Made in Wales (2009–…): Season 3, Episode 1 - Tentboy - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
[Radio being TUNED]

- [Woman:] The shipping
forecast with Louise Lear.

- Thank you, Annie. This is the
shipping forecast issued by the Met office

on behalf of the Maritime and
Coastguard Agency. The general synopsis:

low German Bight...


- [Man:]
He seems fine in himself.

Maybe he just enjoys it out there.

- [Woman:]
Every question gets the same answer.


- [Man:]
Well, talk to your father.

He started this nonsense.

- [Woman:] He could have told him anything.
You know how confused he gets.

- [Man:]
It's between the two of them.

Griff'll tell us...

when he wants to.






♪ Life is for living I've been ♪

♪ doing it wrong ♪

♪ For too long, I've been ♪

♪ doing it wrong ♪

[MUSIC continues]

- [Tom:]
No, no. Wait.

She says... she sees both
femininity and masculinity in me.

- [Griff:] Does she?
Is she really looking that closely?

- [Tom:]
Maybe not...

but I think she totally gets me.

- [Griff LAUGHS] So she thinks
you're a tiny bit girly and...

a tiny bit weird.
- [Tom:] Oi!

Listen here, Tentboy,

you win 'weirdo of the week'
every time.

I mean, you can't
exactly invite a girl

back to your canvas
bungalow, now, can you?

- [Griff:]
A canvas bungalow?

- [Tom:]
And even if you did,

you wouldn't know what to do.

[Daddy GRUNTS]

- [Woman:]
Are you sure you're OK, Daddy?

Yep. Argh.

- [Woman:] We're not angry, just
concerned about this sleeping out thing.

[Daddy GRUNTS]

It's just you gave him the tent.

And that letter.

- [Man:]
It's not that we're angry, Baz.

- Daddy, do you understand
why we are concerned?

[Daddy GRUNTS]

He was fine yesterday.

- He was here? Yesterday?
- Quite chipper, actually.

- This is exactly
what we're talking about.

- School was..., doing his head in.

Well, that's it, it's bullying.

He doesn't cope well
with mixed social classes.

- Daddy!


Hey, Joanna.

Ladies..., so, are we
going to be there tonight?

Well girls, what are you thinking?

Are you the one with the tent?


You are, aren't you?

I... suppose so, yeah.

So you are a 'Tentboy'?

What are you doing with your life?
Are you some kind of gypo?

Is that it?

- How do you shower and stuff?

It, it's straightforward.
I just...

- What..., a pair...,

of weirdos.

Seriously, Tentboy.


It's just...



[The wind WHISTLES]

- [Woman:] It's your letter
that started this nonsense.

- [Man:]
Come on, Baz.

What the hell is going on?
- Did you know in the 18th century,

you could take out insurance
against going to hell?

Do you have insurance, Bruce?

I'm sorry Dad, but you're
pushing me right over the edge.




You haven't been near an edge
in your life.

♪ Hello, sunshine ♪

♪ Come into ♪

♪ my life ♪

♪ Hello, sunshine ♪

♪ Come into ♪

♪ my life ♪

♪ In honesty ♪

♪ it's been a while ♪

♪ since we had reason ♪

♪ left to smile ♪

♪ Hello, sunshine ♪

♪ Come into ♪

♪ my life ♪

[Seagulls SQUAWKING]

- Griff.

- Yes, mother?

It's getting seriously late.

Good night, mother.

- There's a film on and your father...
- Good night, mother.

Good night.

[The wind WHISTLES]

Don't be late.

[Door SLAMS shut]

[Song PLAYS]

- [Tom:] I just thought, we could
go to a festival or something,

just me and her. - Well, you can.
You can borrow the tent.

- Nah, she's not coming near me when
she thinks I'm part of your Scout pack.

I think it's 'troop', Scout Troop.

- You'll be away on one of your
mum's retreats and I'll be stuck here.

- Well, do something.
- Like what?

Go somewhere, live dangerously.

- My life must be really
pathetic if I'm taking advice

from a homeless boy
and his tent.

Look, the school is nearly done
and we've got the whole summer

but we need to be prepared.

Now, come on, time me.

♪ His love only breaks your heart ♪

[Switch light ON]

- [Man:]

it could be any number of things.

Maybe he's just had enough
of sleeping outside.

- Darling, stop worrying. He's home.
- I knew he'd come back but...

you're right.

You're right.


he is normal.

- [Radio:] The shipping
forecast with Liam Dutton.

- Thank you, Ted. This is the shipping
forecast issued by the Met Office

on behalf of the
Maritime and Coastguard Agency.

There are warnings of gales
in South Utsire and Fisher.

The general synopsis:
at midnight...

- [Griff, voice-off:]
Mother and father.

You always told me
that when I was 16

I could decide on what
holiday suited me best.

- [Song PLAYS]

- [Griff, voice-off:] As much as
I've enjoyed our usual retreats,

I thought this year, I would
look for a bit more adventure.

As you've probably guessed,
I have been preparing this for a while.

I have my tent and I have lots
of supplies, so don't worry.

I'm not too sure how
long I'll be away for,

but I will be
in regular contact.

Grandpa just wanted me
to have a bit more...

excitement in my life,

like he used to have
when he was my age.

So try not to worry,

and let me have this one exciting
time over a summer holiday.

And don't worry about
me being on my own.

I have good company.

A very...

experienced traveller.

I hope you're not too
disappointed in us both.

I'll send you postcards
of our adventures.

Love, Griffey.

[MUSIC continues]

The End

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