Liar Game (2007–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Episode #1.8 - full transcript

My name is Nao Kanzaki.

One day, I suddenly got involved

in a terrible game, called "Liar Game".

I managed to get out of the game,

but I wanted to save Mr. Akiyama from proceeding to round three,

so I decided to take part in the Resurrection Round.

There, they conducted the "Restructuring Game".

The nine players would cast votes,

and the player with the least votes would be eliminated.

Because I had won a fair sum of money in the second round,

the other players, who were all in debts, saw me as their enemy,

and I ended up being isolated.

Mr. Fukunaga completely controlled how

the others cast their votes.

I can't break this contract,

because the penalty is 100 million.

Not only that, Mr. Fukunaga defeated me in a game,

and I lost 30 million to him.

Thank you very much!

And amidst those desperate circumstances.

Mr. Akiyama appeared.

He saw right through Mr. Fukunaga's set-up

and taught me a strategy to fight fire with fire.

I did it!

I won!

Through this, I succeeded in obtaining 10 votes from Mr. Fukunaga.

Then I began to make my moves.

In exchange for my remaining 70 million yen,

give me 10 of your votes.

I made this proposal to seven other players,

and came out in first place.

Now, the one who controls this game is Nao Kanzaki.

Whether you live or die,

is all in her hands.

The next voting round will be the tenth, and also the last.

There is one hour remaining.

I look forward to the great battle ahead.

What the hell were you guys thinking, being tricked like that?

All I wanted was to earn some money!

Right... where's our money?

What about our deal?


You promised to give 70 million to each of us, right?

You can't pay up, right?

Now what?


What are you going to do?

With your 70 million you can pay only one of them.

You know you will get fined 100 million yen if you break the contract on your M ticket, don't you?

I know.

That's why I added one condition to the contract on your tickets.

The payment would be made after the 9th round results

and before voting begins for the 10th round.

It's exactly that.

In other words, she'll be fine as long as she pays you 70 million each in this hour.

That doesn't change the fact that she cannot pay!

Don't worry, she will make the payments.

Perhaps you should start worrying more about yourself,



Because Ono, Kiba and you,

are tied at last place with 40 votes each.

Anyway, if you want to win,

come and buy votes here.

What're we supposed to do...

We have no choice.

I wonder how much they'll cost.

Better be prepared to pay at least 10 million yen.

10 million.

Are you guys still dreaming?

You're saying that is too little?

That isn't even close to target.

Then how much...

The lowest price is...

70 million.

70 million?!

That's too expensive!

Is it?

Wouldn't you agree that it's a totally fair price?

Think about it.

Your contracts say that each of you'd sell 10 of his votes

to Nao Kanzaki for 70 million yen.

But at present, she doesn't have the money.

Even if each of you bought back the votes for 10 million,

she'd only get 20 million in total.

And so she still won't be able to pay you 70 million each,

and will get fined for 200 million yen.

In other words, none of you will gain out of this.

But if you buy the votes for 70 million,

the same amount as what she owes you,

she would be able to counterbalance that debt.

And thus, all three of you could come out without making a loss.

You're right.

It's better to buy them for 70 million than 10 million.

Got it?

So, what do you say?

Alright! It's a deal.


70 million... for 5 votes...

Hey! Who said anything about 5 votes?

Well, with 5 votes we will reach the 50 votes safe line in the final round.

Very sorry, but we're only selling you two votes.

70 million for 2 votes!?

Are you kidding me!?

I'm dead serious.

These two votes are huge.

They're enough to get you out of last place.

So what will you do?

Are you buying or not?

Can't be helped.

I'll buy.


Mr. Akiyama's plan was brilliant.

Compared to paying 10 million,

buying for 70 million would ensure no losses.

By creating this absurd situation

my obligation to pay 70 million

disappeared into nothingness.

Hey, Fukunaga.

Kida and Ono just bought 2 votes for 70 million each.

In short, you're dead last now.

Of course, we can sell some votes to you if you want.

But that'll be 80 million for 2 votes.



That's far TOO MUCH!!!

Shortly afterwards,


Thank you very much.

Come again anytime.

Mr. Fukunaga also came to buy 2 votes.

At that point, the lowest rank

was held by 5 players with 41 votes each.

So what will happen next after we finish selling the votes?

Instead of asking, you'd better start thinking.


Among those 8 people

who do you want to "restructure"?

Have to make sure the one you hate most

gets put in living hell.

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Would you sell us some votes as well?

The price is 70 million for 2 votes, isn't it?

No. That was the old price.


Now it's 100 million for 2 votes.

100 million!?

Are you trying to rip us off!?

If you deduct the 70 million she has to pay you,

it's really just 30 million.

I don't think the price is unreasonable.


Don't buy any, if you don't want to.

All that awaits you is defeat.

I had paid 70 million for 10 votes,

That is, one vote had cost me 7 million,

and now, 2 votes cost 100 million,

so each vote sells for 50 million yen.

I heard that you've been nice enough to talk to her,

but in the end, you didn't actually do anything for her, huh?

Then we'll treat you like we treat the others.

It's 100 million.

Mr. Akiyama...

With this,

Mr. Fukunaga and the other two become last again.


Now all these tickets stating you'd pay 70 million for 10 votes,

are worth no more than paper.


I got 30 million extra from the players

who paid 100 million...

That's not all.


You still have a lot of spare votes, right?

Look, here they come again.


Did you sell your votes to the others, too?


All of them bought 2 votes.


You are down to last place again, aren't you?

What will you do?

I'll buy.

Because if I don't buy, I'll lose.

Then, it'll be 100 million for 2 votes.

Right, you've paid 5 million to Fukunaga

for the strategy to set her up, didn't you?


I'll offer you 2 votes for 95 million.

But... that's all the money we have!

The other players paid 100 million as well.

We can't be making any exceptions for you, you know?

Got it.

I'll buy.

This is totally crazy.

Miss Nozoe!

What is it?



What the..!?

It's Akiyama...

He sold more votes to Kida and Ono.

This time the price was 95 million for 2 votes.

95 million!?

Don't you think that's too expensive?

That's too much! I've only got 65 million left!

Would you like...

to buy 2 votes from me for 65 million?

That's cheap!

It's much better for you than buying from Akiyama.

Of course I'll buy!

This plan is brilliant!

Fukunaga's plan cost me 5 million,

Then Nao Kanzaki took 30 million

for the votes I bought from her.

At present, I've got 65 million left.

So if I'm able to find 3 players, who'll pay 65 million for 2 votes each,

I'll have 260 million.

Of course, my votes will decrease and I'll end up last.

But that way I can pay the 100 million debt from losing the game

as well as the 100 million for the M Tickets I received in the resurrection round.

And I'll have 60 million even after losing!


Alright. Now for the other two...

Not interested.


I'm not buying.


Piss off.


You're trying to get enough to lose, right?

Akiyama just told us

that you sold 2 votes to that woman.

So you're in the last place now.

We all know.

At first sight, Mr. Tsuchida's strategy seemed perfect.

He should be coming out anytime now.

Mr. Akiyama saw through everything.

I'll pay any price you ask.

Please sell me as many votes as possible!


Well, alright.

But under one condition.

You must not tell the others

how many votes we sold you.


Tell me, what was that about?

We sold votes to the player in last place.

If the other players don't know how many votes he got,

they won't know if they'll be able to win or not.

And so they'll come to buy more votes.

Do you want to sell even more?!

I intend to get all the money they have,

And then, please withdraw from the third round.

Only the winner will get the right to drop out from the next round, right?

With all the money from the players, the cash prize will be 1 billion yen.

Even after you pay back the 100 million distributed in this game

and the 50 million to withdraw,

you'll have 850 million left.

You're going to take that money,

and this time you'll leave this game for good.

Wait a minute!

Even if I can get out like that, what about the other people?

Well, they'll all have to face their debts.


That's not your problem.

They were trying to make you lose.

But this goes too far...

This is the punishment they deserve.

People who deceive other people like that

must be punished.

You don't need to worry about me anymore.

I won't withdraw from the third round.

So please.

Don't do any more pointless things.

I... was what I did pointless?

Once you're out of the game,

there's no reason to get involved.

Those tickets. Get them stamped, will you?

Miss Kanzaki.

Please come and confirm the trading of your votes.

I'm sorry.


Why do you make us play such a game?

To find the real "Liar King"...

what's the point of that?

Making us steal money from each other,

making us pick one person in our group to kick out,

why do we have to do such terrible things?

You do not like conflicts, do you?

Of course not!

Nobody likes...

Nobody likes conflicts?

Then, why do people deceive and hurt each other?

Please participate in the game

the way your heart tells you to.

Well, they'll all have to face their debts.

This is the punishment they deserve.


There is no way everyone in this world can be happy.

Is there really no way?

It's a game where you need to steal money from your opponent.

The final remaining player will receive all of the money.

To ensure your own survival,

you must sacrifice someone else.

This is the "Restructuring Game".

I've got it!

This way...

Please wait!

What is it?

Please let me do this.

This is my game, after all.

Yeah, that's true.

I'll do it right.

Please leave this to me.


Are you going to cut down on the price?


All of your money.

What, you're just the same as him!

No. I'll only give you one vote.

You're even worse than him!

I should've written that contract before you came.

This concluded the selling of votes.

Like Mr. Akiyama had planned,

I obtained all of the money from the other players, 900 million yen.

Have you decided yet?


On who's going to get restructured.



Please wait

for the results.

It is time.

May I ask you to cast your votes.

In this final round,

the 5 names in my hands will decide the outcome of the "Restructuring Game".


Who are you going to vote for?

I am sorry for everything I did so far,

so please vote for me!

Quit it!

Why you, of all people!

You'll vote for me, right?

Nao, girls must stick together, right?

I haven't found a new job yet...

Me! I beg you, vote for me!

Nao! Please...


I have already decided who I will vote for.

I won't change my decision, no matter what you say.

We have finished counting.

This time, there is a substantial number of votes transfers.

Because of this, we will only announce the final outcome.

Please have a look at the screen.

The last player has 49 votes...

We will announce the final results, beginning with first place.

First place.

Miss Nao Kanzaki.

51 votes.

Miss Kanzaki.


Please accept this 100 million M Ticket as your special prize.

This makes 1 billion.

The following players are tied for the second place.

Tied for second place,

with 50 votes.

Miss Keiko Nozoe.

I won! Thank you!!

Also, Miss Hiromi Aso.


Also, Mr. Noriyuki Kida.


I wasn't restructured!

Also, Mr. Wataru Ono.

I di... did it!

I... I'm saved!

Also, Mr. Ken'ya Okano.



Mr. Tsuchida Yasufumi.


When I bought my last votes,

they sold me enough votes to get me into the safe zone.

So I'm gonna get restructured after all, huh!?

There is one more player tied for the second place.

In other words, the player who doesn't get called next, will be last.

He will be restructured.

I will now announce the names.

I will now announce the names.

Mr. Yuji Fukunaga.


I got through!?

I DID IT!!!!

I'M IN!!!!!


Mr. Koichi Eto.

49 votes.

Thus, the one who ended up with the lowest number of votes,

Mr. Eto, will be restructured.



Why didn't you kick Fukunaga out?

Yes, why!

Wasn't it Fukunaga who tried to set you up in the first place?

I decided to have Mr. Eto restructured

for a good reason.

After the "ice-breaker" round,

all of you avoided me,

because I had won money in the second round.

Then, you decided to work together with Fukunaga,

and none of you even considered talking to me.

Here, take this.

Back then, Mr. Eto...

he was the only one who talked to me.

He told me about Mr. Fukunaga's plan,

and that you had betrayed me.

He was the only one who apologized.


I was really happy.

But then... why?

That's right!

Why did you do this to him?

I found it.

A method...

for everyone in this Liar Game to be happy.

The first round was a kind of duel,

where the opponents had to steal 100 million from each other.

The player with more money at the end of the game

wins the game.

The second game was the "Minority Rule".

The number of players decreases continually,

and the final one or two players

get all of the money

the other players lost.

The two games had one thing in common.

You need to return the 100 million

which the Office gave you in the beginning.

That's why we're here, after all.


I tried to think about

what if neither of you try to get the other's money,

just keep your 100 million from the start,

and wait for the game to end?

In that case...

you return your 100 million to the Office.


That's right.

Both of you

end up with no debts,

and neither have to proceed to the second round.

It's true.

You could make it end there.

And it's the same for the second round.

If all of the participants work together,

and the final player to remain

gives 100 million to each other player.

The losers would pay the money back to the Office,

Eh? And then it's over again.

But that player has to proceed to the third round that way, right?

No need to worry.

No matter how far you'll get,

if everyone works together, you'll be alright.

Hey Nao...

an idealistic concept like that won't work in a game like this!

Then, Mr. Fukunaga, why do you think the LGT Office

made us play a game like this?

For their own profit, of course!

Is that really so?

As long as there aren't any selfish players,

the Office won't even get a dime.

In the first round,

to conduct the game, the Office

gives 100 million yen to each A and B.

At this stage, the Office has a debt of 200 million.

If A wins by obtaining 100 million yen,

the Office only retrieves the 100 million given to him before,

while the other 100 million becomes A's prize money.

At this stage, B owes the Office

a 100 million yen debt.

But even if he pays back all of that,

the Office will only recover the 200 million from the beginning.

Then, A receives his invitation letter for the second round.

If he wants to withdraw from the second round,

he needs to give half of his prize money,

50 million yen, back to the Office.

That's where it begins to pay off for the Office.


If A proceeds to the second round,

he doesn't need to pay back half of the prize money,

and the Office won't get any profit.

Does this also work for the second round?

If the winner forfeits the third round

and returns half of the prize money, the Office gets its profit...

It's the same!


"I want to save myself."

"I want to make a profit for myself."

It's when the winner thinks like this

and forfeits the game,

then the Office makes a profit.

And this Resurrection Round is the same too.

In this game, one out of nine players gets restructured.

The 100 million from the restructured player

is split amongst the remaining players,

and the top player gets a special prize money of 100 million.

In other words, the remaining 8 players

obtain a total sum of 200 million yen.

But you can also think of it like this:

In this game, you have 200 million yen

to save one person.

And therefore,

I save you, Mr. Eto.

With this, you'll be free

to get out of the Liar Game.


though I betrayed you...

even though I couldn't do anything for you...

When you talked to me,

I was really happy.

Thank you...

for this...

Thank you, Nao...

I am going to return

the 100 million I got from each of you.

Without Mr. Eto, we have 8 people.

There are 800 million remaining.

With this money, all of us can return

the 100 million we were given in this game.

If we don't deceive and hurt each other,

we will not make a profit,

but there won't be any losses either.

Miss Kanzaki.

Since you placed first, you can withdraw from the third round.

If you divide your prize money amongst all the other players,

you'll lose the 50 million yen you need to drop out.

I am not going to withdraw.

We'll all

proceed to the third round.

Here, Mr. Fukunaga.

Here you go.

Are you dissatisfied with this result?

I wanted her to withdraw.

To think that she'd save the other guys...

That is the decision she has made.

You are a part of that organization, aren't you?

Why did you make her participate in this game?

She is present

for a reason.

Her participation in this game is necessary.

Just like yours.

What are you after?

What's the point of this game?

You'll understand very soon.

But please do not forget.

You are being...


Mr. Akiyama.

I'm sorry.

For being selfish.

But... I...

I'll go to the third round together with you!

What is it?

Let's go home.


The Resurrection Round ends here.



the third round will now commence.

We have arranged transit to transport you to the location of the third round.

What do you want?

That hurts!

He's been waiting for you.

The person who wants to see you most.



They are heading

straight to hell.

Mr. Akiyama.

Who's he... that person who wants to see you?

"Smuggling Game"

What is it?

There's a winning strategy!


really an idiot!

You've been look down on.

That psychic has the power to see hidden things.

Miss Nao Kanzaki.

You cannot win.


LIAR GAME Final Episode: 3 Hour Special