Liar Game (2007–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - Episode #1.9 - full transcript

He's been waiting for you.

The person who wants to see you most.

We have arranged transit to transport you to the location of the third round.

They are heading

straight to hell.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

welcome to the third stage of the Liar Game.

I will lead you towards the site.

Please follow me.

There's one too many players at the fourth game site.

We would like to ask if you would allow him to participate in this game...


I'm Yokoya.

So pleased...

to meet you.

Please take the card with your name printed on top.

An airport?

Water Country?

Ladies and Gentlemen.

The third round of the Liar Game will now commence.

Unlike the previous games, this time

you will not be playing individually

but playing as a group.

As a group?

The game you are going to play now,

is called

The "Contraband Game".

"Contraband Game"?

Contraband generally means

you import or export illegal goods

through illegal means.

In this game you will become smugglers.

Where you are standing now is called the "Water Country",

and if you look out of that window,

that's "Fire Country".

The Land of Fire.

A long time ago, there was a peaceful country.

Without any warning, the country divided in two,

now "Water Country" and "Fire Country" are in its place.

At one point, the two nations shared an amicable relationship,

but in the present day,

even a small dispute would be enough to start an outright war.

And here our problem begins.

You have deposited your money in a bank of the other nation.

If war breaks out,

this money is going to be confiscated by the enemy nation.

To make sure this doesn't happen,

you must take your money back to your own country.


at the border between the two nations,

enemy's inspectors are trying to prevent you from taking the money back.

Your mission is to elude these inspectors.

So that's why you called it "Contraband Game", eh...

We will now conduct a rehearsal round.

The player trying to smuggle

will enter the other nation's bank.

There they will find an ATM

and withdraw the money they want to smuggle.

Please decide who will be the one to smuggle.

I'll do it then.

Please use the cash card you were given earlier.


This can't be...

What's up?

400 million...



You are allowed to smuggle

400 million yen per person.


each of you has another 100 million in their own country.

In other words,

in this game you have been given a sum of

500 million yen.

500 million...

You should be happy.

Since this means the sum you can win is 5 times higher than otherwise.

5 times higher...

But then the risk of running into debts is also...

5 times higher.

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Make sure you place the money you would like to smuggle inside this suitcase.

How much money you put inside is up to you.

However, the suitcase can't hold more than 100 million yen.

In other words, the highest sum of money you can smuggle,

is 100 million yen.

Well then, Miss Kanzaki.

Please decide how much you want to smuggle.

I must ask the other players to leave the bank.

This is the inspection room.

Here the inspector will have to guess

whether you are smuggling something or not.

All questions are allowed.

However, the inspector is not allowed to touch the suitcase.

If the inspector believes that the suitcase is empty, he would declare


if the inspector believes that there is money inside,

he would declare "Doubt".

The inspection room can be observed via monitors installed in both countries.

The conversations taking place inside cannot be heard outside.

However, once the inspector pushes the button attached to the table,

both countries will be able to hear sounds from inside.

Miss Kanzaki, please follow me.

May I ask for somebody to be the inspector?

I'll do it.

*The rules of the "Contraband Game".

Miss Kanzaki has placed money inside the suitcase

that she wishes to smuggle home.

If you can make the inspector believe that the suitcase is empty,


and he states "Pass",

your attempt at smuggling was succesful.

I did it!

Miss Kanzaki can take the cash back to her own country.

However, if the inspector realizes there is money inside the suitcase,

Doubt, 100 million yen.

declares "Doubt",

and the amount of money is correctly called, then the smuggling fails.

The money you tried to smuggle

will be confiscated by the inspector, Mr. Akiyama.

However, if the contraband sum is higher than the sum called by the inspector,

Doubt, 50 million.

Since the sum inside the suitcase is higher than the sum called,

The inspector's judgment will be treated as wrong.

Thus, the smuggling is successful.


But you can't smuggle more than 100 million, right?

Then won't the inspector just call doubt 100 million every time?

It's impossible to smuggle more than that,

so it'll be impossible to smuggle out anything.


There is a reason why the inspector won't be able to do so.

If you are being doubted when you're not smuggling anything,

Doubt, 100 million.

the inspector has unjustly suspected the smuggler.

Because of this, the inspector must pay

half of what he called as consolation money.

In this case, Miss Kanzaki would receive half of the 100 million called by Mr. Akiyama,

that is, 50 million yen.

So, you all you need to do is

make your opponent believe the suitcase is empty,

or that you're smuggling less than the actual amount.

Now with this in mind, please begin with the rehearsal.

You are free to pose any questions...

I don't need to ask any questions.

Doubt, 1 million.

Huh? He got it all right!

How did you find out?


When you were carrying the suitcase,

I heard the sound of a rolling wad of money.

The 1 million yen you have tried to smuggle

has been confiscated by Mr. Akiyama.

The game will be repeated 30 times,

with both sides taking turns in sending smugglers and inspectors.

Using these limited number of games,

you must try and obtain as much money as possible.

After the 30th round,

the money that you have failed to take out of the other bank

will be split evenly amongst the players of the other nation.

When the game ends,

using your cash card you can

withdraw the money you have managed to obtain.

This will be your prize money for the third round.

In the end, the country that has obtained a higher sum is declared the winner,

and gets the right to proceed to the fourth round.

As for the members of the losing country,

you are going to leave with all your debts.

Then allow us to begin the "Contraband Game".

What about the teams?

It's important to find the right partner, isn't it?

No matter if it's countries

or people,

good friends can turn into sworn enemies

at any time without warning.

Your destinies have been divided by this border.

Water Country.

And Fire Country.

This decides the players for both sides.

Standing across the border now are your detested enemies.

Your can either destroy your opponents,

or be destroyed yourself.

The teams are surely divided up nicely.

That was just a coincidence.

But still... I wonder what the boss is after.

I'd never thought we'd have to fight against each other like this...

Yeah, whatever... but who's gonna go first?


I'll go!

I just rehearsed, so I'll do fine!

Yeah, but you failed, didn't you?

But I realized something amazing because of that!

Something amazing? What's that?

A winning strategy.

There's a strategy to win this game for sure!

In this game, you'll lose your money if the inspector sees through you, right?

Then the best way is to not smuggle anything at all!


If the suitcase is empty, you can't smuggle anything.

But you also won't lose any money, right?

Even more,

Doubt, 100 million yen.

if the inspector doubts you,

you can get consolation money!

So even if the inspector notices that the suitcase is empty,

there'll be no consequences,

and if you succeed to deceive him,

there's a chance to get some consolation money.

In other words, this is a plan with no risk

and high returns.


Well, I guess it can't be helped.

Let's try that for now.

Then we'll just leave the first round to you.

Why do you guys look so unimpressed?

Was there anything wrong with my strategy?

Nothing at all.

Go with it.

It is time.

The first round of the "Contraband Game" begins.

I'll be back soon.

I've got to make them think there's 100 million inside,

so it's gotta look really heavy.



Her acting is...



The inspector, Mr. Tsuchida,

has successfully guessed that the suitcase was empty.

This game has not caused any changes in the balance.

My strategy failed...

Ah, never mind.

But how did he find out?

My acting was so perfect...

Yeah. Nao, you know...

your perfectly awful acting aside,

the truth is, we have all thought of the plan to put nothing inside.



And so it's only natural for them to pass.


You see,

this game is only a "team game" by name.

Why's that?

Think about it.

If you fail at smuggling, you'll be losing your own money.

So regardless of whether your team wins or loses,

the debts will be your own, you see?!


What was what I meant by "individual game".

Everybody likes themselves best.

Of course, since the others are just as afraid as us, they won't try to smuggle either.

We'll be at a stalemate for some time.

Alright!! I'll be our first inspector!

Watch and learn.

I'll guarantee you that their suitcase is gonna be

EMPTY, you know!?

I've been waiting for you, smuggler!

You will never get an Academy award for your acting, you know?

And I'm supposed to believe it's really heavy, huh?


I already know there's nothing inside.

Well, it's only natural that you're pissing your pants,

no need to get depressed......

Mr. Kida from the Fire Country

has successfully deceived the inspector and smuggled the money.

It's only the first round...

100 million...

What the....

To think that that old geezer'd go for 100 million right from start...

What were you thinking!?

Didn't you get that feeling that he may be smuggling something?!

Huh? What feeling?

What feeling?


There's no point in crying over spilt milk.

However, the next round is going to count.

We're not tied now, so we can't use the no-risk strategy anymore.

That means...

that we also have to smuggle, right?


The next smuggler has to carry 100 million, no matter what!

Got it!?

Come and ask me something.

Just keeping silent like...



Then she was successful!!

100 million!!

We did it!!

Well... I was trying to play reverse psychology.

What a lucky guess.

That's some big words.

You were just pissing your pants, that's all.


You just didn't want to lose any of your money, did you?

I know that!!

As if anybody would believe in that "reverse psychology" crap.

Oh there's internal discord already?

The key to this game is

whether you are able to overcome greed and self-preservation.

But it's not like the people from Fire Country are that brave, right?

After all...

they're just following Mr. Yokoya's instructions, right?

He is one scary person, huh?

He pierces right through the weaknesses of human hearts.

It's no big surprise that he's got this game in his hands.

the game has just begun.

Hey, Mini-mushroom.

You'll go as inspector next.


Don't be such a wuss!

They can't possibly risk smuggling again.

That's... right.

Just take it easy.

This time it must be empty.

Don't worry, don't worry.

This time they're not going to smuggle anything.


Miss Nozoe from the Fire Country

has successfully deceived the inspector and smuggled the money.

We had never excepted the game to develop like this.

The Fire Country won the first two rounds of the game,

earning them 100 million each time.

And then,

in the third game,


If you want to change your opinion,

you should do so now.



You couldn't even do it yourself!

By the way, where did you find the time to change your clothes, mushroom!?

Shut up, bitch.

Now say that again!

I'm fashion-conscious!

I care about my looks, that's why I changed!

You guys are all cowards.

If we don't step up now, we'll lose.

As for the next inspection,

I'll be going.

You dropped something.


Huh, uh...

But how!?

I forgot!

I was the one who dropped the money.

When something unexpected happens,

people can't help but react genuinely.

You didn't expect a bundle of cash to fall out from your suitcase.

But if there was nothing inside, how could any money have fallen out?

Doubt, 100 million.

The inspector, Mr. Akiyama

has successfully stopped this smuggling attempt.

The 100 million is confiscated by Mr. Akiyama.

Sorry, I lied.

Mr. Akiyama!



What if his suitcase was empty!?

- Then he would walk away with 50 million yen!

- I thought I may as well take that risk.

Taking 100 million from him was not my motive,

I just wanted to say "doubt, 100 million."

What do you mean?

They thought we were too cowardly to smuggle or call "doubt."

In other words,

they haven't been taking us seriously at all.

That's why I needed to show them

that we have the guts to doubt them.

for 100 million yen.


To think he would do something like that, without considering the risk...

With this,

the tables have turned.

And in the fourth game,



Mr. Akiyama!

They called doubt on us for the first time!

The impact of Mr. Akiyama's "doubt"

quickly started to show.

The smuggler, Miss Aso

has successfully deceived the inspector and made him call "doubt."


She did it!

This isn't good...

Are they beating us now!?


I don't want to deal with 500 million of debts!!

What's wrong with him!

He's running away!!

But with less members, we would be at a disadvantage!

Just let him be.

He will have to pay back his share of money,

and we can just

use that money as our own, you know?


Tsuchida ran away, that's how scared they are of us!!

The wind is blowing in our favor!

Now let's take back everything we have lost!

It's just an idea, but...

how about this?

Let's decide on the amount we'll smuggle together from now on.

Of course, we all think about our personal profits first,

but as long as the team wins, we'll still have a chance to recover.

But first of all --

How about we share the risks together?

But what about the inspections?


Please choose an inspector for the fourth game.

Well, just go for now, Mini-mushroom.

I'll try to come up with something in the meantime.

He's finally making his move.


Well then... from now on...

He's taking too long!


That idiot!!

Mr. Yokoya from the Fire Country

has succeeded in smuggling.

Just when we finally started to get on the right track!!

But I was trying my best to make the right judgment...

In the end you ruined our winning streak!

Oh well.


From now on we'll decide how much to smuggle together, right?

Who's gonna to go first?

I'll do it.

Then how much is she going to take?

As for that, I've a great idea.

A great idea? Tell us.

Take along

50 million and 10,000 yen.



Doubt, 100 million.

Doubt, 50 million.

Up to now, the inspectors either called "doubt, 100 million,"

"doubt, 50 million,"

or "passed," these are the three different patterns.

If you take along 50 million and 10,000 yen,

and they call "doubt" for 100 million,

you'll lose your money, right?

But if they call "doubt" for 50 million, you'll succeed in smuggling.

Of course, you'll also succeed if the inspector passes.

In other words, you have a 2/3 chance to succeed at smuggling.


That's a great plan!

Isn't it?

Then it's settled. 50 million and 10,000 yen.


Him again!?


I heard that you once said this:

"It'll be alright if we help out each other."

"We'll be safe if we don't deceive each other."

"This way everyone can be happy in the Liar Game."

Well, I did say that.

You're really an idiot, aren't you.

You know, the Liar Game is really

game of domination.



There are only two kinds of people in the world.

Those who rule,

and those who are ruled.


that handful of people who are in power

earns the right to use the foolish ones,

and take advantage of them.

And you know...

The rulers get to do things that ordinary people cannot do.

Should I tell you a secret?

You know...

I'm a psychic.


X-ray vision.

That is...

I have the power to see hidden things.

X-ray vision...

That's why it's easy for me

to see what's inside that suitcase.


I don't believe that.

Oh, you don't?

Then I will give you a proof.

I see it, I see it.


50 million...

and 10,000 yen.

The inspector, Mr. Yokoya,

has successfully stopped this smuggling attempt.


How did he know the exact sum!?


Do you believe me now?

That I am a psychic.

You don't stand a chance.

X-ray vision? But that's impossible!

He's bluffing, that's all!

Well then!

I'll go next!

You again?

Mr. Yokoya...

Yeah right, as if x-ray vision exists.


I can see it clearly, so clearly.

Looks like you put in just a little bit more than last time.


50 million 20,000 yen.

The inspector, Mr. Yokoya,

has successfully stopped this smuggling attempt.

How can that be?!

That's impossible!

He must be using some trick!

Can't be helped.

We'll stop smuggling for now.

Hey, wait.

Would you mind if I go as the inspector next?


I'd like to try out something...

Doubt, 100 million.

That IDIOT!!!

Maybe he's got a plan...

Yeah, as if...

The inspector, Mr. Ono,

has successfully stopped this smuggling attempt.

That was amazing, Mr. Ono!

How did you know?

Well, I noticed something, you know.

A sure win strategy that can foil any smuggling attempt...

A sure win strategy!?

What kind of strategy is that?

Wait, wait, not so fast.

First I want to see if this strategy actually works.

Anyway, we can't do anything about Yokoya's psychic power,

so smuggling is impossible.

That's why we need to keep them from smuggling

to fight back.


Doubt, 100 million.


As it turns out, the question is

whether they will smuggle or not smuggle, right?

There's completely no need to find out tiny details like Yokoya.

But how did you know?

You want me to tell you?

Of course you'll tell us!

We're fighting as a team, after all!

You all want me to tell you, right?

Yeah, of course.

My sure win strategy is...

You know...


Hey, Mushroom.


If you really want me to tell you,

you've got to ask me like this:

"Please enlighten us with your wisdom, Master Ono.!

Didn't you hear me?

"Please enlighten us with your wisdom, Master Ono!"

You, too! If you want to win,

show me some respect!!

As of now,

the ruler of this country

is ME!!

There are only two kinds of people in the world.

Those who rule,

and those who are ruled.

See how easy it is to drive people into despair.

You can't win like that.

Throw away your hopes.

Mr. Akiyama...

This is the real me!!

What would you know about me?