Libre De Reir (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Hay líneas que no se cruzan - full transcript

Five weeks before the final show, the new comedians begin to fine-tune their routines. Sofia notices elevated nerves, and prepares to help the inmates deal with their stage fright. Meanwhile, the male population is having a hard t...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
If the formula for comedy
is tragedy plus time equals comedy,

how much time needs to pass
for something to become funny?

It depends.

What tragedy will you choose?
What are you going to talk about? And how?

You decide whether it'll be taboo,
irreverent or anecdotic. It's up to you.

To me, comedy based on social taboos
is the one that helps us evolve the most

as people, as comedians and as a society.

Comedians who talk about taboos
are constantly confronting society.

What needs to evolve?
What should we discuss?

What mistakes have we made?

All those things
nobody wants to talk about,

if you do it through comedy,
society will listen.



-Hi, students!
-Hello, miss!


-How are you?

Good morning, Miss Sofía.

How did you fare on the assignment?


Any questions about your assignment today?

You have to repeat what worked last time.

I told you, "Leave this and this in.
And write something new."

Okay? Who wants to go first?

-Now I don't want to.
-You're up.

I'm starting? Okay.

Good afternoon,
my name is José Luis Padilla...

The things I hate the most
are the LGBT+ stuff.

I hate it, because they ask
for sexual freedom, but won't give any.

They ask for respect,
but they don't respect others.

"Who did I want to humiliate?"
I thought about it.

Then, as I was watching TV,

I saw Pope John Paul II.
And I thought, "I hate that guy."

"I hate that guy." Why do I hate him?

Because he tells a lot of lies
and doesn't do what he says.

It's been a pleasure. I'm José Luis.

I hope I didn't instigate intolerance.
Thank you.

You're an example
of an irreverent comedian.

Because you're bringing up social taboos,

which are hard to create comedy with.

Talking about LGBTQ community or the Pope,
those things are very difficult.

Talking about them
results in, "Cancelation."

If you talk about something
people don't like, they cancel you.

That means there'll be backlash
on social media.

You would be cancelled right now.

You'd be cancelled. But it doesn't mean
you can't talk about it.

You can, but you have to know how.
And I'm going to teach you.

Hello, classmates. Good afternoon.

I remember when I was 18,
I really liked to dance.

In my group, there were men,
women and girls of the third gender.

That's where I met my first wife

and I had something very nice with her

because I really liked it
when she hugged me.

I had a teddy bear as a kid,
so she reminded me of my childhood.

It might sound better
if you call them, "Trans".

Because they're trans, right?
Or are they gay men?

-Transformers, right?
-Trans, okay.

Personally, I think
homos are better dancers than women.


There are places, that when they play
a son montuno, you'll see tons of people

at the party, but there's always
a circle of, like, ten dudes dancing.

And out of the ten, eleven are faggots.

At one point, you said
they used to be called, "Sissy," or "Gay".

-They're still called, "Gay."
-Nobody says that.

-Gay? Sure they do.

Well, it's different here.

No. Here you say other things.

But you can say, "Gay."

Okay. I'll gay things up for next time.


What's up, students?

-Hi, miss.
-How are you doing?

I'm excited and worried at the same time.

It'll be one of the hardest challenges
of my career, to try to guide people

with this level of tragedy, to turn it
into comedy and see life differently.

Besides, they fuel each other's stories
with their own drama.

So, it's going to be really difficult.

-Are you nervous?

The million-dollar question is,
who wants to go first?

Hi. Good afternoon, dear audience.

In my family, we're four siblings.

Two men... I fucked up again.

It's the nerves. I'll go again.
No, I'll start over.

-Yes, start over.

Remember, nerves are useful.

They help you focus and transmit emotion.

So, use them.

And if it's too obvious
you're nervous, say so. Okay?

It's hard to teach them comedy,

knowing that they are performing
for people who are outside,

as well as for their fellow inmates,
'cause that's what the graduation will be.

But, we'll have to work
on controlling their nerves

since they'll be on stage
for the very first time.

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.

Thank you for the applause.

My name is Gabriella,

and don't go thinking I'm a normal woman,
I'm a trans slash con woman.

In my family, we're four siblings.

Two women, a man and me.

I hate the song, "A Great Man,"

because I was bullied with it.
I despise it.

Every time I hear it, it's like going back
to those moments I was bullied.

And I'm putting it out there now,

but it's something very personal.
And I still hate that damn song,

because of the effect it had
on me back then.

My transition was pretty rough,

because where I grew up,
it was very frowned upon.

"I'm happy to know
I've won back your friendship, your trust.

"You're a great pillar for me.

"The best sailors
are made in the worst storms,

"and it's never too late
to get to know each other.

"Thank you for all your support.
I love you, Angélica.

"This letter is full of kisses
and hugs. Warm regards."


That was the last letter
he sent for Christmas.

He's never asked me
to use female pronouns.

If he asked, we would try it.

We'd try to get used to it. But he hasn't,
so we still call him Gabriel.

I started finding women's clothes
everywhere around the house.

I used to think, "Whose clothes are these?
Are they his sister's?", but no.


And I thought...

"Gabriel is the one
keeping these clothes here."

When my mom left,
I'd wear her stockings, her blouses.

I'd look in the mirror and think
"I'm so pretty. I love it."

Half of my friends told me,
"Gaby, we support you."

And the other half said,
"Get lost. We don't want faggots here."

And the rumor starting spreading,

"Gaby is not a softie.
Gaby's a fag. He's queer."

At 9:43, Simón was born

My brother noticed I was like this
and he would hit me often.

"You'll see, I'll beat this out of you."

He'd leave my arms
and my face full of bruises.

Until one day,
I got fed up and stood up to him.

I said, "Kill me if you want to,
but I'll never stop being the way I am."

He was raised the same as the rest

With a strong arm and sternness
He never answered back

You'll have to be
A great man





-Who's super stressed?
-I am.

Excellent. That's how I want you to feel.

-Why aren't you stressed?
-Because I...

I already have diabetes.

My sugar level goes up if I get stressed.

-That's me now.

This is not fat, it's colitis.

-You're saying it's my fault?
-Of course!

No! She's teaching us a trade.

And this one doesn't ask
for criminal records.


I like to joke around,
so I'm a bit of a clown.

And that day, the makeup crew was late.

So, one of the teachers,
who also comes from outside, said,

"No. They're stuck in an Uber."

And I said, "No way! Where is that club?"

And they all burst into laughter...

"You don't know what an Uber is?"
I said, "No."

"It's a taxi app, dude."

So I said, "What's an app?"

So, they think
we've been here for just a fucking month,

but I've been here for 18 years.

They also talk about platforms.
And I imagine a place like Tampico.

The oil drilling platform.

So, I'm daydreaming about Tampico,

"Yeah, Puerto Madero is awesome."

And they go on, "The platform..."

So, I turn around and look at them.

"Do it like this."
"Look, there's a new one."

And I think,
"They built a new oil platform?"

Things like that, so...

I watch TV and try to understand
the outside world, but it's tough.

There's your whole routine.

I mean, the topic should be,

"I don't understand the outside world."
That has tons of material.

Now, what I need from you
is for you to learn your routine.

You have to memorize it.
Because you're good at improvising

and come up with things on the spot.

But I need you to remember
the things you improvised here.

I wrote some of them down,

so you can give it shape,
write it down and memorize it.

Throughout most of our lives,
it's harder to laugh than it is to cry.

So, making someone laugh
is serious business to me.

You all did great.
You're on the right track.

Really? Better than the men?

-And I'm not feeling well.
-You're doing a million times better.

-I'll tell you why. The men...

don't know what to do with what they feel.

They don't know how to deal with it.

They don't talk
and help each other as you do.

Because they don't know how.

The women are doing great.
They prepared their material.

They were open to the changes I made

to their punchlines.
"Take this out, add this."

I think this workshop
has brought them closer together.

So, they've created a family.

I'm Roque.

The truth is that I walk like a lowlife,

and that throws people off, right?
And that makes me sad,

because I don't mean them any harm.

I no longer do the things I did before.
I'm a righteous person now.

-What did you do before?
-Well, I would go to the bar

to smoke crack, inject drugs and steal.

I think it's funny that you're reformed,

but that you still walk like a criminal.

Actually, I thought you could say
you're practicing a new walk

just so people stop seeing you
as a lowlife, and then you show the walk.

All right, sit down. I'll be you up here.

-You'll be me?
-I'll be you. Give me that.

How are you doing? I'm Roque.

I've done many bad things,
I won't deny it, but I'm reformed.

I've been clean of drugs
and alcohol for 12 years.

I'm a very good person now,
but I still walk like a lowlife.

Not only do I look like one,
but I still walk like one.

Let me show you.


So, since I'm now reformed,

I want to to change my walk,
so that people see me differently

because that's what hurts me the most.
So, here's my new walk...

Roque... I'm trying,
but his mind can't handle it.

Drugs have fried his brain.

So, what I plan to do with him is,
on graduation day,

I'll tell him,
"Roque, tell me about your walk."

It's going to be a duet.

But I've grown really fond of him.

Thank you for coming to the talk
of a chronically ill person.

Let me introduce myself,
my name is Alberto Lauter,

and I'm a member of the FBI.

Faggot, bald and an inmate.

Some of you may think,
fabulous, bottom and incredible.

But, no.

Anyway, let's talk about how difficult
it is to be a member of the FBI.

However, let me clarify first
that my HIV has nothing to do

with being either a faggot,
bald or an inmate.

Contrary to popular belief,
I didn't get HIV because I'm gay,

I got it because I'm a slut.

-There, right?

-Allow me.

The doves are so cool.

I'm a dancer.

I studied Latin
and contemporary dance for four years.

And I did five semesters
of Law School in UNAM.

I like justice. I like defending
those who don't have the means to do it.

And I know that having been in jail
will make me a better lawyer.

It says, "I hate being gay,

"because of the social labeling
and taboos attached to it.

"'What will my family say?'
'Their kid is a fag.'

When my dad would take me to a party,

"and I brought my boyfriend,
he'd say, 'Introduce him as your friend.'"

I couldn't understand
that this is not like the flu, right?

I mean, it's...

something you're born with,
it's genetic or whatever you call it.

I don't know how it happened or why.
It was hard for me to accept

that he had a partner
of the same sex as him.

But there's always been communication
between us, as well as disagreements.

But that's normal
between parents and children.

My dad screamed that he hoped I'd die,
my mom said I disgusted her.

And that they'd rather I died
than having a queer son.

My dad was always violent.

He beat me from a very young age.

But that beating,
the one from when they found out

I was gay, was the worst.

I think I screamed in pain so much

that my grandfather, who lives next door,
about 200 meters away,

came and got them off me.
Because they were killing me.

When I saw
my disfigured face in the mirror,

I decided I would never let
anyone touch me again.

I was a prostitute for a while.
And I felt really ashamed.

I was ashamed to be on the streets.

Sometimes I smelled bad. I was hungry.

Sometimes, I had to sleep
with people who disgusted me

just to have a warm bed, you know? Or...

who told you and make you think
that you deserve all of that,

because you're different.



"Toxic women
don't just appear out of nowhere.

"It started a really fucking long ago,
back during the time of creation.

"Eve was a very attractive woman,
large, curvy, you know?

"That's how the story
of the slutty woman began...

"I mean, the empowered woman,
who got corrupted over the years.

"An example of an empowered pussy

"who's a historical figure, is Cleopatra.

"That woman governed Egypt
with nothing but her pussy.

"Another was Helen of Troy,

"who had the balls
to run off with another dude

"and cause a total mess.
All because of a pussy."

Okay, for the women
who will be listening to this...

it's concerning, because you repeat
the pussy thing so much,

and that everything they achieved
was because of their pussy,

it will piss us off.

After several days
of having listened to their acts,

and their acts
having more material each time

that can't be used in the outside world,

I felt the need to explain to them

how being locked up hasn't allowed them...

to be part of the social conversation
about topics that are evolving.

Like, homosexuality, machismo
and misogyny, among others.

They're five or six years behind
when compared to the present-day society.

Hi, students.

-Good morning.

-How are you doing?

So, this class will be different.

We have to talk
about an important subject.

Out there, comedians are now going
through a period where we...

get easily cancelled. Meaning,
if we talk about a religious topic

or a sexual topic,
people immediately react, like,

"Hey! You can't say that."
"Hey! That's not politically correct."

The social conscience
has changed outside. So...


Yes. None of that.

These words are derogatory.

"Faggot," can't be even said
in soccer stadiums now,

because it's a word
that's affected so many people worldwide.

"Faggot, queer, sissy," and all that...

-Can't be said.

-We're out of material.

Class is done, bye.

At first, they were very receptive.

They were like, "Okay."
But when I wrote, "Faggot, queer, pussy,"

they were, like,
"I don't know. I don't buy it."

Speaking about pussy specifically,
about women specifically,

I mean, we live in a world, in a country,
that is extremely violent towards women.

There are femicides everywhere.
There's a lot of machismo and all that.

So, someone who objectifies women,

who thinks women are just for sex,
just a body, just a pussy...

is done. You can't do that anymore.

Because it's something very violent.

Femicides are when a man
kills a woman just for being a woman.

They kill them, kill us,
and that's the reason.

-No way!
-Yes, for real.

It's very complicated
because it's in our DNA,

because it's what we've been taught
so many times, for so many years,

especially to men. You can't even cry.
What would they call you?

-I disagree with that.

You're a girl.

But men haven't lived through
what women live through.

What I've seen about this,
is that, sure, there's a lot of femicides,

but have you thought about why?

You've heard about mob wives,

the girls who date guys
in the mafia, or narcos, right?

Yes, they killed her,
but because they wanted to kill him.

-That's not a femicide.
-Now, another thing...

-No. Wait. That's not a femicide.
-I'm getting there.

We have access to the news,
so we see everything that happens there

and we have brains.
We have common sense, right?

You can think, if a girl
got out of a cab and they killed her,

why in hell did she get out?

-Are you hearing yourself?

You're blaming the women.

-You're blaming women. No, listen.

You're blaming women
for everything, Jesús.

-You said, "She decided to marry a..."

-We don't know.
-Listen to me, asshole!

That's when it all went to shit,

because he kept interrupting me
and I lost it.

Because it's horrible
when they don't listen

and since he wasn't listening,
he missed the point.

So, if I didn't yell, he wouldn't stop.

And that really threw him off.

I think that when men get scolded,
they feel like it's their mom doing it,

because women have to be softer
and more maternal,

and they're not used to it.
So, it was tough.

-How long have you been in jail?
-A quarter of a century.

What woman has ever told you,
"The way you think about women is wrong"?

-Only you.

Out there, you'd find 500,000 women
who talk like this to assholes.

The problem
is you're not out there to see it.

So, if a comedian
is to get on the stage and say,

"No, it's just women's pussies...
That's the cause of all evil.

"That's how the pussy is."

You're objectifying women.

If you don't agree, you can say,

"I don't give a fuck,
I'll keep talking about pussies." Great.

Honda should've been the most offended.
Like, "But why? Pussies are pussies."

He says that all day. But Jesús' act
wasn't even affected that much.

Why did I tell you not to use
your material about fat women?

Because you can't denigrate a person
because of their weight anymore.

I'm teaching you a profession

that makes social criticisms
and deals with these topics,

but it has to be done consciously.

And the point is, as comedians,
we have to evolve with society.

So, your first five minutes
can't be offensive or disrespectful,

because then,
nobody will want to see you again.

What's hard for me is that I complain
about censorship out there.

And now, I'm censoring people
who are trying to do comedy.

It's really hard.

Because I'm still figuring out
where the line is.

But, at least regarding those topics,
we know where it is.

I felt uncomfortable.

I don't see what's wrong
with comparing a woman to a teddy bear.

But I think it's something
we have to reconsider, right?

I was shocked to learn
that we're a bit out of touch

about the social issues outside.

At this stage in my life,

I think I'd rather be educated
than be punished.

That way, I'll better understand
the things I didn't know.

How much can a person
be hurt by a single word?

Words like, "Faggot."

Every single one of the guys
in here are sexists.

I'm not a sexist. Not at all.

I have nothing against you, against women.

Maybe you feel that way
because of what's going on,

because you're on the defensive
and I understand that perfectly.

Women are the best thing in the world.

Even though I knew
I wouldn't change them in half an hour,

at least I could plant
the seed of consciousness.

Like, "Leave thinking about this."

It's something!

If only one of them got the message,

I'm satisfied. But...

I don't know what'll happen after this.


Don't you ever think,

"Why would I bring a child here?"

The police arrived,
they came in pointing their guns at us.

The day we got followed,
I took the baby from the hospital.

He had a caramel popsicle
with nuts stuck on his back.

I will choose the best among you

to perform in a theater,
in front of an audience.