Lego Bionicle: The Journey to One (2016): Season 2, Episode 2 - The Dark Portal - full transcript

Umarak attempts to free his master Makuta from the Shadow Realm. The Toa take up the fight, but only by accepting their true destiny can they achieve final victory.

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There, I knew it. This is where
Umarak entered the region of Stone.

Good. We need to reach the crater
before he can open the portal.

And we got a long way to go.

If Makuta’s had to open a door
to another world,

why couldn’t he do it someplace nice,
like the jungle?


[Ekimu] Makuta doesn’t have the power
to open the door to the Shadow Realm.

It was the Forbidden Mask.

-[Kopaka] Which you destroyed.
-It destroyed itself.

The merged elements
cannot remain as one

and when they split apart...

It tears a hole between our worlds.

So Umarak can’t release Makuta.

Unless he’s found pieces
of the Forbidden Mask.

Which you know he has.

So, what do you say
we pick up the pace?


[Tahu] Why are you stopping?

I think he wanted me to wait.

-[Ekimu] Agil!

He wanted to make sure
we were together.

So are we there?

We are. Look.

-[Tahu] That looks bad.
-You can say that again.

It is sad how evil
my brother has become.

I thought Makuta was always evil.

No. He was jealous and ambitious.

But I suppose that is where
evil begins... with ambition.

[Ekimu] The masks we made shaped
the lives of those who wore them,

but I never realized how badly
my brother longed to outshine me.

So Makuta broke
our most fundamental laws

and merged elements into masks.

He hoped by making miracles

Okoto would see that he was more
than just a simple mask maker.

But combining even two elements
in a single mask brought disaster.

Makuta should have stopped,
but he didn’t.

So hungry was my brother for power

that he merged all the elements
into one forbidden mask.

He took his new mask to the capital.

Makuta hoped the power
of his new mask would allow him

to rule the planet like a god.

But I knew it would not be so.

Prophecy had foretold it all.

If my brother was pure of heart,

the power might have
affected him differently.

But the mask’s powerful alchemy

turned my brother’s envy
and bitterness into pure evil.

I did what I had to do.

The power of the mask tore a hole
between our world and the Shadow Realm.

The city was drawn into that world
and so was my brother.

Then it was gone and our world was
as you found it, as it is now.

What is saddest of all is that
it was all foretold in prophecy,

from my brother’s beginnings
to our standing here.

You know how this is going to end?

[Ekimu] I know what is written.

Whether it will come to pass
depends on you.

There he is.

[Lewa] He’s huge. Are those...?

Pieces of the Forbidden Mask, yes.

Then why hasn’t he opened the portal yet?

The mask has been dormant
for 1,000 years.

The pieces will need time.

If we can sneak up on him,
this should be easy.

It’s never easy!
Why does anyone even say that?

We have the element of surprise
on our side. All we have to do...


Surprise (!)

[Tahu] Very funny.

Beasts of all the elements, rise!

Okay, we’ve done this before.


[Ekimu] No!

[Onua] Kopaka! Help!

[Ekimu] Come on!

[growling and hissing]


We got to go.

Easy for you to say.


I am Toa Pohatu... uniter of stone!

Look around you! This is my house!


[growling and groaning]

Why didn’t you do that right away?

I wasn’t mad enough.

[Tahu] I thought you were always mad.

Ah, look. Pohatu made us a path.
How thoughtful (!)

Yeah, right (!)

[Tahu] As long as we call on
the elements, we can beat this guy.

[Lewa] Just don’t tell me it’ll be "easy".

[Tahu] Umarak!

It is too late. It is over!

Want to bet?



Toa of Stone... I can feel your power.

Yeah? Well, I don’t feel yours.

You will, Toa, in time. You all will!



He’s big, but he’s slow.


Got you!


Ah! Yah!

Thanks... I think.

Ha! That was easy.

Why does everyone keep saying that?

'Cause it was. It’s over.

-[Gali] Look out!

Want to bet?

Where’s Umarak?

[Gali] Up there.

That guy is tough.

So are we.


I have brought
the pieces of you forbidden mask.

And now

they will open a door
to the Realm of Shadow.

What must I do?

Cast them out.

Umarak! You are of this world.

Do not help Makuta destroy it.
It’s not too late.

It is too late... for you.

Feel the power of Makuta!

[Kopaka] Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

The ground beneath me,
there’s nothing... no fire.

It is not earth.

You cannot summon the elements!

You have left your world of light.

Here, there is only shadow,
shadow I command!


[Kopaka] Help!

[Gali] I can’t move.

[Pohatu] It’s like... [grunts] mud.

How easily you are defeated!

[Ekimu] Umarak!

If there is shadow, there must be light!


Still can’t move!

See? You are not strong enough.

But I am not alone.
Agil! Now is the time.


[Tahu] You all right?

I am... I am weak.

[Gali] But so is Umarak.

Gali, no!

It is her choice.

[Gali] I’ll take these.

I got 'em!


Argh! Ah! Ah!



It is over! Makuta is coming.


Gali’s spirit is strong,
but we have lost her to the Shadow Realm.

What are we going to do?

What you came to do.

Don’t worry. You know Gali,
she’ll find a way back.

Lewa’s right. Come on.

What happened? Where am I?

This is the city Ekimu told us about.

But it was destroyed...

which means...
I’m in the Shadow Realm.




I wonder where he’s going.



You cannot win.

Whoa! [groans]

[sighing and groaning]

Umarak, you have not collected
enough of the mask.

You cannot open the door
to the Shadow Realm!

So you say.

But you forget I have been bathed
in your elemental light,

Ancient One.

It was you who filled me
with the power I needed.

And you did not know.

Didn't I?

So, what are we going to do?

If we don’t let him finish the ritual,
he can't open the portal.

-So, we keep fighting.
-For how long?

Forever... if that’s what it takes.

Sounds good to me.

-[Lewa] Hey, Umarak.

Here we come!



My minions...

today I will take
my rightful place among the gods.

It is a victory
for all that is dark and unforgiving.

Our ancient code demands
we never reveal the prophecy

recorded in the temple of light.

Ekimu will honor that vow,

even if that means
the Toa will never know their true power

and darkness will rule forever.

True power, hm...

I’d like to see that.


It’s all there... every bit of it.

When we got here...
our masks... our creatures.

Wait, that’s me.

This was all meant to be.

But why?

Of course! United but not One.

Duty... Unity... and now Destiny.

We can do this...
but only if I can find a way out of here.

What am I saying?
I know what’s going to happen.

I just have to be there when it does.

I’m fine. Come on.

It’s too late. Look.



The Destroyer is
the last piece of the puzzle.

His energy is going
to make the difference.

The door will open...
but the story will not end there.


[groans and yells]

He’s gone.

Makuta was using him the whole time.

And there he is.

I have vowed not to share the prophecy,
but this was meant to be.

What? Makuta can’t win.

He is not the only one
banished to the shadow realm.


-What is that?
-Don’t you know?

[Lewa] It’s Gali!

-[all mutter in astonishment]
-Gali! You're alive!

Gali, it is good to see you.

I was in the ancient city.
I’ve seen the prophecy.

Then you know what you must do.

Don’t sound so sad.
We’re going to save Okoto.


Ekimu, knows, but he can't say.

Even if it is your destiny,
you still must find it for yourself.

Well I have found it.

We don’t pull our elemental power
from the planet.

The planet pulls
its elemental power from us.

But we've left the world of elements.

Guess what! We are Toa!

We are the elements!

This is our destiny.

We will merge our power and end this.

Do we have the power?

You do if you believe.

-But if we merge our power...
-It will be the last thing we do.

And it’ll be worth it.



This ends now!






Look out!

For Duty.

For Unity.

For Destiny.

[Onua] We are Toa.

Uniters of the elements.

[grunts and groans]


And in the name of those elements,

we banish you to the Realm of Shadows.

[Gali] As we return to the stars.


[Protector] Born of the elements,

they returned to the stars
where all life began.

But even now,
in a time peace and plenty,

they watch us from above.

This is the legend of Bionicle.

And should the day come,
when we are in need of heroes,

the Toa will return.

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