'm here...

...and what I expect from you.


I'm Saverio Mandarà and
I worked with commissioner Peralta for 12 years.

I speak for the entire squad here, sir.

We're at your complete disposal.

He's Cesare Millocca, known as "The Norman",
'cause he's tall and blond.

I'm district responsible, sir.
- We all have nicknames here.

Ernesto Lo Giudice, "The Rabbit", because...
- Because I'm extremely cautious, sir.

Chief Warrant Officer Lucio De Falco,
"The Nail".

"Nail" because he's irremovable.

You'll get to know the rest.
- That's alright.

First thing, I want all of
Gianni's files on my desk.

Also, tell the Chief I'll go see him.
- Ok. - Thanks everyone.

I never forgot that day,
you and your mother by that train.

A little kid,
with already the eyes of a man.

My regret is I haven't done enough for you.

I've been meaning to say this for a long time.
- It's not true, Aldo, you've done plenty.

Your father was a great police officer.

It's been an honor for me
working with him.

Now that you're here,
it's like having him here once again.

I heard Agata is not well.
- "Agatuzza"...

She's back to be like a baby.

I'd like to visit her some time.
- Of course.

You're always welcome in our house.

Holy Mary!
Is it you!

How are you, dear?

What a beautiful surprise!
- I find you well.

Kind of. Tell me, are you staying?
- Yes, for a while.

Really? Thank Heavens!
I'll get the keys.

What a surprise!

Come in.
Many asked me to rent the house.

I see why you don't wanna rent out.

Money is important, I know,
but other things are even more important.

No one set foot in there anymore.

I can ask my son to fix everything.
- That's fine how it is, thanks.

I'll get you fresh towels and sheets, a bit of everything.
- Ok.

Then, Dario... what can I say...

Welcome back.
- Thank you.

It's all I could find
with such short notice.

Let's say most people aren't happy
to host a police Commissioner.

This will be fine.

This way, sir.

Don't worry about the noise,
that was the last flight.

The airport is closed at night.
- Alright.

This is small studio,
that way for the bedroom.

Here it is.

I'll leave the baggage here.

Right there is the kitchen.

You have no relatives here in Trapani, have you?
- No, just a few in Messina.

Gianni told me about you... and your father.

I don't know if Gianni ever told you, but
I think you have the right to know.

Gianni was convinced your father was innocent.

Ok... thanks, Saverio.

I'll let you get comfortable.

If you want company,
there's always a seat at my dinner table.

The kids are noisy but it's worth it,
my wife is a great cook.

We'll arrange that for sure.
- Just call me.

I'll assign you a service car,
a grey Giulia 1600.

Keys will be inside.
- Alright.

Anything else, just call me.
- Ok, see you tomorrow.


Ok, thanks.
Don't touch anything till we get there.

Come in.

Sir, they found a burned bike
in San Giuliano.

Could be the killers'.
- Let's go see it.

I made that call and they confirmed
there was no night flight.

That's odd, I saw it with my own eyes.

Many odd things happen around here,
don't lose your sleep over it.

Do you have any keys on you?
- Yes.

The color fits.

So... they got here, burned the bike...

...and probably walked back to the road.

There's a lot of cigarette butts.

These tire marks,
it may be the car they used to escape.

Looks like a small truck or a van,
something like a Meari.

Since I don't think they stopped for a picnic...

...this could have been left
by someone who was waiting for them.

Let's check how many of those bikes
are registered in Trapani and Palermo.

Why Palermo?
- 'Cause they brought breakfast from there.

Good morning, Mauro Licata.
- Morning.

You already know Elisa Ripstein.
- Yes. Hello.

We work for the Eco of Trapani.
- We're collecting evidence, you can't stay here.

Yes, we know... in theory.

We won't say what can't be said,
is it the killers' bike?

Are you listening to police frequencies?
It's against the law, turn it off at least.

There's plenty of illegal in this town,
this is the most harmless.

The bike is yet to be identified,
it's no use to you.

You've really been long gone,
it's better to take pictures of things around here.

In case they go missing,
it happens a lot.

Slugs, reports, files, photos...

Even big things, like motorbikes.

- I'm coming.

Have a nice day.

Stay here and don't move.
Bye, Miss.

Come in.

Sir, the bike was registered in Palermo
and was stolen in the Villabate district, two days before the murder.

- No record, he filed a regular report.

I checked and he's clean.

To steal a bike in Villabate you gotta have
permission from the district's boss.

That means people from Palermo
are involved.

See how they are organized?

They even had someone waiting
where they left the bike.

At least two people, judging by the leftovers.
- Exactly.

There's quite a few people behind Gianni's murder.

And if this many are involved,
it can only mean one thing...


Except in Gianni's files there's no
investigation on organized crime.

Can you confirm?
- Yes, of course.

Before dying, he told me
to run to his house.

He wanted me to find some kind of files
but it was all empty...

...apart from this old picture
of Gianni and myself.

What does it mean?
- I don't know, but I'm sure about one thing:

Gianni was investigating something on his own.

Something he didn't mention to anyone?


We shared everything in the past years.

Why keep a secret so important
that costed him his life?

There's two options:
either he meant to protect you...

...or he didn't trust some of you.

Aren't you coming?
- He don't wanna get fat.

So you really want to get married?
- Yes, so what?

You wanna end up like Mandarà?
- Look at you, lonely like a goat!

If I looked like him
I wouldn't be alone!

He's not a Sicilian like we are,
trust me.

He's a cold blood animal.
- He knows his job though.

I don't like where this is going,
I don't wanna risk my life!

When the hell have you ever risked your life?
- Listen to me, he's a pro.

Hopefully not a "pro" like his father.
- Enough, let's go grab dinner!



Dad, it's me!



"What was commissioner Peralta doing
with a woman who wasn't his future wife?"

"What was he hiding?
Who was really Gianni Peralta?"

This from a reporter
not even brave enough to sign the article.

Every time there's an inconvenient murder here,
this "crime of passion" thing comes up.

Alright then.

Gianni was gonna get married and have a baby.

I think we can all agree
he wasn't the type to sleep around.

Do we?


What I know is what I know.

We can't rule anything out so far.
- I actually did rule this one out.

Actually we don't think
he was such a faithful kind of man.

Gianni did like women a lot,
like we all do.

Commissioner Peralta was no longer the kid
you used to know, he had changed.

None of us is the same
as he was as a kid.

In this town, no one stays the same,
not even commissioner Peralta.

I'm a little surprised by that,

...this really doesn't look like
a crime of passion at all.

The article wonders which hotel was that,
so they didn't take the picture themselves.

We need to know who did.

This is a letter 'J'...

Let's check every hotel with a 'J',
shouldn't be a lot.

There's the "Jolly".
- That's on the state road, this looks more like...

The "Jupiter", on the beach.
- What "Jupiter"...

Sir, this is the Judeca, in St. Eligio road,
near the Victoria Hotel.

It's in the old city.
- We're going there then.

Let's move!

Are you coming?

I've never seen her before.
- Never?

- Alright.

Listen... we're from the anti-crime
and we don't mind this...

He's from vice though
and he's quite an expert.

I bet if he checks,
he won't find one single regular registration.

A shame for all these people
with so much love to give.

They'd no longer have a place to go...

Regulars have the tendency
to ask always for the same room.

Chief Peralta and the lady always
asked for No. 12.

They usually arrived at 8
and left around 10.

Are you sure about that?
- Of course I am.

How long did this thing go on?
- Well... a couple of months.

Please, tell me all you know
about this woman.

They never registered
and I never heard him call her by name.

Anything else?
- Well... a really hot woman... great body.

I'm sure you understand...
- Keep these comments for the bar.

Maybe you don't get it...
we're talking about the murder of a police Commissioner.

You're walking on thin ice here,
just tell me where I can find this woman.

We may close an eye on this register then.

The Chief used to call me
and had me send flowers to the lady.

White gladiolas.
- To which address?

A nail saloon.

Are you getting your nails done?
- Yes, thanks.

This nail here is in bad shape.
- Let's see.

Nice hands, like a piano player.

My mom had me take lessons when I was 4.

She was into music?

She meant to keep me from
the dangerous job my dad was doing.

Of course, I ended up doing the same.
- What job?


I have some questions
about commissioner Peralta.

How about the harbor bar in 30 minutes?

The flowers were the signal,
we met the day after.

Could you tell me about
how you first met?

One night, while I was leaving from work.

You mean he approached you in the middle of the street?
- Yes.

Did someone see you? Some shopkeeper around there?
- I can't remember... I don't think so.

So Peralta stopped you in the middle of the street...

...careless of anyone seeing him.
He was also about to get married.


What did he tell you exactly?

He invited me for a walk.
- And you accepted right away?

He was a handsome man.
Classy, elegant.

Excuse me, but...

...when you were meeting... also talked or...

...or were you just doing... other things?

We also talked... a lot.

He was about to have a kid, a boy.

He told me that.
- Did he?

He wanted to call him Enea, like his father.
- Yes, I remember.

You remember...
- Yes.

The fact is,
he knew he was gonna have a daughter.

He talked about a boy with me.
If he changed his mind, that I don't know.

So, I'll tell you this:

either you tell me how
things really went down...

...or I'm going straight to the papers
and give a nice interview.

And what would you say to them?
- That I found you... and you're cooperating with the police.

You're really after that promotion,
aren't you Commissioner? - So?

I didn't mean for him to get hurt, I swear.

I never thought he would do something like that.
- Who's "he"? What are you talking about now?

Gianni and I loved each other,
we couldn't help it!

I told Niccolò,
you don't control your heart.

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