Maltese - Il Romanzo del Commissario (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

Chief Saura had some good words about you.
Close the door.

How's going with the Peralta murder?

Right now we're looking for a forger
with a long record, Miceli Nicolò.

We got his name from Santina Spatuzza,
the woman with Peralta in the published picture.

A matter of passion then?

She says Miceli introduced
the Commissioner to her.

He's her former boyfriend
and also an informer for Peralta.

Seems like, once he knew about them two,
he wanted to kill the Commissioner.

Do we have objective reports of that?

Some colleagues confirmed that
Miceli was an informer for Peralta.

Come in!

Substitute Procurator, Gabriella Montano.
This is commissioner Maltese.

Nice to meet you.
- As well.

The Commissioner was telling me he found the murderer.

Excuse me but I actually have
a lot of reservations about this lead.

What reservations?
- There's too many people involved for a crime of passion.

I don't... what you mean by that?
- I think it's a mafia murder.

Come on now!
We can't call out "mafia!" at every occasion.

This is not the case!
We have motive, witness, name, even a picture!

Let's find this man
and wrap this case up soon as possible!

What are we playing here?

Commissioner Maltese,
how about a coffee?

- Come.

Are you from Trapani?
- I was born here.

I come from a small village in the mountains,
300 inhabitants.

When they sent me here I was happy
to be near the sea.

Sound like you changed your mind.
- I don't like this town and I don't like its sea.

Coming from the mountain, I was taught
there is a path to go from A to B.

You don't have that at sea, you gotta know the course and keep it or you're lost.

Are you talking about your job?

If so, I understand you believe
the prosecutor's office is lost at sea.

I already asked for a transfer.
- Perfect.

As long as I'm here though,
I'll follow the path.

I'm sorry but I think the Procurator's right.

- Yes, there's one thing you don't know.

Commissioner Peralta came to see me
10 days before getting killed.

He wanted protective custody for Miceli.
- Why?

He said he was an informer and he was in danger.
He didn't give any more details.

The request was so incomplete
that I could not grant it.

Now I'm thinking that the person
he wanted to protect was himself.

I see.

I see.

Excuse me but there's another possibility.

Peralta might not have given you details
because he wasn't trusting anyone anymore.

Shall we grab this coffee?
- Yes.

I'm going to grab something to eat, I'll be back in 30 minutes.
- Alright, Chief.


Did we find Miceli?

He's been missing for 3 days.
His mother knows nothing, says her son is a saint.

Where do they live?
I wanna speak to her myself.

Mrs. Miceli?
- Good morning.

Chief, my son is a good boy.
He got in with the wrong crowd but he straightened up.

Why is he hiding then?
- My son is not hiding.

He always took care of me
and I took care of him.

Look what he got me.
A TV, a tractor, a washing machine.

Every day he came with a present,
how can he be a bad person?

Of course not, he's a good son.

Is he engaged?
- No, all women today are just whores.

Respectfully speaking.

The world has changed, ma'am.
- Yes, in the wrong way.

You have no other kids?
- No, my poor husband died when Nicolò was a kid.

Never considered remarrying?
- No, absolutely never.

Alright, we are done. Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

Bye, ma'am.
- Bye.

Is it a color TV?
- Yes.

Nice one.
- Thanks. Bye.

He's in hiding, it all fits.

He's afraid of us or someone else?

Who else?

Didn't you see the new tractor, the washer,
the latest model of color TV?

You're saying he's been paid to kill Peralta?
- I only know 2 things:

1: all these money smell fishy.

2: he's gonna contact his mother,
so let's keep an eye on her.

Morning, everyone.
- Morning.

Plain or marinated?
- Plain. - One of each then.

Giuseppa, shall we go?


I like it.

Anna, don't you wanna see from closer?
- No.

It's just a few steps.
- No.

Will you stop following me?

The best spleen sandwich in Sicily, did you know?

Actually I came here as a kid.

Who are these pretty ladies?
- They all come from the mountains, they've never seen the sea.

I brought them here.
- Good for you.

Everybody should see the sea at least once.

I agree.
It seems that one's not really excited about it.

Yes, I actually had to insist a bit.
Without some forcing, the world will never change.

Miracle! She got up!
- You see? Things do change.

Good, Anna!

Kate, it's Dario.
- Hi, Dario.

I called to tell you
I temporarily moved to Trapani.

- Yes, and... how are you?

- Listen, then... I...

In the end I wanted to tell you...

I'm sorry about how things went.

This isn't the right moment.
- Ok, I got it.

We need to talk, because...

I need to see my daughter sometimes,
we gotta set some rules about it.

Yes, Dario. Ok.
I'll put Noa on.

Put her on.

Hi, dad.
- Hi, love! How you doing?

Fine, I'm learning baseball.
- Are you?

How's Trapani? Nice?
- Trapani is not nice, it's beautiful!

I actually moved here,
get a pen and I'll tell you the new number.

Ok, wait a sec.

I'm ready.
- Yes, here I am...


- Ok, done.

Are you gonna teach me baseball?
- Better not, I suck at it.

Alright then.
- I can't wait to see you.

Me too!
- Lunch is ready here.

Ok, go eat. Bye, love.
- Bye, dad.

Chief, what are you doing here?

Just a walk.
- Me too, what a coincidence.

Who are those people, Licata?
- I tell you if you tell me why you're here.

I'm staying by the airport and I saw...
- A peculiar choice.

It wasn't a choice, I couldn't find anything else.

That speaks in your favor,
it means you're already bothering someone.

Unlike your colleagues and predecessors.

You saw the plane then.
- Right.

That's a special flight.
- What do you know about it?

One is the spokesman
for an important man of government.

And the others?

Head of the table is our mayor,
Lamberto Scirè.

To his right, the Menendez family,
owners of half Trapani and all the land around it.

Sen. Menendez collects quite a few votes
for our government's major party.

What about the woman
and the other two men?

She's the senator's daughter, Giulia.

That's her husband, Luciano Consalvo,
a major partner in the Trinacria Bank.

Then her brother, Francesco.
He's a shark.

Responsible for all tax collection offices in Sicily.

They have more money
than all other Sicilians put together.

They're rotten though.

Perhaps that's why Mrs. Menendez has a garden
with over 1000 types of orchids.

To cover the stench.

Elisa, my colleague, asked her
to make a photo book about the orchids.

That was the only hope for us
to get into that fortress.

Things are getting heated.

Strange... something must have happened.


It seems no plane landed this time either.

I saw the books and there's no flight
after the 6,50 from Rome.

The day before Peralta asked for Miceli's arrest...

...Miceli himself was here,
it's in the book.

I don't think an informer
who's planning to kill a Commissioner for a woman...

...would show up here for anyone to see him.

Miceli's mother led us to him,
he's hiding in a barn.

Let's go.
- Rabbit!

How are you?!
- It burns!


Easy! Easy!
- Don't shoot!

Get down here, dickhead!

He shot you with salt, do you understand?

I'll put one in your head!
- I'm coming, don't shoot!

Fucking dickhead!
Get down!

What's in your fucking head?
Shooting at us?

Mr. Miceli...

...was it you who killed chief Peralta?
- No.

Then why were you hiding
and shooting at the police with a salt-loaded gun?

Do you know Mrs. Santina Spaduzza?

She says you two were in a relationship.

She also says you declared
you were gonna kill chief Peralta.

Is that true?
- No.

Then let me ask again,
why were you hiding?

Leave me alone,
I know nothing.

You expect me to leave you alone?

On February 20, you came at the station
and asked for chief Peralta. Why?

I can't remember.
- I'll tell you myself then... you needed help.

Someone found out you were an informer
and you came to ask for protection...

...even if it meant going to jail.
Isn't that right?

Tell the truth and we'll take account.
- Chief, come here a second.

What is it?
- We found this in his hideout.

Beretta 51,
the same gun used to kill the Commissioner.

If he knew he had it,
he wouldn't have shot at us.

You're trying to tell me
this gun was put there on purpose?

How would they know where he was hiding?

Just like we found him ourselves.
- Chief, we found the murderer, make peace with that.

Miceli was an informer for chief Peralta, right?

They probably met through Santina Spatuzza,
as you said yourself.

That woman draws attention
and the Chief surely noticed her.

A sentimental relationship developed,
it wouldn't be the first time.

Gianni wasn't that kind of person.

I'm sorry, but...
you came back here after 20 years.

Does it look the same to you?
Are you the same yourself?

Chief Peralta had his secrets,
like we all do.

What secrets are you referring to?

What I just said.
- De Falco, do you have proof of what you're saying?

I'm talking out of hunches.

Then my hunch is that Miceli
could never organize a murder like this.

Chief, wait.

Look at this and tell me
if something's wrong.

What does...
- Do it, please.

What's wrong with this document?
- Nothing's wrong about it.

Exactly, it's perfect... but it's a fake.

Nicolò Miceli is an excellent forger.

He may have asked someone to kill the Commissioner
in exchange for fake documents.

You would be right saying that Miceli
didn't do it by himself.

But you would be wrong
looking for a different motive...

...because the motive has always been
in front of us.

The jealousy of a man
betrayed by the woman he loved.

A matter of women, unfortunately.

So, first Miceli is a mastermind
who organizes the perfect crime...

...then suddenly becomes an idiot,
runs, hides...

...shoots us with salt and presents us
with the murder weapon.

Murder which by the way he didn't commit himself,
so God knows what the fuck he's doing with the gun.

Come on, De Falco... stick with me.

It's a decoy.

That's not bullshit.
- Alright.

Miceli, they found a gun where you were hiding.

You're looking at 30 years, you know that?

Just tell me the truth.

Who are you covering for?

It was me.

It was you who did what?


I killed Peralta.
- Yes... of course.

And I am Napoleon Bonaparte.

I did it.

Come in.

He signed a full confession.

He says he's been helped in exchange for money
and fake papers but he'll never tell names.

He says it's people from Palermo
and that he was the shooter himself.

So you killed chief Peralta out of jealousy.
- Yes, that's the reason.

What color was the bike?
- Red.

Where did you leave it?
- I burned it, at San Giuliano tuna place.

Why kill the wife too?
- She got in the way.

So you really loved Santina Spatuzza very much.
- Yes.

To the point of throwing your life away.

Because that's what you're doing, Nicolò.

There's premeditation.

1st degree murder,
murder of a pregnant woman.

You're 38.

You'll never get out of prison.

Is it worth it?

What color are her eyes?

The eyes of Santina Spatuzza,
the woman for which you've done it all.

What's the color?

But, Miceli...

You're an extraordinary forger,
you can memorize every detail...

...and you can't remember
what color are the eyes of your beloved?

The eyes! What color are her eyes?!
- Black... black...

Then we'll have to check you for color blindness.

They're blue...
her eyes are blue.

They didn't just give you money, right?

One doesn't spend his whole life in jail
for money.

They would kill you, kill your mother...

They scared you.

I can scare you too, can't I?!

You gotta tell the truth!
The truth!!

He won't speak,
he'd rather rot in jail.

Let's take him away.
Come on, move.

There he is!

What do you have for me?
- He signed a full confession about killing the Commissioner.

- Most likely.

How many?
- We don't know yet...

Can you tell us...
- Please, follow me in the press room for details.

Is that all you got?
- Follow me, please.

Chief, can you tell us something more?
- We're coming, please go inside.

We need to talk, can I buy you a coffee?
- Alright.

Innocent? Why didn't you let him out then?

Because he signed a full confession
and the Chief Procurator thought it was enough.

I am 100% sure he was framed
and he's clearly covering for someone else.

You're sure about that?
Why are you telling this to us?

It all began with the picture of Peralta with that
Spatuzza lady...

...and the Trinacria Journal refuses to give out more details,
on the grounds of professional secrecy.

So I thought you might be able
to get more information about it from the inside.

The Trinacria Journal is a regime paper,
with heavy Mafia connections...

I know someone there,
I'll try to get them to talk.


Shut her up!
Get over here!

Let's refresh your neck,
like this.

Let's dry up now.

Alright, all done.
Now we go to bed.

Wait here, don't move.

I heard you wanted to talk to me.
Is it a wrong time?

It's not the wrong time,
you just need to wait a minute.

Let's go to bed, come on.

Shall I wait here, Aldo?

Wait there.
Agatuzza, see who's here? Dario!

Peppino's son, do you remember?
See how he grew up?

One... two... three.

A bit of water.

Just to keep your lips moist.

Take off that look,
I'm not as good as you think.

Every morning I think of running away.
- But you never did.

You're wrong there.
You know what I do?

Every night I get in the car and drive,
sometimes all the way to Alcamo.

You always come back though.
- Yes.

You have many thoughts on your wedding day.

The end of your freedom, the party,
the first night...

You don't really pay too much attention
to these words though...

"For better or for worse".

The rest goes by,
these words don't.

My wife thought differently.
- She couldn't handle the worse?

She couldn't handle, period.

Happiness is overrated,
we should think more about pain.

Anyway, the Procurator called me,
very much alarmed.

What did you tell that useless Mason?

That Miceli is innocent and
he's being forced to take the blame.

Can you prove that?
- No.

He told me to stop you.
To him, the case is closed.

What are you gonna do?

I trust you. I just lost one of my best men
and I want the truth, just like you.

Be careful though,
don't fuck up.

If what you say is right,
you're going into dangerous waters.

I don't wanna carry another coffin.

Alright, I'll get coffee.

Do you believe in luck?
- Luck?

I must be your lucky charm.

I know who wrote the article about Peralta.

Someone had called him and
arranged a meeting on the state road to Erice, at the Mito bar.

This man gave him the picture
and told him it was a crime of passion.

My friend noticed the hands of the man were black.

Black from grease, like a mechanic.

This could be important.

- You're welcome.

Mito bar, you said.
- That's right.

If I find out something, you'll be the first to know.
- That's not why I did it.

You didn't?
- I did it because you're one of us... and also 'cause I like you.

You should come for dinner sometime,
Mauro is a great cook.

With pleasure.
- Great. I have to go now.

Alright, thanks.
- Bye.

There's people doing very bad things here...

I can't take it anymore.

I can't.

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