Lost in Oz (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - The Magic Map - full transcript

Dorothy and her friends find their journey across the Deadly Desert impeded by a fierce Wheeler, sent by General Guph to capture them. Meanwhile in Emerald City, the arrival of the Shadow ...

Previously on Lost In Oz...

I am never gonna figure out

this inner magic thing.

We still need to try
the experiment with Dorothy.

Well, she's in Kansas.

We can go see her.

Can you please paint us a portal

so we can go to Kansas
and talk to our friend Dorothy?

Dorothy's not in Kansas?

- I know where we are.
- Lost.

A map wouldn't hurt.

Toto, you found the map.

Next stop, Emerald City.

Roquat and the Emeraldos were just...

Well, they just escaped.

Summon the Shadow Gnome!

Okay. A little breathing room, please.

Come on, Ray.

Dorothy and Toto's tornado

never made it back to Kansas.

Where are they?

Ha! Feast your eyes

on the Emerald City
Department of Weather

and Astrological Sciences Database.

Couldn't they come up
with a catchier name?

I like it. It's descriptive.

I just need the right password.

Dark skies?


Ooh! Tornado?


Enough! I can't think

with all this back-seat hacking! Uhh!

Oh. Uh, told you I knew
what I was doing.

Tracking their tornado now.

Ooh! There's Dorothy's tornado
leaving Emerald City.

What is that?

A second tornado.

- What?
- What?

It looks like it crashed

into Dorothy and Toto's tornado.

And pulled their house
totally off course.

They never made it to Kansas

because they never made it out of Oz.

Ray, can you find where they landed?

You mean where they crashed?

The Deadly Desert. Uhh.

Oh, that's not good.

We've got to get Dorothy
and Toto out of there.

Okay. What's our plan?

Ray, we'll need maps, weather forecasts,

anything you can find out
about the Deadly Desert.

Check. I'm already terrified.

We'll need all the help we can get.

I'll alert the Magic Underground.

Uh, I just need to find them first.

We'll need snacks.

Uh, good call. You're on snacks.

I'll go scrape together
as much magic as I can.

We'll meet back here tonight

and find our friends.

I never thought I'd be happy

to be back in the Deadly Desert.

Where to now, Skipper?

Emerald City, as fast
as Roquat's face can flap.

We have to tell Glinda

that Guph is coming back for the magic,

and then finally it's home to Kansas.

How far are we from Emerald City?

Well, let's see. This map will take us

to the edge of the Deadly Desert,

and after that there's Winkie Country,

the Rubber Suburbs, uh...

Mm, altogether, about ten hours.

- That's not too bad.
- Whoops.

Did I say hours?

I meant weeks. Ha.

We're ten weeks from Emerald City?

Give or take a few hours.

Settle in, guys.

We have a long ride ahead of us.

Mm. We're gonna need more meat.

Ha! Hey, look.

Toto likes me.

I think he likes
the taste of mulled meat.

You've got a little right there.

Ew. Gross!

That crystal throne really brings out

the arrogance in your eyes.

Uh, General Guph, sir,

um, uh, Dorothy and King Roquat...

General Guph?

King Roquat?

Uh, forgive me. Uh, King Guph.

Force of habit. It's a very bad habit.

How do you put up
with such incompetence?

That's a very good question.

Exercise, a balanced diet,

and the occasional ornamentation.


M-My king, uh, Dorothy, Toto, Scarecrow,

and Fugitive Roquat are still, uh,

unaccounted for.

Yeah, but they can't be far
from Villa Roquat, sir...

king, sir.

I have an army of gnomes

who continue to underestimate

Dorothy and her Emeraldo friends.

You should have caught me sooner.

I want them out of the Fairy Lands

before we take Emerald City.

Consider it done, my king.

Oh-ho! I like these guys.

Indeed. Tread,

you are the best tracker
in the Deadly Desert.

You will find the fugitives
and bring them to me.

Calico, you are the only gnome

who can still move through
Emerald City undetected.

Ah, go on. Do the thing.

You're gonna love this. Ha ha.



Bring me the young witch,

the giant Munchkin,
and the Cowardly Lion.

This time they won't
interfere with my plans.

Yes, my king.


The witch is a tricky one.

You'll need this.

And I expect it to be returned
in perfect condition.

You break it, you buy it.

You understand?

You really think
your mom's gonna let you

go to the Deadly Desert?

Well, I can ask for permission now,

and she might not let me go,

or I can just go now

and ask for forgiveness later.

That's a terrible idea.

You're right.

Things have changed
between my mom and me.

Maybe she'll be cool.

Okay. Pretend I'm your mom.

What are you going to say?

Mom, Dorothy and Toto

are trapped in the Deadly Desert,

and they need me to save them.

Oh, Medkit, I don't think

you're old enough for such
a dangerous adventure,

but if you promise to take
that charming Ojo with you...

Okay, thanks for the help.

he's so brave and clever
and well-mannered.

You just worry about those snacks.

And I'm not eating scorching
hot cheese fingers.

More for me!

Okay. You can do this.

Or maybe I'll pack first.

Do I ask for permission or forgiveness?

Permission or forgiveness?

Permission or forgiveness?


Uh, Mom,

I have something to tell you.

I'm going to the Deadly Desert

to rescue Dorothy. She needs my help.


Get out of here, West.

Really? I was expecting that

to be way harder.


Hey! Let me go!

King Guph sent me to collect the witch!


Stay away from my daughter!

Look out!

Stay away from my mom!

Hey, rust for brains,

why don't you pick on
someone your own size?

Whoa! Mom!

You keep dark matter in the kitchen?

I can't hold him for long.

The repelium won't last.

I can mix up magic.


We need your magic, West...

the magic inside you.

You can do this, West.

Go, West! Run! Now!

I'm not leaving you.




- Hey, look.
- Hmm?

The Nine Nomes.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5. That's strange.

Why would only five rocks
be called the Nine Nomes?

The Nine and the Nomes
are half a desert apart?

Wait a second.

Look. Everything totally lines up

when you fold it like this.

It's almost like a
completely different map!



It's a magic map.

Oh, West should totally
be here to see this.

Guys, look.

We made a short cut to Emerald City.


Now we just have to cut

through these dunes,

find this mine shaft,

and we're halfway home.

So you want to pass

through the Impassible Dunes?

We'll never make it.

What if I do this?


You just got rid
of the Impassible Dunes.

I got to admit, Dorothy,
you have your moments.

Uh, guys.

Yeah, hi.

Excuse me.

- Coming through!
- Hey!

- Watch the glaze.
- Sorry.

Huh? Aah!


And clear of the closing doors, please.

He's coming right for us!

Everyone, get ready!

Whoa! Ooh!

Stand down, Wheeler.

As King of the Gnomes,

I command you to stand down.

Tread only take orders from King Guph,

and King Guph has
ordered me to capture you,

so I will be doing that now.


He's still coming! Got any other ideas?

- We need the Dunes.
- That what?

Everybody, hold on.

It's about to get bumpy.

The Impassible Dunes?

We've been over this!

No one's ever made it through.

Somebody's got to be the first.


Uh, Dorothy, he's getting pretty close.

We're not going to outrun him.

We need to outmaneuver him.

Follow my lead.

When I say go, we all pull.


Wait for it.

Now would be a good time to say go.

Hold on.

I will be getting you now!

- Raah!
- Go!


How do they do it?

Oh! Oh! Oh, no!


We're going too fast!


You've reached West.
Don't leave a message.

If you have something to say,
say it to my face.

I'm worried, West. Where are you?

Our magic session was supposed
to start an hour ago.

This isn't like you. Call me.

Mom, what should I do?

Dark matter.

It's so small. I have to be perfect.

I can do this.



1, 2, 3. Lean!

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

We still have the wind,

but without the sail,

this boat's not going anywhere.

You... ... clogged my engine.

This is not okay.

Our boat's broken.
We don't know where we are.

We don't have anything!


Do you see that?

That mine shaft

is the short cut to Emerald City.

Remember the Sand Ghosts?

We're stuck, Dorothy.

How are we going to get there?

We'll use the map.


I think it's broken.

It's not broken. It's magic.

If you use too much, you use it up.

Yoo-hoo! I stuck, too!

So what do we do now, Skipper?

Maybe he can help us.

He just tried to capture us.

Why would he help us?

He's just as stuck as we are.

I hate to point out the obvious,

but he's broken, too, and mean.

Hey, Mr. Wheeler!

Mr. Wheeler is my father.

You will call me Tread.

How you doing over there, Tread?

Honestly, not so good.

I'm broken.

I have failed my mission,

and I fear what King Guph will do to me

upon my return,

if I ever return.

Well, maybe we can help each other.

If I could get you power,

would you tow us to that mine shaft?

Why would I help you?

You are the reason I am broken.

We have two choices.

We can either stay out here
in the Deadly Desert

for the rest of our lives,

or we can put all this behind us,

help each other out, and move forward!

I hate to admit it,

but your reasoning is sound.

We will help each other.

Okay. But you have to
double pinkie promise

that once we're moving,

you'll take us where we want to go,

not to Guph.

I have no pinkies,

but the Wheeler Code forbids us

from harming those who help us.

You guys cool with this?

Honestly, I don't know.

I don't think we have a choice, Dorothy.

Let's do this.



Gnome magic.

I am no longer stuck!

- Check! Whoo-hoo!
- Yay!


Slow and steady, Tread.

The mine shaft is that way.

This flag is better than my motor.

No, it is not. I am kidding.

But I do appreciate it.

Hey, your mom's letting you go?

Hey, that looks just like your mom.

It is my mom.

Yes. Looks like gnome magic.

What happened? Who did this to her?

The Shadow Gnome.

My mom tried to protect me, but...

We'd better go to Glinda.

She'll know what to do.

I don't know what's more terrifying,

the Deadly Desert or this Shadow Gnome.

I'm gonna go with Shadow Gnome.