Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 8, Episode 12 - Outsider - full transcript

Fin's son tells him that a girl he knows was raped. But her family is so traditional, she doesn't want to talk about it. Later another girl is raped in a similar manner, Fin thinks they have a serial rapist. But a detective from Brooklyn thinks the rapist is responsible for three homicides in his jurisdiction. Fin says that murderers don't turn to rapists so he thinks he's wrong. But things are too similar so they work together and find a possible link between the victims.

(male announcer)
In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members
of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.


Ming, please, open the door.

Talk to me.

[knocking continues]

Ming, please. Let me in.


[knocking continues]

Go away!

Ming, please open the door.

Are you all right?

[turns off faucet]

Ming locked the bathroom door
and won't come out.

What's wrong?

I think she was raped.


It's Ken Randall.

Are you okay?


Anything you tell me
stays private.

This isn't a school problem.
I don't need an RA.

My dad's a cop.

I'm not going anywhere.

I'll ask him
to come here.

No, I don't want anyone to see
a policeman at our dorm.

Ming, I promise

if you talk to my father,
he will help you.

[sobbing continues]


[door unlocks]

When I got off the subway,

the platform was empty.

I was headed
for the stairs,

and all of a sudden
a man grabbed me.

Take your time.

He dragged me
behind a pillar.

He bent me down.

He put his hand
over my mouth.

Did you get a look at him?

Only for a second.

He had a bandana
around his face.

I closed my eyes.

What did he do?

He made me tell him
I liked it

while he did it to me.

Then he started
choking me.

What happened next?

I heard shouting.

People yelling "stop."

He got up and ran away.

Did you see
who was shouting?

No, when I opened my eyes,
everyone was gone.

They must've chased him.

You're doing good,

This is gonna help us
catch the guy that hurt you.

I don't want to go to court.
My parents will find out.

It's okay, Ming.

You're not the first girl
at Hudson to get raped.

I knew I shouldn't
have come here.

I can't do this.

I blew it.

Fix it.

Dad, I couldn't convince
Ming to come back.

What do we do now?

There's not much else
we can do.

So what, you just
forget about her?

I can't force her
to make a report

if she doesn't want to.

She's in shock.

Look, Ken, going through
a rape kit, testimony,

can be hard.

Some women just
want to move on.

Please, Dad.

I said the wrong thing
and scared her off.

I gotta make this right.

Saw Ken downstairs.

He tell you
how he screwed up?

Aw, he seemed pretty upset.

Well, he should be.

Look, he was
trying to help.

You can talk to her.

The girl's a stone.

We don't have time
to squeeze blood.

So you're not
gonna do anything?

Ming's the one
throwing up the roadblocks.

So go around her.

Look, take a crack at this,
for your son.

I'll check the overnights
to see if anybody

who saw Ming being attacked
called 911.

Yeah, they called it
in, all right.

Why didn't you file a 61?

I didn't believe
those two crazies.

No victim,
no evidence of a crime.

What? You moonlighting
as a crime scene tech now?

You wouldn't have
filed a report either.

The perp they described
looked like the Unabomber,

and I haven't heard anything
on the news that he escaped.

Okay, I need the names
of the witnesses.

I didn't write 'em down.

Well, I'm definitely
gonna write yours down.

Look, their eyes
were bloodshot.

They were stoned
out of their gourds.

That doesn't mean
they couldn't help.

The way they were dressed,

they were the ones
who needed help.

What do you mean?

His face was painted.

She had black feathers
all over her.

Like they came straight
out of the nuthouse.

Claimed they got off work
at some restaurant.

Do you remember
the name of the joint?

I don't know.

Moe's? Poe's?

Something like that.

Whoa! This place is
a first class freak show.

What's the deal?

It's a theme
restaurant, sir.

We dress up as Edgar
Allen Poe's characters.

I'm the Raven.

And I'm the Telltale Heart.

And I'm the cop.

I need to know about that
attack you saw last night.

That other cop
didn't believe us.

The other cop said
you guys were wasted.

Heh! Look at where
we work, man.

We gotta be high just
to make it through the night.

Doesn't mean we don't know
a girl crying when we hear it.

You see her?

They were
at the other end

of the platform
behind a column.

When we got closer, I saw
what he was doing to her.

I shouted,
and he ran off.

We tried to follow him,

but he cut through traffic
and disappeared.

Could this be
the girl saw?

Yeah, that's her.

What did her attacker
look like?

I couldn't tell.

He was wearing
a navy blue hoodie,

cheap sunglasses, and had
a dark bandana around his face.

You gotta sit down
with a sketch artist.

Just look at the sketch.

It's the only way
we'll catch him

and stop him from
hurting other women.

All right.

That's him.

Okay, I need more details.
Anything else you remember?

He talked a lot.

What did he say?

Nice things.

Like we were dating.
It was weird.

Go on.

He told me how good
he'd make me feel.

That he was a good lover.

Can you believe that?

Then he said...

"You're cuter
than your little sister."

Were you with your
little sister yesterday?

Yes, I had lunch with her
and my parents

at their house
in Brooklyn.

Then I caught a train
back to campus.

What time
did you leave?

I don't remember.

Try, Ming.

3:00, maybe.

Then you caught the train
straight back to Manhattan.


Look, Ming.

You were attacked
at 9:00.

Then you say you left your
parents' house at 3:00.

The worst rush hour
in history

wouldn't hold you up
that much.

Is there anything else
you want to tell me?

I'm late for class.

I could drive a city bus

through the holes
in that girl's story.

How well do you know her?

She's my advisee.

She's quiet, she's shy,
but she's not a liar.

Then what happened
to the missing six hours?

I don't know.

There must be
something she's hiding--

Or she's crying rape
because she had one too many

and woke up in the bed
with the wrong dude.

Oh, Ming's not
making this up!

Two witnesses
saw the attack.

Two witnesses saw her
struggle with a man.

What if she knows him?

It could be her boyfriend

or cousin or professor.

Don't walk away from this.

You don't know
how I work.

I'm going to talk
to her sister,

find out what
she's lying about.

Birth control.

For Ming?

Yeah, right.
You met her.

She's as clean-cut
as they come.

The pills are for me.

She took you
to get contraception.

At the Brooklyn
Women's Free Clinic.

Why is it your business?

Your sister was
attacked last night.

What do you mean attacked?
Like mugged?

No, raped.

Oh, my God.

She didn't tell you?

No, she--she wouldn't
tell anyone.

How come?

Our parents would
freak if they found out.

They're so traditional.

They arranged
a marriage for Ming

to some guy in Hong Kong.

If he finds out
she's not a virgin,

he'll call off
the wedding.

[speaking Chinese]

[speaking Chinese]

What happened
to my daughter?

Your daughter
was attacked last night.

No, that's impossible.
Ming would call us.

Maybe she's afraid
to talk to you.

Ming does not
keep secrets.

Mr. Hao, I'm just trying
to help your daughter.

[speaks Chinese]

I appreciate your sense
of responsibility.

But we can handle
this situation ourselves.

Mr. Hao--

If you talk
to our daughters again,

I will sue you
and the police department.

Dad, what's up
with Ming's case?

Her folks are packing up
her things

and moving her back home.

Maybe they just want her
on a tight leash.

Try medieval.

Her father's gonna escort her
to and from school every day.

That's her pops.
That's his call.

So her dad's gonna
close the case.

I can't fight her family.

Tutuola, SVU.

Yes, how can I help you?

This is bull!

Ming's parents are denying
she needs help.

Or they think that
they can do a better job

of protecting her
than we can.

You can take
a rapist off the street.

Not without
Ming's cooperation.

So we quit.

Ken, it's not quitting.

It's called running
out of options.

We're back in the game.

Ming's rapist
just struck again.

I was here alone.

setting up
for the exhibit

and I had the--
the stereo up loud

so I didn't hear him
come in.

Did you get a good
look at him?

No, he was...
wearing a bandana

and a sweatshirt
with the hood up.



What about
his skin color?

Not white, but it could've
been anything else.

What happened
when he came in?

He...He put his hand
over my mouth,

and took me in the back,
and he raped me.

He was rough.

He shoved his fingers
down my throat

so that I couldn't scream.

And then he started talking
and never shut up.

What did he say?

Uh...he wanted me
to tell him

how lucky I was
to be with him.

And how he had the biggest
penis that I had ever seen.

Play along?

He just wanted me
to praise him.

I--I said anything
I could think of

so that wouldn't kill me.

And then when he left,
he said,

"You're even
prettier in person."

Is this the man
that attacked you?

That's him.

You got a pattern
on your hands.

Same MO.

Ming Hao and Kara Bawson
having nothing in common.

Kara Bawson.

Tom Bawson's daughter?
The real estate developer?

He buys buildings
and sports teams

like we buy newspapers.

Daily and with pocket change.

Kara's a socialite.
Dabbles in the art world.

Always on the society page
at some gallery opening.

Worlds apart
from a first-generation

scholarship student
from Hudson.

Ming's Chinese.
Kara's white.

Some rapists target women
of different races,

but it's rare.

You're looking
for one guy,

and you'll find him when
you link the two victims.

And the three homicides.

Can I help you?

Detective Chester Lake,
Brooklyn SVU.

Captain Don Cragen.
This is Fin Tutuola.

What brings you over the bridge
at this time of night?

Your art gallery rape.

Heard it on my scanner.

Who listens to comm
from another borough

on his own time?

I don't sleep much.

What makes you think
our rapes connect

to murders in Brooklyn?

Three homicides
in the last three months.

Victims were raped
and choked in public places

just like yours.

Mine aren't dead.

I've got a gut feeling
it's the same perp.

Gut feelings don't
crack SVU cases.

Yeah, they crack mine.

Look, believe me or not,
your rapist is my killer.

These are three women
he killed in Brooklyn.

Anna Fischner, nurse.

Raped and murdered on subway
platform in the Heights.

Rose Davis was a waitress
counting her tips

after closing up a diner
on Hoyt Street.

Maya Petroville was
a teacher working late

grading papers
on Coney Island.

I'm not feeling it.

Come on, your attacks

were in a subway station,
art gallery.

Public places
just like mine,

and your victims
were raped and choked.

But not murdered.

Rapists escalate
to homicide.

Why would a killer suddenly
lose his taste for blood?

I don't know...yet.

Can you tie any of your victims
to my borough?

Ming Hao was in Brooklyn
right before she was raped.

See, I told you.

Kara Bawson never
left Manhattan

the day of her attack.

Look, let me work
the case with you

until we find a link
between our victims.

I don't bat cleanup
for Brooklyn.

You're making a mistake.

You're not gonna go
far in Blue

if you go around dumping
bodies on other cops.

I should take
career advice from you?

What's that
supposed to mean?

I did my homework
before I showed up.

Stabler and Benson get
gold stars in Cragen's class.

Where does that leave you?

I'd like to answer
that question outside.

I'm sure you would, friend.

But that would be even
dumber than ignoring me.

You don't like me, fine.

But you know
there's a connection

between my bodies
and your victims.

We don't find a link
in 48 hours,

you solve your cases,
I'll solve mine.


Try to keep up.

Been to Brooklyn lately?

No, I've been too busy
setting up the new exhibit

to go anywhere
but the gallery.

How about
Hudson University?

You spend any time
on campus?

No, but I used to date a guy
who got his MBA there.

You recognize her?

No. Why?

She was attacked by
the same guy who raped you.

Sweetie, you ready to go?

Not yet, Dad.

These are
police officers.

Honey, you want to go
upstairs and finish packing?


She's taking a trip?

After what
she's been through,

Kara needs
to get away and rest.

Sir, your daughter's
a victim of a rape.

We need her here until
we finish our investigation.

Our numbers in Italy.
Call if you have something.

You're not helping

by yanking her
out of the country.

The press is
all over this case.

They can't print her name.

Everyone knows
she works in that gallery.

We're trying to protect her
from rumors.

We will call your daughter.

I think she's connected
to some of my cases in Brooklyn.

This bastard has raped
other women?

An Asian-American college
student was attacked

a couple of days ago.


Start with
Oliver Mitsakos.

Who's that?

Kara's ex-fiancé.

My squash partner runs
the hedge fund

where Oliver works.

He told me
this little jerk

has a thing for young
Asian hookers.

you Oliver Mitsakos?

Who wants to know?

Southeast Asian
Sex Tourism Board.

Congratulations, you won
a free cruise to Thailand.


Am I getting Punk'd?

Did Andy and Amber
put you up to this?

I'm not Andy,
and that's not Amber.

You're about to be
hating life.

What the hell?

You getting your massages
with a happy ending?

We hear you like 'em
Asian and underage.

You meet a girl, you ask
for her birth certificate?

Where were you
last night?

Home watching
the Knicks lose.

You know her?

Never seen her before
in my life.

Now, if you'll excuse me,

I gotta go handle
more money in ten minutes

than you'll see
in a lifetime.

My gut says
he's lying.

Your gut's a genius.

All we need
is Ming to ID him.

That's gonna be
a problem.

[elevator doors open]

We need to talk to Ming,

but we can't
call her house

and her cell phone's

The only time we can see her
is when she's at school.

That'll be tough.

Her father's always
with her,

watching her like a hawk.

Well, if he sees us,
we're facing a lawsuit.

Look, can't you
get us somewhere

we can talk to her
in private?

She's in class right now.

I'll go in, say the dean
wants to see her.

I can't talk to them.

Please, they have a lead.

My father's waiting for me.
Leave me alone.

Another girl
was attacked.

Just look
at the picture.

I know him.

That's Oliver Mitsakos.

He was a TA
for Intro to Econ

my freshman year.

You have any contact with
him outside the classroom?

He tried to make me come

to his office hours,
but I wouldn't.

Why not?

He always flirted,

but he was
aggressive about it.

Was he ever physical
or violent?

It wasn't like that.
Just...really desperate.

It creeped me out.

Do you think
he did this to me?

I would never rape anyone.
You gotta believe me.

Why? You lied about
knowing Ming.

She was in my class
three years ago.

She never spoke.
I barely remember her.

Well, she remembers you.

"Come to my office for
a little one-on-one tutoring."

I never said that.

Well, what did you say?

I--I told her that
she needed extra help

because her papers
were poorly written.

You're still lying, kid.

You flirted with her
every day.

You were

And desperate.

That was a long time ago.

Old wounds still burn.

So you went back
and raped all the women

who've rejected you.


Anna. She dump you?

Maya. Break your heart?

Rose. Blow you off?

Is that why you raped
and murdered them?

I don't know
those people.

Let me tell you
about them.

You thought they were
all Brooklyn trash.

Nothing but warm-ups
for your ultimate target.

Kara Bawson,
your ex-fiancée.

You're crazy.

No, you lost
your meal ticket

and your chance
of getting rich quick.

You wanted revenge.

I didn't do anything.
I swear.

[knock on door]

Fin, a moment?

You just got
an emergency call, urgent.

You can talk.
That's Chet Lake.

Brooklyn SVU.


You got the wrong guy.
Your perp just hit again.

Victim's in the ER
at Mercy.

Name's Edie Rimpo.

He talked nonstop
while he did it.

What did he say to you?

"Do you know who I am?"

I said I didn't.

He got mad, said,

"I'm famous.
You're lucky to be with me."

Then what happened?

My lips swelled up

and my throat closed.

I couldn't breathe.

I'm allergic to latex.

He was wearing gloves.

Did you get
a good look at him?


He had me face down
in the dirt.

Do you mind if I look
at your neck?

Go ahead.


The bruises on Edie's neck
match my victims in Brooklyn.

Same size hand,
same position.

I'm with you,
but we still don't know how

he targets his victims,

and they have absolutely
nothing in common.

Ages range from 20
to mid-thirties.

Races are all over the map.

Black, Asian, white.

Nothing consistent about
the neighborhoods either.

Like, one all the way
in Brooklyn Heights.

A body in Carroll Gardens.

One all the way
in Coney Island.

The subway stop in Hudson's
a long way

from Kara Bawson's gallery
in SoHo.

All right, we got a teacher,
a waitress...

Amy Fischner is a nurse.

Doctors use latex gloves.

Ming Hao went to a clinic
the same day she was attacked.

You think we got
a Dr. Strangelove?

Anna Fischner volunteered
at the same clinic

Ming took her sister
for the birth control.

Brooklyn Women's
Free Clinic.

Now if we can tie the other
victims to the clinic,

we've got our link.

Why would I go to
a free clinic in Brooklyn?

My GP's on Park Avenue.

We'll need a list
of all of your doctors.

I only go to St. Catherine's
Medical on the Upper Eastside.

That's our link.

This is how we connected
the victims.

Anna Fischner,
my first victim,

was a volunteer nurse
at the Brooklyn Clinic.

Ming Hao went there
on the day she was raped.

Edie Rimpo's OB/GYN is at
St. Catherine's in Manhattan.

Dr. Rankesh Chanoor treats
Edie at St. Cat's

and he founded the women's
clinic in Brooklyn.

So he works
at both places.

Is he linked to
the other victims?

We'll need his clinic files
to answer that.

If the doctor's your man,

getting a subpoena for
his records will tip him off.

You got a better idea?

Yeah, run the subpoenas

through the Medicaid
Fraud Unit.

He'll think we're investigating
his billing practices.

You pull that off, Casey,
I'll give you my badge.

And I'm buying dinner.

I'm not a cheap date.

I'll remember that.

I'll get to work
on your warrants.

Nothing here.

This one's a bust.

Rose Davis was a patient
at the clinic.

One visit 16 months ago.

And look at this.

Maya Petroville was
the doc's neighbor.

Thought you said
she was from Coney Island.

Doc lives
in Brooklyn Heights.

So did she,
three years ago.

Her apartment was
right across the street

from the doctor's

Henry, that is
not mopping.

It's spreading dirt
and filth.

Do it over.

Take some pride
in your work.

Dr. Rankesh Chanoor.

Yes, how may
I help you?

You can start
by coming with us.

Why, what is this about?

Your own dirt and filth.

Rankesh Chanoor, you're under
arrest for rape and murder.

You heard him.

You messed up
a lot of lives, doc.

Choked three to death
in Brooklyn.

Three more rapes
in Manhattan,

and that's just what
we know about.

This is all a mistake.

No, it's not.

I've been hunting you
for months.

I'm not gonna let you
go now, friend.

I'm telling you, I don't know
what you're talking about.

We're talking about
Ming Hao, Kara Bawson,

Edie Rimpo.

Anna Fischner.

Did she fight back?
Is that why you killed her?

Maya Petroville,
Rose Davis.

All these women
are linked to you!

How--How can this be?

Your patients,
your clinic, your neighbors.

I'm Dr. Chanoor's counsel.

I know you're not
grilling my client

without his lawyer present.

Oh, we're not grilling.

We're just chatting.

Debi, what they accuse me
of is insane--

Not another word, Dad.

Okay, Daddy.

Time for your lineup.

Number one, step up.

You're prettier
than your little sister.


I'm famous.

That's not the guy.

Tell me
I'm a great lover.

Wrong voice.

Don't you know
who I am?

That's not him.

I can make you feel
so good.

He's not the man.

None of them are.

It's easy to alter to your
voice during an attack.

We're done here.

We have other ways
to ID your client.

Obviously you don't,
or we wouldn't be leaving.

My gut tells me
he's not our guy.

That's not your gut,
that's indigestion.

We'll start with
his female colleagues

at St. Catherine's.

I think we should
get back to Brooklyn.

This is my turf, my call.

What's your problem?

Your gut is starting
to give me indigestion.

I think you got a thing

about working with guys
from Brooklyn.

I come from
Brooklyn Narcotics.

I got nothing but love
for that place.

Oh, so you got
a problem with me.

I wouldn't want to be
with you 24/7.

Let's just say I feel
for your partner.

I work alone.

Yeah, that explains
you walkin' into my squad room

acting like you had
all the answers.

I'm just working the case!
In my borough!

Your borough?

Look out this window.
What do you see?


That's right.
And my father built them.

Thought your last name
was Lake, not Vanderbilt.

I didn't say owned.
I said built.

My father was an iron worker.

Just like all the men in my
family for three generations.

I got respect
for the working man.

I've walked every inch
of every block of this city.

Don't ever tell me that
I don't belong here.

I'm not trying
to knock heads with you.


What about the doc?

Maybe he's our guy,
maybe he's not.

Either way, we got
to get to know him better.

I've gotten dozens of complaints
against Dr. Chanoor.

For what?

He's verbally abusive
and sexually inappropriate.

We'll need to check out
those records.

There aren't any.

The girls just come
to me informally.

And what? You just tell them
to keep their mouths shut?

No, but I do explain
the paperwork,

the risk to their
job security,

and the success rate

for nurses
who go after doctors.

Dr. Chanoor
ever bother you?

You kidding?

I'd slice his nuts off
with a scalpel.

Wish the younger girls
had more backbone.

Any younger girls have
any problems recently?

Joanne Bing for one.

Where is she?

At another hospital.

Rather than report him,
she quit.

What happened?

Joanne wouldn't let him
feel her up

in the supply closet.

Dr. Chanoor didn't
like that,

so he put his hand
around her throat.

Scrub nurse to OR six.
We need a scrub nurse please.

What are you guys
doing here?

Dr. Chanoor's locker.

You really think Dr. C
did all those rapes

I read about
in the Ledger?

Why would you say that?

I was there when you
busted him the other day.

Yeah, I remember.
What's your name?

Uh, Henry.

How long you been
working here, Henry?

Feels like forever.

He was yelling at you.

Yeah, he's pretty hard on me,
but I can take it.

Take what?

Him thinking I'm no good.
Says that all the time.

There's nothing here.
Let's check the office.

Well, good luck.

Hey, for what's it worth,

I think you got it wrong.

Dr. C could never do
those things.

He's got another
daughter, Anita.

She's a doctor.

Look at all
these diplomas.

The place is a shrine
for his girls.

Place is a mess.
There's nothing in this desk.

Debi went to Princeton
and Harvard Law.

Anita to Yale and then
med school at Johns-Hopkins.

Overachievers just
like their father.

Yeah, the guy's got enough

awards and honors
for ten men,

but our rapist wants
his victims to stroke his ego.

Why does Chanoor need
the compliments?

Look at this.

What? A photo album?


What is this?

Ask your father.

I've never
seen this before.

Don't be so modest.

Take pride in your hobby.

I didn't know
that was a hobby.

Scrapbooking is one
of the most popular

hobbies in America.

Don't you watch
Martha Stewart?

I know Martha Stewart doesn't
save stuff like that.

What are you two
going on about?

Go ahead.
Take a look.

Oh, my God.

You moved by
all the fond memories?

Don't say a word.

She can't help you now,
but we can.

You're a lock for this.
You don't talk, you're done.

Dad, think about
what you're doing.

Whatever you're
hiding, friend,

it's time
to give it up now.

The handwriting
is not mine.

Don't betray him.

My son wrote this.

You have a son?

How come they're aren't
any pictures

on your trophy wall,
and there's no diplomas.

Henry has never done
anything of value.


Is that the kid
who's working at the clinic?

Your son's the janitor?

That's all he's good for.

He's your blood.
He's a criminal!

Where's Henry right now?

He's a coward.
He will run.

Okay, Chester, I notified
the airlines.

They red flagged
his passport.

Earth to Lake.


What? You need nap time?

I'm just thinking
about this kid.

Loser son
with a family of superstars.

Two successful sisters.
Father never believed in him.

Yeah, a lot of families
have a black sheep.

Most of them don't grow up
to be killers and rapists.

How about world travelers?

Henry Chanoor's credit card
was used this morning

at Port Authority.

He bought a ticket
to Montreal.

State Police are holding
the bus in Leeds, New York.

What's up, Henry?

What are you guys
doing here?

You first.

I'm going to visit
a friend in Montreal.

Yeah, and I'm Dudley Do-Right.
Get up.

You've made a mistake.

No, you did.

"I'm finally doing something
great with my life.

"Three papers
ran my sketch.

I'm famous."

This guy's tripping.

"I'm the best.

I'm finally fulfilling
my potential."

He wanted
to please papa.

Finally, he found something
he's good at.

Then why did
he stop killing?

I don't think he ever
intended to start.

He wrote in the scrapbook

that choking excites him.

Overdid it with
his first three victims

and they died.

Yeah, but practice
makes perfect,

and he got it right
with Ming Hao.

Kara Bawson still
doesn't fit his MO.

She lives in Manhattan

and is not connected
to Dr. Chanoor's clinic.

She's in here.

His sketch ran next
to Kara's photo.

That's how he picked her.

Fame turned him on.

Everybody wants
their 15 minutes.

Maybe we should
give him his.

Henry, you are good.


I've been a cop 20 years,
never met a guy like you.

He works Manhattan.
I work Brooklyn.

You're the best
we've ever seen!

Do you mind
if I stretch my legs?

Make yourself at home.

Thank you very much.

So do you mean it?
What you said?

Hell, you wouldn't
even be here

if your father
hadn't turned you in.

Truth is,
we've got nothing.

You've been too careful,
too good, too smart.

I bet his dad ratted him out
'cause he's jealous.

He may be a successful man,

but he's a loser
with the ladies.

Probably why
he became an OB.

Only way he could get women
to let him down there.

I know you don't have any
problems in that department.

Oh, no.

No, I go to a club,

I walk out with 20 girls.

They all want me.

'Cause you a player.

He's the man.

He doesn't need
to rape anybody.

You know, my father never
thought I had it in me.

You showed him.
What about your mom?

She loves me.

So do my sisters.

But my father always
treated me like garbage

my entire life.

He always pretended
that I didn't exist.

He can't ignore you now.


It's only the beginning.


A remand, Your Honor?

The defendant's
a flight risk.

He was arrested on a bus
heading for Montreal.

My client had no idea
he was under suspicion.

He has no criminal record and
comes from a prominent family.

(Judge Petrovsky)
Your family, Ms. Chanoor.

He's the sole caretaker
of our ailing mother

who's diabetic and needs him
to administer shots

along with other

Your father's a doctor.

He's too busy

to give her the constant
care she requires.

Certainly you can afford
to hire a nurse.

We tried.

My mother almost died

because she refuses
to take her medication

if anyone other than Henry
gives her the injection.

Only my son knows how

to do the shots
without hurting me.

(Judge Petrovsky)
Mrs. Chanoor, please.

I have a solution.

My client will
surrender his passport

and submit to house arrest
with electronic monitoring.

I assume you can
provide proof

of your mother's
medical condition.

From who, her husband?

From any physician
you choose.

(Judge Petrovsky)
This is an unusual request.

But I'll allow it.

Henry Chanoor forfeits
his passport

and is forbidden
to leave the house.

You violate these terms,

and you'll wait
for trial at Riker's.

[judge pounds gavel]

Well, Henry's done
terrorizing the city.

Yeah, onto the next freak.

There's plenty
of them in Brooklyn.



Thanks for hanging in
with me.

I'll see you
and your gut at trial.

[horn honks]

Heard you got
Henry Chanoor.



How'd you like
working with Lake?

Brooklyn cats got
their own style.

[telephone rings]



Miss me already?

Got a call from Probation.

They lost the signal from
Henry's ankle bracelet.

He's in the wind.

I thought Henry was asleep.

I have no idea
where he is.

I bet you know.

No, he gave me
my shot at 11:00

and said
he was going to bed.

You're lying.

Geeta, if you know something
you must tell them.

If you lie to us, lady,
you're going to jail.

You helped him run,
didn't you?

He's my boy!

It's a mother's duty
to protect her son.

How can you speak of duty?
He has disgraced our family.

Henry is my baby.

He is not our son anymore.

He will always be mine!

He is a rapist,
a killer!

You made him that way!

You never loved him!

He has done nothing
to deserve my love.

I know you love
your son.

He's a good boy.

He's a man now.

And you gotta
stop protecting him.

Look, I have a son too,

and I'd do anything
to protect him.

But the kind of help
of Henry needs

he's not gonna get
by running away.

Put me in jail.

I won't betray my son.

No visuals at train
stations, bus stations,

or the airports.

No charges on
his credit cards.

The whole Eastern
Seaboard's on alert.

Nobody's laid eyes
on him.

Should be using
their ears.

Little bastard's
on the morning news.

(radio announcer)
You're listening to WPQE.

I'm Dan DeCallio
with an exclusive.

Speaking live
with Henry Chanoor.

The police are looking
for you, Henry.

Those guys are idiots.
They'll never find me.

Can we trace the call?

No, I checked.
This kid is smart.

He's using a cell phone
with an analog signal.


[whistle blows]

Turn it up.

How many people
listen to this station?

[whistle blows]
How far does your signal go?

That whistle.

It's at the recycling plant
on Conover Street in Red Hook.

How do you know that?

I told you.
I don't sleep, I walk.

The sounds of the city,
I know them all.

Nobody understands
my greatness.

I'm on a higher level
than everyone else.

I'm special.

So you think he's at
the recycling plant?

No, he said he's leaving
the country.

Then where is he?

Gotta be a freighter docked

at the International
Shipping port

three blocks away
on Van Brunt.

Any ships left
yet today?

No, she's the first one out.

Stop the lines.

You nuts? Why?

Stop the lines.

I would like
your listeners to know

that I have always been
destined for great thi--

Hey! Come here.

It's over, Henry!

Down on the ground.

Let the kid go!


I'm gonna make him famous.

I'm gonna make you famous.

We can help you.

I don't need your help.

Yes, you do.

How does that feel?

Tell me it feels good.


He's nobody.

From a Third World

Who cares?

I'm a cop.

You really want
to have fame?

Take me.



I'm bleeding.


Am I gonna die?

It's just a flesh wound.
You're gonna live.

Come on.

Now will there be
a trial?

Count on it.

You bet.

Look! Look!

[Henry chuckles]

They're already here.

Just for me.

[indistinct speaking]

Now you're really
gonna be famous.

[wolf howling]

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