Lost in Oz (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - Villa Roquat - full transcript

Motivated by his own selfishness, Roquat detours Dorothy and her friends on their journey back to Emerald City, and they find themselves once again forced to make a hasty escape. Meanwhile,...

Previously on "Lost In Oz"...

The last time I was here,

I conjured magic out of thin air.

Could the missing
magical element be Dorothy?

Mom is on the other side, Toto.


What are you doing in my painting?

Tonight will be Roquat's last

as king of the gnomes!

- You have to help me.
- We are not friends.

But I have a boat,
and you have the wind.

The Still Season

Oh, come on.

It's... It's not here.

Toto, I forgot my journal
in the gift dump.

We have to go back.

For a silly diary?

Are you serious?

Do you want to be ornamentized by Guph?

I need that journal to get home.

You're not goin' home.

You need to find me toys and snacks.


That's all you care about?

I'm trying to save my friends,

and get home to my mom.

Hey, hey. Come on, now.

If we work together,
we can all get what we want.

Whatever. As long as I get
what I want before her.

What do you want, Scarecrow?

A map wouldn't hurt.

I have no idea if we're heading
in the right direction.

I found this in the gift dump.

Hey. I threw away that worthless map.

It's mine!

We're over here.

If we can get to Emerald City,

maybe Glinda can get us home
even without the journal.

We've searched his game room,
his candy room,

and the royal hot tub.

There's nowhere else he could be.

Shh, shh, shh, shh. Please,
you'll disturb the king.

Roquat is here?

Official business, step aside.

I'm under strict orders
not to let anyone ruin his nap.

If I was your king,

I would ornamentize you right now.

Lucky for you, I'm a reasonable gnome.

Wake up, my king.

A new day is upon us.

Turn on the lights.

It is I, King Roquat.

I beg your pardon?

I'm under strict orders to say,

"It is I, King Roquat."

"And I definitely did not
escape with the prisoners."

There is only so much
a reasonable gnome can take.

Alert the troopers.
Our king has escaped!

Okay, so we should be passing a
circle of ancient yucca plants

right... about... now.


We're going the right way, Toto.

Quick, grab the map.

Where's the map?

Don't tell me I lost that, too.

Pick a color.

Ooh, um, red.

"You will never be as
ruggedly handsome as King..."

- Roquat!
- Ahh!

Is that the map?

Yeah. I made it into a fortune teller.

Come on, ask me a question.

Why would you do that?

Okay, now pick a color.

You are in violation of
article 2, section B:

No one takes toys from
the king before he's done.

You're not the king of me.




Oh. Ooh.

Why are you upset?

I'm the one who just lost my map.

anyone got a map to find the map?

Eh, forget it.

I know where we are.


Scarecrow, hang a left up ahead.

You'll see a rock that
looks like my Uncle Gorge.

This desert's practically my backyard.

I am never gonna figure out

this inner magic thing.

Not with an attitude
like that, you're not.

We still need to try the
experiment with Dorothy.

Yeah, well, she's in Kansas.

But maybe she'll come back.

Ojo, come on. Dorothy just got home.

Why in the fairylands
would she ever come back?

Maybe we can go see her.

Dorothy found a way to go into Kansas
through Smith's paintings, right?

Yes. Reigh, of course.

So we just need to get Smith
to paint us a portal.

That's how we can talk to Dorothy.

Come on, guys, let's go.

Yeah, no thanks.

But it was your idea.

We are going to see Dorothy and Toto.

Remember Toto, the great one?

I have a very firm rule
about dimension hopping.

Don't do it.

Get out of the chair, you fluff ball!

You're not a coward.

You are a lion!

Whatever you say,

just please don't hurt me.


Anyone down there?

Smith, didn't you hear us knock?

Look alive, chap.

We've come to commission a work.

What our patchwork friend here
means to say is,

we really need your help.

I'm sorry. I can't help you.

Come on, man. Can you
please paint us a portal

so we can go to Kansas and
talk to our friend Dorothy?

It would also be great
if you could provide

some kind of safety leash harness
seatbelt equipped apparatus

so, you know, should anything go
wrong, you could just yank us out.

Langwidere used my paintings as prisons.

People got hurt because of me.

I can't take that chance again.

We're not asking you to paint
a prison for us, Smith.

We're asking you to open a door.

You're a painter. It's what you do.

It's who you are.

Don't let Langwidere
take that away from you.

We're here.


I'm so happy to be home.

That's not Emerald City.

I never said it was.

Where did you bring us?

Welcome to Villa Roquat,

an oasis of toys and delicious snacks.

Ooh, sounds exciting.

Come on, guys. We need to keep moving.

Guph is probably after us by now.

Yeah? Well, I'm starving.

And bored.

Did I mention I've got a map here

that shows the way to Emerald City?

Gotta get to Emerald City
before you can go home, right?

This maze is so confusing.

I'm already lost.

Stay close, Emeraldos.

If you get lost in my maze,

you'll never find your way out.

There I am as the greatest
kid who ever lived.

There I am as the smartest
gnome in gnome kind.

And there I am as my favorite
person in the fairylands.

Any idea who that might be?

Is it you?

Ding, ding, ding!
Give the straw man a prize.


Ahh, home sweet second home.

Don't worry, Toto. We'll be home soon.

Come. I'll have one of my servants

prepare us a feast.

What if Guph already got to them?

So what? I'm their king.

We can't take any chances.

You're gonna need a disguise.

Disguise the king's ruggedly
handsome good looks?

There should be a law against that.

What if we played dress-up instead?

Ooh, I love that game. Yeah.

Hmm. Hey, let me see your hair.

Not bad, but you still look like you.

What if I just...

Hold still.

It tickles.

Hi. Nice to meet you. What's your name?

I am Bovan, humble dog trainer.

Sit, boy.


Not bad. I kind of believe you.

The map's just inside.

I keep it in my play room.

What are you waiting for?

As king of the gnomes,

doors are always opened for me.

You are not the king.
You're Bovan, remember?

Who goes there?


Hello. I am Bovan,

humble dog trainer.

Okay, let's see a trick.

Sit, boy.

He's already sitting.


Tynan, we have visitors!


We haven't seen visitors in...


She's not exaggerating.

So, what brings you folks here?

We're traveling from the
Gnome Kingdom to Emerald City,

but my helpers here got us lost.

Do you have a spare map
safely hidden inside the villa?

We know not of what
our king keeps in the villa.

We've never been invited inside.

I know, Quadrio.

You could draw them a map
to Emerald City.

You're always so good with directions.

And then you'll go left,
left, right, left, right,

and I think you might be
out of the maze.

Hope that helps.

where do we go once we leave the maze?

Honestly, I can't remember.

How long has it been
since you left the villa?

It's been over 4,000 sunsets.

Our son Toofa has never seen
the world beyond the maze.

Why can't you guys just leave?

Oh, if the king ever found out,

he'd ornamentize us.

We're trapped here!

Unable to make any choices of our own.

Calm down, Quadrio.
It's not their fault.

I just want to give Toofa a better life.

Hey! That's my old... I... I mean,

is that an old transistor ball-o-vision?

Knobs are so lame.

Citizens... Are we on?


Citizens of the Gnome Kingdom,

our king is a traitor.

He made friends with
our Emeraldo prisoners,

and ran off into the desert.

But fear not.

They will be caught.

Show the picture.

And Dorothy Gale,
if you're watching this,

return Roquat to me,

and all will be forgiven.

My journal.

Anyone else with information

leading to the capture of our king,

will be generously rewarded.

End transmission.

That reward is ours!

Hey. Where'd they go?

Okay, let's get this map
and get out of here fast.

Roquat, what are you doing?

I'm a growing gnome. I gotta eat.

They know who we are.

We've got to get your map and go now.

So where is it?

Toto, Scarecrow. Come on.


Son, all of this is now yours.

Thank you, Papa.

It's a dream come true.

One dream made, two to go.

Come on. Let's get Roquat.


You smell that putrid stench?

Yeah. Mulled meat.

The king's favorite.

He must be close by.

We know you're in here!

Where are you, king?

Or should we still call you Bovan?

How can you eat that sludge?

It's a delicacy.

Get him!



Over here!

Roquat, where's the map?

Why should I tell you?

You want to take me back to Guph.

Tell me where it is and
maybe I'll change my mind.

It's behind my portrait.


Which one?

Hurry up. For all we know,

Guph is already on his way to get us.

Dorothy, do you really want
to take Roquat back to Guph?

No, but I needed him to believe that

so he'd tell us where to find the map.

Ahh, I like the way you think.


Toto. You found the map!

Is there anything Roquat
won't put his face on?

Which way to the sand boat?

I don't remember.

Everything looks totally the same.

Let's try this way.

Get him!

They want to take me back to Guph,

turn me in for a reward.

Forget them, then.

I'm outta here.

Dorothy! Dorothy!


Anybody out there?

Dorothy? Is that you?

Uh, hi, Miss Gale.

I'm West. This is Ojo,
Patchwork and Reigh.


- We're Dorothy's friends.
- And Toto.

Don't forget the great one.

You're West? You're Cira's daughter.

Oh. Thank you so much for

looking out for Dorothy and Toto.

Where are Dorothy and Toto?

We thought she was back with you.

Glinda sent Dorothy and
Toto home in a tornado.

There haven't been any
tornados in Kansas

since Dorothy left for Emerald City.

If Dorothy's not in Kansas...

Then she's lost somewhere in Oz.

You have to help me find her.


Come on, we have to go back.

Looks like the king got away.

Wonder what reward Guph
will give us for you three.

Mama, Papa, can we keep the dog?

Please, just let us go.


Toto, follow the delicious smell.

Go, Toto. We're right behind you.

- You got the map.
- Don't let them get away!

Be careful, Papa.

Quadrio, don't touch the sand.


There goes our reward.

Bye, Toto.

That was awesome!

Roquat, you saved us.

Thank you.

What can I say?

You guys make me want to be
a better gnome.

Next stop, Emerald City.

General, uh, uh,
I... I mean, my... my king.

We have news from Villa Roquat.

Roquat and the Emeraldos
were just there.


And they... Well, they just escaped.


Oh, incompetence!

Summon the shadow gnome.

I've got a job for him.