Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 12 - Duel of Destiny - full transcript

Rowan & Naare engage in a light saber duel that has galactic consequences.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Vader, did you know

there are only a few shopping
days left until Empire Day?

I did.

And can you guess what's at
the top of my wish list?

Hmm. Socks?

Ooh, nice idea.
My feet do get cold.

But, uh, no.
Guess again.

The total destruction
of the Rebel Alliance?

Definitely on the list,
but not quite at the top.

One more try.

The Kyber Saber?

We have a winner!

Agent Naare,

make it an Empire Day
to remember

and bring me my Kyber Saber!

Okay, Naare, that Freemaker
kid may have disappeared

to who knows where with the last
crystal, but we're not through.

We're gonna have the last laugh.

"Ha-ha," we will say.

Maybe "ho-ho" too.

And you know what? For you, I'm gonna
throw in a "hee-hee" in there.

You wanna know why?

We'll laugh last
because we Hutts

have eyes and ears
all around the galaxy.

Noses too.

More useful than you would
imagine, but I digress.

Now those Freemakers
have to turn up somewhere.

They have to.
And when they do, bam!

I'll be the first
to hear about it.

So? What do you say?

Did I turn your frown
upside down?


I almost had the last
Kyber Saber crystal,

and then... Rowan
Freemaker tricked me!


You know what?

I think we should all
give Naare some quiet time.

Yep. Oh, yes.
Most definitely.

Hey. Hi. Hello. May we have
a moment of your time?

We're looking for
our brother, Rowan.

Have you seen him?

Mesa no see him.

Excuse me.
Hate to bother you.

But have you seen our brother?

Take a long look.
Absorb the details.

I said a long look.

Chief Attiburra,
you remember Rowan.

Have you seen him?

How 'bout you, Tantarra?

Hey, how 'bout you guys?

Seen him?

I can't feel my toes.

We're looking for our brother.

He's got an old
battle droid with him,

so we thought you might
have seen them.

Okay. No idea
what that means.

Are you saying
our brother is over there?

I swear he's trying
to tell us something.

Yeah, he's trying to tell us
we're nerf herders.


Hey! Come here!

Come here! Hey!
Come back!


They're making their getaway!

And there's nothing
we can do to stop them.

This is hopeless.

It'd be easier to find a single
flea on a bantha's back.

I don't know
what else we can do.

We could trust in Rowan.

At some point, he'll come to
his senses and head home.

But he won't find us if we're
out here trying to find him.

Without a holo-emitter, we can't show
anybody what he looks like anyway,

so let's grab the StarScavenger
and head back to the Wheel.


Rowan, where are you?





Look out.

Any time.

- Can we go home now?
- No.

Show me Master Fisto again.

Kit Fisto, coming right up.

Hmm. Master Fisto
used a defensive form.

Uh-huh. Listen, this may
come as a surprise,

but reliving every time
a Jedi cut me in half

isn't my idea of a good time.

Uh-uh... No, wait!
Can't we discuss this...


Sorry, Roger.
I wanna go home too.

I'd give anything
to see Zander and Kordi again.


But I'm not ready to face
Naare, and your memories...

My painful memories?

Yeah. They're the closest thing
I've got to actual Jedi training.

If it takes years
of practice to beat Naare,

then that's what it takes.

It's creepy.
She hasn't moved all day.

Yeah, she's catatont...
catatone... catatonk...

She hasn't moved.

She's sleeping.
Or she's dead.

- Poke her with a stick.
- I'm meditating.

Using the Force to sense Rowan.

Which isn't easy with all
the babbling noise in here!


Touchy. Mmm.

Yeppau! Hey, hey! Got news for us?

Somebody saw the kid!

Nobody saw the kid.
This you call news?

But they did spot
his brother and sister.

They were looking for him too.

But they gave up and went home.

Oh, that's nice.

His brother and sister, who also
have no idea where he is, went home.

You know what this tells us?

A big heaping load of nothing!


Am I gettin' through
to you people?

Your blank stares tell me no.

Okay, you know what? I'll be
specific and loud... We need the boy!

The boy!

Nothing but the boy!


If the Freemakers have split up,

there's an opportunity here.

Set course for the Wheel.


Some familiar sights
and sounds will feel good.

There you are.

And some, not so good.

- Hello, Furlac.
- I haven't seen you in ages.

I feared for your safety.

You did?
Of course he did, Zander.

If we'd been vaporized,
disintegrated and/or annihilated,

who would pay the rent?

You read my mind!

And I didn't even use the Force.

Let's see. You're behind
on three rent payments.

And somebody blew a hole
in your door.

I'll take that out
of your security deposit.

We'll pay it all, Furlac.

Just give us a few days
to raise the money.

With late fees?

With late fees.
Of course.


Didn't there used
to be three of you?

Uh, wasn't there a shortish one?

Yeah, there was.
There still is.

We just don't know where
Rowan is at the moment.

It's a question that's
been on everyone's mind.

I see you have business to
discuss, so, uh, toodles!

Rowan has the last crystal, and we have
no idea You're owhere he is.Naare.

And even if we did, we'd
never tell you. Never!

Ah, but there are ways
of bringing Rowan here.

You see, through the Force,
he will feel your pain.

Pain? Ha!
You wanna talk pain?

I can take pain.

Do your worst!

Oh, I will. But I'm not
talking physical pain.

You're not?

No, that's Vader's game.

So unimaginative.

Zander, have I ever told you how
much I admire the StarScavenger?

Ah! I can tell you've put
a lot of work into her.

Well, not to brag, but I've made
quite a few modifications and...


All your hard work.

Oh, this must be
very upsetting for you.

She's so good at her job.

Fight it, Zander.
It's just a ship.

- We can rebuild it.
- Rebuild?

- Tough!
- Now, Kordi.

You have a different
pressure point.

Yours is in...

your money box.

No! The money box is poor!
It has no credits.

Ah, lucky you.

It does.

Look, Kordi.

You have... credits...

to... burn.


Wasn't expecting that.

I just...
That's hard to watch.

I'm gonna go get a salty snack, okay?
Anybody want anything?

Enough games. Let's hit you
where it really hurts.

No! Not the Blazemaker!
Not my baby!

Yes. Your baby.

Roger, I need
to see Geonosis again.

No, no, no, no, no.
Too scary.

How 'bout the one where I
accidentally fall down some stairs?


Classic me.

- Roger.
- Ah, fine.

But if you ever get sliced
to bits by three powerful Jedi,

I hope I get to watch your memory
of it over and over again.

Obi-Wan Kenobi,

Anakin Skywalker

and... Mace Windu.

He still gives me chills
up my spine.

Or he would if I,
you know, had a spine.

Oh! That's where
he cut me to pieces.

Six, if I remember correctly.

Thanks, Roger.


Kenobi. Skywalker.

- You're getting better.
- Windu.

Kordi? Zand...

I withdraw my last comment.

I... I felt Kordi
and Zander

through the Force.

- You can do that?
- I know. It's news to me too.

I think they're in pain.


is hurting them!

They've gone home to the Wheel.

- We have to go help.
- Rowan, we can't.

First you wanted to go,
now you want to stay?

It's a trap!
Of course it's a trap.

But what other choice
do we have?

Stay here and guard
the last Kyber Saber crystal?

To save the galaxy?

What's the point
of saving the galaxy

if the people you love
aren't in it?

You coming?

I'd rather face
those Jedi again.

Give it up, Naare.
Rowan's not coming.

Your plan failed.

And you ruined my precious ships for...

Hmm. Maybe the kid
never got your message.

Maybe he's not as strong
in the Force as you think.

Or perhaps I need to send
a stronger message.

You know what?
We'll do this Vader's way.


Lookin' for me?


You've been training.

I have.

Oh, you brat!
You almost flattened me!

Shield me! Shield
your beloved employer!

This is for the Blazemaker!
You moof milkers!

Tell me where the crystal is, Rowan,
and we can end this now, no fuss.


I like a fuss.

So be it.


Did you really think
I wouldn't see that com...

We're outgunned here.

But this is our home.
Nobody knows it like us.

Excellent point.
I'm going to try something.

Cover me.

Do we get paid
for disintegrations?

Don't know.
Don't care.

This guy's worth
frying for free.


Aw, no fair!

Ah, your skills have grown
by leaps and bounds.

I'm impressed.

Yeah, learning my master
was an evil Sith

really motivated me.

Nowhere to run, girl.
You're trapped.

You look hot.
Let me turn on a fan.


Give me the crystal.

I want that crystal!

You don't really think I'd be dumb
enough to bring it with me, do you?

Where is the crystal?
Hidden on a planet.

I can't tell you what planet because
I don't even know its name.


Fellas, I'm just gonna throw this
idea out there, take it or leave it,

but you could just let go
of the blasters, right?

And walk into this battle zone
without a weapon? Pfft!

- Use your head, boss!
- Hey, Graballa!


This is, uh, familiar.

Been here before.

Which one of you has keys
in your pockets?

Defensive form. Waiting
for me to make a mistake.

Using my attack against me.
That's a favorite of Darth Vader.

Oh, yeah? Well, I picked it
up from Anakin Skywalker.

Skywalker is gone.

- There are no Jedi.
- Hah!

Who taught you these techniques?

I taught him.

- You?
- Showed him all the Jedi.

Including Mace Windu!

See, I'm a veteran
of the Clone Wars.

I saw lots of Jedi fight.

And everything I see,
I remember.


Including the location
of the last crystal?

- Uh-oh.
- Uh-oh.

Run, Roger!

Whoa! Oof!


Wait. I misspoke.
I-I remember nothing!

I... Aaah!

I should've kept
my big mouth shut.

I've won!

Yay, team us.
We won. Hooray.

Good celebration.
Now business.

- When do I get my share of the crystals?
- Your share?

Yeah, we're going
halfsies, remember?

And not to complain,
but I need to get paid.

See, I told my broker I'd have
the deposit for my resort soon,

so give me my half, I'll sell 'em to the
Emperor, and boom... everybody's happy.

My dear Graballa.

I may have forgotten to mention
one tiny, inconsequential thing...

The Emperor's
not going to pay you.

Uh... Come again?

And neither am I.

But we had a deal.

Mmm, yes,
but... I'm a Sith.

We lie.

Sith or no, you do not
break a deal with a Hutt!

Dengar, earn your pay!
Get that droid head.

I'm going to enjoy this.

Do you know what I enjoy?
Breaking things.

Let's not lose our tempers here.

Things were said,
regrettable things...

I think we all
feel bad about it.

I said some stuff,
you broke deals with me.

Whatever it was,
it's regrettable.

I think we both
just wanna reset and...


Consider our deal broken.

And so, Roger, it's time for us
to retrieve the last crystal.

I refuse to show you
where it is.

Ha! That'll show you,
you wicked...

Never mind.


I'm not done with you.

Yes, but I'm
quite done with you.


Rowan learned a few tricks,
did quite well.

I'll even admit he impressed me.

But in the end...
he was no Jedi.

Come on!





Rowan, you're alive!

Are... Are you okay?

No, Kordi. I failed.

I'm not a Jedi.

But... maybe
that's the point.


I'm not a Jedi.

And I'm not a Sith.

I'm a Freemaker.

And I know

how we're gonna beat Naare.