Little House on the Prairie (1974–1983): Season 5, Episode 9 - The Wedding - full transcript

Mary Ingalls happily accepts Adam Kendall's long-awaited marriage proposal but gets cold feet when she begins to consider the implications of two blind parents raising a family.


I want you to hear me out
without any interrupting.

You and I have known each other how long?
Almost a year?

Well, it's taken me that
long to get up the nerve

to say what I'm
going to say now.

You know
how much I love you.

I know that you love me,

and we could have
a perfect life together.

Our interests are the same,
and we teach together.

What I'm trying to say is,
will you be my wife?


Come in.

Mary, I want you to hear me
out without any interruptions.


I have to go
to the post office.

I'll be right back.

Come on, Kendall.

You got to do it.


Come in.


whatever it is,

I promise you
I won't interrupt.

I just hope it's
more important

than telling me you're
going to the post office.

Well, it is.
It's, um...

It's, um...

Well, I'll tell you
what. It...

You know, the school's
getting way too crowded,

and I think you should
give up your room.

And go where?

Into my room?

Adam Kendall,
that's not funny.

It's not supposed
to be funny.

It's supposed to be
a proposal.

It's the most ridiculous
proposal I've ever heard.

I should have gone
to the post office.

Why don't
we both go? I...

I want to send
a telegram to ma and pa

and tell them we're
getting married.

Oh... I...

Ha ha ha!

Oh! I love you!

I love you. Ha ha!



Charles: Caroline!

Charles, what's wrong?

Telegram from Mary.

What is it?

Just read it.

Pa, what is it?

You best let
your ma tell you.

Oh, my goodness!

What is it, ma?

My baby's
getting married.


No, silly. Mary.

I knew it.
I just knew it!

When is it, ma?

August 15th...
In winoka.

Oh, Charles,
that's only 3 weeks away.

How will we ever
get ready...

We'll manage,
we'll manage.

Can we all go?

Charles: We'll see.

Oh, Charles.

Oh! Mary's
getting married.

They're getting married.

Hey... take it easy.
Take it easy.

Best get you in the
house, sit down,

and have
a cup of tea.


I'm never
getting married.

It makes ma sad.

Ma's not sad.
She's happy.

Then why
is she crying?

I just told you...
Because she's happy.

I'll never
understand grownups.

You remember
how long it took us

to get from winoka
back here?

I sure do. It seemed like
we'd never reach walnut grove.

That was by wagon.

If we went
the same way now,

your ma and I would never make
it in time for the wedding,

so we're going to
have to take the train,

and that's
going to cost.

And there's 6 of us.

Even if they let
baby grace on for free,

there's still no way we
could afford all those fares.

I know you're disappointed,
but, Laura, you and Albert

are going to have to stay here
and take care of the young ones.

Do you think
you can manage?

Sure we can.
We understand.

Carrie: I can take care
of baby grace.

I've even changed her
when she does two,

and it really
smells awful!

Caroline: That's
enough, miss.

Ha ha ha!

Caroline: I wish
we could all go.

Are you sure
you can manage?

If only the garveys
weren't away,

they could stop in and check
on you from time to time.

Albert: Don't worry.
We'll be fine.

Won't we, Laura?

Sure, we will.

Caroline: You're being
very grown-up about it.

I'm proud of you.

So am I.

Well, we got that

The only problem we have
now is a wedding present.

We'll go in to oleson's
first thing in the morning.

Now... I have just
the thing for them,

something they'll Cherish
all their lives.

Oh! It's been crafted
by a true artist.

It isn't exactly what I had in
mind, Mrs. Oleson.

It's very beautiful,

but I was thinking of something
a little more practical.

Aha! Yes.

I understand perfectly.
You can't afford it.

Here. I have something over
here that you might like.


I set this aside the
minute I got the news.

I want you to give this
to her with our love.

Nels, that's beautiful,
but it's too much.

No, it isn't.

That little girl
has been my pet

since the first day she
walked into the store.

I want her
to remember me.

She will, every time
she plays it.

If you don't mind,

I'd like to wrap
this in here.

The missis, um...

Well, you know.

Thank you, friend.

Charles: Reverend.

and Caroline.

What is this
I hear about Mary?

We were just coming over
to tell you ourselves.

Bless that child!
She's not a child any longer, is she?

and tell Mary that...

I don't know
what to say.

Whatever it is,
I know it's with a full heart,

and she'll
know it, too.

Will it be in winoka?

Charles: Yeah.
She'd like to get married here by you,

but she just can't leave
the school that long.

When's the date?

August 15th.

Well, now,
hold on here a minute.

I'll be in creighton then.

There's a ministers

If I could get away
a day early...

Creighton's still a long
way from winoka, reverend.

Well, I've made longer trips
for less joyous reasons!

Oh, Charles,
it would mean so much to her.

Now, it's settled,
then. No argument.

Oh! Reverend!


How can we thank you?

Well, I must say,
I don't get thanked that way very often!

But don't say anything
to Mary about it,

because, well,
you can't foresee

what circumstances
might arise.

I might be
called elsewhere,

and I'd hate to have
her disappointed.

We won't say a word
till you get there.

Be better that way, anyway.
Be a surprise.

thank you.

Oh, thank you!

Here. I got that.

Caroline: Thank you.

Thank you, Mr. Oleson.

darlings. Mmm!

You take good care.

Oh, and if there's
any trouble at all,

don't hesitate
to send a telegram.

Caroline, nothing's
going to go wrong.

That's right.

Well, keep grace away from the
stove, and, uh...

Caroline, would you
let the children

get off the train
before it leaves?


Bye. Bye. Bye.

Charles: We'll see you
a week from Thursday.

Bye, pa.
Send Mary our love.

Charles: Nels, thanks
a lot for the ride.

My pleasure.


Caroline: Take good care!

Albert: Don't worry!

Tickets, please.

Thank you.

Tickets, please.

Just go straight through.

Thank you.

Tickets, please.

I hate leaving them
like this.

Oh, Caroline.
We've left them before.

Not for such
a long time.

Well, we don't have
to go, you know.

We can always send Mary a
telegram saying "congratulations"

or something like that.

Oh, Charles, stop it!

I promise I won't
say another word.

All right.

Oh, I hope they...

That's another word.

I see her!

Mary! Adam!


Ha ha!


Oh, Charles!

Here you go.
Take it easy!

Oh, Mary!

Oh, we're so happy
for you both,

for you two.

Oh, Mary, you look
just beautiful!

You, too, Adam.

I never thought of you looking beautiful,
Adam, but it's good to see you.

Thank you, sir.
You remember the reverend corliss.

Hello, Charles, Caroline.
Good to see you again.

Nice seeing you,

The reverend is
going to marry us.

I'd like to have a chance to talk to
you about those arrangements, reverend.

Fine. Anytime.
Thank you.

What would you folks
like to do now?

I know you must be
tired from the trip.

Why don't we
clean up a little,

rest for a while,
and then we'll meet you at the school.

Fine. We'll have
some sandwiches ready.

Hey, sounds good.

I'll give you a hand
with the bags.

It will give us a chance
to talk about the wedding.

Appreciate it,

Oh, my little girl!


Going to be
a married woman.

Get the tub and the water
soon as I get a chance.

Thank you.

The old hotel looks
about the same.

Oh! They've let it
run down so.

I don't think so.
Looks about the same to me.

The furniture
is covered with dust.

And look at this!

Well, it's only
for a few days.

We've lived
in worse places.

It just hurts me to see something
that we took pride in neglected so.

And that manager...
With that smelly old cigar!

When you get through
cleaning here,

you ought to go down
and look at the kitchen.

I'll bet that's
really a mess.

I bet it is.

I'll tell you what.
While I'm taking a nice, long nap,

why don't you just stay down
there and clean it right up?

Ha ha ha ha!


Mary: What about grace?

Has she grown much?
Is she crawling?

Caroline: Oh, yes,
and walking and into everything.

Charles: She and your mother
practice making faces at each other.

Ha ha ha!

Caroline: Mary,
it seems like only yesterday

you were as little
as she is.

Just think,
about a year from now,

you'll all be
calling me grandpa.

Oh, Charles!
Don't rush them.

Oh, make it a year
and a half, then.

Charles: I just hope you two
are as blessed as we were.

I can remember times when
you didn't call it blessed.

I always thought it.
I may have said differently sometimes.

Let's face it. They did get into
a little mischief, didn't they?

Which one gave you
the most trouble? Mary?

Mmm, it's hard to say.
Carrie did like the creek.

I don't know how many times I
had to pull her out of that.

I'd say they all kept life
pretty exciting, though.

Mmm, I'd have to
say Mary.

Maybe it was because
she was my first.

She was
the fastest runner.

One second she'd be there,
then I'd turn around,

she'd be a half a
mile down the road.

Adam: Mary,
I'm surprised at you.

Charles: I remember a time... she
was, what, about 2 years old.

We were living
in the big woods.

Dead of winter,
she up and runs off.

Snow's 2 feet deep
on the ground.

Caroline: Oh, I'll
never forget that.

Charles: The wind's
blowing that powdered snow

just enough to cover the tracks,
and we start searching and searching.

We must have been
out there for two hours.

Caroline was pregnant
with Laura at the time.

I had to convince her
to go back to the cabin.

We finally get back,
open the door,

and who's sitting right
in front of the fireplace

with jam all over
her face but Mary,

just as happy
as she could be.

Adam: You were really a bad
one, weren't you, Mary?

Adam: Mary?

What? Oh, I'm sorry.

I wasn't listening.
My mind was wandering.

Your father was just telling
me about your wandering.

I'm kind of tired.
I think I'll go to my room.

You look tired.

Are you all right?


All the excitement,
I guess.

Well, I think we could
all use some sleep.

That's if I can get Caroline to stop
cleaning long enough to lie down.

Oh, Charles, I declare,
you're worse than the children ever were.

Good night, Mary.

We can show
ourselves out.

Adam: I have to
lock up anyway.

Charles: Good night, hon.

Good night, pa.

Good night, Adam.

We'll see you

Mary, are you sure
you were just tired?

I'm fine, really.

The day was just
too much, I guess.

I best go to bed.

All right. I'm going to
go check on the kids.

Good night.

Sleep well.

You, too.

Charles: Dead of winter,
she up and runs off.

Snow's 2 feet deep
on the ground.

Caroline: She was
the fastest runner.

Just think,
about a year from now,

you'll all be
calling me grandpa.

One second she'd be there,
then I'd turn around,

she'd be a half a
mile down the road.

I just hope you two are
as blessed as we were.

She was
the fastest runner.

And we start searching
and searching.

One second she'd be there,
then I'd turn around,

she'd be a half a
mile down the road.

Something is
bothering Mary.

What makes you
say that?

I can tell.

She seemed cheerful enough at
the beginning of the evening.

Well, whatever it is,
I'm sure she'll come to you with it.

She always has.

I suppose.

I'll turn the light out
in a minute.

No. It's all right.

I'm not sleepy.

After all that travel?

Come on. Who are you
worried about now?

No one.

You sure?


Good night.

Reverend! Reverend!

Come in.


Oh, hi, ma.

Hi. Well, I just found out
about tomorrow's picnic.

It was
the children's idea.

They wanted to do
something special for you.

Adam seemed almost
as excited as they were.

Didn't pa come with you?

No. No. He stopped by
the church to, uh...

To discuss the service
with reverend corliss.

I brought you

What is it?

Come and find out.

Ok, now,
let me hold it up against you.


It's your wedding gown.

Yours now.

Don't cry.
What did you think

you were going to
get married in?

I was just going to
wear my good dress.

Come on, now.
Let's slip it on.

I'll see how it



what's wrong?


Tell me, child.

I knew there
was something.

Ma, I...

I'm afraid.

Are you nervous
about the wedding?

Most people
usually are.


what is it, then?

It's hard to explain.

Whatever it is,

have you talked
to Adam about it?


You should,
you know.

I don't want to
hurt him.

How can talking out
your problems

with someone
you love hurt them?

I suppose you're right.

You're right.
I'll talk to him tonight.

Oh, good. Good.



Let's try this on
and see how it fits.

I've got
all the kids in bed.


I'm here, Adam.

I'm sorry.
Were you asleep?


Why didn't you
answer me?

I don't know.

Oh, come on now.
What is it?

You're not having
second thoughts

about being married
to me already, are you?

Why, Mary, you'd have to be blind
not to want to marry a man like me.

You didn't know I was in the
room, did you?

Well, no, but...

I don't know what
that means, but I didn't.

It means if
we had a child...

And that child wandered
away or got in trouble...

Hey, slow down.

We're not even
married yet,

and you're already talking
about problems with children.

Don't you want

Well, of course I do.

What is this
all of a sudden?

I mean, how many
children do you want?

We've got more than
20 here at the school.

We handle them all right.

They're blind, too.

They're not going to just
wander off by themselves.

We can just face those
problems when they come.


We have to
face them now.

Well, how are we
supposed to do that?


I know it's not
going to be easy.

I don't want to
marry you.

You don't mean that.
You just got yourself...

I do mean that!
I don't want to marry you.


Mary, every day of my life
since I went blind,

I've been afraid I couldn't
handle what might come up,

but I know that what I'm afraid
of, it's not out there.

It's inside me.

And if there's something
that I have to do

or want to do, it gets
done because I try.

Well, I can't.

Look, let's just talk
about it tomorrow.

This is tomorrow.

You know, this is
really funny!

I mean, all parents ever pray
for when they have a child

is that it be healthy,

and we can't have a child because
god might give us a healthy one?

Maybe... maybe we should just pray
to god and ask him for a blind baby

so we could take care of it
and not have to worry about it!

Don't say anything
to the children

until after the picnic

They've done
so much planning,

there's just no reason
to spoil it for them.

Probably that
cigar-smoking manager

checking to see if
everything's all right.




Girl: Yay!

More, Mr. Ingalls!

play another one.

Why don't you all play
some games right now?

I'll play some more

Uh, who wants to be
in the 3-legged race?

The girls will beat
the boys!

I couldn't stand to just
sit there watching them.

I know.

Oh, Charles.

If only there was something
we could do to help them,

to help Mary
come to her senses.

It's the same Mary we first
saw when she went blind...

Inside herself,
shut away.

She came out of it that time.
Maybe she'll come out of it now.

Dear god, I hope so.

Man: Heyah! Heyah!


Charles: What's going on?

Dust storm. Bad one.
Head for cover.

Let's get the children
to town.

Charles: Come on, kids.

Caroline: Hold on.

Man: All right, come on.

Careful. Hold on.
Hold hands.

Everybody take a hand.

Charles: To the right.

Get everybody inside!
I'll get the team in the livery!


Man: Hold on. Now, we'll be safe
in here until the storm passes.

Is everybody here?

Now... marvin coil?


Elizabeth dearborn?


Tim caper?

George Allen?


Where's Susan goodspeed?

Susan goodspeed?

Man: Susan!
Susan goodspeed!

Mary, no!

We have to find her!

We will.

Caroline: Adam, wait!



Mrs. Ingalls!

Mr. Ames!

Mr. Ames!

Adam: It's Mrs. Ingalls!
Get her inside!

Mary, go inside
with Mr. Ames.


Go inside!

No! The children are
my responsibility, too!

All right. Come on.

Mary: Susan!

Adam: Susan!


Here. Put this
over your mouth.

we'll never find her!

Yes, we will!

Now, that's the
difference between us.

If there's something
I have to do, I do it!

I don't just give up!

Neither do I!


Almost didn't
find my way back.

Your wife
has been hurt.

Dear god, honey,
what happened?

No, it's... It's not deep.
It's just a lot of blood.

Listen, Susan goodspeed
is missing.

We tried to go find her.
Something hit me.

Mary and Adam
are out there.



Susan, faintly:
I'm here!

Do you hear


Susan: I'm here!

I'm here!

I can hear her.

I'm here!

I'm here! I'm here!

Here! I'm here!
I'm here!

I'm here! I'm here!
Here! I'm here!

Here! I'm here! Here!
I'm here!


I'm here!

It's all right!

Here! I'm here!

It's all right, honey.
It's all right.

Here! I'm here!
I'm here!

It's all right now.
It's all right.

Here! Here!

Ok, ok.
It's all right.

I'm here! I'm here!

It's all right.

I'm here! I'm here!

All right, all right!

Listen to me!
Listen to me.

You're all right now.

We're here. We're
with you, honey.

You're all right.

I was so afraid!

I thought I was
going to die!

Oh, it's all right.

It's all right.

I didn't think anyone
was going to find me!

What did you think,
we were going to leave you out here?

We knew we had to
find you, and we did.

All a body has to do is set their
mind to something and then do it.

You're all right.

You're all right.
We found you.

We found you.


you stop crying.

I want to
ask you something.

How would you like to be the
flower girl at my wedding?

I'd like that.

Boy, would I like that!

That is... If it's
all right with you, Adam.

It is just great
with me.

I love you.

Oh, I love you.



Mary: In here, pa!
In here!



Adam: Under
the loading dock, sir!

I take it
everything's all right.

Charles: Well, is it all right
or isn't it?

Everything's fine, pa.
Just fine.

Shall we go back
to the school?


What? On a beautiful
day like this?

That's the last
of the chairs.

Thanks, Mr. Ames.

Well, I better go
check on Adam.

How's he doing?
A little nervous?

Let me put it
this way.

He's having trouble breathing,
but it's not from the dust.

Ha ha ha!

Afraid the storm kept
the reverend Alden.

Well, you want to wait
a little longer?

He might still get here.
I know how Mary feels.

No. She doesn't know about it,
so she won't be disappointed.

I'd take it kindly
if you'd go ahead

with the arrangements
they made with you.

I'll be happy to.

We'll just take things as they
are, including the dust, I fear.

Not much we can
do about it.

Oh! It's no use,

I can brush and brush,
and the dust is still there.

I can feel it
under my skin, ma.

I doubt that Adam
will mind.

I can just see
the wedding story:

"The bride wore a
charming layer of dust."

Ha ha ha!

My Mary's back
to herself again!

You ladies decent?

Well, as decent
as can be.

Reverend corliss
is ready.

You're as pretty
as a picture.

God bless.

See you in there.

This is it.

I love you.

Susan, we're ready.

Reverend corliss:
Who gives this woman to be wed?

Her mother and I do.

Dearly beloved,

we are gathered here
in the sight of god

and in the presence
of these witnesses

to join together this man and
this woman in holy matrimony,

which is
an honorable estate...

Instituted of god
and signifying unto us

the mystical union that exists
between Christ and his church.

Reverend Alden:
Into this holy estate,

these two persons come now
to be joined.

If any man here
can show just cause

why these two should not
lawfully be joined together,

let him now speak or forever
hereafter hold his peace.

Adam, wilt thou take this woman
to be thy wedded wife,

to live together
in holy matrimony?

Wilt thou love her,
honor and keep her,

in sickness and in health,

and, forsaking all others,

cleave thee only to her
as long as ye both shall live?

I will.

And, Mary...

Will you take this man
to be your wedded husband,

to live together
in holy matrimony?

Will you love him,
honor and keep him,

in sickness and in health,

and, forsaking all others,

cleave thee only unto him
as long as ye both shall live?

I will.

The wedding ring is
the outward and visible sign

of an inward
and spiritual gift.

It signifies to all
that this man and this woman

have joined together
in holy matrimony

through the church of our lord
Jesus Christ.

Shall we pray?

Bless, o lord,
this giving of this ring,

that he who gives it
and she who wears it

may dwell forever
in thy peace

and continue in thy favor,

through Jesus Christ
our lord. Amen.

In token and pledge

of our constant faith
and abiding love,

I thee wed...

In the name of the father and
the son and the holy spirit.

Reverend: Inasmuch as
Adam and Mary

have consented together
in holy wedlock

and have witnessed
the same before god

and this company

and have pledged
their faith,

each to the other,

and having declared the case
by joining hands

and the giving and the receiving
of this ring,

I now pronounce you
husband and wife together

in the name of the father
and of the son

and of the
holy spirit. Amen.

And whom god hath
joined together,

let no man put asunder.

You may kiss the bride.

I love you.

I love you.