Mako Mermaids (2013–2016): Season 1, Episode 17 - Moon Ring 2 - full transcript

Rita continues to train the girls (to control water, whatever form it takes). Zac finds a moon ring stuck in a rock on the ocean floor. He breaks it out and gives it to Evie as a gift. The girls confront Zac about how dangerous the ring could be once it gets hit with moonlight. He agrees to get it back from Evie but not to hand it over to the mermaids. Zac's parents have Rita over for lunch. Zac invites Cam and Evie too with a plan to get the ring back. The girls show up lying that Rita invited them so they can alert Rita to the situation. Zac gets hold of the ring but Lyla and Sirena try to take it from him. Rita walks in on them quarreling, is hit by magic from the moon ring, and becomes unconscious. Can they save Rita and get the moon ring from Zac?

♪ In this world ♪

♪ We're all alone ♪

♪ You know I love ♪

♪ My island home ♪

♪ We'll make this right ♪

♪ Find our way

Through this mystery ♪

♪ I just wanna be ♪

♪ Swimming in the sea ♪

♪ Now it's just you and me ♪

♪ Forever, ever, ever ♪

♪ I just wanna be ♪

♪ With you feeling free ♪

♪ It's my destiny ♪

♪ Forever, ever, ever ♪

♪ Together ♪

♪ Forever ♪

♪ Together lying in the sun ♪

♪ Together ♪

♪ Forever ♪

♪ Together ♪

♪ Just be you and me ♪

♪ I just wanna be... ♪


The power to control water,

whatever form it's in,

is one of the most important

a mermaid can have.

Water is the essence

of our spirit.

It has the mystical power

to heal or cause damage.

Okay, now.



Excellently done.

How about we take a break

from water and move on to...

I don't know, say, moon rings?

Not until you're fully trained

as a mermaid.

I'm sure your sister meant well

when she gave it to you,

but it's too powerful to use

until you've mastered it.

Well, I've got a bit of power.

I mean,

I could control it a little.

No. You must have complete

control of the ring

or there's no telling

what damage it could cause.

Moon rings hold power

you don't know about yet.

What does that mean?

It means I'm not teaching you

about them today.



You don't think it'll rain,

will it?

A little bit or rain

never hurt anybody.

We can always go inside

if it does.

I should have asked Principal

Santos if she likes seafood.

She might have allergies.

Oh, around here,

I doubt it.

Everything looks great.

Yeah, it does.

I wonder what's keeping Zac?



You're not dressed yet.

Principal Santos

is coming for lunch.

Dad, I get that you're on

the school council

and you have to have her over.

Doesn't mean I have to be there.

Zac, she's our guest

and you will be courteous.


if you get to know her

you might see her as more

than a school principal.

You might even find

she has another side.




I didn't order that.

It's on the house.

Watermelon and lime frappé,

your favorite.


Seriously, Sirena,

I need to know

when you're gonna sing again.

People have been asking.

Well, are you sure you don't

wanna try somebody else?


I don't know why you're so keen

for me to sing.

Because business

has picked up

and you're gorgeous and your

voice is stunning and...

And it means

we get to practice together.

So, what about right now?

I don't see a problem.


I'll be ready in a second.

What's this?

My last gift kind of broke.

Wow, it's gorgeous.

Have I seen one like it

somewhere before?


But I thought it looked pretty

one-of-a-kind, like you.

Look what Zac gave me.


That's amazing.

Oh, hey,

come check this out.

Very smooth move.

Oh, you're so lucky

Zac has such good taste.

Hey, Sirena,

have you seen this?

Isn't it gorgeous?

Yes, it is.

Hey, Sirena,

you start getting set up

and I'll be out in a minute.

I can't rehearse right now.

But I thought you said

you couldn't see a problem.

Well, now I can.

I just remembered that I have to

catch up with Lyla and Nixie,

to study. I'm really sorry.

I promised them.

I'll call you.


I don't understand.

Where would Zac get

a moon ring from?

Only one place, a mermaid.

No mermaid would give up

her moon ring.

Except Aquata.

Only because she was so worried

about me.

Maybe this mermaid

didn't have a choice.

Maybe she was a warrior

and perished in the last battle

between mermaids and mermen.

And so it lay there

for a thousand years

until Zac found it.

What's it mean if a land girl

like Evie gets a moon ring?

If she takes it

into the moonlight,

there is no telling

what it will do.

We can't take that chance.

Then how are we gonna

get it off her?

Well, Zac gave it to her,

maybe he can get it back.

Yeah. We have to hurry. We've

only got till the sun goes down.

Talk about what?

No biggie.

Just a quick word.

Yeah, okay.

It's private.

I'm not going anywhere.

I'm watching my bestie's back.

That ring you gave Evie,

it's dangerous.


It's so powerful,

I can't even describe.

If it's that dangerous then how

come you're wearing one?

I know what I'm doing.

Sort of.

You have to get it off her.

I can't just ask Evie

to give the ring back.

She's gonna want to know why.


Then you'll have to think

of something.

We need to put it

somewhere safe.

What do you mean "we"?

You mean you mermaids.

It's a mermaid ring.

So Zac's supposed to

just hand it over?

And it'll make you

how much stronger than him

next full moon?

That's got nothing

to do with it.


So you say.

But you don't exactly have

a very good record

of telling him the truth,

do you?

Let me think about it.

There's nothing to think about.

If Evie goes into the moonlight

with that ring on,

she'll be in real trouble.

And I'm going to decide

how I'll handle it.

Well, decide fast.


You're not gonna let them

have it, are you?

Course I'm not.

But I do need

to get it back off Evie.

Well, I don't see how.

You've got an idea.


We can't let the ring

get out of our sight.

I'll take first watch.

Somebody's eager.

Seeing as Evie's inside

with the ring

and I said that I would

rehearse with David,

it just makes sense.

Just make sure you keep your eye

on the ring.

All right.


Finished studying already?

Yeah. Sorry about that.

That's okay, I understand.

You ready to rehearse now?

I guess.

Great. I'll get my guitar.


How you going in there?


Can you pass me the pink dress,


I'm ready.

I was thinking, if we start off

with something slow

and then move into

that upbeat song

that everyone got into

last time?

Yeah, sure.

How do I look?

Oh, you look great.

So why do you suddenly need

a new outfit?

I'm having lunch at Zac's place

with his parents

and Principal Santos.

And why is Rita having lunch

at Zac's house?

Probably something to do

with school?

Look, it doesn't matter.

The point is,

Evie's gonna be there

and she'll have the moon ring

on her finger.

Rita is going to freak

when she sees it.

It's not really our fault.

Zac gave it to her, not us.

Land boys.

Why do they always have to give

their girlfriends presents?

It's nice. It shows they care.

We have to get that ring

off Evie.


We go to this lunch

and we think of a way

to take it off her.

Zac is not gonna like that.

Leave Zac to me.

Well, we can't go anyway.

We're not invited.


Well, we can't just turn up.

Can we?

Well, I'm very glad

you've changed your mind

about joining us.

That's cool, Dad.

Hope you don't mind me inviting

Evie and Cam over.

No. No problem at all.

Always got

too much food anyway.

Everything good to go?


When my mom comes out, I get her

to have a look at the ring.

Perfectly reasonable.

Evie takes it off to show her.

I distract everybody.

And, zap,

somehow the ring disappears.

Into your possession.


And we've got

some other guests here too.


Thanks, Mrs. Blakely.

So generous of you

to invite us over for lunch.

Isn't it, Auntie Rita?


You're very



Why are you here?


On her finger.

Where did she get it?

Take a guess.


Still waiting

on the bread rolls.

How about we take a seat?

Thanks again.

Aunt Rita insisted we come.

Sorry, I forgot to mention it.

I've been flat out with things.


completely understandable.

And we're always happy

to have Zac's friends over.


Crashing my parents' lunch?


We have to get

that ring off Evie.


I've got it figured out

how I'm going to do it.


It's a mermaid ring.

We'll take care of it.

I don't think so.


Well, I'd just like to say how

happy I am that everyone's here

because we'd like

to make an announcement.

We know,

through the school council,

you've had trouble

funding the new art room.

So Robert and I would like to

donate the necessary funds.

That is fantastically generous.


Well, Robert's practice is doing

pretty well at the moment

and so is my gallery.

Hey, Mom?

You're the art expert.

You should check out the ring

that I got Evie.

Would you mind?


Okay, I'll pass it.

That's all right, I got it.

It's beautifully made. Very old.

But I don't recognize the stone.

It's a sweet gift.

Where did you get it, Zac?

I found it on the beach.

You found it?

But I--

It was so amazing when I cleaned

it up, I thought of you.

Oh, Zac.

It is very similar to yours.

My sister gave it to me.

Do you know where she got it?

SIRENA: Not exactly.

But she does live near

a beach.


That'll be the bread rolls.

EVIE: I'll give you a hand.


Boy, this punch looks good.



Don't even think about it.


Okay, don't worry.

Where'd you flick it to?

I don't know.

Oh, brilliant.

Seriously, if you find it, what

are you even gonna do with it?

You don't know how to look

after it safely.

It'll be a lot safer

than if you've got it.

You really think

we'd use it against you?

What are you


Herb garden.


We were checking out

the herb garden.

That's right.

I said how beautiful it was.

And I said

we should check it out.

Herb garden?

Excellent idea.

Bring a sprig for the bread.


we have some lovely prawns.

Now, are you okay

with crustaceans, Mrs. Santos?

I love them.

They're my favorite.


Would you like some bread,

Miss Santos?


I got it.



Oh, this is sensational,


You let him get it?

I didn't let him.

Now what are you gonna

do with it?

Hide it from them.

So, what are we gonna do now?

Make sure he doesn't hide it.

Beautiful spread.

Thank you so much.

I'll have a bread roll.

Would anyone else

like some?

I just remembered

I'm downloading some files.

I'm gonna check to see

if they came through okay.

What, now? We're just serving.

I'll only be a second.

I should help.

Lyla is very good

with computers.

Me too.

So's Sirena.

I should go too.

Me too.

Maybe I should just move

the table in there.

Where's my ring?

All right,

just hand it over.

Not gonna happen.

You're not gonna be able

to hide it now.

Then I'll do it later.

We can't let you do that.

I literally left it

right on the table.


it was right there.

Maybe Zac picked it up.

I'll go check.


You don't wanna step on it.

There's nothing there.

Well, you don't know that.

Could have been.

You didn't even look.

I'll be careful.

Whoa, now.

You don't wanna be like

the turtle and the crab.

The what?

You know,

the story of the turtle

and the crab.

That's right. I know that one.

This is really good, isn't it?

You should definitely

hear it. Sit down.

All right.

Ahem. Yes.

Long ago,

there was this turtle...

who was dating a crab, you see?

And one day the crab gave

the turtle this golden ring,

which, you know, she promised

she would never lose.

You may as well go back and eat.

I'm not handing it over.

Then we'll have to take it.

How exactly?

Like this.

You'll have to be

faster than that.

Suits me.

If only the turtle

had realized the ring

was exactly where she left it

all along.


That's interesting.


this crab was wondering:

"Why hasn't the turtle returned

any of my calls?"

Give up?

LYLA: Not a chance.

Both of us.



What are they doing in there?

Let me.

Plenty of practice dealing

with unruly teenagers.

I hope you're satisfied.

Not until we get the ring back.

What, this?

I'll take that.

She's breathing.

We told you

the moon ring was dangerous.

Only around you.

What do we do now?

So the turtle goes straight

to the crab and says:

"What is your problem, sir?"

And the crab says, "No, no, no,

buddy, what is your problem?"

CAM: This is the best part.

NIXIE: Yeah.

You're just gonna kill


Well, you know what?

I'm gonna wait for the movie.

We gotta

think of something.



What's happening in there?


Some books fell over.

Then why is the door locked?

Is it?

EVIE: Yes. Unlock the door.

Now, please. Zac?

This morning, when Rita was

talking about the moon rings...


She said something about water.

The power to control water,

whatever form it takes,

is one of the most important

a mermaid can have.

Water is the essence

of our spirit.

It has the mystical power

to heal or cause damage.

Water is the essence

of our spirit.

That's right.


It has the power to heal.

This better work.

It can't make things worse.


So much for not

making things worse.

Okay, now things can't get

any worse.

Stop saying that.

We need sea water. That is

the essence of our spirit.

She was born in the sea, so we

need to get her to the ocean.




How are we gonna

do that?




I think I found your ring.

It's down here, look.

I can't reach it.

Have a look.

CAM: Down here.

NIXIE: Oh, yes, I see it.

Where is it?

Yeah, I think it just fell down

through the cracks there.

I thought it was

in the potted plant.

Do we have a stick?

Oh, in here.


If you look closer,

closer, closer.

I bet it's just--

It-- That could be--

Can we get under there?

I don't see anything.

Do we have a stick or something?

DR. BLAKELY: A stick?

NIXIE: It's in here actually.

EVIE: Oh, in there.

NIXIE: Yeah.

Is it--?

Maybe you just need

to go closer.

But how would it have got

from there down to here?


I don't see--

Actually, I see it, I see it.

EVIE: We should just--

NIXIE: Give me a hand.

It's right here.

See? Can't you see?



Oh, I can't see it.


Flashlight and stick? Come on.

Can you see anything there?


Uh, yes, I can, actually.



I still can't find the ring.

I'm really sorry.

I love it.


It was here, waiting for me.

It's beautiful.

It's not your fault

that I lost the ring.

You didn't have to

get this for me.

Didn't I?

Where'd you get it from?

I know some people.

Well, trust me,

I am never gonna lose this.

You're such

a cool boyfriend.


It's amazing

how natural they feel.

You'll get yours soon.

Oh, no,

I'm not in any hurry.

They're actually kind of chunky

anyway, so...

I think it suits me.

Not for long.

Why can't I keep it?

Not after what happened today.

It's just as I said,

you're not ready for moon rings.

She's right, guys, come on.

The power to control water

is way more important.




♪ In this world ♪

♪ We're all alone ♪

♪ You know I love

My island home ♪

♪ We'll make this right ♪

♪ Find our way

Through this mystery ♪

♪ I just wanna be ♪

♪ Swimming in the sea ♪

♪ Now it's just you and me ♪

♪ Forever, ever, ever ♪

♪ I just wanna be ♪

♪ With you feeling free ♪

♪ It's my destiny ♪

♪ Forever, ever, ever ♪

♪ Ooh ooh ♪

♪ Ooh ooh ooh ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Ooh ooh ♪

♪ Ooh ooh ooh ♪

♪ Just be you and me ♪

♪ I just wanna be ♪

♪ Swimming in the sea ♪

♪ Now it's just you and me ♪

♪ Forever, ever, ever ♪

♪ I just wanna be ♪

♪ With you feeling free ♪

♪ It's my destiny ♪

♪ Forever, ever, ever ♪

♪ Together ♪

♪ Forever ♪

♪ Together lying in the sun ♪

♪ Together ♪

♪ Forever ♪

♪ Together ♪

♪ Just be you and me ♪

♪ I just wanna be... ♪