Little House on the Prairie (1974–1983): Season 2, Episode 9 - The Camp-Out - full transcript

In spite of a rocky start and over Charles' strong objections, the Olesons accompany the Ingalls on a family camping trip and, surprisingly, the oft-feuding families begin to enjoy each other's company. But will the warming relationship between them survive a cold plunge into a rushing river and Willie's rash decision to add a special leaf to his collection...the one that Mary won't touch?

Now, class, I know you're all
looking forward to your holiday,

so I'm not going to assign
any homework.

But your leaf collections
are going to be due...

the day you get back.

I already have every
leaf in walnut grove

in my bag.

That's very good, Willie,

but I'm sure
some of the other students

can use the time to complete
their collections.

Miss beadle,
our pa is taking us on a camp-out.

We can get all kinds of
leaves up in the hills.

Miss beadle:
That's wonderful, Laura.

I'm sure
you can bring back

some unusual specimens
to show the class.

Nellie: That's not fair.

She's going somewhere special
to hunt for leaves.

She'll get better leaves
than anyone else.

That's cheating.

Willie, that's not true.

Now, there are thousands of plants
and trees all over walnut grove.

There's so many that no one
could find them all.

Are we going to
be graded?

Yes, Mary, you will,

and the best collection
will be placed in a book,

and it will be put right here
on my desk for display.

So I want you
to all do your very best

and have
a wonderful holiday.

Thank you, miss beadle.

Miss beadle:
Class is dismissed.

If that isn't
just like the Ingalls,

giving their children
an unfair advantage.

Laura and Mary will
find all kinds of leaves

that nobody can
find around here.

Now, I happen to know that
Charles has been planning

this fishing trip
for weeks.

Oh'. Well, you certainly
don't think

that he's going to spend all
of his time fishing, do you?

I happen to know that
he sets a great store

by his children,
so he's going to help them all he can.

Yeah. It's not fair.

Well, I don't know what you
expect me to do about it.

I expect you to find out
where they're going.

Then you take your son and your
daughter to the exact same spot.

I can't do that.

A man doesn't just intrude
on another man's holiday.

The forests and the
rivers belong to you

as much as they
do to him.

You don't understand.

Oh, I understand
only too well.

You are perfectly willing to
stand by and allow your children

to be taken
advantage of unfairly.


There are... There are plenty
of leaves right around here.

They're not the same.

Nels oleson,
you are breaking

that poor child's

Laura and Mary are
always talking about

how their pa does
things for them.

There are going to be a lot of
people in town this weekend.

Think about all the
business that we'll lose.

I will stay here
and mind the store.

You will...

You mean, you want us
to go alone?

I am perfectly capable
of minding the store.

Now you have
no more excuses.

Well, I... I don't know
where Charles is going.

Finish your supper

and ride out there
and talk to him.

Maybe you're right,

After all, the children
do deserve equal opportunities.

I'll go out and talk to Charles
right after supper.

Hey, nels.

Charles. Whoa.

What brings you
out here

this time
of night?

Well, ha ha'.
Beautiful night.

Nice evening
for a ride.

Looks like you'll be having good
weather for your fishing trip.

Yeah, a new moon.
Good time to put a line in the water.

Yeah. You know, I thought I
might do a little fishing myself.

We got this new
split bamboo rod in,

and I thought I might take
off for a couple of days

and try it out.

Good notion.
Here, let me see that.

I've never fished
with one of these.

Well, you let me know
where you're fishing,

and I could drop over.
You could try one out.

Better than that,
why don't you come along with us?

Well, I was planning on
taking Nellie and Willie.

That's fine with us,
if they don't mind roughing it.

You sure we wouldn't
be intruding?

Not at all. We're going to
leave 6:00 Saturday morning.

Well, thank you,

6:00, huh?

That's right.

All right,
I'll see you then.

See you then.

Aw, consarn it,

I can't leave it
like this.

The real reason
I'm here is...


Oh, I kind of thought it
was something like that.

You did?

Most folks don't drive
all the way out here

just to tell me what a
beautiful night it is.

Well, she's got
a bee in her bonnet

about your children
having an unfair advantage

collecting leaves
for the school.

Well, you know how she is when
gets on something like that.

She figures if, well,
if our children went to the same place...

And I figured a couple
of days off to do

a little fishing, too,
at the same time...

Be ready to leave at
6:00 Saturday morning.

You mean you...
You don't mind?

Glad to have you

Thank you, Charles.

See you at 6:00.



There we are.


Sweet dreams.

Both: Sweet dreams.

Charles: You don't
look like sweet dreams.

You look like
two little girls

who just ate some
sour green apples.

Well, the camp-out
was gonna be so much fun.

Now that Nellie
and Willie are coming,

they're going to
spoil everything.

Laura, fellowship and neighborliness
are not just for Sunday.

That's right.
You're supposed to try to be nice

to people
all the time.

Well, it should work the
other way around, too.

Nellie and Willie
won't be nice anytime.

Wait a minute.
You've got to give them a chance.

Mary: Laura's
right, pa.

Nellie isn't nice to
anybody... not even Willie.

I don't see how anybody
could be nice to Willie.

He'd even argue
with a tree stump.

Well, you won't have to be
around them all the time.

You'll have time to get
off by yourselves.

Your mother's right.
Now go on. Go to sleep.

Good night, pa.

Good night, pa.
Good night, ma.

Good night, ma.

Caroline: Good night.

Don't worry.
You'll manage.

It's only for two
short days.

See you in the morning.

Good night.

Good night, Mary.

Good night, Laura.

Two short days.

With Nellie and Willie,

they'll be the two
longest days ever.

What do you say,

Thank you.

You're welcome,
honey bun.

Well, I think
that's everything.

How much is that,
Mr. Oleson?

Let's see,

Ah, good morning,
Mrs. Ingalls.

Good morning.

It's 45 cents

but since you're
going to be cooking

a lot
of this stuff

for Nellie,
Willie, and me,

I think 25 cents would be fair.

Oh, that's very nice.
Thank you, Mr. Oleson.

Cooking for...
Oh, am I to understand

that you're going along
on the camp-out, Mrs. Ingalls?

hates to cook.

Besides, I love
to camp out.

Have ever since
I was a little girl.

Oh, really?

It does us all good

to get out in the
wilderness once in a while.

Yes, it does.

I remember papa used to
take us as children.

It was grand.

Oh, I'll need
some cocoa.

Oh, yes.

Harriet: You know,
I never forget.

Mama used to put me
in charge of her samovar,

and I would load it
into the surrey,

making sure
that it wasn't scratched

by all those
wicker baskets.

Here we are.

That's 5 cents
for the cocoa, isn't it?


Oh, and then we would go off
to our favorite hilltop,

and it was
a marvelous vantage point

for watching the boating
on the river.

Oh, well,
I envy you.

I really wish
I was going along.

Well, I think
this camp-out

is going to be a bit
rougher than that.

Oh, perhaps, but still,

there's nothing like
the smell of fresh coffee

brewing in the great

I'm afraid
things aren't always

quite the way
we remember them.

We have a tendency
to forget

little things
like mosquitoes

and snakes.

Oh, well, I suppose so,
but still I would enjoy

watching the children
enjoying themselves as I did.

Oh, you don't have to
worry about the children.

I'll look after them
as though they were my own.

Yes, indeed,
and there is the store.

Yes, I must... Stay here
and take care of the store.

Well, it's just too bad

that we didn't make
arrangements sooner.

Yes, it is. Well,
I'd best be getting on.

Good morning,
Mrs. Oleson, Mr. Oleson.

Come along, Carrie.

Good morning.

Good morning.

I'll try not
to wake you up

in the morning,

I have to get
an early start.

Oh, don't you worry
about me, dear.

I am going to get up and
cook you a proper breakfast.

That's very nice
of you,

but you don't
have to do that.

You know what else?


I have decided to cook every
meal for you on the camp-out.


You... you're
going to be

looking after
the store.

I have decided
to come along.

But think about all
the money we'll lose.

Oh, pish-posh.
There's no sacrifice too great

where the children
are concerned.

Oh, the two of us

together under
the wilderness sky.

Ah, just
think of it.

I am.

We've got to


Well, what about
your bad back?

No'. No, I've
made up my mind.

it isn't anything

that mama wouldn't
have done for papa.

Well... aren't
you pleased?

Yes, I am.
I'm overwhelmed.

Ha ha ha'.
I knew you would be.

Well, good night.


We must
get to sleep.

We've got to get started
very early in the morning.

Yes, I will, dear.

Good night.

Pa, here they come'.


Tell your ma
we're ready.

Morning, Charles.

Nels. Mrs. Oleson.


We got a beautiful morning
to start the trip, don't we?

Harriet: Oh, my,
it is that, Mr. Ingalls.

I can't recall
ever having seen

such a beautiful


Good morning'.

Good morning,
Mrs. Ingalls.


Nels, now, you have
plenty of time

to talk to Charles
later on.

We don't want to
hold anybody up.

Ok. I'll give you a hand
with the heavy stuff.

I'll carry the pack

with the tea service
in it myself.

Tea service?

That's what I've been
trying to tell you.

Harriet decided
to come along.

Caroline, I think we left
something in the barn.

Harriet: Ah, Nellie.

Here. Don't forget
your parasol.

My goodness, we don't
want to freckle.

There. All right.

All right, now,
I won't do it.

I will not go on a
trip with that woman.

But everybody's ready.

We can't just go off
and leave her standing here.

Well, then there
won't be any trip.

You go out, tell them I broke my
leg, tell them anything.

I'm not going to go.

You'll miss
your fishing.

With that woman on the trip,

there won't be
a fish biting

for 9 miles
in any direction.

I don't think you're
being fair, Charles.

Now, I can't remember
when I've seen her

trying so hard
to be nice.

You tell me the truth.
You want to spend 2 days with that woman?

Tell me the truth.

I'm willing to try.

Well, I'm not.
I'm not going to go.

I'm not going
to go.

All right. Then what are you
going to tell Mary and Laura?

You told them they could get along
with anybody for 2 short days.

I'll think of something
to tell Mary and Laura.

You just go outside
and tell them

there isn't
going to be a trip.

2 days with that woman.

Let nels spend 2 days
with that woman.

I'm not going to do it.

Talking all the time,

A lot of fishing
I'll have.

Being a good
neighbor. Wow.

Oh'. Willie'.

That's the third time
you've hit mama in the face.

I'm sorry, ma.

Oh, well.
It's all right, dear.

Just don't let it
happen again, huh?

Are you sure that
isn't too heavy for you?


We could take that tea
set out and leave it here,

pick it up
on the way back.


I'm fine, nels.

Are you sure?

I said I'm fine,

Now come along.

You all right?


Here. Want to
give me your hand?

Yes, dear.
There's the carpetbag.


Oh, nels.

Oh, my goodness'.

Anything broken?

Just the tea
service, dear.

Careful, now.
Don't slip again.

No, no, no.
I'm all right.

Are you all right?

Get off my dress.

I'm sorry.
Watch your back there.

No, I'm fine.
I can do it, nels.

Let go of me. I can do it.
Let go of me.

You forgot your...



I think we'd better stop
and rest for a while.

The camp's just on up
ahead maybe another hour.

Yes, but it's not just
Mrs. Oleson.

I'm afraid if we don't
rest for a while,

we may lose
Mr. Oleson, too.

All right.

Children, we're going to
rest here for a little while.

Laura: All right, but can we
go hunt for some leaves?

All right,
but don't stray too far.

Mary: We won't, pa.

I'll go
tell them.

Charles: Hey, nels, we're going
to rest here for a while.

Oh, good idea.


You two all right?

Huh? Oh...


We're going...
Going just fine.

Oh, it's...
It's wonderful.

You certainly were right, Mrs.

The great

just does
wonders for one.

Ha ha ha'.

Ah'. Ha ha'.


Ha ha ha ha'.

We won't be resting
too long.

Here's one that
looks different.

I already have
that one.

I'll go with Laura,
and you stick with Mary.

Just make sure you get
2 of everything she gets.

2? How come?

So you'll have
one for me.

Willie, will you
stop following me?

Can if I want to.

Besides, Nellie
told me to.

Willie, don't'.

It's all mine'.
All of it'.

They're ready to go.

I saw what Willie did.

You shouldn't have let him
get away with it.

I know. I tried
to stop him.

Well, he should be
taught a lesson.

He will be.
That's poison Ivy.

Look, Nellie.

Come on, Carrie.
I'll give you some water.

Ha ha ha'.

Well, the hard part's over.

We'll make camp
in the trees over there.

Nels: For a while,
I didn't think we were going to make it.

Harriet: You speak for yourself,
nels oleson. We did very well.

Yes, you did, dear.
Yes, you did.

Charles: You children can go hunt
leaves to your hearts' content.

Nels and I
will set up camp.

I'll set up camp.
You came here to go fishing.

I wouldn't feel right not
doing some of the chores.

I expect you to
bring supper home.

You run along
and go fishing,

and I'll set up
our camp, nels.

Go on. Tend
to your fishing.

Are you sure
you mean that?

I said it,
didn't I?

Nels, why don't you
get your fishing pole,

and we'll go catch
some fish, all right?

Wait, Charles.
I'll be right with you.

Don't worry about me.
Just go along with Mr. Ingalls.

For heaven's sakes.


That's a mighty fine
fishing pole you got there.

Let's just hope
the fish think so.

If they don't, I'll have to go
back to using a Willow pole.

Hey, Charles,

I hope you don't
think it was pushy,

inviting ourselves

I was just about
to tell you

how glad we were
to have you.

I think even your wife
is enjoying herself.

I think it was
good for her.

The way she's worrying about
the children all the time...

She wants them to have
everything she didn't have

when she was
a child.

Well, can't blame
her for that.

Oh, yes, I can.
She had everything when she was a child.

Nels, you're
all right.

I thought these might make you
a little more comfortable.

You sure you don't want me
to give you a hand with...

Oh, no, no, no.
It's quite all right.

The truth is,
it's sort of a sense of accomplishment

doing it for yourself.

Oh, where's that...

Ha ha ha'.

Well, if you change
your mind...

No. No.

You know, I never realized what
a fine outdoor person you are.

Oh, yes. Yes. Well,
there was a time

when I gave lessons
to my brother.

Ha ha ha ha'.

Well, coffee will be
ready in a minute.


Harriet: Yes,
there was a time

when the outdoors
was my life.

Oh, I used to be
very athletic.

I guess you can tell that
by Nellie and Willie.

Well, you know,
they get it from me.

Oh, well,
when I was younger,

there wasn't
anything... aah'.

Ah, well, maybe I could
use just a little help.

That is some big fish
you caught, nels.

Wait till Edwards
hears about it.

Oh, he'll have caught
a bigger one,

but not with
a witness around.

Charles: Hey, everybody'.


How'd you do?

How did we do?

You ask the 2 best fishermen
in hero township that question?

Nels: Look at that.

How do you like those,
huh, Willie, Nellie?


Laura: Look
at pa's fish.

Nels: What do you
think of that?

It's beautiful'.

Laura: He got a lot.

Well, Harriet,
I don't know what to say.

That's as good a job
as I have ever seen.

I never thought you could
do that all by yourself.

Oh, well, I...

I was amazed that Mrs. Oleson
is such a fine camper.

Why, she even helped me
with my work.

Oh, well, no,
I can't take all of the credit,

but if I do
say so myself...

These are beautiful.
They're going to cook up very nicely.

Take a look at the
one nels caught.

I thought he had
hooked into a whale.

I can't take credit.

It just happened
to hit my line first.

Ha ha ha'. Well, to preserve
the honor of the Ingalls family,

I'll just have to
cook them up.

Oh, no, that won't
be necessary, dear.

I don't mind.
I have to cook ours anyway.

I know, but you've
done so much for me,

and you have
enough to do

for yourself and your family.
I'll cook them.

It's no trouble.

No. I think my wife can handle
it very nicely, thank you.

Come along.

Thank you
very much, nels.

That was very
sweet of you.

Now, see?
I have a fire already started.

Help me get this
out of the way,

and you just sit down
here, put your feet up,

and I am going to cook
you a mess of fish

that you're just
never going to forget.

Hey, nels,
how are you doing?

Fine, thanks. Fine.

We got plenty
of fish left.

Why don't you try
some of ours?

No, this is fine.

Where's the real big one
you caught?

This is
the big one.

Harriet's not used to cooking
over an open campfire.

She got it
a touch done,

but I like it
like this.

So do I. Why don't I trade you a
piece of ours for a piece of that?

Sure, if you want to
try a piece.

Look at
this one, ma.

Look at that.

These are beautiful in the light...
With silver.


Oh, that's nice,

Look at
this fuzzy one.

A fuzzy one?

Oh, look
at that, Nellie.

That is very nice.

Here, Willie,
take this one.

with it now.

It's time to
finish up now, girls.

It's late,
and it's been a big day.

Good night, ma.

Good night.

Good night, ma.

Good night.

Good night, Mary.

Sleep well.

Willie: Here's one.
Nobody got one like it.

Harriet: Oh, my,
they're so nice.

Oh, you have 2,
so you can share one with your sister.

No'. These are
my special ones.

If you won't
share with me,

if I find
a special one,

I won't share it
with you.

I don't care.
So there.

Well, now, all right.
That's enough.

If you aren't going to
share with Nellie,

then don't expect Nellie
to share with you.

I won't.




What is it?

It's the poison Ivy.

What'll we do?

I think we better
go to bed... Now.


I think
we better tell pa.

It's too late.

Besides, it was
Willie's own fault.

Well, we could pretend that the
first time we saw the poison Ivy

was when Mrs. Oleson
picked it up.

That would be lying.

If we just don't
say anything,

at least
we won't be lying.

You're right.

Anyway, maybe she didn't
touch it enough.

She might not even
break out.

My, these are
so beautiful.

Oh, that's so soft.
It's just like velvet.

Here. Feel how, Willie.
Huh? Isn't that nice?

Ha ha ha'.
Beautiful texture.

Oh, my. No one else
has any, huh?


She touched it

Harriet: Oh, Willie,
stop scratching'.

But it itches'.

Now, your mother's

Scratching only
spreads poison Ivy.

Oh, oh, I couldn't
agree more.

What I don't

Why is it
that Willie and I

are the only ones who
contracted this poison Ivy?

Why nobody else?

Um... well, we hope
you get better soon.

We better go do
our chores.

We have to
roll up our beds

before we can go hunt
for some more leaves.

Harriet, you sure there isn't
something I can do for you?

No, no, no.
I've told you already,

you go on and enjoy
your fishing.

I don't want to let
one little setback

spoil our outing.

I must say, I don't think
I could take it as well.

Well, I've never felt
that one should impose

one's infirmities
on others.

Go on. You gentlemen
enjoy your fishing.

Well, if you're sure
that's what you want.


We'll see you
at lunchtime.

Bye, pa.

Good luck, pa.

We'll catch
a bunch.


Nellie: Wait'.
Laura and Mary, wait'.

I'm coming'.

Laura: I thought you were going
to hunt leaves with Willie.

Willie's not coming.
He's going to stay in camp and itch.

Mary: We can find more
leaves if we split up.

Laura: Yeah.
That's a good idea.

Wait, Laura.
I'll come help you hunt leaves.

Thanks, Nellie.

No need to snatch.

There's enough
for both of us.

Not like this one.

Careful, Nellie.
Don't fall in.

You're just trying
to scare me.



Nellie, hold on'.

Give me your hand'.

Nellie'. Aah'.

Hang on, Nellie'.

Oh, Laura,
I can't swim'.

You sandwich stealer.

Something about fishing
gives me an appetite.

Well, you're
always hungry.

How'd our leaf
hunters do?

Mary came back with a
whole bagful of leaves.

Hi, Mary.
How'd you do?

Hey, lookie there.
You did real good, huh?

Partly because
Willie wasn't there.

Laura and I

so we could find
different kinds.

Nellie was sticking
to her like flypaper.

Oh. Ha ha'.



Lunch is
almost ready.

You better
call Nellie.


Have you seen

No, but they must be
somewhere close

because I met Jack on the
path when I came back.

be along soon.

My lunch won't be any
good if it's cold.

We wouldn't want
that to happen.

Come on, nels.
We'll find them.

Laura: We'll have to wait
till it gets shallow.

How do we get
to shore?

We kick.


Try'. Kick hard.

I can't swim'.

Duck, Nellie'.


Hang on'.

There's a bend up ahead.
Maybe it will be shallow down there.

What's that noise?

Just the river,
I guess.

Hang on tight.



Hang on, Nellie'.

Hang on tight'.








Kick hard'.
Kick, Nellie'. Kick'.


Bet you a nickel
they're back in camp

having lunch
right now.

Probably. It's a nice day
for a walk anyway.

Yeah. Nellie'.


What you got,

It's Laura's
leaf bag.

I wonder where they
could have got to.



They must be too
far off to hear us.

Probably went

You don't think they could
have fallen in the river?

Come on, nels.
Don't start chasing shadows.

Let's just find
the girls.

Hang on, Nellie'.

Hang on tight'.


I'm scared'.

Come on.
We're getting out.

No'. Stop pulling'.

Let go'.


All right.
Stay there.

No'. Wait for me'.

Come on'.

Let go'.

You want me
to leave you here?


Then let's go'.

No'. Help'. Help'.

I want my mom'.


Nellie, come on'.

Come on, Nellie'.

It's all your fault,
Laura Ingalls.

It was not'.

Was too. If you hadn't bumped
me, I wouldn't have slipped.

I didn't bump you'.

You did, too'.
And then you pushed my head under.

I did not'.

Yes, you did'.
You tried to drown me'.

What I did...
I saved you.

I can swim.
I could have swam to shore.

As a matter
of fact,

if it wasn't
for you,

I never would have
gotten my feet wet.

What are you
bawling about?

I don't know'.

Well, then stop

I can't.

I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to be so mean.

I don't blame you.

I was just
plain hateful.

I'm cold'.
I'm freezing'.

Well, you'll warm up as soon
as we start walking back.

It's been hours.

Nels and Charles
will find them.

Soon, I hope.

It's not just that the
girls are probably lost;

It's just this whole
thing is my fault.

I don't see how.

Well, it wasn't nels' idea
to come along on this trip.

It was mine.

I knew that.

You did?

Well, I just can't
help feeling

that this whole thing
wouldn't have happened

if I had been the kind of
person that I should be.

Don't think like that.
Nothing's happened.

Well, if I'd been the kind of friend
to you that I should have been,

if I hadn't been...
Well, persnickety and just plain mean...

It takes two
to argue.

If our girls
come back from this...

They will.

I promise you that when you
come into our store again,

I will be a different
and a better person.

I will be. I've never
realized it before,

but I do like you.
I really do like you.

Did I miss

Yeah, my elbows.
They itch real bad.

Feel any better?

Some better.

You know, you don't seem
as mean as my sister says.

Thank you, Willie.

You're even
kind of nice.

Willie, there's something
I've been meaning to tell you

your poison Ivy.

Charles: Caroline,
we found them'.


Nels: She's all right, Harriet.
She's all right.

Oh, my girl.
You're soaked to the skin.

Oh, Nellie'. Oh'.

You all right?

We went down
the rapids.

You did what?

It wasn't my fault.
Laura pushed me off the bank.

Nellie oleson'.

Nellie: And then she
pushed my head underwater.

Well, if that isn't just
exactly like an Ingalls child.

And I lost
all my leaves.

Oh, well, my darling,
we'll just have your brother

share his leaves
with you.

Not my special ones.

Harriet: Yes, indeed,
Willie oleson, your special ones.

Your sister will have every leaf you have.
Is that understood?

Willie: Yes, ma.

Feeling better?

Yeah, a lot better.

All right. Let's
get you back to camp.

Class, I've made
my decision.

The best collections
were made by two students...

Brother and sister.

And I think they deserve
our congratulations.

If they'll come up here.

Willie and Nellie.