Little House on the Prairie (1974–1983): Season 2, Episode 8 - Remember Me: Part 2 - full transcript

When it appears no Walnut Grove family will adopt all three of the Sanderson children together, a weary Charles fears he must break his promise to their mother, resigning himself to finding good homes for them, even if it means one of them may be forced to move far away from the other two.

I'm the widow sanderson,
and these are my children:

John Jr., Carl, and Alicia.

I'll make this
as brief as possible.

It's really very simple.

I... well, I always felt
I was too ornery to die,

but it seems I was wrong.

God must have found
some good in me

'cause he's calling me early.

My young'uns here
will need a new home.

You made me
a promise

the other day,


I remember.

Grace will take care
of the children

till you make
your decision.

Julia sanderson asked me
to read this today.

She wrote it to all of you,
loved ones and friends alike.

"Remember me with
smiles and laughter...

"For that's the way
I'll remember you all.

"If you can only remember me

"with tears,

then don't remember me at all."

Good day to you,
Mr. Ingalls.

Mr. Anders, ma'am.

I know this isn't
the place,

but we wanted
to talk to you...

About the children.


We're just heading over
to the sanderson place

to make sure the children
are all right.

We could follow
you over.

I think it would be better
if we talked at our place.

Whatever you think.

We'll spend a little time
with grace and the children,

then head on home.

How about after
supper, about 8:00?

8:00 would be fine.

I'll see you then.

There we go. You
have a good sleep.

Laura: Pa?


We don't know what to
do about the last puppy.

What do you mean?

Well, Nellie heard about
him, and she wants him.

She only wants him
'cause she knows

we don't want her
to have him.

Ah, I see.

Trouble is...

Nobody else
in school can have him.

A couple of kids wanted
him, but their pa said no.

He's got to have
a home,

but the only
one's Nellie's.

Well, why don't we just
wait and see what happens?

Somebody might change
their mind.

In the meantime,
the pup's happy with Jack.

You mean, he could stay with
us a little while longer?

As long as it takes.

It wouldn't be right to send
that pup off to some home

he wouldn't he happy in.

Thanks, pa.

Thanks, pa.

See you
in the morning.

Good night.

Good night, pa.

I'll get it.
Must be the Anders.

Please come in.

Caroline just made
some coffee.

Would you like some?

I would. It's a damp
night. Thank you.

None for me.

Please, sit down.

Can I take
your wrap?

I think I'll
just leave it on

till I warm up
a bit. Thank you.

Would you like
some cookies?

They're oatmeal.

No, thank you.

They're good.

None for me,
thank you.

Well, you wanted
to talk

about the sanderson

Yes. I'll come
right to the point.

I know you've had
a long day.

Sylvia and I have
been talking it over,

and we'd like to offer
a home to the boys.

To the boys.

Why, yes, I've got

a fair-sized place,
as you know, and...

My wife and I
have never had

any children of our own.

We can give
the boys a good home.

Well, you keep saying
"the boys."

You haven't said
anything about Alicia.

Well, taking
on the responsibility

for the 2 boys is
all we can handle.

They're both of working age.
They can do their share.

It would be more
than a body could manage

to take on
all the young'uns.

Well, I understand
your feelings

about this, Mr. Anders.

But we have to think

of the children's
feelings, too.

I just don't think
we could separate them.

All they have is each other.

Well, I think you ought

to think more on
the practical, Mr. Ingalls.

It ain't gonna be easy

finding folks
to take on 3 young'uns.

Well, it's not going
to be easy,

but we're
gonna have to try.

I see.

It isn't that we don't
want the little girl,

Mr. Ingalls.

As a matter
of fact, I would...


Mr. Ingalls has made
his position quite clear.

We won't take up
any more of your time.

I'll see you out.

Thank you for
the coffee, ma'am.

Good night.

Good night.

I don't know

how he could suggest
such a thing.

Well, I don't think
he meant to be unkind.

If he can just see
his way clear into taking

the boys, I guess.

To work the farm.

He wants farmhands,
not children.

Well, maybe.

You know,

it's the first time I've
really thought about it.

It's not going to be easy

to find a place
for those children.

Don't be discouraged.
We have time.

The children are
well taken care of.

You're right.

It's just going to take
some time, that's all.

I'm going to bed.
You coming?

Yeah, I'm just going
to finish my coffee.

I'll be along.

Good night.

Good night.

Everything all right?

She finally
went to sleep.

How about
John and Carl?

They were asleep

before their heads
hit the pillow.

I don't think
they've slept a wink

in the last 3 days.


Well, I don't think

I'm ever going to get rid
of the chill on these hands.

It's like that when
you lose somebody.

Feel like you'll
never sleep again.

Something about
a burying

that puts
an end to it,

and all that tired
catches up.

They remind me
so much of Julia.

That John Jr.
Did you see him today?

He stood
beside Carl and Alicia

just as straight
and strong as a tree...

So much like her.


Well, I best be
on my way.

I'll stop by

to see if
you need anything.

I thought
you were asleep.

I was.

Do you want
some milk?

Well, is there
something wrong?

My puppy wet in my bed.


Well, don't you worry
none about that.

We'll fix that up
in no time at all.

I'll get a sheet.

You're not mad
at him, are you?

Oh, why, no. That pup...
That's just a baby.

Why, he'll learn
in no time at all.

Here. I'll do that.
Now, you come on.

We'll fix that bed
of yours just right up.

There. How's that?

All right. You just
scrunch in there.

Get down
under them covers.

There you go.
Watch the pup.

There you are.

Say, you know,
I've been thinking.

Since that pup of
yours is

still a baby like,
you know,

maybe we ought to
get him a bed so he

can sleep right here
next to you, just till

he's housebroke,
you understand.

Where would
we get a bed?

I could build one

Can't he just sleep
with me just for tonight

until you make up
his bed?

Well, I don't
see why not.

Thank you.

You want to go
to sleep now?


Well, then close up
them eyes.

That-a girl.


They're both asleep.

You didn't leave the
pup in bed with her?

Oh, just for tonight.

By the way, I'm gonna
sleep in the barn tonight.

I got to build
a bed tomorrow.

See you at breakfast.

All right.



Are you gonna do
the washing, too?

Hmm? Oh. Forgot about
that. Well, good night.

Good night.


Sorry I'm late. Took
a little longer

at the nelsons'
than I figured.

Carrie: I'm gonna
play Dolly.

Yeah, so your ma
told me.

Well, how did it go?

It didn't.

They liked the children
well enough,

but after talking
it over,

they decided
they'd wait,

see if they could have
one of their own.

That's a shame.
They're such a nice couple.

Yeah, just about
the last couple.

Four weeks, and we're
no closer to finding a home

for those children than we
were when we started.

You will. Don't
be discouraged.

Well, if the children aren't,
I guess I shouldn't be.

Don't worry about them.

Grace says Mr. Edwards
is spoiling them rotten.

They can
already spit further

than any children
in hero township.

Ha ha ha'.

Aye, if you hand up
one more board,

I think
we got her finished.

I think you
better tell him.

Mr. Edwards.

Hmm? What?

Uh, I didn't
want to say anything

'cause you said you'd built
a lot of tree houses...

Oh, hundreds
of them is all.

Well, I think you forgot
something on this one.

What would that be?

A door, or a hole,

or something
so's we can get in.

A door.

There'. There's
a door for you.

That there's
a king-size door, ain't it?

You can drive
a wagon through it.

Boys, see if you can
find some more nails.

Hey there.

How are you?

Just fine.

Good. Good. Here.

Hey, nice-looking tree
house you got there.

Oh, it's coming along.

Hey, you, when are you
going to stop growing?

I told you to stop

or I'd have to
bite your feet off.

I'm gonna
play Dolly.

You're going
to play dollies?

Well, you best get
at it.

Never leave
a Dolly waiting.

I'll go see if grace
can use some help.

See you later.

Well, any luck?

No, not yet.

Oh. Want to help
build a tree house?

I'd like to. I got
to get back to town.

I figured on putting
the boys back in school,

but I thought
I'd wait till everything

got settled, you know?

I don't think
it hurts

if they
miss a little bit.

Hey, when are you
coming back to work?

Hanson's got a lot
for you to do.

Oh, well, I, uh,

figured on helping grace
out here for a while.

All right,
I'll tell him.

Let you know
if there's any news.

- Yeah, you do that.
- See you.

All right.

John Jr.: Mr. Edwards,
here's some more boards.

I'm coming.


Charles, how are you?

Fine. Yourself?

Couldn't be better.

I need a pound
of two-penny nails.

Coming right up.

Thank you.

Oh, Mr. Ingalls.

Mrs. Oleson.

You're just the man
I wanted to see.

Won't you come
in the front room

a moment, please?


I don't want our
conversation overheard,

Mr. Ingalls.

I want to present
to you

my cousin
miss Farnsworth.

this is Mr. Ingalls.

Miss Farnsworth.

Yes, Mr. Ingalls.

I was talking to
Mrs. Anders the other day,

and she told me about...

Won't you sit down,
Mr. Ingalls?

Oh, thank you
very much.

Uh, you haven't found
a home for the children,

I take it.

No, I haven't.

Well, I'll be honest
with you, Mr. Ingalls.

I don't think
you will.

These are not easy

With 3 more
mouths to feed,

well, you know
what I mean.

Yes, I do.

So I took it
upon myself

to write
to my cousin here.

Charles: I see.

She's a very
wealthy woman...

Young, about my age,
and she's never married,

and she's often talked

about not having an
heir when she passes on,

so I took
the opportunity

to write to her...


I'm capable
of speech.

Oh, well.

Well, my cousin
is correct about 2 things.

I am well-to-do,
and I have never married.

I'm not young...

Certainly past the age
of bearing children

if I should wish to marry,

which I do not.

In other words,
Mr. Ingalls,

I am a lonely spinster.

Oh, Minerva,
I wouldn't say that.

Well, you didn't.
I did.

Now, to come to
the point, Mr. Ingalls.

I'm interested
in adopting Alicia.

miss Farnsworth, I...

Now, hear me out.

I know you want
the children

kept together,

but you are going
to have to think

about the practical side.

Now, the Anders family
wants the boys...

A good home,
a good farm.

I understand they'll
be well provided for.

And if I were
to take Alicia,

she could
have advantages that

no one would
offer her here.

She could be educated
in the finest schools

both here and abroad.

I would like a child
and an heir.

Oh, it would be

for the little
girl, Mr. Ingalls.

She could
grow up to be...

Harriet, you know, I think
I heard the teakettle.

Oh, I'll get it.

Now, I don't expect you

to make up
your mind right away.

And I would also
like to meet the child,

spend some time
with her,

enough so that we could
get to know each other.

Think about it.

I will.

Thank you.

I'll be waiting
to hear from you.

I thought you came out
to check the stock.

I did. The pup
started crying.

I been out here long?

Over an hour.

Half-pint's having
a hard time

a home for this one.

Just can't
figure out why.

You're thinking about
your conversation

with Mrs. Oleson's cousin.


You said you didn't want
to split up the children.

That's right. I don't.

But you're thinking
about it now.

I have to. I don't have
any choice anymore.

Charles, I...

What, do you think
this is what I want?'.

I wish to heaven I could
take those children,

but I can't'.

I can barely put shoes
on my own girls'.

It's the first time in my
life I wished I was rich.

I'd tell the Anders
and miss Farnsworth,

"I'm sorry, the children
already have a home,

thank you," but I can't.

We're going to have a picnic
after church on Sunday.

Miss Farnsworth

would like to spend
some time with Alicia.

Don't say anything
to the children.

I'll get some towels

for those kids.

Laura: There's
no alligator.

John Jr.:
There he is.

Mary: Yeah, see him?
Look over there.

Here he comes. Here
he comes. There he is'.

John, Jr.: He's gonna
get you'. Careful'.

Turn around'.
Run'. Run'.

I'll fetch some water.

You need any help?

No, ma'am,
everything's fine.

Mr. Edwards, have I done
anything to offend you?

No, ma'am.

Well, I'm sure

it was nothing we
said to each other.

You haven't spoken
a word to me

the entire day.

I'm just not much of a one
for talking, that's all.

It's Alicia,
isn't it?

You don't like

the idea of
my adopting her.

I didn't say that,

I think you did
by your silence.

I just think
there's things

more important to
a child than a big house

and a lot of money,
that's all.

Mr. Edwards.

Yes, ma'am.

It may come as
a surprise to you,

but even rich people
can love.

What did you think
of miss Farnsworth?

It's hard to say.
I just met her.

Alicia sure has
taken a liking to her.

Must have. She let
her hold the pup.

What do you
expect me to do?

I don't expect
you to do nothing.

You got your
mind made up.

And you think
I'm wrong, huh?

Yeah, I do.

I do. I think
you're wrong.

You've always
had a family.

You... you don't know

what it's like
to be alone.

Well, I do.

When I lost my wife
and daughter,

this part
of me died, too,

and that part of me

ain't never going to
come back alive again.

Oh, I know, I'm
just happy-go-lucky

Mr. Edwards

to all you folks,
just, uh...

Having fun,
laughing all the time...

Just like that
young'un's laughing

right now.

Let me tell you

It's different
when you're alone.

When you lie in bed
at night

and listen
to the silence.

And you...
And you pray to god

you could hear

the sound of a loved
one sleeping...

All right.
You made your choice.

Just don't expect me
to tell you it's right.

And don't expect me
to tell you you're right.

You made your choice.
You want to be alone.

Thank you, Mr. Ingalls,

for the picnic
and the ride home.

You're very welcome.

I would like
to adopt Alicia.

I see.

I promised Harriet

I'd spend Thanksgiving
with them.

Alicia and I could
leave the next day.

I think it would be wise
if I took the child

after church services
on Thursday.

That way she could
spend an evening with me

before the trip back.

We would have
a little more time

to talk and know
each other.

What do you think?

All right.

You'll make
the arrangements, then?


Thank you.

Miss Farnsworth.


You will love her?

I will.

I'd like to speak to
the children for a minute.

Come on, Alicia.

You know, I made
a promise to your ma.

I promised her
I'd find a home for you...

And I want you to know
that I did my best.


It's just not easy
for folks

taking on a big
family all of a sudden.

The Anders think real
highly of you boys.

They're good people.
They've got a good farm.

It will be a real
good home for you.

And y'all know
what a fine lady

miss Farnsworth is.

She lives in Minneapolis.
She's got a big house.

And she told me that...

She thought Alicia was
about the prettiest thing

she ever did see.

I wanted to find
a home for you together,

but I couldn't.

It won't be easy
at first.

But everything
will be all right...

And Alicia can come
visit lots of times.

Minneapolis is close,
real close.


That's it.

John Jr.:
Mr. Ingalls.

Ma told us to do
whatever you said.

She said
you knew best.

We know you tried.

We'll be all right.

After church
on Thursday.

Nellie: Laura'. Wait up'.


Wait up'.

My mother said
I could give you

50 cents for the puppy.

He's not for sale.
I already told you that.

Well, then
why don't you

give him to me?

Because you say

that your mother
doesn't like dogs.

They make a mess

She likes this one.

And miss Farnsworth
likes him,

and she's gonna
have a puppy

in her fine home,
and my ma says

that's good
enough for her.

What are you
talking about? What puppy?

The one you gave Alicia.

She's going to let
her keep it

when they
go to Minneapolis.

Miss Farnsworth's
going to adopt

the sandersons?

No, silly.
Just Alicia.

I heard her
and mother talking.

They'll be leaving
end of the week.

Please let me
have the puppy.

I'll give you
a piece of licorice

every day for a year,

and the 50 cents besides'.


Hi, Mary.


I said hi.

What is it?

Nellie told us
about Alicia.

I was gonna tell
you before Thursday.

Oh, pa.


I'm sorry.

I know.

There just wasn't
any other way.

I'm just sad is all.

Where's your sister?

She's up
in the barn.

You watch Carrie
for me a minute, will you?

What you doing?

Brushing the pup.

Mary told me what

I wanted to
explain it to you.

You don't have to.

I'm in a hurry.

I'm taking
the pup to town.

You found a home
for him, huh?

Sure did. I'm taking
him to Nellie.

I thought you didn't
want Nellie to have him?

I changed my mind.

He'll have a good home,
just like Alicia will.

It doesn't matter
if he's happy,

just so he's got a home,
any home'.

Your pa told me you were
gonna take the pup

and give it to Nellie.

I am.

I'm just resting
a spell.


Aw... he should be happy
at the olesons'.

No, he won't.

Then why are
you doing it?

Same reason my pa's
doing what he's doing.

That's not true.

You're giving the pup
to Nellie out of anger.

That's not
the same thing at all.

You know, Laura...

There are a lot of

we have
to make in this life

that we wish
we didn't have to.

Your pa has made one
of those decisions.

But it's not right.

Well, that's easy to say

when the problem
isn't left up to you.

Your pa made a promise
to a dear friend.

He didn't have to.

He could have left
that responsibility

to somebody else...

But he didn't.

He counts friendship
too dear for that.

He loves those children.

And he's done what he thinks
is best for their future.

I went to see
the children today.

And you know what?
They weren't crying...

Or angry.

They were worried.

Not about themselves...
But about your pa.

And they asked me
to tell him again

not to worry...
That they'd be fine.

Alicia said that?

Alicia and Carl
and John Jr.

Now, I think if
they can understand

how hard this decision
has been for your father,

you ought to try
to understand, too.

He needs our love now...

Not our anger.

I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.


It's all right.

I didn't mean
to hurt him.

Well, of course
you didn't.

Any more than you
meant to give

this puppy to Nellie.

You knew
I wasn't going to?

Well, I came here,
didn't I?

To your
favorite place?

I knew you weren't
going into town.

Your pa was working in
the fields when I came home.

Working hard sometimes
helps when you're hurting.

He's probably still there.

What should I say?

You won't have
to say a thing.

Just go to him.

I should have used
the larger needles.

At the rate I'm going, I'm
never gonna finish this.

What is it?

It's a little
sweater for Alicia.

I wanted
to give it to her.

I'll just have to
put it in the post.

You're quite a woman.


All womenfolk
know how to knit.

I wasn't talking
about your knitting.

I was talking
about you...

And the way you are
and the way you've

taken over these kids
like they was your own.

what about yourself?

You've spent
so much time here,

I'm afraid folks
are beginning to talk.

I'm gonna miss them.

Won't you?

I suppose.

But what's done
is done.

We're all packed up.

You didn't
forget anything?

No, ma'am.


We wanted to say thank
you for everything,

to both of you.

Well, there ain't
no reason for that.

It wasn't nothing.

We'll miss you.

Look, you kids better
get on to bed.

You're going to
have to get up early.

Mr. Edwards is right.
Come along now.

We have much to be
thankful for this day

as we've gathered here
in god's house.

I'd like to think that
our church could be filled

overflowing on all days,

not just the ones
that are special.

Because all of our days
here on god's earth are special.

Remember that
this Thanksgiving day

so your hearts may be
filled with joy and love

all the year through.

Reach now for the hand
of a friend or a loved one

and feel the strength
that can only come

from caring
while I read this psalm.

"Make a joyful noise
unto the lord, all ye lands.

"Serve the lord with gladness.

Come before his
presence with singing."

"Know ye that the lord is god.

"It's he that's made us...

"Not we ourselves.

"We are his people,

"the sheep
of his pasture.

"Enter into his gates
with Thanksgiving

"and into his courts
with praise.

"Be thankful unto him...

"Bless his name.

"For the lord is good,

his mercy is everlasting..."

"And his truth endureth
to all generations."


Happy Thanksgiving
to you...

And we're thankful
to you...

John Jr.: We'd
like just a minute

alone, please.

Miss Farnsworth:

John, Jr.:
We'll be all right.

Don't worry about us.

Ma said Mr. Ingalls
is a good man.

He knows what he's doing.

You won't be so far away.

We'll see each other
very soon.

Don't worry.

And remember we love you.

We're ready now.

Come, child.

It's all right.

No, it ain't
all right.

It ain't
all right at all.

Look, Charles,

I got mad at you the
other day 'cause, uh...

Well, I wasn't...
I wasn't mad at you.

I was mad at me.

You were right.

I'm alone because
I made that choice.

But don't ask me why.
I don't know. I just...

Maybe guilt, fear,

I don't...
I don't know.

If I knew the reason,

I wouldn't
be alone right now.

I got nothing agin' you,
miss Farnsworth,

or any of you folks.

It's just that I think

these children ought
to stay together.

Grace, um...

I know this ain't
the time or the place,

but if we're going
to have us a family

we ought to get
ourselves married.

Oh, Isaiah'. I...

Now, I love you.

You hear that?

I ain't afraid
to say it no more.

And I love
them kids, too.

Well, the point is,

if you all
will have me,

I'll do my best
to make you happy.

Well, I'll do
the best I can, too.

Alden: Now, if somebody's
gonna get married,

we better get on with it.

I got a beautiful
Turkey waiting for me

out at Amy Hearn's,

and it would be a sin
to let it overcook.

Ha ha ha'.

Come on. I think we're
going to a wedding.

Well, I'd like
to know

what you call
a proposal like that.

I call it beautiful.

Well, come on, Harriet,

let's go and see if
that Turkey you cooked

tastes as good

as you keep telling
us it does.

And do you, Isaiah Edwards,

take this woman to be
your lawful wedded wife...

To love, honor, and Cherish
till death do you part?

I do.

And do you, grace snider,

take this man to be your
lawful wedded husband...

To love, honor, and Cherish
till death do you part?

I do.

I now pronounce you
man and wife.

Julia: Remember me
with smiles and laughter,

for that's how
I'll remember you all.

If you can only
remember me with tears,

then don't remember me at all.