Love (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

Who are you to tell my husband
about our family?

You have no right.

{\an8}I know he's your husband,

{\an8}but he's also my son-in-law.

{\an8}And Ji-a's not just your daughter.

{\an8}She's my one and only granddaughter.

{\an8}Did I have two dads then?

{\an8}I only had one,

{\an8}but you never let me
talk to him or see him.

{\an8}Because of that,

{\an8}I wasn't even able to breathe properly
around you.

{\an8}Is that why

{\an8}you made me look like a liar
to my husband?

{\an8}I couldn't explain in detail.

{\an8}You made me a liar.

-I said my parents got along well.

{\an8}But a car accident took Dad's life.

{\an8}I pretended to have come
from such a happy two-parent family.

You know how hard I worked
not to seem fazed

despite being raised by a single parent!

It's nothing to be proud of
or beneficial to me,

but you still told him
everything about our family.

He thought loneliness
was the only issue I had!

Actually, you don't have any issues.

Is that what you think?
Do I seem to have no issue?

Probably in your dreams.

You grew up well.

-You never broke my heart or--
-What a liar.

Just a second ago, you said
you couldn't breathe properly around me.

I'm aware

that I'm mean and abnormal.

-That's not true.
-He'll be put off by me.

He now knows I've been wearing
a mask for ten years.

-I'm sure he understands--
-Did you read what he's thinking?

He may not say so,
but that's how he'll feel.

But you've done so much for him.

You got that right.

All these years, I worked my butt off
to be a perfect wife and daughter-in-law.

But you ruined it. Why did you mess it up?

When will you stop ruining my world?

"What could she have learned
from a broken family?"

He'll wonder that for sure now.

If I was him, I would.

He must think I'm negative towards men
because of my dad's affair

and that I'm naggy and hysterical
because I was raised by a single mother.

I kept it all in
so that no one would see me that way.

If you were me,
wouldn't you be just as resentful?

All this because
your husband cheated on you?

Ending your marriage was enough.

Why tear me and Dad apart too?

You've always been selfish.

Only your feelings matter to you.

If you cared about others
and the pain it would cause me,

you wouldn't have done that.

-You know since you're married now.
-Know what?

Once you marry someone,

cheating becomes the one thing
you can't forgive.

-Can't you still understand me?

What Dad did was unforgivable.

But why did I have to suffer too?

I didn't force you two to marry.

You two fell in love and had me.

And he was still my dad.

We were connected by blood.

You could've divorced him,

but still let him be my dad.


you'd whine in tears
about how your poor choice in men

made you a divorcée.

I was tired of it.

Dad adored me, you know.

He cherished me.

I know he cheated on you,

but how could you tear us apart?

How could you stop him
from seeing his only daughter?

He had rights, you know.

It's you he wronged, not me.

But you packed him a bag
and kicked him out.

You wouldn't understand,

since your parents lived long enough.

You can't even imagine.

Before my very eyes,

while walking towards me
with his arms open…

I won't forget it until the day I die.

Grandma defended you from time to time.

"You can tolerate the food you hate,
but not the person you loathe."

I understand
why you can't forgive your husband

who cheated on you.

Still, you shouldn't have kept
a father and daughter apart.

I'm even more certain
now that Ji-a's in the picture.

My friends bragged about
their dads taking them on trips,

buying them cosmetics,

and treating them to delicious meals.

Imagine how I must have felt hearing that.

Instead of a dad I can brag about,

I had a dad I could never see again.

It kills me to think

that I can never
hold his warm hands again.

Have you ever apologized to Dad
for what you did?

Do you even feel sorry?

I'm sorry for telling him,

but Yu-sin's too sweet

to ever betray you like that. But--

You led Dad to his death!

You not only kicked him out,

but kept him from seeing
or talking to his own daughter.

That's why he came to see me at school

and died in an accident!

So what's with all the excuses again?

Are you saying that I'm wrong?

Fine! It's all my fault!

Your father did nothing wrong,

and I'm the only one to blame.

Fate decides who gets to live.

He died because it was his time to go!

I have nothing more to say.

Resent him until the day you die.

You did nothing wrong,

and Dad got what he deserved.

Happy now?

You'll never see Ji-a again.

Just like you took Dad from me,
she'll be taken from you too.

You have some nerve.

Even God disapproves of adulterers!

You'll never understand the sense
of betrayal unless you experience it.

The feeling of betrayal
that only gives you shudders.

Aren't you just as responsible?

Don't you think you drove him to that?

I acknowledge the fact
that he betrayed you.

But you're not entirely innocent.

Dad must have been fed up with you,
just like me.

What did you say?

As always,

just like this time,

you refuse to think of others
even at that age.

You married a man out of love
and elevated his social status,

but he had the audacity
to cheat on you with his secretary.

Of course, your blood boiled.

But has it ever crossed your mind
that you drove him away?

You look down on people

and consider yourself a queen.

-You were worse back in the day.

You used to constantly tell me
how the help won't be grateful

and will try and cross the line
if you're too nice to them.

You always looked down on people.

How did you treat Dad?

Did you treat him with respect?

All I remember

is that he always had to walk
on eggshells around you.

You'd get annoyed
over such frivolous matters,

so he had to spend his time
trying to make you feel better.

Not even a kid should be that way.

Do you know what my colleagues say?

"Pretty faces only last a month.
Kindness matters more in the end."

Think in his shoes for once.

Think from his perspective.
You know, don't you?

I'm sure you do.

You just don't want to admit it.

Even I would be swayed
by a sweet, kindhearted secretary

if I had to come home to a difficult wife.

It's only natural.

People think alike.

-How dare you!
-Think about it.

If you had an abusive husband

and a sweet, kind and young man
showed interest, you'd be drawn to him.

It's only natural.

Rather than being a snob,

if you had respected Dad as your husband,

he wouldn't have…

We both know how earnest and kind he was.

He never would have cheated on you.

Even if someone coaxed him to betray you,

he wouldn't have broken your trust.

What about you then?
Is it me that you take after?

Is that why you're this heartless?

That must be it.

Forget how Dad must have felt then

and think about how your daughter

must have felt.

I wouldn't have the nerve
to ask to see Ji-a.

I'd stay away until summoned.

That's how guilty I'd be.

-What's up?

I thought about it, U-ram.

-You saved up some money, right?

-How much?
-I haven't counted it yet.

Hundreds of thousands of won, right?

Buy your mom something pretty to wear.

You don't like how your mom looks old,

so it should make her look younger.



Did you knock?

It slipped my mind.

Let's buy something for Mom together.

But her birthday's far away.

And Dad will get her anniversary gift.

Mom doesn't have much to wear.
She only wears pants.

-I hardly have clothes myself.
-In that case, what are those?

Your closet's packed as well.

They're cheap clothes I bought online.

-How much did you save up?

I asked you first, so spill it.

Good night, both of you.

-You too, my daughter.

Turn the lights off before going to bed.
Don't read tonight.

Got it.

Can I get you anything?

I'm good.

I heard you went to my mother's place.

It's a painful memory for me,

so I didn't want to tell you details

about my family.

I understand.

And it made me think
how hard it must have been for you.

Do you resent your father?

If he hadn't cheated on my mom,

he wouldn't have died such a sudden death.

Rather than resenting him,
I just feel bad for him.

Try to forgive your mother
for what she did.

Everyone makes mistakes.

Besides, her actions were the result
of her denial rather than a mistake.



I'm going to try,

but I'd like you to turn a blind eye
for a while.

Don't take Ji-a over there to see her.

Call me heartless all you want.

But I need more time.

If that's what you want.

All right. Your well-being
is my priority anyway.


I'm also sorry.

Yes, you should be sorry.

Am I not your husband?
Don't you trust me enough?

You shouldn't have any secrets from me.

It's just something

I have a hard time talking about.

I didn't have any siblings
to fill the void my dad left.

You have me, darling.

Cry whenever you want to.

But only in my arms.

What if I want to cry,
but you're not around?

Should I hold back my tears?

I'll come running to you,

so call me whenever you need me.

I need you often.

When the frame dropped the other day

and when the window screen came off.

I know. I'm your servant of love.

The one you'll forever be with

is neither your mom nor Ji-a.

It's me.

Let's age gracefully together.


fill the bathtub.

Okay with what?

When's the last time
we scrubbed each other's backs?

That's embarrassing.

Hold on, little lady.
We're married, you know.

Why should you be embarrassed?

You always decline.

-I need to select songs for the show.
-That's an excuse.

It isn't. Check the website.


How silly of me.

I bought your favorite citrus pound cake,
but I left it in the car.

Passenger's seat.

All right.

I love you as always.
Your devoted husband, Yu-sin.

Nice music.

May I have a glass of wine?

You're the best.

I can't contain my pounding heart.

Then don't drink it.

No, I don't mean the wine.

Just looking at you excites me.

Do you remember the first time
I kissed your forehead?

Aren't you cold? Get in here.

I'm not.
Why would it be cold in the bathroom?

Join me in the tub, my dear Sa Pi-young!

The name your father gave you

proves how romantic and witty he was.

Still, I'm more handsome
than he was, aren't I?

Why aren't you answering me?

The shirt's wet now, so just join me.

Close your eyes.

To throw your wine at me?


Don't you dare disappoint me.

I'll spill the wine. Let me go.

I won't. I'm your husband.

Join me, Sa Pi-young!

My gosh!

Don't wait up for me.
I have piles of work to do.

{\an8}ALARM, 6:30 A.M.

I'll take that sandwich.

I couldn't sleep knowing you'd be hungry.

-But you have work tomorrow.
-I only have one show.

Korea's probably the only country
with 24-hour open cafes.


-What did you have for dinner?
-Soup and rice.

My poor lawyer husband.

Later. I'll eat it once I'm done.

Aren't you happy to see me?

Of course, I am.

You don't seem to be.

Will it kill you to lay off me for a day?

Of course.

You can review those at home.

I can't focus at home.
Besides, I need to revise these.

Should I wait outside on the couch?

Go home and go to bed. I'll wrap up soon.

You know you need your beauty sleep.

I brought you something.

It's an herbal pill.

Like Ji-a said,
this makes me look like a joke.

In what way?

What will people say if they find out
I take herbal medicine

when I have been a doctor for decades?

It's only an energy booster.

Take your time chewing that.

What if this leads to a prolonged life?

Of course, you should live long.

You're the only one I have.

Don't be silly. You have Yu-sin

and sweet Pi-young--

Of course,

they're my family whom I love.

But you're more than just family.

All my friends,

although only half of them
are still alive,

reckon I saved the world in my past life.

Didn't Vice Chairman Hwang
marry a woman who's 42 years old?

Who cares if she's 40 years old
or 30 years old?

No one comes close to you.



Are you sure you won't resent me
for living a long life?

I will if you leave me behind.

I'll hold onto you forever.

All right.

These days, I feel like
I can make it to 100 years.


Yes, I feel great, thanks to you.

No, let me.

But I'm not aching anywhere.

Come on.
You'll feel lighter once I'm done.

Let's not forget the rule
of give and take.

You have so much
love and affection to share, Doctor.

When will you stop calling me "Doctor"?

Maybe I won't until I die.

Want some warm milk?

Would you like to tell the kids?

Or should I?

Are you serious about this?

You've fallen ill, haven't you?

You can be honest with me. I'm your wife.

I told you that's not the case.

Was there an incident?

Is someone accusing you
of sexual harassment

when it was an accident?

Is it about money?

Will your name be dragged through the mud?

No and no.

Like I said, we've been married
for too long. That's enough.


"Too long"?

What about other old couples then?

You really want to end this?

I'll tell the kids myself
and draw up the papers.

Divorce papers?

Is this what I devoted my life to?

I endured our tough marriage

just to be tossed aside like this.

What about the pain
our kids will go through?

Let's just be separated then.

No divorce.

Si-eun, this isn't like you.

You're never clingy.

I wouldn't be
if this only involved us two.

We can't shock our children.
They're going through a sensitive period.

In other countries…

Even in Korea,
many parents get divorced these days.

While some kids from two-parent households
end up causing trouble,

others raised by a single parent
still lead model lives.

You're having an affair.

That's the only explanation.

-That's not it.
-Then convince me.

Make me understand,
and I'll sign the papers.

To be honest,

I hate the smell of your patches.

I don't want to smell them anymore.

Typing for decades
and managing all the housework by yourself

led to weakened wrists.

Seeing medicated patches
on your wrists and fingers

and smelling them even in bed

reminds me of
what an incompetent husband I am.

If you didn't marry me,

you would have aged more beautifully.

I can finally see that.

I should have realized
before dragging you into the pit I'm in.

I wish to be free from the guilt now.
It's exhausting.

This is how pathetic I am.

This is all I can give.

I didn't want to say this

since I knew it will hurt you.

I won't take anything.

Your hard work and tears
are what paid for this house.

My salary is only enough
to pay the kids' tuition anyway.

You've never been able to carry
a designer bag like everyone else.

When have I ever wanted that?

You only wore cheap clothes you bought
on the streets and worked hard.

That way, you bought a house in Gangnam
with the money you saved.

I'm only human, and I'm a man.

Continuing this marriage
while feeling guilty

has now become too much of a burden
that I wish to escape from.

It's exhausting.

I've always thought
that you must have wanted

to wear pretty clothes and shoes
just like other women.

You're tired all the time

from your job and all the housework,

and I haven't seen you smile
in a long time.

You only smile at the kids.

This isn't resentment.

Unless I win the lottery,

I don't have what it takes
to provide a good life for you.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

All right.

Draw up the papers.

It's best if the kids hear it from me.

Good morning, my son.

Can I wash my hair?


If Hyang-gi gets up,
tell her to use the master bathroom.

Got it.

-Where's Si-eun?
-I thought she was with you.

She left while I stayed back for a while.

-I'll try calling her.
-She's not answering.

-Did the call go through?

She wouldn't have left without saying.

Didn't she seem gloomier than usual?

-Maybe they didn't make up last night.
-That must be it.

First floor. The doors are closing.

Going down.

Is Dr. Shin still just as fit
with no belly fat?

-You need to be on your toes.

He's so handsome.

The patients and nurses
might flirt with him.

My husband…

Go ahead.

He's only sweet at home with me and Ji-a.

At the hospital,
he's known to be as scary as a tiger.

How nice.

Isn't your husband like that too?

My husband's too sweet and innocent.

He's just soft-hearted and kind.

That's what made me want to marry him,

but now I want something more.

In what way?

-I wish…
-First floor.

He was more masculine.

Were you still here?

-Have you seen Ms. Lee?
-I haven't.


Thank you.


Not today. I have other plans.




Do you have a fever?

Did you eat anything?

Don't eat, and sweat it out.

I'll stop by later.


All right.


Aren't you buying beets today?

-My gosh.

What are you doing here?

I've been craving
Sa Pi-young's beet salad.

-All right.

You could have just texted me.

-You came here to buy the ingredients?

Be honest with me. What's going on?

We haven't shopped together for a while,

and I know you shop here.

What if our paths didn't cross?

I believed in my hunch.

I had a feeling we'd meet.

Aren't you happy to see me?

I am.

I almost didn't come
since you had other plans.

-Was it canceled?

This was what I had planned all along.

-Did you buy everything?
-Except for meat.

Your daughter's favorite,
or your husband's ultimate favorite?

My husband's ultimate favorite.

Off we go!


One kilo of steak
and one kilo of roast beef.

I'm afraid it will take 20 minutes
to bring you fresh cuts.

If you could come back later…

Sure thing.

Can you buy me some spicy rice cakes
for running all the way here?

I saw it on my way here,
and it looked good.

It's good.

-Isn't it?

It tastes better
because you're having it with me.

Tell me about it.

-How was the random date?
-I want you to do it often.

But my dear husband's too busy.

I'll try.

All right. Have some soup.

Here you go.


-Isn't this happiness?
-It's more than that.

Husbands like me are rare.

I know.

And there's no wife like you

in the universe.

Do you mean that?

I do.

I love you.

People are watching!

Who cares? Young couples are way worse.
We're young ourselves though.

All right.

-I'll see you soon.
-Sure thing.

-Good evening.

-You did great today.

-See you.

Bye, U-ram.

-What's up?

Mom told me to kidnap you.


{\an8}I'm sorry, but my friend's father
passed away today.

I'll be stopping by the funeral.

Got it.

I'll expect my meat when I get home.

Sure thing.

Mom, when did you get here?

About ten minutes ago.

-You must be hungry.

Mind your manners,
or it will become a habit.

-You're just as bad sometimes.
-Don't be cheeky.

-Try to be genteel always.
-What does "genteel" mean?

To be polite and refined.

Can I order anything I want?


Is Dad running late?

It will be just us today.

Is it a great day today?

-Here, Mom.
-You'd better divide that fairly.

But it will get mushed.

Share it among you two.

But it's good.

Mom, have a bite.

We women always leave room for dessert.


Dad hasn't checked the photo yet.

He must be busy.

Listen while you eat.

Your dad and I

have been together for too long,
so we decided to live apart for a while.

We met in our high school senior year.

It's been 31 years already.

Living together for three decades

is rare among couples these days.

We'll be separated for most of the time,
but we'll meet up once in a while.

Maybe on weekends,

we'll get together for dinner like this.

What are you saying?

It's just as you heard.

Your father can easily move out anyway.

But you never know.

We could always
get back together next year.

Anyway, that's what
we decided to do for now.

I hope you'll understand.

People die,

and some end up getting injured
in random accidents.

Compared to that,
this really isn't a big deal. Right?

Living apart

might even teach us
how precious our family is

and strengthen our relationship.

Your dad seems to be stressed out,

so let's let him take a break.

Did he say it's tough living with us?

It's his job that's drained him.

Teaching students isn't all that he does.

There are other tasks he's expected to do.

He has it easier than you, though.

I'm a freelancer,
so it's different for me.

But he doesn't do chores around the house.

There are different ways of life.

Look at you, for example.
You're retaking the CSAT

despite being accepted
as a Theater and Film major.

We respected your wishes, remember?

How is this the same?

You're not getting a divorce, are you?

You are?

Only on paper.

This isn't happening.

Grown-ups have complicated lives, you see.

You've each put your dad and me
through the wringer too.


This time, it's our turn.

Think of it

as us briefly giving you a hard time.

You didn't do anything wrong though.

This isn't about one being at fault.

We've just been together for too long.

It's not like
we're fed up with one another.

As you know, we barely even argue.

We just want to live a different life
from now on.

I'm sorry to ask this in front of U-ram,

but is he seeing someone?

No, there's no chance in hell.

Trust me on that.

Just like women experiencing menopause,

men also go through
what's called a midlife crisis.

So let us try and be understanding.

He's your dad who devoted
his life to this family.

Anyway, let's eat.

It will be easier on me anyway

to only have my two puppies
to take care of.

Is that what you truly think?

Of course.

I'm sorry to say this about your dad,

but I feel liberated.


Yes, Mother.

Where are you? Home?

No, not yet.

My friends gather
in different cities each time.

-Was it in Seoul this time?

Does Sa-hyeon still come home late?

I thought changing firms
meant more free time.

He works out after work
to lose his belly fat.

What belly fat?
He couldn't look better in his suit.

If he doesn't work out,
he'll turn fat in no time.

He's a public figure like you.

Are you forcing him to do it?

I only made a suggestion
for your son's health.

A few more hours of sleep is better.

His former law firm
kept him working nonstop.

Exactly. Working out
has improved his health lately.

Speaking of which,

why don't you guys reconsider things?

While he's in his best condition,
have two…

No, just have one.

You'll hit 40 before you know it,

which will be too late.
Now's the perfect time.

You know where we stand.
That's what we decided before marrying.

That's what you decided, isn't it?

My boy never said anything
about not wanting kids.

In middle school,

he said he wanted
two sons and two daughters.

That's too cruel on the kids.

How? We can provide a good life for them.

They say that

the mom's intel, the dad's indifference,

and the grandfather's wealth
are what get kids into university.

You're smart, and so is your husband.

Your child will have a rich grandfather.
It's perfect.

It all comes down to you.

It could be a boy or a girl,
but I would prefer a boy.

Who will take over the golf club?

Byeol-hui and Hae-ri, of course.

Where's your ambition?

Once Byeol-hui and Hae-ri marry,

everything my husband reaped
will be handed to another family.

Here you go.

Don't disregard what I said,
and think about it.

Your father-in-law
sighs from time to time.

You know how fond he is of your husband
since he's the youngest.

Wouldn't he be thrilled
to hold his own grandchild?

He might even let you and your child
have everything he has.

-You know what he's like.
-Of course.

Besides, your elders know best.

What conception dream did he have?


-It's me.
-Hey, Mom.

I'm leaving without seeing you.

Dongmi, here you go.


I wonder

how well the real Dong-mi is doing.



It's been a while since we danced.

Why don't we go on a cruise?

We definitely have
the dancing skills for it.

Sounds good.

Won't it be exhausting
to be on a cruise, though?

Of course not.

All right.

Wouldn't it be nicer

to go with Yu-sin and his family too?

Yu-sin could make time,

but Pi-young can't take time off
from work that easily.

Then why don't we just take
Yu-sin and Ji-a?

I told the kids.

What did Hyang-gi say?

Not much.

Then, I'll move out this weekend.

Were you that desperate
to get away from me and the kids?


Then what?

I've been living on eggshells.

Will I be able to make
perfect egg rolls like you when I grow up?

I'm sure yours will be even better.

-I must be getting old.
-How so?

I'm growing fond of this grass.

It's not that you're getting old.

It's because
your mom is an excellent cook.

-I don't like other people's salad.
-Starting with the dressing!

-Right, Dad?

I'm already in a good mood
thanks to you guys.

Thanks to the delicious breakfast,
Dad and I feel energetic.

Dad, I'm taking English classes again
starting today.

-Is the teacher male or female?

I'll probably be asked
to introduce myself.

Don't get the jitters.

I won't.

-The ratings are up.
-Thanks to you.

No, it's all thanks to you and Ms. Lee.

It's a good collaboration.

Ms. Boo fits in better
than I expected too.

Ms. Lee is a veteran in this industry.

That's why everyone
wants to work with her.

-Good job, everyone.
-Good job.

-Good job.

Did you remove all of your hair pins?

-Those aren't dentures, right?

We'll go from A to B.


Ms. Lee, did my advice work?

What did I leave behind?

-At the studio?

What a joke he is.

"You dropped something."

"Drop what?" "Your beauty."

-Is that from Choi Min?

He must be insane.

Is he flirting with you?
He must know you're married.

-You're not close enough to make jokes.

What does he take me for?

I guess marriage isn't a deal-breaker
for those who are beautiful.

As if you're not pretty yourself.


-He says I dropped my lip gloss.
-I knew it.

Sexual harassment isn't a joke, you know.

Did you and your husband talk things out?

He wants a divorce.

And I agreed.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Someone who keeps promises.

Someone loyal.

I meant what kind of a job you want.


Even if I become poor and pathetic,

will you still be my friend?

Once a friend, always a friend.

As long as we don't fight.

We can still be friends even if we argue.

I'm too distracted
to hit the ball straight.

-Same here.
-It doesn't make sense, does it?

Professor Park is still in his prime.

Maybe a female student
has been seeking his attention.

A lot of women fall for their teachers.

My first love was my English teacher too.

But that will show.

You can't hide it
from someone you live with.

Women can sense these things.

It must be because
he's no longer attracted to Si-eun.

But can it be the reason
to want a divorce?

I told her numerous times to doll up.

You're right. Just between you and me,
she is a little too dowdy.

Couldn't you talk to Professor Park?

You've had dinner with him several times.

That doesn't give me the right to meddle.

It will seem disrespectful.

No one has been as hard-working as her.

And she has never spent
good money on herself.

You don't necessarily need money
to make yourself presentable.

You're one to talk.

I have cheap clothes too.
From Rodeo Drive.

As if they're actually cheap.

If I were Hyang-gi, I'd throw a fit.

The kids are sweet just like their mom.

Professor Park is a gentleman too.

What kind of gentleman does that?

Well, a gentleman shouldn't
abandon his devoted wife.

Where are you visiting?

Building 105, Unit 501.

I'm Ji-a's grandmother.

Dr. Shin's place?

That's right.

Can I come in?

Yu-sin must still be out.

Where's Ji-a?

Could you call her out?

I brought a few things for her
from the Philippines.

-She went swimming with her dad.

You've always believed
that people couldn't be fixed,

but you still came here
despite my warning.

It's not like

I have many years to live.

I understand how you feel,

but I'm sure Ji-a misses me
every now and again.

It's not like you bonded.

Whether I see her often or not,

you can't deny our familial bond.

Her paternal grandparents
couldn't dote on her more.


she's not her real grandmother
to be exact.

They may not be related by blood,
but she adores Ji-a.

Only one of my friends got divorced.
Because of an affair like you.

She wanted to keep their son away
from her husband like you did,

but I told her not to sever that kinship.

Mothers can never replace fathers.

There's a special relationship
between a child and their mother.

It's different from the bond
shared with a father.

Don't you get that?

I feel lucky

to have been born in Korea.

Parents sleep with their newborns.

After spending months
in a mother's soft, warm womb,

babies are forced into a cold world.

Imagine a newborn sleeping alone
in an empty room

where no warmth or love can be felt.

How would it feel?

It might be in panic.

Even grown-ups wither in loneliness,

so what would it be like
for babies who miss being caressed?

That's how I felt whenever I missed Dad.

It may sound like I've overcome it,
but I haven't.

I'll miss him until the day I die.

And then some.

Daughters watch
how their mothers treat their fathers

and learn what it is to be a wife
and what to look for in a man.

Meanwhile, sons learn how to be
a real man through their fathers.

What gives you the right

to only think of your revenge
and neglect your child?

We require two kinds of nutrients.

The kind we get from food

and the kind we receive from love.

I was going to be loved,

but you snatched it away from me.

You ignored my opinions and my needs.

That loss of love hurts
more than you can imagine.

Were you happy since Dad left us?

If you had been,
you wouldn't have sighed in my presence

or drowned yourself in alcohol
from time to time.

You suffered from the loss of a husband

and I from the loss of a father.

Dad didn't want to get a divorce.
He never let you divorce him.

Because he'd have to step down as CEO.

With his qualifications,
he would have easily found another job.

You're not one to change.

Dad wanted full custody of me.

But due to your stubbornness,

he asked you to let him see me
once every two weeks.

I heard you two talking
in the living room.

You wouldn't agree to even once a month

or a few times a year.

Dad cried.

I would have let him, you know.

It's not like he killed your parents.

In some ways,

he was just as cruel as a killer.

What he did might be even worse.

You have to be cheated on to realize that.

So you want me to experience it myself?

Just so that

I can understand you--

Don't be absurd!

Do you want respect

from your successful son-in-law?

I think of you
whenever Ji-a does something nice.

If only you had sucked it up

and forgiven Dad just that once,

I would have been able

to proudly walk down the aisle with him.

Watching Ji-a grow up would have

brought me more joy.

A generation gap is too wide to cross,

but you still miss your granddaughter.

So a father and his child?

How would it have been for Dad?

Have you thought about it?

I'm not blindly taking his side.

I would have called him out
on what he did after growing up,

telling him he made a mistake

and he should make up for it
for the rest of his life.

In the end, all it brought us was pain.

You never met a nice man to marry.

Don't you dare say
that you didn't remarry for my sake.

I know you dated the golf coach.

I know you paid him too.

Even though happiness has come to me,

I can't fully enjoy it.

Yu-sin says that I seem sad
once in a while.

I just deny it

saying that I'm happy.

Have you ever regretted it?

You have no idea

how much love I had for your father.

That's why I could never forgive him.

Even now?

Even now.

Whenever I miss Ji-a,

whenever I worry about you
wondering how you're doing,

I resent him even more.

Nicely done. You'll get a hole-in-one.

I'll count on you getting
a hold in one today.

-What on Earth?
-Did you see that?

-Come here.
-Eighty yards.

-Did you see that?
-No way.


That's your ball right there.

Are you kidding me? How am I this good?

-This can't be true.
-You have a knack for sports.

That's absurd.
I've never been known to be athletic.

You should be worried.

-About what?
-A lot of guys hit on me.


Some send me texts.

Saying what?

They're letting me know
that they're interested.

Does it feel good?

Is that all you have to say?
Aren't you jealous?

Not when I don't know who they are.
Who's hitting on you?

It's nothing serious.

I ignore them all.

It's too loud.

Remember the writer of my show
who's way older than me?

She might get a divorce.

-Can't you focus on what I'm saying?

Her professor husband asked for a divorce.

He didn't cheat on her. He just thinks
they lived together long enough.

What do you think?

I'm not sure.

-Do you understand him as a man?
-I'll need to hear from both sides.

Objectively speaking,
my colleague is the issue.

Her personality?

No, her sex drive.


I'm kidding.

It's great that she works hard,
but she rarely dolls herself up.

Because she's busy.

I'm busy too, you know.
I even host a home shopping show.

I also shoot commercials
and lend my voice sometimes.

Despite being busy,
I always manage to look decent.

You dress casually at home.

That may be true, but I don't wear

men's boxers or worn-out t-shirts
like a lot of other women do.

Besides, I'm still young,
which means I look good in anything.

But she's 50.

She's 50 years old,
but she doesn't even wear makeup.

That's how she comes to work.

She always wears the same clothes too.

No wonder her husband's fed up with her.

-I feel bad for the kids.
-They have two, right?

Yes. Can you imagine how hurt they'll be?

Their son is in fifth grade
and a classmate of Ms. Sa's daughter.

Shouldn't a professor explain things
logically and solve the issue?

Asking for a divorce
after all these years?

What about his wife's life?

It's my mom.


I hope I didn't wake you up.

I wouldn't sleep this early.
It's only 10 p.m. here.

Did you catch a cold?

No, it's morning here,
so my voice hasn't warmed up yet.

How has my son-in-law been doing?

Good, of course. I even give him facials.

Sure thing, Mom. Take care.




I'll get a divorce.

What are you talking about?

-Please persuade Dad for me.
-Are you out of your mind?

They both left early today.

To golf?

No, to Busan.

They have a wedding to attend.

I see.

Didn't you call them?

I thought they'd be home on the weekend.

-Did you come alone?

You're Nam Ga-bin, right?

Gosh. I'm a fan!

Can I get your autograph?

-What's your name?
-It's Jung Su-gil.


Could I perhaps take a photo with me?

-I'm sorry, but no.
-But I'm a fan.

I don't have any makeup on
and I don't want to be seen this way.

But you look even better.

I'm really sorry.

Come on.

All right. One, two…

What a snob.

Will taking a photo hurt you?

You recognized me with this mask.

What's so bad about that?

You're hardly a top celebrity,
so be grateful that I recognized you.

Don't force someone against their will.

-Stay out of it.
-Who do you think you are anyway?

Musical actors are human, too.

They have a right to privacy, you know.

Do you want to fight with me?

How dare you?


Someone might film this.

Talk about a bad day.

Consider me a hater now!

Thank you.

Don't mention it.

This happens from time to time.

I saw you in Natasha.

I see.

It's a bit crowded here,

so why don't we go someplace else?
It will be on me.

-It doesn't matter who's buying.
-I'll be honored.

Did you both drive here?


I was craving grilled meat,
and that place serves single portions.

I know. I was there to get my fill too.

Same here.

I've spent a long time overseas,
so I didn't recognize you.

I actually prefer it that way
when I'm offstage.

Especially in this state.

You still look great, though.

That jerk fan had every reason
to recognize you.

Thank you for your help today.

Anyone would have done the same.

People rarely stand up
for others these days.

Individualism is more widespread, I guess.

I thought you'd be late.


He came because he missed my food.

-How do you know?
-Want to make a bet?

You shouldn't expect anything
from your child.

Not every child is like that.

-Do you love her?

Stop talking nonsense!

You're so stylish, Mother.

Are you Kim Dong-mi by any chance?

-On one condition.

{\an8}I want to see her in person.

{\an8}-My name's Nam Ga-bin.
-I'm A-mi.

{\an8}-I'm Song Won.
-Your names are so pretty.

{\an8}Even if we go broke and have to starve,

{\an8}we'll never turn our backs on you.

{\an8}-You dyed your hair, right?
-I got him a wig.

{\an8}-I knew it.
-Did you two use to date?

{\an8}Subtitle translation by: Hye-lim Park

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