Les papillons noirs (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Le Succès - full transcript

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I've seen you here a few times now, right?

- Yeah.
- My name is Nastya.

I know. I'm Albert.

Ah. Okay.

Little Nastya.

We left her at her place in Genoa,
and we came home.

Life went on, but I often thought

about Solange's sister under her bed.

Years went by like that,
until one day, by chance,

I found an ad in the culture section...

"Young German artist Nastya Schreiber
is exhibiting her paintings in Arras."

And I just had to go.

I must say, we got along very well.

I think regardless of...
of how we came together.

We would have gotten along anyway.

You can sense these things.

And had I been younger,

or her older, uh...


Come on, then.

Who's next?

I'd be the first in line
'cause with a beer I start to get shaky.

You there, stranger.

Come lie here on my couch.

Come on.


What would you like?

A butterfly.

Oh, come on!

Not a butterfly, man!

No butterflies, no mermaids.

Especially no stupid quotes.

Why not a picture of your mommy?

A beauty spot, then.

There you go.

Simple, minimalist, and nice.

Is it in

memory of something?


What kind?

Good or bad?

It's good.


But just so we're on the same page,

you mean in memory
of the end of something,

or the start of something?

I should have done the fucking butterfly.

- Hello.
- Good evening.

Come in.

You okay?

What's the matter?

Just go.


Please just go.

Are you serious?

All right, then.

I'm up in the bedroom!

Hello, Adrien.

So now I'm part of your sick games too?

I don't know what you're planning,
but I'm done.

We finish the story now.

But weren't you the one to suggest
chronological order?

Okay? What's the difference now?

Because I know who Nastya fucking is!

It's different now!

Well, yeah.

She's a real person.
She's flesh and blood, huh?

Just so you know,
the other people were real as well.

You're gonna lecture me?

- You're lecturing me?
- No.

I'm not lecturing anyone.
It's not just words.

This is my life, you know.

But it's my life too, you understand?
Mine too! Fuck!

It's mine too!

Listen, just sit down.
Turn your recorder on.

We'll finish it tonight, I promise.

It'll take as long as it takes,
but I'll tell you everything.

And then,

you can get right back to your life.

You're diabetic?


You're diabetic.


Why haven't you told me?

What type?

Type MODY.


It's rare.

And hereditary.

I have it.

You have it as well.

What kind of mindfuck is this?

No, listen, Adrien, it's DNA.

What are you doing?

Some cop tracked me down.

He ran a check on my DNA,

and your name came up
from your time in prison.

I managed to read it on his phone.

That's how I discovered your existence, I...

I wanted...

I wanted to call you.
I wanted you to know.





I didn't want...

Didn't want you to know this.

We would've finished this damn book
and you would have left...

You would never have...

But I couldn't.

I couldn't, Adrien.

But still, you know,

a father and a son, uh...

We're the same, you and I, we are...

But we're not.

We're not the same.

We're not the same!

So everything's fine,
nothing to worry about.

A few bruises, a cracked rib.

But most importantly,
the baby's all right.

Why didn't you mention
you were pregnant when you checked in?

Well, good night, then.

Yeah, goodbye.

I'm sorry.

What did you do?
What were you thinking?

Stand on the stool.

Look what you've done
to your hair!

Hair is very important, sweetie.

It's the first thing we show the world.

What will your friends at school think?

Lower your head.

There you go.

Now look up.

See how handsome you are?



Hey, that's enough, Grandpa.

If you came to get beat up,
find someone else or get some help.



Wanna race?


- I win.
- Ugh!

Dibs on the shower.

- Everything good?
- Yep, all good.

- How'd it go?
- No problems at all.

I'll see you next week.

Sure. Thanks again.

Monday I had 26 pages, but now only 16.

How come the more I write,
the less I have?

Welcome to my world.

Although, it's just scientific jargon,
I don't have to invent anything.

Don't know how you do it.

I don't know how you do it.

Oh, oh, oh, oh!

Your turn.


Okay, let me just drink.


What are you doing?

Oh, come here, sweetheart. Come here.

Why won't you hold him?

It's okay, honey.

Hey, Julien.

It was today?


Of course I wanna know. Tell me.

Oh, shit!

Well, that's great! Yeah!


Of course I'm happy.

It might not sound like it,
but I'm happy, really.


I have to go to Paris for a few days.


In two days.

Julien called. I don't have a choice.

I have to show my face.

But just like that?
For no reason? It's urgent?

Well, thing is,

I probably won the Femina prize.

- My God, you jerk!
- Why?

You're just telling me, like that?

Yeah, but isn't this nice?

A nice place,
a nice beer, a nice breeze. Right?

Adrien, holy shit.

You can't just tell me like that.

Well done!

Well done, Mody.
Black Butterflies wins the Femina.

Thank you.

"The rage,
the cries, the insults."

"The clenched fists and raised hands."

"The V for Victory."

"She's the first to step forward

because it's worse to wait,

and because she's pregnant."

"Her hands on her belly,

she is sucked in by the crowd."

"She turns her face away,

her heart pounding like a drum."

"The words fly like bullets..."

"'Slut.' 'Kraut-whore.' 'Collaborator.'"

"A village street is long,

longer than most of us
will ever confront."

"She is hustled, jostled,
pushed towards a stage,

in the center of town."

"A scaffold of shame."

"A chair."

"A pail."

"And a man waiting, with clippers,

wearing the French Resistance armband
his wife stitched that morning."


"She is found guilty by a court-martial
of armed teenagers."

"The clippers scrape against her skull."

"Hair clumps fall on her legs."

"Someone is posing next to her,
for the photographer."

"The fanfare, the crowd screaming
'The Marseillaise'

at the top of its lungs."

"The blows echo in her head."

"But she won't raise her arm."

"She won't deprive her child
of its last defense."

"It still needs her."

"It wants to live, to see the world."

"It will be a girl."

"Of course it will be a girl."

"Girls don't..."

"Girls don't wage war."

"Girls bide their time."

"Girls endure."

"Girls survive."

"This girl's name will be Solange."

Pardon me.

What are you doing here?

I brought you some baby clothes.

They were yours, you know.

I kept them just for this.

Well, I should've given them
to you earlier.

They might be too small.

What's his name?



Is he here? Can I see him?

No. I told you never.

- Take the clothes at least.
- No!

There are some nice things there...

- I don't fucking want them!
- Take them!

Well, what does it even matter?
Just take the bags!

- They were yours. I've kept them 40 years!
- Stop it!

Why are you
doing this to me, Adrien?

Haven't I been punished enough?

Her white blood cell numbers are...

Okay, I just got the results back
for her blood test.

Nothing serious,
but your mother's not eating enough.

I'd say it's more psychological
than strictly medical,

but at her age, it's a fine line.

- She lives alone?
- Uh, yeah.

You should explore other options.

Okay, I have to go.

Thank you.

Get ready. We're leaving soon.



When's that?

Okay, I'll be right there.

If they get there before,
tell them to wait.

- What are you doing?
- I gotta go. Something with Carrel.

There's water damage at his place.
They're gonna kick in the door.

I've been trying to get in for months,
but they always refuse.

This is my chance.

Okay, but who cares? We're working.

Fine. Then the truth is that

my son fell off the roof.

Fell four stories. Real bad.

So there, you can pass that on.

- Hi.
- Hello.

You were supposed to wait for me.


Well, like I said, the plumbing is all...

And Mr. Carrel?

He wasn't home.

Carrel had a motorcycle?

Were the flowers you?


I thought it was you.


What do you want to know?

What happened after Genoa?

After Genoa,

we came back.

I found out I was pregnant.

I set fire to the salon and ran away.

I wanted you no matter what.

It was carrying you with me
that gave me the strength.

You saved me, Adrien,
every time you gave me strength to go on.

After your dad's accident, I mean Wim's,

I left Brussels and came back to France.
I had nothing left.

I had to be strong.

I had to be to protect you.

Children are so fragile.

I couldn't let you grow up
to become another victim.

Being a victim is worse than being guilty.

When you're guilty, you pay, make amends,
start over, but a victim...

That's for life.

But there you were.

You were growing up.

With all your smiles.

Your innocence.

You failed after all.

I'm like him.

No. You're not like him.

I'm telling you that I am.

- What do you mean?
- I killed him.

He had been so sick

when they came for his corpse,

nobody questioned it.

It was me.

I killed that piece of shit
with my own hands.

With all your fucking lies,
you raised a killer, Mom.

Because of that, I sell books.

They gave me an award,
fucking smiling the whole time.

Even Nora.

Even Nora looks at me differently.

Says she's proud of me.

But it won't last.

Because secrets never last.

And now I have a son.
Oh, fuck.

How will I ever keep a secret like that?

Shh, shh. Shh.

I'm right here.

But remember you're not alone in this.
We're in it together.


He destroyed me
and he tried to do the same thing to you,

but he can't hurt us anymore.
It's over now.

No one will ever know, huh?

No one will ever know.

Is there anyone who can connect the dots?

Uh, what?

Between you and him?

Or maybe

someone who knows this is a true story?

- Your publisher? Does he?
- No. No, no. No one.

You're sure, no one?

Wait, are you allowed to do that?

Call the cops, then.

It's good.

- Nastya?
- Yeah?

Sorry to interrupt,
but, uh, someone wants to see you.

Did that someone call ahead?

No. I tried to explain, but...

Just come see.

Okay, um...

Don't move. Back in five. Okay?


It's okay.

I explained to this lady
that some people's skin...

Uh, well, the elasticity is less suitable.

And about our house policy.

I'm sorry, ma'am.

What he's trying to tell you
is that you're too old for this.

Uh, yes, thanks, I gathered that.

But I still want to do it.

Just the letter "A."

"A"? For what?


We would always joke about
doing it before we died,

but the idiot went ahead and died on me.

I understand, but...

I'll be joining him soon enough,

so I know it will make him happy.

Or at least make him laugh.

And why from me?

I... asked a girl
I'm supporting at my organization.

We work with...

Uh... I support young women who are...

In any case,

that girl said to me,

"Nastya Schreiber is the best."



- German?
- Yeah.

I also have some German in me.

What city?

Hamburg, I think.

But it's...

It's complicated.

Me too, Hamburg.

It's also complicated.

So I can just sit here,

read my book, and you'll call.

No, there's no time today.

And if you don't mind me saying,

your André doesn't give a damn
about it where he is.

If you do it, it's for you. Okay?

So think it over and call us
to book an appointment if you're sure.


All right.

Is that book any good?


And the end is...

Well, I don't want to spoil the ending.

Oh well, I won't read it anyway.

Well, good, because...
the end is just ridiculous.


Thank you.


Okay, then. Bye.



It's all right.

Did she read it?

Mom, did she read it?

No, she didn't.

It's fine, trust me.

Go on with your life.

It's over.



What the fuck are you doing?!

Don't touch this stuff.

When do you leave?

Two or three days.
I have stuff for the book.

After that, can I visit you there?

Just to see Roman?

I don't know. Not yet.

But when?

I said I don't know.

Just give me time.

- Hm?
- Oh.

I don't have much of that left.

I'll call you.